My first foray into the field of fan fiction in what, 3 years? It's been a while, but how could I not with Tom Hiddleston as my new muse? Damn him.

Tony Stark grinned wolfishly. Loki said nothing as his serpentine tongue slid over his lower lip, frowning at the taste of copper.
"Did you bite my lip Stark?" He asked, frowning. The other man merely shrugged and stretched out besides his lanky escort. Further inspecting his body, Loki pointedly ignored his bed mate as a show of annoyance at his split lip. Tony placed his hands behind his head and allowed his eyes to travel the length of his companions exposed form. It wasn't often the chance arose to bend a God across your desk and finish up in the bedroom. And the bathroom. Then the bedroom again. The trickster was still scrutinising himself when the man of iron grabbed him deftly by the arm and rolled the God on top of him, a strangled complaint dying in the Asgardians throat before he draped his arms casually alongside the shorter mans head, slender hands caressing the strong line of his jaw. Lowering his chin until it dug into the crevice between arc reactor and clavicle, Loki sighed loudly.
"I should have killed you while I had the chance, shouldn't I?" He wondered aloud. Stark laughed in response and tangled his fingers within the mass of black strands atop the Gods head. Nuzzling the clean-shaven chest below him, Loki wriggled forwards, the iron man barely suppressing a groan as bare flesh ground together. Green eyes glinting roguishly in the far away lights of a city not yet destroyed, the trickster planted a kiss squarely on his lovers lips. He felt the other grin into the kiss and found himself smirking too. Stark was infectious. He was the sort of man that would get right under your skin and make you wish he'd stay there. He hadn't even been put off when Loki had told him about having given birth to an eight legged wonder horse.

Any man that stuck around after that was either desperate or insane.
And Tony Stark was definitely not desperate. At least not in so far as that he couldn't get anyone if he tried, on the contrary, he was Tony Stark, billionaire extraordinaire, he could get damn near anyone.
And he had chosen Loki. A God.
Whether that had been for the mans own insatiable ego, or whether there was some sort of genuine connection between the two was entirely beyond the only occasionally malevolent being.

"I wonder what Thor would make of our situation. Maybe we should tell him." He mused, glancing upwards at the derisive snort his genius friend made. "You think I'm kidding, Stark." He said, prodding a finger squarely into Tony's forehead. The man beneath him tilted his head and caught the stray finger between perfect, white teeth.
"I wou pu nuffin pah yoo." Came the muffled reply. Loki tossed his head back and laughed, pushing his tongue forwards until it rested against the back of his top front teeth before pulling his finger free and diving down for another kiss.

They remained that way for a long time, neither needing to speak, simply enjoying each others company in a comfortable silence. Loki turned his head, resting it in the crook of Starks neck, the rebellious strands of pitch-black hair tickling the foreign skin beneath them. Tony brushed them away gently before stroking the back of Loki's head with an idle hand. This time the God let out a gentle sigh, hardly just an expulsion of air, from him it might as well have screamed a thousand words.
He was happy. For the first time in such a long, long time, he was truly at peace.
This was the sort of man he wanted to be. Sprawled across a powerful, ruthlessly sarcastic, megalomaniacal, intelligent, ruggedly handsome, billionaire super hero he had never felt more content. It was not perfect, but this was as close as he was going to get. And he desperately wanted everyone to know.

S.H.I.E.L.D. would interfere however, they would question his intentions, twist his words and expect him to have some sort of master plan to enslave the human race, again, hidden up his sleeve. And Thor… He wondered what his dearest brother would have to say about all this. No doubts the Neanderthal would attempt to split Tony in half before embracing him in one of his bone splintering hugs and declaring the man of iron a true brother. Odin would probably have a fit and Frigga would coo over his beloved metal man like a good mother should.

Loki stopped and sat up sharply, luminous green eyes staring intently at Stark, brows furrowed and head cocked slightly to one side. Tony blinked, confused, and arched a perfectly formed eyebrow questioning Loki's sudden reaction to absolutely nothing.
The God opened his mouth to speak but his silver tongue turned to lead it his mouth. Words failed him.
"Spill it reindeer games. 'Sup?"
Propping himself up, the tanned body below him shifted under the pointed elbows in a vain attempt to decrease the amount of discomfort it was currently experiencing. Loki ignored it. This was important. He just wished he could actually get the words out.

"Yes sweetheart." Tony said mockingly, earning himself a swift punch to the shoulder. "I think we might have a problem." The trickster finished lamely. This was not his forte; emotions were something he tended to let everyone else get on with. Unless those feelings were rage and vengeance, in which case he often found himself in uncommon territory. Tony frowned slightly, concern flitting across his face before that trademark smirk quickly replaced it.

"As long as you're not pregnant I think we're okay." He laughed. Then stopped abruptly. "You're not pregnant are you? I don't think I can deal with-"
"Shut up Stark." Loki snapped. "I am not with child. Though a brother or sister for Sleipnir would be nice." He added, his lips curling into a cruel smile before his earlier problem returned to the front of his mind.
"Stark… Tony. I think I…" He chewed his lower lip thoughtfully for a moment. Tony smiled against his better judgement. There was something strangely endearing about a God famed for his way with words to be caught so completely tongue tied. "Go on Loki, you can tell me." He urged gently.
Green eyes narrowed at this sudden show of encouragement as if wary of a trap before his pointed features softened and he tried again to convey those most elusive of feelings.
"I think that I might have referred to you as my 'beloved' in my head." He blurted out.

His face grew redder by the second, the blush creeping down as far as his neck as Tony Stark roared with laughter beneath him.
"Shut up!" The liar hissed through gritted teeth, the redness refusing to die down.
"Oh Gods Loki, for a second… For a second I-" The former play boy managed before resigning himself to another fit of laughter. Sitting up quickly, Loki forced himself up off the bed and stalked over to the window. Between gasping for breath and wiping tears from his eyes Tony watched the sinewy, naked figure standing with his back to him from the enormous bedroom window that stretched from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, bathed in the light of the pre-sunrise.
Jumping up from the warmth of the bed, Tony wandered over to the grimacing God and wrapped his arms around the slender waist and rested his forehead against the nape of his lovers neck.
"I'm sorry, Loki. It was just… an interesting choice of words. But I'm not understanding the problem?" The lanky figure pressed to his chest grunted and wriggled slightly, apparently still unimpressed by Starks earlier complete disregard for tact.

"I thought of you as something more than a bed mate. Am I wrong Stark, or is there something more between us than just amazing sex and witty banter?" He waited anxiously for a reply, trying to keep his voice as level and disjointed as possible, his eyes fixed on the pretty enough view of the city he almost destroyed. He cursed inwardly as the closeness and warmth of the others body pulled away from him silently. The bottom seemed to drop from his stomach, leaving him with a dull ache in his chest. His eyes stung, but he'd be damned if he'd let that narcissistic, arrogant, bastard-

"I think you might be right reindeer games." The man of iron said finally, raising his arm so he could grasp the taller mans chin between a thumb and forefinger. He traced the pale jawline with his thumb watching, with a small smile, as Loki shut his eyes tightly blinking away 'something that had gotten into them.'

Lips crashed together in the wake of a new day.
And as they backed up towards the bed Loki found himself grinning into the kiss, and was relieved to find Stark was doing the same.