Rachel makes it inside her Bio class and reluctantly sits beside Puck when he calls her over. She doesn't want to of course, but she knows very well that he isn't about to the drop the subject that they had broached upon during gym. The brunette also knows that if she did choose to sit elsewhere, that Puck would probably threaten the poor soul besides her so that he could switch. She's not even fully seated and he already goes out with, "So how'd it happen?"

The singer huffs and rolled her eyes, neatly organizing her Bio book, binder, notebook, and pens on the table. Her attempts to fully ignore him are short-lived when he softly nudges her side. Instinctively she turns to reprimand him, gritting out, "None of your business, Noah."

"Oh, come on. I'd tell you if you asked."

"Well, I'm not asking. Nor would I ask about your sexual exploits."

"So you two had sex?"

"What? No!" she says a bit louder than intended, garnering a few glances from their classmates. They are only fleeting looks brought on by her outburst and obvious none of them were even vaguely aware of the topic the two of them were discussing, but it is enough for Rachel to turn pink. The diva wants nothing more than to just disappear, or find her way back into Quinn's arms.

Rachel buries her face in her book, hoping that Puck has had his fun and that he would stop with his interrogation. She knows better though and before long he continues, asking, "So how far did you go?" She buries her face deeper, mumbling something which Puck would have ignored even if he heard it properly. But something about how she's acting makes something go off in his head. "You like her?"

The brunette pulls herself out from inside her book and is about to correct Puck, but she doesn't. She can't, not if she were being honest with herself. Because regardless of whether these feelings were new or if they've been lying dormant for a while, the truth of it was that Rachel Berry liked Quinn Fabray. She makes a displeased, childish sound and then brings her face down onto the table. "Why?" she whines. "Why? Why do I only fall for people who can't like me back?"

"Relax, relax. Remember, you're talking to the Puak-asaurus here. I'll tell you what you exactly what you need to do." Rachel lifts her head up and turns to him, trying not to get her hopes up too high. "Is there anybody that you can use to get Quinn jealous?"


It takes some talking to get Santana to agree with joining Glee, but just like Quinn's weakness is Rachel, Santana's is Brittany. But even with her best friend assured to follow her, Quinn still has one big problem. And that is Finn. He's still apart of Glee, and she has no idea of how he had react to the events the day prior.

Just thinking about how the following period Rachel would share a class with him and Jewfro made Quinn's skin boil. If either of them put their hands on her… Quinn doesn't even want to go there. She's still too outraged with her ex-boyfriend's behavior, even though she's a bit more outraged with his treatment of Rachel than herself.

Rachel's not meant to be the girl on the side. She's not meant to be the girl that someone hangs out with because their girlfriend doesn't put out. She's someone special and not just a girl that you compliment so that you might get a chance to touch her boobs. And she sure as hell issn't a girl whose boobs you'd insult.

But enough about Rachel and her small, but full, perky and wonderful boobs; Quinn still needed to get rid of Finn. She considers using the rumor of his failed attempt of groping Rachel as a means to kick him out of the group, even though she isn't exactly a part of said group yet, but in the event that doesn't work out for her she'll need a backup plan.

She knows that as much as she could intimidate the quarterback, she can't exactly do much if he decided to get violent. That would highly unlikely, because even though he's a douche he wasn't one to hit girls, but she needed to prepare for every outcome, especially since she's thinking about asking Rachel out after practice.

Yep, she was doing it… kinda. Quinn was planning going to make look more like a 'let's celebrate my joining of Glee Club by having a girl's night just you and me' and so it wouldn't exactly be a date, but it would be progress. And who knows, maybe something would grow from there. She goes back to her work, waiting anxiously for the end of the day.


Rachel walks down the halls uneasily. She feels sick and can't believe that she's actually going to listen to Puck's advice. She's searching for the brunette cheerleader Gabrielle, and she's going to ask her out. Her legs buckle at the thought of doing so.

The singer has no objections to dating the brunette Cheerio; she's attractive and sweet and Rachel already knows that she likes her. And in Puck's twisted sense of logic, this would be a win-win for Rachel. One way or another she'll potentially get herself a girlfriend, but as Rachel sees it, she could just as easily hurt both girls.

She doesn't like this idea. It's stupid, but she now sees Gabrielle in her periphery. It's now or never. Slowly she approaches the slightly taller brunette. Gabrielle is alone at her locker, so that makes it a bit easier; Rachel never had asked someone out before. She gingerly taps her on the shoulder, and is greeted with a bright smile when the other girl turns around.

"H-hi, Rachel," the Cheerio stutters, already turning flush at the singer's mere presence. She tries to look cool and indifferent by leaning on the lockers. "How are you?"

"I'm good," Rachel replies with a smile, a bit smitten with the brunette cheerleader. "Hey, I was wondering something." The taller girl gets up from her leaning position, forgoing her attempts to look cool and looking at Rachel expectantly. She nods, urging the tiny singer to continue. "Are you doing anything this weekend?" The cheerleader's eyes light up and she shakes her head, unable to actually find the words to answer. "Well then is your offer to take me out still available?"

Gabrielle gulps, and blinks. She's sure she's dreaming, but if she's not then she doesn't want this dream to end. "I um… uh, yeah ab-absolutely," she manages to get out. "You really want to?" The girl is trembling. Never once had Rachel seen such a reaction to her, nor would she have expected one, or at least not until she was a famous Broadway star; it feels nice.

