Don't Grow Up Too Fast

The night was silent, beautiful, calm, much like the one three weeks ago when Korra had been handed a mysterious baby. The Avatar and everyone else residing in the Air Temple were all sound asleep – dreamless, for once. If she could have kept her eyes open, Korra would've stood watch or rocked Fiera some more in the old rocking chair that had once belonged to Pema. But she was too tired, too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

What she didn't know was that a very significant person with a menacing mask covering his features was climbing through her room window effortlessly. The man landed on the floor, his boots making only a slight 'thump' sound that wouldn't have been enough to wake a fly – let alone the Avatar or her friends. He stepped away from her bed and walked to the cradle. Fiera slept with both tiny fists curled up to shield her face as if she were having a bad dream, which made him chuckle darkly under his breath. Her red hair stood out like a light bulb, and he couldn't help but touch his fingers to the soft curls.

Pathetic. What a pathetic child this was. It almost made him laugh to think that Korra and her oh-so-faithful bender buddies had no idea what was coming to them. They had no idea what this child would grow up to be, just how much fire she would have in that small heart of hers. "Idiotic girl," he muttered, retracting his fingers from her hair. "You should never have been born…"

"And you should never have dragged your sorry arse into my room, Amon."

He stopped what he was doing, though he wasn't shocked by the appearance of the Avatar. She stood behind him, arms in a defensive bending position, taking him in and trying not to let her voice tremble. He was so close, so close to Fiera. For some reason this fact angered her more than anything. How dare he come in here like this, no backup, thinking he could touch her baby.

Her baby. Korra was too preoccupied to notice the thought that had just passed through her mind.

"Get out," she commanded. "Get out now, Amon!"

She was tempted to call for help, but this situation confused her. Why was he here? Usually he came in a group. Why hadn't he gone for her first instead of Fiera? Why bother talking to a little girl who can't understand a word of what you're saying?

"Oh, don't worry yourself," the slow, meandering words of Amon clenched her already rapidly beating heart with fear. "I won't be staying long. I just came to deliver a message."

"A message?"

"Yes. I heard about your… child… and thought I would come for a little visit. To see her for myself, that is."

"Leave her out of this!" Korra snapped, already on edge. "This fight doesn't belong to her and it never will!"

"Won't it?"

That stopped the Avatar. She gaped at him, afraid of what his next words were going to be. She didn't need more life changing statements or events. Everything now was already too much for her to handle. Anything else would break her, she just knew it.

"What are you… what are you saying?"

"Such beautiful hair," Amon answered slowly, taunting her. "She really is quite a pretty girl. No scars marring her person. Wouldn't it be a shame if she were to have her precious bending taken away before she could even exhibit it?"

"Bending?" Korra was now thoroughly confused. "What are you saying…?"

"Watch out for her, Avatar," Amon said, a sharp edged glint in his tone. "She is my daughter after all.

With that, he was gone without a trace – leaping out the window as if he were merely a part of the wind outside. No trace of him remained. The Avatar stood rooted in place, her eyes wide and her mouth dropping open at his exclamation. Daughter? She thought. His daughter? No. I can't accept this. I won't!

Yet, what if it were true?

The woman steadied herself against the wall and watched the rise and fall of Fiera's chest. Her red hair was windblown from the air coming in from the open window. Her pale face was calm and beautiful in the moonlit night and she seemed to be so peaceful. How could someone as precious and perfect as this be related in any way to the person who had struck fear into the hearts of the people who lived in Republic City?

It just wasn't possible.

But what if it was?

This was a revolution. Revolutions were worse than war, because the people involved actually believed in what they were dying and fighting for. Revolutions could change a nation, could change people in ways that were different from a war. When a revolution started, it was hard for anyone to trust anybody and the people they thought they could trust were actually untrustworthy in the first place.

Revolutions were dangerous.

