Well, this is my first Young Avengers attempt... It didn't really turn out how I wanted it to, but I still think it's kind of good... It's just something I thought of while suffering from writer's block. Please read and enjoy, and feedback is love. :)

Elijah Bradley stared at the television, mouth not (gaping, really) wide open. On the screen, the Young Avengers (HIS Young Avengers? No, not anymore…) were being displayed as the newest members of the Avengers.

There was Tommy, the trouble-making speedster (Eli never did tell him how he really thought of him as a brother), grinning like he'd seen it all coming. (Maybe Eli had been wrong all along about him. Maybe he was smart. What else had he been wrong about?)

There was Wiccan. Billy Kaplan looked happy. Eli wrinkled his nose in disgust (jealousy) at him. He was the one that was supposed to be suffering, and there he was celebrating something he didn't deserve? (He deserved it more than anyone.)

Teddy Altman, the Hulkling. He never did anything but complain and gripe. (He was the kindest man ever. All others before himself.) Eli hated how he was smiling, hugging his boyfriend, who should've broken up with him ages ago. (Eli prayed (KNEW) they'd last forever.) He sneered at the television as the green giant was introduced. (He deserved it most of all.)

He didn't even flinch when Kate walked across the stage (The tears started rolling down his cheeks), or when she flashed the camera a peace-sign and stuck her tongue out. He thought she looked older, almost painful to look at (More beautiful). He let out a growl (a sob) and regretted ever dating her (leaving her behind).

Images of Cassie flashed, and Eli laughed (choked back a cry). She never did anything (She loved the unlovable). She was useless (needed), then and now.

Eli Bradley (The Patriot) stood up. He walked out the door and down the road. He need some time to think (Forgiveness) and some air to keep all this nonsense (Guilt) from going to his head. He walked until he was standing in front of the stage and the freaks (His friends?) themselves. They saw him. He glared (stared miserably) at them. They just smiled back.

When they wrapped him in a hug, the first thing he felt was anger (remorse). The second was danger (Safety). Angry (Happy) tears rolled down his face and he shoved them away (pulled them closer). For the first time in months, he truly felt… Loved.