Important Notice:

Welcome to Reset Sukima, a semi-dark fic. First I wish to warn you, the theme for this story is STRONG though still rated T. SOME THEMES INCLUDE RAPE AND MURDER, AND THERE WILL BE DEATHS, so if you are against any of those kind of themes, please hit back.

Secondly, THIS STORY WILL BE CONFUSING, PARTICULARLY BETWEEN CERTAIN TRANSITIONS BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. I ask that you keep this in mind and bear with me, for this confusion is part of the fun experience of this story. In short, it is MEANT to be confusing sometimes (unless I decide the confusion is unneeded). The reason for this will become apparent quickly.

Thirdly, and most importantly! I will be taking many liberties from now on (particularly inside the other Gensokyo). Note also that I have decided to shorten the characters intros, and will only put attention to details when needed. I do hope you enjoy this new Sukima, for I have been very excited about it, and even more excited to share it with you all.

Dec 10 2012 - Did some slight fixes to the chapter. Nothing mayor; just made a few things easier to understand and follow.

The Human Village, a small settlement in the land of Gensokyo, paradise of youkai, that houses the few humans that live in said world, and is also a good place for human-friendly youkai to commute with those humans.

Anilan Inmodo Leuch, better known as Ail, who has short, unkempt brown hair, golden eyes, and currently wears a long-sleeved purple sweater, black pants and his usual brown boots, groans as he wakes up, feeling the soft grass on his back and the wind blow strongly above him.

He opens his right eye and can see the Dragon God's Statue of the Human Village, and the shade of the tree he is lying under, swaying around with the strong wind; the leaves making a beautiful sound as they move.

He moans again as he covers his eyes with his right forearm, thinking of prolonging his nap, then he hears Reimu calling for him, but ignores the call.

A few seconds pass, a couple of footsteps get closer and closer, then stop when reaching the statue.

The dense boy refuses to pay attention to this in order to continue his peaceful nap, then Reimu sweetly says "there you are my darling. We've been looking all over for you, Ail my love."

His eyes burst open underneath his forearm, his muscles tense up, his limbs turn cold, his heart pounds his chest hard and threatens to break through his ribs, all while the words "my darling," and "Ail my love" echo inside his mind several times a second.

He uncovers his eyes and sees Reimu Hakurei, a girl with long black hair and brown eyes looking down at him with the most angelic of smiles he has ever seen, and even dares to think it's rivaling Sanae's.

She adorns her beautiful straight and wavy hair with an oversized white ribbon, and wears a common brown kimono with long detached sleeves, and a pair of geta sandals.

To the girl's right is Rika Onkamikami, whom has long wavy brown hair, light blue eyes, small white wings, and like Reimu, she's wearing a common brown kimono and geta sandals.

The boy springs on his seat, stares at the two girls for almost a minute, the black haired girl sweetly asking "honey, what's wrong?", then he smiles at the two girls and asks "Reimu? Rika? I-is that really you?"

He quickly raises a suspicious eyebrow, crosses his arms over his chest, and asks "is this another plot to take me away from Sanae?"

The two girls take a step back, stare at each other, the black haired girl takes her step forward again, and looking tenderly into Ail's eyes she says "don't move, darling. Just. don't. move."

The boy may be dense, but he knows a death threat stare when he sees one, no matter how covered in sweetness it is, so he remains motionless while Reimu gently passes her hand all over his head.

He winces when she touches the back of his head, and almost triumphantly, the girl says "ah-hah! He bumped his head again. Hard!"

Rika sighs with exasperation and says "not again! Let's take him home and fix him up...", rolls her eyes and finishes "again!"

The shock-struck boy can only blink as he is lifted off the ground by his arms, and helped by the winged girl and the shrine maiden deeper into the village, instead of flying to the shrine, as he was expecting.

Mere minutes later, they arrive to a cozy house set between several other houses, and the first thing he notices is the walls look like they've been patched with several wood planks that don't even match, the roof has a small hole on it, and seems to be made of a mixture of metal and wooden plates, and the entrance door itself is a rose curtain, instead of a sliding door, like the other houses.

He's helped inside the dark house, which happens to be surprisingly bigger inside, and is sat in front of the small dinner table that sits in the middle of the first room upon entry.

The girls notice the lost and confused look in his eyes as he looks around the house, as though it is new to him, then Reimu whispers to Rika "if this keeps up, we'll have to take him to the doctor. He's acting weirder than last time."

The winged girl nods, then rushes to the back, while the black haired girl sits next to the boy, and with concern, she softly asks "Ail, honey, what's wrong? You look like you're lost inside that head of yours. What happened? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Anilan looks into the girl's loving eyes, gets lost in that warm and loving gaze, and does what any sane person that's just about to lose it would do.

He grabs her by the shoulders, shakes the girl up a bit, and desperately exclaims "Reimu, this isn't funny! Why aren't we in the shrine? What is this place? Why aren't you and Rika in your shrine maiden uniforms? Why do you keep calling me pet names as though we were a couple?"

He suddenly notices a golden wedding ring on his left hand, starts to sweat bullets, releases the girl to get a closer look at the ring, then softly asks "wh-why do I have a wedding ring? W-who is..."

As he looks at Reimu, the back of his head starts to bother him, like telling him to not panic, to play along, that everything is not what it seems, and yet he still gets pale when the girl with the adorable pouting face shows him her golden wedding ring on her left hand and smiles tenderly.

His heart wants to burst, he wants to run away, screaming, call for Sanae, maybe bash his head on something solid in order to fix his scrambled brain, but something in his mind helps him calm down.

He takes a deep breath, relaxes himself, looks at Reimu's beautiful shining face, and says "so... we're married."

The girl's smile, though beautiful, seems pained as she nods in assent, and with a more serene look, she asks "so, it's finally coming back to you?"

Moments later, Ail is wincing and gritting his teeth, while Rika gently taps the back of his head with a alcohol-soaked, bloodied cotton ball she has on a pair of metal forceps.

At the same time, Reimu lovingly and gently cleans his face with a small cloth, and by the looks of said cloth and the water bowl she's using, it is disgustingly dirty.

As she finishes cleaning his chin, she grips it and holds him, stares into his eyes, narrows her left eye, and suspiciously says "Ail, what happened? There's something different about you. You seem more... relaxed and calmer than usual. Like before."

Something clicks at the back of his head, and a warning starts repeating itself in his mind, "Calm her down. Don't upset her! Do NOT upset Reimu or Rika!"

Listening to that voice, the dense one smiles, places a hand on his forehead, and says "y-yeah, I do feel different. M-maybe I should go see the doctor."

The suspicion in the black haired girl quickly dissolve, and is replaced by strong worry.

She puts the bowl with the cloth on the table, holds the boy by the face, crawls closer and quickly kisses him on the lips, and says "I knew it! You really did hit your head too hard. Come! Come! I'll take you to the village's doctor immediately!"

Ail places his hand on her bare shoulder, and this seems to melt the girl on his lap almost immediately, and not really paying attention to that reaction, he smiles at her and asks "Reimu h-hon..ney? Um, can I go by myself? I feel strong enough, and maybe I'll get all better if I walk there and just... sort out my thoughts."

He yelps and winces again when Rika taps him with the cotton ball, then the winged girl says "are you sure? That doesn't sound safe to me, and you'd just be worrying Missis Reimu. I can't have that!"

