It comes too fast to stop. Rachel Berry is no more than five steps into McKinley when a blueberry flavored slushie is hurled in her direction. She finds it tragic that she has to use her emergency slushie kit before she's even had first period, but given the time she's spent with cheerleader Quinn Fabray's boyfriend she should have seen this coming.

She heads off for her locker leaving a blue trail behind. The icy beverage mixed with her white knee socks and skirt, and her red sweater with gold stars makes her look like a badly made American flag. She gets various looks of amusement and pity as she rounds the halls. Rachel reaches her locker and wipes her hands on her already ruined clothes to get rid of some of the stickiness. Though all she ends up doing is getting more corn syrup onto them.

The brunette spins out her combo, grabs the bag with her extra clothes and enters the nearest restroom. Immediately she tosses the bag under the first sink and lets the water run. She then bends forward, letting her sticky hair fall into it. The door swings open, and the voice Rachel hears is fully expected.

"Nice look, Treasure Trail. You should wear it more often. Makes you look more… patriotic." The diva ignores her as she runs her fingers through her hair. "Not speaking? Hmph, I though you loved hearing your own voice." Rachel still ignores her. Quinn gets impatient. She stalks over the smaller girl and whispers straight into her ear, "Listen here Man Hands, stay away from Finn. This is your last warning."

A chill travels down Rachel's spine at the blonde's close proximity. Fear, she would conclude. But what Rachel does next is something that someone who's afraid wouldn't do. The singer whips her head up, her soaking hair flying with it. Her brown locks slap Quinn across the face. The blonde sneers at her, hazel eyes boring through her as she wipes her face dry. But Rachel stands firm, as water drips down onto the cold floor. The diva wonders if she'll soon be joining those droplets.

"Not to insult your intelligence Quinn, but the male and female leads simply cannot stop-"

"Stop playing dumb, Stubbles. You know you're being a home wreaker, so stop."

"Quinn I assure you that I have done nothing of the sort. But I can completely understand if you feel threatened." The blonde laughs.

"Threatened?" she says with a scoff. "Don't flatter yourself. I just want to make sure you keep your loser germs off of him." Brown eyes turn fiery, and before Rachel can stop herself she brings her hands up and shoves Quinn away roughly. "What the heck Berry?!" she screams as she looks down at the blue substance that's trying to stain her Cheerios top. "Coach is going to kill me. You're paying for this you freak!" she screeches.

"No I'm not, and I'm not a loser!" she yells back. The diva's new found confidence quickly dissipates as the cheerleader approaches her with darkened eyes. She gulps and takes a step back. Quinn is on her now, grasping firmly onto her left bicep. Intense hazel meets frightened chocolate. The blonde licks her lips and smirks.

She leans in and whispers into the brunette's ear once again, "You're paying for this, and you're staying away from my boyfriend. Understood?" Her velvety… No not velvety, but intimidating. Yes, her intimidating voice causes Rachel's knees to hit one another as she struggles to stay upright. She's sure that Quinn can feel the uneven breathes on her shoulder, and Rachel decides to focus on evening that out. She needs every advantage she can get.

"No," she breathes out. Quinn pulls back and Rachel almost whines. They stare each other down, as Rachel tries to think of a way to get the upper hand. But those hazel pools are making her knee buckle again. Quinn takes a step forward. Rachel takes one back.

Another forward.

Another back.


And Rachel's foot meets ice. She slips backwards, her arms reaching out for whatever she can find to stop her fall. She gets hold of Quinn, dragging the blonde cheerleader down with her. They slam to the ground with a loud thump, their heads colliding. They both pass out.

Sometime later…

Rachel groans as she pushes herself up. There's something soft underneath her, and the last thing she remembers is arguing with Quinn. Maybe the Head Cheerio did decide to punch her. She opens her eyes and sees herself; her reflection in a pool of water on the floor, no doubt. But something's off. Her eyes are closed.

Using her right hand to keep herself propped up, she slowly reaches out with her left. This can't be happening. Tentatively she pokes what should be her cheek, and she feels it. Soft tan skin. She shrieks, waking the girl below her. "Shut up, Berry," Quinn groans, her eyes still closed. "You are so going to…" her threat trails off as her eyes fully open to the sight of… not Rachel Berry, but Quinn Fabray. "What the hell did you do to me?!" she screams, shoving Rachel off her and effectively getting more of the blue slushie on her cheerleading uniform.

"Me?! I didn't do anything!" Rachel spits back.

"Well, I sure as hell didn't do anything! Why would I want to have your body?!"

"Stop insulting me!"

"Then change us back!" she orders, bringing her fist back. Rachel cowers, turning away from Quinn while protecting her nose. But then realization hits her first. She turns back to the cheerleader, a devious smirk on her face.

"You won't hit me," she declares, cockily.

"Oh, and why wouldn't I?"

"Because this is your body." Quinn's mouth opens to give a retort, but then closes instantly. She continues to open and close her mouth without making a sound, making her look like a fish. A very cute fish, Rachel thinks. But then again Quinn is in Rachel's body; therefore Rachel thinks that she would make a cute looking fish? She shakes her head and refocuses on the situation at hand.

Quinn drops her fist begrudgingly. "Fine." Rachel's smirk widens at her triumph. "Don't look so happy. I'm going to make you pay once we get out bodies back."

"Threaten me if you like, Quinn. But even so, we still have to work together until we can find a solution to this," she says, motioning between the two of them.

"No way," she answers sternly, crossing her arms over her chest and turning away so she could only see Rachel from out of the corner of her eye.

