"Hera is such a bitch."
"Why is she so mean to Thalia?"
"I hate Hera!"

I don't get why everyone hates Hera. What did she do that made you hate her so much?

Ok think of it this way:

Your youngest brother just saved you and your siblings from your crazy, evil dad who ate you. You guys had war with the Titans, blah, blah you won. Now your brother had six wives before you and he asked you to marrry him. You refused because of his womanizing ways and he would just hurt you. That night it was storming and a small bird comes to your window, you bring it in and try to keep it nice and warm by holding it to your chest. Then it turns into your brother and he rapes you.

Your ashamed because you were saving yourself for the one you marry, so you marry your brother and he promises to be loyal and love you. It lasts for a short time and then he goes back to getting it on with every women that goes by him. And your expected to be nice to your husband's kids!

So you guys that are saying Hera is mean and stuff, your telling me that you would be totally fine with your husband cheating on you? Ya, ok maybe she didn't have to kill the kids or make them go crazy...

I love Hera, she's my favourite character, goddess, whatever and you have no right to judge a character until they give you reasons to hate them (killed your favourite character, rapist, etc)

One reason why people hate Hera is because she's mean to Thalia and Annabeth. Thalia, is the daughter of Zeus so shes just a living proof that Zeus once again cheated on Hera after doing an oath that he wouldn't have any more demigod children. Annabeth, offended a goddess and if she offended... Artemis or Aphrodite they would of done the same thing.

Another reason is that Hera sent Percy to Camp Jupiter. Hera is the goddess of marriage and she wants a perfect family. She views Camp Halfblood and Camp Jupiter as part of the same family. All she was trying to do was bring the family together!

Can somebody please explain to me why everybody hates Hera?

GUYS! PROBLEM! My Ask the Gods and Demigods story is gone and I have no idea what happened to it... I don't know if I should start it over or give up... Anyways, thanks for reading and next rant is on Thalico.