Sorry for the long wait, folks. Hope you like the bit of extra effort I'm putting in my writing now.

Legend: {i} = Mima speaking to Ail's mind.

NOTE: Dark events and strong language ahead.

The moonlit sky is filled with the red and purple sparks that the two blurs explode with whenever they clash against each other while zipping around in the darkness.

Remilia and NegaAil clash once more in front of the clock tower, where they stop as they struggle for dominance.

During this stance the furious vampire asks "how did you do it? How did you take my sister's life and make it yours? We don't have SOULS to work like that!"

The boy grins, revealing a set of large fangs under his lips, and answers. "it is simple, Remilia. I succeeded where Agava failed. I took your sister's innocent spirit; and quite frankly, I did so without expending much effort."

They push each other apart with a mighty push from each, but instead of continuing the battle, they remain where they are, and so the boy continues. "You see, all I had to do was to gain Flandre's trust. After that I only had to visit her a few times until it happened."

Remilia raises an eyebrow as the left side of her mouth twitches. She fears the answer, but still she asks "until what happened, you wretched garbage!?"

NegaAil laughs as though asphyxiated, and then grins as though he's remembering a very good joke from a close friend, causing the blue haired girl to bark with rage.

He breathes in through his nose as his eyes water up, and chuckles one last time before saying "are you really that fucking stupid? I already told you the answer. I took her innocence away, Scarlet. It was... disgusting."

His eyes swell with tears as the memory of him taking Flandre comes back into the front of his mind, yet he continues to smile while he speaks. "But I had no choice! I knew that one day I would challenge you to one final battle, and the only way I could win was by making Flandre mine, so that she could help me defeat you!"

He chuckles at the sight of Remilia's shocked face and gaping mouth, laughs hysterically when he sees the vampire's eyes turn glassy, and pointing his dark weapon at her face, he shouts "I made her PROMISE she would never tell you; I made her promise to always take your side, and all for this; the power to kill Remilia Scarlet!"

His sword turns scarlet, though retains a thin black center, while the vampire continues to stare shock-struck at him.

She slowly closes her mouth and narrows her eyes; her face darkens, her wings stretch unnaturally, her own fangs grow until each cuts a hole on her lips, and then she clenches her fists tight enough to spilt her spear's fiery handle in two and cut her own hands with her claws as she screams with rage to the sky.

Her rage and her hatred increase her unnatural power to the point of making the earth itself rumble beneath her, and now NegaAil's taunting smile becomes a frightened frown at the sight of this.

Her spear is now clashing against his sword. Using only one hand, she's forcing the boy to use both of his to hold her back. She wastes no time and claws his shoulder, then backs away.

Before he can nurse his arm, she's behind him and stabbing him on the back with the tip of her spear and ripping a new hole on his back with her bare claws.

NegaAil manages to turn around using his newfound brute strength, grips her neck with a single hand until it snaps in two, and then throws her to the ground and shouts "you fucking bitch, I have Flandre's strength added to my own! The least you can do now is bow to me and beg for a merciful death!"

The blue haired vampire stands up; even though her head is dangling from the skin of her neck; grabs her own head and pulls it up, and glances upward while growling as she adjusts her neck and snaps it back in place.

She takes flight, reignites her giant spear, and shouts "I'll rip your arms, your legs, your groin, and then I'll shred your heart; slowly!"

Their weapons clash once more; their faces are an inch away from touching. They glare at each other and mouth insults while pushing with all their might, and then Remilia surprises the vile boy by stretching her neck and viciously biting his.

The boy screams with pain, but he manages to grip one of her wings and squeeze it until it snaps, then stabs her in the chest with his sword while she's flinching.

Her eyes almost burst as she coughs out some blood, but then she suddenly roars; as if her strength has increased; grabs the boy by the hair and spins him around, forcing him to shut off his own sword, then throws him straight at the clock's face, where he painfully crashes through its face. By the sound of things, he also crashes against the gears within.

A few quiet seconds pass, then the vile boy roars as he breaks back out of the clock tower with a newly healed neck; blasting a new hole on the large clock's face on his way out; and when in front of the hated girl he screams "why aren't you dead!? I hit your fucking heart! YOUR GOD DAMNED HEART!"

Remilia chuckles sinisterly as she licks the blood of her own wound dripping down her right thumb, and while smiling darkly she says "you are still the stupid little boy scared witless of my powers, Anilan Inmodo Leuch. You are using darkness against me."

She spreads her arms and wings as she lifts herself higher up the sky without the need to flap those leathery wings, and continues "I am darkness, you whelp! I am Remilia Scarlet, the Scarlet Devil; and you are a mere nuisance to me!"

They both roar like wild beasts as they rush toward each other again. They summon their weapons at the last second and clash once more, sending more intense sparks flying all over the skies that burn everything they touch.

Remilia scratches his right cheek, NegaAil retaliates with a punch to her nose, and then both back away, produce a spell card, and declare them at the same time.

"Torrential Waves!"

"Hell Sign, Mountain of a Thousand Needles!"

Meanwhile, down on the ground, Ail and Rika finish burying Reimu's body and Flandre's wings, leaving the vampire's white hat on top of the small mound of dirt, and the human's red ribbon tied around the silver gohei, which is stabbed on the mound that belongs to Reimu.

The winged maid swipes the sweat off her forehead, as well as the burning tears from her eyes with her forearm, and then looks at the silent, kneeling boy who seems to want to be swallowed up by the earth.

Anilan remains on his knees looking at his hands as though they hold some sort of answer, then mutters to himself "it's not resetting."

"She wouldn't want you to be moping around like that." The hurt boy looks up at the winged girl that now stands to his right, tries to speak, but ends up gagging and closing his mouth again.

Before he tries again, Rika bends her knees and places a comforting hand on his shoulder, and then asks "Ail, what are you talking about? What is this about 'resets'?"

The boy gulps and she helps him relax by rubbing his back for a bit, then he finally speaks, though is obviously devastated because his cracking voice has almost no strength behind his words.

"Rika, I told you, I'm not from this world, and this world is supposed to reset whenever someone dies... but she died, Rika. She died to save me, and she's not... she's not coming back! It's not resetting!"

He starts to sob uncontrollably yet again, but he manages to stop after a quick snort, and then says "I told you this world is a dream, and that everything happening here is not supposed to be real, but if that's true, then why; why does it hurt so much!?"

The peasant maid gives him a light embrace for support while he continues "and then Flan. Why did I do that? I couldn't lower my arm; no matter how hard I tried; and then she died because of my weakness! It's not fair. It's just not fair!"

Again he starts to sob, and the angelic girl wants to say some words of comfort, yet finds herself unable to express anything into words, so just embraces him with her arms and wings right after activating her Soraogan limit, and joins him with her own soft sobs.

A blast comes from the mansion's clock tower, and Ail and Rika stop sobbing to stand and glare at NegaAil as he and Remilia fight.

Anilan's sorrow wanes; he can feel his blood coming to a boil in a matter of seconds; his tears dry up, and all his senses seem to augment.

He activates his Yozoragan limit out of spite, and darkly mutters "this is all his damned fault! If he hadn't gone around turning friends into enemies, none of this would have happen. I HATE HIM!"

His weapon of light activates with a red aura around it. He intends to kill that alternate version of himself with all his hatred, but Rika Onkamikami decides to step in.

She gets in his way and makes sure his night-sky eyes meet with her day-sky ones, and slowly but surely he begins to calm down while looking at those clouds drifting lazily in her eyes.

Finally, after his weapon turns gold once more, she places her hands on his shoulders and says "Ail, I don't have much time, so listen to me. Yes, you may be right about that man, and yes, you have all the right in the world to want to kill him; as much as I do too."

She gently forces him to sit down on the ground before continuing "but you can't fight him with hatred, or else you will be the same as him. Yes, you will kill him, but doing so with that much hatred will only cause you the same pain he feels every day of his pathetic life."

She places her hand on his head and watches as his ethereal dragon wings take a lighter color, then whispers "that's it, calm down. If you lose your head now, all of that which you have been through here will become undone, and you'll have to try this all over again."