"Quinn, please. As much as I would enjoy being you for a day, I do want my own body back."

"So you admit it," Quinn accuses, pointing a finger at Rachel. "You would do something to make us switch bodies."

"Quinn," Rachel squeaks out, with a vulnerability that the cheerleader had yet to hear from her. "Of course I'd love to switch bodies with you. What girl wouldn't?" she reasons. "You're pretty, popular, everyone loves you," she explains with a frown, as tears began welling up in her eyes.

"Oh, please don't start with the water works," Quinn begs. She reaches out to try and wipe away the other girls tears, but then pulls back when she notices that her hands are slushie stained. The cheerleader grabs a few towels from the dispenser and goes back to dry up Rachel's face. She didn't want to risk getting slushie in Rachel's eye… No, she didn't want to get slushie in her eye. Cause Rachel was in her body. "The last thing I need is to have someone come in here and see me crying while talking to you." Her eyes widen as a thought came to her. "Oh God, what if someone already came in and saw me lying on top of you?" she questions aloud, panicked. "We need to get out of here now! And you need to do some damage control." She tries to drag Rachel, but diva pulls back. "What's wrong? Come on, we need to go!"

"You need to change," the diva points out, gesturing towards her duffle with the extra clothes. "I'll go," she chokes out. "To um…" she bends over to retrieve her phone from her bag. "It's second period. You have English now, right?" Quinn nods. "Okay, we'll figure this out later." She turns to leave.

"Wait," Quinn calls. Rachel turns back around. She looks at the cheerleader quizzically as she extends her bag out towards her. "This is my bag… or yours, I guess."

"Oh, right." She takes Quinn's bag and exchanges it with her own. Rachel goes to the door, takes a step out before stopping to address Quinn one last time. "I have Bio right now, so when you're done you should head there," she says timidly.

"Sure. Um can you leave now so I can…" she trails off, looking down at her slushied form.

"Of course," she answers with a blush, which was kind of ridiculous because all she'd be doing if she stayed would be watching herself get undressed. "I'm sure you'd want some privacy." And with that she left.

Once the singer was gone Quinn brings her hands up the hem of her sweater. In the mirror she can see the blush on her cheeks at the thought of seeing a very exposed Rachel Berry. Cautiously, she begins inching it up to reveal a tone stomach. She stops and bites her lip, wondering if she should really continue.

She really hates to admit it, but she's enjoying this far more than she had let on to Rachel. Quinn was totally perving out, and she so desperately needs more. Taking a deep breath, she tosses the offending garment off and closes her eyes. This is so wrong, and she could stop right now. She could stop, but instead she opens her eyes.

Quinn moans at the sight of Rachel's breasts clad in only a white lace bra. She brings her hands up and cups herself, letting out a ragged, "Fuck." Rachel's boobs are small but they're amazing all the same. And they fit so perfectly in Rachel's not-so manish hands. She gives them a squeeze causing her to emit another whimpered moan. The cheerleader can feel her nipples hardening through the thin material of her bra.

She is so going to Hell for this, but right now she doesn't care.

Her hands roam down her body down to Rachel's skirt. She attacks the zipper and snakes the piece of clothing down perfect thighs. She brings her eyes back to the mirror. Her jaw drops when she sees the dark spot on the crotch of Rachel's matching white, virginal panties. She bites her hand to suppress her moan.

She isn't sure if the wetness was caused from her own arousal or if maybe Rachel had been a bit turned on from their earlier encounter. Right now she's hoping for the latter because that would be so hot. Her mouth relinquishes its hold on her hand and it begins to travel down to her breast. Ragged breathes escapes her lips, but it's not enough.

Quinn all but rips Rachel's bra off so she can see her fully. She stands in awe of Rachel's perfect breasts. Her nipples standing erect, just begging for attention. The cheerleader soaks Rachel's already ruined panties. She brings her left hand to play with her breast, running the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She's pinching and pulling, humming in pleasure as her free hand travels down her stomach into Rachel's panties.

She pauses when she reached Rachel's folds. They're dripping wet which only fuels Quinn's desire to continue. But she can't do this. She's practically raping Rachel's body. Her entire body stands still, as she mulls it over. Her fingers soon grow tired of the wait and start to tenderly go up and down her folds. She whimpers and backs up into the wall as she presses down onto her clit.

Her back arches when she enters herself with two fingers. She resumes her ministrations with her other hand as she thrusts her fingers into her pussy, and rubs her clit with her thumb. "Fuck, Rachel," she moans as she intensifies her thrusts. She's close. She can feel her walls clenching her fingers, and that familiar coiling in her abdomen.

Quinn looks over to the mirror. She sees herself, no she sees Rachel fucking herself. Sweat dripping down her brow, hair sticking to her face, one hand fondling her breasts, the other pumping into her pussy, her hips canting to meet her thrusts.

The sight is enough to push her over the edge and with one hard thrust Quinn cums with a wail of Rachel's name. She slumps down onto the floor, exhausted. She's panting and she's not sure if she has the strength to get up.

She's exceptionally thankful that everyone's in class right now. Quinn only acts like she hates Rachel and so she'd never be able to live it down if someone caught her right now while she was in the brunette's body clad in only a pair of knee highs and flats with her hand inside her panties.

Quinn pulls her hand out of herself, whimpering as a result of a mind-blowing orgasm, and pushes herself up. On shaky legs she retrieves Rachel's duffle, glad to find an extra pair of underwear to replace the one she ruined. She cleans up and gets changed, taking extra time to make sure she dresses exactly how Rachel would. She exits the restroom heading towards Rachel's Bio class and groans about how difficult this day would be.