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Glitch P.O.V

I walk up to Mo's face. "Well played Mo, but I'm gonna get you back." I show him a picture of me in my underwear holding a teddy bear in my sleep. He sent it to all my friends. "HAHA! Got you little man! You can't get me back that hard." You see Mo and I have a game Called "Prank wars" to see who is the best pranker. And it looks like Mo is ahead of me. "Just watch yo back Mo. I am gonna get you back HARD." I walk out of the living room of the small apartment into my bedroom.

Time to think, what am I going to do to Mo. It took a couple minutes then I found out what will hit him the Mo. He has these Hip Hop cd's and I'm going to do something with them. I left the apartment in my crew outfit. I don't feel like changing. I make it to Central Main street. I turn my head to see a store for little kids. I smile evilly and walk into the store. Everything is pink and blue. Not my style. I look around and find what I needed. Potty training dvd's. Perfect.

I take a couple and walk up to the cashier. "How much are these?" I ask. "Um… I think you're a little old for those but you do have the height." He laughs loudly. I got pissed off. "Dude, just tell me how much they cost!"

"Okay! They are three dollars all together."

I hand him the money and walk out the store. Okay so now I have Mo's hip cd's and potty training ones. I go home and it's about nine o'clock. Mo must be watching T.V. I open the door and he is, so I carefully switch out the cd's without him seeing me. And luckily he didn't. When I'm done I sit next to Mo with a big grin on my face. "What you so happy 'bout?" my mentor asks.

"I just think you should watch your rap cd's."

"No, no, no. If you want me to watch those I know it's a prank. I'm going to watch my favorite ones, the Hip Hop ones. And you know what I'm going to call the gang to show how bad yo' prank is."

Mo dials up everyone's number. About fifteen minutes later all the crews are here. Emilia, Dare, Angel, EVERYONE. This is gonna be funny and Mo not telling them it might be a prank makes it even funnier. "Okay ya'll! We are here to watch my favorite cd's so you better enjoy this!" Mo put in the cd's not knowing that they are the potty training memos. He sat down and we waited. A couple seconds later a video came on. There was a baby, women, and a potty.

"Now you put the baby on the seat!" the women called out. She put the naked baby on the toilet seat. "You let your baby use the bathroom on their own!" Then we heard farting noises. We all busted out laughing. "Wow Mo, I didn't think that my own boyfriend still needs potty training." Taye said with a small smile. "What! These are not my cd's." He turned and looked at me "Glitch." He said with a evil eye. I put my hands up in defense. "Hey, I didn't do anything. It's not my fault that you showed your big secret that you don't know how to do your business on your own."

"I think I had enough laughter for one day. Thanks Mo for letting us see your big secret" The brunette lifeguard said leaving with Bodie behind her.

"Yeah Mo, I think you should keep your secrets to yourself. Now lets go angel." The redhead said taking Angel with her.

"Bye babe. T. and I have to get to bed." Taye got up with Lil T. behind her leaving.

Mo got up and sat next to me. "Nice prank little man. But I have something better. Now get to bed." I got up and went to my room. I'll see Mo's bad prank tomorrow, right now I need SLEEP.

Next Morning

I woke not seeing anything. I hate it when I get up so fast and I can't see anything for like 10 seconds. I got up anyway not seeing anything. I put my bare foot to the floor and step on something terrible… a LEGO. OW! It must be only one so I keep walking, but I step on another one! I rub my eyes to see what's going on. When my eye sight gets better I see my room is filled with LEGOS. I can't even walk around them Legos were all over the floor covering every single part of carpet and when I step on one it hurts like hell. When I step on another one I screamed so loud Mo came to my room.

"What's wrong little man? You seem hurt." The African-American said with a sad face.

"What did you do to my room." I said with a mad face.

"You pranked me hard I prank you back harder."

"Well played, I guess you win, now please pick up my Legos."

"Alright little man." Mo helps my pick up the Legos and puts them in my bin. He's lucky he actually has shoes to wear wile I walk with my bear feet. "Yo Mo."

"Yes little Man?" My mentor turning his head.

"I'm going to get you back one day."

"Try me."

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