His eyes liven up and he looks at her curiously, then she lifts her hand to signal him to stop and says "don't ask. I don't really know where that came from."

He chuckles as he feels himself relax and accept what has happened; though that does not mean the memory of the recent deaths doesn't hurt him; and again looks curiously at the winged girl and asks "wait, Rika, what did you mean just now; about 'not having much time'?"

The girl flinches and quickly backs off, sits on the ground in front of the boy with her legs bending elegantly under her skirt, then looks to Reimu's grave and says "she knew what would happen, Ail. She knew, and yet she stayed to protect you; no, to protect him."

Their gaze turns to the fighting boy in the sky for a moment, but quickly returns to each other, and the girl continues "before we set out, though, she gave me specific orders."

She can see the vivid image of Reimu in her mind as said girl strictly says " you understand me? He has too many enemies, and there is a high probability that I will die protecting him, and when that happens I want you to help him if you can, then go straight to Bahva-Agra afterward; with Tenshi! And Rika Onkamikami, you incorrigible maid, you do as you are told!"

"No revenge, no moping and moaning because I'm gone. Tenshi will take care of you. She promised!"

There is great pain in the girl's eyes as she looks down to the ground while saying "I really tried arguing that point with her; to let me take her place; but she didn't want that. I think she just wanted it all to end."

Ail remains looking down to the ground and uses his sadness to hide the cold fear he is feeling inside his heart.

It's become painfully obvious to him that he might have to fight both NegaAil AND Remilia on his own, but his desire to bring down that vile monster steels his resolve, so even with fear present, he'll stay and do what he must.

Rika can read his eyes perfectly and wishes she could stay and help him, but to her, Reimu's orders have always come first, and fighting NegaAil would go against her mandate; and Reimu's last orders will be followed without question.

She gets on to her feet and bends over to help the boy up on to his. He gladly accepts her hand and stands, and then the girl kisses him on the forehead, surprising him greatly.

She steps back and bows her head slightly, and says "so you understand. I cannot help him, for that would mean I would have to fight you, and I just can't do that either."

She grabs hold of her sapphire yin-yang necklace and pulls it out from under her shirt, closes her eyes as she takes flight, and remains hovering in place while saying "do what you can to get back home, big brother. And please forgive me for abandoning you at such time as this, but understand, I-"

He smiles at her, causing her to stop her speech, and says "I understand little sister. Honor her last request to you. I will do what I can here, and see if I can find a way to return home."

The dense boy bows his head slightly to Rika, and says "now go, and don't look back."

And so, with a heavy heart, the winged girl turns away from Ail as he turns to face the spells going off at the mansion, and Rika Onkamikami leaves to the Youkai Mountain, where she is to reach Heaven and never to return to the land of Gensokyo; a small fact she's keeping to herself so as not to burden the gentle fool's heart further.

Anilan pretends to ignore her as he continues to face Remilia and NegaAil. He activates his weapon of light with the form of a large golden scimitar similar to Momiji's in shape, then says to herself "Reimu, Flandre, give me the strength and wits to convince Remilia to side with me."

Up on the sky in front of the battered clock tower, large and numerous blue bullets clutter together and fly forward like raging rapids.

From the opposing side, numerous red shards and cursed knives bundle up and meet the raging waters, causing a powerful explosion of red and blue that momentarily illuminates the night sky.

This event repeats itself over and over again until the vile boy roars to the air, and shoots a bolt of black lightning that strikes and engulfs the next wave of raging water bullets.

Remilia smiles and coos when she sees this. Her spell rushes toward the tainted waters, easily breaks through the attack, and NegaAil can only gasp like an idiot just before Remilia's barrage punishes him mercilessly.

"Is that all you've got? Flandre was a hundred times the sport you are, kid." The vampire's taunt works its magic and infuriates the vile boy into roaring like a beast and expending more power into his attack than needed.

The vampire's grin widens, but it suddenly drops just before the boy's fist connects with her face, cancelling her spell card and allowing the boy's spell to overwhelm her.

NegaAil is about to follow up his attack with his sword, but he gets a smiling Remilia holding said weapon with her bare hands after his swing, and before he can think of reacting, she spears her hand into his stomach, cancelling his spell. She grips whatever she can find within, then throws him straight at the sharp top of the tower.

Ignoring the horrible pain in his stomach, he arcs his body upward and misses the dangerous metal spike by an inch, grabs on to its side, and uses his momentum to spin around it and launch himself toward the blue haired vampire.


He screams at the top of his lungs as he flies straight at her with a speared hand he's making sure to engulf only with scarlet magic.

Confident in her mastery of scarlet magic; as well as her knowledge on Flandre's own expertise on said kind of magic; the vampire girl drops her guard as she welcomes the attack. "This is your last mistake, Inmodo!"

NegaAil grins vilely, making Remilia question her own confidence, and then he suddenly disappears from her sight, and reappears with his left hand gripping her face.

He chuckles in a disturbing manner and says "did you forget I merged Flandre's powers with my own!? Taste the magic, you annoying bitch!"

Her scream of pain echoes thought all the many separations in that dream Gensokyo until it reaches the Human Village and startles the people there. NegaAil's hand sizzles as steam rises from the vampire's very skin, and the desperate girl flaps her wings and claws his forearms in a futile attempt to escape, but the boy increases the magical output and laughs as her face burns.

Glee takes the vile boy's face, his red eyes glow as anticipation fills him, and with a vicious hiss he says "I will savor your agony, Scarlet. You will suffer for killing my Reimu."

He screams when Ail's scimitar of light cuts his hand clean off the wrist; denying him the vampire's life; but as pained as he is, he still blocks Ail's next attack with his own dark blade.

The dense boy swings downward with all his strength, but the vile monster of a boy easily parries his attack and opens his defenses. Anilan twirls right and grips his attacker's arm, elbows him on the nose, and then he turns his weapon around for the finishing backward-thrust.

NegaAil headbutts the back of the good boy's head, kicks his spine with his boot's talon, then thrusts his own blade downward at the boy's back.

Ail turns around, shoots a focused bullet at the vile one's face, then shoots three white laser beams at his opponent's stomach. The red eyed boy holds those lasers back with his bare hands, and hisses "how the fuck did you manage to harm me!?"

The dense one breathes in once and says "separate bodies, different rules!" Afterward, he launches himself toward his evil self, but Remilia rushes through him to try and skewer the evil one with her own spear.

Her pride and arrogance costs her dearly as NegaAil had already seen her. He easily grips that spear and spins the girl around, then tosses her against his good self, knocking them both under the dark trees, and thus losing his targets.

Just a minute after their fall, Remilia is on top of Ail's chest with her hands tightly wrapped around his neck while speaking through her teeth. "You fowl, shitty, fat-headed cockroach! I'll make you pay for Flan and Reimu, you hear me!? PAY!"

Ail gags when he tries to speak, but her grip is cutting all the air from going in or out of his system, so speech is impossible. To his luck, a most unusual distraction saves him from another death.

"Onee-chaaaaaaan; where are you? Come out, come out and plaaaayyyyy~!"

The blue haired vampire releases the boy and looks up to the sky with a lost face when she hears her sister's voice, but discovering the source of the voice disgust her as much as Ail.

NegaAil flies around with a smile on his face while flawlessly using Flandre's voice to try and lure Remilia out if hiding.

Before she launches herself to the sky to try and shred that monster to pieces, she feels the boy hold her by the hand, so she turns around to give him a disturbing warning glare.

She is met by a pair of resolute golden eyes, and Ail, knowing he can't push his luck, quickly says "please, Miss Remilia, allow me to help you in your fight against him!"

She snarls, pulls her hand away, and says "I don't need your help. I can waste that... disgusting pervert by myself!"

"Remilia!" barks the boy to get her attention. "It's because of him that Reimu and Flandre are dead! Please, let me join you!"

The vampire turns her head away once more, allowing him to see only half of her doubtful face, and then she stretches her wings and flaps them with all her might; as if trying to blow him away; while saying "do whatever the hell you want, Inmodo!"

