Chapter 2: Nightfall

It was getting dark. I stayed by my campfire, killing time by cutting some more wood, gathering extra resources, and crafting more items. I fashioned myself a belt out of cowhide which I skinned off of the cow. There I held my sword, pick and axe. I also took the time to cook some meat. It smelled good. I ate my fill and went and found some fresh water to drink. This was a convenient location to stay for a while, but not for long, as I still needed to try and find civilization.

By the time the sun was completely gone, I was tucked into a makeshift cowhide sleeping bag, with the campfire still burning. Perhaps an airplane will come and rescue me. Thinking these thoughts, I went to sleep... everything is fine... everything will be fine...

A crunching noise snapped me awake. I drew my sword and held a lit torch in one hand to investigate. Surely not another cow? I went back behind the bush from before and saw something I've never seen before. It looked nothing like a cow. It was a strange green creature, with scaly patterns. It stood upright, with four short legs at the bottom, and it had a nasty frown. Whatever it was, it looked vile. I snuck towards my camp, but my sword rustled in the bushes. Big mistake. That caught the creature's attention. It started heading towards me, staring at me with those soul-piercing dark eyes. I backed toward my camp at the same pace as the monster was walking. I decided to try and kill the beast. I lunged forward, sword at hand, and slashed at it twice. With two cuts in its abdomen, I thought that it would back away. But the monster came closer, and gave a hiss. It started flashing, and my instinct caused me to run for my life.

Then, I blacked out.

I woke up lying on the grass. My back was sore. I slowly got up and looked for my sword. I found it near a crater in the ground. The bush I was hiding in before was gone. I looked at my arms and saw slight burn marks. The ground around the crater was splattered with blood, and char marks covered the bottom of the hole.

I got up and looked at the sky. It was still dark. I looked around to make sure that there were no more of those exploding monsters around, then rushed back to the camp. For hours, I stayed alert, feeding the fire and holding my sword, ready to strike at the slightest danger.

Just as a light appeared in the clouds, I heard a light thud near where I was sitting. I turned toward where the sound came from. An arrow. Another thud. A new arrow right in front of where I'm sitting! Someone was shooting at me! I looked in the direction from where the arrow came, and I saw a living skeleton!

It held a bow in one hand, and with its other, it reached for another arrow from the quiver it was carrying. As it was about to set the arrow on the bow, I immediately rushed forward and decapitated the skeleton.

I picked up the bow, which was a bit musty, but still usable. I also took the quiver, which held eight arrows. I searched around and found the other two arrows that the skeleton shot at me before.

Morning had come. I put out the fire and decided that I should try and find something... or someone. I looked inland and saw a couple of skeletons burning in the open fields. More arrows and relative safety. For now. I also caught a glimpse of a tall, dark figure. It lingered for a few seconds before it vanished in a puff of purple sparks.

As I collected my stuff and set off for my adventure, I asked myself a few questions. What was that dark figure? Is anyone else here? Do I have to deal with more exploding green monsters?

Will I ever get back home?