The boy remains silent for a moment, trying to come up with a good excuse to go by himself, then notices the small mess and dust around the house, and says "look, I just don't want to be a bother. I am sure you two are eager to get this place cleaned up, and besides, I don't feel dizzy, I remember where we live, and more importantly, that I am married to my darling Reimu."

The black haired girl suddenly springs from the boy's lap, screeching and cheering happily, then grabs his face, coos while looking at him in the eyes, then suddenly starts pecking his cheek with repeated kisses before releasing him, hugging him, and saying "I'm so happy!"

After composing herself, Reimu stands besides Rika, and eagerly sings "alright, we'll take care of the house! You go to that doctor and make sure your brain is on straight! I'll have your favorite meal waiting for when you get home~"

Ail stands up with a sheepish smile, chuckles nervously, licks his lips, and exclaims "mmm~ I'll look forward to that! Heh, in fact, I'll go right now, so that I can return sooner!"

The happy wife cups her hands together next to her chest, then suddenly blows a kiss to the boy, which he pretends to catch and kiss, then blows another back to her, making her coo with delight while he steps out of the house.

He walks away as fast as he can without making it look like he's trying to run away, and when he's finally far away enough, he hides behind a house and grips his heart, starts sweating profusely, his eyes lose focus, and all he does is breathe through his mouth.

After a while, he recovers himself, and yet still feels like shaking as he asks himself "what's the meaning of this? Why are Reimu and Rika living in the village now? What happened to the shrine, to Reimu, why are we married? What happened? Ugh! And what's with this nagging at the back of my head?"

He takes a deep and calming breath of air, tries to think about Sanae and Budou, though only blurry images appear in his mind, and a sense of dread takes over when he even thinks of visiting the Moriya Shrine.

He opens his eyes with a gasp, then says "a spell! A spell! Someone put a spell on me, but who, and why? Argh! What should I do! ? ...KYO!"

The boy takes off on his feet and runs straight toward the western exit of the village, somehow forgetting he can fly.

As he runs through the market, he notices many dirty glares from the humans and the few youkai there, and some of the men even hiss threateningly, as if looking for a fight with the dense one, but he ignores these threats and stares and continues on his way.

He reaches Kyo's house, a two-story house with weathered white paint peeling from the wooden walls, its porch looks about ready to crumble, the blue roof looks weathered, but whole, and though some of the windows on the first floor are clean, the rest are covered in dust and moss.

As he looks at the run-down house, he wonders what happened, and even hesitates, but he forces himself to take a deep breath, and shouts "KYO~! Hey, Kyo! Are you there!?"

No answer, though he swears he sees someone inside, so the takes another hesitant and deep breath, and shouts "KYO~ MISS LUNA~ MISS MEDICINE~! Anyone?"

He hears a footstep to his right, looks toward the sound, but all he sees is a black shadow forcing itself to his face, and sending him flying on his back to the unforgiving ground after a blunt blow to the cheek.

He quickly lifts his head while rubbing his right cheek, and gasps as he smiles with delight.

In front of him stands Luna Rivers, who has long silver hair with red highlights tied into a ponytail with a green ribbon, silver eyes, a star-shaped birth mark on her right cheek, and wears a dark-blue dress with white lycra shorts underneath, and her belt with her two swords around her waist.

She rubs her fist as she glares hatefully at the boy, and speaks through her teeth. "You stupid shit-head, what the hell do you think you are doing?"

The girl walks closer to the boy, holding her right sword by the hilt while saying "you have a lot of nerve, Ail. Calling out his name like that. I should slit your damned throat and bleed you for a week!"

The boy's smile fades when he realizes the trouble he's really in, and with a terrified look in his eyes, he nervously asks "w-wait, Luna, what's the matter? Why are you so mad at me for?"

She launches herself towards the dense boy and bumps her forehead against his, pokes him hard on the chest, and furiously exclaims "because you were just calling his name out loud! Do you think it's funny? DO YOU? Do you know how much it hurts?"

Ail frowns as he pushes his head against the girl's and exclaims "what the hell is wrong with me calling for my friend, you lunatic?"

The silver haired girl's face shows her sudden surprise, then she grabs the dense one's face and forces him to look at her in the eyes, and as she squints those eyes she mutters "...kidding me... Is he just...?"

Luna pushes him back hard, forcing him to stop himself before crashing on his bump on the floor, and once again holds her sword by the hilt as she stands three feet away from Ail, then looks toward the house to try and hide her pained look.

She takes a deep breath, asks "I wonder? What would you do, or say, if I told you K...", gulps and forces her tears to stay in her eyes, and finishes "that Kyo is dead?"

The color on Ail's entire skin seems to flush out of his very body, his eyes loose all focus as he starts to cry, his hope fades, his will shatters, and all becomes painfully visible through his dulled eyes.

Luna raises an eyebrow and stares at the boy with curiosity and confusion, and in a high-pitched tone of voice, she asks "really? You really forgot?"

The boy snarls as he gets on his feet, the hair on the back of his head stands as his rage rockets up to his head, then he shouts "THAT'S NOT FUNNY, LUNA! He... he can't be dead!"

He points toward the house's second floor and exclaims "I just saw him up there, by that window, so cut it out with the sick jokes! I need to talk to him!"

The girl points at the window, and furiously shouts "THAT'S MEDICINE, YOU RETARD! What the HELL is the MATTER WITH YOU!?"

She unsheathes her sword and starts walking around the dense boy, staring at him with a dangerously venomous look; as if looking for an opening to attack; yet speaks softly, "you must have really hit your head real hard this time. Look at that window again, please."

He obediently looks toward the window and gazes upon Medicine Melancholy, a sad-looking little girl with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a dark red shirt with a red skirt looking down to him from the window on the second floor.

When he realizes his mistake, tears start flowing fast down his cheeks as he looks at the silver haired girl, then asks "h-how? Wh-when?"

The girl lifts her blade to her chest and shows great hatred toward the boy, yet continues speaking calmly. "I never thought you were one to forget such things. You cried like a baby for days. It happened almost a year ago, after that accident in the village, where a man used a very dangerous invention from a kappa against us. A rainbow gun, or something like that."

Ail shakes his head, holds his temples as he closes his eyes, then cries "but that's impossible! He passed Komachi's test!"

"Shut up, Ail!"

"He became stronger! He challenged me to a sparring match! He-he... You and him were going to-"

Something inside his mind tells him to shut up, and just in time, for Luna has launched herself at him with her sword raised and aiming to cut his neck.

He jumps away, saving himself from the deadly blow, and tries to summon light onto his right hand, but when he fails do so, he raises his wrist, pulls the sweater's sleeve up, and realizes he's not wearing the blessed bracelet.

He gulps when realizing this, whimpers as Luna comes running to him, roaring as she readies her two swords for a quick neck cut, then instinctively jumps away from the strike and shoots as many blue and white petal-shaped bullets as he can.

The girl just moves around and blocks some of the bullets with her sword, then growls after the danmaku stops, and says "you asshole! Stop acting like you know nothing! You were there! You saw what happened! HOW HE FAILED!"

Tears of both fear and despair roll down his eyes as he shouts back "BUT I DON'T! Luna, I swear, I saw him succeed! He is alive! I talked to him about your wedding! I... wait. When was...?"

