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I looked across the table at my remaining friends. Tori, Trina, André, and Robbie stared back at me, eyes wide open in shock. Tori opened and shut her mouth like a goldfish before finally managing to speak.

"J-Jade, what was that all about?"

I remained silent for once, directing my gaze towards the floor.

"Are you and Cat…" She trailed off, squirming uncomfortably before attempting to ask the question again.

"Are you dating Cat?"

Now it was my turn to writhe uncomfortably in my seat. My heart thundered in my chest and my stomach churned nervously. Everyone pretty much already knew the answer thanks to Sinjin's camerawork, but they needed confirmation before they actually believed it, as most people seem to find a person turning out to be gay so unbelievable that they'd much sooner believe a convenient lie.

Even though Cat and I had only been dating for a few hours, truthfully, our relationship had been more than platonic for a while beforehand. We had always been closer to each other than any other girls were, but we had never talked about the nature of our relationship until our first kiss. If I told Tori the truth now, I wasn't just admitting that we had just started dating; it was a lot more than that. Of course I was terrified of what would happen once people found out that I was gay, of what would happen to sweet little Cat, but I knew that I couldn't lie about her. I could lie about a lot of things, but the way I felt about Cat was not something I could keep bottled up inside.

I kept my head down as I breathed my answer.


After a few moments of silence, I looked up and found myself looking into Tori's confused eyes. I immediately averted my gaze and looked around the table from face to face, gauging my friend's reactions to see exactly how deeply in shit I was.

Trina looked utterly disinterested, picking at her nails and inconspicuously flicking bits of them away from the table. André was calm and level-headed as always, giving me a friendly smile. Robbie, on the other hand, simply stared at the table, expressionless. His eyes met mine for a brief second and I could almost feel a mixture of hurt and anger directed towards me.

"Oh." Tori glanced at me nervously before looking away and clearing her throat. "W-well I'd just like you to know that even though we've had our, um, differences, that I will, uh, fully support you and Cat in your relationship. The fact that you are a, uh, l-lesbian doesn't change the fact that I consider you to be my friend."

"Thanks, Vega." I replied, smiling slightly. That's cute, she thinks I'm her friend.

Nevertheless, I was grateful for her support.

"Jade, you know this makes no difference to me. You're still the same person you were before you decided to share this with us, so I'm here for you if you need anything." André spoke sincerely, smiling comfortingly. I couldn't help but smile back, knowing that I had at least one true friend that would be there for me.

Silence fell over the group again, and my smile faltered. I looked over to Trina to find her texting, seemingly oblivious. Tori nudged her.

"Is there anything you'd like to say, Trina?"

"About what?" Trina replied, her eyes remaining fixated on her phone.

"Jade being gay and dating Cat."

"More guys for me." Trina muttered indifferently.

Tori laughed nervously, trying to lighten the mood, and inevitably failing. The table fell into uncomfortable silence once more. I looked over to Robbie again. He hadn't moved.

"Robbie?" I called to him.

He slowly turned to face me and shot me a glare that would shame Medusa, although it was less menacing than intended due to the tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

"Are you okay?" I asked him. Of course I didn't actually care, but he looked sort of… unstable.

He remained silent, simply lowering his head and putting his face in his hands.

Alright, fuck you then.

"I'd better check on Cat." I said, getting up to go and join her in the bathroom. Robbie visibly flinched when I mentioned Cat's name.

The bathroom was seemingly empty when I walked in, save for one closed stall door. The quiet sobbing and sniffling coming from behind it broke my heart.

"Cat?" I called out softly.

The sobbing stopped.

"Don't worry, it's just me." I stepped further into the bathroom towards the stall door.

The door slowly crept open as I got closer, until Cat tentatively edged out of the stall, her eyes red and puffy and her cheeks wet with tears. She looked miserably helpless. The sight of her in this condition filled me with both rage and sadness; I couldn't believe that someone could make a girl as harmless as Cat feel this way.

"Jadey…" Cat's voice cracked.

I immediately wrapped her up in my arms and pulled her in as close to me as possible, not giving her a chance to say another word. I held her like this, keeping her as close as possible, until she finally stopped crying.

My shirt was soaked through by the time she was finished.

I pushed her away gently before taking her face in my hand and kissing her softly. I slid my hands down to hers and entwined our fingers as I pulled away from the kiss. Her eyes met mine and a flicker of a smile passed across her lips.

