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V for Vindictive- Prologue

"I'm just sayin', KP. This Tacilla is gonna revolutionize the Bueno Nacho industry." Kim Possible stopped flicking around bits of lettuce from the salad in front of her and gave Ron a skeptical look. The Tacilla: a pie shaped crunchy tortilla sandwich sliced like a pizza with melted cheese in the center. Hardly the definition of creativity.

"Ron, it's just a grilled cheese form of nachos."

His face lit up in horror. "KP, you're undervaluing the beauty in the Tacilla! Twice the holdability, and five times the cheese!"

"Mhm, cheese!" Rufus nodded in agreement.

"That cannot be good for your cholesterol," Kim groaned.


"Speaking of which, are you still getting royalty checks from the Naco?"

"Uh, yeah I am. Every few weeks." An unsure hand came up to rest on his neck, as he looked down at Rufus enjoying his Tacilla.

"Oh, you never mentioned it so I just assumed-"

"No, yeah," Ron leaned forward, holding up the same hand from before. "I didn't tell you 'cause I'm trying to be responsible this time and save it."

"Good for you Ron, looks like you learned your lesson." The monkey-man showed matching gun fingers in response.

Then came the awkward silence as Kim's curiosity got the better of her. "So… just how much are we talking about here?"

"Well the last balance was-" Ron got cut short as the Kimmunicator chirped to life.

"Hold that thought Ron. Hey Wade, what's the sitch?"

"Kim this is a weird one, Global Justice is sending a copter to pick you up from Bueno Nacho personally! ETA: thirty seconds." Kim and Ron jumped to their feet, her hands clutching the Kimmunicator close.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, Kim, but it seems really important for the Director to come to you personally." Ron looked up from the device and shrugged.

"Whatcha think Rufus?" The naked mole rat stopped chewing Ron's Tacilla and turned to Kim.


"Tell me about it." The three ran outside upon hearing the approaching copter, waiting a safe distance for it to land before climbing aboard.

A large man inside handed them a pair of headphones as the helicopter took off, and the monitor he held sprang to life showing an image of Betty Director herself. "I'll get straight to business considering the method for this arrangement was quite unexpected. However the information I'm about to reveal is so classified, I am one of a handful of people who know about it."

"How is that possible?" Kim reached out and grabbed the manila folder handed to her.

"The following information lists current or suspected members of an evil organization which has just been brought to GJ attention."

Kim found it hard to believe that an organization she had never heard of before now was currently at the top of their radar. "Worse than the WEE?"

"Oh much worse, Miss Possible." Betty made an effort to pause for effect. "Patient V is missing."

"What like V for Vendetta?"

"No, Mr. Stoppable. The V is a pseudonym."

Kim looked up from the nearly empty folder, Ron continuing with, "And patients A-U?"

"Like I said, just a pseudonym."

"Right," Kim said after skimming through the documents and handing the folder to Ron. "Dr. Director, this folder contains nothing but standard information on three civilians."

"Those three civilians make up the new evil organization called 'Comet Commanders', Coco for short."

"And you think Coco stole Patient V?"

"Not think, we know."

"How's that?"

"Patient V is their brother."

Ron looked up and frowned. "Alright I'll bite. How did these four people get mixed up in a heavy dosage of bad vibes?"

"That is the reason we picked you up. Team Possible, we need a huge favor from you."

"You what?" Kim's mouth was literally hanging open.

"You are the leading expert on Shego, Kim."

"Leading expert? That sounds like I've taught a class on her or something."

"No one in Global Justice has faced her head on as many times as you have. We need your help in obtaining information about her."

"Well I-" Ron and Rufus turned to face Kim and waited. The thoughts in Kim's mind were flashing by so fast it made her dizzy. What did Kim Possible know about Shego?

Shego had a temper that could best be described as a volcano, but surprisingly at times the volcano lay dormant. She had ultimately tried to kill Kim on a variety of occasions. But how much of that was actually her own desire and not those of Drakken's? Quite honestly, Shego had never put her in a situation where Kim couldn't by way of gadget or skill, or Ron, escape. And she had every single time.

But what about personally? Kim knew Shego had a family, and where she had grown up. Kim even knew briefly the situation behind Shego gaining her mysterious powers- a meteor striking the very land on which they lived, imbedding them with unimaginable abilities. But as to the matter of how Shego activated those powers, or what her weakness was, Kim didn't know a damn thing. Not even the girl's real name!

So what did Kim actually know about Shego? "Absolutely nothing."

"I'm sorry?"

"Dr. Director, I-I don't know anything."

"I was afraid that might be the case."

"I'm sorry, but maybe you could ask Team Go?"

"We've already compiled a large amount of information on Team Go since the disappearance of Patient V. They're at GJ HQ as we speak; while researchers finish up everything they know concerning their abilities. What we don't have is information on Shego."