He tries to remember when was the last time he saw Kyo, holds his head and grips his hair as though in pain, grunts as he doubles over in his attempt to force those memories out of his head, then something round, blunt and cold strikes his head on the side, crumbling upon going in contact with him, and his full attention now turns left.

Luna is on the ground on her knees, holding her eyes as she cries and sobs inconsolably, and on her side is Medicine, doing her best to comfort the girl.

After noticing his stare, the blonde picks up a ball of dirt and surrounds it with a black mist that is her deadliest poison, stares hatefully at the boy, and in a dangerous tone says "get the hell out of here before I shove this down your throat."

Ail is not really sure how, or why, but he sets off running to the opposite direction, panting rapidly while holding his head and crying.

He doesn't understand why things are so jumbled up, why he remembers things differently than what they truly are.

"Was I dreaming? Did I dream my whole life until now!?"

As he runs past the market, talking to himself, questioning his every thought, he starts to feel fatigued, drops on his knees, and as he breathes through his mouth, he thinks "what if I just woke up from a dream? What if all of those wonderful things I thought were real are just images? What is going on with me?"

Something cold and blunt strikes him on the back of his neck, causing him to groan as he falls to the ground, and the world around him turns black.

Some Hours Earlier

Somewhere outside the borders of reality, Ail stands nervously stiff in the middle of an endless grass field that's littered with varied flowers that make six beds; each big enough for him to sleep on.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, a girl with green hair that appears longer to the right, blue eyes, that wears a blue hat with golden emblems, a long blue shirt with golden plates on the shoulders, a long black skirt, and adorns herself with white and red ribbons on her hair, elbows, and skirt border, stands in front of the boy, covering her mouth with her Rod of Remorse, a golden item that looks like a sword with inscriptions on it.

Next to her is Yukari Yakumo, who has long flowing blonde hair tied with four red ribbons on the bottom tips, purple eyes, and wears a long deep-purple dress.

All three of them stand in silence, feeling awkward of the situation, the two girls knowing well what they are about to do to that boy, their friend, and although yamas like Eiki shouldn't feel these kinds of attachments, she can't help but feel the awkwardness getting to her.

The gap youkai, on the other hand, looks as though ready to start crying like fool then suddenly launches herself on the boy, hugs him tight while rubbing her cheek against his face, and in a motherly tone, says "you be good now! Don't do anything naughty in there! Clean your underwear every day, brush your teeth, and come back to us as that sweet, wise child I miss so much!", effectively breaking the awkward silence.

The dense one manages to break free from the youkai's motherly grasp, takes several deep breaths of fresh air while holding his chest, then looks at her with a blushing face that was caused by her pressing her womanly chest against him, and says "r-right. Heh, thank you Miss Yukari. And don't worry, I promise, I will not fail."

After he recovers, and the blonde takes her place at the yama's left, Shikieiki sighs, turns sideways to reveal a particular bed of red flowers, points at it with her golden rod, and says "then, my friend, it's time you went inside."

The boy can't help but gulp with fright, but he nods and complies quickly.

As he walks toward the bed, Eiki holds his shoulder, stopping him mid-way, and when he looks at her, he can see some form of worry in those blue eyes.

Regardless of how she feels, she calmly says "Ail, the girls in there know a very different you. Most of them will be hostile towards you."

He shivers with fright, and she feels this, but regardless of this, he nods and bravely says "I will be extra careful then."

He makes it to the bed, sits on the edge, admires how firm, yet soft this bed made of flowers is, and is tempted to lie down, but he looks at the girls looking back at him with pity in their eyes, and waits for them to speak.

Yukari opens her fan to hide her face again, and with dangerous eyes she says "you don't understand. Once you are in that other world, many facts and some of the instructions we may give to you now will be hidden in your subconscious. To you, it will all feel as though it's just another day in your life here in Gensokyo, but like Miss Shiki said, most of the girls there will be hostile. Lethal even."

Ail's face turns a bit pale after such a revelation, but looking at the yama, he knows there is more, so he gulps his hard-beating heart down his throat, nods, and nervously asks "anything else you need to tell me, Miss Eiki?"

Shikieiki nods with a serene, yet stern look, and says "as you already know, the world you are in requires you to accomplish a certain goal to leave it, but every time you fail said goal, that world will reset, and the memories of your last failure will be lost."

"Though not completely," quickly adds Yukari. "You won't remember them at will, but your subconscious will, and it's that subconscious knowledge that will keep you away from the place of your prior failures, unless you REALLY goof up and have to repeat the whole thing again."

Ail starts to shiver as his body turns cold, yet after another gulp, he manages to nod and with some difficulty say "I-I-I... A-alright. M-Must not f-f-fail."

The gap youkai walks over to the boy, presses his frozen-in-fear face against her stomach, then gently pets his head as she would to Ran while saying "don't worry. You'll do fine. I just know it. You have already regained some of that wisdom you lost some time ago."

Eiki nods, sighs to relieve her own tension, then says "now Ail, listen carefully. These instructions I am about to give you will be in your subconscious too, but will be always present when needed, for without these, you will never succeed while in there."

She waits for a moment for the boy to nod; tickling the blonde's stomach as he does; then continues "your mission in there, Ail, is to convince at least one of the girls, other than Reimu or Rika, that you are not the man they think you are. This, however, will not be easy, as you are aware of, due to the girls' hostility towards you."

Again, the boy nods, gulps nervously, but is patted again by the gap youkai, calming him down, and making him wonder why is she treating him so nicely, though considers his situation, and fear claims his heart again.

The yama stares at the nervous boy, somehow calming him down with her gaze, then continues "now bear with me Ail, for this is very important for you to know. Your failures will be met if the following reasons were to occur."

He wants to brace himself for what's to come, but Shiki doesn't give him the chance, and continues "you will fail if you are killed, or if a single one of those you call your friends dies, or if you emotionally upset Reimu, Rika, Budou, or Sanae. If any of these failures were to be met, whether to your knowledge or not, accidental, or with cause, the world will reset shortly after, if not immediately."

The boy takes a very deep breath after hearing his loved ones' names, then Yukari places her hand on his head to get his attention, then says "one very important thing you must know. Your subconscious will keep you away from the Moriya Shrine Ail, and for very good reasons. Please, whatever you do, whatever may happen in there, you keep. away. from that shrine, you understand! Do not go there, for any reason."

He can see the fear in her eyes as she speaks of the Moriya Shrine, and after an erratic and shivering breath, he looks at her firmly and says "I'll stay away from there. I promise."

"Good," she chirps as she taps his nose with her fan, then walks away.

Both girls stand back in their original positions, stare at the dense boy, then he takes another deep breath, exhales, then nods and says "thank you for the warnings. I guess I better lie down now?"

Both girls nod slowly, the boy nods back, and as he accommodates himself on the bed, both yama and youkai says "good luck Ail," to which he smiles as he sets his head on the group of white roses that grow to make a pillow for him.

He closes his eyes, and instead of the blackness of his closed lids, he is met with soothing white light, a soft ringing in his ears, and then he can faintly hear as Shikieiki says "become wiser and stronger than ever, Ail. your heart's content..."

The boy sighs, his body lifts off the bed itself, then two sparks of white light appear above the two girls' hands, to which they reach for immediately.

