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Marcus Junius Brutus' eyes widened when he recognized the face of the man on the stretcher the soldiers had placed on the ground. He hurried over to his friend's side and lifted him up some, his hands supporting the other's head and shoulders.

"Cassius, what happened?" he asked, panicking.

"No idea, really," Caius Cassius Longinus responded, his breathing labored. A weak smile appeared on his face before he coughed up blood, adding, "Hell of a birthday..."

"Fear not." A small and meager grin appeared on Brutus' face for a moment as though he were trying to convince him not to be so negative. "Today is not over with yet."

"Oh Brutus..."

"Cassius." Green-blue eyes met blue. Brutus kissed his dying comrade's dirt-smeared forehead. "Cassius, it'll be OK. I promise."

"No it won't Brutus. We both know it." Cassius coughed up more blood, drenching the chest of his tunic, as well as his brother-in-law's wrist, in doing so. Nonetheless, he clutched that wrist tightly. "Which is why I must ask you one last favor."

"What? What do you want me to do Cassius?"

"Sing for me?"

Brutus stared at him in total shock. Whatever he thought the request was, and he honestly didn't know what he was expecting, it wasn't for him to sing that.

"You... You honestly want me to sing the song?" he said. Cassius nodded.

"Please?" the man painfully pouted. "Just... Just now. Before I pass."

"You realize how ironic this is."

"Yes I do but I don't care. Please, Marcus. I don't have much time left..." Brutus nodded, his eyes tearful, and began to serenade as he stroked the wavy black locks adorning the head of the Roman dying in his arms.

Felix natalis ad vos
Felix natalis ad vos
Felix natalis ad-

(A/N: I will be so happy if someone translates that without Google's help.)

"Sir!" a soldier interrupted. "Sir, we have to retreat now!"

Brutus was about to answer when suddenly a whisper from Cassius' mouth thanked him and the man's hand fell from his arm.

"C-Cassius?" he said, gently shaking his brother-in-law rougher each time he said his name. "Cassius? CASSIUS!"

Brutus stared into the now faded, dim blue eyes of his co-conspirator, tears forming in his own. He removed them from his view, carefully wiped some blood from Cassius' mouth and tenderly kissed him once more. When he released he carefully closed the man's eyes and laid him back down to rest in peace. He stood up and unsheathed his sword.

"Sir?" the soldier questioned again.

"Give my best to my mother," Brutus replied. "Tell her... Tell her something suitable."

Without a reply, he walked towards Octavian and Antony's legions, stripping off his armor as he did so. He ran into the fighting crowd and allowed himself to be killed much in the same fashion Caesar was.

Soon he fell to the ground, joining Caius and Julius in the underworld...