"Yes, I do." And she does. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad an idea as she thought.

"Okay." The other girl has regained some of her composure and is no longer stuttering. "Saturday at six good for you?" Rachel nods. "But I don't drive so…"

"That's alright; I don't have a car though."

"So… bus?" The Cheerio asks nervously. She isn't fond of the idea of taking Rachel on a date by using public transportation, but she doesn't have much of a choice. Unless she asks one of her friends or parents to give her a ride; yeah, she's totally going to do that.

"That's perfect," Rachel replies delightfully. "So, do you have anything in particular planned?" Now that she has gone through with Puck's plan, she's starting to feel curious about how this would pan out. She still wants to know if going out with Gabrielle would elicit a response from Quinn, but that doesn't mean she couldn't actually enjoy her first date.

"Uh, it's a secret," she answers with a wink. "I'll see you tomorrow." Right on cue the warning bell rings making the two brunettes go their separate ways. Rachel leaves Gabrielle's company with a wide smile on her face. But that soon fades as she entered her next class.

Her dawdling, while looking for Gabrielle, causes her to be later to class than usual. And just like the day before the only seats available are next to Jewfro and Finn… and then someone sits down next to Jacob, leaving only the seat next to Finn. Apparently he has fallen to the bottom of the social food chain.

Rachel stares hesitantly at the seat, standing ridged at the front of the class. She knows that he had only said those horrible things to her the previous day because he wasn't aware that it was her, but that knowledge doesn't help things. It actually makes it worse to know that he'd say such things about her behind her back.

Her motionless doesn't go unnoticed by their teacher, who soon asks if there's a problem. Rachel assures that there isn't and makes to move to take her seat, hoping to not get verbally abused by the boy she used to have a crush on; she isn't sure if she has the strength to do what she did yesterday. But before she can even get herself fully seated, Ms. Hatcher had already seen what the issue is.

She orders Finn up and to switch seats with another student. The quarterback grumbles about having got there first but complies before long. Rachel can feel Finn's eyes on her every so often and so when class ends she darts out of class as fast as her legs can take her. And despite the fact that her legs seem to go on forever, or at least as Quinn described them, she still has a height disadvantage and Finn quickly catches up.

"Hey," he says when he finally cornered her. "I want to talk."

"After your behavior yesterday, I have absolutely no desire to talk with you one bit, Finn Hudson." Rachel tries to make use of her small stature to go under his arm and around his arm, but his lumbering form in combination with the student filling the halls make escape impossible. "Please let me go; I have to get to class."

"Look, I just wanted to say that I forgive you."

"Forgive me?" She stares at him incredulously.

"Yeah, for slapping me," he explains. Rachel expression contorts in confusion. "I get it okay. You hated the fact that I was with Quinn." The tiny singer can't help but let out an exasperated laugh even if she tried, which she didn't. This boy is far denser that she could have ever guessed. "But we're not together anymore, so you and I can start dating." Rachel snorts, actually snorts, because as much as she's afraid of his verbal assault, this is funny. Really funny. And it only gets funnier when he seems to take her laughter as a good sign. She soon corrects him.

"Finn, I have no desire, at all, to go out with you." The look on his face turns into one of confusion, but due to his limitations when it comes to facial expressions it looks more like his normal face, except that he looks like he really needs to go to the bathroom.

"What? Why?"

"What was it you said about me? I have no boobs?" She's still enraged and hurt about his words. But the sweet yet awkward moment she shared with Quinn in the bathroom after gives her the confidence not to cry.

"What are you talking about? I never-"

"Hey, get away from her!" Quinn comes rushing in. When she exited her previous class, she had a feeling that Rachel needed her and she's glad she listened to said feeling as she pushes Finn away from the brunette and positions herself in between the two of them. The blonde has the courage to act like this to protect Rachel, but she isn't stupid. Finn could easily overpower the both of them. She needs to take her time, and wait until the opportune time to make her move.

"You're not my girlfriend anymore Quinn! This has nothing to do with you!"

"Yes it does, now stay away from her!"

"God, what is wrong with the two of you! You're both crazy! All girls are just…" There it was; he had paused to stop himself from saying something that would no doubt drop him lower down the social ladder if it were even possible.

It was the best chance she could get and so Quinn went for it. She goes in close and kneed him in the gut, or possibly the crotch. The blonde was aiming for the gut but she'll take what she got. Finn buckles in pain and clutches far lower than his gut; yep, Quinn definitely kneed his crotch. She balls her fist goes for a finishing blow, but Rachel beats her to the punch; literally.

The tiny singer has managed to squeeze her way around her and delivers a haymaker to the right side of Finn's face. The tall boy falls to the floor completely knocked out as a mixture of laughter and cheers erupt from the students in the halls.

Rachel clutches at her tiny fist, weakly squeaking, "Ow." Not caring if everyone sees, Quinn reaches out for Rachel's hand and holds it gently between her own. She brings the diva's fist up to her face and kisses her knuckles, alleviating the pain and causing Rachel to simply glow as her heart swelled. Rachel really starts to think she made a mistake by listening to Noah. She is so going to kill him.