They both take their hands back from the sparks, and hold a particular item each; Shikieiki holds a circular object that looks like a plastic translucent white disk with a circular button on the center, and Yukari holds a small pyramid made of the same material with a triangular button on the side, both glowing blue inside their translucent covers.

They inspect the odd objects, then the yama presses the button, the little contraptions start to glow green, then says "and so it begins."

Yukari looks sadly at her pyramid, and in a sad tone she says "I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy."

Back At Present

Ail groans as his consciousness returns, feeling his head pulsating painfully as he tries to open his eyes again.

When he succeeds in opening them; although just barely; he is met with a pair of white socks and tatami floor mats.

He gasps, manages to push his upper body up, and says "no! No, no, no, no! That dream! What did it mean? Yukari, Shikieiki, what did you tell me!? Gah, why can't I remember!?"

He punches the tatami under him several times, pants after unleashing his weak rage, then says to himself "come on you stupid brain, remember! What did they TELL you? Why am I so confused!? Why are things different that from what I remember!?"

"That's enough out of you, you wretch!" commands a girl that appears to be in front, and out of reach.

Ail rolls left very suddenly, avoiding a baton to the neck, and stares up with surprise at Kotohime, a girl with long and bushy red hair tied with a yellow ribbon into a half-ponytail, red eyes, who wears a noble's purple kimono.

He turns his gaze toward the source of the voice before, and there sits before him, behind a tall wooden desk, Akyuu Hieda, a girl with purple eyes and short purple hair adorned with a pink flower, that wears a green kimono-like vest with long yellow sleeves, and a dark-red skirt.

Both girls stare at him as though they were looking at the most disgusting villainous scum ever witnessed, and in a cold tone of voice, the Child of Miare commands "restrain him! I don't want him getting away again!"

He quickly finds himself being hoisted up on to his feet by two pair of hands around his arms, and is now looking upon the angry face of the Hieda girl, and for some reason, that glare, which should be cute to him as he remember it, fills him with fear.

The girl snarls after a quick and disturbing dark chuckle, and sounding disgusted, she says "we finally got you, you wicked monster! It was all a matter of time before you finally let your guard down. Kotohime, you've done excellent job. Now the sentence can be carried out."

The nervous boy trembles as he looks around himself and realizes he is in Akyuu's mansion, though inside a secluded, well-lit, windowless, round room he's never had the displeasure of seeing until this day.

The air inside is humid, heavy, and quite displeasing, but it seems he's the only one that thinks so, for the rest of the people in the room seem to be fresh and comfortable.

Holding him are a pair of servants, a human male and a female, both wearing standard white kimonos similar to the other two servants in the room, and giving him a very venomous glare without stop to his right, is Kotohime.

He looks at Akyuu with his most pathetic and confused look, and as though begging, he asks "please, I don't understand! Why does everyone hate me so much? What have I done?"

"Don't play dumb! We all know how wicked you are," sternly replies the Child of Miare. "Guards, make sure you don't loosen your grip on him!"

A pair of hands in a white robe suddenly slip around Akyuu's belly, and from behind her, a servant girl with brown hair tied to a bun with a brass pin, light-brown eyes, that has a picture of the Hieda girl sewn on the left breast of her kimono, coos and moans teasingly, then sweetly says "come on Lady Hieda, give him a chance. Just look at that pathetic face of his."

The purple haired girl growls as her face turns red, she trembles with rage, grabs a golden washtub from beneath her table, then smashes it on the girl's face while furiously shouting "dammit all Minako, this is not a damned game!"

She points at the held boy, then angrily says "he is a monster! He almost destroyed the way of life Reimu worked so hard to establish for Gensokyo."

"Amongst other, more sinister crimes of very distasteful natures," adds the princess policewoman, speaking as though merely talking about the boy leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

The sobbing girl rubs her nose as tears flow down her cheeks, and merely nods quietly as she stands behind her mistress again.

Ail is scared beyond the capabilities of self control, yet manages to hide this fright well, though is weak on the knees and is giving his captors some trouble, but they aren't about to let him go.

He manages to moisten his dry mouth, then asks "wh-what do you mean? M-Miss Hieda, I don't understand. Please, you have to believe me."

The purple haired girl's hateful face twists with anger as she shouts "SILENCE! Everyone knows you're a despicably good liar. That's how you got the moon rabbit after all."

His knees finally give way, and even with the guards holding him, he falls on the floor while exasperatedly saying "Reisen too? But... Kyo, and Reimu! This makes no sense!"

Meanwhile, Rika Onkamikami skillfully lands on the roof of the cylindrical building, making sure to not disturb a single guard, and upon reaching her goal, she opens a door on said roof while whispering "Missis Reimu was right. He IS in trouble."

Inside the building, Ail continues "I shouldn't be married! I'm supposed to be with Sanae! Reimu and Rika should be back at the Hakurei Shrine! Kyo's supposed to be alive! Now I'm being called a monster by you, of all people! Please, someone explain to me what's going on!"

The white-winged girl gasps upon hearing such revelations from the boy, and thinks of going back to her mistress, but something on the back of her head asks her to stay, in hopes there's something redeeming, and so as not to disturb her Lady's heart.

Back inside, after a long and tense pause, Akyuu sighs while rubbing the bridge of her nose, then says "fine. I supposed I can summarize some of your crimes before I dictate your sentence."

"Better hurry, before Rika gets here. I don't want to involve her in this mess," edges Kotohime, to which the Child of Miare nods to dismissively.

After arranging all the paperwork in front of herself, Akyuu stares at Ail, whom is now seated on a crude wooden chair, and coldly mocks "alright, since you can't seem to... remember what you have done, I'll just refresh your memories a little bit."

The boy's only reaction is a nod as he bends over and stares at his feet, as though wanting to turn into a ball and hide away from the world.

There is a smug smile of satisfaction on Kotohime upon seeing the dense boy like that, but after seeing something in those eyes of his her smile vanishes, quickly replaced by a frown.

The purple haired girl clears her throat, then says "right, let's cut down to the chase and be done with this! I'll read your crimes in no particular order, though I will try to save the worst for last."

She picks up a sheet of paper from a face-down pile, and reads "first would be your attack on Makai, which caused a bloody battle right here in our peaceful village. Casualties, though low, were painful. Two children, and the eastern carpenter's loving wife were amongst the worst losses."

"Also, there were those disgusting, lecherous things you did to the Makaian girls. We couldn't help but sympathize with them, you disgusting monster!"

Ail is about to say something, but Akyuu is quicker in picking the next sheet, and continues "oh yes, this one was recent. I still wish I could gut you right here and now for this one! The underhanded humiliation of Keine Kamishirasawa in plain daytime, and right in front of her own students!"


"SHE HAS TRIED TO COMMIT SUICIDE SEVERAL TIMES," shouts the girl over the hated boy's voice until he shuts up, then continues "but Mokou of Fujiwara is now taking care of her, and she seems to be recovering, albeit slowly."

Kotohime has her intense eyes on the boy, but remains in place seeing as he has shut his mouth.

The chronicler picks up the next sheet, winces, and in a disgusted tone says "the, ugh, defilement of Byakuren Hijiri, which brought the wrath of her followers on us, and the banning of all humans from entering the temple-"


Ail's sudden outburst earns him a karate-chop on the side of the neck by Kotohime, and a forceful tasting of the tatami mat under his chair.

