Tobi Is Annoying

One day, Tobi was laying upside down on the couch, his head on the floor and the blood rushing to it. The girls were out grocery shopping, so he was here to annoy his teammates. As soon as Leader walked in, he attacked him.

"Leader-sama! I wanna play!"

Pein rolled his eyes and tried to push the childish man out of the way. "Go bother Hidan then. He might kill you..."he said that last part quietly so Tobi didn't hear it.

"No! Tobi wanna play fight! Tobi's a good boy so Leader should let him play with everyone!" Pein sighed and set down the cup of coffee in his hand.

"You know the number to call if there's an emergency, right?"

"911!"Tobi shouted gleefully.

"Good boy. Let's go tell the others."

Pein and Tobi walked up the stairs to tell the others about the training session. The first room was Deidara's.

"OOOH! Sempai's room!"

Pein pounded on the door."Deidara, get out here! We're havin' a training session!"

Pein opened the door and found Deidara watching some stupid drama show and playing with some clay.


Pein and Tobi went to the next room. That room was Zetsu and Hanako's. But since all the girls were gone, Zetsu was the only one there.

"Zetsu! Training session!"Pein said as he opened the door. Zetsu was blaring Rammstein and eating a little kid he must've found at the park.

"Okay,"he said through a mouthful of the kid's liver.

Next room was Itachi's and Fumiko's. Itachi was listening to some 30 Seconds to Mars and playing some game on his psp.

"Training session. Get outside."

On to Hidan's. Hidan was blaring "Low Life" by Theory of a Deadman and singing along to it while performing a Jashinist ritual.




Kakuzu looked up from his pile of money.

"Training session,"said Pein.


"Sasori, training!"said Pein, who knocked on the door. When Sasori didn't answer, Tobi broke down his door.


Sasori had been asleep, but it was surprising since he was blaring Metallica's song "For Whom the Bell Tolls."

"Ungh,"he said, burying his face in his pillow.


Tobi jumped on Sasori's back and started hitting him.

"I'm up I'm up I'm UP!"

Now for Kisame, who's room is downstairs by the pool.

"Kisame, training session."

Kisame stood up and followed the Leader and Idiot.

Outside at the training lot, Pein stood in the middle.

"Who wants to go first?"

"OOOH MEEEEEE!"said Tobi.

"Besides you, stupid,"said Leader.

"I guess I will,"said Itachi.

"Okay. Go easy on him."

The two stood in the arena. Full chakra and full stamina, they both Began to fight. Tobi ran across the arena and stood upside down on a tree branch. He put his hands in the sign for a jutsu. HIS jutsu.

"Frill Neck Lizard!"he said, his cloak flopping down around him.

Itachi looked at him.

"That's all there is...hehe!"

Itachi punched Tobi out of the tree, and Tobi ran back across the arena.

Itachi put his hands in the sign for his jutsu, and he said,"You can't escape. You're already in...the nightmare realm!"

"The what?"asked Tobi.

"The nightmare realm."

"The what?"

"The nightmare realm."


"The nightmare realm!" This argument went on for a long time. Everyone else got bored. Kisame was drawing on the dirt, Sasori weas asleep, Pein was on eBay with Kakuzu, and everyone else was just bored. They all thanked god(Hidan thanked Jashin) that the girls appeared.

"What's wrong with Itachi and Tobi?"asked Suzuki.

"They've been at that for 4 hours,"said Kakuzu.

"I'll go break it up,"said Fumiko.

"The what?"



"THE NIGHTMARE REALM, YOU VILLAGE IDIOT!"Screamed Fumiko. After that, the day went on pretty normally(well, for them.)