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By: Cullenbabe1231

Rated: M

Chapter One

I lit the candles one by one as Emalie and Courtney gathered their supplies. How I had been talked into going along with their plans was beyond me, but I knew why I had agreed. It was simple; I was bored. There wasn't anything to do in the backwater town of Bridgewater, Texas and because Emalie's family hailed from Louisiana she was the only one of us that had been taught anything about what we were doing. Her grandmother had been reared in the practice and, therefore, taught her how to "summon the powers" needed to accomplish the goal sought.

Another reason I agreed was buried deep in my subconscious – so deep no one knew about it – and to be honest it was kind of convoluted. We were attempting a spell of sorts that would create a parallel universe of our choosing. It was agreed upon that we'd be creating said universe from a work of fiction – and not just any fiction. We wanted to create a world based solely on the Twilight novel series. The spell would allow the three of us to enter and become a part of the novel, which is what we wanted. Well, what they wanted; I just wanted to do something that would make the summer months pass quicker.

Emalie and Courtney were convinced, however, that their "spell" would actually work while I highly doubted it's – and their – validity. It's not that I didn't believe in the supernatural or paranormal. I mean, come on! I'm from the south people! Just about every home down there has some kind of historical specter taking residence. I really just didn't think that three sixteen year old amateurs would actually pull it off.

The secret reason for me agreeing to the task was because of a certain shape-shifter. Yeah I knew that Jacob Black was a fictional character, but I felt that he got the short end of the stick in the series. He couldn't convince Bella to stay human and got the next best thing. Personally, I think he shouldn't have even bothered at all. While Bella was a whiney little baby that couldn't make up her own mind and didn't deserve either Edward or Jacob, he didn't deserve to get shafted by imprinting on a half vampire baby. It went against – not only his tribe and pack – but against his very nature.

"Tinny!" Emalie snapped pulling me from my thoughts. "Pay attention. Everyone sit down around the book. Courtney you the West; Tinny, the South; and I'll take the East. The book will sit at the North symbolizing the way home. Since we drew the doorway on the wall it'll be the symbol for what we're trying to do. Now, are we all in agreement on using New Moon?"

I shrugged while Courtney grumbled, "I still think we should've went with Twilight."

Emalie rolled her eyes and replied, "You only wanted to use Twilight because you wanted to try and get to Edward before Bella did."

"And? Why did we agree on New Moon in the first place?" she deadpanned.

Emalie opened her mouth to answer, but I spoke first. "Because we agreed that the most mistakes were made in it. If E-Twerp had never left then Bella wouldn't have ever gone to Italy hence no Volturi in Breaking Dawn."

"That doesn't make since, Tinny! What about Victoria, huh? If Bella had never went to baseball game in the first place then everything that happened as a result wouldn't have happened! James would still be alive meaning Victoria wouldn't have been seeking revenge, Laurent wouldn't have been killed by the wolves, and Irina wouldn't have gone to the Volturi when she thought Renesmee was an immortal child. It all leads back to the one single event!" Courtney argued.

I was about to debate her logic when Emalie shouted, "Enough! God! We agreed on New Moon because the events in Twilight needed to play out. Edward needed to suck James' venom from Bella to overcome his struggle with her scent and because of the pack. Sam had already phased meaning he'd imprinted on Emily hurting Leah in the process, and scarred his imprint to boot. We don't know exactly when Jared or Paul phased so we decided to be safe and go with New Moon so Sam wouldn't have been the only wolf in the pack."

She glared at both of us silencing our replies before pulling out a jewel encrusted knife. She punctured her finger, squeezed a few droplets onto the open pages of the novel and said, "We'll use this athamé to give our blood which will allow our essence to become one with the world we'll create."

She handed the dagger to me and moments later I was watching my blood fall onto the first page of the first chapter. We'd decided to "enter" the created world at that point to allow us the opportunity to change the outcome of the series. We'd agreed – unanimously – to attempt to divert the course the characters were on simply because it would have saved them all a lot of heartache.

Honestly, I scarcely believed the spell was going to actually work. I did believe, however, that we'd all end up with a staph infection from the knife's blade. It would have been my luck. It wasn't like I was the klutz Bella Swan was, but usually my luck wasn't good at all. I was a planner – I made lists and expected things to go according to plan. It didn't matter what I'd planned – be it a grand affair, like a party or simply my schedule for each day – something happened that ruined my plan.

Once Courtney had contributed her own sacrifice and risked the impending infection, Emalie continued. "Spirits of our mother's mother! We ask for your assistance in our endeavor. We beseech you to grant our wish to travel through the folded space between the worlds around us. We implore you to aid us in creation of our destination and permit us to become one with it. I, Emalie Maxwell, request your pardon and hope that you will grant us with your favor."

When she nudged me in the ribcage with her elbow I spoke. "I, Tinleigh Butler, request your pardon and hope that you will grant us with your favor."

"I, Courtney Whitaker, request your pardon and hope that you will grant us with your favor."

When nothing happened I felt vindicated, but the feeling was short-lived when the candles surrounding us and the book began to flicker. A strange sensation of electricity began to surge through my body as the slight whispering of wind that had flickered the candles grew into roaring gusts as though a hurricane was rotating directly above my bedroom. The candles immediately went out plunging the room in utter darkness before a sharp tugging feeling at my stomach began. Almost simultaneously, the wind and the heavy panting of my breath disappeared.

I barely managed to speak one sentence. "Uh… was that supposed to happen?"

My question was met with utter silence and a bright, blinding light. I immediately squeezed my eyes shut as the tugging sensation in my stomach grew tenfold and climaxed. I felt as though I'd been lassoed and was being pulled forward. Slowly, the pull I'd been feeling began to dwindle until disappearing all together. The light had begun to fade until I wasn't feeling as though my eyeballs were being burned through my eyelids.

I sat completely still for a few moments relishing the release from whatever had happened before opening my eyes. It took a second or two for my eyes to focus on the scene around me and when they did I realized I was alone.

Alone and not in my bedroom. In fact, I had never seen the room I was in before. I jumped up from the cross-legged position I'd been in and began to seriously freak out. I was standing at the foot of a small full bed – someone else's full bed. It seemed as if immediately as I mentally acknowledged the bed a light gasp was heard from said bed.

Looking closer at the quilt covered mattress, I realized that someone was in it. Only seconds later did an alarm clock on the bedside table begin to go off causing the occupant of the dratted bed to sit up and turn it off. It all happened so quickly that I was barely able to acknowledge the events as they happened. When the occupant I'd only just noticed as a slim dark brown haired girl turned slightly she finally noticed me.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my room!" she cried in shock and maybe a little bit of fear.

Shakily I answered, "I was hoping maybe you could tell me?"

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