"Please don't tell me you want me to ask her."

"We need you gather further information on her powers." Kim leaned forward against her safety harness and held up her right hand, flipping it around as if clearing the air.

"Oh, hey Shego, I know we're archenemies and all that, but I was wondering if you could not try and kill me for a second, so I can figure out the secret to your most powerful defensive weapon." Ron's eyes flicked back and forth between the two women.

"Whichever method helps you in the long run is irrelevant."

Rufus climbed out of Ron's pocket and leaped onto a picture of a rather handsome white haired man in his mid to late 20's. "Burr."

"What's that buddy?"

Kim sat back again evaluating the possibilities that Shego would actually stop to hear Kim out. While it had been true she was able to recruit her help to stop Aviarius from stealing the powers of her brothers, how could she convince Shego to help her out again, especially since she knew the source of Shego's powers were a sensitive subject to the young woman. And bringing up painful memories from the past was not the best way to go about this. Wait, that was it! "Comet Commanders? You need Shego's help because-"

"Yes," Dr. Direct nodded in emphasis. "I'm afraid Team Go were not the only victims of the meteor that landed on their property."

"Then there are more people with powers like them?"


"How many?"

"We… don't know. The number could be anywhere from these four to dozens."

"These four? So all four siblings… How have we not known about this sooner?"

"As you can tell from the pictures in this report," Dr. Director motioned to the images in which the three mysterious siblings were simply shopping, or doing laundry, "they have either been undercover living normal lives all this time, or they just recently activated the effects of the meteor."

"Just recently?"

"At least within the last four months. That's when we obtained Patient V. We managed to capture him in the middle of a bank heist in upper Go City."

"Let me guess, walks through walls?" Ron interrupted.

"No, he has the power of telepathy, which is why we've been keeping him on constant medication that ultimately suspends him in an unresponsive state."

Kim's temper flared. "You've been drugging him into a vegetable?"

"Miss Possible, you can only imagine the destructive power someone like him is capable of, and now that he's free and in connection with his siblings, there's no telling what possible result this has on the fate of the world."

"And you want me to find out how Shego uses her powers so we can stop them?"

"If we can create a permanent solution to negate the effects of the comet on their bodies, the world will remain safe for another day."

"Something tells me Shego isn't going to give up that easily, not when GJ would hold the key to the end of her villain career."

"This is why we have faith, if anyone could do it, it would be you." Kim brought a hand up to rest on her temple. Dr. Director really had no clue what she was asking. Befriend Shego? Capture her? What was the right way to even approach this sitch?

Maybe crash their lab, guns blazing, and demanding assistance? A formal letter sure as hell wasn't going to do anything.

"Yeah," Ron held up the folder and shook it back and forth. "There's only one thing missin' here. What about the powers of Patient V's siblings?"

"We don't know yet. Security footage from the break in was lost."

"And what makes you think that the solution to curing each individual will be the same?" Kim's temper finally cooled off.

"We have no way of knowing that information either. We're comparing the results of Team Go to each other to find out in what ways their bodies have been effected by the meteor. If it is a case of DNA alteration, the solution may be more complicated than we thought, but if it was a case of hormone production, or other element created by the body, then we might be able to at least suppress it with medication, or eradicate it all together." Dr. Director looked at their location by way of GPS signal. "You'll reach GJ HQ in a few minutes where you'll meet up with Team Go and strategize a plan in order to obtain Shego. I'm guessing I don't have to stress the importance of secrecy," She sized Ron up and down with her one good eye.

True to her word, it was only two minutes until the team landed at Global Justice headquarters. They were led even deeper into the maze that was GJ until they reached an area Kim and Ron had never seen before. Team Go was just in the process of talking with the few scientists and Dr. Director in the general open floor plan as they typed away at massive computer keyboards which held screens stretching to the ceiling. On the monitors were all four members of Team Go, virtually displayed with bio readouts and internal replication images.

"Kim Possible! Good to see you again." Hego walked over to the group and grabbed her hand, squeezing a little too tight for comfort.

"Ah, you too, Hego." The rest of Team Go headed over and everyone exchanged friendly greetings. Kim brought them to the mission at hand turning to the Director, quite a few things on her mind. "So is there any obvious connection between the powers shared by Team Go?"

"As a matter of fact there is." A scientist stood up from his chair and headed over to the group, pointing a small remote at the main computer.

Everyone turned their attention to a monitor, which flashed separate images of the group, highlighting Hego's body and up came video's of him activating his powers, along with images of what his body was experiencing at a cellular level. Mego just scoffed in the corner, clearly jealous to have his brother be the example for them all.

