Okay. I notice there's a game category for Pong. And I'm like, oh, weird. Then I notice there's 120 stories for it. I think "Uh….WHAT THE HECK?" Then I find out 10 of them are M rated. Wanna know what I think? "OH COME ON!"

Anyway, I was inspired to write this.

The digital paddle hit the pixel across the screen. It went across the white line. The other paddle moved down and the pixel ball went going back.

That's what my life is like. Meet me, Hudson the pixel ball. Everyday I'm forced to be laun-Ow! I just got hit by the paddle. So anyway, do me a favor and OW! That hurt… Don't play this game. It hurts, It really OW!

Okay, that's it.


Hudson jumped up, and rolled on the paddle. It was angered and tried to shake him off. It wouldn't work, and he rolled off the paddle, and escaped out the machine to the real world. Some kids playing noticed what'd happened, and they stepped on Hudson in anger.


Never mind, being stepped on hurts even OW! More….