Anilan smiles, furrows his brows, and then takes a spell card on hand as he sits up.

"Come and play with me, onee-chan~," hisses NegaAil; still using Flandre's voice in his attempt to lure his prey to him.

He looks around until his sights turn to the Youkai Mountain. He stops moving and narrows his eyes to help him expand his newfound sight, then hisses aggressively and with his normal suave voice he angrily says "why the hell are they coming here!?"

He feels something blunt tackle his back before a series of explosions adds burning to his growing list of pains, and when he turns around to look at what had attacked him, he sees Ail with a half smile and his arms crossed under his chest while a large orange ring made of merged danmaku orbs circles clockwise all around him.

"What the hell?" asks the red eyed boy in confusion; to which the dense one smiles and says "Blast Sign, Healing Kaboom. Just thought it up."

A dark smile covers the vile one's face as he points his darkened sword at his alternate self, and says "you will pay, kid. You didn't take care of my Reimu, and for that I will make hell-certain to torture you until you beg for death. And don't even think I'll comply!"

Anilan's own face darkens as he activates his weapon of light; again making it look like Momiji's scimitar; scowls at his evil self, and says "her death was your own fault. If you hadn't gone and turned all of our friends into enemies, this would have never happened."

He tightens his grip on his weapon, making it shine a bit brighter, and says "I hate you! I want to erase you from existence; but that pleasure will have to be left for someone more deserving of that than me."

The foolish NegaAil launches himself to the dense boy in front of him, forgetting the danmaku ring and getting blasted by more than forty bullets on the face in just a few seconds, which add energy to Ail's own reserves.

Shortly after, the golden eyed boy swings his sword sideways, but is blocked by his other self's dark sword, then NegaAil kicks him below the waist, uppercuts the dense boy on the nose, and then swings his sword downward, damaging his opponent greatly and rocketing him back to the ground.

He's about to launch himself after the kind boy when Remilia roars and lashes at him with her claws while a large group of scarlet danmaku bats behind the vampire fly toward the vile boy.

NegaAil is quick enough to avoid a deep cut on the left side of his face, but some of the bats appear right in front of him without his notice and burn his skin, muscles and bones as they fly right through him; slowly.

Unsatisfied with the lack of screams, Remilia spears her right hand into his thigh, yet all she gets is a yelp, and now the boy's unnaturally strong grip threatens to break her wrist in half.

"Oh no you don't;" threatens the girl as she swipes another claw at his face, which he viciously bites and tries to rip off like a savage beast, regardless of the many bats flying through his body.

She forces her right hand free from his grip and focuses on pushing his forehead so as to free herself from that bite.

She then gasps with fright when she sees the vile monster has activated Reimu's Fantasy Seal spell without declaring it first; and even while having all those scarlet bats burning him all over.

"You damned wretch; how dare you use that spell?" is all she can say as those five orbs of red, blue, green, white and yellow rush toward her and blast her relentlessly.

She yells out loud when those orbs hit her with far more power than she remembers them to have, and that's when she feels one of the vile boy's hand wrap itself around her neck, while the other sinks right into her chest.

When she opens her eyes, she finds they are now flying just above her mansion's front garden, and realizes something that makes her gasp and try to break free, though pain stops her from moving too much.

The vile boy has her heart in his grip, and is squeezing it strongly enough to immobilize the vampire, and with a vile grin on his face he darkly whispers "well done Remilia; well done! Between that stupid idiot and your little sneak attack, you two have really drained me a great deal."

He chuckles softly as she whimpers sadly, then continues "mmm, I can sense the fear you are feeling. This is it; this is my revenge on you, you fucking bitch. Now I can die happily, knowing I have made you suffer during your last minutes as a semi-living being."

Tears form under her eyes when she hears the rustling of grass and bushes, and so she tries hard to fight the pain and move away, but she is unable to, and simply sobs and whimpers in an attempt to scream.

NegaAil puts his face next to her ear, hisses softly, and then darkly whispers "he can't see you or hear you, Remilia Scarlet. Right now, all Ail can see is me floating in mid-air, talking to myself like some madman. Thank you for showing me that trick with your scarlet danmaku. Those invisible bats gave me this wonderful idea of wrapping you with my own scarlet aura to make you invisible."

He chuckles in a manner that makes Remilia think of Yukari, and then he continues "he's coming. Don't worry, I figured out how to escape, so after he impales you with that wretched sword of his, you'll die, and I'll kick him down while he's moping over your death!"

And so it finally hits her; the terrible mistake she's made due to her pride and her desire for vengeance. That Ail, the one with the shiny golden sword was not just telling the truth, he holds the power to rid the world of that vile boy, but also her.

Now she sees it; the fear in NegaAil's eyes; the fear of death. She decides he's not going to get off that easily, and so, with great effort from her part, she lifts her hands and sinks her claws into his shoulder, then wraps her legs around his knees to hold him in place.

"Wha-what are you doing!?" The pathetic fear in the boy's voice as he asks this earns a dark smile from Remilia, who coos softly, even though the pain on her chest makes her want to sob instead; and then she coldly whispers "fear. I love that f-from you."

She spits out a bit of blood, coughs softly, then says "tonight we both meet our fate, you cockroach."

"LET ME GO!" screams the terrified boy as he releases her heart and tries to push her off.

She's too pained and weakened from the attack on her heart to escape in time, and yet manages to hold the boy tightly while whispering "such a pathetic form of existence you are. You can torture others, threaten lives, even destroy them, but when your own is threatened, you become the shit you really are."

Ail is right below them; she can hear him take the jump toward them and says "goodbye Inmodo! My only regret is that I won't get to see you burn in hell!"

NegaAil struggles to break free, stammers when realizing he can't budge, then begs "please, Remilia, PLEASE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS!"

The vile boy's scream echoes through the night, while a very confused and dense boy wonders why his target; having the knowledge of his approach; doesn't move or prepare to avoid the attack.

Ail wastes no time after he jumps. He winds his sword of light back, shouts "this is for EVERYTHING you've done to all my friends!" and thrusts his weapon of light as far as he can into NegaAil's chest.

The dense one's eyes fill with confusion when he feels something else in front of the vile boy. The red eyed one coughs out blood, then the invisibility effect on Remilia lifts as soon as that tainted blood touches her face.

Anilan's heart stops for what feels to him like a minute, until he manages to gasp. At first he thinks the vampire will be just fine, that she'll just heal and throttle him afterwards, but then he realizes something; his weapon of light is going right through her heart, as well as NegaAil's own.

"No," cries the boy. "No, no, no, no, please no! NOOOOO!"

She shuts off his weapon and holds on to the girl as she falls, and gently descends with her while ignoring the body of his evil self as it falls to the unforgiving ground below, unwanted and left without assistance.

He doesn't care about that wretch. His focus is on Remilia, who jerks her body and flaps her wings with repeated convulsions.

"Remi! Remi, please, don't!" Hot tears well under his eyes, burning as they rush out of his lids and roll down his cheeks.

He places the girl on the ground near Reimu's grave, activates his Yozoragan blood limit in a hurry, places his ethereal wing on her cheek, and then, just like Flandre, her body begins to break into scarlet pieces that fly off to the sky.

"Remilia!" shouts the boy as he tries to hold her, accelerating the decomposition process when he does, and then he cries "no, please; don't die!"

He hops on his feet and looks up to the dark sky with futile hope, and then screams "RESEEEEEEEEET! Reset, you god damned world! REESEEEEEEEEET!"

He falls on his knees as the last pieces of Remilia vanish in the form of scarlet bits, and all that is left is her ribbon and her pink mop hat.

He picks them up, holds them tight against his chest as his blood limits shuts itself off, and now his loud sobs and crude sniffles echo through the disturbingly silent night.

Meanwhile, at the mansion's garden, NegaAil lives; though is too weak to even lift his head.

He can hear Ail screaming and crying, chuckles as though he's achieved victory, coughs out a blob of blood, then groans "t-take that... you fucking winged b-...bitch!"

