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There were many things in Tony's life that he, in his youth, would have sworn could, and never would happen to him. but life has a funny habit of doing exactly the opposite of what you expect and after he had realized this Tony had thought nothing could ever really surprise him. Sure the chitari invasion had thrown him for a loop, but did it surprise him? No not really; What did S.H.I.E.L.D. expect when they started playing with toys from another dimension? And honestly, with no disrespect towards Thor, Loki isn't exactly subtle when it comes to his plans. Therefore when another transdimentional mishap had come up involving other beings, Tony wasn't all that surprised, maybe shocked at their amount of skill and at Director Fury's behavior, but not surprised. So he had come to the hasty conclusion that he would no longer be surprised by anything that went on in life. Obviously he had been wrong.

First he had not been expecting to be attacked so quickly after their arrival. He had at least thought that the 'super kids' would have stopped and paused to look at their new play mates, giving the avengers ample amount of time to talk them down and come to a peaceful agreement. Instead the 'kids' had twitched a little before rushing forward and meeting them head on. Tony had the extreme pleasure of fighting against what he was now deeming Baby hulk, or as he more frequently was calling him: junior. That had been surprise number one.

Surprise number two had been the almost universal fluency that the group had, never talking, and using one another impressively in the heat of battle. Although that hadn't really been surprise number two, no the real show stopper was when the kids not only talked ... they screamed. Their attention all momentarily drawn to their flailing friend over by a cringing Banner. Which had caused alarm as Tony knew what the repercussions of an uncontrollable Hulk were.

Which now brought us to surprise number three; the likeness between 'junior' and Hulk senior. Which to Tony's horror there were a lot. And unlike the others he was not going to hold back just because he was a kid.

Without hesitating Tony took to the sky narrowly missing Juniors fist...again. He had been playing a risky game fluctuating between low and high altitudes to come at 'junior' with his repulsor cannons from multiple angles. So far nothing on low had phased him.

"Whoa baby Hulk, I come in peace." Tony said trying to defuse the situation.

Junior of course didn't listen. He was probably too wrapped up in his anger management issues to notice what he was saying. That is if the brute could understand English.

He roared as he jumped up to where Iron man idly maintained altitude, getting closer with each passing second, his fist drawn back ready to smash. The thoughts of : 'Hulk would be soo proud.' briefly crossed Tony's thoughts before dropping down to avoid what was sure to be a devastating blow and then propelling him self so he was far out of the rang of 'juniors' killer feet.

Talking obviously wasn't going to be an option.

"Jarvis scan him, I want you to find a weak spot."

"Unknown species sir, Genetic make up suggest other worldly parent as well as an earth parent. He is not human."

"So what he's actually an alien."

"Readings suggest he is of part alien origin"

"Okay Jarvis scan the others I want to know exactly what we're dealing with."

"Right away sir."

Tony turned his attention back to Jr. and fired his repulsor cannon at medium level. All that really seemed to do was piss him off even more.


'Junior' let out a roar before rushing towards him, but thankfully , as Tony had learned early in the fight, Jr. couldn't fly and he definantly couldn't jump as far as the Hulk. So the Iron-man suit shot up out of range of Jr. and took in the view.

He did not like what he saw.

Despite their sensible agreement to take the kids out if necessary, almost all the Avengers, except for Tony, was holding back. One would think that this wouldn't be a problem except that the kids were taking their hesitation and lack of forcefulness and using it to their advantage to win. Honestly Tony was starting to think that in a full on and equal fight it would be a pretty close, but today, with desperation on the kids side and heroic egos getting in the Avengers way the kids were kicking ass. They were one member down, tired as hell, and almost out of weapons and they were still winning... Maybe the Avengers could learn a thing or two from the 'super kids'.

