During a fight with klarion young justice is transported to an alternate universe where the justice league doesn't exist , but instead the unorganized and scattered avengers do .

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"Soo any one up for a movie?" Wally asked. It was turning out to be one of those rare days where the team was allowed to be regular teenagers at the time. No training was scheduled, and so far they weren't going on any missions. So not wanting to pass up this extremely rare oppertunity the team had decided to call a team bonding day, and just have fun.

"Sure what movie did you have in mind, KF?" Robin asked, not looking up from his holo-screen. What he was doing nobody quite knew, but they were fairly certain that it wasn't leagal.

Wally frowned at the Boy Wonders question."Uhh... well .. I guess we could go see the new spy movie that just came out." Artemis snorted. "Ya there is no way I'm going to go see a spy movie ..I mean have you notice what we do in our spare time?"

"Okay then what do you want to see, Blonde ?"

"I don't know, just not some stupid spy movie, Kid stupid!"

"You know what, Blonde !"

"What? Baywatch!"

The remaining teammates just watched as the two heroes bickered back and forth. Eventually they saw that the fight was going to take a while and decided to pick the movie themselves, via mind link.

" Okay, I don't want to pick sides, but I don't want to go see a spy movie either." M'gann said hesitantly.

" That is fine, M'gann, I would prefer we go see the documentary of the space expedition to the moon. I believe we would find it quite interesting." Kaldur said voicing his opinion. Superboy then decided to grunt, which the others took as his usual 'I don't care' response.

Finally Robin piped up. "Okay, I have to say no to that one too Kaldur, I already see enough documentaries between school and Batman's training, how 'bout the new horror flick that just came out last week? I've heard alot of great things about it so far."

"It is fine my friend,but I do not believe we should see any horror related films; it could be potentially dangerous, considering we have young telepath in our midst ... My apologies M'gann if I offended you in any way." Kaldur said voicing his concern as team leader. Which in return made M'gann look slightly relieved.

"No it is fine Kaldur, if you hadn't of said anything I would have. I have no idea what could happen to my powers if I saw something so frightening."

"And besides Robin, arn't you a little young for that movie?" Conner said with a playful smirk resting on his lips. The Boy Wonder was flustered for a moment before answering very indignantly.

"No! I'm old enough for this movie!...And besides its never stopped me before!"

The others just smiled at Robin, their faces mocking him. He wanted to punch them so bad. Every time, every single time they always had to comment about his age, or worse his height. Did they forget that he had blackmail on every single one of them? "Maybe." Robin thought, briefly blocking out the mind link. "I should remind them of my power over them."

As Robin was contemplating a way to destroy the dignity of his team mates; Kaldur, M'gann, and Conner were still debating over what movie to see. While Artimis and Wally were moving onto the 7th subject of their bickering.(Which happened to deal with Wally's excessive flirting.) However, the team didn't get that much further in progress before Batman's face appeared on the screens of the mountain requesting the team to suit up for a mission. Five minutes later the team was assembled in the debriefing room waiting for Batman to give further instructions .

"As your all aware, two months ago the league was attacked and put under the contol of Vandal Savage through the assistance of Klarion, the lord of chaos." The holo-screens popped up to show a particularly demon possessed looking child; causing some of the members to shiver, while for others ignited a burning desire beat the little bastard to a bloody pulp.

"Kinda hard to forget when you still have bruised ribs from it" Artemis said through the mind link. The others voiced sounds of agreement while they continued to listen to Batman.

"Earlier today our scaners picked up a sighting of Klarion in Richmond, Virginia. However he wasn't alone. These four were also with him." This time more screens popped up making the up coming mission seem that much more dangerous, despite the fact that they had not been given their mission yet. "Wizard, Wotan, Felix Faust, Blackbrair Thorn; If you remeber these four teamed up with Klarion and managed to split the world into two demensions throwing people into chaos. The five of them should not be taken lightly." Batman said with a glare.