Even after coughing out more blood, he laughs; he feels glee when he hears Ail crying out for Remilia, cackles even though his insides feel like they're just about to burst, then groans "yes! S-suffer, Ail! F-feel my... pain... for the loss of my... swe-argh! My sweet Reimu!"

He begins to laugh a little harder, the blood he was spitting stops, the wounds on his chest begin to heal, and then he gleefully says "hah! Take that, Remilia. I survived, and thanks to Flandre's sacrifice I will heal very soon!"

His laughter becomes a softer chuckle as his chest wound begins to close, then continues "and that Ail. Once I heal, I'm going to break his legs, then his fingers, then his arms, then his lower abdomen, and finally, after I hear enough of his pained screams, I'll-"

His head makes a very loud splat when a black slipper drops itself on his forehead.

Meiling looks down with disgust as she repeatedly stomps on the vile monster of a boy, and then suddenly snarls when she surrounds her arm with enough qi to illuminate the whole area.

On the mansion's wall behind her, Sakuya sits with her back against said wall while looking with surprise and utter disgust at NegaAil; or what's left of him.

The Chinese-clothed girl spears her hand down, using her qi to destroy the still-beating heart of the evil boy.

Her face gets stained with the flying blood, yet she remains looking cold as she retreats her hand from that body.

Shortly after hearing Ail's sobs, her gaze becomes as sweet and bright as usual; although filled with concern; and then looks to Sakuya, who waves her hand dismissively and says "go get him. I'll be alright."

The gate guard nods, and then quickly runs toward the voice of the sobbing boy while calling out for him.

Ail remains kneeling on the ground in the middle of the darkness of night between Reimu's and Flandre's graves, not caring if a youkai might come now and tear his head off, or that NegaAil himself comes and brutally murders him.

His right arm flops to the ground while he keeps holding Remilia's hat and ribbon against his chest with his left hand, his hair droops over his face as he lets his back bend forward slightly, and so he remains as he is.

The sobs eventually stop, his tears eventually dry up, but the terrible pain in his heart remains, ever stinging and burning his chest, reminding him how much his new blunders and mistakes have cost him and those he cared for.

"Dead," he mumbles to himself, and his tears begin anew.

{Ail, can you hear me? Ail, please hold on a little long-er? Hey, Ail, are you listening? What's wrong? Anilan, what's going on, why is everything so blurry? Are you crying?}

The boy remains unmoving, tears renew flowing and his sobs restart, and all Meiling dares to do is watch him from a short distance behind him.

{Anilan Inmodo Leuch, answer me! ... UGH! Fine, I didn't want to do this, but...}

The devastated boy coughs once, sobs when trying to recover his breath, but returns to the same position after recovering himself.

His tears and sob begin yet again when the memories of the death of Reimu, then Flandre, and finally Remilia, repeat themselves in front of his mind's eye, torturing his heart mercilessly and making him feel as though it's going to stop beating at any time, and then the memories stop.

{Ail, you listen to me, and you listen good! You are inside a dream world; you friends are all fine and alive and being the bitches you know and love them to be! Don't let these dream girls' deaths consume you and FOCUS! You are strong; you can do it!}

The boy chokes on a sob, but this seems to make him react and straighten his back. He turns his neck and torso left and looks at Meiling with broken, bloodshot eyes burning with incessant tears, then takes a soft, but deep breath.

He sighs the excess air out of his system and whispers "Meiling," and then he activates his weapon of light, though it's facing backward, making the gate guard ready herself to run toward him after threatening "don't you dare!"

{NO! What the heck do you think you're doing, you idiot!?}

He shivers as he raises his right hand and aims the rapier-shaped weapon to his heart, trembles violently, and then he thrust said weapon toward his chest, but then something tackles him hard and mercilessly, and everything goes black.

The redhead calls out to him and prepares to give chase, but then she looks back to Momiji and the masked Tenma, and asks "the tengu? What are you doing here?"

They all stare at each other with respect ever present in their eyes, then the gate guard and the two tengu bow their heads slightly. A silent understanding has been reached.

Ail wakes up to a beautiful sunny morning and quickly realizes he's on a very comfortable full-sized bed, inside one of the few windowed guest rooms in Remilia's mansion.

He looks down to his chest where he's resting his left hand and notices he is holding on to Remilia's hat, and what he now realizes is Reimu's ribbon.

Before that realization fully hits him, a girl from his right says "you wouldn't let go of those two, so I let you hold on to them; though it was ill-advised."

The boy gasps, stammers incoherently as he scrambles to the left side of the bed, hits the floor hard after falling, kicks himself to a corner, and then frightfully cries "ge-get away from me! I'm very dangerous!"

Aya watches him cowering from her backwards chair, and after waiting for long enough she smiles, snorts, then says "please; if you're dangerous, then I'm a virgin hatchling!"

The trembling dense one lifts his eyes over the bed, looks at the happy-looking crow tengu waving at him from that chair, then asks "Aya, is that really you?"

"You tell me," says the girl while pulling her chair back. "You're the one inside a dream. You probably made us all up, you little pervert. He-heh; tell me, what bra size you think I am?"

His face turns red with embarrassment when his thoughts suddenly turn to Shameimaru's figure, but he glowers at the girl and angrily says "l-like I would think about something like that! And don't call me a pervert!"

Another realization suddenly hits him, then he exclaims "wait, you look... happy." He jumps on the bed, though keeps close to the edge while holding Remilia's and Reimu's headgears tightly against his chest, and adds "j-just like the Aya I know and love."

It is now her turn to blush and look away out of embarrassment, but suddenly steels herself to look at the boy; straight to his golden eyes; and says "before I say more; Ail, please do me a favor, and drop those," then points at him.

He slowly turns his gaze to Remilia's hat and Reimu's ribbon so tightly pressed against his chest, then gulps and asks "b-but why?"

His left arm starts to shake as an odd jolt appears to lock that arm in place. The crow girl rummages through her left pocket until she pulls out Flandre's hat, and says "you managed to drop this one after I accidentally knocked you out. If you want, I can knock you out again and pry those things lose myself."

The boy twitches and whimpers softly, then shakes his head and looks down at his arm. Looking at those head pieces brings him warm memories of the girls he just lost, and now somehow both feel softer to the touch, but heavier to hold.

After a gulp, he decides it is best to just let those items go while he's conscious, and so, with massive effort from him, he manages to force his arm and those headgears away from his chest.

His arm shakes so violently, for a moment he thinks it's going to fall off, but it stays with him as he holds the items above the bed, yet is unable to let go.

The pain in his heart prevents him from letting go, and feels terrified of what might come after he releases those. What if he forgets them?

He shakes off the silly though, clenches his eyes shut, and then releases the items. He hears a small thud, feels a quick draft, then another small thud; all in just a second, and then he opens his eyes again.

To his surprise the items he thought were on the bed are not there, so he looks to the tengu girl to ask, and sees her smiling and cooing while waving all three headgears at him.

She pockets these items as quickly as she can, and doing so gives the boy a sense of cold emptiness; though it's very short lived; and when she sees his eyes liven up after a few seconds, she smiles sweetly and says "now Ail, there's much for us to talk about, so please get comfortable."

Anilan can feel as though warmth is returning to his heart, so he easily moves to a more comfortable spot on the bed, then nods to Aya, curious as to what the tengu has to say to him.

The tengu girl frowns as she looks down to the floor, and quickly says "I bet you are wondering how I know about this 'being your dream', am I right?"

The dense one nods, though he would love to know why he didn't ask that in the first place.

Aya nods back, and then continues "Lord Tenma received a visit from the blonde Mountain Goddess, who explained everything before disappearing right in front of his eyes. It's... Ail, this is really hard for any of us to accept; to learn we are all dreamed up versions of someone else, so I believe it would be in your best interest to keep the dream thing secret from everyone else."

"Gotcha," quickly replies the boy with a nod. The crow tengu watches as he takes a pillow and hides behind it, as though looking for protection, or perhaps for something else.

