Lover's Lies

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Chapter 6: Someone Like You

After Joseph walked out on everything, Clarisse went back into her bedroom and made a phone call to a particular someone. She sat on her bed and talked for at least two hours.

"Oh good! You answered….Well, what's right? Joseph found out about what's been happening between us and just walked out….I don't know… I really hope he does come back. I don't know what to do! Now? You want me to meet you NOW? I'll see if I can sneak out. Alright, love. I will see you soon. Talk to you later…."

Before she hung up the phone, Clarisse stopped at the call of her name. It was coming from the other end of the line.


'Should I say that back? I'm a married woman…would the words be true?' Clarisse thought before she said the fateful words that would throw a whirling dervish out of whirl.

"Yes, I love you, as well, dear. See you soon."

Clarisse hung up the phone, wiped a few tears that had slipped down her cheek and got ready to meet the man who had messed up her entire last few years of married life.

He was so much like Joseph, though. He was tall, stocky, wide shoulders; little to no hair on his head, which Clarisse found highly attractive. He was also kind, very generous, and extremely trustworthy. She had known him since Joseph and begun working at the palace. He even danced and Joseph and Clarisse's wedding. He was a part of the family in a way…well, sort of.

Clarisse took one final look at her reflection in the mirror and she realized how much she had changed in only a few short years. Her waist had gotten a little thinner, most likely due to the stress of married life, her hair had grayed a little more, again, due to loss of time to keep the color up on it, her face looked more tired, she had a few more wrinkles around the eyes. Her crow's feet were awfully noticeable now, not so much before the wedding, and especially lately because of all this affair nonsense. She also noticed how Joseph had changed as well. He didn't seem like the same man she fell in love with and married just a small time ago. He was more overbearing, more powerful, and a tad forceful now days. What had happened to that loving, kind hearted Joseph Clarisse loved?

She walked out to the hallway of her suite and downstairs to the kitchen and out the back door. She took the town car, nobody ever used it, and therefore, nobody would miss it. She called him and asked him where to meet and he told her to go park the car under the bride in Pyrus and wait for him there. So she did what she was told, but was more surprised than ever to find Joseph sitting under the bride, but with whom? He had a female sitting beside him. Married Joseph had another woman under the bridge where he and Clarisse first made love. Clarisse remembered that night vividly.

"Hello, love."

Joseph whispered softly, holding her by the waist, gently massaging her hips.

"How are you, Joseph?"

"Fine now that you're with me. Clarisse, you don't know how stunning you look, tonight. I love you, darling. More than anything."

Clarisse had no time to respond because she could feel his lips crashing down on hers and within an instant, she was giving into his wonderful maneuvers and she deepend the kiss. Before they knew it, they were both topless.


Joseph exclaimed when he realized Clarisse decided to go bra-less that night.

"You like, darling?"

"More like love."

Joseph said as he began to kiss every inch of her feminine body. He loved how she smelled of honeysuckle. She knew that was one of his favorite scents of hers. The next thing Clarisse knew, she was on the ground staring up at the bridge as Joseph began to taunt and tease her. She moaned and he knew where to go then.

The honk of a car horn brought Clarisse back to reality and when she turned around, she saw the man who talked to her on the phone earlier staring into her car window. She rolled it down, and began to kiss him. The honk of the horn made Joseph turn around and see the man who he thought he would never see again standing by a car, making out with someone through the window. He got up, walked over to the car and knew right off who the driver was.

"CLARISSE MARIE RENALDI ROMERO! How dare you cheat on me with my own BROTHER?"