Bit of a short chapter I know. But I'm working on a longer one for their date. Sorry it's taking me so long to update, I have no excuses, please feel free to hate on me for it, I deserve it :)

Liam was an amazing kisser. A really amazing kisser. In fact he may well be, hands down, the best kisser I have ever had the fortune to kiss. It was sweet and gentle, but somehow downright fucking hot at the same time. His hands were running through my hair, while mine were firmly plantes on his back. I could feel the hadr muscle of his chest we were so close, and it felt nice.

I'm not sure how long we would have stood there for, exploring each other's mouths, just basking in the amazing feeling of that moment. Unfortunately I didn't find out, a siren sounded from the other side of the house. "Shit." Liam cursed, reluctantly pulling away from me. "Come on, we'd better run." He grabbed my hand and made for the gate but I stopped him.

"We'll never make it." I say with a shake of my head. "Lis and the others parked the campervan down the road. They'll wait for me as long as they can, if we can make it there then we're sorted." Liam considered it for a moment, and then nodded his head. He squeezed my hand reassuringly, and then we ran. We heard the policemen shout behind us and start to run after us, but we ignored them and kept going. The campervan was in sight now, just a few more seconds and we'd reach it, but the police weren't far behind us.

Using a last burst of energy we just managed to jump into the door before Lis shut it and Donny turned the key and drove off. We lay on the floor panting hard, still holding each other's hands tightly. "Geez, the way you to are panting you'd think you'd been doing it." Lis said with a giggle.

Liam went bright red, but I giggled and sat up. "Wouldn't you like to know." Then I leaned over and kissed him again. He kissed me back, sliding his hand down my back.

"Okay, enough of that. Get a room, this isn't even my campervan. Where are we going anyway, whats the plan?" Lis said, annoyed tone to her voice. Then she clapped her hands together in excitement, and grinned like a little kid in a sweet shop. "Oooh, I know, we'll go to the woods like we did a few weeks ago, that was so much fun. Donny, step on it." She giggles happily and then pulls me off Liam. "That party was good, I see you've been busy, who might this be?"

"Liam, this is my best friend Lis, Lis this is Liam my..." I trailed off. I'd been about to say boyfriend, but could I really say that, we'd only just kissed about half an hour ago. Still it sounded nice in my head, Liam my boyfriend. I grinned a little, wishing I could say it aloud, but instead I went eith the safer option. "Friend." It sounded a little pathetic really, Liam didn't seem to mind though, he just laughed.

"Special sorta friend, huh." Lis giggled. I was about to open my mouth when the van stopped. "Yay. We're here. Come on guys, we've got blankets, booze, and there's definetely some marshmallows left from last time in here somewhere." She rooted around behind her seat and then pulled out a packet triumphantly. "Yay, roasted marshmallow time." We opened the doors of the van and then used some wood and Donny's lighter to get a fire going.

Lis and Donny sat together right by the fire, huddled under a blanket. Donny told us scary stories, while Lis shrieked in terror. Dylan was here too, sat a little further away from us with a lad she'd met at the party. To boys who's names I wasn't too sure on sat on either side of Lis and Donny, playing with their lighters. I sat with Liam.

It felt amazing, to be sat next to the fire with him. One of his arms draped across my shoulders and the other hand interlocked with mine. We swamped ourselves in one of the blankets and listened to Donnys story. After a while Liam leaned over and kissed me again. I would've smiled if his lips weren't on mine, and I kissed him back eagerly. Have I mentioned how great a kisser Liam is. After a while he pulled away and grinned at me. "Would you like to go out with me next weekend?" He asked.

I bit my lip and then smiled. "Sure, but I reckon I'll be grounded after this little escapade." I say with a chuckle. My plan is to get back to the dumping ground before everyone wakes up. I'm not sure how likely this is though, Donny has offered to drive me back early though because he wants to do the same thing.

"Don't worry about it. I'll get round Mike. He likes me really, he just pretends not to." He said with a laugh. Then he sticks a marshmallow on a stick, roasts and offers it to me. I grin as I take it and savour the taste. It tastes even better than last time, sat next to Liam, with him offering it to me. We stay like that for a while. Till eventually one by one people start dropping off to sleep, Liam and I included.

