Legend: [i] = a sudden thought between the dialogue, or Ail/NegaAil talking to the one in control of Ail's body.

{i} = Mima speaking to Ail/NegaAil in his mind.

NOTICE: Strong language and dark events ahead.

Jan 10 2013 - This chapter was a MESS! So many errors, so many inconsistencies, and so many words that were halting the flow of this chapter were fixed. Lots of deletions and additions were made, and hopefully the chapter now flows well for everyone.

The eternal mid-spring morning at the Human village continues as it has in that alternate Gensokyo ever since the dreams spirits damaged the world's core.

At the market place, Gengetsu, Mugetsu, and a very reluctant Kana are handing flyers to any person or youkai that gets close; they are also sticking them on walls, food containers, and even children's backs with a "kick me" note scribbled on.

The flyers contain a crudely drawn picture of Shizuha surrounded with autumn leaves being blown by the wind, and the goddess appears to be dancing along with them with her hands in the air.

After forcing one of the fliers onto a man's busy hands, the blonde poltergeist scratches Gengetsu's feather that's lodged on her shoulder, then looks at the other blonde maid, and says "enough already! I'm sure we've spammed this plenty!"

Mugetsu turns her head to the elegant dream poltergeist, smiles, then says "you're right. I think it's time we went looking for him again. What do you say, onee-chan?"

Gengetsu holds a knife to her sister's throat, and with glowing red eyes and an ominous shadow on her face she menacingly whispers "call me onee-chan again, and I'll make sure you never marry."

The nervous blonde quickly calms down, sighs, then says "oh, is that all? For a moment I thought you were going to slit my throat again. That hurts, you know."

The winged blonde sighs her annoyance off, and rubbing her forehead with the hilt of the knife she says "anyway, I think you're right. Maybe it's time we went and reported to Ail."

"Finally!" shouts Kana after tossing her fliers to the air. "And could you PLEASE remove this thing from my arm? I told you I'm not running away!"

"No." casually replies Gengetsu with a sweet smile invading her face.

Mugetsu giggles, grabs the girls by the back of their shirts, then takes off to the sky while cheering "come on girls! Let's go look for the cute boyo!"

"Argh! My shirt! My breasts! My-OUCH!"

"Sis, I am going to kill you of you don't let me... WAAAAHHHHH! Wedgie!"

And so their voices fade away as they leave behind a sad little house that never had a door, and which now stands sadly with its only accessible opening boarded up.

The depressing feeling emanating from the house, though strong, remains forever ignored by the humans and youkai that keep passing by, too busy to notice the weathered walls darkening as the days go by.

It's dark, the wind is blowing gently and soothing the agitated nerves, yet memories of being frozen and bitten to the death take over his hazy mind.

"It's warm," he whispers as he feels his head on something comfortable and soft, and then he feels something like silk touching his cheeks and feels as though he's back at the Moriya Shrine; back with Sanae and Budou on the comfortable couch in the warm living room.

He hears a sigh, then a sweet voice speaks softly while that silky hand continues to touch his cheeks. "Wake up, darl-Ail. We're here."

Anilan gasps softly and opens his eyes to an early-summer's late noon, a pair of loving, but hurt brown eyes; and to the realization that his head is resting on Reimu's lap.

The black haired girl smiles when she sees him, but upon looking at his golden eyes, her own eyes become pained, and her smile turns to a light frown.

The boy sighs softly as he forces himself up, and says "sorry, I'm not him."

He kneels in front of her and waits for her to place her hands on her lap, then says "I'm really sorry Reimu. I can't even feel him in me. As a matter of fact... what happened to me?"

A soft gust blows from the east, making their clothes flutter lightly when the ex-shrine maiden looks up at him and says "that's what we would like to know. Rika and I found you lying on the snow, sleeping like a baby. We had to scare off a few dark fairies, but they were more interested in Rika's sword, for some reason."

"I see. Well, thanks for getting me out of there," replies the boy while thinking "so, my death was null. Didn't reset, but didn't die. Wonder how that one worked out for this world?"

Reimu bows and says "you're welcome hon-I mean, Ail. S-sorry, it's just so hard for me. You are that same boy from before, but at the same time..."

She crawls closer and places her hand on his cheek, notices his reluctance to accept her touch, then smiles and continues with a cracked voice "at the same time, you're so different."

Ail closes his eyes for a moment while he tries to compose an answer for her, to ease her pained heart, then he takes her hand and holds it against his cheek, then opens them again to reveal their red color, and he smiles.

Reimu can't contain herself, lets her smile claim her face faster than she can realize it, then she jumps on the boy and lands a much wanted and needed kiss, which he both accepts and returns.

The kiss comes to an unwanted end, and both hold each other by the back of the head while keeping their foreheads pressed, then the boy speaks softly; "Reimu my love, how I've missed you so."

The girl giggles, shaking off the tiny tears from her eyes, and replies "and I have missed you too, my darling; so very much!"

NegaAil grins, stands up and pulls her along with him, wraps an arm around her shoulder, and leads her toward the dirt road while saying "well don't you worry, my love. In just one more day, I'll have enough strength to get my body back, and you and I will be back together!"

The black haired girl stops, forcing the boy to stop, and asks "darling, what will happen to the other Ail, then? You... may not like him, but he's still you; the you I met long ago."

The red-eyed boy smiles at his wife, kisses her cheek, and then says "my sweetheart, you are such an angel. That other me will leave this body for good, and return to wherever is he came from with the memories of this place burned into his mind, and one hell of a headache."

He places his hands on her shoulders as they face each other, and continues "but that's not the important part, my sweet. Once he's gone, I'll put these stupid youkai back in their place, and you and I will have our child!"

Reimu holds his face to surprise him, and having his full attention she shakes her head then gently insists "honey, please don't! That boy is rectifying all that you have wronged! He's turning all our friends back to our side! Honey, please, listen to me, take this opportunity and make peace with everyone! Please!"

He frowns and looks away, then says "you know I can't do that. Not only did they abandon you, they deliberately went against you having a child."

"Only in your mind, my love" gently insists the girl.

"I had to put them in their place, and force them to collaborate. And you know what? Alice almost got it! All I had to do was rough her up a bit, and that was it! It's only a matter of time now!"

Reimu takes a step away from him, gives him a scolding look, and sternly says "Anilan Inmodo Leuch, you listen to me good. Sweetheart, if you continue to do what you are doing, then, against the wishes of my heart, I will have to stop you."

The boy lets a light gasp escape him as he stares at his wife in shock, and then she quickly continues "yes, I know what you have done, and frankly I am furious, disappointed and disgusted... but I love you too damned much, and that's why I was hoping you would somehow see the error of your ways; before it was too late."

She smacks her hips as an anxious gesture, then begs "please, my love, don't make me have to fight you! Please, take advantage of that other Ail's work. Make up with the others, restart your friendship, do what you have to do to regain their full trusts again. Please, do it for me, if not for yourself."

The boy chuckles, lets his head drop as the chuckle becomes creepy and dark, and after taking a deep breath to recover, he says "to think that I've been doing all of this for you; I did it all just so that I could take your pain away, and now here you are, asking me to stop it all for you. How... poetic."

Reimu takes a step back, her face fills with worry as she sees her husband slowly lifting his head, and fears he'll now attack her, so with her charms on hand, she prepares to see her worst fears come to life.

To her surprise, what she sees is that old, sweet smile she missed seeing since the day the boy fought Remilia the first time, and before she has a chance for anything else, he's right in front of her, holding her face with his hands.

He smiles sweetly at her, sighs, then says "my love, for you, I would take over the world in a day. I may not like this, but if that is what you wish, then perhaps I CAN take advantage of this fool's work."

"My Lady; Ail! There you are! I thought I left you by the shore!"

Rika arrives just as the couple gives each other one more kiss, then the boy backs away, and says "for now, my time is up. Reimu my love, when I get this body back, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make amends with them all. For now, please take care; and I suppose you should help that idiot make amends with Remilia. She's-"

Ail's eyes close, and inside his mind he can hear NegaAil saying "yes, once Remilia lowers her guard, I'll kill her. After she's dead, I'll see which of our old friends I can trust, and which I'll have to, huh-huh, remove."

Those last words sound darker than the rest, and make Ail wake up with a gasp and looking around as though scared.

He finally notices Reimu and Rika staring curiously at him, asks "what?" then he notices the red mansion at the distance, feels a very cold chill rushing through his body, and whispers "that's right; the mansion."

That late winter's afternoon, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Kimi is in her room once more, looking out the window with a bored expression as she stares at the tiny patches of grass growing through the melting snow.

She sighs, slowly turns her gaze to her bed, and says "so boring. Maybe I should sleep a few years and see if things get more fun later on."


The door to her room explodes, then the three-tailed black cat zips inside, followed by an innumerable amount of colorful orbs that explode with enough force to make the walls rattle.

Kimi is about to scream her raging lungs out when ten of those orbs explode all over her body and lift an impossibly thick cloud of smoke inside her room.

From outside, Flandre shouts "come on out Azzhara! Come out and fight me like the man you're supposed to be, you sniveling, little cheating coward!"