"We'll be fine, Cat." I encouraged her. "Beck is gone, and I won't let him hurt you. He's just upset because he wants me back, and now he knows that he can never have me. Don't let him get to you. I told everyone else and they were supportive, so we have nothing to worry about."

"So Tori wasn't freaked out?" Cat asked, smiling slightly as she started to cheer up.

"Nope, she completely supports our relationship."


"Is happy now that she has less competition."


"Will always be there for us."


I remained silent and averted my eyes.

"Oh…" Cat looked crestfallen. Robbie was one of her best friends.

"I'm sorry." I took her in my arms again. "I'm sure he'll come around, he's just in shock right now."

Cat pulled away from me suddenly.

"Come on." She grabbed my hand. "We should go talk to him."

"I don't know if that's such a good ide-"

"Jade, I have to." Cat said firmly, dragging me out of the door after her.


Everyone looked up as we approached the table. Even Robbie lifted his head at the sound of Cat's voice, his eyes puffy and red.

"Cat." Robbie's voice sounded overwhelmingly sad and pathetic. It was barely strong enough to hear.

"Robbie, I know you're sad, but please try to understand." Cat pleaded with him. "Me and Jade-"

"Think you're lesbians, I know." Robbie stood up. "Look Jade, you may be gay, but I know Cat and she is not gay. I mean look at her, she's far too pretty to be a lesbi-."

"Woah, hold on a second there-" I started, letting go of Cat's hand and taking a step towards Robbie. I could feel a fiery rage starting to build up inside me.

"No, how about you hold on a second, Jade." Robbie seethed as he stepped towards me. "Cat and I were doing just fine until you filled her head with this nonsense. She was perfectly normal until she started hanging out with you."

I curled my hands into fists and was fully ready to punch the little shit in the mouth when Cat intervened, stepping in between us.

"Stop, please." She looked desperately at Robbie. He stared at her for a few seconds before sighing and moving uncomfortably close to her.

"Cat, please. You can't be with Jade, I love you." He took her face roughly in his hands, and forcefully pressed his lips against hers.

The rage that had been bubbling up inside me spilled over.

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY GIRLFRIEND." I yelled as I pulled him off of her and pushed him hard enough for him to fall backwards over the table.

The only thing that stopped me from inflicting further damage was the restaurant staff. I noticed some servers walking towards us and decided that now would be a good time to leave.

"Come on Cat, let's get out of here." I grabbed her hand and we both ran towards the door.

"CATERINA VALENTINE." I heard Robbie shout from behind us. Cat flinched and slowed slightly. "IF YOU WALK OUT THAT DOOR, THIS IS IT FOR US"

I looked over to Cat. There were tears streaming down her cheeks, but she didn't even look back. Not once.

I took some solace in that fact. Even with Robbie threatening to cut her off, she still chose me. Not Robbie. Me.

She chose me.

We burst through the door into the parking lot but didn't stop running until we got to my car.

Cat stood beside my car and frantically wiped tears from her eyes, sobbing hysterically.

"Jade." She blubbered. "I'm so s-sorry…he kissed m-me. I didn't want him to, b-but he kissed me. It hurt, Jade. He hit m-my teeth…I didn't like it. I'm so sorry."

I felt the angriest I had ever felt in my life. Both Beck and Robbie had caused Cat to break down into tears in the same night. Cat was the most fragile person I knew, and yet they were so careless with her. They shattered her with their hurtful words and left me to pick up the pieces.

I took Cat in my arms once again.

"Shh, don't worry. We won't be seeing either Beck or Robbie for a long time. I won't let them hurt you again, okay?" I spoke softly to her.

"I'm okay." Cat sniffled, pulling away from me. "It's just… tonight was a lot to handle. Coming out of the closet and then Beck and Robbie shouting at me and Robbie kissing me..."

"I'm sorry about your friendship with Robbie, I know you were good friends." I said almost sincerely. To be honest, I was kind of glad to get rid of him as I was never going to be comfortable with him anywhere near Cat.

"I don't care, fuck Robbie." Cat swore, causing me to almost fall over in shock. I never expected to hear that word come out of sweet little Cat's mouth. Cat seemed to be shocked too, as she covered her mouth and actually giggled a little.

"You know, after all that…" She looked up at me, looking concerned again.


"We didn't even get to have food!"

I smiled, briefly pressing my lips to hers.

"Don't you worry about that, baby girl. We'll sort something out."

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