Disregarding that, she continues with a low tone of voice; without trying to hide her sadness. "A-anyways, Ail... I also want to apologize to you. You tried to tell me about the one you called NegaAil, and I almost killed you because of my blind hate."

She bows as she says "I'm so sorry. ...And that's not all I wanted to say to you."

She notices how the boy's hurt eyes show pity for her, but there is also a new fear in them. Regardless, she decides to ignore it for now and continues "you remember what I told you about; about how the other tengu were 'spreading lies' about me in their papers?"

Ail looks at her with understanding, yet that fear remains in his eyes, and says "don't tell me; you-"

She nods and quickly says "I misunderstood. I was just so angry and blinded by hatred for you, I didn't realize that they weren't ridiculing me; they were trying to help me. They were asking for any way to help me get my wing back. They were also asking others to be sensitive about... that thing that the other you did to me."

The boy blushes and looks away, causing Aya to chuckle mischievously, point at herself, and playfully say "ooh, so you want some of this for real?"

The bashful boy with teary eyes furiously waves his arms in the air while blushing fiercely and nervously saying "dammit Aya, that's not funny! B-besides, my only girl is Sanae!"

"Not in this world," she mutters behind her teeth, quieting him down before she continues. "So, uh, anyways, what I want to say is that I am really, very sorry for trying to kill you."

She blushes lightly as she forces herself to look into his eyes, and hesitantly asks "c-can you... you know, forgive me?"

The boy smiles behind his pillow, wills himself to not burry his face behind it, and then says "of course. I forgive you," just before his tears begin flowing yet again, and now awkward silence takes over the room.

He hides half of his face behind that pillow as he cries "why didn't you guys come sooner? Remilia, Flandre and Reimu would be alive if you had come!"

He sees how she stares at him, so he calms himself down, yet speaks with a cracked voice. "I don't blame you. I-it's just... they are gone. I lost them, and I couldn't even say 'goodbye'; to any of them!"

He sobs loudly enough to make it seem like a gasp while his face turns red with evident rage, and through gritted teeth he hatefully exclaims "it's all NegaAil's fault! Where is that piece of crap!?"

Aya looks at the boy as casually as ever, then calmly says "it's alright Ail, he's dead. The gate guard finished him off after you damaged his heart."

Ail gasps and jumps on the bed, and then excitedly exclaims "Meiling!? Is she alright!? Is Sakuya alright!?" He places his hands on his cheeks and nervously adds "oh no! They probably blame me for Remilia and Flandre! What should I-?"

Shameimaru lifts her hands and repeats "Whoa" a few times until the boy calms down, then after he quiets down, she says "you are most definitely an entirely different Ail. ...They are fine, and no, none of them blame you for the Scarlet sisters. In fact, they're waiting for you at th-"

"Really!?" He holds his chest after that outburst and says "oh, that's a relief!" He looks toward the door and jumps off the bed while rapidly saying "I better go look for them! I was so worried about Meiling! She was so sad-"

His words become fainter and fainter after he runs out the door and through the corridor; though that's not a problem for Aya's tengu ears; and after he's finally far enough, Shameimaru sighs and says "ayayayaya~. He's so impatient."

Ail arrives to the foyer in just a few minutes, where the fairy maids and Meiling are working on fixing the destroyed wall above the entrance, while Sakuya sits on the lower steps of the stair leading to the first floor.

The dense one smiles when he sees them and decides to approach them, so he flies down to the ground floor, where as soon as he lands, a knife appears pressed against his neck, and so he lifts his hands defensively.

"We do not fly over the rails. We walk down the stairs like civilized, sentient beings. Did I make myself clear, Mr. Inmodo?"

Anilan shakes as her dark and cold voice dances around his ears, but manages to nod fast and nervously, and then yelps a meek "understood!"

A few seconds pass by and the knife slowly retreats, then that cold voice becomes a sweet giggle, then Sakuya playfully says "well, what a nice reaction I got from you. I missed that sweet you."

The boy turns around to look at the tired, smiling chief maid, who more calmly continues "it's still so hard to believe you are the same Ail. The one with the red eyes would have tried to have his way with me right there and then."

Ail smiles and sighs as he holds his chest in relief, then suddenly frowns and says "he was a vile monster! The world is better off without him!" His face softens, then he adds "and how are you feeling?"

Sakuya hugs herself as she casually glances left and says "I'll be alright. And Ail;" she turns her gaze to the boy's face and continues "I am sorry I didn't listen to you before. It's just; well you must understand you had completely lost my trust; well, at least until after Meiling almost choked me to death to defend you. That opened my eyes; figuratively speaking."

The dense one smiles again and bows his head slightly while saying "I understand." He lifts his head again and adds "there's no need to apologize."

He turns around to look at Meiling who stands right behind him, and with a warm, yet pained smile he says "I am so sorry you had to clean up my mess. Are you alright? URGH!"

She answers him by giving him a rib-crushing hug, and then sets him back on the floor; where he struggles against his unbalancing daze; then says "I'm fine. Please don't worry about me."

Her face darkens a bit and her lips flatten, and then she speaks in a lower tone, hinting to her anger. "I heard everything he said, Ail." She clenches her fists and continues "I can't believe I actually trusted that Ail before. He was worst than a monster! Wh-what he made you do was unforgivable! And what he planned to do afterwards was utterly despicable!"

This time it is Ail that surprises Meiling with a sudden hug; though his is a mere featherweight tap in comparison; and after she returns to her friendly self, he says "it's alright Meiling. He's gone now, thanks to you."

After he lets her go, he alternates his gaze and smiles between the two girls, and then asks "so what happened to his body?"

Sakuya shifts uncomfortably before saying "we had the fairy maids go outside and use their powers over nature on that fowl body. They had the plants consume it in minutes."

Meiling glowers again and continues for the maid "but doing that tainted the garden, so I had to act fast before that taint spread."

"Hey, at least have the decency to admit you had help!"

That familiar and demanding voice causes excitement to fill the dense boy, who turns his head toward the door so fast, he almost gets dizzy.

His whole face brightens up at the sight of Minoriko and Shizuha standing under the doorway; the youngest is looking around with authority, while the eldest looks tired as she gazes all around the inside of the mansion.

"You! You're alright! You're both okay!" That is all the boy can exclaim after seeing them, to which the eldest Aki smiles and waves, while the young sister scowls while angrily saying "well, yeah; um, thanks for your help in getting sis back... and all that."

She looks away for a moment, closes her eyes, then sternly says "but don't even think I'll apologize to you! What I said before, I said because he deserved it, and he was inside you at the time, so there! Humph!" Her cheeks turn a bit pink as she adds "b-but don't think I'm not grateful for your help! I-I'm just stating the facts here!"

"Move!" Momiji and Hatate enter the mansion be means of pushing the autumn sisters out of the way, then the crow girl says "you were right! Telling everyone, like, about Shizuha so they remembered her brought her back."

The white wolf raises an eyebrow, sniffs the air around, then says "not a single trace of the other Ail is left. Good job."

Before the boy can respond, he finds himself being forcefully embraced by Shizuha, who weakly whispers "thanks for the help. Tell the other me about this, alright?"

He looks at her with confusion, but quickly understands what she means, and smiles while nodding.

After she lets him go to reunite with her little sister, Ail looks around himself until he finally speaks up. "All of you, I am so glad to see you again. Even more glad that you're not trying to kill me; but Reimu... Remilia, and Flandre. I couldn't save them! I..."

His tears of regret begin anew, but he's stopped quickly when both Meiling and Sakuya place a supporting hand on his shoulders, then the gate guardian says "Ail, their deaths were inevitable. I know; I saw what happened. There was nothing you could have done to save a single one of them."

"Not even for Flandre," quickly adds the chief maid. "That fiend was inside of you, and Lady Flandre's sacrifice forced him out of your body."

The dense boy raises an eyebrow in suspicion, making Sakuya nervously add "I know this because she cared about you very much. It's the only explanation as to why she just rushed straight at... that weapon of yours."