'Lil hawk' and 'Speedy' had taken to team work, since Steve and Clint had done the same. Obviously the Shield was proving to be a problem... Hehe good served the brats right. A little ways off from the tag team battle was the scuffle between Thor and his opponent. The 'fish boy' was holding his own against Thor, ironically sharing the ability to manipulate electricity. Though the younger's version seemed like it was more convenient. The lightning being generated by him was far more deadly than Thor's 'Summoning' process. She-hulk was still down for the count Lying unmoving in the grass, miraculously unscathed by stray weapons or blasts. (Seriously Bruce could have a whole freaking family!), And finally Ninja brat was scarily matching each of Natasha's attacks with almost perfect precision. Which raised a disturbing question within the scarlet hero- Just how early were ninjas being trained now?

His thoughts were soon interrupted as he saw 'Speedy' go down. Concern momentarily flooding his system Tony almost moved forward to help him, but quickly stopped himself knowing it would be easier to help him once the kids realized that they weren't the enemy. However he didn't have to worry for long as a fire hydrant exploded (courtesy of 'Fish Boy') and a dome of water formed over 'Little hawk' and 'speedy, disitorting their figures and protecting them from Steve and Clint's attacks.

While marveling over the resourcefulness the 'super kids ' were executing, Tony almost failed to catch the bits of conversation 'Junior' and 'Ninja' were having.

"Yo SB! Scratch my back I Scratch yours?" The ninja shouted as he ducked another Roundhouse kick from Natasha before back flipping out of the way and landing in a defensive crouch. Tony merely raised an eyebrow though he wasn't sure if it was because of the name or the Ninja's impressive amount of flexibility.

'Junior' grunted as he uprooted a tree to throw at Tony. "What did you have in mind ?"

Tony dodged the tree before focusing once again on their conversation hoping to be able to counter their attack. The Ninja threw a punch towards Natasha's abdomen, only to have it blocked before he answered.

"maneuver 9?"

'Junior' or rather SB, as 'Ninja' called him, only smirked before giving the affirmative."Maneuver 9."

This only served to irritate Tony as he had no Idea what 'maneuver 9' was and therefore had no idea how to stop it. He soon found out his answer as the two put it into motion.

Flipping back 'Ninja' launched a handful of what could Tony assumed were smoke pellets before running towards 'Junior' ( Honestly it sounded better then SB). Tony feeling a sense of foreboding fired a repulsor cannon towards him, but the kid merely dodged before leaping into the air; arms stretched out before latching onto 'Juniors' forearms. The two spun twice for a moment before the 'Ninja' was released into the air once more into the just barely dissipated smoke and into a full crash collision course with Natasha. He connected violently with her sending her to the ground before rushing over and punching her hard in the head. (obviously no one ever taught him never to hit a girl.) The next thing Tony knew something black and shiny glinted in the little 'Ninjas' hand and he was plummeting towards the earth... right into the waiting fist of 'Juniors' hand.

The thoughts of 'Oh god this is going to hurt' briefly crossed his mind.

And boy it did.

Tony was sent flying into the air before he slammed into the ground , the wind knocked out of him. Seriously he would not be surprised if this was Banners long-lost kid. Screw the Chituari conspiracy, throw out the alien theory. This was 'Junior' sending a message to Bruce. He Just needed to get his scans to go along with that idea.

"Sir scans are complete."

' Of course they are.' Tony thought bitterly, before wheezing out;

"Give me a second Jarvis."

He was seriously disoriented by the blow and couldn't tell which direction was up and which was down. Tony still couldn't move, a sitting duck for Junior to come and smash. He heard the roar, it was only a matter of second before he met the carbon copy of the Hulks fist... only it would be less green.

A moment later he started seeing stars as Junior landed on top of him and started beating the snot out of the Iron man armor; Thoroughly educating the hero in the meanings of pain and agony. Tony thought he was going to be seeing the face of god when all of a sudden Junior stopped and walked away. He was vaguely aware of a hyenas cackle that sounded after the attack Tony had endured,he was unsure whether to be disturbed or angered by it. His mind In such a haze that he couldn't make a clear decision. He was just able to see Thor's figure flop unmoving onto the ground the only indication that he lived was the wheezing he emitted as his body hastily tried to give it the oxygen that 'Fish boys' water sphere had deprived him of.