He struggles against the girl, and almost succeeds in knocking her off himself, but Akyuu barks a command, and both stop their struggle.

The boy looks at the purple haired girl, who immediately says "you! You will look at me while I speak. Now then..."

She picks the next sheet, while the cop girl is sitting the boy and forces him to look forward, then looks at the dense one straight into the eyes.

"This next crime almost cost us our relationship with Eientei," begins the chronicler, making sure to keep her purple eyes on the boy's. "You lied to their Moon Rabbit and twisted her mind! After that, you let her drop from that bubble you put her in, and didn't even bother to help her up. The aliens were outraged!"

Ail wants to complain again, but all he can do is try to resist the tears welling in his shivering eyes.

Akyuu watches with some form of satisfaction at the boy's face, then grabs another sheet, and says "the attempted murder of Remilia Scarlet that cost us another unnecessary battle."

She grabs another, and reads "the destruction of half of the buildings in the market."

She grabs another, and reads "challenging the authority of Kotohime, Renko, and Maribel!"

She goes for another, and reads "the lewd attacks on Satori Komeiji and Rin Kaenbyou!"

She notices the despair in the boy's eyes, raises an eyebrow, narrows her eyes, and asks "what in the world? You really don't remember any of this? Did you hit your head or something?"

Ail sniffles as he shakes his head, and says "no! I swear, I would never do any of those things. For Suwako's sake, Remilia and Byakuren are of my very best friends! All those girls you mentioned are my friends! I would never harm them!"

"He's lying," barks Kotohime, to which Akyuu just waves dismissively to and nonchalantly says "obviously. I just wanted to see his reaction."

Her face quickly becomes sour as she picks the sheet of paper underneath the remainder of the pile, and darkly says "this is the crime that makes me the sickest."

"The seduction, soiling, and then forceful marriage of the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, Reimu Hakurei!"

Outside the room, Rika closes the door, holding her open mouth with her hand, lets her head hang as she allows sorrow to claim her, then quickly steels herself, looks toward the south, then whispers "My Lady Reimu must know!"

Inside the room, the confusion in Ail's eyes seems to amuse the police princess and the chronicler, whom fail to notice the rage beginning to rise and boil.

Akyuu sighs, then continues "we still don't know how you did it, but we know Reimu would have never done what you made her do with you. She was clear on her duties as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. We also know you put her under some kind of spell in order to marry her, thus endangering Gensokyo further."

Kotohime clicks her tongue, then angrily says "we were LUCKY that Renko and Maribel were able to take up the job, or there would be no Gensokyo today. We are even luckier they managed to stabilize the spell card rules!"

"Yes, yes," says he chronicler in a monotone tone, then looks at the dense boy, and says "the point is, Ail, you have no friends. You are a monstrous villain, and after today, this land will suffer you no more."

The officer woman yelps as she is blown to the wall behind herself and Ail, then the boy stands up and starts shooting explosive orange orbs the size of his own head all over the room, forcing Akyuu's guards to run for cover.

He quickly switches for the smaller, but faster blue and white petals, and starts shooting down those running servants, including Minako, who used herself to protect the Child of Miare from a spray of bullets.

The chronicler finds herself rolling left to avoid another spray of bullets, then is surprised with an exploding orange orb just above her destined stopping spot.

Ail turns around and shoots a spray of white lasers at the princess police just as she was about to shoot him, knocks her back and forces the door open with her body, while he simply moves right to avoid the weak red bullet she managed to shoot.

He turns around again, walks over to the cowering Akyuu, bends his knees next to her, then says "I don't know what kind of sick little game you guys are playing, but it's gone on too far. Reimu is like a SISTER to me. Keine is a friend, as is Byakuren, and Reisen, and-! The only girl for me is Sanae, and you all know this!"

He gets up and walks away, but stops when the chronicler coughs a laugh, and realizing he's still there, she says "oh, Sanae; that poor girl. The way you destroyed her was so inhumane! Tch! You claim she's the only girl for you, but the facts are there, boy! You are a villainous monster, and noting will convince me otherwise!"

Ail just glares at the girl, tempted to hit her with a blue bullet on the head, but simply turns around and runs away towards and unknown destination after jumping over the moaning police princess.

Ail finds himself running through the village again, however this time he actually has the villagers alerted to him, and is currently dodging waves of danmaku by jumping between houses and flying over roofs.

Due to him being a target, flying for too long makes him easier to spot, and staying grounded too long leaves him vulnerable to traps and ambushes.

He looks for somewhere to run to, but Reimu's house is out of the question, lest he wants to disturb her with an angry mob.

Exiting the village seems almost impossible at the time due to so many eyes everywhere, and hiding has proven futile several times already.

He finds a large building at the center of the village and enters long before anybody sees him; to his luck; and while panting inside the dark and large structure, he holds his chest and suppresses several coughs for fear of getting caught too soon.

He walks backward further into the structure, while saying to himself "maybe I can think for a bit now. Dammit, if I'm caught now I'll have to fight my way out of here. Tch! I'm screwed. Calm down... Calm down."

"Argh, but why all of this? I suddenly wake up and find out I'm married to Reimu. Not only that, but I seem to be one of those villains in my dream world, or worst!"

He fails to notice a female figure behind himself as he turns around and holds his head tight and says "no, no, no, no! No way in hell! Remilia, Byakuren, Keine, Reisen, Satori, Shinki... they are all my friends! I would never harm them!"

He gasps and opens his eyes wide, and says "wait a minute! I remember I solved the problem with Reimu! Yes, I did! She and I can't be married! Yes, I'm sure now, this is a drea-"

"Who's there!?" Apprehensively calls a very familiar voice.

Terror creeps back onto Ail's face as he turns around the very moment Keine Kamishirasawa turns on a bright lamp that, thought dim, exposes him to the teacher.

She has long silver hair with blue highlights, brown eyes, and wears a funny-looking hat that looks like a house with inscribed red glyphs, and a long blue and white dress.

Both boy and girl turn ghostly pale and jump away from each other with a yelp, the history teacher slamming herself against a wall, while the dense boy crashes against one of the student's desks.

Keine's breath becomes fast and erratic, and it becomes obvious she's mortified of the boy's presence, as she starts to choke on herself after many quick pants.

Ail manages to scramble on his feet, and looks upon the girl's terrified face to quickly learn that he has no way of reasoning with her, so he starts taking very slow steps back to the exit.

As he does, he raises his hands defensively, and very slowly and softly says "I'm not going to hurt you, I am just going to leave, alright. Look at my eyes and my hands. Look as how they get away from you. No reason to panic."

Keine starts holding her face with her hands and claws her temples and her cheeks with her nails while breathing hard and moaning, then suddenly starts to cry "please no. S-stop! Not in front of them! NOOOOO!"

The boy winces when he sees how that girl starts clawing herself viciously and starts cutting her own skin with those nails, then panics and rushes over to her while shouting "KEINE, STOP! You're hurting yourself!"

He quickly finds himself diving under a ball of blue fire that was aimed at his face, then looks back as that flame starts to spread around the desks at a rapid pace.

Without looking back at his attacker, he quickly rushes over to the fire and uses the explosion from his own focused danmaku blasts to counter the strong flames, though doing so is also helping the already extensive collateral damage.