"Now stop crying like some hurt pup and man up, Anilan," says Momiji with a strict voice. "Instead of crying so much, learn from these experiences; honor their spirits with bravery and resolve, not sorrow. Discipline yourself and make sure none of this ever happens again!"

Anilan manages to calm down, forces a smile, and then says "y-yeah, I'm sorry." He sniffles one last time, and then says "yes, you are right. But it's just so painful; to see someone you care for die like that, right before your very eyes; I never thought it could be this horrible."

Even the white wolf looks at him with compassion, but it's Hatate who speaks before anyone else. "Aww, cheer up Ail. Not all is lost. I mean, thanks to you, like, many others were spared."

Ail raises an eyebrow in confusion, but long before he can ask what she meant, he has Shanghai's blue eyes a few inches away from his own, analyzing him carefully before shouting "yes, I was right! This really is a good Ail!"

The boy merely remains standing on the spot as the doll hugs his face, while Alice and Hourai poke their heads inside the Scarlet Mansion.

An hour later, there is a very large group of girls at the mansion's dining room. Those that were at the foyer with Ail not long ago are now joined by Satori, Orin, Reisen, and even Marisa.

The brown haired boy has been forced to sit in the middle of the left side of the table, where everyone can see him, and he can see them back; though he is greatly pained to see the empty master's chair where Remilia should be sitting, and the tattered chair to its right where Flandre used to sit.

Aya stands behind Ail, holds him by the shoulders; waking him from his sorrowful thoughts; and softly says "everybody here knows about the dream, so feel free to say what you need; if you need to."

Alice, Shanghai and Hourai sit in front of the boy, and all three keep staring at him as if he was some sort of side-show, or perhaps something else.

After enough staring, Shanghai hops off Alice's shoulder and stands on the table in front of the boy. After all the girls quiet down and look at her, she points at him and says "there is no doubt about it. This is the Ail we knew before the marriage."

She looks at Reisen, and says "and definitely the one who guided me to help all of you out."

Marisa rests her head on her right hand while she drums her fingers twice on the table, and with complete disbelief while giving the boy a stink-eye, she blandly says "so you say. Why exactly are we sitting around this murderous asshole? True, he's acting all cute and nice now, but... Tell me your tale, Shanghai, before I blast the face off the fucking bastard that cost Reimu's life."

The little girl, the three tengu, the satori, and the kasha all get in the way of the witch, while Reisen merely looks away, the two autumn goddesses seem unsure of what to do, and Sakuya and Meiling prepare to throttle the witch if needed.

Alice, who has her fingers linked in front of her mouth, remains looking indifferent; regardless of Hourai's edging her to help the boy; then coldly says "yes Shanghai, I am with Marisa on this one. What exactly was it this... boy here asked you to do? What has made him so special to you?"

The little blonde in a dark purple dress glances between the witch and her mother, then sighs and says "well, it's like this:"


"He took me out of his pocket, back then in the village, and he was very pale and crying and scared. He took my prison very close to himself, and I thought that 'hey, that was it for me,' but he did something very different of what I expected."

Ail holds Shanghai's old crystal prison close to his mouth while cradling it with both hands, and whispers to it "Shanghai, please listen. We don't have much time! I need to ask a favor of you, so please listen carefully."

He sobs and continues "I am going to free you now, and when I do, I need you to go to Eientei at the Bamboo Forest of the Lost." He sobs and sniffles again. "There, you will see a rabbit girl with lilac hair. Help her keep on her feet. If she falls, she will be killed, and I can't go and help her."

Yet again he sobs, and then continues "after that, go and get your body back, then head toward Chireiden at the underground. Take the Dark Blowhole at the foot of Youkai Mountain. I will give you something that will let you, and three others pass through without trouble. Once you reach the mansion there, use half of the power I'll give you on the satori's lose third eye at the entrance hall, then use the other half in five separate bits to undo the curse on the kasha's tail."

He sobs once more, and continues "a-and if you can, before you go there, try and visit Keine; make sure she's alright. If you can't help, then keep moving. Also, try and go to Myourenji too. There, you will find a girl dressed in black. She has a charm stuck on her throat. I will give you what you need to pull that thing out of her so that things can start normalizing for them over there."

After whispering all of that as fast as he can, the fingers on his right hand start glowing like bright stars.

He touches the crystal with that hand, and the glow passes on to Shanghai's soul, and soon after a flick from his thumb, she is free.

"I was very skeptical about it at first, but after getting a good look at his eyes, I felt compelled to do as he asked, and so I flew straight to Eientei, which I found rather quickly. There I found the rabbit girl he spoke of, and she was just about to fall, just like he said she would be!"

The little soul flies to Reisen's side, pushes her so that she remains standing, and then slaps her several times across the face with her ghostly tail for good measure until the Moon Rabbit reacts with anger.

"What's the big idea, you little..." Reisen's anger quickly subsides when she notices the tray with the food on her hands, then yelps when she notices her dirty and messy hair dangling from her side.

She looks at the little spirit, bows with confused gratitude, and then she says to herself "Ail... I... I remember now! Th-that fiend."

"With the Moon Rabbit taken care of, I went straight home, just as he asked, and when Mama Alice and sis saw me, they started screaming. I had to slap them several times to calm them down before I went to find my body. They punished me after I came back."

"Hey, you slapped me hard! I was sore!" complains Alice, to which Shanghai replies "mama, don't interrupt my story."

After being on a corner at the living room for almost an hour, Shanghai hops right onto Alice's shoulder, vaguely repeats what Ail had told her without mentioning him, and then they all set off to the Human village; even though the puppeteer is merely curious as to her little daughter's behavior.

Once there, they go straight to Keine's school, but the history teacher panics when Hourai mentions Ail's name, and so, to prevent her from committing suicide, Shanghai chops her sister on the back of the neck; a little too hard. Alice has no idea of what had happened.

After being kicked out of the school by the angry fiery immortal, they all decide to go to Myouren Temple, where they are attacked by Kyouko, Ichirin and Unzan.

"Dealing with Keine was a complete failure thanks to Hourai's mouth, but Myouren was a little better, though still a mess. And yet, it wasn't a complete loss."

After Alice blasts Kyouko and Unzan with her spell card "Curse Sign, Hourai Doll," Ichirin gives in and acts as though she's about to be executed, but after Shanghai manages to explain her mission, everything changes, and the nun happily takes them to Nue.

The undefined one sits on a branch on one of the trees at the outskirts of the temple grounds when they find her, and after the little blonde girl takes that charm off the girl's throat, that very girl; as happily excited as she is; blasts everyone and everything with lasers, and then takes off toward the Misty Lake.

"Well, I'm not sure if that disaster was a success or not, but she seemed happy. Anyways, that's when we decided it was high-time we went to that Chireiden Ail mentioned; and so we left."

Shanghai, Hourai and Alice arrive to the cave that leads to the underground city, where she hopes they will find Chireiden.

Once inside, the attackers the puppeteer expected never come, but neither does anyone to greet them, and so they are on their own inside the dark and humid cave.

After what seems like a day, they finally reach the only mansion in that entire underground world.

"Once we reached that mansion, we were greeted by the cutest little button-of-a-girl named Petal, and when I told her what I was asked to do, she punched me in the face. After that, she took me to Miss Satori's third eye, where I unloaded part of that energy, just as he asked."

After the light envelops the third eye, it opens itself up, the vines it had formed to protect itself return to being thin strands of red and yellow, the flower underneath it has its three symbols; a blue triangle, a green hexagon and a red clover; glow while Satori is magically carried toward the eye, and then, after a blinding flash, Satori Komeiji appears before them as a whole; though a little skinny.

"After that, the kasha called Orin appeared. She was with another satori that had the cutest dull greenish hair I've ever seen, and that little bitch seemed to have read my inner thoughts. She told everyone Ail gave me my instructions, and that's when Miss Satori told everyone to trust him. Mama wasn't convinced."

After what appeared like a tense moment, everyone suddenly calms down as Satori lowers her hands and says "good. Now Orin, let this little one look at your tails. She has something that should restore the on you lost."