All of a sudden Tony's vision blurred, and he realized that he was slipping into unconsciousness. He blinked trying to prolong the inevitable, and searched for Clint and Steve, only to find that they too were unconscious. Five of the six Avengers were down. Tony's breathing hitched for a moment, causing him to become aware of a few broken ribs, as he realized who was left to deal with the kids. However he was unable to think past that, never mind warn somebody what was going to happen as a black blanket settled over him, all concern leaving him as his body went slack. Leaving the Iron man suit as the only witness to what was about to unfold.

Bruce's body trembled as he took in all that was happening. As he felt anger rising up in him and the 'other guy' pushing to be released. But he held back Not wanting him to come into play unless absolutely necessary. He was content to watch and let his friends do their job. Grateful that he wouldn't have to face the guilt of fighting individuals as young as these. Though that didn't ease the guilt of just letting it happen.

However that obviously wasn't going to work since one of the kids had decided to take him on. Bruce almost groaned at the their ignorance but just tentatively took a step back hoping that the timid act would derail any attempt to fight him. No such luck. The young girl just kept advancing forward, and with each distance she closed between them, Bruce's heart beat a little quicker scared of what he might do to her if she provoked him too much.

She smiled, almost as if she was greeting an old friend, or they had met once before. It held a hint of sadness though , like she was regretting what she was about to do. which only made him even more fearful, what was she going to do?

The answer was quickly answered and he drawn to the conclusion that it was far worse than he could have imagined as he heard he voice echo within his head with the suggestion to go to sleep. He sent he a frantic look to the girl hoping to portray his fear and reluctance to hurt her, only instead of the soft look that was intended he could feel 'the other guy' glaring through him; the Hulk did not like that, no he didn't like that one bit.

The green girl frowned leading Bruce to think that resistance didn't occur to often for her, before he felt a brief wave of exhaustion and another suggestion go through his head. He gritted his teeth as the Hulk roared inside him fighting to be free. This was not going to end well if she didn't stop. It seemed she had though the same, though she chose to use a more ...invasive way to finish this than he would have chosen.

He had never felt anything so painful, he had never felt his mind violated in such a way. and through his pain it caused him to shudder. He felt so vulnerable, so exposed. But it was nothing compared to the agony that was inflicted onto his mental walls as the green girl shot through his psyche like a bullet , and leaving his barriers broken and though he felt himself following her and then shooting forward past her and into what he would describe as the vault of his mind. The part that kept the Hulk under control and allowed Bruce to have a semblance of a life without locking himself away in seclusion. The part that was about to get before the green girl would rip through this Bruce threw it open but instead of letting the Hulk just come out he tried to keep him inside so he wouldn't make a mess.

It didn't work so well.

Though he could feel his body not going through the changes, the Hulk was fighting to be in control, especially after the green girl got there. He roared loudly fighting harder to get at her and Bruce just knew he had to get her out of his head before he lost control. So he told her to get lost. Needless to say she didn't listen, instead she valiantly tried to help him and coax the hulk back into his mind with ... mind blasts. But that only served to anger him further. So Bruce was reduced to begging her to get out to which she paused obviously hesitant to leave him alone and oblivious to the fact that she was doing more harm than good. The choice however was taken form her as the Hulk momentarily got passed him and sent her flying out of his mind .

Bruce continued to fight with the Hulk telling him he wasn't needed and that he was in control. It took a while but finally he was able to close the vault but it was threatening to break with one good nudge from the Hulk. So mentally preparing himself Bruce slowly opened his eyes to see the park bustling with chaos. The Avengers were losing only two remained, and really Thor didn't count because he was in a sphere of water and there was no way he would be conscious for much longer. So as Bruce watched Tony fall from the sky he felt his heart sink. Then when the boy with abilities similar to the Hulk tore into Tony; Bruce wearily closed his eyes and let everything fade to darkness. He didn't want to be able to remember this at all.

There were moments in time where the team really surprised themselves. Like right now , After fighting what felt like a million S.H.E.I.L.D. agents the team was still able to go head to head with Ace team that was sent after them. It was truly a testament at how far they had grown in both stamina and skill. Undoubtly they were tired, their weapons lay scattered on the ground, tree's were uprooted, craters and skid marks made a unique design on the earth accompanied by the occasional scorch mark, but instead of the intensity of their fight dwindling they had strategically worked together. Fighting determindly toward one common goal.