"Ellie. Ellie wake up, come on we've got to go." Somebody is shaking me awake. I don't really want to wake up though, I'm comfortable hear, under this blanket in Liam's arms. "I'm leaving now Ellie!" My eyes flutter open and I check the time on my phone. Shit it's half six. I might just make it if I leave now. I lean over and kiss Liam on the cheek. He seems to stir in his sleep but he doesn't wake up. Then I slip out from under the blanket and jump in the van. Donny turns the key and it rumbles into life, then he speeds of down the track and onto a mainroad. It being november it's still dark, even at this time, so when Donny drops me off at Elm Tree and then speeds off to his own home I'm able to sneak to the house under the cover of the darkness.

I reach the drainpipe and shimmy up it quickly then slip through my bedroom window and smile when I see my clock on the wall. It's ten to six. I made it. I pull all my clothes off and dump them in my wardrobe and then wipe off my makeup, I grab my nighty and slip it on quickly, then I crawl into bed and fall back to sleep within seconds.

I wake up later at about ten o'clock and decide I'd better make an appearence and have some breakfast, hopefully nobody realised I was gone last night. I pull on some jeans, then an old tee shirt and go downstairs. Elektra, Gina and I are the only ones in the kitchen. Elektra's watching Gina closely, and as soon as she leaves the room she turns to me and my uneaten toast and glares at me. "Next time you sneak off in the middle of the night to a party you'd better invite me." She hisses.

"Party, what party?" I say quickly. She rases her eyebrows and I sigh in defeat. "Do Mike and Gina know?" I ask, biting my lip in worry. She just shrugs and continues to spoon porridge into her mouth. My stomach sinks to my toes and I puch the plate of toast away, I feel a little sick. I swear down if I'm grounded for much longer I might actually go mad. My stomach somehow sinks even furthur when Mike pops his head in the doot with an angry look on his face and glares at me.

"Office, now." He says. He's not giving anything away from his voice, but I know they know, why else would they be dragging me into the office. I stand up with a heavy heart and slink down the hallway and into the room. I sit down on one of the chairs, knowing that this is going to be a long, long lecture and I may as well just get used to it. Mike follows me in and shuts the door after him and then turns to look at me in despair. "What did you think you were doing?" He shouts.

"I'm sorry." I say automatically. Although I'm not, last night was possibly the best night of my life.

"Sorry doesn't cut it Ellie. Do you have any idea how stupid that is. You just don't know where to stop do you? If it's not dissapearing for four days it's getting drunk at the park, and if it's not that then it's tattoo's." His voice has raised now, and I open my mouth to argue that I was safe and then close it again in confusion. Wait what did he say? He hasn't mentioned the party yet, and since when did he know about the tattoo. Is that what this is about? "You're underage for a start. Did they even ask for ID. How did you know if it was safe or not, you could have gotten an illness. Tattoo's are illegal for fifteen year olds for a reason Ellie!"

I try not to smile. So he doesn't know about the party. Brilliant. But I have to worm my way out of this one somehow. "And too think I was actually starting to think this might work, I thought you liked it here." He says.

I look up in surprise. What does that mean? "I do like it here, I got this weeks ago Mike I swear, I've been wearing a plaster over it. I got it before I ran off, honestly." Okay maybe that's not quite true, but sometimes it's necessary to tell a lie.

Mike sits down opposite me and runs his hand through his hair. "Look Ellie, I'm not sure this is working out. I wish you could stay here, I do, but while you're here your my responsibility. I have to keep you safe, and I'm beginning to think that I can't keep you safe here." He sas slowly.

"No wait. I like it here. I'm sorry I got a tattoo, I really am Mike. It's only small though. I don't know what I was thinking. Please don't send me someplace else." I say quickly. I can't believe I'm practically begging to stay here. Since when did I even want to stay here.

"I'm not going to Ellie, don't worry. But you need to start following the rules, okay?" He says with a small smile.

"Gotcha, okay. Rules, follow them." I stand up to leave, but before I shut the door I lean back in and smile at him. "Thanks Mike." I say. "I'm eally sorry." He nods and smiles back at me, then I shut the door and head back up to my bedroom.