Orin looks confused at her master, but soon complies with the request, and Shanghai, acting as if on automatic, raises her right hand, her five little fingers start glowing like stars, then she grabs hold of the stub of a tail the cat had, then one by one, the sparks of light enter the stub, each pushing away and consuming a black aura from the tail's root.

As soon as her second tail grows back, the kasha jumps on the little girl, licks her face repeatedly until her pink haired master orders her to stop, and then, like magic, a heavy tension looming over everyone's shoulders lifts.

"Not even Mama Alice knows how it happened, but after I was done with all of that stuff, we all felt really good and happy. And so, with my tasks done, we three decided we had to look for Ail to really know what was going on, and that's when-"

Flashback end

"That's when Orin and I decided we were going to join them in their search," calmly says Satori while looking straight at Marisa.

The kasha lets out a cute "nya" after a nod, then adds "and that's when we found Reisen outside the cave. She said she just had to find Shanghai and ask her about many things."

Reisen is now one of those that are on guard for Ail, and as she faces both Marisa and Alice, she says "that's right. I had to know how that little soul knew about me, and after she explained what little she did at the time, I decided to join them. Guess I'm glad I did."

By now, Alice's face has softened, and so has Marisa's; though the black and white youkai witch seems a bit suspicious of the boy.

Momiji steps forward, getting the attention of everyone there, and smiles as she says "so that's why we found you at the mountain. You're all lucky the autumn goddesses were with you, or we would have had to kill you all." Somehow, the girls didn't find that as hilarious as Momiji did.

Finally, Marisa sighs and looks down at the table as though in defeat, then says "alright, fine. I won't ask how he knew about all of that, but I do wish to ask, what now Ail? Reimu... is gone; and your little house at the village crumbled to pieces right before my very eyes, right before I saw the danmaku show in the sky."

The dense boy breathes in after the girls allow him space; now that he's no longer in any danger of being attacked; and says "well, after thinking hard about it, I think I have to go to the Moriya Shrine."

Silence takes the room hostage as the girls all stare at the dense boy. He is dense, but not stupid, and they all know HE knows going there is a huge mistake, and yet they can see in his eyes the lack of choices available to him.

They all sit down while the fairy maids serve the plates with food, then Anilan breaks the silence by asking "I wonder whatever happened to Nue?"

Chirps suddenly invade the large room, and everyone except Ail and Hourai stand up with their guards raised.

A moment later, Nue's voice echoes as she says "who do you think saved your ass from all those hungry dark fairies while you froze to death?"

Too suddenly for him to react, Cirno falls on the table in front of Ail, tackles him to the floor with a power hug, then the undefined girl slowly descends from wherever she was hiding, smiling while saying "I knew who sent that girl the moment she took the invisible charm right out of my neck. Well played, kiddo."

Marisa suddenly bangs the table with her fist, and as a vein pulsates on her forehead she says "say, Ail, by any chance, you wouldn't happen to know why the FUCK did a stupid blonde in a maid's outfit saw fit to nail THIS on my back?"

She produces a crudely drawn picture of Shizuha kicking a tree and knocking out its leaves, with the words in orange "Shizuha Aki. Believe in the goddess of turning leaves."

Cirno sticks her tongue out at Marisa, while Ail chuckles nervously, and hesitantly says "uuh... I can explain."

Meanwhile, flying over the misty skies of a place unknown, Shikieiki and Mima scan their surroundings in their hurried search for Mayohiga.

"I think I see it," says the supposedly-evil spirit after placing a hand over her eyes and narrowing them for good measure. "We just needed to get good and lost."

The Yama sighs with relief from anxiety and says "finally," then looks to the magician spirit to her right and adds "you know, I could have just come here on my own! It would have been faster."

She then notices the worried face Mima is making, gets a little closer, and says "you know, attachments for someone like you are dangerous. I understand you're worried, but I never thought-"

She stops right there when she notices that worried expression on the spirit is turning darker, and says "don't think you made a mistake. He had been making too many mistakes of his own; he had to see where his actions were leading him! Mima, you know this, you almost killed him when trying to drill that fact straight into his head."

"But that pain," begins the woman. "I know he can't really die while in there, but to be driven to commit such an act. I made the experience far too strong for his conscious mind!"

They land in front of a large Japanese mansion with a Western style roof, where Shikieiki places her hand on Mima's shoulder before they approach the building and says "he will come back to us stronger because of the experience, and he has regained that which made him who he was back when we first met him. Now clear your thoughts, and try to break that attachment. It's too strong."

Mima nods twice, then they walk to the sliding door, ignoring the bits of grass and flowers growing around the porch.

Inside the house, Ran finishes cleaning the table from the full plates of food, then sighs and mutters "where is Chen now? She skipped lunch again."

Her right ear twitches when she hears the guests' footsteps, and immediately after the first set of soft knocks on the sliding door, she calls "I'll be there in a minute," then thinks "who the heck could it be this time; another lost traveler?"

There is a third knock on the door by the time she arrives to it so she impatiently says "alright, hold your horses; I'm here already," then gasps with surprise when she opens de door and sees who her guests are.

Shikieiki and Mima waste no time and walk straight inside while the Yama says "forgive our sudden intrusion, but this is a matter of upmost importance."

Ran has very little time to voice her complaints by the time the girls enter Yukari's room, but breaks through them to block their path into said room and exclaims "wait just a minute. I can't just let you barge into my Master's bedroom like this! State your business beforehand!"

The spirit is about to throttle the fox, so Eiki holds her back while bowing apologetically, then presents her round device; which is glowing with such intensity the entire room lights up as if a pure white sun were in it; and says "We can't get Ail out of the dream world even though he has succeeded with flying colors, and we thought that maybe she could help."

The nine-tailed kitsune raises an eyebrow and an ear in confusion, then asks "dream world? Ail? Wait, he's in the dream world now!? Why didn't Yukari tell me?"

The guests face palm at the same time so hard, Ran winces at the sound of the smack. Regardless of that, she steps aside, and Mima rushes straight over to Yukari before any more obstructions get in her way.

She lifts the covers off the woman to reveal the pyramid-like device glowing equally bright as Shikieiki's own, and Chen sleeping curled up around said device on top of Yukari's stomach.

Both Mima and Ran's noses begin to draw blood, but the evil spirit takes the nekomata and hands her over the blushing fox, takes the device, and presses the triangular button.


Nothing happens, even after the impatient spirit repeatedly presses the button at a rapid pace. She tosses the device over to the Yama, grabs the sleeping blonde by the shoulders, and shakes her violently while shouting "wake up you lazy slob! We need your help here!"

Yukari's head flops around like some rubber doll, and even after the messy shake leaves her as a mess on the bed, she remains snoring, smiling, drooling and moaning as though having a very pleasant dream.

"Why won't this bitch wake up!?" asks the furious Mima while shaping her fingers like claws.

Eiki places both devices on a table next to her; where both Ran and Chen observe said items with great interest; then takes a tiny glass orb out of her pocket, and says "Komachi, something's wrong here! Yukari won't wake up!"

The tiny glass bead grows to the size of a softball, and before the shinigami speaks, Mugetsu exclaims "oh, it's Yukari. Wow, she's still asleep? You didn't hit her that hard, did you sis?"

A dark shadow is cast over the Yama's eyes, while an even darker aura grows around Mima, who turns around to look at the image of Gengetsu on the glass orb, and ominously asks "what did you do?"

The blonde, winged dream demon; not really realizing the danger she is in; flaps her hand around while nonchalantly saying "I just put her under a sleep spell; big deal. She'll wake up eventually. Heh-heh; she's probably having lewd dreams with that girl again."

"Komachi," commands Shikieiki, "please make sure that girl is ready for me when I arrive there. She's going to wake this woman up, or she'll have to shovel the Minotaur's manure for a hundred years straight."

The pink-haired girl's face appears on the bead as she salutes her boss, then the image turns back to Gengetsu, who now seems to realize she is far in deeper than she could have ever thought she would ever be.