After the fire is off, the boy flinches after hearing another very familiar voice say "so, you didn't get enough last time. You had to come back to soil my Keine a second time. Well I won't have it, Dirt."

Ail's mind screams at him, begging him to run like a bat out of hell, and yet his body fails him, and he ends up turning around while trembling hard, to look upon the furious glare of Mokou Fujiwara.

The immortal with red eyes, extremely long light-lilac hair adorned with charms on the sides, and who wears a burned, long-sleeved white shirt and a pair of red overall pants with seals on them, holds the broken Keine in a tight embrace, and shushes her while said girl mumbles incoherently.

Anilan takes that one step back, but foolishly whispers "Mokou, I-", getting an orange flame thrown to his left and stopping him from escaping.

"You're going to say 'I would never do that', and then tell me you 'just want to leave'," begins the immortal, speaking in a very dark undertone.

She calms her friend down with one last rub to the head, followed with a soft shush, sets her down on a safe corner, then walks over towards the boy, igniting her flames on her hands while punching them together in front of her chest.

"Mokou... I swear, I would never do that to Keine. Sh-she's my friend! I swear, I don't know what's going on, but whoever did that to her, it wasn't me!"

Mokou scoffs while grinning smugly at the frightened boy, spits at his feet, and while taking slow steps toward her hated target, she says "I used to trust you. You were special, different, or at least I thought you were. In the end, you were just another one of those perverts waiting for the right chance to strike. You just made the mistake of attacking my only friend in the world, and for humiliating her like that, I'll make sure you survive long enough for you to beg me for death in front of your own wife!"

Ail's instincts kick in on high gear and he unleashes an insane wave of water danmaku against the immortal's fireballs, thus creating an accidental mist thick enough to allow him escape.

He makes a run-for-it to the door, but is cut off by a random blue flame, and by some luck, the impact causes an ornament on a wall to fall, and he can hear Mokou roar as she crashes against the desks besides him, possibly after missing an attack intended for him when aiming for the noise.

He hopes the distraction is enough for him to get away, but then he hears the roof breaking, a piece of lumber strikes him on his wound on the back of his head, weakening his entire body and knocking him to the ground, and to his horror, someone, a woman, quickly wraps her hands around his chest, and takes off to the sky with him, covering him up with something soft, yet strong.

Ail is still too dazed form that last blow to the head to fight back against his new captor, and waits for whatever fate may have in store for him now, though is slowly calculating an escape plan.

"Can I fly? ...Yes, I can feel my energy. Heh, when was the last time I manipulated energy like this? ...Then again, has anything that I think had happened before be real to begin with?"

As he arranges his thoughts, he can feel soft wings shift as they they are descending, and thinks "alright, I just need to feel out where I am as soon as I land, then I can figure out where to fly to."

They land; whomever his captor is sets him surprisingly gently on the ground, and as he starts to work his plan out, the girl gently says "my lady, he's here, and he's safe like you requested," and promptly calms down when he realizes his captor is non-other than Rika Onkamikami.

He drops his plans of running away, and now focuses on gathering energy for himself, while Reimu replies "thank you," with a cracked voice.

"She's been crying?" questions the boy in his mind as he slowly gets on his elbows and knees.

He can hear as the maid embraces the black haired girl, sighs and says "be strong Missis Reimu," then walks away to the left, and hides behind a tree.

Anilan finally gathers enough energy to lift his head up and stand, and finds Reimu standing several feet in front of him, and just as he guessed, her eyes are red and swollen from her crying.

That loving look she had before is gone now, replaced by deep sorrow and anger, and this is hurting him greatly.



She cuts him off with a bark before he can sweet-talk his way out of that mess. She sniffles and gulps, then through a cracking voice she begins "what have you done? Have I been just a prize to you? A piece of meat? A toy, perhaps? Or is it that I'm the only thing stable in your life? ...Answer me, Anilan!"

The boy gulps; he knows that look, and he knows she is going to bomb him somehow, yet he risks his physical health and hesitantly asks "what? W-what are you talking about?"

"Rika told me everything that happened in that trial," begins the girl, her anger visibly rising with every word. "I... I knew about Keine. I also knew about Byakuren and Satori, but I was blind! I can't believe I convinced myself that you had been possessed. Hell, I even performed the exorcism myself while you were asleep!"

There is a short pause where the boy stares at her with surprise before the girl suddenly screams "I may not be a shrine maiden anymore, but I CAN STILL DO QUITE A LOT!"

"Keine, Reisen, Byakuren, Satori? Who else do you have in that sick harem you forcefully created? Marisa? Alice? Well, what do you have to say!? ...I gave up my LIFE FOR YOU! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING I HAD TO OFFER AND MORE, ALL FOR YOU! How could you do this to me? *Sob* How could you do this to the one that loves you above everything else? Ail, you were EVERYTHING I HAD LEFT!"

Ail can feel the intense power hiding inside that girl, and begins to shiver with fear while instinctively raising an arm in defense, while at the same time having guilt creeping up from the pit of his stomach to the edge of his neck.

After he settles down and lowers his arm, he hesitates to look at her in the eyes, then sighs and cries "Reimu, what happened? Why aren't you a shrine maiden? Why? WHEN did we get married? Reimu, I don't understand any of this? I thought Kyo was alive! Why is he dead?"

He looks at the crying girl with his own scared and teary eyes, and through his cracked voice says "Those you mentioned before, those girls are my friends. I would never do anything to cause them pain! And you. Reimu, you are like a very dear sister to me! I thought we had made that clear between us!"

Reimu gasps and clutches her chest as she takes a step away from her spot, and a few charms, as well as her gohei, all fall from inside her right sleeve.

Ail takes notice of the items dropped by his supposed wife, and notices the Fantasy Heaven spell card ready for use.

His eyes are hidden by the shadow from his hair, he drops on his knees that feel as though are full of lead, tears start flowing from his eyes, yet he smiles as he says "so, you were going to seal me for good. Heh, I see. Reimu, I don't know what has happened; I don't know why I have memories so different than those everybody else seem to share, but it is clear to me..."

He looks up at her with a pained smile and glowing golden eyes, and says "but it is obvious I am just an abomination. Do it. Seal me up and let me be alone with my thoughts wherever you may send me. That is, if I'm alive afterward."

The crying girl looks surprised to the point of being shocked stiff in place, yet it's painfully obvious she's forcing herself to move toward him.

She stares at her supposed husband with doubt, stands right in front of him before kneeling, grabs hold of his face, then gives him a kiss.

She stops shortly after starting, yet remains locked against his lips while staring with great pain to the sky.

Tears start flowing down from her shocked eyes, she slowly pushes the boy away, holds her chest with both arms as she rapidly stands, and steps away from the boy.

Her breath cuts itself as she tries to speak, whispering questions to the air that are barely intelligible, but after looking into his blank face, she finally summons the strength to ask "who are you?"

She gulps to open up her tight throat, and whispers "you're not the man I married. You're someone else! Wh-who are you?"

Ail looks at her straight in the eyes, inevitably starts to cry along with her, then whispers back "I don't know anymore."

Reimu grips her head, falls on her knees, allows herself to drop on the ground, and after a deep breath of air she begins to scream loudly enough to scare youkai and fairies alike away from the area.

