Under the pale moonlight...

Summary: Bella is left by Edward again before the wedding when she found him with Alice, but this time Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper stay with Bella. Esme and Carlisle died in the battle with Victoria.

Chapter 1

That son of a bitch! How could he do this to me? I knew, that something was wrong with both of them, but they always reassured me , that that was just my imagination. But no, i had to find them in Alice's bed together in the middle of sex and then Edward had the stupidy to say that thats not what it looks like.

I am ust so furrious right now! Jasper and Rose are trying to call me down, but Emmett is out destroying Edward's VOLVO and his piano. Rose already burned Alice's clothes. I just laughed at that. Jasper just smiled.

It has been 2 weeks since i broke up with Edward. He and Alice went on a vacation for a long time. I was getting ready to go to the Volturi with the rest of the Cullens and my dad. We told him about the supernatural world and now we are going to the Volturi to join them.

My dad was a bit confused, when we told him at first, but now he wants to be a vampire and get revenge on Edward and Alice. We were already packed and going to the airport. Rosalie and Emmett already explained everything to Charlie and now we were waiting for the boarding to start. Alice didn't see this coming and we have been keeping this from her and Edward.

Finally we could board the plane and get some sleep, because me and dad couldn't sleep last night, because we were worried. I just kept thinking , that maybe the Volturi wouldn't want us, but then i remembered my shield and everything felt right. I felt like i am meeting my destiny...

Finally after many hours we landed and went to get our luggage. Then i spotted Heidi, who was advertising the tour of the Volturi castle. When she saw me , she seemed shocked, but quickly recovered.

-Bella! Good to see you!

I smiled at her and replied:

-Hello, Heidi! Good to see you too. Could you get us to Aro?

Heidi then looked at the Cullens and Charlie and smiled. We all smiled back and went to a big limo, which was waiting by the entrance. Heidi jumped in and we all followed.

Then the ride began and we were anxious. I almost jumped, when the limo came to a stop and the door opened revealing Felix.

He looked surprised by seeing me. I chuckled and said:

-Well, hello to you too, Felix!

He seemed to come out of his shock and smiled at me. Then the Cullens stepped out along with Heidi and my dad. My dad and Felix shook hands and then we went to the throne room.

When we arrived to the throne room, nothing had changed. Caius , Marcus and Aro were sitting in their thrones, but seemed surprised to see me and the rest of the Cullens along with my dad. Aro smiled and said:

-Welcome back, Bella. How can i help you today? Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper, welcome. And you must be Bella's father. Welcome, i am Aro, this is Caius and this is Marcus.

I smiled at Aro, always the polite one.

-Hello, Aro! Me and my dad and the Cullens would like to join your guard.

And then the door burst open and Jane and Alec walked in. They seemed innocent and at the same time dangerous.

-Hi, Jane, Alec.

They smiled at me and replied:


I turned to Aro and asked:

-So, what about it , Aro?

He smiled like a little kid on Christmas morning and said:

-Yes, of course, Bella. Welcome. But can i?

I chuckled and gave him my hand. I held it for a moment and then signed.

-Still nothing. Charlie, can i try?

We already explained the Volturi powers and everything, so he smiled and gave Aro his hand. Aro held it and after a moment said:

-You had an interesting life this far, Charlie. I hope, you will be happy here.

Charlie smiled and said thank you. And the the door opened and the whole guard came in. I smiled at wawed at the familiar faces. They all introduced themselves to Charlie and told them who is whos mate. Corrin and Colin were together, Jane and Felix, along with Caius and Athenodora, Marcus and Dydyme, Aro with Sulpicia and also Demetri was with Heidi. I looked at my dad , but he was looking at Chelsea, who was looking at him with eyes full of interest. I looked at Marcus and he followed my gaze and smiled. Rosalie and Emmett left to their room, Chelsea went with Charlie, i guess to talk and change him. Jasper was talking and smiling at Renata. I smiled at them and then turned to find Alec staring at me. He led me to my room. We talked a bit and then it was time for my change. I layed down in my bed and Alec kissed my neck before bitting and then the pain started. I didn't scream, cuz i didn't wanted anyone to feel bad about this. So i slowly burned for days, which felt like years...


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