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The next day came by relatively quick as Ron made his way up to the Possible house and knocked on the door. It was quickly answered by his girlfriend.

"Hey, Ron" she said "You're just in time for breakfast. We're having bacon and eggs".

"Yum Yum" Rufus said from Ron's pocket, a knife and fork in paw.

Kim led the way to the kitchen where her mother was at the stove while her father was doing more work on the upcoming launch at the space center.

"Hi, Ron" Anne said "Would you like something?"

"Sure thing, Mrs. Dr. P" Ron said as he and Kim sat down at the table before turning to Kim "So, anything from Wade yet?"

"Not yet" Kim replied as her mother laid a plate down in front of Ron "But we're bound to hear from him soon".

Sure enough, at the moment, the Kimmunicator beeped.

"Got anything, Wade?" Kim asked as she answered.

"Nope. Still nothing. But that's not why I called" Wade said "We just got a hit from Global Justice".

"What do they want?" Kim asked.

"Actually, they're a little embarrassed" Wade said "It seems last night, their vault containing weapons and technology from villains was broken into".

"Wait, let me get this straight" Ron said as he dug into his bacon and eggs "Someone robbed Global Justice?"

"I told you it was embarrassing" Wade said.

"Oh, boy" Rufus said while helping himself to some of the bacon on Ron's plate.

"Are we sure it's our same perps?" Kim asked.

"GJ was unable to find a single clue" Wade commented "It seems the thieves disguised themselves as agents and managed to sneak into the vault".

Kim grimaced. Whoever was behind this had to be pretty good to pull off something this big. "So what did they get?" she asked.

"Uh" Wade said uneasily "You won't like it, but they got a lot of Lorwardian technology that GJ collected after the invasion".

"Perfect" Kim groaned "There's no telling what our guy plans to do with that stuff".

"Uh, you mean besides building some sort of ultimate super weapon?" Ron offered as he and Rufus ate.

"Yeah, besides that" Kim groused.

Once Ron was finished with breakfast, the team decided to adjourn to living room to ponder over this mystery.

"So, it's pretty obvious that whoever we're dealing with is building something" Wade said.

"The question is what?" Kim asked "I so hate these kinds of mysteries".

"Well, one thing's for sure" Ron said "It'll probably be pretty powerful".

It was then that once again, Kim was inspired but Ron's offhand remark.

"Ron, that's it!" she cried.

"Uh, what's it?" Ron asked confused.

"Whatever they're building, they'll obviously need a power source" she explained before turning to the Kimmunicator "Wade, can you find anything that can provide enough energy to a super weapon?"

"Give me a second" Wade said as he began typing "Here's something. A company in Michigan is working on energy efficiency. Its developed a power core capable of lasting for decades".

"Sounds likely to be the next target" the auburn teen said with authority as she shared a smirk with Ron. "But this time, we'll be waiting for them".


It was nighttime when Kim and Ron arrived at the company in the Sloth.

"This the place, Wade?" Kim asked.

"You got it" the techie confirmed.

"Then we're going in" Kim replied.

It was just a matter of using their grappling hooks for Kim and Ron to reach the roof of the building and then enter through the skylight. Sure enough, once they entered, they spotted the power core in the center of the room, surrounded on all sides by laser beams. Now all they had to do was wait.

"How do you know they're going to come tonight?" Ron asked from their hiding place behind a bunch of boxes.

"Call it a hunch" Kim replied.

They waited for what seemed like hours. At one point, Ron started to entertain himself by playing tic-tac-toe against Rufus on the Kimmunicator Kim had given him for his birthday. Ron had just lost to Rufus for the third time when Kim got the feeling that they weren't alone.

"Ron, they're here" she said to her boyfriend as she looked up.

Sure enough, they appeared out from the shadows, at least half a dozen of them. Their outfits were all black, they were quite muscular, and they wore masks that covered their entire heads. As Kim watched their movements, she could tell these were no ordinary henchmen. She figured they must be new Hencho elites. Watching, she saw them stop in front of the laser beams surrounding the core. One of them stepped forward and with agility that rivaled Kim's own, he bounded over the beams and reached the power core. Upon seizing it, the henchmen leaped and jumped back to the other side. It was then that Kim knew it was time to act.

"Sorry" she said as she and Ron emerged from their hiding place, getting the attention of the henchmen in the process "But I'm afraid your shopping spree has been cut short".

With that, she somersaulted right in front of the one holding the power core and knocked it out of his hands, sending it flying through the air and to the floor. It was then that the henchmen got into fighting poses.

"Ron, get the core" Kim told her partner "I'll deal with these goons".

"On it!" Ron cried as he ran forward.

The nearest minion threw a punch at Kim that she quickly dodged by ducking. She then threw a punch of her own which the goon blocked with his arm. Another one came up behind her but she leaped over him, only for him to whirl around and deliver a kick to her in midair, sending her flying into the bear hug of another. Quickly, she slipped out of the henchman's grasp and gave him an upper kick to the head, which apparently did nothing.

"Definitely not ordinary henchmen" Kim said out loud.

Meanwhile, Ron had reached the power core. Unfortunately, so had one of the henchmen.

"Sorry, dude" Ron said as he took a stance "But you'll have to go through me to get that".

In response, the henchman punched Ron and sent him hurling back. Fortunately, Ron held his ground and did not fall. Just as the henchman was about to pick up the core, Ron came flying at him with a kick to the stomach, which the henchman endured.

"Tough guy, huh?" Ron said before rolling up his sleeves and taking a Monkey Kung Fu stance "Alright, try this!"

With that, Ron started throwing a bunch of punches and kicks, but the henchman managed to duck and avoid each and every one. Growing tired of playing around, the henchman grabbed Ron by the neck and held him upward.

