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(Blah Blah)- Draco's echo in the songs with Harry.

{Blah Blah}- Blaise if he's echoing.

"Blah Blah"- Harry Singing

"({Blah Blah})- Harry, Draco, and Blaise singing

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Chapter 2: I was once Crazy

Severus Snape found himself storming through the halls of Hogwarts which were empty of students and other Professors alike. He was furious, heartbroken, and haunted by what he had learned yesterday evening. When he made his way home the night before he had drunk himself into a guilt filled stupor. What had they done? They had taken a child, a mere child and all but destroyed him for the sake of the protection of the Wizarding World. Had it been worth it? Severus didn't think so and he was haunted by the numerous times he had warned Albus that Harry was going to break.

That was another thing... he could no longer call Harry 'Potter' it just didn't seem right after all the boy had done. Granted he himself had sacrificed a lot including putting his own life on the line, but the horrors that the boy turned Man revealed the night before opened his eyes to how foolish even he had been to not see it all clearly. He had so many questions now. Why didn't Draco say anything? Why didn't he warn them, or tell them to keep an eye on Harry? Draco was usually smarter than that, but then again with the friendship the boys seemed to built he wasn't that surprised. He would have kept it quiet had it been asked of him too.

This night he was prepared to go to the concert for the second night, but he was not going alone. He even forewent his normal robes figuring the heat was a bit too much in the venue to bother with wearing them. Instead he wore an overcoat that was form fitted and flared out from the waist still allowing him that billow he worked so hard to create. Storming up to the gargoyle he paused to take a breath and keep from blasting his way into the Headmaster's office.

"Snickers." He growled out the password watching as it moved aside before storming up the moving staircase and into the office not even bothering to knock.

"Severus! What a pleasant surprise... I would have thought you would be leaving for the concert. Lemon Drop?"

Severus growled before slamming his hands down on the desk in front of Dumbledore whose eyes widened in shock. It was rare he was ever this furious, but he wanted answers and he had every intention on dragging Dumbledore to the concert tonight. He owed Harry that much... they all did.

"You knew!"

Dumbledore cringed at the sheer volume in Severus' voice a tough of confusion dancing his eyes before he cringed again under the powerful glare Severus was sending him letting him know that the innocent act wasn't working. Ah well... he didn't really expect it to.

"I suspected..."

"You suspected... suspected he says... where is your pensive?" Severus growled just managing to keep from wrapping his hands around his mentor's throat and squeezing until there wasn't any life left in the bastard's selfish body. For the greater good indeed.

"Is it really necessary Severus... couldn't you just tell me what happened last night?"

"Oh believe me... it's necessary."

Albus studied the man in front of him in silence. He hadn't seen Severus this furious not even when he came to him in an explosion of fury when Lily Potter died. He couldn't help but be curious about what had managed to send the man into such a state, and so without saying a word he waved his wand and brought forth his pensive.

Severus said nothing merely drew his own wand and put it to his head thinking of the concert the night before and letting the memory draw forth and down into the pensive. Feeling exhausted suddenly he collapsed into one of the chairs before the Headmaster's desk and motioned for him to view it.

"You do not wish to go with me?"

Severus let his eyes meet Dumbledore's before shaking his head. "No."

He could see the shock on Albus' face before the man plunged himself into the memory and Severus dropped his head into his hands. He was angry... with himself, with Dumbledore, with the entire staff of Hogwarts, and the Wizarding World in general. They had done a serious injustice to the boy and he couldn't help but feel as if he wouldn't be surprised if Harry himself became a Dark Lord... the only reason why the boy probably hadn't was his friends.

He had no idea how much time had passed that he was lost in his thought but he did smirk with satisfaction as Albus came out of the pensive looking pale and his face long with sorrow. "Wasn't what you expected was it Albus? What did you think was going to happen when you threw a child in the middle of a pack of wolves? Did you truly think he was going to come out of it unscathed?"

"I-I... didn't know. I suspected, but... I never knew about the suicide attempts Severus. I knew he was cracking, but it seemed his friends were there for him, I didn't think it'd be this bad. I'm sorry... I'm sure you can tell that, but Harry was the prophesied child. There was no way around that..."

"Harry is coping through music Albus, and he has a lot of grief and fury to work through. Not to mention the rumors that he's drowning his memories in alcohol!" Severus bellowed even as he rubbed his temples. "I am not the one you need to face judgment from Albus... I am not the one you owe an apology, and you are going to face the jury... tonight."

"Now Severus I have a lot of work to do and..."

"NO! You will not sweep this under the rug... you will not ignore what you have done!" Severus stood in a flurry of motion causing Albus to stand in case of needing to defend himself. Sneering at the older Man Severus did nothing but grab his arm and look to the phoenix.