Her screams become sobs as she cries out curses to the Hakurei god, to Kanako, so Suwako, to all deities she can think of, and Rika starts to cry inconsolably behind a tree a few feet away, feeling desperate and helpless again, feeling she's failed her Mistress.

Reimu screams Ail's name several times, then cries "it's all my fault! All my fault! The exorcism!"

The winged girl takes her family sword out of hiding, aims the blade at herself while Reimu screams curses and shoots bullets at Ail from the ground, then everything stops, and the entire world around them turns pure white.

Ail stirs about while on his back, apparently in mid air, and regains his consciousness feeling relaxed, healed and collected, as if nothing had ever happened to him in the first place.

The memories of what had just happened appear like a fuzzy screen in his mind, and although he knows it was something strong, he can't remember a thing of what happened, that is, until he opens his eyes.

He is inside the room he was in with Shikieiki and Yukari, only this time, the background appears to be covered with a white mist thick enough to be cut with a knife.

He remembers the incident inside the world he was just in, at the same time he remembers what he is supposed to be doing, and with a sigh, he says to himself "dammit, I failed that one miserably. Jeez, that was one hell of a mess."

"I'll say! And here I thought I made a pretty good wife too, and you just had to mess up that bad, huh."

The boy splutters as though neck-deep in water, even though his in mid-air, then manages to get up from his sitting position to look upon the Human Village's Reimu, smiling back at him and waving quite casually.

His heart goes on a fast beat as fear creeps into it, but the girl lifts a hand and says "calm down. I'm just here to clear up that brain of yours with the facts."

"Ail, you may not remember, but the night of the small incident with the lust spell all those years ago, you and I fell in love with each other. Remilia wanted you too, but we fought, hard. In the end I won, and she joined our fates that very night."

She blushes and giggles as she looks away, then says "you looked so cute, all worried about us like that. You were so scared for me, and you took me home. You nursed me, even though I told you I was fine, and even Budou, Cirno and Lily agreed you were overreacting."

The dense boy gulps, his face turns a bit red, then he hesitantly asks "uhh, Reimu? What... exactly did we do that night?"

The girl smiles, coos, holds her bright red cheeks with her hands as she turns her face away, and happily says "well, after you shooed off the girls, you and I sealed our love."

Ail's face shines red so hard, even his hair seems to take a hint of reddish on it while he babbles incoherently.

He quickly recovers himself with a quick shake of his head, then asks "b-but what about Sanae? H-how could I do such a thing to her!? And to you! OH-NO! I'm a two-timer!"

Reimu giggles, though bitterly so, then says "yes, Sanae. I knew your heart, regardless of anything I did, was always with her, though you were quite the loving boyfriend and husband anyways, so I stopped caring about that fact."

After the inevitable giggle, her face darkens as a memory takes the front of her mind, and continues "still, after we did that, everything went down to hell. The barrier weakened considerably, and although I thought I would lose all my powers, all they did was diminish, but I couldn't hold the barrier in place."

"Yukari was so mad. I thought she was going to kill us both, but instead charged you with the task of finding someone capable of taking on the job of caring for the Hakurei barrier, at least until a suitable heir could be born. Renko and Maribel were there that day, they heard everything, and immediately offered themselves for the job. Yukari passed on the task to them, and we were forced to live in the Human Village."

"Lucky for us," says the boy, sounding relieved. "Still, what about Rika, and Sanae, and Budou?"

Reimu sighs as she holds her forehead on her hand, looks up at the boy, shrugs and says "Rika was stubborn. Even though she was dressed to work for the Hakurei Shrine and I wasn't, she insisted I was to be her master, and not Renko or Maribel! It was all so annoying at first, but you were the one to convince me to allow her to work for me, and from there, we three shared a very special bond."

There is a quick moment of silence and she adds "err, no, she never really wanted to participate with us during our love nights. Tch! And I really wanted her to. Alas, she still hasn't accepted."

"Uhh~..." Anilan's loss for words is understandable, and the girl just laughs at him for it.

After the laughs are taken care of, she sighs and continues "for years, you Rika and I lived quite happily in the village, Sanae and Budou stopped trying to steal you from me, and everything seemed to be going our way, ...until I found out there was something wrong with me."

Before he can ask, the black haired girl starts to cry, though speaks calmly, "we tried many times to have a child, but nothing ever happened, so I went to see Eirin, and it turns out... when Remilia changed our fate, she made me unable to bear a child. The Hakurei line was to remain broken from that day forth."

"It took me a very long time to recover, and during this time, something happened to you. I don't know what happened, exactly, but seeing me so pained angered you so much. You challenged Remilia to a death match; I heard word from some villagers that you broke Reisen, I heard whispers about you and Byakuren too, though I never learned what had happened."

Ail looks around the room as if searching for the answer, then says "well, whatever that other me did, it is something the real me would never do, no matter how angry I get! All those people and youkai are my friends. Keine too! What that other me did to her was unforgivable, I would have never even thought of doing that!"

When he looks back at Reimu, he finds Keine there standing in her stead, with a small dagger stabbed on her chest, though clean of any blood.

The boy's eyes almost burst from the shock and sudden surprise, but the woman lifts her hand to calm him down, then, with a serene smile, she says "that is what happens to those that lose their way, and refuse to open their eyes and see their own wrongs."

She now stands right in front of him, gently holding his face as she looks at him in the eyes, and sweetly says "you were so distraught and blinded by rage, you went around Gensokyo to spread the dread that cursed your heart. The last one to fall to you was me. I tried to make you see, I tried to force you to open your eyes, and in doing so, forced you to attack and humiliate me the way you did."

"There is no excuse for what I did to you, Keine! I should have let Mokou melt me to my death!" exclaims the ashamed boy as his eyes water up.

Keine places a gentle finger on his lips, then says "no, Ail. You can't die. You have to learn from all of these mistakes. Learn the lesson, learn to let go of the shame, the guilt, and all that pain. Only then will you be free."

The room flashes once, and now Reimu, Rika, Keine, Mokou, and Luna stand before him, all smiling sweetly, then the black haired girl walks closer to him, sighs, then says "this is against the rules, but somehow, we all feel we must help you. Next time you wake up, the world and your memories will be reset, though that much you already know."

Mokou steps closer, and sternly says "you will not succeed this next time, or the next after that, but at least your subconscious will begin to open."

Rika steps closer, her wings grow as she stretches them, then sweetly says "the next time you wake, you will go to Eientei. There, you will learn a little more about this world's you. That way, you'll have a better idea of how to handle things."

Luna steps closer, scowling at the bow, and says "like Mokou said, you will fail this scenario. NOBODY will believe a single word of truth you may speak, but we guarantee, it will help you greatly on your way, even after the reset."

Keine steps over, the dagger in her chest disappears, and with that serene smile, she says "you must be strong, Ail. We all want you to break away from that darkness that held you for so long, but to do so, you must burn away all that karma that darkness caused you. We know you can do it, or we wouldn't even bother helping you."

Ail looks around at the girls, gulps to moisten his tight throat, then asks "out of curiosity, all of this wouldn't happen to be caused by that second personality of mine, right? The one created by the red spirit?"

The girls disappear, leaving Reimu there, smiling sweetly at the boy.

