Letter 5-After Kurt found out what Tina did

February 14th, 2013

Dear Tina,

You are a special girl! You are talented and I know you've often been in the shadows in your own life. But, you don't have to be. You are your own shining star and no one should tell you differently. I know you so badly just want to be loved. I know exactly how you feel. But Tina; Falling in love with an unattainable guy doesn't help you find love. It just creates heartache; believe me, I discovered that the hard way. I know Blaine is wonderful and you can't help but picture yourself in love with him. I honestly can't blame you. But, just know this; Blaine is mine. He is my true love and my happily ever after. Just wait, your prince is coming.

Your Friend,

Kurt Hummel

P.S. As a warning, Learn the boundaries of friendship. Rubbing vapor rub over a friend or even a friend's uncouncious

ex is defeintly not okay.