"Fawkes if you will please."

The last thing seen was the shock on Albus Dumbledore's face as his own phoenix granted the request of Severus Snape. The traitor.


It was packed again and Severus shook his head at the man standing next to him. Albus Dumbledore dressed in those horrendous robes of his was standing twinkling as he looked around the packed venue at all the students and even important people of the wizarding world present. The press was still present and Severus wondered how he missed that the night before, but he figured it was because he had been focused on the show itself.

"Seems the band is quite popular eh, my boy?" Albus twinkled as he chuckled at the sour looking man next to him. Really Severus needed to relax. Harry was alive and healing it seemed through his music. He had done what he had to do for the Greater Good, and everything worked out alright in the end. Voldemort was dead, and Severus Snape seemed to be developing feelings for the boy he once claimed to despise. Funny how life seemed to come full circle at times. After all... there is a very thin line between love and hate.

Severus didn't get a chance to answer as the lights lowered then went black only to light up with flashing strobe lights as a warped sound of music started to fill the air. The crowd went silent and the air seemed to hum with energy. Focusing on the stage Severus blinked as he spotted what appeared to be a hologram of Harry sitting in a padded room against the wall wrapped in a white coat and rocking back and forth, his head seeming to drag against the padded walls, his face... oh merlin his face seemed so lost, so dark, so... sick. His voice filled the air the sound haunting and disturbed the way he carried the notes made it all the more horrifying. A shiver ran through him as he feared that tonight would be much... much worse.

"Am I going... crazy... am I insane... and dazed... Am I to lost... to face... this... What will it cost... to escape this... And what will it cost... to escape... this... Nothing is right... I'm So... Scared..."

The lights died off again and the curtain raised as the lights turned on in dark red showing the band seemingly dressed in battle armor as a warping sound introduced the beginning of the song. Draco's eyes met his as he let his guitar seeming push out an erotic riff sending a shiver through Severus as his eyes shifted to the pole up some stairs on a raised platform with Harry's mic. He couldn't focus on much more as he was too stunned to see Harry dressed in what appeared to be basilisk hide armor that left too little to the imagination. From his waist it fell in strips as if he had been through a rough battle, blood seemed to be smeared on his skin, but what was shocking him was the beauty in which Harry wore it. He looked effeminent and sensual, like a walking seduction sent by demons. His hand wrapped around the pole at the sound of Draco's guitar and swayed his hips against the pole as Weasley came in with the drums.

The sound was erotic, sensual, and the entire seen was complimented by a video of Harry surrounded by various vials of potions and what appeared to be muggle drugs. In the room where he was using Harry seemed to be haunted by a vision of his Father. Severus looked to Albus seeing the shock on his face as Harry moved to his mic and caressed it like a lover as the basilisk mic played between his thighs as he slid down against it as he sung Draco dancing in with whispers as Harry's voice held long notes afterwards as he sung the pitch going high at times. Oh god... as sick as it was Severus found the sensualism of it awakening desires he thought long gone.

"Let... me see... (Let me see) All... my... life... has been... (Taken)... taken... this... demon... (Haunts Me)...Haunts... me... They're... waiting... (Help me)... Help... me."

The music broke as Harry went into the next lines becoming darker, harder, and pain filled. Harry's voice became harder as the band rocked out to the music Harry himself gripping his mic with a look of anger, hurt, and need.

"You fuck me up I'm gagged and bound... you pick me up when I fell down... I cannot live without them... I do not live with out them."

The tron showed Harry facing his Father with a look of drugged peace as if the screaming inside of his head finally quieted. It was sickening and Severus could see that he wasn't the only one who had paled. Albus looked ready to be sick himself. See exactly what you've done now old man? Hurts doesn't it?

"Hey... Daddy... (Daddy)... They... are... taking me... (away)... putting... things in me... (my soul)... my... soul... they're... eating haha... (Help me) please... help me."

The band began to rock out again as the music became darker and harder again Harry's voice leaving behind the haunting trails of a sensual sound to darker yelling showing his fury at the situation. Severus watched as the scenes of Harry's visions from Voldemort and how through the drugs they faded away and were replaced with his Father standing over him watching his drugged son. It was a stark point blank vision of the horrors this Man had lived through and Severus felt all the more sick that they had missed it.

"You fuck me up I'm gagged and bound... you pick me up when I fell down... I cannot live without them... I do not live with out them."

Harry made his way down the stairs his eyes looking deranged as he glanced around insanely. His voice was dark and gutteral as he sung into the mic making his way over to Draco whose guitar was creating an odd sort of shaking whine sound. Harry's hands moved into his hair as he sung falling to the ground as he swore he wasn't going to listen, and the scene damn near brought tears to Severus eyes as on the Tron Blaise and Draco made their way to him inside of the unused girl's bathroom. Blaise took the drugs and potions and flushed them while Draco picked Harry up off the ground.