"Rufus, help!" Ron squeaked through the henchman's tight grasp. In an instant, Rufus appeared and climbed up the henchman's arm. Baring his teeth, Rufus delivered a sharp bite, causing the goon to release Ron.

"Thanks, Rufus" Ron praised his friend before something caught his attention "What the…?"

Something was dripping from the henchman's bite mark; a strange blue gunk. It was then that Ron had a realization.

"KP, this guy's a synthodrone!" he called out to his still-battling girlfriend.

"What?!" Kim yelled out in surprise as she avoided being crushed by her opponents. Looking towards her boyfriend, she saw him pointing at the drone in front of him who had synthoplasma running down its arm. Sure enough, that was a sign it was a synthodrone. And that meant that they were all synthodrones!

Before Kim could even think to use this new information, she and Ron watched as the wounded drone raised its arm upward and in a few seconds, the bite wound sealed up and the plasma stopped flowing.

"Never seen a synthodrone do that before" Ron said puzzled.

The drone then leveled its arm towards Ron and its fingers instantly transformed into what looked like miniguns.

"Or that!" Ron shrieked as a bunch of laser blasts shot at him which he quickly dodged.

Shocked at what she had just seen, Kim turned to the other synthodrones and watched as their hands morph into similar weapons: claws, blasters, even spiked gauntlets. In a flash, her newly armed opponents attacked. One bearing a laser cannon fired at her. Quickly she jumped over the blast only for a drone with clawed hands to charge at her while another came up behind her.

"You wanna tear something?" Kim said to the clawed synthodrone "Well, rip into this!" With that, she side stepped the drone, leaving it to puncture its fellow drone behind her right in the chest.

The drone retracted its claw while synthoplasma spewed out of the other one's chest. Within seconds, the puncture mark had disappeared.

"Okay" Kim said disgruntled "Taking you guys down will be tougher than I thought". No sooner had she said that remark than she looked behind her to see a drone with spiked hands coming down at her, to which she somersaulted out of the way as the drone smashed a big crack into the floor.

At the same time, Ron had his own trouble as he was running in circles around his opponent attempting to avoid the laser shots being fired at him. Unfortunately, even with his mad running skills, it was still difficult to keep away from the blasts that were quickly catching up to him. That is until they ceased.

"Well" Ron said confidently as he looked behind him "Looks like someone has figured out that they can't keep up with the Ron-Man!"

In truth actually, his attacker had had enough of firing behind Ron, and while the blonde was looking back, the drone fired a big blast at the ground in front of Ron, sending him flying into a pile of boxes.

"Ron!" Kim cried as she watched her boyfriend crash. Taking advantage of Kim's distraction, the synthodrones she was dealing with struck, ramming her into the same pile of boxes Ron hit.

Before the two teens could get up, the synthodrones seized the power core and in a matter of seconds, they were gone.

A few seconds later, Kim and Ron crawled out of the mess, feeling less than successful.

"Well, that could have gone better" Kim said despondently.

"Yeah, sorry, KP" Ron said sheepishly "I guess I should've been looking where I was going".

"Don't beat yourself up" Kim said "We weren't prepared for what those things could do".

Just then, the Kimmunicator sounded.

"That would be Wade" Ron said.

"Yeah, I got that" Kim replied as she activated her watch.

"How'd it go, guys?" Wade asked as he appeared onscreen.

"Not so good" Kim said disdainfully "They got the power core".

"Ouch" the techie responded "Did you at least see who it was?"

"Yeah" Kim said with a nod "Turns out it was a bunch of synthodrones".

"Synthodrones?" Wade said is disbelief "Are you sure?"

"Well, they seemed like synthodrones" the auburn teen said unsure "Although there was something weird about them".

"Yeah, like the fact that they could turn their hands into weapons" Ron spoke up.

"Fee-weet!" came a sharp whistle that got Kim and Ron' attention. "Look!" cried Rufus as he pointed at something on the floor.

Getting closer, Kim saw that it was a small trace of goo from one of the drones.

"I think we got something, Wade" Kim said with a smirk as she activated the sampling feature of the Kimmunicator to acquire some of the goo into the device "Our friends left behind something. Can you run an analysis of this stuff?"

"Won't take a minute" Wade said as he started typing out on his computer rapidly. In a matter of moments, a readout printed out.

"Well, Wade?" Kim asked.

"It's definitely synthodrone plasma alright" the tech guru confirmed as he looked over the readout "But there's something funny about it".

"Wade, right now, we're not in the mood for funny" Kim snipped "What is it?"

"Get this. The plasma is laced with cybertronic technology" Wade explained.

"That would explain the drones' healing ability and their built-in weapons" Kim thought out loud.

"Yeah, but where did they come from?" Ron asked "I mean who could've built those things?"

"Well, let's think" Wade responded "Who do we know who has the capability to create synthodrones?"

"And also stole cybertronic technology that could be later combined with the synthodrones" Kim added.

It was pretty obvious what everyone thought, so much so that they didn't need to say it outloud.

"Come on, Ron" Kim said as she led the way back to the Sloth "Let's get home and get some rest. Tomorrow, we're paying Drakken a visit".


Within the bowels of the dark figure's secret location, the synthoborgs appeared before their master. Bowing in front of him, they presented the power core.

"Well done, my minions" the figure said as he took the power core. The figure pushed a button on the wall and a round tube opened up. The power core was shoved in and with another press of the button, was locked in place.

"Phase 1 of my plan is now complete" he said as he approached a control panel "On to Phase 2". With that, the figure pushed a button on the control panel.


A loud rumbling erupted throughout the land. Within seconds, a large metal structure rose from out of nowhere and into the sky. It rose up to the clouds before disappearing.