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That Boy is Mine

Chapter 1: Best Friends

Logan Mitchell sighed as he sat down on his bed. Tomorrow was his first day of school of his senior year. He was excited, but still he was scared too. This year was going to change everything. His and his best friend, Jo Taylor's relationship was going to be tested. They had been friends for years now and Logan was scared of growing apart. He didn't want to lose her. They were perfect together.

Logan smiled to himself as he remembered the day he and Jo had met. It was so long ago, yet he still remembered it like it was yesterday.

Five year old Logan Mitchell walked into his kindergarten classroom. He was holding tightly to his mother, Joanna's hand. He wasn't scared, he just didn't want to get separated from her. He had no idea where to go.

The classroom was big and had several kids in there already. They were talking to one another and playing with the various toys that were offered. The room was filled with many vibrant colors. There were tables for the kids to sit at and a white dry erase board for the teacher to write on. There were children's books in the corner and a TV on the wall.

Logan followed Joanna up to the teacher. She stopped Logan and he stood there while they talked. Joanna then let go of Logan's hand and turned to face him.

"Ok Logan I have to go now," Joanna said crouching down to be level with Logan. "I will be back at three to pick you up," she said. Logan nodded his head listening to his mother. "This is your teacher Ms. Harris," she said pointing to the woman standing next to her. She was a tall blonde with dark blue eyes. She seemed to be in her early thirties.

"Hi Logan," Ms. Harris said.

"H-Hi," Logan said shyly.

"Ok I'll see you later sweetie," Joanna said. Logan nodded his head as she left.

"Well Logan I'll take you to your seat and you can meet the other kids," Ms. Harris said. Logan nodded his head and followed Ms. Harris over to a table where a little blonde girl was sitting. Ms. Harris pointed to a chair for Logan. Logan sat down. "Logan this is Jo," Ms. Harris said pointing to the girl. "Jo," she said getting the girls attention. "This is Logan he is going to be sharing this table with you," she said. Jo nodded her head and Ms. Harris walked away.

"Hi," Logan said looking at the little blonde girl.

"Hi," Jo said.

"Do you like to draw?" Logan asked, "my mommy says I an artist," he said proudly.

"Yeah," Jo said. Jo got out her crayons and Logan asked Ms. Harris for some paper and they started drawing together. After a few minutes they both had a picture.

"Here this is for you my new friend," Logan said holding out a picture to Jo. Jo took the picture and smiled at it.

"Hey it's me," she said smiling. Logan nodded his head. "This is for you my new friend too," she said handing Logan his picture. Logan took it and looked at it. "It's you," she said.

"Thank you," Logan said smiling at her. They both continued to draw and talk to one another.

Logan and Jo had been best friends ever since that incident in kindergarten. They bonded over so many things and over the years they had grown to have similar interests. Logan and Jo were as close as two people could be. They had also done a lot together and helped one another through their problems. Most people at first thought that they were a couple until Logan told them he didn't like Jo that way.

As the years went by though Logan started to notice something was off. He wasn't attracted to girls like he should be. Sure he thought they were good looking, but he wasn't attracted to them. They didn't get him going like guys did. Seeing a rock hard body and rough facial features were what did it for him. He didn't know what to think about it or who he could turn to. Then one day it just came out.

Twelve year old Logan sat on his bed wringing his hands together. Jo was over and they were watching a movie together. Logan had something he wanted to tell Jo, but he wasn't sure if he could.

"Something wrong Logan?" Jo asked looking over at him.

"No, I'm fine," Logan said quickly. He was scared of telling her this.

"Logan we're best friends you can tell me anything," Jo said looking at him worriedly.

"It's nothing," Logan said looking away from Jo.

"Come on just tell me," Jo said.

"Fine, but you have to promise not to tell anyone," Logan said.

"I promise," Jo said holding her hand up. Logan smiled at that and took a deep breath.

"I think I'm gay," Logan said looking down at his hands in his lap.

"You think?" Jo asked confused.

"Well I'm not sure," Logan said looking up at Jo. "I mean I look at girls but I don't feel anything and there's this guy," he said looking away from Jo.

