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He was suddenly beside Ali, who was fleeing in panic from the sharp teeth of the little Flyers. He grabbed the boy and nearly hauled him into a side room, slamming the door behind him.

"Hush, hush," he told the little boy, clutching him to him. Harry felt blood drip down his forehead, and he was shocked to find little scratches on his body from the little flying assholes. They were too fast for his jaws to catch, but their teeth stung like alcohol on an open wound. Harry swallowed. "I'll keep you safe."

A whisper again, but this time behind him. Harry's skin crawled.

Oh god, he thought in desperation, oh god, I can feel them. Their little bodies joyfully circling, their hearts beating in a strange four step rhythm. He felt their exultation in waves and it disgusted him.

Ali was looking up at him with tear filled eyes, and Harry had only a second to search for an escape before with a unanimous cry, the fledglings behind them swirled forwards with deadly intent.

Feeling the attacks against his skin, Harry let out a wail and curled himself around the boy. In an instant, he had banished them both into the cabinet at the end of the room, through the locked doors. In the cramped space, he and the boy listened in terror as the little creatures tried to get in.

Riddick on the other hand, was having his unique version of a panic attack. Though he gave no outward sign, if he were a normal person, he would be hyperventilating and quite possibly his heart would give out. Never in all his years did he see a man simply disappear. Sure, there are a lot of crazies out there who claim to have magic, or be of a special alien race, but really, most of that was hocus pocus.

What Harry just did though, was incredible. One second he had been running after him, eyes fixed on his slim back when suddenly, he wasn't there anymore. There was only a slight falter in Riddick's running steps, before he heard something strange and kept towards the Coring Room, where Harry had been headed. He would deal with this discover later: when he got Harry back in his control and unable to run away.

Johns took his time shooting the chains on the door, missing the first time, and then all Riddick wanted to do was shove himself in. But, he took his time, feeling as though something was wrong, and then suddenly those little fledgling buggers burst out like a dark cloud of death. They dashed back outside, listening to the creatures screech before the door moved open and they watched them swirl into the
dark hole at the center of the room.

"Ali!" Imam shouted, "Harry! Ali!" and edged into the building, eyes searching every dark place they could find. The others walked in just as slow, Riddick prowled around them hating them for being in his way.

There was a side chamber, where the creatures had exploded from, and that's where Riddick headed, opening the door slowly, crouched, so any stragglers couldn't get him.

"Gorgeous?" There was a still silence, before there was a strange knocking sound.

Looking around he caught sight of a large cabinet with a large padlock keeping it closed. They couldn't be in there. He growled.

"Gorgeous!" his voice was snappier this time, tired of Harry hiding.

"Riddick!" came a muffled sound and a bang, and this time, he was sure it came from the cabinet. Feeling some of the others curiously coming to his back, Riddick approached the cabinet and tapped it.

"Well finally, what took you so long?" Harry groused, keeping a hand on the back of Ali's head. The poor boy was still shaking. Harry stubbornly denied to himself that his own voice was rather tremulous.

"Give me a second." Riddick said, casting his eyes about for something that would break that lock. Unluckily, these people didn't leave around heavy bolt cutters; Riddick had to wait for Johns to shoot the door open. The merc was at least smart about it, shoving the gun into the door and pointing away from the trapped people inside to shoot. Once it rattled free, Ali burst out of it with wailing Arabic, headed straight to Imam. Harry followed more stately, but no less shaken. There were cuts and drips of blood on every inch of his uncovered skin.

Johns and the others backed away from him, leaving space open for Riddick to move in and block everybody else off.

He said nothing, simply moving into space so Harry didn't have to deal with the other's stares at the moment. There was a strange yank in his stomach when Harry looked up and Riddick saw the tears and the fear in his eyes.

With shaking hands, Harry reached up and placed them against the broad expanse of Riddick chest, and laid his head down upon them. His cheek pressed right above where Riddick's heartbeat measured it's sure rhythm. The action was not sexual, as most of their interactions had been up to this point, and Riddick found himself woefully inadequate to respond. He eventually decided on putting one of his large hands on Harry's slim back, looking down at the soft ebony locks resting against his chest.

It didn't take very long for Harry to get his composure back, and it worried Riddick when he caught the strange steel look in Harry's eyes. Riddick stayed emotionless as Harry drew back, wiping dry cheeks, and smiling at him. Resisting the urge to smother the other in his chest, Riddick backed away from Harry, turning to see the other people who surrounded them in a small semi-circle.

It seemed Johns was determined to be an ass. As Harry looked into the somewhat disbelieving, even angry faces around him, he tried his hardest not to snarl. A light curl of his lips slipped through however.

"What the fuck are you?" he asked his hands tense on the gauge. Harry ran a hand through his hair.

"I don't know." Harry whispered, unable to keep eye contact. He feared he would hurt on of them.

"What was that?" Fry asked, stepping forward, her blue eyes suspicious as they looked at him, "You're obviously not human, I've seen your eyes glow, your fangs, and your claws. Then there was that disappearing act." Her mouth twisted, and she looked at Harry like he was a lying monster.

He burst.

"I don't fucking know!" he howled, his claws coming out and his eyes sharpening to near razor points, "All I know is that I don't belong here!" he made an abortive move towards them, then hissed and shifted back when Johns raised his gun.

"I was human before, somewhere far away from here. I was on Earth, with my friends, and my human body, and then something happened. I was twisted into something else." his anger seemed to flee from him, and his shoulders fell, "I don't know what I am." Shazza made a sympathetic noise, as did Imam.

"And the disappearing?" Johns tone was snarky; he seemed to hate losing the support of his groupies.

"Magic." The answer was so ambiguous it threw them all off.


"Yeah, magic. I can't consciously tap into it anymore, like I used to, it's just there now. Boiling under my skin." A far off look appeared in Harry's eyes.

Johns snorted and looked at Harry with such contempt filled disregard that Riddick felt his hackles rising. Harry put a hand over his eyes and slowly those claws receded, his eyes reverted to their natural aura, and his shoulders slumped. When he looked up again he seemed so forlorn that Shazza's heart melted.

"Alright, come on, let's get back to work. Ignore this little happening. I'm near done." the black haired woman gave Riddick a strange look before shaking her head and walking out.

It was obvious the others weren't sold on this idea, but they decided to consider Harry more crazy than dangerous, and for that, Riddick was happy.

But, now as they went about searching around the Coring room, they kept an eye on Harry and Riddick both. Jack was the only one who really didn't mind being next to either of them, at least until Shazza called her away.

When they went back into the sunlight, Fry having discovered something concerning the time frame of the last samples, Harry looked at his palm. Clenching his hand into a fist he felt eyes on him. He connected his to Riddick's and something moved within those venomous eyes, something dark and feral. For the first time ever, Riddick felt a shiver go down his spine.


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