Summary: E/O CHALLENGE theme this week: The boys are in a bar. Apparently Michael and Lucifer learned a lesson from the angel arc after all. Thanks to SciFiNutTX for the idea. POV: Crowley

Word Count Below the Title? 100 on the nose

The full title of this drabble is:

The Absolutely True Story of What Happened When Two Chosen Ones Walked Into A Demon Bar, As Told By Crowley, The King of Hell

Stop me if you've heard this one, okay?

The Infernus Bar and Grill. 666 Damnation Street, Stull, Kansas. My place.

Moose said 'Yes' to Luci. Pretty boy said 'Yes' to Mikey. Two brothers, one fate.


Place was packed with black-eyed demons. Stupid twits. Major league smiting was about to commence, so I gulped down my Irish whiskey. Time to go.

The two pigeons faced each other.

Then…..they hugged.

I'll be damned. Oh, wait. I already am.

They sat in a booth. Drank beer. Ate burgers, pie. Busted my profit margin, but I didn't mind. The Apocalypse's bad for business.


A/N: "Two brothers, one fate": the original tagline for the series, back when SPN was an blessedly angel-free zone.

The views expressed by this fic, Crowley (and some fangirls out there) are not shared by this author. Enough with the hugs already. I would love to see Sam and Dean fight on the show, and I mean a genuine knockdown, drag out fight like the one in "Skin" (first season), only with Sam vs. Dean instead of Sam vs. shapeshifter. If not, well, that's what fanfic is for….