A soft ringing sound from within the room rapidly becomes louder, and before she knows it, one of her own yellow orbs explodes right on her face, sending her flying against a wall so hard, even her unnatural wings leave an imprint along with her body, and then she slowly slides down to the floor.

She stands up as if she hadn't received any damage and growls toward the room, then he sees the hated cat boy in his youkai form, grinning at her while holding one of her bullets on his hand.

"You ASS!" she shouts; to which the boy merely chuckles, flips his middle finger at her, and then throws the orb at her with all his might, blasting her back once more.

After sliding and rolling on the carpet for a while, the vampire finally comes to a stop while face down. She moans as she lifts her head, and when she starts to push herself back up, Azzhara rushes to her in his cat form and works his scratching magic on her.

Causing only minor scratches on the specially-made fabric, he leaves hissing like he's laughing, though is actually very frustrated for his failure.

This infuriates the blonde enough for her to miraculously recover and stand. She looks to where last the cat was and shouts "you **** cat, I'm going to *** pull off your ***** fur off and stuff your tail straight-"

A hand holds her shoulder with quite the impressive strength, making her look back with surprise to meet with Kimi's face; which is stiff with rage, her eyes are bloodshot and bloodthirsty, and she shivers wile grunting inward.

Her light-orange hair is singed, her boots have been melted off, her white shorts are dirty with burn marks, and half of her black jacket has been blasted off, leaving her gorgeous curves exposed.

The shadow dragon easily lifts the girl up by her shoulder, and although she doesn't turn her around to make proper eye contact, she furiously grumbles "I. AM GOING! TO KILL YOU!"

Flandre struggles to break free while shouting "hey, kill that damned Azzhara! It's his fault, not mine!"

The explosion that follows causes the ground outside the mansion to shake violently, causing Meiling and Sakuya to tumble on to the gate wall for fear of falling.

After the violent shaking stops, the girls look at each other, then rush inside, though soon after they enter, Remilia's voice can be heard all the way over at the center of the lake when she shouts "what the HELL IS GOING ON HEREEEEE!?"

The outside of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is eerily silent, the atmosphere is most unwelcoming, and nothing but negative vibes can be felt flowing from it.

Ail, Reimu and Rika stand several feet away the front of the gate, staring at a very nervous gate guard that keeps shaking whenever she lays her eyes on them; particularly the dense boy.

Once she manages to lock eyes with his, the scarlet haired guard somehow feels herself calming down, and manages to gain the courage to say "p-please stay away, Ail. The Mistress probably knows you're here, but you should still go away. She's going to kill you if she sees you."

Anilan shakes his head to snap out of the sudden shock of hearing of someone trying to protect him, then says "Miss Meiling, I can't. I need to contact [Heh, not if I kill her first...] Remilia. She may have a solution to my current problem."

He does his best to ignore that bastard's voice, and subconsciously wonders if he should tell Reimu of his plans; though doing so might hurt her greatly, or turn her against him.

Meiling, after some though, and noticing those determined golden eyes looking at her, sighs in defeat and signals them to move closer, but makes sure to also signal her begging for them to keep quiet.

The trio comply and make their stealthy way to the girl, who gives the dense one a bone-crushing hug and whispers "you insane idiot you! Why did you come here? Lady Remilia is still sore about your last visit."

That's when Ail notices the girl's exhausted eyes, the weathered and torn clothes that reek of excessive use and lack of proper cleaning, and all the bruises, cuts and scars all over her skinny face, arms and legs.

"Meiling," whispers the boy with a hint of despair. "What happened to you? You look terrible."

The gate guard smiles happily, gives him a second hug; which Reimu doesn't seem to approve of; then sobs and says "I knew it. You're not the evil person the others keep saying you are."

The brown haired boy pushes himself away from Meiling and repeats "Meiling, what happened to you? Why are you like this? You're hurt, and dirty; and have you been eating properly?"

Meiling and Rika shush him, making him blush with embarrassment, and then the redhead whispers "please, keep it down. If they find out you're here again..."

She shudders as she gets back to her post and her eyes suddenly fill with great fear as she gestures them all to press themselves against the wall; and so they do as silently asked.

She slowly moves her head around the corner of the gate to take a peek, and sees Sakuya's silhouette walking away from the front window, then sighs with great relief and wipes the sweat off her forehead when the chief maid is gone.

The dense boy's eyes hide under the shadow of his hair as the realization that this, once more, is his fault, and trying to fight back his desire to shout, he says "this is my fault, isn't it? They did this to you; it's all because of me, isn't it?"

The guard girl sighs, looks to the ground while nodding, and without lifting her head she says "I let you in twice, thinking you and the Mistress might make amends, but you tried to kill her both times. They blame me, and they're right to do so. I am a useless gate guard, and I deserve punishment for being so. But I had so much hope the second time you came, like when you made amends with Flandre."

Ail loses his head and exposes himself while holding Meiling by her arms and speaking loudly. "You listen to me Hong Meiling; NegaAil is a snake who tricks others to get what he wants. He doesn't care what happens to the others as long as he gets his way, so don't you dare think any less of yourself!"

Reimu would like nothing more that to plug that boy's mouth with one of her best sealing charms, which, even though aren't that powerful anymore, can do the job of shutting him up.

However, she decides to keep herself from adding to his foolishness, and remains with Rika pasted against the wall.

"Meiling," continues the boy. "You can't let them treat you like this. Earn their respect. Stand up for yourself! The Meiling I know would follow orders to the letter, but she would also demand respect, so why can't you be the same!?"

The boy stares at the girl's fearful aquamarine eyes for almost half a minute, when Sakuya suddenly answers "because the useless pile of excrement knows what she did, and knows she deserves what she's got."

Reimu face palms hard, Rika draws her sword and gets in front of the black-haired girl, and both Ail and Meiling gasp as they turn their sight to the chief maid flying above the back of the gates.

She has a murderous glare aimed at the guard and the dense boy while holding several knives between her fingers, and crosses her arms over her chest before smirking and scoffing lightly.

Anilan summons a sword of pure light to his right hand and pushes the redhead to the side, then deflects countless knifes that seem to materialize from thin air.

The maid lets out a small gasp and a look of surprise when she witnesses this act, and immediately says "well, it appears you either grew a conscience, or it's something else. Usually you just watch as I stab her. This turn of events is, admittedly, very peculiar indeed."

A charm flies close to the maid's face, stopping a stealthy knife from stabbing itself on the back of Ail's head, then the maid turns her murderous red eyes to Reimu.

"Reimu, my friend, you must understand I have my orders, so if you plan on getting in my way, I have no other choice but to deal with you as well."

The ex-shrine maiden bravely stares back into those beautiful and frightening red eyes, and says "and you must understand I am his wife, and I have to protect him with my life, if I must."

Ail finally realizes what has happened, and feeling disgusted of himself, and slightly embarrassed, he anxiously says "no, Reimu, don't interfere! Let me handle this!"

The strict, brown-eyed glare aimed at him causes the dense boy to straighten up and shut his mouth, then the black haired girl says "Ail, you are merely borrowing my husband's body, so no matter what, your fights are my fights! Implant that into your thick skull and let's knock her out now before she gets serious."

At that moment, Ail sees Sanae in Reimu's place, and realizes something; that all the problems he has caused before have affected the green haired maiden as well, and even so; although she hasn't said so; he knows she would protect him the same way Reimu is doing now.

He gulps to subdue his desire to cry out his realization, nods to the peasant girl, and then turns his attention to Sakuya, who already has a spell card on hand, and a deadly smile on her face.

Sakuya grins sinisterly at the two before her, then declares "Strange Art, Illusionary Misdirection!"

"Wind Sign, Neppa Senpuujin!"

All heads turn to Rika after her spell declaration, and now Sakuya's kunai and silver knives; which appear in confusing line formations that seem to tangle in mid-air; focus mainly on the winged girl, who swings her sword with such speeds her hand and sword appear to stay in place, even though gales that leave green bullets behind it fly from said sword to the chief maid.

The winged peasant maid needs to literally dance around to avoid the innumerable knives, while shouting "get going you two! Let me handle this! Find Miss Remilia!"

Before either one can complain, she shouts "just move it! I'll be alright!"

Ail and Reimu nod to each other, and as they run to the front door, they spot Meiling crying behind the wall, curled up into a ball and trying to figure out what has happened.

Noticing this, the running boy shouts "Meiling, it's not your fault! It's not your fault!"

"Come on," shouts the ex-shrine maiden as she grabs his shoulder and drags him to the door, while the gate guard quits her crying, but remains curled up and sniffling while holding her head.

The chief maid tries to turn her spell toward the door to stop the intruders, but Rika quickly gets in front of her, waves her finger left and right while clicking her tongue, then says "eyes on the enemy."

She swings her sword impossibly fast, and after sending the sharp gale at the mansion's maid, she appears elsewhere and repeats the process over and over again, and even though she has to zip through entwining knives, she does a good job of keeping her impossible pace.

Sakuya was not ready for this and is quickly overwhelmed by the number of gales and bullets surrounding her, and ends up being struck on the back by a painful gale.