They say this thing inside of me...Wants to get out... All it does is scream and shout... I'm trying not to let them out... They tell me to hurt myself... They tell me to hurt myself...They tell me to hurt myself... But I'm not going to listen."

The three men rocked to the music as it returned to the darker sound Harry screaming into his mic. Severus squeezed his eyes shut a moment swallowing the lump in his throat before he opened his eyes again and continued to watch.

"You fuck me up I'm gagged and bound... you pick me up when I fell down... I cannot live without them... I do not live with out them."

Draco and Blaise took over the harsh parts as Harry sung into their sound the haunting message to his Father. On the tron it showed Draco and Blaise forcing Harry to come off the drugs and the horrible trial it was. Severus felt tears slide down his cheeks as Harry reached out for his father as he began to fade pleading as if to beg him not to go and to continue to protect him.

({"You fuck me up I'm gagged and bound... you pick me up when I fell down... I cannot live without them... I do not live with out them.")}

"Hey... Daddy... they... are...taking... me... this demon..."

" (Daddy) Hey... Daddy... Hey... Daddy... (They're waiting)... Hey... Daddy... Daddy!"

The song ended and the crowd burst into cheers and screams for the band. Severus looked over to Albus to see him stoically looking at the stage, but the slight guilt he expected to see was written in those eyes that had lost their twinkle.

Harry took a look around and smirked at the crowd before his eyes focused on Severus and then the man next to him raising a brow. Shaking his head he said nothing but made his way to his mic that was now on the base of the stage with the rest of his band.

"Hey everyone! Welcome to the second night of the show. Even more new faces are in the audience, as well as some I didn't expect to see to be honest." Harry paused his eyes meeting Dumbledore's before looking away. "We're hoping you enjoy the show as much as you did last night. Are you having a good time?"

The crowd broke into screams and cheers again the sound as deafening as it was the night before to Severus. Rolling his eyes as Harry grinned his eyes met Draco's who raised a brow looking to Albus and back to him. Severus shrugged in response before giving him a pointed look as if to say you didn't really think I'd not bring him after last night? He smirked at Draco's inclined head then focused his attention back on Harry.

"The is bloody well awesome! Well enough of my talkin... let's continue to rock the house! This next song is dedicated to someone in the audience... pay attention to the lyrics you'll know who you are."

Draco's guitar started the band up again the blond male wearing a dark smirk upon his features, and most everyone on stage and in the building were nodding their head to the music until music dropped and everyone else on the stage joined in. Harry was rocking to the music his hips moving in a sensual sway in time with the music.

"I came back to face what's growing in my head... please get away from me! Take advantage of what I feel yes you do... one day you'll pray for me!"

The tron showed flashes of Harry facing Dumbledore in his office from his pleading to get away from his relatives to Dumbledore demanding something new from Harry. The boy's fury was written plainly for all to see, and yet he seemed to swallow it. Severus watched as Albus grew even paler, that twinkle still not returning. Severus himself though enjoyed the lyrics, and it seemed to fit.

"So I'm saying nothing... each day taking that much more... as I'm screaming 'Oh... my pain'... you will be there counting."

Severus watched as Dumbledore cringed at the sight of himself counting his lemon drops, one of his favorite past times. He looked back to the stage as Harry continued singing showing Rita Skeeter printing various articles and Dumbledore yet again ignoring Harry's pleads for him to do something.

"You just see me as something you throw around... You weren't there for me! (There for me!) Beatin down to the ground... yes it always seems... you take more from me! (More from me)."

Severus cringed himself as Harry locked eyes with Dumbledore when he screamed he wasn't there for him. Dumbledore himself looked guilty as the lyrics continued into the chours and Harry shook his head showing how much more he was taking from Dumbledore.

"So I'm saying nothing... each day taking that much more... as I'm screaming 'Oh... my pain'... you will be there counting."

The music broke and the sound was laid back, chill sounding almost except for the sick warping in the background. Harry began singing again joined this time by Blaise the sound quite warped and haunting as if admitting a secret.

"It's funny how we got started...They get the money for the things on you...They give ya money, and the girls and the fame...{I only do it for the fun and the games... It's funny how we've just started...{They get the money for the things on you}...They give ya money, and the girls and the fame... I only do it for the fun...That's my game..."

The music broke and went back to the original sound as Harry launched into a repeat of the chorus. The scenes were flashing quickly of all the times Dumbledore ignored Harry, and Severus had to admit that the imagery combined with the lyrics showed how much this Man resented the fact that Albus ignored him. He often felt that way himself, but he had a feeling that there was much more to the story. Despite all this Severus himself was nodding his head to the music the mixtures of drums, bass, and guitar adding this one to his list of favorites.

