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The department of Mysteries wasn't as cool as he had thought it was when he first saw it. As much as there was interesting magical objects and experiments, most were either broken or completely useless. Even now, he had done nothing but watch older, brain numb scientist wizards dick around with their chosen elements in the two years he had been working here.

After graduation, Harry had attempted to be an auror with Ron but with the pull of the Veil, he had wanted to take a look at the arch that stole his godfather from him. Still, no closer to that artifact, here he was watching as a bumbling wizard bothered with something he shouldn't.

Harry flinched behind the shield his magic erected as the experiment Jones was tinkering with exploded. People screamed and cursed as they tried to get out of the way of the flying objects. Harry was in the middle of moving towards Jones to see if the fool was alive when there was a strange pull on his magic.

He stopped, face morphing into a look of horror as his shield blinked and went out, just as a sharp piece of shrapnel form the explosion slammed into his chest, ripping through his chest and feeling slightly like a port-key as he blinked out of existence.

Hermione was left staring at empty space, as she stared where her best mate Harry Potter now no longer stood.

It felt like his skin was ripping off his bones and his guts were tying knots as he was thrown through reality. With a dawning realization, mixed with pain and nausea, Harry remembered, Jones was bothering with the fabric of time.

Darkness took him, and feeling ebbed away until it felt like he was detached from his body, which was floating in some mass of blackness that blocked all senses. Harry's mind drifted, shutting off in some sort of sleep for a while that felt like years passing, or musing on some strange memory for the rest. Time had no meaning. Hunger had no meaning, neither did thirst, or any necessary body functions.

Then he was slamming into what felt like solid metal, screeching sounds and flashing lights filling his eyes. Harry clutched the grate ground, looking up and around him, blinking back the tears of agony. What. The flying FUCK.

They were moving, he could feel, falling, and he was shocked when a man emerged from some king of chamber and fell on him.

"Who are you?" the man panted, taking his sweet time getting off him. Harry batted at him, coughing when air rushed into his lungs.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Harry gasped, fighting to his feet. The other man was already on his knees, looking at something behind harry.

Taking a glance, Harry felt shock rip through him as he looked at a chained man blindfolded and gagged. His teeth were clenched in a snarl, and his muscles bulging in his restraints. His bald head was lifted, blindfolded eyes seemingly staring at Harry. Then, his perusal of this animal behind glass was halted by the blonde haired man's cursing, and a terrible thump and a ripping sound tearing the air.

Something slammed Harry upwards, and he only had a moment's time to realize the back of the cabin was being torn away, and the blonde man was clutching onto a metal pipe. Harry slid past him, and the man didn't so much as reach for the slimmer black haired man as he went by.

Harry was thrown into the chained man's chamber, he clutched at the large box as the world trembled, and the walls of this cabin he was in started to tear away. Harry cried out as much as he could, shock and fear mingling into confusion so great all he could do was clutch to the other man's chamber, tears dotting at his eyes. The man tilted his head, Harry could barely see it but when he recognized the stance, something in him shivered.

Then something slammed into his back, and unconsciousness took him.

Riddick was rather confused, during a crash that could easily end his life in seconds, he was more interested in the slim youth that had, by all rights, just popped out of the wall of the ship like a flower. He appeared out of nowhere, and Riddick did not recognize his scent at all- he only knew he wanted to bury his nose into the man's neck and inhale as deeply as he could.

It was unnamable, but it was the kind of scent that set your mouth to watering and your loins to tightening. Certainly, Riddick was feeling the effects of it. And when the boy was slammed into the door of his chamber, panting and whimpering it was all he could do not to throw himself against the restraints.

He tilted his head, interested, wishing he could just see the boy his senses were screaming for him to either attack or dominate. He felt rather than saw the boy's shudder and oh was it sweet. But then, Fate decided to fuck him over and something slammed into the boy's back, sending him unconscious, but luckily, also breaking the lock on his door. In a swift movement, Riddick had twisted enough to pop the hinge of the chains nailing him to the floor, and had forced the slimmer boy into the chryo chamber, determined to save him from being pulled out the back of the ship.

It was wondrous, the younger man's limp body pressed against his own. Riddick allowed himself the luxury of leaning down and smelling along line up the boy's slim neck. It something within him growling, and he had to force himself away from the boy. Managing to get his cuffed hands in front of his body, he gently gathered the smaller man into his arms, and sat him lightly on the ground of the chamber. It was just as the ship came to a stop, that Riddick gave one last look to the lightly breathing creature at his feet before he went and hid himself from Johns.

Interesting. Very interesting.

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