A/N: This is my very first story, so don't be mean if I don't get it right. Ok so this story is about the digimon tamers and this story takes right after Fate by Bookworm Gal. You might want to read her stories before you read this one. I'm kind a hoping she would notice this story 'cause she is my favorite author. It might have some OCs and a digimon OCs too so enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

It was dark in the digital world where no digimon was around to disturb it. Yet there was a figure wondering around. She wore a golden hair band that is attached to a black shield to cover the eyes. She wore a black cape, metal boots, black vest and skirt, long grey sleeves, grey stockings, metal belt, a black glove on the right. She had long pure white hair. She was holding a black whip with a black handle on her right hand. To complete her image, she had a robotic hand coming out of the end of her left sleeve.

She plans to do something to this world. Digimon would call her the Digimon Empress. A human who would only care for destructions to the digital world. No digimon will ever dare to harm her for she had dark rings to control digimon. And she'll make sure no human or digimon would stand in her way.


In the human world it was morning, not dark or dangerous like the digital one. There were humans and some digimon, but there were a few of digimon with humans. In Shinjuku Park there were eight human kids and digimons. They were waiting for the last five members of the group while their digmon play.

Takato longed on the grass while his friend Jeri sat next to him playing digimon card game with Rika. He looked over at the other kids some talking or playing with their digimon. None of them seem to be bother by any of the strange creatures around them. That's because the kids are their tamers. He looked over at the dark haired boy named Henry who was checking his cards. Kazu and Kenta were next to him talking; he heard the word 'digiportals' that worries him. We've been having those a lot lately he thought. I wonder if the Digimon Sovereigns sent them he shook his head no they wouldn't do that, would they?

"Hey guys!" A familiar voice snapped Takato from deep thought. He looked over at the source of the voice. It was Ai, Mako, and Destiny running towards the group.

"There you guys are what took you so long?" Rika said, while getting up from the ground.

"We have to wait for mom, so we can give you these," He hands over the envelopes to everyone. It was invitations to Yamaki and Riley's wedding.

"Where's Impmon and Fate?" Jeri asked worrying.

"Oh they went to play that game," Destiny said a tiny bit annoyed. When will those dork stop playing that game.

"I feel bad for the people in the park," Terriermon said as he hoped on Henry's shoulder.


"So ready to get defeated again" Fate grinned. Impmon only rolled his eyes. Impmon and Fate kept playing this game ever since they came back from the real world. And Impmon's tamers' mom let Destiny and his doppelganger to live at their house for as long as they want. And man, had things gotten crazy since then. The goal of the game was: who ever scared the most amounts of couples wins.

"Hey, if it wasn't for that digimon who got me off guard, you'd be the one to wash the dishes for a week." He snapped. "Okay so here's the deal: who ever lose, he will be the slave of the winner for the whole month. And that loser will be you"

"Hmph, I wouldn't be too sure about that." Fate said. "Okay, ready, set, GO!" The two Impmons soon split up to reach their goal. Little do they know that a pair of red eyes was watching them from a far distance.

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Plus, I thought that Destiny and Fate might biomerge into Fatemon Destiny Mode, but I'm just guessing here. The OCs are gonna come in this story soon. And remember this story is my first so be nice.

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