Korra and Mako knew this better than anyone. They were living through one right now and it was absolute hell. Not only were they affected, but the whole of their Republic City was being affected. They couldn't get the attacks to stop, and despite being the Avatar, Korra was only one woman. She couldn't be in two places at once. The task force helped a little, but it still wasn't enough. Lin Bei Fong no longer was in charge of the metal benders. She was working outside the law, infiltrating places in who-knows-where. Korra hadn't heard from her in weeks.

This latest news, the news that Fiera was Amon's daughter, was almost enough to send the Avatar over the edge. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to tell Mako (and most definitely not Bolin, who couldn't keep a secret to save his life) nor did she want to spill the beans to a disapproving Tenzin or a frantic Pema. Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, were definitely out of the picture. Kid's tongues were too loose for her liking.

"I will protect you," Korra whispered to Fiera. It was three in the morning, and the girl was still deep in slumber. She was such a beautiful little thing. It made Korra's heart swell. She didn't want anything, not anything, to happen to this precious child that she had come to love so much. "If I told anyone, you would be out casted. This city is so far deep in trouble that they'd stoop to new levels and blame a defenseless girl like you. But you'll be strong, won't you, Fiera? You must be."

Korra was not a pushover. She knew the consequences of keeping her mouth shut and the consequences of opening it. If she told Republic City about Amon and what he had said, Fiera would never be accepted. The damage done to this place was enough so that they would want someone to blame. It didn't have to be Amon. Blaming someone who carried his blood would be just as easy as blaming the real leader of the revolution.

"The world is going to hate you one day for being alive. One day, you'll need to show them what you're made of."

Asami was not the type of person to let something like this go. There was a freaking baby at the Air Temple! Not only that, but this baby belonged to her boyfriend and his… and his… what did she call Korra? His significant other! Yeah, that would work.

"Mako, I don't know about this. I'm not so great at handling kids."

"Don't think of it like that. Fiera's… she's… well…"


"Different. In looks, I mean. But she's pretty mellow too. No need to worry.


"Look, Asami, it's going to be fine. She's only a year old for goodness sakes. No need to get all nervous…"

The two of them had arrived around twenty minutes ago on Air Temple Island. Asami was wearing her usual red and black, while Mako was outfitted in old clothes – signature scarf wrapped around his neck. They were now standing in front of the baby's room. The fire bender knew it would be empty other than Fiera, since this was the little girl's nap time that he had scheduled with Korra a couple weeks back. Needless to say, they never missed a chance to lay her down and go have a rest themselves. "I better go find Korra and apologize for being gone so long. You can… go on in, if you want."

After Mako left, Asami eased open the door and walked quietly into the room, hoping not to wake Fiera if she were sleeping. This fear was quickly dashed, however, when she saw the little sitting up in her cradle, rubbing her big blue eyes. She was, by far, the cutest thing Asami had ever seen. No wonder Mako and Korra seemed completely wrapped around her finger.

"Hey there, hon," Asami said softly, stooping down so she was at eye level with the child. Fiera smiled at her, poking her hand out to touch Asami's face. "You're quite adorable, aren't you?"

The baby giggled, as though she had somehow understood what Asami was saying. The woman grinned as well, letting Fiera clasp her fingers with her own tiny ones. She wondered what it would be like to have a child one day of her own. It surprised her that it was particularly hard to imagine Mako in her future like that. They were so… 'cool' with each other. She didn't feel heat or passion or anything really in their relationship. Sure, maybe sometimes, but it wasn't… it wasn't like she thought it would or should have been like.

That realization almost scared her. Badly. Yet she wouldn't let that emotion take root. If the future was without Mako, then she could handle it. Somehow she figured it wouldn't last much longer, this… this relationship of theirs.

Somehow, Fiera's calm innocence made her feel better. It was good to know that not everyone was suffering from some kind of heart break. It was nice for her to see someone, even if it was a child, who was not mourning for something or someone they had lost.

"I wish you could stay like this forever, little one," she whispered. "Don't grow up too fast, Fiera."

Oooh. Bet you didn't see that coming. *evil cackle*