The shrieking and running around of the lady Tresendra and her attendants didn't distract too many Dragons. Those nearby glanced to see what was going on, but once they saw that there was no show of actual bloodshed taking place they turned back to whatever they were doing, leaving Tresendra's attendants trying to get the Dragon lady from staying in one place without transforming long enough for them to stomp out the fires.

In the chaos it was easy for Nephi to slip through the crowd unnoticed and come up behind the red headed female. He'd known where she was the instant he had felt the flicker of magic when she'd set the dress on fire and she stood out from those around.

"Jealous much?" He leaned forward and asked in her ear.

"Nephi!" She jumped and spun around, surprise and a little bit of guilt (at being found, he was sure, not setting the dress on fire) on her face. "Hmph, who did she think she is? Making moves on my King!"

"That would be a lady of influence," He said dryly, knowing it wouldn't make a difference to her.

"Ha, and I'm the daughter of a Duke. Beat that!" Uncertainty clouded her face as her confidence wavered. "There is room for only one Queen, right Nephi?"

"Of course," he reassured her, wondering why the thought was coming to her now. "You will be my one of a kind Queen. Besides, I don't think any dress can hope to outshine your fiery beauty. Speaking of which..." He looked her up and down, recognizing the clothes she was wearing. It was a dress used for royal ceremonies but she only had a few layers on her and, while quite modest, it still looked a bit incomplete. "You're not finished getting ready are you?"

She blew impatiently through her nose. "How can I sit for hours and hours in the dressing room when there's all this going on?" she gestured expansively around the room, almost knocking a tray out from two Bulmen if Nephi hadn't tugged her aside. The Bulmen bowed nervously before trotting on by.

Nephi frowned after them. Had all the servants in the castle been replaced by Bulmen? He thought before he had left there were some Dragon free servants around still. Another thing on the list of firsts to look into.

"Besides," Annoyance bordering on discomfort tainted her voice, bringing his attention back to the strong headed human. "This is incredibly hot enough to wear as it is. If I put any more layers on me I'd die!"

He raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "But I thought you were use to wearing lots of layers."

"In Bel Lenora, yes," She agreed. "Where it's cold. You know? Freezing? But the temperature here is well above a summer day! How do you people stand this?"

"We are use to it..." He replied absently. He hadn't really thought of something like this becoming a problem, but he should of realized from his travels that something like this would come up. He'd just never taken time to give it much thought how more comfortable he was back in his homeland. "Perhaps something can be done..."

"Oh no, they've found me!" Aurora squawked without letting him finish, turning on her heel and dashing off into the crowds. Colorful layers of silk and colored cotton trailing after her from the shoulders and waist, like dragonfly wings fluttering after her. Nephi watched her disappear with amusement, then turned as four female Bulmen servants trotted up, looking confused. Spotting Nephi they bowed to him and the lead servant spoke up.

"Magna Dragon... Have you seen Lady Aurora? She..." Here the Bulman fidgeted nervously before plunging ahead, ducking her head in anticipation of a harsh words. "She grew tired and last seen coming here..."

"She's like that," Nephi told them with an amused smile, not missing the brief flashes of surprise on their faces. "You will have time to get use to her fancies... I take it she wasn't making it easy to get ready for the ceremonies?"

Uncertainty made the lead female servant hesitate before she nodded quickly. "Yes My Lord. I'm afraid I don't know how to handle humans."

"Humans aren't too different." He told her wistfully. No not that much different at all, some were extremely strong, others not. But they had been strong, strong enough to throw off the bonds of the Forbidden he could dream of nothing but clinging to the borrowed power he had. In that, they had been far stronger then he, the Magma King had ever been. He shook his head, suddenly aware of the Bulman staring at him.

"Perhaps if you try a lighter dress it would be easier." He suggested.

"But that's already a summer dress-" One of the other servants started to say before the lead female Bulman smacked her hard on the shoulder before bowing to Nephi. "Please forgive your servants, Magma King, she did not mean to speak out of turn."

Another thing to go on the list of first, he would have to get the servants use to him again. The thought drew his lips into a sour frown, for it meant confronting the past he wanted to leave behind. He pushed it to the side, he had other things to consider at the moment.

He wasn't sure what the fashion for a wife of the king would be. The last time he had seen one dressed so formally had been his mother and that had been many ages ago. He realized that it was quite possible that none of the dresses supposedly fit for a Dragon queen hadn't been used in the same amount of time.

He frowned again, absently noting how the Bulmans's tails twitched in nervousness. Maybe wearing the old stuff wasn't a good way to show a new start. Anyone who could remember the last time it was worn would remember the old Queen and that wasn't good.

"No, no those dresses won't do," he decided with a firm nod, an idea forming in his mind. "Listen to me, this is what I want you do to."

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