To win by any means necessary.

Robin had never been more proud to consider himself a part of the team. He hated that it took a dimensional crisis to make him really appreciate how awesome his team was but if that's what it took for him to be more thankful for the things in life then he would personally give Klarion a hug before he beat the crap out of him.

He cackled as he watched Super Boy take down 'Twiny' and ignored the looks his team mates gave him. Most likely questioning his sanity. But he couldn't care less because did they not see what had just happened, what they had done?

This fight had solidified the fact they were truly a team, not that they hadn't been before, or they hadn't proven it with the light ordeal. But they had help in those times, they had always had the support of other heroes. Here in this other world, with no one but themselves to rely on, they had won.

Robin cackled again as Kaldur released the sphere surrounding 'Goldie' and watched as he manipulated any water in his lungs out of his mouth so he would not die. He smiled at Wally and Artemis as they too began to realize that yes, they had won. Eyes both masked and unmasked met one another and for a moment the world just melted around them, all of their worries and recent stressors did not exist. Only the young heroes did as they took a moment to feel their substantial amount of growth and became a different kind of team, something better, something more intimate. It spoke with volumes of affection and an underlying tone of love, and gave them a renewed strength to find a way to endure this latest trial. In that moment the felt like a family.

Of course their silent victory was short-lived as the realized that M'gann was still out of commission and Conner stated moving towards her. The others following after him in an affectionate and placated silence.

Unfortunately they never made it over to her since about two feet away from her a roar was heard and a blured green mass of... something slammed into Kaldur effectively knocking their leader out. The team shook as they realized this is what they had seen right before the mind link had crashed. Robin would have been lying if he said he wasn't intimidated.

The thing roared before charging at the others. he jumped high ready to smash the team when Conner jumped up after him slamming into it; tackling away him from his team. They both roughly landed uprooting trees and creating deep gouges in the earth. Conner roared as he and 'IT' met fist to fist. They were quite evenly matched then the beast seemed to grow ... and get stronger. Soon Robin and the others were watching as Conner was beaten into the earth. Then it stopped , they all thought it was over and just stood there in horrified amazement too terrified to move. Of course a moment later they heard


Robin Cringed as he thought how appropriate the words were, and the beast savagely brought its hands down to smash their friend. Of course by his time bat-a-rangs, arrows, and a yellow vortex was all attacking the beast but it seemed to do nothing to it and they were unable to stop the brutal blow to their friend.

"CONNER!" Artemis screamed, appalled by what had just happened.

"KF! Go!" Robin ordered as he sent an explosive bat-a-rang towards the 'Hulk' to gain its attention.

Wally nodded before speeding to Conner and carrying (dragging) him over to M'gann, and then speeding over to Kaldur and doing the same so that their fallen would be out of harms way. For a moment Wally wished that he too was unconscious so he wouldn't have to go up against this thing, but he shook off any fear he had before speeding back to help the others.

The remaining members did their best against the'hulk' but realized that this was no longer a fight for freedom , but one of survival, one that did not seem possible to win.

"Artemis watch out!" Robin cried as the beast threw a fist at her, she dodged the fist but was unable to avoid being shoved roughly into a tree and falling unconscious. She was soon followed by Wally as he tried to move her out of harms way but ended up taking the end bit of the 'hulks' back hand leaving only Robin alone with the beast.

He fought as well as any bat, staying three steps ahead of his opponent, and trying to out smart him. Robin eventually took cover in the remaining trees, using the shadows to his advantage. There he allowed himself a breather. Temporarily allowing his fear to be shown, the bark of the trees and the velvet soft leaves the only witness to his insecurities.

He could run. He knew that he could run and save his team later but he couldn't stand the thought of being alone in this world for a moment, it was selfish and irresponsible, but Dick Grayson (NOT Robin) was afraid of being alone in his old world, and with that in mind there was no way he would voluntarily be alone in this new, and unknown world. So taking a deep breath. Robin double checked secrete compartments and packed away a few specific things in places he was fairly certain wouldn't bothered before he readied a few bat-a-rangs and got ready to attack.

