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Form 247-B

Jo's mouth dropped open: she couldn't believe Fargo could have been so stupid as to let slip the big secret that the six of them had been hiding for the last six months. She had no idea how the two men sat across the table would react to the revelation that they travelled back over sixty years to before the towns founding. It didn't help that they were both military; one a distinguished looking grey-haired man in the uniform of a Lieutenant General in the Air Force, the other younger man in a suit who had none the less introduced himself as a Captain, and Navy signet-ring on his left hand.

They had come to Eureka as part of a joint services review of some of the research being carried out at Global Dynamic, and had dropped into Cafe Diem for lunch. Fargo had been trying to impress them with a list of some of the experiments he had overseen as director, and had gotten a little carried away. Jo could have happily drawn her side arm and shot him, but decided that he deserved to suffer the same fate as the rest of them.

The General looked deep in thought for a moment, no doubt deciding upon the best way of rounding up the others, then simply shrugged.

"Yeah, the medicals a bitch." He commended, taking a sip of his coffee, "I swear they keep a stereoscope in the ice-box for just such and occasion."

"It's the paperwork that kills me: same information, every damn time." The Captain shook his head in disagreement, "I tell you, I'm thinking of getting a rubber stamp made up."

"These days, I have Walter or Siler fill mine in and just sign them." The General smiled, "It's good to be able to delegate."

"Excuse me?" Jo couldn't help but look at them, nearly dumbfounded.

"You know, filling in Form 247-B? In triplicate?" The General asked, confused, "The report for any and all time-travel related incidents? Been standard for what, ten years now?"

"Twelve." The Captain corrected him, "Ever since Project Backstep went active."

"Yeah, can you believe they use to shoot people before that?" His companion chuckled, "Well, that was what they told people to try and discourage them from messing about with the space-time continuum. Worst anyone ever got was ten years in Leavenworth, and that was from taking the opportunity to bet on a Lakers game."

"I take the Fifth." the Captain actually blushed slightly.

"Something you want to tell me, Frank?"

"What can I say, Jack? It was my first time-jump, and I had a moment of weakness. I'm only human."

"It's always the ones you least suspect." The General shook his head and glanced at his watch, "Come on; we've got to get back to G.D. before McKay started a riot."

"Good call." The Captain nodded towards their two silent companions, "Catch you guys later."

The two men grabbed their jackets and left, heading for the staff car waiting for them outside.

Jo and Fargo sat in absolute silence for a moment, still processing what they had just heard.

"That's it." Jo finally broke the silence, "I am going to kill Allison for putting me through this..."

The End