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Dream 1: Saccharine Sweetness

It is known be all the hosts that I always take a short nap after club activities, since I'm usually exhausted by that time. I trust them not to bother me much, but recently, odd things have been happening. In my dreams, I mean, if that makes sense to you.

Usually, I would just go to sleep and wake up; there was never enough time to dream. But now, I dream. And its the same outline every single time, only two things differ from dream to dream. What the guy in my dreams does, and what I can smell. Yes, you read that right. I pay attention to what I smell in my dreams for whatever reason, alright?

Todays dream was particularly vivid. I'm laying down under a tree during sunset, and there's someone beside me. I can only remember a faint outline, not even his face or anything. He may not even be male. It's only a gut feeling that he's a guy to me.

Well, the person scoots over to me and sort of leans over me, hovering there, doing nothing for a few minutes. Then he leans in and nuzzles his face against mine. He smells of icing; sickly sweetness that almost makes me feel like if I smell too much of it, I'll puke.

His hair is soft, brushing against my face. His voice is a whisper as he murmurs, "If only you knew, Haruhi."

Then the dream ends. I don't remember anything after that, except for waking up.

It's quite odd, that my heart is beating a bit fast, still shaken from my dream, I suppose. I can still sort of smell the scent of sugary icing, but I'm not sure if it's just that I can still remember the scent or its actually there. The host club is usually filled with sweets and stuff, so you never know.

I look around, only to see that the sole person in this room is me. I sigh and get up, looking up at the clock. I had been sleeping for around 45 minutes.

The doors creak open, and I see Hunny, smiling widely. "Hi Haru-chan!" he pipes. I smile at him warmly. "Hi Hunny-senpai." I replied. He laughed. "You have bed head." he teased. "I'll walk home with you, Haru-chan. We can fix your hair there." I chuckle. "Okay, senpai."

The small teen drags me outside, giggling happily. "Did you have a nice sleep Haru-chan?" he asks, looking up at me with eager eyes. I nod, 's when I notice the faint scent of saccharine cake floating through the air.

"Is that you, Hunny-senpai?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows at him. "Am I what?" he replies, confused. I pull him forward quickly, taking a whiff of his hair. There's the warm smell of insipid sweetness, seeping into my mind and making me feel dizzy. As he pulls away he giggles sheepishly.

"I ate a lot of cake today, Haru-chan. I shared with everyone because it was so delicious, even Kyou-chan thought so!" he explains. "I see…" I reply, deep in thought.

That means maybe my dreams were happening because someone was toying around with me in my sleep. Maybe someone was actually nuzzling against me in my sleep…!

So the suspects were everyone in the host club, huh…?

# # # # #

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