Her spell cancels out while the peasant maid's continues, but with a growl, she holds her stopwatch and slows time down by just concentrating a bit.

She can now see Rika moving around and swinging that sword still fast enough to make it look like a blur, but her concern is reading where she's going next.

She tosses a knife right in front of herself and allows time to flow normally once more, twirls left to avoid another gale, and smiles after the angelic girl's satisfying shriek of pain.

She watches with a satisfied smile as the maid pulls a knife off her bloodied shoulder, frowns and says "I didn't throw it that hard. It seems you're out of practice, Miss Rika."

The winged girl sighs with a smile, and with a defiant look aimed at the silver haired girl she replies "not at all, Miss Sakuya. I merely tried to do something rather foolish, and got myself cut deeper than intended. Still, it was worth it."

The mansion's maid raises an eyebrow in suspicion, but when nothing happens, she merely chuckles and opens her mouth to speak.

The peasant maid unsheathes her family sword with a full swing using her bloodied arm, and sends a magical blade of blood straight at Sakuya's neck, forcing the very surprised girl to bend her back to avoid the attack.

Her surprise becomes more obvious when she sees that speedy girl already on her, but has no way of avoiding the knee to her back, and merely does her best to take the kick and recover quickly.

Sakuya is sent flying upward, though she takes the chance to make some distance between her and the winged girl, and inevitably nurses her back while wincing in pain.

She glares at her opponent after soothed and angrily snarls "how dare you!"

Rika smirks smugly while shrugging, and then says "what can I say? Remilia taught me that trick the last time I was here."

The chief maid pulls the knives out of the garter on her right thigh, glares at the peasant maid with glowing red eyes, and though maintaining her elegance, she angrily says "you pathetic peasant! I'll never forgive you for using one of my mistress' spells against me."

She takes another spell card on hand and declares "I'll slit your precious neck open and feed you to our rats, you white-blooded wretch! Maid Secret Skill, Killing Doll!"

Rika has to admit, the speed in which Sakuya is throwing those knives all around her and stopping time to set countless more at random, is very impressive, but regardless, she has to move before she loses her clothes, or becomes a bloody pin cushion.

Either way, she needs something to counter this flower-like pattern, and her wind sword is not cut for it, so she takes a great risk and enters the gate to emerge with her fire and ice swords.

The moment she jumps out, she is caught off guard and grazed by enough knives to cut her into tiny pieces, and yet, to her luck, all they do is cut tears in her brown kimono and graze her skin, but nothing too deep to be of concern.

Once free of the knives, she jumps back to a safe spot, tosses a spell card in the air, and shouts "I'll make you regret that! Fire and Water Sign, Embraco Endo no Zeppa Juujishou!"

The spell card activates with a bang, and then the winged girl unsheathes her fire sword, which comes with a fiery slash that blasts large groups of knives at once.

The silver haired maid grunts with frustration and adds more knives to the spell; these one flying in straight lines and spreading on the sides; which gives the brown haired maid a harder time, even with her explosive fire waves blasting knives by the numbers.

A group of randomly set knives explode before beginning their flight, and spin their way back to their master, tearing parts of her clothes, and even cutting off one of her sleeves.

Both girls' clothes, faces and limbs are full of cuts, though none are deep or lethal, so they continue with the shower of knives and fire, and now wait to see who tires out first.

One of Rika's fire slashes explodes next to Sakuya, causing her to flinch and give the opposing maid the chance to get close.

The winged girl switches her fire sword for her ice sword, and swings it in crescent arcs right in front of the mansion's maid.

Sakuya yelps in pain when one of those crescents freezes her feet and forces her to the ground. Her spell card is canceled, but Rika continues her attack by taking her fire sword on her free hand, and hopping away.

"WAIT!" Meiling's scream stops the winged maid from performing the rest of her spell, and now the peasant maid watches as the gate guard shakes her coworker up.

"Sakuya-san, that's enough! Please, trust me, that Ail is-AUGH!"

The silver haired maid stabs the gate guard's stomach with the knife intended for Rika, and while the redhead doubles over, she coldly says "you put the mistress in danger again and dare to make demands to me? You are lucky Miss Remilia still values your life!"

The winged maid is about to finish her spell card performance when she suddenly lowers her guard, sheathes both swords, and dusts her hands while casually saying "well, that works."

Meiling has gotten behind the trapped maid and has locked her neck in a sleeper hold, though only tight enough to prevent her from moving too much.

With the violent maid secure, the redhead guard says "I'm sorry Sakuya, but you are out of control. Now calm down before I have to get aggressive!"

Now that everything has settled down, Rika takes notice of the damage she's given, and taken.

Sakuya's apron has been cut lose, and hangs only by the straps around her shoulders, there's a burn-hole on the right side of her chest, and the backside of her skirt is in tatters, not to mention her headdress is a little singed.

The winged girl herself has a new, unwanted cleavage cut, and the bottom of her kimono looks like Swiss cheese; and although the cuts and burns on their skins are light, she knows darn well those will start itching and stinging in the morning.

Rika sighs and smacks her hands on her thighs in frustration, then looks at Meiling, and says "out of all the times to forget the ointment, today HAD to be the day I needed it the most."

While the maids fight outside, Ail and Reimu move fast and silently through the second floor halls and corridors of the mansion.

Their aim is to find the study, where Remilia usually is after waking up in the late noon. As they walk through one of the outer corridors, Anilan looks out of the lone window there, and notices the sun is setting.

After a gasp of surprise, he mutters "time is flowing here; but why? Everywhere else time is stuck."

"What's the matter, sweeti-er..." Before she fixes her mistake, the boy answers as if he didn't hear her say anything. "It's nothing. Come on, we need to find her while she's in a good mood."


That horrible bellow indicates that, yet again, Ail's assumptions are wrong, and Remilia is already in a bad mood.

Reimu pats his shoulder twice with pity and after a sigh she says "come on; let's get this over with quickly."

The boy chuckles nervously [Oh, this is going to be GOOD! Oh, and take care of Reimu. If that bat-bitch touches her, then I'll come get YOU, got that?], sighs anxiously, then mumbles incoherently while moving toward the source of the furious scream.

Since they no longer need to sneak around, they fly to the door of the mansion's family room; where the voice came from; and reach it in a relatively short amount of time.

"Alright, here we go," anxiously whispers the dense one while shaking off his nervousness.

He places his hand on the door, pushes it slightly, then Remilia furiously says "you better have a very good damned reason to intrude in my mansion, Inmodo."

The boy's face turns paler than Youmu's skin when he hears that angry voice naming him. He hates it when Remilia is angry at him, and for many good reasons; the main one being his health.

Reimu helps him open the door the rest of the way, and after a shaky bow of thanks, he turns his gaze to the light-blue haired vampire on the tall, lonely red chair in the center of the room, gulps, then meekly says "I-I-I come to seek an audience with-with you."

Flandre peeks her curious face from behind the red throne, while Remilia stares at the frightened boy before her with a very unamused face, and then coldly asks "who. the hell. are you?"

Her anger has subsided slightly. The boy believes now is the time to talk, and with a bit more confidence he stands under the doorway, bows stiffly, and says "please forgive me because this will be VERY confusing, but I am an Ail that comes from another Gensokyo, and I come to you now because I believe you hold the answer for my return home."

There is an uncomfortable pause, and then Flandre suddenly giggles and says "hey sis, he's an idiot again. Just listen to that heart of his. He doesn't even know what he's saying."

The elder scarlet sound less than amused, and waves her free hand in front of her sister, and says "mmm, yes, I believe you are right, dear sister. This is kind of curious though. If this shaky Ail is here, where is the other one? Maybe he's just trying to trick us into lowering our guards."

Both Ail and Reimu remain silent while looking at each other with the corner of their eyes, both wondering if the other has an answer for the vampire's question, but neither says a word, and merely return their eyes to their host, and grin.

The blue haired girl's eyes flare up as a grin breaks the cold look she had adopted before, and hissing almost too happily, she says "oh, this is very amusing. He's in there, isn't he? He's still inside of you, cursing your guts for trapping him so easily when you yourself are so pathetic."

[HA! The bitch got THAT right! Say, kid, why don't you just die and let me have my body back now, huh? No? Enjoy your game with the vampires~!]

Ail's response is a nervous chuckle and sweat beads rolling down his forehead, which causes both Remilia and Flandre to hiss and slowly move closer; their faces showing a vicious intent.

"Hey, onee-chan, you thinking what I'm thinking?" hisses the blonde girl.

The blue haired vampire stands, stretches her wings, her eyes glow with intensity, then she hisses back "we kill this pathetic bastard that's trying to lie to us with such ridiculous stories? Yes, I'm thinking just that. You may even have what's left of him afterward."

Reimu draws her silver gohei and a few charms, gets in front of the boy, and says "no choice. We'll have to fight them! Ugh, and they're together! This is going to be a pain in the ass!"

The elder Scarlet appears to regain some composure when looking at the ex-shrine maiden, holds her sister back with one hand, and sounding genuinely concerned, she says "if you get in the way, I'm afraid I won't hold back."