"From what we've managed to gather, the comet that effected Team Go generated its own power in the form of electrical charges that altered the behavior of the surrounding air." The screen changed to a small fragment of the meteor that had been recovered from the site. "These electrical impulses gave off a high energy radiation that supercharged all the atoms in the area. Because of this, anyone who came in contact with the meteor, directly after is impact, had the elements in their body briefly morph at a rapid rate. We believe that Team Go is able to create their individual powers through conflicting electrical brain impulses that alter the behavior of atoms within their own bodies. The impulses produced have their own special characteristics, possibly determined by the separate personalities of the brain, which would explain the wide variety of phenomenological events."

Ron Stoppable, who had completely drowned out the sound of the scientist by this point finally found it necessary for someone to tell him what was going on in English. "And that means what exactly?"

"Simply that the powers Team Go, or anyone who was effected by the meteor possess, alter the composition of their chemical makeup by changing the way atoms in their bodies react to mental stimulus." Ron still looked utterly and hopelessly lost. Kim saved the poor boy by offering a better explanation.

"If Hego thinks about it, his body gets stronger."

"See? Now was that so hard to say?" The scientist stared at Dr. Director with a look that said 'who is this boy and why is he here'. Kim still wasn't satisfied though.

"And how are the atoms behaving in each individual's body?"

"Ah, that is the fascinating part! Hego for example, when stimulated, absorbs elements in the surrounding area that create thick densities of atoms in the muscle tissue of his body. This extra density increases the production rate of energy within his cells, and therefore increases the output power of his muscles by a rate of over 2000 percent!" The rest of the group was in shock.

"And the others?" Kim finally asked.

"Mego seems to be able to minimize the distance between atoms in his body by compressing the electron rings around the cores, thus decreasing the space between individual elements and creating a more compressed mass. Wego follows the same pattern as Hego, in that he… or they draw elements from the surrounding area, duplicating the cells within their own bodies which allow them to separate from the original body and create a replica being that shares the exact same properties as the original."

"And they do this without any sort of consequence?"

"Oh, no. As you can imagine, the alteration of atoms so dramatically within the small area of a human body is extremely unstable. More so in Mego's instance because he's physically altering the makeup of the atoms themselves. If Team Go were to dramatically enhance their abilities, or overuse their powers, it could cause the atoms within their bodies to break their bonds, or even collide! The result would be complete disintegration of their person, or explosions between atoms at a microscopic level that could rip the very fabric of space itself, creating black holes on this very planet!" The entire room grew silent, absorbing the seriousness of the situation at hand. No one was prepared for that detailed of an explanation, especially Team Go, that had until now used their powers quite carelessly and unnecessarily for common activities.

Dr. Director recovered the quickest however, questioning the amount of effort that would require the atoms to become unstable.

"As of now we really have no idea of what kind of limitations there are until they actually happen. But it would be advisable that each individual restrict their abilities. On the other hand, it could simply be a matter of them having no limits." Kim Possible's mind wandered to Shego.

"Based on the information you've obtained so far, can you make an inference about the way Shego's body reacts to the impulses?"

"Well based on the information we've been given, and this is just a hypothesis, I would assume that Shego is using the impulses of her brain to produce a non-lethal radiation that speeds up atoms in the surrounding area. The resulting friction would supercharge the atoms, creating a heat that can produce temperatures, at almost a limitless height."

That certainly explained a lot, Kim thought. But limitless? Did that mean Shego was capable of temperatures that rivaled the sun?

"However, if I'm correct in my assumption, that would mean Shego has the most unstable power of them all. With the rate at which atoms in this radiation increase their speed, the effect would be similar to that of the Large Hadron Collider. Atoms within her vicinity have a greater potential of colliding with each other, creating a situation similar to the beginning of the universe. And while it has been proven that the ability to create black holes within the Large Hadron Collider are highly unlikely, the same cannot be said of Shego." He looked at Ron, who had an expression of mass confusion on his face. Large Hydro whatsit? "In other words, Shego has the potential to destroy the very planet with her own mind." Ron's face took on a look of absolute horror. "But, that is all of course just a hypothesis. We won't truly know anything about Shego's body unless we actually get a chance to study it."

Dr. Director clasped her hands behind her back and sighed. "That won't be necessary. Kim, we will no longer be requiring Shego's assistance at all. In fact, it would probably be best if she were to know nothing about what has occurred here today." A group of guards came into the room to help escort them out. "We'll keep you informed about Coco if we receive any further information on the subject."

"So you're just going to act like nothing happened?"

"We cannot take the risk of letting Shego know how dangerous her abilities may or may not be. If she were to find out even that her body has the potential to create temperatures that would disintegrate the planet, I can't even imagine what the result might be. She could take over the world with as much as a wave of her hand, Miss Possible. And there would be nothing GJ, or you for that matter, could do about it."