As Orianna worked on her homework for class, she heard a knock on her door. She had not been expecting anyone to show up. She looked up at her clock and noticed it was close to dark. After another round of knocking, Orianna stood from her chair and approached the door.
"Who is it?" She asked through the door. No answer. Orianna took a moment to decide what to do. She opened the door away after a couple of moments, finding a large boy standing in her doorway. His hair was long and black and he held up two tickets.

"Concert, wanted to know if you could come," Mordekaiser said. Orianna stared at him for a few moments before looking back towards the desk she was sitting at.

"I'm doing homework," Orianna replied

"What class?"

"Advanced Biology. Morde, I'm getting behind and I'm sorry but I can't g-" Mordekaiser walked right past her and sat at her desk. He picked up her pencil and began writing down answers below the questions on the paper. Orianna only watched as he filled out the blank spaces on her assignment. A few minutes later, he put her pencil down.

"There, you're done. Now can you go?" Orianna looked at the paper and began to look over his answers. She couldn't disagree with any of them. She placed the paper back down on her desk and sighed.

"Give me a few minutes to get dressed," she said.

"I'll be parked outside."

Orianna stepped out of her doorway. Mordekaiser sat patiently in the driver seat of his car, awaiting Orianna. She wore a tight, black shirt and a black miniskirt. She hadn't normally worn outfits like this until she began dating Mordekaiser. Slowly, she got more into the habit of wearing black, but it had never became a permanent color in her wardrobe.

She opened the passenger door and hopped into his van. She had questioned him before why he didn't get a car and instead got a large gas guzzler of this sort. His reply was nothing short of straight forward. I don't fit. After that, she never questioned him why he drove a van.
After a long drive of silence, Orianna broke it. "How did you know the answers?" She asked. Mordekaiser grinned slightly.

"Biology is my best subject. I passed that class with a 98," he stated. Orianna stared at him in confusion. She would have never guessed that Biology was Mordekaiser's best subject. He seemed more interested in music than anything else. She figured he just didn't care about other subjects of school.

Mordekaiser pulled a cigarette from a pack and lit it before sticking the end in his mouth. He took a long drag from the cigarette and bellowed out a cloud of smoke. Orianna sighed, "Can you not smoke and drive?" she questioned. Mordekaiser gave her a stern look before rolling down his window. Almost instantly, the smoke was sucked out of the vehicle.

"Problem solved," Mordekaiser said. Orianna rolled her eyes.

Mordekaiser parked his van in the parking lot of the venue. It was a large area surrounded by trees. Huge stage lights brightly pierced the thick night. A large amount of vehicles were all parked in the open field of grass. Orianna and Mordekaiser stepped off the van. As the two walked, Mordekaiser abruptly stopped, turned toward Orianna and lifted her upwards.

"Hey! What are you doi-" He sat her down on his shoulders and continued on. "Oh..." she said flatly. He laughed lightly as he trudged into the crowd of people with Orianna on his shoulders. She held on as he pressed through the clump of bodies. When he felt he was close enough to enjoy the music, he stopped.

The band had yet to walk onto the stage, but it wouldn't be long until they both were enjoying the music. One of Mordekaiser's favorite things about Orianna was her very large taste in music. She could enjoy the music her friends listened too, which was far from metal, but she could also go to concerts such as these with him and enjoy the music also. There was no real forcing her to go.

A few minutes passed before a man shouted a Mordekaiser. "Hey dude! Get your fucking chick down and out of the damn way!" he complained. Mordekaiser turned to face the guy.

"Hey, calm down," Mordekaiser said as he faced the man..

"No, I'm not gonna calm the fuck down! I want to see the damn show along with everyone else!" The guy shouted.

"Morde, It's ok, just put me down," Orianna said to her boyfriend who was giving the man a deadly gaze. "Please sir, we're sorry." Mordekaiser lifted Orianna off of his shoulders and put her down on the ground. "Thank you Morde," she said quietly. She watched as Mordekaiser cocked his hand back and grabbed onto his elbow. "NO! Stop it!"