"Reimu, don-!" Ail tries to complain, but the black haired girl covers his mouth without looking back, and bravely says "it's just like she said. My husband is in there. I have to protect him."

[Gods damn it, you stupid idiot! Don't let her get involved!]

The blue haired vampire sighs, shakes her head while holding her forehead with her right hand, and says "I understand. You really are lying to me. You wanted to kill me too. Then today, you BOTH meet your fate at the hands of Remilia Scarlet!"

Flandre clears her throat to let her older sister remember her presence, then the blue haired vampire rolls her eyes, sighs and says "and Flandre Scarlet."

Flandre zips toward the duo and lands an explosive punch on the floor in front of their feet, forcing them up to the air.

Remilia follows up with relentless claw attacks on the boy's torso, though to her irritation, she's only scratching his clothes, and is unable to reach his skin for some inexplicable reason.

She feels her wings and spine stiffening and freezing up on her when she feels paper sticking to her, then Reimu dive-kicks her and the blonde to the ground, where she mercilessly stomps them hard, making the floor crack beneath them.

Reimu rushes to the boy, and after making sure Ail is alright, she takes a couple of amulets on hand and says "you won't hurt us, Remilia, so just settle down and listen to what he has to say."

The elder Scarlet kicks her sister back to the air and grunts "like hell I will!" then runs away from the black haired girl; Anilan running after her.

The younger vampire throws her fists in a tantrum and exclaims "that hurt, Reimu-sis! I'll make you sorry for that!", and then she flies straight toward the human, materializing her wavy black rod in front of her chest.

On the other side of the room, Remilia throws small scarlet spears at Ail, who repeatedly reflects them back to her with violet colored barriers activated at very precise moments.

After the last one cuts the upper side of her wing, she stops for a moment and demands "grow some balls and fight back, you coward!"

He glowers back at her and shouts "you idiot, I didn't come here to fight with you! I just wanted to ask-"

"Ail, why aren't you using your gaps!?" interrupts Reimu while parrying Flandre's rod with her silver gohei. She punches the vampire in the face, and adds "you're going to get killed if you keep playing around like that!"

Anilan jumps and rolls to the left to avoid a thick concentration of bullets, gets behind a comfortable looking single's couch, and shouts "I can't! If I open gaps while in this world, I could cause some serious trouble for myself, and everyone in here."

Remilia grabs him by the back of his shirt, easily lifts him to the air, forces him to look at her face, and with a viciously vile grin she says "funny. If you haven't noticed, you're in serious trouble already."

The vampire does what she does best and bites him on the neck, manages to suck some blood from him, but he thinks quickly and punches her face with his right hand, activating his bracelet at just the right moment to flash her face, blinding her and earning his release; along with her shriek on his ear.

He shoots her with some water bullets to confuse her while she's blinded, then shoots larger water bullets at Flandre just before the blonde stabs Reimu on the back with her rod.

The peasant girl quickly flies down to the boy and plants a kiss on his lips, then stops when she realizes what she's doing, looks away, then says "um, th-that was... um, thanks for saving... me."


The dense one's face turns beet red with the mixture of embarrassment and fright, and whimpers "he's mad..." then the ex-shrine maiden takes his hand and pulls him toward the exit, snapping him out of his shock.

The Scarlet sisters now stand side by side right in front of the throne, and both hold the same spell card as they simultaneously declare "Scarlet Gensokyo"

Outside the room, it is so quiet and peaceful, none of the fairy maids in the area would ever imagine there's a fight going on at the other side of the door, but that quickly changes when said door opens with a blast.

The boy and the girl burst through the blasted door and continue running down the hall, then they are quickly followed by fast red bullets that are surrounded by a scarlet mist.

As they run down the hall and head towards the foyer, Reimu shouts "so, what now!? I can't see another solution here other than fighting back!"

Ail doesn't know what to answer, and merely keeps running while looking outside. That's when he realizes that what little bit of sun that was left when they entered the mansion is now gone.

Fear takes him when he realizes the mess they are all in, so after gulping his heart back down to his chest, she says "I think you're right. We'll have to fight back, or get killed."

The duo looks back at the insane concentration of red bullets that looks like a giant snake with a body made out of pimples, and after gulping down his fast-beating heart again, the boy shouts "we need to take this outside or we're going to get killed either way!"

Just as they see the exit to the foyer, Flandre appears in front of them with a bloodthirsty smile on her face, and hisses "time to break the unwanted rats!"

Outside the mansion, Rika puts on her restored brown kimono, secures the matching strap around her waist, and then says "they've taken long enough. I'm going in-WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING!?"

As she speaks, she turns to face Meiling, and notices said gate guard is still holding the tattered Sakuya in a sleeper hold, and what's worst, the maid looks a bit bluish.

The Chinese-themed girl looks quizzically at the peasant maid, who desperately kneels in front of her and tries to pull the chief maid free while anxiously saying "let her go! Let her go now, or you're going to kill her!"

Meiling gasps and instinctively releases the limp human girl, and lets her drop on the floor.

When she sees that happen, she starts to hyperventilate, her eyes shiver, making her whole world seem like it's shaking all around her, and then she anxiously whispers "Sakuya! Sakuya, no! I killed her! Oh no, I'm so sorry; I didn't want to kill her! Please forgive me!"

Rika jumps on the gate guard's front and embraces her tightly while softly saying "listen to me; she is not dead! She just needs to recover. You didn't kill her, so calm down; don't despair."

After saying this, the angelic maid continues to hold the guard girl, even after they both end on their knees, while thinking "her mental state is very fragile and it's only getting worst. I need to find a way to ease her up before-"

The wall above the door of the mansion's foyer explodes so violently, chunks of it fly all over the place after Reimu and Ail are forced through it and sent flying backwards toward the outside of the gate.

The redhead instinctively covers Sakuya's body, saving her for the largest chunk of the wooden wall, while the winged maid cuts it into pieces before running to aid her mistress and the dense boy.

"My lady," she says with anxious breath. She kneels besides the black haired girl and helps her up, when everyone suddenly looks to the mansion as Remilia shrieks with rage.

The vampire holds the limp maid in a hug while screaming, suddenly punches Meiling on the face, pushing her away from her precious maid, then glares with glowing eyes at the boy, bares her teeth, and foams at the mouth as she snarls.

She places the silver haired girl's body on the grass as Flandre whimpers for the loss of the maid, points her claws at the dense boy, and says "you caused this. You are the cause of all of this."

Rika tries to explain that Sakuya is still alive at the same time as Ail tries to voice his defense, but Remilia roars too loud for them to compete, takes to the air as her scarlet aura envelops a wide range around her, then shouts "NO MORE PITY GAMES, AIL! YOU! WILL! DIEEEEEE!"

As her scream echoes through the air, the scarlet aura around her picks itself up and gathers on her raised right hand, forming into a giant Spear of the Gungnir; one that blatantly breaks the spell card rules.

Remilia throws a small spear straight at Kimi's face. The shadow girl catches it with her bare hands, ignores the burn while she holds it, then tosses it aside and says "oh, sure, blame it all on the shadow dragon!"

The vampire mistress prepares another small spear as she angrily asks "and who else broke my walls using my little sister's head like a battering ram!?"

"IT WAS THE CAT!" simultaneously shout Kimi and Flandre, the latter appearing from behind one of Remilia's many self-portraits.

The blue haired vampire stops her attacks and her face relaxes when she's told of the cat yet again.

Slowly, her flat lips curl up into a smile when she imagines the tiny black cat with three tails running on its hind legs, while somehow holding Flandre with its front paws above its head, and ramming her head through seven solid walls.

She starts flapping her wings when she breaks into a fit of laughter, and holds her sides as she falls down to the floor while repeatedly calling her sister 'a weak human baby'.

The blonde vampire's face turns red and steam puffs out her ears as she throws her fists down to her thighs, then veins start pulsating all over her forehead, neck and fists when she sees her older sister rolling around on the ground and laughing even harder.

Kimi clicks her tongue then says "let's get the bitch." then Flandre summons her bent black rod while glaring at her sister, grins sinisterly, and grumbles "you hold her while I kick the bitch out of her!"

The elder Scarlet picks herself off the ground, ending her laughter, cracking her knuckles and grinning viciously towards her sister and the dragon girl before saying "what was that? Kick the bitch out of whom? I think I'll have to punish this potty mouth again."

The three girls eye each other carefully; not one makes a single move as they mentally prepare to attack, and then Flandre's charge and roar initiates the attack, starting with Remilia's spears, and Kimi's fireballs exploding in front of the blonde.

Sakuya, Meiling and Patchouli stand under the archway to the foyer's ground floor (left side), away from the battle.

The gate guard sighs and asks "Sakuya, shouldn't we stop them? If they get serious, there won't be a mansion to save, you know."

The purple-themed magician smiles subtly, like only she knows how, and softly says "well, if you want to get in between those three, then please, go ahead and entertain us."

Kimi screams, several explosions follow after, Remilia blubbers when she tries to roar, then Meiling chuckles nervously and says "haha; no, I guess it's better to just clean up afterward, right Miss Sakuya?"