"Logan, I won't think of you any differently," Jo said, "besides I've kind of been expecting this since last summer when I caught you staring at guys on the beach," she said giggling.

"Really?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, it's totally cool," Jo said laughing, "you're my best friend and nothing is going to change that," she said smiling at him.

"Thank you Jo," Logan said smiling at her. Jo moved over to him and hugged him tightly.

A few weeks after that incident Jo had talked Logan into coming out to his parents. That had been a disaster. His parents had gotten mad and yelled at him and then kicked him out. Logan had been so hurt by that. He didn't know what to do or think when they had kicked him out.

Logan knocked on Jo's door. All he had with him was his backpack filled with his school things and a few outfits for the next few days. It was all he had managed to pack. He waited for Jo to answer the door. He wiped the tears from his face. The door finally opened to reveal Jo in her pajamas.

"Logan," she said shocked to see the brunette.

"I told them," Logan said.

"You couldn't call to tell me that?" Jo asked.

"No they-they kicked me out," Logan said, "all-all I managed to get wa-was my things for school and a few changes of clothes," he said holding up the stuffed backpack.

"Oh my god come in," Jo said pulling Logan inside.

"I didn't know where to go," Logan said looking down at the floor.

"It's good that you came here, you know you're always welcome here," Jo said as she shut the front door. "Come on we have to tell my mom," she said. Logan nodded his head. Jo pulled him down the hallway to the living room where her mother, Lynn, was watching TV. "Mom," Jo said getting her attention.

"Jo what's-Logan," Lynn said shocked to see the boy as well.

"Mom Logan's parents kicked him out," Jo said.

"What why?" Lynn asked confused.

"I'm gay," Logan said looking down at the floor. He didn't want to tell her but she deserved to know. She had to know she was, 'keeping a homo under her roof,' as his father had so kindly put it.

"Oh dear," Lynn said, "that is so cruel," she said walking over to Logan and pulling him into a hug.

"You're not disgusted?" Logan asked shocked.

"No dear, you're like a son to me," Lynn said, "you can stay here until we get things with you're parents figured out," Lynn said.

"Thank you Ms. Taylor," Logan said smiling at her.

"Come on you can stay in my room until we get the guest room cleared out," Jo said grabbing Logan's hand and pulling him into the hallway and upstairs to her room.

After his parents had kicked him out Lynn called them and managed to get Logan's belongings such as clothes and other things like that. Then Joanna and David moved from Sherwood to New York, at least that's what Logan had heard. Logan and Jo had arrived home to find Lynn waiting for them. She then told Logan about the move and what neighbors had said about him. He had been so hurt when they moved at first. It hurt that his parents had abandoned him without a second thought. He had hoped they would come around, but they never had. He didn't care so much anymore, because they obviously didn't care about him anymore.

Logan still thought about them from time to time. He thought about his mother more than his father. He thought about all the things he had done with his mother. They had baked together, and talked and just had fun together. Logan's favorite memory of Joanna was of when he was ten and David was out of town for the weekend on a business trip. Logan and Joanna had spent the whole weekend together watching movies and just overall having fun together. Logan sometimes wish he had never come out to them, but the past is the past and he must move on with his life. They don't care about him anymore so he shouldn't care about them.

Logan sighed and looked around the room that had become his over the last few years. He had one more year here and then he was off to college. He was thankful for everything Lynn had done for him over the years. He was just glad he had a place to stay. Ever since Logan moved in with Jo things got better and Logan came out publicly sort of. He was outed at school by bisexual kid who asked him out. Logan then went through being bullied for being gay until he made to very important friends just before high school.

Logan and Jo were sitting together at their usual table in their favorite diner minding their own business. They were used to people ignore them. It was the end of the summer and school was about to start up again. Jo and Logan were going to be in high school now.

"Look guys it's Faggy Mitchell and his fag hag," a voice said from behind Logan. Logan sighed and turned and saw his biggest tormentor Ozzy Clark with his buffoon friends.

"Screw off," Jo said.