She sighs as she begins to disappear, and says "partly; for you allowed that thing to take hold of you, and ruined your own personality by accepting its hatred. Not only that, but by also accepting Sanae was right about you, that you needed that unneeded change in you to be a stronger 'man', you stained the wise and light soul that was the real you. We don't blame you for it, though, because you did it out of your love for her."

Her body becomes invisible, yet she manages to whisper "it is time you fixed that. Clean your soul. Remember that 'pain is weakness leaving the body'."

Ail wants to call her back, to ask a little bit more, but he suddenly feels weak, his eyes close on their own, and all he can hear is a very soft and soothing breeze gracing his ears as he falls on his back.

Meanwhile, at a bar somewhere in Gensokyo, Yukari and Shikieiki are having a casual discussion, while the shinigami drinks her beer, playing the fool and making it seem as though she's not paying attention to them.

Komachi Onozuka has pinkish-red hair she ties into twin ponytails, red eyes, wears a blue and white dress that covers her down to her knees, a thick belt with a coin on the center, and resting on her shoulder is her scythe with the wispy tip.

She notices when the blonde and her boss both share a sudden look of concern, and finally shows actual interest when both take out their odd plastic items with a button.

The Yama sighs when she notices the contraption is glowing red, and says "he failed already. Unbelievable."

"Fu-fu-fu~. That poor boy. As hilarious as his failure is, he got quite the nasty shock," says the blonde while looking into the semi-transparent white plastic, as if there was something there telling her exactly what happened.

Eiki shakes her head, then says "don't act like you don't care. Look, he almost broke while in there. We'll have to modify his memories a bit and make him a little more receptive of that world, or he'll never pull through."

Yukari's eyes turn gold as she looks at her pyramid, and says "let him have his bracelet back as well, though make sure it's not fully powered up. Not having it actually crashed his psyche."

Komachi alternate stares between the two girls, and asks "so, Ail blundered already? What did he do, get caved by the teacher, or maimed by the mansion's chief maid."

Her burst of laugher is brought to a very awkward and abrupt stop when she gets two dark and deadly glares from a pair of glowing blue, and purple eyes that appear to alternate to yellow.

She sighs as she quiets down, then looks away and says "oy~ waiter; another beer please!"

The two women turn their faces back to their little machines, then Shikieiki presses the button and says "done deal. This time, he'll be... oh, what now!?"

Both plastic machines' lights turns orange, signaling there's been an error, and after a long sigh, Yukari says "great. This reset is going to take a few days. What do we do until then?"

The Yama sits up straight, dusts her shirt, then says "we wait. You go back to your life; I'll get back to work. Simple as that."

The blonde shrugs, then takes the beer from Komachi's hands before her lips touch the glass, then takes a swig from it while saying "alright then. I'll have to teach Ran how to use this thing though. It's almost winter~"

They ignore the shinigami's complaints for her stolen beer mug, Eiki mostly interested in how that gap youkai managed to dink and speak so clearly at the same time.

Yukari grins and rubs Shiki's head like one would a child, knocking out her hat and annoying her quite a bit, then says "I just separated the speech and liquid barriers for a bit. Isn't it a fun little ability?"

The Yama just sits with her elbows on the table, staring at the gap youkai while wondering if she did the right thing by accepting her assistance with Ail's matter.

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement, Flandre, a blonde vampire that ties her blonde hair into a long left-side ponytail, has red vampiric eyes, wears an undersized red and white dress that covers just above her thighs, and has a pair of black iron rods with colorful crystals hanging from said rods as wings, roars furiously while shooting a blue orb to the right of her room's open door.

She clicks her tongue after her bullet explodes, and says "you little runt! That's the last time you'll touch me!"

Her skirt has been scratched to shreds at the back, exposing her scratched bloomers, which reveal her white panties underneath.

She glances around furiously, then growls and exclaims "Sakuya, don't let that little shit escape, you understand!"


A three-tailed black cat with brown stripes on the belly, and glowing yellow eyes, screeches as it jumps from the floor and painfully sticks its claws on Flandre's chest, hisses in front of the girl's face, then roars again as it suddenly rushes to her face and starts scratching her all over the head.

The girl screams at the top of her lungs while trying to catch the cat with her hands, though fails miserably.

Sakuya Izayoi, a woman with blue eyes, silver hair she adorns with a maid's headdress and makes to braids on both sides, and dresses herself in a blue maid's uniform, rushes over to the little vampire and swings her knife with deadly accuracy near her ear, forcing the evil nekomata off the blonde's furious face.

Flandre roars furiously and screeches "FORBIDDEN BARRAGE, CATADIOPTRIC!"

In her blind rage, her spell cards almost explodes on her very hand as her bullets fire wildly around the room and bounce around the walls.

The chief maid screams and throws herself on the floor for cover, while the three-tailed nekomata hisses and jumps on a wall, avoiding one bullet, bounces off said wall, avoiding another, lands on a large portrait of Remilia; another vampire with short wavy light-blue hair, red vampiric eyes, who wears a pink mob cap with a matching pink dress she adorns with red ribbons, and has two black bat wings the same length of her body; and ducks to avoid yet another bouncing bullet.

The vampire and the maid glare at the cat on top of that portrait, then Sakuya asks "Miss Flandre, what happened to your cap?"

The little blonde stomps the ground several times, then points at the cat wile shouting "that stupid, STUPID-head of a blasted cat from HELL ate it!"

The cat grins and expands its eyes vilely while hissing a laugh, then burps out a white piece of cloth with part of a red ribbon.

Flandre roars to the air, grabs Sakuya by the chest, ignoring the maid's painful yelp, then tosses the woman straight at the cat.

The skillful woman, though pained and screaming, puts her hands in front of herself and springs off the wall where the cat was before it jumped.

She avoids a massive red bullet that was flying after her, while the evil black cat kicks himself from the ceiling; also avoiding the explosive bullet; uses the momentum of the massive explosion from that overpowered bullet, and lands right on top of Flandre's head.

The girl starts running around in circles while screaming and crying for help, then the smiling cat reveals its claws, raises its left paw, then works on the screaming girl's head, sounding like a buzz saw as it rapidly scratches her skull.

Knives fly to the cat, forcing him off the little crying vampire, and while looking at Sakuya, it flicks its three tails upward, then runs away, hiding in the darkness.

"Uuuu, that damned cat," angrily growls Sakuya.

Flandre sobs after letting herself drop on her butt, and then cries "I hate it! Why is it picking on me? I can't ever make it kyuu! WHY CAN'T I BREAK IT!?"

The chief maid sighs sympathetically, rubs the girl's head, seeing as it is healed from the scratches already, then says "come on young mistress. Let's get you a bath ready so you can freshen up a bit."

The pouting blonde nods twice, gets on her feet with Sakuya's help, then sobs and cries "I'll get that ***** cat someday. Just you wait!"

The maid karate-chops the girl's head, making her yelp in pain, then scolds "ara~, ladies don't used that kind of language!"

The vampire just whines and moans, but being so tired, she just sighs and nods, instead of punishing that offending human.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Budou, Minako, Luna, and the black three-tailed cat were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

MAY 27, 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


Hope you liked that last bit with Flandre and the black cat. Made it to soften the feel of the chapter a little bit, for I want this to have a bit of a balance, and not make it a completely dark fic.

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