The maid continues looking toward the battle, seemingly lost inside her own mind, when she suddenly gags as though out of breath and drops on the ground where she holds her neck before passing out.

"Sakuya?" meekly calls the redhead, then the room becomes quiet, and now the vampire mistress is picking up her chief maid from the floor.

She holds the silver haired girl like a princess, and very coldly says "Patchouli, Kimi, take care of the mansion. Meiling, Flandre, come with me to Sakuya's room."

"Onee-chan, what happened to her?" worriedly asks the young blonde vampire, to which her older sister replies "I don't know, but I feel like I want to kill Reimu and Ail for this."

The gate guard suddenly grips her chest, tears start to flow out of her eyes, then she suddenly sobs "S-Sakuya is dead? M-my... fault? Wait, wha-what am I saying?"

Flandre quickly holds Meiling, thinking her older sister is going to do something to her for saying such things, but when that doesn't happen, she feels confident enough to ask "what's going on?"

Remilia turns around, revealing her eyes glowing in a manner that looks like they have a scarlet mist in them. She is suppressing her rage as she tries to think on the events that are happening, and manages to calmly say "Kimi, Patchouli, seal the mansion. Nobody in or out until I give the word! Dreamed fates are trying to invade our own. That's all I can say."

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika sits on her knees in front of the kotatsu with her eyes closed.

She sees a white and black world being destroyed, and a very familiar human-like silhouette being shred to pieces along with the world.

She opens her eyes and looks around, wondering when she nodded off, and then closes her eyes again while she stretches her arms and wings and moans contently. "Ah~ I guess some relaxation time is nice every once in a while."

When she opens her eyes again, she scowls at the sight of Chiaki standing on the table, and sternly says "sweetie, we talked about this just an hour ago. Don't stand on the table!"

The vixen youkai hops off the table while retaining a somewhat distressed look she utterly fails at hiding, then says "um, Miss Rika ma'am. That girly ye hang around with; she's actin' odd."

The angelic maid gets excited and is about to mention Tenshi, when all of a sudden her excitement becomes fury, and feels the need for senseless fighting, just to vent out that strange rage.

She calms herself down, though can feel that urge to attack burning inside her heart, and then she gasps when she looks outside, and that urge, though merely diminished, is replaced by dread and anxiety.

Reimu falls on her knees in front of the open doors, crying while holding her chest and wondering why she is so depressed to the point of wanting to take her own life away.

She lifts her head to her maid, revealing her puffy red eyes burning with incessant tears, and cries "Ri-Rika! What *sniff* is happening? Thinking... about Ail... hurts my chest. P-please make it stop!"

The angelic maid suddenly feels the urge to find and thrash Ail, but she manages to suppress this feeling in order to tend to her mistress.

At the farthest corner of the kitchen, Chiaki, with Suzaku on her shoulder, watches as Rika picks Reimu off the floor and assists her in walking to her room.

After they are gone, the vixen looks to the bird, and asks "so ya have any idea 'bout what the fuck just happen 'ere?"

The vermillion bird bucks sadly, and just continues to look to the rooms corridor.

At the same time, at Higan, inside Shikieiki's courtroom, the Yama of Paradise frantically searches her stand, her seat, the floors, and even the two smaller stands in front of her own.

She's desperate and more anxious than usual. Whatever she is looking for has her stress levels higher than the norm.

"Where is it!?" she shouts to the darkness. She looks around the whole courtroom one last time, takes a deep breath, then calls "Komachiiiiii! Komachi, I need you here right now! ...Komachiiiiii!"

Three seconds later, a girl with pinkish red hair tied into two ponytails with red hair beads, red eyes, who wears a white shirt under a blue vest, a blue skirt, an obi belt with a large coin tied to it, and carries a large scythe with a wisp-like end, appears inside the room's massive double doors with a bored expression, and asks "yo, Eiki-sama, what's the-?"

She notices her boss' stress is making said girl shed some tears, and gasps at the sight and changes her question. "Whoa! Eiki-sama, what happened? What's got you this upset!?"

The yama takes a deep breath to relax, and manage to calmly say "Komachi, listen carefully. I need to find a round device with a round button on its center. It's somewhat transparent, and is glowing either green or red at the moment. P-please help me find it."

"A device?" asks the voluptuous shinigami with calm curiosity while looking around the somewhat unorganized courtroom. "That's kind of vague, but..."

She then scratches her head as she comments "phew. It seems you turned this place around real good. Any idea where it might be now? When did you last see it, Miss Shiki?"

The green haired girl jumps on her subordinate and holds her shirt's collar while anxiously saying "I don't know!" then jumps off the girl while still holding that collar and continues "last time I remember seeing it was when I went to visit Rika! After that..! Oh, how irresponsible of me!"

Shikieiki starts to moan as she releases her shinigami then walks away, and with her voice cracking, she says "Ail was under my care, and I completely forgot about him! I don't even know what the status on the world we created is! *Sob* I have been so irresponsible. Me, the Yama! Uuu~"

Komachi drops her scythe so that she may go and comfort her boss, but a flash from Eiki's stand catches her eyes, so instead she walks to the yama's chair.

Once there, the first thing she does is open the drawer to the right, and she immediately admires a beautiful white glow emanating from something that's under scattered stacks of paper.

She ooh-s and ah-s after removing those papers, picks up the source of the light, and says "wow, Shiki, this is beautiful. Can I have one?"

Shikieiki lifts her eyes to gaze upon the pure-white glowing device of hers being held by the ample-chested shinigami, who wears a very wide triumphant grin on her face.

The yama's first reaction is a instinctive gasp of relief as her smile grows, but then she notice's Komachi's face, frowns, and immediately asks "ugh, fine! What do you want?"

"Oh, nothing in particular," begins the shinigami. "Jus' a hundred years worth of braggin' rights, and at least two days of every week where I get to spend some time with you."

A shiver runs up and down the green haired girl's spine, and even though she looks as though she's about to burst out in anger, she sighs in defeat as she calms down, and says "alright. But if you're slacking off too much, expect an earful each of those days."

The pink haired girl twitches while faking a smile to hide her annoyance after realizing she could have had a better deal, but now it's too late as Eiki already possesses the round device, and is looking at it with great interest.

She gasps when she presses the button and nothing happens, and then says "no! What has happened here!? Everything is such a mess! I can't get him out even though he's succeeded! Gah! Someone's been interfering!"

She presses the button repeatedly, and even though the little device is glowing white, nothing happens.

Shikieiki explores the item a bit more, and to her eyes the dream world within is displayed as a three-dimensional map.

An anxious gasp escapes her while Komachi picks up her scythe, and before said shinigami can ask, the yama says "this is bad! The dream world has split itself into several segments, and each is running at such accelerated time lapses!"

"Is that bad?" asks the ignorant pink haired girl.

Eiki lifts her head to look at her subordinate in the eyes, and says "in a way, it is. To us he's been in there for days, yet to him it must have seemed like mere hours! Right now though, he's in one of the three segments in which time lapses are still flowing in par with ours."

"But that's not all," continues the anxious yama. "The weather patterns are off balance. In some segments it's a rainy summer, while in the next it's a dry autumn, and so on."

The voluptuous girl becomes worried, and asks "can we get him out of there?"

Shikieiki shakes her head, and says "as things are now, we can't. We'll need to go get him personally, but doing so is very risky. There must be another way. ...Maybe Yukari's device can-"

While looking inside, she takes full notice of the dream spirits zipping through accelerated segments, stopping at Eientei, then at the Moriya Shrine; the other two places where time flows normally; and whispers "intruders, inside the dream world!? Grrr! They must be the reason the world is so-!"

The door to the courtroom creaks open, both girls look to it with surprise, then the green haired yama asks "what the-; how in the world did you get here!?"

Back in the dream world, Reimu grabs Ail and Rika and easily flies away from Remilia's massive spear, which leaves the grass and trees dead, and a massive burn mark on the outer gate wall.

The angelic maid soon breaks free of her mistress and goes around the raging vampire, while said girl quickly follows her attack with smaller spears headed straight for the dense boy.

The ex-shrine maiden prepares herself to deflect those attacks, but Ail manages to free himself from her grasp, and gets in front of her to use his own barriers to reflect them instead.

Remilia yelps when she suddenly finds herself dodging her own spears, and as soon as she's clear, she darkly says "new trick, huh? That won't save you. FLAN!"

The young blonde Scarlet's eyes appear unhinged, and her smile reflects madness as she aims her sights on Ail. "Heheheh! I'll make him say 'sorry' for breaking Sakuya~ AHAHAHAAA!"

Reimu pulls the boy back and prepares to intercept the blonde; however she disappears from sight along with her older sister.

Both vampires are moving so fast, only Rika can see where they are, so she takes her family sword on hand, activates her Soraogan, but then she remains perfectly still, and even a feather that just fell off her wing remains frozen behind her.

Ail notices the glitch just as Remilia appears out of nowhere and slams her fist on his back, pushing him far away from Reimu, who finds herself pushing her gohei against Flandre's Lavatein.