"Look he can't even defend himself he has his fag hag do it," Ozzy sneered.

"Just leave me alone," Logan said.

"And if I don't," Ozzy asked.

"Clark leave them alone," a voice said. Ozzy turned around. Logan looked past Ozzy and saw two kids about his age standing a few feet away. One was tall and had brunette hair and hazel eyes. He was very pretty. Next to him stood a short Latino wearing a black hockey helmet. He had dark brown eyes and looked annoyed.

"Diamond, Garcia" Ozzy said, "haven't seen you two around much, I thought you were gone" he said.

"We just moved back," the brunette said.

"Still causing trouble I see," the Latino said.

"We were just going to show this fag what happens when he comes out in public," Ozzy said.

"He's not doing anything to you so leave him alone," the tall brunette said walking over to Ozzy. He towered over Ozzy by a few inches.

"You're defending a fag?" Ozzy asked.

"Birds of a feather flock together," the brunette said.

"Ah, so you're one of them," Ozzy said looking at the brunette with a knowing look.

"Yeah and there's something you should know," the brunette said.

"And what's that," Ozzy said. The brunette smirked and took a step closer to Ozzy.

"Every gay man's dream is to turn all straight guys gay," the brunette said. Ozzy took a step back from the brunette. "You better go before I get my faggy germs all over you and make you gay," he said. Ozzy turned and left with his friends. Logan sat there looking at the brunette.

"James that was great," the Latino said laughing. The brunette turned to Logan.

"I'm James Diamond by the way," James said, "this is my step brother Carlos," he said.

"I'm Logan and this is my best friend Jo," Logan said, "thanks for that," he said.

"How do you guys know Ozzy?" Jo asked.

"We used to live here until about three years ago when we moved away," Carlos said.

"You two were the ones that rigged up the oatmeal in the gym to cover the principal during that assembly," Jo said suddenly.

"Yep and that is the reason we moved," Carlos said, "it was hilarious but our parents didn't think so," he said.

"You know James what you did to Ozzy only fueled the reasons why he hates gays," Logan said.

"With people like that you have to play off their fears. They are never going to change. That was something I learned a long time ago and only helped me when I came out," James said shrugging.

"So you're gay then?" Jo asked.

"Bisexual," James clarified, "look Logan Ozzy shouldn't bother you as long as we're friends," he said.

"Sure," Logan said, "you seem like you could take him," he said looking up at James.

"You guys wanna join us?" Jo asked.

"Sure," Carlos said looking at James who nodded his head. The two sat down and chatted with Logan and Jo.


Logan looked up and saw Jo standing in his bedroom doorway. He smiled at her. "What do you want?" he asked.

"Dinner's ready," Jo said.

"I'll be down in a minute," Logan said, "I just want to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow," he said. Jo nodded and left the room. Logan looked around and made sure he had everything he would need for tomorrow. It was going to be the first day of his senior year. He was excited for this.

Over the years people had started to just leave him alone. Ozzy had moved away two years ago. Logan got bullied less and less and James and Carlos were great and beat anyone up who tried to mess with Logan and Jo. Logan had also joined James and Carlos in hockey and he was kind of popular but not so much because he remained friends with Jo. Logan didn't care what other people thought. He was who he was and he was glad for that.

Logan set his bag aside with all his things and made his way down to the kitchen where Jo and Lynn were sitting already.

"Hey," Jo said.

"Hey," Logan said as he sat down at the place that was already set for him.

"You two excited for you big day tomorrow?" Lynn asked them.

"It's only our senior year," Jo said.

"But it's our senior year Jo," Logan said. Jo laughed and shook his head. "I'm excited," he said.

"Ok, ok I'm excited too," Jo said smiling.

"I know what you mean, I was excited for my senior year as well," Lynn said smiling.

"Even if it didn't turn out like you planned?" Jo asked.

"Yes, because I got the best gift in the world," Lynn said looking at Jo with a smile on her face. Jo smiled as well and Logan felt a small prang in his chest. He loved these two to death but they reminded him of how he used to be with his mother. They reminded him of how much he missed having a normal family sometimes.

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