"Really? Does he always have to glare to get a point across? I mean we were there, I doubt anyone has forgotten about it yet." KF said exasperated. Robin rolled his eyes though it was impossible to tell with his mask on. "Its part of his charm KF, now shut up and pay attention!"

"Your mission will simply be to observe and report any and all suspicious activity. You will not under any circumstances engage in combat, especially since Rocket and Zatanna will be unable to accompany you due to their injuries."

At this the team all look down sadly. Their last mission had not ended successfully to say the least, and now two of their female team mates were out of action for several months.

"As far as we know, they have no magical artifacts that could cause any events, but as a precaution we are sending you in to observe, only obseve; if action is needed you will call the league in ... Understood?" The team nodded repeatedly, almost giving themselves whiplash at the force and speed of their nods. "Very well, this should be a fairly simple mission. Good luck, you are dissmissed." Batman said, finishing with a curt nod for effect. The team returned it briefly in different variations before heading toward the hanger to board the bio ship, but before they were out of site Batman requested Robin stay for a moment.

Curiously Robin walked up to his mentor, cocking his head to the side to silently ask, 'whats up?' In response Batman swiftly took out a device that looked similar to an I-phone, only more advanced.

"I've been working on this since the dimension incident, that." Batman said, gesturing to the device. "Should allow you to communicate to me in the event we get seperated again, but lets try and keep that from happening. " Batman said, a smirk spreading over his features.

Robin returned the smirk, his only a little bit more sweeter, more innocent in a way only a 13 year old could pull off. "Sure thing bats." He said, before wrapping his arms around Batman's waist. Batman not caught off guard at all, wrapped his arms around Robin in return while gently whispering in his black hair "Be carful my little bird." Which Robin answered back with "I always am B."

Then the two separated, their faces wiped clean of any emotions as Robin headed towards the bioship to catch up with his team. The bio-ship fired up and got ready for take off, and was soon lifting off for departure. As Batman watched them leave he couldn't shake the feeling something horrible was going to happen on this mission, but against his better judgement he walked towards the zeta tubes to go to Gotham and start his patrol.

The flight to Richmond was surprisingly short. In that time the team had come up with the best strategic positions for monitoring the group of sorcerers. Aqualad, Superboy, and Kid flash would take the outer perimeter of the warehouse, being the eyes of the lair the villans had so originally chosen. While Artimis and Miss Martian would stay aboard the bioship hovering above to see wat the could pick up, acting as the ears. Leaving the Boy Wonder with the inner perimeter. Robin would get as close as possible, if not inside, the warehouse and be the eyes and the ears for the team. Picking up the details that the others might over look.

M'gann eyes glowed a deeper green as she dropped a line for Robin to get off, but just as Robin was about to drop, a violent red portal appeared in front of the bio-ship; it slowly started to draw them in with its strong force. The bioship jolted as it fought to escape the clutches of the portal. Robin knowing that this had to have been a set up quickly started radioing in for help.

"Robin to Watchtower. Mayday, Mayday. We're under attack. The whole thing was a set up. I repeat: we're under attack, requesting back u-Whooaa!" Robin gave an unexpected shout as the bio-ship jolted again and launched him over the edge of the still open latch .

"ROBIN!" Wally shouted seeing his best friend go over the edge. Superboy hearing him quickly took off his seat belt to go to the place where the bird was last seen. Peering over the edge Superboy saw Robin holding onto the drop cable for dear any other situation and Superboy knew Robin would be able to shimmy his way up the rope, and up to safety, but with the force of the portal it was all Robin could do to hold on.

All the while M'gann was urgeing the bio-ship to stay strong and get them out of there, she suddenly gave a frightened gasp as she realized the bio-ship was not going to win against the force of the portal, and that they would be sucked in. Artemis' eyes widened in fear as Kaldur shouted "Brace your selves!"

If the team had been in any other peril, someone if not all of them would have rolled their eyes at how horribly cliche that sounded. But as the portal sucked them in to what they were sure was to be a horrible and painful death all they could do was scream. And in the midst of the chaos no one noticed Conner jumping out of the bio-ship as Robin lost his grip on the cable and started falling.

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