Seconds later, the area around Rika turns white, golden numbers that change at random cover the segment, then the trees, bushes and burn marks there, including the winged maid, disappear as if they had never been there.

The boy is now too busy blocking Remilia's spear with his own weapon of light to notice this, same as Reimu, who is having a hard time dodging the activated scarlet sword of the blonde's.

The blue haired vampire swings her spear with both hands and easily pushes her target against the wall of her mansion with great force, and feeling confident, she allows him to recover while saying "give it up, Ail. You are no match for me. True your little flukes saved you last time, but I'm not letting you off as easily THIS TIME!"

The dense boy chuckles as he moves his pained back away from the solid wall, turns his weapon of light into a staff, then looks up and says "if you would just listen to me, we wouldn't have to be doing this, but you're just so damned stubborn, Lady Remilia."

The vampire dives to the boy with the tip of her spear aimed at his face, but said boy swings his staff like a golf club, pushes her spear and her slightly up, and makes her crash face-first against the surprisingly sturdy wall that remains seemingly intact after the second hard impact on it.

She pushes herself off the wall and grabs the boy by his shoulders, flies high enough for them to see the crown of the moon rising from the horizon, and then she opens her mouth and launches her face at his healing neck.

Ail grunts after he manages to grab her forehead and chin, and pushes her face away from the still bloodied neck, fearing what may come.

She has the upper hand and he knows this well, but he still pushes against her even though he's failing, and now dread curses him as the chill of horror weakens his muscles.

"R-Remilia, please," he begs with a grunt. "I swear to you, I'm not NegaAil! I'm here... because I need to know how to get off this world! Y-you have to believe m-ARGH!"

She bites his neck as though she were a raging beast and shakes her head to rip a large gash on his skin, then tosses him to the ground and licks her lips, then starts moaning as the taste of his blood takes over her senses.

Once done enjoying the sweet taste, she watches as the weak boy struggles to fight the pain and get up, grins, then says "I'm not an idiot little man, and I was starting to believe your lies, but what you made Meiling do to Sakuya is something you'll have to pay for."

Anilan looks up with a mixture of anger and shock, but before he can cut loose with deserving curses, the vampire girl continues "if you had only kept your nose out of my business, Ail. I treat my servants the way I damned well believe they ought to be treated, and not how others think I should!"

Ail stares at the small but imposing figure flapping her wings above him, scowls as he feels his anger rise, then says "I can't believe this. That's just a cheap excuse to treat Meiling the way you have. You're a real spoiled brat in this world, Remilia Scarlet!"

He reactivates his weapon, ignoring the pain on his bleeding neck, points at his attacker, and says "I'm going to beat you Remilia, and after I do, you will treat your family with the respect they deserve! However, if I lose-"

Remilia looks at him and a flat gaze that comes packed with a dark and cold feeling, and in a dangerously low tone, the girl clearly says "no deals this time, Ail."

A soft gasp escapes the dense one, and then the child-like vampire dives down to attack again.

Ail lifts his staff of light and increases its power to match Remilia's spear, and when the weapons clash, red and yellow sparks fly everywhere, leaving burn marks on the ground and walls.

The vampire's toothy grin widens when the boy's left foot slips slightly back, then darkly says "this is it, Anilan. It will take some effort, but I'll do my best to cook your head and serve it on a golden platter all by myself!"

"N-not today!" grunts the boy. He twirls sideways and lets her crash straight to the ground, then flies backward, away from the mansion, while shooting blue round bullets at the fiendish vampire.

When the bullets hit the ground around her, the Scarlet girl is already five feet above the ground and shooting homing scarlet bats at the hated boy.

Ail sighs and face palms, then quickly flies away from the scarlet bats that keep following him everywhere.

Remilia watches with an amused smile as the boy flies away in fear of her danmaku bats, and she flips a spell card right out of her wrist band, and then declares it only loud enough for herself to hear it. "Devil Sign, All the World in Nightmare!"

The vampire's body shatters into countless little black bats with scarlet wings, and the single one that remains flies a little higher and closer to the boy, then begins to shoot small fast moving scarlet danmaku knives and slow moving medium orbs that spread all around her.

By the time the boy realizes he's been trapped, the single remaining scarlet bat catches his leg, and burns him as it slowly flies through him, then disappears after its job is done, hindering him with terrible searing pain.

"Drop down and beg, Ail, and I might consider letting you live!"

The dense boy finds no other choice but to move clockwise along with the kunai, and quickly analyzes the situation.

Remilia's bat form makes her almost impossible to hit, her red bullets are packed with enough energy to knock out three tengu at once, and those same, slow moving orbs are going to hinder his movements very soon.

"Dammit, she's leaving me with no other choice. I'll have to [You better hurry, kid! Flandre is playing with MY WIFE out there, and if she gets hurt because of you, well, pray Remilia gets you before I do!] ...fight back."

He manages to summon a spell card to his hand and focuses his energy on it, temporarily weakening his weapon of light, but his concentration soon fails him when Remilia screeches mixing her own voice along with her bat shriek.

Another little bat; this one a little lighter colored than the elder Scarlet; had crashed hard against the darker bat, and now Reimu rejoins Ail, sighs, then says "it was a little rough, but I think I'm wearing her down."

In the air, the new bat with Flandre's voice says "I'm sorry onee-sama, but she used that colorful spell card that cheats."

The two vampires reform their bodies in a spectacular display of gathering bats, and both look a little paler than before, though still seem as energetic as ever; even with the blonde's clothes cut in several spots.

"It's alright!" roars Remilia, before calmly saying "just help me kill this bastard so we can eat something nice today!"

"You're not killing anyone," bravely declares the dense boy. "You're going to stop this, and listen to reason!"

Reimu taps his head with her silver gohei and says "just declare your spell card Mister Speeches." then prepares another spell card of her own.

The Scarlet sisters hold a toothy grin as they both produce a spell card each, then the older sister says "with me, Flan!" then both declare their spells at the same time.

"Scarlet Sign, Scarlet Meister!"

"Taboo, Forbidden Games!"

Reimu and Ail watch in horror as red spinning lasers and scarlet bullets that look like a massive concentration of red eyes fly toward them, but instead of panicking, they grin as they lift their spell cards, and simultaneously declare them.

"Brightness, Overwhelming Heart!"

"Great Barrier, Hakurei Danmaku Barrier"

Their response for the attacks is one set of white rings that literally eat away the red orbs as they travel toward the vampires, and one white and a blue large square barriers that trap the danmaku between them, and sends all the bullets back, though at random directions.

Meanwhile, at the Moriya Shrine, which enjoys a beautiful sunny spring morning, three blondes land in front of the lonely donation box there and start looking around as though lost and confused.

Kana turns around to face the shrine's donation box, stares at it as casually as anything, then says "empty box? This seems familiar, somehow."

Gengetsu grabs the gloved maid by the shoulder and grips her tight, and angrily says "no time for jokes! Ail needs us, and this world is making it harder to find him, so FOCUS on finding him!"

The girl sighs and says "fine, fine, keep your bloomers on. I was just making an observatio-KYAAH!"

A large hand made out of hardened soil reaches out of the ground and traps Kana in its grip, but the poltergeist easily breaks free with a few wisp shots, and then shouts "RUN AWAAAAYYYY!"

Mugetsu leads the runaway party through the increasing numbers of dirt hands that keep popping out of the ground.

She shoots straight bright blue orbs the size of her fists that break each hand with ease, Gengetsu surrounds herself with large white orbs while shooting medium-sized orbs in a wide arc in front of herself, and Kana surrounds herself with red thorny vines and bluish-white bats that circle her, while shooting fast white wisps straight forward.

With each hand they break; and so easily too; five more take their place, but that doesn't matter because they are reaching the exit of that segment.

Mugetsu points forward and cheers "CHAAAARGE! Show these hands they can't hold US down!"

Right after saying this, her face flattens against an invisible barrier that separates them from exiting the shrine grounds, and falls in a daze straight on to a pair of hands that eagerly wait for her, and then quickly move back to the shrine with their catch on hand.

Kana and Gengetsu manage to take evasive actions and avoid the invisible wall, but doing so splits them apart from each other.

The poltergeist shouts "wait, don't leave me all alone!" while shooting her way through hands, unaware of the giant stone frog that surfing the ground with its mouth open behind her.

Gengetsu sees the stone creature and charges up her next attack until her energy starts glowing red, but just as she's about to release her energy, the frog swallows Kana and takes her below the ground.

The hands start gathering up on two separate spots, then merge together to form a pair of larger soil hands with longer forearms.

The winged blonde clicks her tongue, shouts "Gengetsu Rape Time," as a spell card appears in front of her chest, then said card explodes into a thick concentration of white bullets that make it look as though it's one giant ball of energy being concentrated around her.

Soon after, the orbs start flying around at random and as fast as Aya's warm-up flights, and easily destroy the two massive hands that were about to attempt splatting her like a mosquito.

She grins triumphantly after a job well done, cancels her spell while flicking the underside of her nose with her thumb, then confidently says "you don't mess with this dream demon, you pathetic little hands."