"So I'm saying nothing... each day taking that much more... as I'm screaming 'Oh... my pain'... you will be there counting. So I'm saying nothing... each day taking that much more... as I'm screaming 'Oh... my pain'... you will be there... counting."

The stage went black only to light up again with flashing white and red lights as Draco's guitar sounded sick as it played the intro only to be joined by the drums, bass, and Harry's voice. The sound was interesting and Severus nodded his head along with the band as they rocked out. The tron showed Harry in the room of requirement seemingly rocking back and forth gripping his hair as if he was losing it.

"Keep holding on when my brain's tickin' like a bomb... Guess the black thoughts have come again to get me... Sweet bitter words unlike nothing I have heard... Sing along mocking bird you don't affect me..."

The sound of Draco's guitar as the music broke sent shivers down his spine. The tron as harry spoke of words showed Harry viewing the pensive that he had given him saying he was a horcrux. The scene flashed and showed Harry walking through Hogwarts in complete shock as he accepted his fate his fury at this being kept from him showing. Draco and Blaise joining him in the chorus.

"That's right...Deliverance of my heart... Be straight... Be deliverance...({Wait... I'm coming undone... Unlaced... I'm coming undone...Too late... I'm coming undone... What looks so strong... So delicate...Wait...I'm starting to suffocate... And soon I anticipate...I'm coming undone...What looks so strong... So delicate.)}"

Severus nodded his head watching the tron and despite seeing that Harry had not taken the fact that he had to die for the world to be saved he found himself liking the sound of the song. The guitar riffs harsh as they were captured and held, showing the emotion behind the song easily. As the next verse was sung by Harry Draco joined him on certain lines their voices seeming to meld easily into one.

"Choke choke again...I find my demons are my friends... (getting me in the end they're out to get me)... Since I was young I tasted sorrow on my tongue... (and this sweet sugar gun does not protect me)"

The tron flashed showing Harry standing before Voldemort and all his death eaters waiting for Voldemort to kill him. Definitely a pensive memory and Severus felt sick that the boy had to go through this. The real Harry as he sung spread his arms his eyes focused not on himself but Albus as he pleaded for the strike, then he, Draco, and Blaise launched into the chorus.

"That's right...Wand between my eyes... Please strike... Make it quick now...({Wait... I'm coming undone... Unlaced... I'm coming undone...Too late... I'm coming undone... What looks so strong... So delicate...Wait...I'm starting to suffocate... And soon I anticipate...I'm coming undone...What looks so strong... So delicate.)}"

The music broke and Severus nodded his head while noticing the entire crowd was headbanging along with the band. Albus was still standing there in silence watching the Tron and watching Harry. Draco smirked seeing all of this and Severus couldn't blame him for his sick happiness at Dumbledore finally being forced to get his. As Draco's guitar seemed to trail it was haunting even as Harry screamed out his words as Harry on the screen slowly woke after coming out of his second death.

"I'm trying to hold it together...Head is lighter than a feather...Looks like I'm not getting better... Not getting better..."

The music broke into the chours again and the entire crowd was singing along with the words. Severus found himself stunned at the ability of these Men who had lived through the worse the war had to offer, especially Harry, and he couldn't help but wonder what more would be revealed tonight.

"({Wait... I'm coming undone... Unlaced... I'm coming undone...Too late... I'm coming undone... What looks so strong... So delicate...Wait...I'm starting to suffocate... And soon I anticipate...I'm coming undone...What looks so strong... So delicate.)}"

The music seemed to become a heartbeat before the lights went dark and everyone broke out into cheers and screams. Taking a moment to catch his own breath he looked to Albus to see the man slightly shaking. Looking up toward the tron which was the only thing lit he saw the words "Intermission". People around them were beginning to go out into the lobby for drinks and the like and he took the time to check on Albus.

"Albus are you alright?"

Albus Dumbledore stood in shock for just a moment. He hadn't moved since the show began and now with an intermission he found himself wishing he could just leave. He knew though that Severus would never allow it, and so decided to just suck it up so to speak. After all... he had done what he had to do for the greater good, and as long as he stuck to that... he wouldn't drown in his guilt.

"I'm fine my Dear boy. Come come... let us get some refreshments. Mayhap they have some new candy for me to try out no?"

Severus nodded his head and followed Albus out into the throng of people trying to get snacks and drinks. His eyes were glaring into the back of Albus' head though. Would nothing faze this man? Shaking his head he sighed... well... they still had the last half of the concert to get through, and he couldn't help but to hope that nothing else would shock him, but he had a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach that said... hope denied.

~*~End Chapter 2~*~

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