Mordekaiser's tense arms instantly let up upon feeling Orianna's hands wrap around. The man grinned. "Oh, so your bitch is gonna tell you when to fight?" the man taunted before laughing. "Pathetic little shit."

The insults only seemed to anger Mordekaiser even more. Orianna could feel his biceps tightening from the anger. "He's not worth it," Orianna said to the large man she called her boyfriend. "Lets go find another spot." She began tugging at Mordekaiser's arm, trying to pull him away from the explosive situation.

He let her drag him, eyeing the guy as they disappeared into the crowd. He could hear the man's laughter. Once they were out of view, he tugged his arm out of Orianna's grip. His face was masked in a veil of anger. "Can we just enjoy the concert?" Orianna asked, looking up at Mordekaiser, "No fighting?"

Mordekaiser grumbled, "Fine," he said after a short pause. Orianna smiled and kissed his cheek, turning Mordekaiser's face a very light red.

"Thank you," she said happily. It was then that the band finally appeared on stage with a loud cheer from every attendant of the concert.

"ARE YOU READY!" The lead singer shouted into the mic. The sea of bodies replied with agreement. "I can't hear you! ARE YOU FUCKING READY!" The lead singer responded. The cheer from the crowd was louder the second time around, almost deafening. Almost instantly, notes from the guitarist of the band sprung to life. Immediately, Mordekaiser and Orianna were sucked into the music, completely forgetting the events that took place only moments before.

The night was enjoyable for the two, Mordekaiser had even placed Orianna on his shoulders a second time with no complaint from anyone. Many other women sat on shoulders throughout the audience. After hours of music though, the band played their last song. "That's all we have for tonight! You were a wonderful audience! Good night!"

The couple, along with the many attendants of the concert, began to walk back to their vehicles. Mordekaiser and Orianna had difficulty leaving the concert grounds with Mordekaiser's huge vehicle. Eventually, they were back on the road.

The two were sweaty from the large amount of body heat that radiated from the crowd of people. Their hair was matted and stuck to their skin where it made contact. They both looked happy as Mordekaiser drove back to the school campus. Silence hung between the two before Orianna finally spoke up.

"That was fun Mordekaiser, thanks," she said quietly.

"No problem, babe," he replied. She reached towards him and grabbed his unused hand. Mordekaiser smiled lightly and soon, the pair's fingers interlocked.

The van stopped in front of Orianna's dorm. They hopped out and Mordekaiser walked her over to the doorway. They stopped in front of the door. After a moment of staring, their lips locked. It took a few moments before they parted. Orianna's face was beaming. "I'll see you on Monday before class," she said happily. "Good night Morde."

"Good night Orianna," he said as she slipped into her room. With a large smile on his face, he walked up to his own dorm and went inside. What he found was somewhat shocking, but after a few seconds, he realized how unsurprising it was. "Shaco..."

Shaco was lying down on Mordekaiser's bed, typing into his laptop. "Oh, hey Mordekaiser. How'd your date go? Not well I'm guessing since you came here," Shaco snickered at his last comment.

"Contrary to your belief, it went better than expected. Aside from that, what are you doing in my room?" Mordekaiser sat down on a chair next to his desk. "From what I remember, your dorm is a few rooms over."

Shaco looked up from the laptop screen, "Nothing really. I was bored and had nothing to do, so I picked the lock and came to investigate. Then I saw you pick up Orianna and assumed you were going somewhere private, but didn't really care where. And then your computer was here so I-"

Mordekaiser raised his hand up and stopping Shaco, "Alright, I got it," he said. "Now if you don't mind, I would like to take a shower and get some rest."

Shaco sat up from the bed and frowned, "Do I really have to go?" he asked, mocking disappointment.


"Very well!" Shaco jumped up off Mordekaiser's bed and shot out of the door, closing it behind him. It happened so quickly it took Mordekaiser a few moments before he realized that Shaco was gone.

"Crazy bastard," Mordekaiser told himself before locking the door to his dorm.