She twitches and chokes with fright when she feels an ominous presence behind her, and turns around shooting without waiting to see what's there.

Her bullets fly through the air and explode against the invisible barrier that forms a dome over the shrine ground, and feeling frightened and shivering as she looks around, she shouts "show yourself! Who the hell are you!? Why are you attacking us?"

Suwako appears behind her wearing her coldest smile, places her hands on the frightened dream spirit's shoulders, then sinisterly whispers "well, my dear, after how you destroyed this world, you should expect some form of punishment. Eheheh; Native God..."

A spell card appears to the girls' left as the blonde goddess slowly snakes her cheek against the terrified Gengetsu, then finishes "Kero-Chan Braves the Wind and Rain~"

She feels the goddess hands leave her shoulders, and thinks it is the perfect opportunity to fly away, but then she looks up to the sky at the ominous curse goddess smiling darkly at her, then the next thing she knows, she's drowning inside massive rain drops and crashing on the ground.

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the battle continues through the dark night.

The mansion's walls, outer walls and garden are full of blast marks, holes and bits of blood, but there are no signs of the battle stopping any time soon.

Meiling holds Sakuya, and rolls, jumps and does all in her power to keep the human's limp body from taking any unnecessary damage, and every attempt to enter the mansion is met with some form of blockage; be it by danmaku, or a mysterious force only Ail knows to be a glitch in the world.

The boy lands on top of the outer wall, shoots three rings to block out Remilia's kunai from above him, then shouts "dammit all Remilia, why won't you listen to me!?"

The vampire holds her spell for a moment to try and tackle the boy, but misses him when he flies away from her, and shouts "when I avenge Sakuya's death! Taking your life should set her spirit at ease!"

She flies after him and reactivates her spell, and shoots relentlessly at her target while trying to help Flandre with Reimu and shooting some kunai their way.

Anilan unleashes four more white rings to defeat the bullets flying his way, causing frustration to take over the Scarlet's rational thoughts.

She roars furiously after her attacks fail their intended purposes, and simply rushes toward Ail in a blind rage with her claws bare and ready to do massive damage to his chest, the source of the hated rings of light.

The boy grabs her arm before it reaches his chest, and is being pushed around the sky with ease while the vampire tries her best to reach that heart.

She bites his forearm in hopes that he will let her go, and although he screams in pain, he refuses to let go and unleashes three more rings.

Remilia screeches when the burning white light flies through her skin and bones, and finds herself fleeing the scene, but before the boy can even think of celebrating, or going after her, Flandre tackles him and holds him while saying "quit making onee-sama cry!"

She smashes him against the hard ground and makes him feel as though all his ribs and the bones on his left leg have shattered on impact, but lucky for him he's in a dream world, and nothing is actually broken.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" cries Reimu, before she swoops out of nowhere and blasts the blonde away from her man.

She quickly kneels beside him and sighs incoherent words under her breath as she inspects his entire body with her hands, then sighs with relief when she feels he's still in one piece.

After wiping the cold sweat off her forehead, she says "sweetie, please, you have to be more careful. HYA!"

As Ail gets off the ground, Reimu is taken away by Flandre, who angrily growls "red and white sister is playing too rough!"

The boy ignores the horrible feeling of having his bones broken in order to chase after the girls, but he finds himself pushing Remilia's fully activated Spear of the Gungnir with his weapon of light matching said scarlet spear.

He looks at his weapon of light with curiosity, wondering when did he activate it, and whispers "what? When did I-?"

Remilia easily grabs the collar of his neck while pushing his weapon away from herself, then smiles while whispering "Ail, I know who you are, I know you don't belong here; I always have; but you came to the wrong place to ask for help!"

Anilan's face becomes filled with so much shock and confusion, even Reimu notices it in the dark, and wants nothing more than to be with him, however, she has to focus on batting away Flandre's Starbow Break bullets with her gohei, or she won't be able to be there for him at all.

The boy swallows his rage to ask simply "what? You knew? Then why-?"

Before he can voice his questions, the vampire sinks her claws in his skin, forcing him to grunt and shut up, smiles wider, chuckles as though making a joke, and then says "you fool, I can see your fates! He's in you. I can see him! He's desperate to come out and beat the shit out of me, but I can't let that happen. If I kill you, I kill him. It's as simple as that, Ail. It really is nothing against you, you see. It's all him. Once he's dead, Reimu will be free again, and Gensokyo can begin its recovery!"

She easily lifts him up and raises him above her head, sinks her claws deeper into his skin to force him to focus on trying to relieve himself of the pain, winds her spear back, and declares "she will be free; ALL of Gensokyo will be free again! Goodbye nice kid!"

There's that disturbing sound of impalement invading his ears, yet the pain is not there. He quickly realizes Remilia's face is turning blue as her eyes bulge as they become wider, and then she jumps far away, screaming her head off while holding her behind and moving around in circles either on land or on the sky.

Reimu stands behind from where Remilia was, with her gohei positioned where he guesses Remilia's butt was, and after a quick wince, he says "thank you Reimu... but wasn't that too much?"

The blue haired vampire starts yelping repeatedly while holding her butt tighter, cusses out loud, then the ex-shrine maiden shrugs and says "doesn't seem that way to me."

The boy and girl quickly hop backward once to avoid a blast, pause for a moment as they glare up, then hop back five more times to avoid more bullets, before taking flight.

Ail and Reimu prepare their respective weapons, while Flandre cackles madly and says "time to break the toys! Heheheh, you naughty dolls making onee-chan cry! I can't let you do that anymore! Mh-hmhmhm! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAAA~"

Both their faces become pale at the sight of the maddening blonde, then the boy says "worst possible time for her to regress."

Reimu and Ail miraculously dodge the erratic bullet patterns coming from the cackling blonde vampire in front of them, who keeps getting closer, though slowly.

The boy notices she's getting too close for comfort, so he activates his weapon of light, this time making it into a sword-like weapon that looks as though it's made of yellow fire.

He swings the energy blade and clears a direct path to the blonde, and then the black haired girl grins and throws several charms straight at the vampire's face.

Flandre screams when the charms burn the skin on her face and forehead, but hasn't the time to dwell on that pain for long as Ail and Reimu fly next to her, both place a hand on her ribs, and then both hit her with pure energy.

The vampire yelps aloud, but is quickly silenced before her body thuds on the unforgiving ground.

After a moment passes by and neither vampire returns to attack, the dense boy and the powerhouse girl sigh with relief, then she grabs him in a powerful hug while declaring "we did it! We beat them!"

Red shard danmaku explode all over the two, making them hold on to each other out of shock while the bullets explode all over their bodies and tear holes on the girl's clothes; while they merely singe the boy's own.

Before either can recover, Flandre suddenly rises above them with a spell card on hand, and furiously roars "Secret Barrage, And Then There Will be None?"

They manage to split up in time to watch the blonde become a cloud of mist, then all around them a grid of blue bullets forms up, making up a large net that quickly moves diagonally upward.

Before they can study the bullets movements, red bullets appear above them and quickly rain down on them, while yellow bullets quickly rise from below them, and green bullets shaping another net that circles clockwise around them.

"Rei-" is all Ail manages to shout before the inevitable explosions begin. They are mercilessly blasted all over a darkened sky, bounced all around and forced to collide with other bullets before they can even recover their bearings.

The dream world, as if being cruel or helpful, glitches up, and now there is a bright full moon brightening the night, allowing Ail and Reimu to see better, but also increasing the strength of Flandre's bullets, as well as her speed.

Both manage to grab each other by the hands when being flung nearby, and make it so the next bullet that hit them are the red ones, which blast them right out of the spell's range and on to the ground below.

They lay face-down on the ground for what feels like five seconds, and then they begin to push themselves back on their feet when they hear Flandre's mad voice calling for them.

Reimu holds her left ribs while still on her left knee and winces in pain, but then she suddenly glowers and tosses a pack of talismans to the air, and focuses on finding, and hurting Flandre.

She suddenly gasps and rushes to her feet, runs to and tackles Ail away, then a large red spear flies through her chest, and she falls to the ground, followed by all her airborne talismans.

Anilan isn't sure of what he saw, but the cold beating on his heart keeps warning him and edging him to check things out, and regardless of the terrible pain on his legs, stomach, ribs and left eye, he gets off the ground and walks toward the black haired girl sprawled on the ground.

"Reimu?" he calls weakly, his voice cracking as the cold chill of anxiety and fear dries his mouth and hardens the beating of his heart the closer he gets to her.

She lies on the ground with her eyes wide open, and a stream of blood spilling from the black burn mark on her chest that goes all the way through to her back.

He drops on his knees after losing his strength on them, shoves her shoulder, a tear forces its way out of his left eye, and he calls with a cracked voice "Re-Reimu? Reimu, get up. Stop playing around and get up."

He shoves her shoulders harder, unable to accept she's dead, and loudly calls "Reimu! God damn it, Reimu! Get the hell up! Get the hell up! REIMU!"

His last shove causes her body to flail hard, and she ends up looking straight at him with empty, lifeless eyes and a gaping mouth.

