Everything She Does

Words couldn't explain what he was feeling.

Every time he looked into those hazel eyes, he always felt like a fool. His insides would ripple, but when he was with her, everything felt... warm. Nobody else gave him that kind of feeling. After so many years, she probably was the first.

He loved to ruffle through her golden locks. As a retort, she would give out an annoyed warning. Though, he just wanted an excuse to be closer to her. When a quick breeze came by, strains swayed as they were in front of her eyes. He found her annoyed face charming at times, when he wanted to tease her.

With her, he was forgiven. With her, everything was normal. With her, he finally found peace... He no longer felt empty, thanks to her. He took her for granted for so long... Why didn't he hold her the moment he first laid eyes on her?

Out of all the despair and darkness, she was the only thing that was true. When everyone left him, she was still there beside him at the end of the day. She saved him from himself, and he loved her so much because of that. Everything she did was beautiful.

Song inspiration: You and Me - Lifehouse