The beast was tearing through trees, picking them up as if they were nothing but twigs, and Robin trembled at the idea of how easily he could break his arm. He shook his head clearing it of all in securities, placing a cool and determined mask over his features readying himself for the nest attack. Three... Two .. One...

Robin burst from the trees sending disks flying as he flipped midair and the landed a good two feet from the beast. Upon explosion the beast roared in anger and charged aggressively towards Robin. The boy wonder took out his batons briefly acknowledging the fact that it was like using a fly swatter on a bear, before crouching down to time this perfectly. He dodged almost everything, the only time he attacked was the first time he landed a hit and he realized how utterly useless this attacks were. His only chance was to sedate the beast if he wanted to get out of this he bid his time jumping and ducking to avoid the fatal blows, before finally he got close enough to throw knock out pellets right in the beast's face.

The thing swayed for a moment, almost as if it were going to fall asleep any minute, and Robin tensely waited, relaxing slightly when the brute sank to the ground with a dazed look on its formerly enraged features. But then with a sharp shake of its head the green blob shot up and managed to get a hold of Robin before wrapping him in a death grip and squeezing the Boy Wonder tight. Robin gasped as he felt a few ribs break and everything else threatening to break as well, but no air entered his lungs as those had no room to expand and he was soon feeling light head from lack of oxygen. Masked Blue orbs stared pleadingly at the fury filled green ones, and almost immediately in response the green eyes turn brown and horror filled and Robin soon found himself staring at the sky desperately trying to gasp in breath but finding it exceptionally hard right now. He coughed the result being searing pain shooting all throughout his body, the pain was more concentrated in his torso though. Another Cough and the outcome was much the same, except for the coppery metallic taste of blood filling Robins mouth causing his stomach to churn. Robin remained awake a little longer before finally his body allowed him an escape from the pain and his eyes slid shut, his form relaxed and his breathing slowed.

Director Fury watched with disdained interest as he watched the younger team impressively take down the Avengers. He had known that involving the Avengers might lead to some disagreements, maybe a little conflict. But he had never expected his own agents to act the way they had. Maybe he was a different man, maybe the guns had been too much. Or maybe he knew exactly what he was doing, and everyone else should just do as he told them.

First this group, whether they were children or not were currently a threat. If he had to choose between the city of Manhattan and six kids he'd pick Manhattan every time. Second Yes he sent guns out there because he sent guns out in the first encounter with the kids and they had handled it fine, also as agent Natasha had most likely discovered, the bullets used this time around we rubber. Because despite his pulverized mentality and spineless actions, he had a conscious. Director Fury was a man in search of answers and though he would have liked to talk to these 'visitors' in a more peaceful manner he had know right off the bat that it was not possible because these 'kids' were scared, and scared people are not always the most rational. He had figured out long ago that this group was not a threat, but like Thor they carried the possibility of drawing a threat to couldn't let this group go unattended not when he needed answers and the kids were the only way he was going to get them.

Finally like Fury had been hoping Hulk made an appearance, taking the kids out a lot faster than any other group had been able to . He had total confidence in the Avengers and what they did, but he know that they would not do everything it took to get the job done despite what they might say. But the Hulk would. If banner saw his allies go down there would have been little he could do to control the beast. The hulk was the person he had wanted for the job but knew Banner would not help if he had been approached alone. A few moments after the youngest had been knocked out Banner was back to normal and unconscious.

Fury sighed turning away from the screen; it was done.

"Agent Hill, is the retrieval squad in position?"

"Yes sir."

"Send them in ." He turned back to the screen. "As well as the medics."

Fury was going to get answers. He had to. When Thor first came to earth he had taken out a small town with the problems that followed him. This would not be the case here. This time they would be ready.

"Sir they want to know what to do with the Avengers."

Fury's attention flickered to his second in command before he turned a cold eye to the screen and then back to Agent Hill.

"Contain them in separate cells, No weapons."

The Avengers would not be interrupting , not if he had anything to do with it.

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