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"I'm right behind you boys." said a voice. They turned to see a figure that looks almost like them.

She looked almost like them with the white face, ears, three clawed feet, and two fangs. The differences are that her fur is grey, red eyes and bat-like wings on behind her back. Her three finger hand didn't have gloves on them, and instead of a red bandanna around her neck is a violet ribbon. On her chest is a fanged smiley face with a purple bow on the right. She had a heart shape tip of her barbed tail. She actually looks kind of cute to them.

"You know it's rude to stare at people with your mouths open." She shouted snapping the back to reality.

"Who the heck are you?!" yelled Fate.

"And why the heck did you attack us?!" added Impmon.

"Wouldn't you like to know," said the creature. "Now if you excuse me I got some tamers to attack." She flew away before they could react.

"Hey come back here!" both Impmon and Fate shouted while running after the creature.


Renamon was leaning against a tree near the tamers and other digimon. Some of the tamers were playing cards while the others are talking. Some of the other digimon were playing around. They didn't seem to mind the problem with all the sudden Bioemergences. She didn't either, but it was strange and she couldn't help but feel that they were being watched. This happened after they returned home and before the Bioemergences. Although, no matter how much she tries she couldn't find who were watching them. She let her thoughts wonder until she sensed someone coming. She looked up to the sky, but she saw no one.

Rika look over to Renamon concern. "Renamon, what's wrong?" she asked.

"I thought sensed a digimo-"


Renamon never got to finish her sentence because a blast hit the tamers and their digimon from above. The blast took them by surprise that the digimon barely have had time to protect their tamers.

"Is everyone ok?" Asked Takato when the dust cleared off.

"Ok? Ok?! We just got a surprise attack! Are you ok, goggle head?" shouted Rika as she got to her feet.

Takato was about to reply when they heard laughter. They look at the source of it to see a digimon that looks lot like Impmon.

"Ha, ha! Oh, man you should've seen the look on your faces! It was so hilarious!" She laughed while pointing her fingers at them.

"Who are you and why did you attack us?" asked Takato.

"Because I thought it would be to see the look on your faces when you get a surprise attack, and guess what. It was! Ha, ha!"

Henry took out his D-ark. "I can't get any reading on her."

"Oh, that's because I'm special. Any ways, I'm Jinxmon and with my Fuko Flames, and Misfortune Waves. I can send my opponent bad luck." Jinxmon said with a mischievous grin.

"Hey you!" A yell caught the tamers and digimon attention. They look at the source of it to the two impmons running towards them, both seem very angry.

"Wait, you two know her?" asked Kazu.

"Of course we do she attacked!" Impmon shouted at the boy. He's angrier than Fate is.

"Well, I guess it's time for me to scram." Jinxmon said as she leaped toward the trees disappearing out of sight.

"Hey get back here!"

"Let her go Impmon, we'll deal with her later. Right now I'm tired." Fate yawned.

"Fate right, it is getting late." Henry said.

"Besides if she loves you she'll comeback." Terriermon added.

"Shut up bunny boy!" Impmon yelled.

The other laughed, except for Destiny, something tells her that another adventure for them is about to begin. What she didn't know is that Jinxmon didn't really left.


"Heh heh, man that was hilarious. Seeing their faces like, heh." Jinxmon hid behind a bush that was far away from the tamers and digimon. Watching them. "and that Impmon guy is fun to tease." She giggled. While she continued to talk to herself, a shadow appeared behind her.


"Ouch!" Jinxmon yelped while rubbing her head. She turns around to see the figure behind her, "Hey, who do you think you areā€¦" She trailed off when she knew who hit her. "Hey there master, didn't see you there. How's it going?" She said nervously.

The figure only glared at the digimon. "I left you with a simple task and you blew it!" The figure yelled. "You task was to spy on them and not get notice. You disobey me. Do you want to get killed?!"

"Of course not master. It just that I got bored that's all." Jinxmon said nervously. Then a wicked smirk appeared. "Besides I got a plan."

"And what this plan you're speaking of?"

"Well you see I can gain the Tamers and their digimon trust, and I can still spy on them for you. Oh and also when the time comes I'll stab them in the back."

"This better work or my pets will have a new toy. Right now I got work for tomorrow, tell when something interesting happens. " With that the figure disappeared.

"Don't worry, I it got all under control." Jinxmon smiled then sigh. "How did I get involved into this?"


The next morning came in Rika's school. Rika was too busy thinking about what happened yesterday. That weird digimon, Jinxmon was it, just wouldn't leave her mind.

"Class we have a student with us today." Her teacher voice snapped Rika out of her mind. "She moved here from America. Her name is Ember Webb. You can come in now." He motioned for a long white haired girl. She had a left robotic hand. She wore the usual school uniform, kind hazel eyes looking around the room until they landed on Rika. A shy smile was on her face.

"Hey there everyone." She said.

Ta da, I hope guys like it. Oh yeah to those who don't know. Fuko is the Japanese word for misfortune. I hope you like Jinxmon and her first impression with the tamers and digimon. You're soon going to learn more about my first two OCs, yes there are going to be more.

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