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I know, I know. Starting another fic before finishing FTDWE? But this has been bouncing around in my head for a while and it needs to get out there. I will finish From the Darkness, just let me get this out there first!

Enjoy Minions!

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"He changed so you could smile!"

"That heart may come from someone else, but it's yours."

"The fact that you consider Sakura your most precious person doesn't come from my heart, it's from you!"

I watched, as the boy I had traveled with for so long single handedly broke all of our hearts. I was standing next to Kurogane, I could feel his confusion, his anger, radiating off him in waves. This…thing had Syaoran's body, but it was not the boy whose hair I'd affectionately ruffle as I walked past. Not the boy who could be such a klutz and scatterbrain, but infinitely wise and quick. The one who'd go to the ends of the universe to get the memories of the girl he loved back. No matter the price. The soulless thing I was seeing was not Syaoran.

I gritted my teeth, "Remember your heart Syaoran! Remember!"

He didn't even flinch as he landed another brutal blow to his doppelganger, not even hesitating as Sakura let out another anguished cry. My grip tightened on the tonfa blades in my hand.

"Eri." I turned to Kurogane, who was holding up Fai's beaten body. The pit of my stomach tightened at the sight of him. He had blood streaming down his already pale face; the red stuff was smeared all over.

"Eri," Kurogane ground out, "Get to Sakura," He glanced at me, "The one who is supposed to protect her obviously can't right now." I took one last look at Fai, the one who had saved me so many times. He continuously put himself in danger to protect others. It was no wonder the fair-haired man held my heart. And now here he was, in this state. I couldn't even protect him. I turned away and leaped across the tendrils that surrounded the area.

Sakura was in some type of bubble, the feather beside her. She had tears streaming down her face, she was broken.

I wasn't expecting the two Syaorans fight to be over so quickly, "our" Syaoran had knocked his doppelganger into a wall and was upon me before I had time to react. A devastating kick to the gut and the feel of cold steel sliding through my abdomen was all it took for me to black out.

When I woke up, things were worse.

Everything was falling apart.

Syaoran was gone, leaving his doppelganger behind.

Fai was going to die, unless helped by the vampire twins who refused to do so.

Kurogane could barely keep himself together, let alone everyone else.

Sakura was gone on a suicide mission.

We were breaking. The only person who could fix us was the one who had broken us in the first place.