His tears start rushing out of his eyes as his heartbeats become hard and labored, then a loud sob escapes him, and he cries "dead! Sh-she's dead!"


Remilia's screech ignites a burning rage in the boy's very chest, and without even realizing it, he stands up, lifts an open hand, and erects a red square barrier right in front of the vampire, making her crash hard against it.

He ignores her repeatedly calling for Reimu through that barrier, and gestures his hand into a fist, which causes the barrier to coil around her and trap her.

She furiously scratches the magical barrier with her claws while shouting "NOOOOO! That was for you! That was YOUR FATE! WHY DID SHE TAKE YOUR FATE AS HERS! ANSWER ME, YOU FUCKING SHIT!"

Ail's eyes hide under a shadow as he stares silently at Reimu's murderer; he feels his heart beating faster, though harder, his entire body heats up as deep hatred and rage take him, and then he sighs and slowly calms down.

He coughs when his body relaxes, looks into the vampire's red eyes with his own golden ones; hurt, tired and burning with tears; and with a cracking voice he says "it's not resetting. Why isn't it RESETTING!?"

He gestures his hand as though throwing something and his barrier copies his gesture, throwing Remilia Scarlet far away from the scene to the dark sky.

Anilan returns to Reimu's side, starts to sob and cry anew when he looks into those lifeless, dull brown eyes, and with great pain he closes her eyes while crying "why isn't it resetting? Please reset! Please, don't kill her! Don't kill her!"

He covers his face and doubles over, sobs loudly before breaking down to cry again while in his mind, he hears his own voice speaking to him.

"Ail, you have to calm down! Remember, this is a dream world, not the real thing! Reimu is alive and well, so don't let this illusion trick you! ...Anilan, you have to snap out of it!"

He lets his arms flop to his sides on the ground, begins to shiver as he sobs one last time, and that's when he hears Flandre's insane cackle as she flies low to the ground and headed straight toward him.

The boy doesn't care anymore, and waits for that insane blonde vampire to come and destroy him; though he secretly hopes that if he dies, the world will reset, and Reimu will be alive again when he wakes up.

He grunts when he suddenly spasms, his right hand lifts itself, even though he isn't even moving it, and then he starts to scream.

His right arm feels as though it's engulfed in intense fire, it begins to glow gold, he tries to pull on it, but his strength wanes and feels he's at the mercy of whatever is happening to him now, and then his weapon of light ignites, taking the shape of a broad sword with flaming edges.

Flandre grunts when the blade of light breaks through her, blood stains the boy's hand as the hole on her chest presses itself against his fist due to the momentum of her speed, and somehow, he finds the strength to look into her dying eyes.

She smiles sweetly at him, gently grabs his forearm and pushes the hole on her chest away from his fist, then softly says "bad big brother, touching me there like that. Heheh, how naughty you are."

She breaks free from the weapon and falls to the ground, and then her body begins to dematerialize into bits of scarlet energy that scatter into the air.

Anilan finds himself feeling that same cold, hindering, and unbearably painful feeling of loss again, his tears renew, yet all he can manage to do is meekly whimper "Flan..." before he grunts, groans and bends over as though in horrible pain.

His arm turns red; the energy of his bracelet concentrates right in front of his fist, then it rapidly turns dark red.

It begins to absorb the energy floating off the unidentifiable remains of what used to be Flandre's body, and then makes a loud bang as it flies off to the sky in the form of a fireball.

Ail falls to the ground; regrettably conscious; and stares at the black rods with the colorful prisms that used to be Flandre's wings so close to the black hair that belonged to Reimu, and the vampire's white mop hat being swayed easily by the inexplicable draft; and then his tears begin anew, though is unable to do anything other than lay there and cry.

He can hear Rika's voice as she calls for her mistress Reimu, and feels despair when he is unable to comfort her, no matter how much he tries to move.

"YOU!" cries the hurt winged maid, picks him off the ground with ease, then stares angrily into his own distant eyes and realizes something.

She notices Flandre's wings next to Reimu's head, and then suddenly embraces the limp boy while crying and sobbing.

This embrace helps him react and he manages to place a comforting, yet cold hand on her head, but his burning tears return, making it impossible for him to see clearly.

"Please reset," he mutters as though in a trance, even though he's returning the winged maid's embrace and making it feel warm enough for her.

Meanwhile, the red energy roars louder as it grows in size and flies father and higher.

Remilia is returning to where Reimu's body is, screaming "NO! Reimu! I have to save Reimu! She's not dead! NOT DEAD YET! SHE CAN'T BE!"

The red energy forces the vampire to stop abruptly and shield herself with her wings when it shoots out bits of itself, then from it, a familiar cold and suave voice says "you killed her. You took away her right to bear a child, caused her immense pain for years; a pain I tried to take away from her; and now, you went and killed her."

The red energy takes a human form and rapidly forms a new body for NegaAil, whose red eyes glow with raging hatred toward Remilia.

The girl glowers darkly at the boy, lifts her right hand and prepares another scarlet spear, and darkly says "so, you escaped that body. That is wonderful. I get to kill you and... wait."

She narrows her eyes as she studies the boy, her eyes appear to water, and then she hesitantly asks "why... why do I see Flandre's fate when I look at-?"

The answer comes to her quickly, but the evil boy; grinning because he knows that she knows; bluntly answers "well, you did take my Reimu's life. I think it's a fair trade, don't you think?"

She screams so loud, it feels as though the air around her is shaking along with her screeching voice.

Her hair seems to take a life of its own as scarlet flames crackle around her body, her intense spear grows on her hand, her eyes glow so bright they look as if they are glowing bullets inside a head, and NegaAil's reaction to this is to grin toothily and scoff.

He activates his own weapon, though his is made out of purple bolts that surround a scimitar of black energy, and shouts "we end this tonight, Remilia Scarlet! Only one of us walks out of here, and it's going to be me! I have to deal with that weak asshole after I kill you!"

The vampire roars to the air, and screams in a manner that her voice appears to echo. "I will kill you, Inmodo! FLANDRE! GIVE ME BACK MY SISTEEEERRRR!"

Both weapons clash in the sky, purple and scarlet sparks fly off in every direction, and the overpowered boy faces off against a raging vampire with a thirst for his blood.

While all of this happens in that segment of the world, back at the Human Village, the little doorless house crumbles, just as Marisa walks by.

Meanwhile, at the Sanzu River's shore, Gengetsu, Mugetsu and Kana kneel before Suwako, Shikieiki, Komachi, and a fourth person behind the shinigami.

Their hands and ankles are tied by sacred ropes that sap them of their strength, while the three angry girls continue to glare at them.

Shikieiki sighs, then Kana cries "we're sorry!", and then the froggy goddess barks "SHUT IT!"

Mima appears from behind Komachi with a face equally furious as Eiki's, and says "your meddling ruined what was supposed to be an experience for the boy! Did it ever occur to you that he entered that world willingly!?"

"Settle down," begins the blonde goddess while flapping her arm in the air; "ripping their heads can wait. Just send me back in there so I can go look for him and get him out."

Komachi's face becomes pained, while the Yama sighs with disappointment, then says "your dream self automatically returned to her shrine the moment you stepped out. I failed to foresee that from happening, but what's done is done."

She looks at her shinigami and the supposedly-evil spirit behind her, and darkly says "we could try going to Mugenkan, but doing so could prove very risky for his health; mental and physical."

"The gap youkai," comments Suwako as the answer hits her like a ton of bricks. "But what if she can't help? What then?"

Mima looks away to the distance as if lost in a deep thought, and then says "we'll worry about that matter later. Let's first focus on finding Mayohiga first. After that, we'll see what course of action we'll need to take."

Komachi takes a few steps closer to Mugetsu, bends down low enough for her cleavage to show and annoy the blonde greatly, holds the dream spirit's chin so as to keep her head up and looking between that cleavage and those red eyes, and then the shinigami says "as for you three; I'll be in charge of whatever punishment may befall you."

Shikieiki lets a venomous smile take her features as she says "bear in mind, that girl is far less forgiving than I."

The three dream blondes feel the need to look up at Komachi as she hangs her arms over her scythe's handle while resting it on her back, then shiver when the shinigami grins darkly at them.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kimi, Azzhara and Chiaki were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell card: "Brightness, Overwhelming Heart" was created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot2010

Rika's spell cards: "Wind Sign, Neppa Senpuujin (Wind Sign, Searing Gale);

And Fire and Water Sign, Embarco Endo no Zeppa Juujishou (Fire and Water Sign, Final Cross That Embraces the End), were created by Snapshot 2010

OCT 29 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


Sorry for the delay, but I was enjoying Resident Evil 6 too much... and still am.

Oh, and a big thanks to one of my buddies down at the "Let's Danmaku" forums for helping me out with a bit of Shikieiki's and Komachi's part in the story :D! Really, I couldn't see the timelines thing working, until he suggested I changed it to days, instead of weeks.

That aside, I felt really bad for the deaths on this chapter, but the show must go on, and Ail HAS to get out of there, and the only way for that to happen is if things keep moving forward. I wonder if Yukari can do something. Maybe fix the resets? Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this chapter, and hope to see you on the next one.

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