The early morning sun glowed brightly over the large brick structure that was League High. It was here at this coveted establishment, located in the heart of Kalamanda, where the exceptionally skilled youth of Valorian society studied for their future work. Among the many exceptionally talented students, there were those who did not see studying to be worthwhile, and for them League High served only as a place to pull pranks and cause meaningless drama. For others, however, the school served as a meeting place for adolescent champions to get to know each other. With such a wide assortment of students, conflict was a common occurrence, but for the most part school life was normal, by their standards.

The hallways were empty, each door closed and locked. Among the winding halls of the school, every form of education could be found. Science Labs, Robotics Studios, Band Rooms, and training rooms for the multiple athletic clubs were clearly apparent. Just as with any school there was no exception to the rule, and although the staff did nothing to limit it, smaller private social groups still existed to torment those outside of their ranks.

A lone janitor by the name of Yorick approached the massive school, and looked up at the prestigious academy. "Well ole girl, it's about time. Another year together, let's have a good one." Yorick slung his mop over his shoulder pulling his cart of supplies and unlocked the building, preparing to make sure that all the classrooms were prepared for the year's students.

As the clock at the center of the schools grounds ticked idly by 8 A.M. rushed around the corner and with it a flood of students. The scene was one of sheer chaos with everybody shoving their way through the doors. Seniors passed their time harassing the new first years as was customary. As the flood began to subside the loud ring of the morning bell was apparent and soon enough the halls had cleared with students entering their assigned classrooms.