Ail stands just outside the Scarlet Devil Mansion's foyer while addressing Sakuya and Meiling, whom stand just inside the half-repaired mansion entrance.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright?" asks the boy with concern, wondering if he should stay longer and help with the cleanup; after all, he feels responsible for the Scarlets' deaths.

Sakuya sighs while Meiling chuckles, then the chief maid impatiently says "hey, we already told you it wasn't your fault, so let it go, Anilan!"

The gate guardian merely rolls her eyes while she speaks with a smile. "Just go; you have very important things to do."

Hatate takes him by the shoulders and roughly pulls him away from the mansion, earning a scolding from Aya who says "hey, be more careful with him, you shut-in!"

The twin-tailed girl leans over to Momiji and mutters "that's from the bird that wanted him dead not too long ago," and then her counterpart takes Ail away from her.

Minoriko approaches the mansion girls, bows, and says "thank you for your hospitality. And don't worry about him; we'll take good care of him."

Aya is now gently pushing the boy further away from the mansion, while Satori pats his back and says "at least until we get him to the shrine."

He twitches when he hears where his next destination is, and remembers Yukari's words. "Whatever may happen in there, you keep away from that shrine, you understand! Do not go there for any reason!"

The mind reader sees everything and comments "so, your world's Yukari warned you about it. Ail, are you certain there is no other choice?"

He shakes his head for both acknowledging Satori's words and answering her question, and to try and shake off his own fear; and that's when he realizes how gently the black haired tengu is treating him.

He knows the real Aya is nice to him, but she would never give him special treatment such as this, unless there was a reason for it, and then it hits him; she feels she owes him for trying to murder him, while at the same time is sympathizing with him.

Regardless, he is glad for the gentle treatment, and for once ever since entering this dream, he feels warm and safe. "How long will this last," he wonders as the tengu girl pulls him to a stop.

From the mansion, Meiling and Sakuya bow while the maid loudly says "please don't worry about the mansion. Everything will be just fine."

A sudden smile takes the boy for reasons he cannot explain, but he looks back at the girls regardless of it, and with just a look from his eyes they know he is thanking them for their support.

All eyes turn left when Nue shouts "no way star-eye! You are NOT getting close to him. In fact, you should leave! I mean, what the heck are you doing here when we are here to protect him!?"

Cirno jumps in, scaring Shizuha away from the argument, and exclaims "you leave him alone you big bully, or I'll freeze your undies!"

The witch places her face as close as possible to the ice fairy's own, and with a threateningly low tone of voice she challenges her. "I want to see you try, stupid squirt."

Reisen grabs both girls by the back of the collars and easily separates them, then casually says "quit it. Even Marisa agreed she would help him, so there's no reason for this."

She looks at the witch with dangerous eyes and adds "isn't that right, Marisa Kirisame? Will you keep your word, or would you dare try backstabbing him while we're here watching over him?"

The black and white youkai magician pouts and looks away, manages to say "o-of course not-" but before she finishes her part, several thin wires wrap themselves around her, then Alice easily lifts her up with said wires, sighs, then says "let's just get a move on."

All eyes turn to Ail, who stands stiff in place with his hands cradled around his waist.

Orin is in her cat form, and is purring contently on the boy's arms while rubbing her head against his stomach.

The boy's eyes show nothing but pure terror as he holds the content kasha so close to his person; and to everybody there, it seems as though he fears a sudden attack, but Satori knows.

"Orin, he's uncomfortable. Get off him now," sweetly commands the mind reader, and the two-tailed cat immediately jumps off him, takes her youkai form, and says "aww, but he's so soft and squishy, just like before."

Ail's body shakes fiercely; the fear inside his heart increases. Aya places a comforting hand on his shoulder and softly calls "Ail? Ail, what's the matter with you?"

"He thinks he's a danger to all of us," begins the purple-haired girl. "He fears he will cause our deaths, just like the vampires and his wif-er, and the Hakurei."

Some girls scowl while others look at him with pity; though he's noticing none of that; and when Momiji decides a little tough love will help, a rock flies between all the girls and smacks him straight on the forehead, knocking him out straight onto Aya's hands.

They look back at Sakuya, who is tossing another rock and catching it on her right hand. She winks at the girls, chuckles nervously, and then says "well, I didn't use my knives; and look, he's obviously relaxed now."

True enough, the boy is smiling and snoring softly while resting on Aya's arms, though the pulsating bump on his forehead is cause for some winces and grimaces.

"Let's just go," impatiently says Hatate, and so fourteen girls and one lucky unconscious boy carried by one of them fly off toward the Youkai Mountain; specifically, to the Moriya Shrine on top of the mountain.

Meiling and Sakuya look at each other to share sad smiles, and after the large group disappears in an instant, the girls go back inside, and the maid commands "well, just because Lady Remilia isn't here doesn't mean we're going to fall behind morals and decency! This remains the Scarlet Devil Mansion, so everyone get back to work."

Several fairy maids and the gate guard can be heard acknowledging the maids commands, and repair noises begin anew.

Meanwhile, down at the basement, inside the massive library, Patchouli calls "Koakuma, please take this book back to shelve 1058-A, and bring me the book on ice spells."

From the second balcony, the little devil peeks her head with a rather impish smile, then sings "comiiing~!"

The entire library fritzes up for a second, then everything seems to go back to normal in an instant."

"Koakuma, please take this book back to shelve 1058-A, and bring me the book on ice spells."


The room fritz again, and the conversation repeats itself over and over again, and the girls never seem to notice.

At a corner on the second floor balcony, hiding under one of the massive bookshelf's shadow, a pair of furry bats squeak as they hold each other together for warmth.

Remilia and Flandre Scarlet live, but are now trapped in an endless time loop that will repeat itself for as long as the dream world remains active. And so; although the Scarlets live, they remain lost to the dream world.

Later, over the wintery Misty Lake at night, Aya gasps with surprise when the boy softly says "you know, I never thought you would apologize so soon."

She smiles at him as he says "I'm ok. You can let go now;" but she ignores him and says "soon? I thought long and hard about this, dummy. I spent three whole weeks thinking about it; and let me tell you now; I was convinced it was you who had to apologize to me."

The boy looks surprised into the girl's eyes, and then says "weeks? B... but Aya, it's only been five days since we had that... disagreement."

The tengu reporter looks at him with doubt and confusion for some time before finally saying "let's not think on this too much. Please accept my apology and-"

"Shh! Quiet," anxiously whispers Cirno. She looks around, nervous about something, and then whispers "if Letty sees him again, she will kill us all and take him!"

And so they continue onward toward the Youkai Mountain while trying to be as quiet as they can all be.

The trip to the foot of the mountain is uneventful, save for the few glitched fairies that were shooting white squares that were supposed to be magic bullets; though only Ail seems to have seen this glitch happen.

After reaching the waterfall, all fifteen individuals ascend to the Moriya Shrine grounds. Everyone is quiet, even Cirno; all apparently knowing something the dense boy can only feel in his heart, but feels is wise to keep quiet and not ask about it.

"We're here," quietly comments Aya just before they all fly over the rocks. "Try to keep quiet."

The girls and boy fly toward the shrine grounds, although Ail notices how slowly the others are approaching the area, and so he decides to follow their example, until it happens.

Just as soon as Shizuha; the last on the group; flies over the edge of the mountain, everyone falls to the ground with a heavy thud, not even bouncing when they hit.

Ail quickly lifts his head and looks around the girls on the ground, then exclaims "what the heck just happened!?"

Hatate is the first of the girls to lift herself up, and exclaims "it's the goddess!"

An eerie childlike laugh echoes around them, the edges of the mountain rise in the form of earthy walls that traps them all within those sacred grounds, then Suwako's childish, yet terrifying voice echoes everywhere. "He-hee~! You shouldn't have come here, Ail. And you, tengu; how dare you bring this vile excrement into my wonderful, peaceful home? You should know better!"

The dense boy quickly stands in front of Aya and the other tengu, raises his hands above his head in surrender, and says "Miss Moriya, listen to me! I didn't come here to cause any trouble."

He twists his body to look at the girls behind him and says "and they are merely curious about my affairs." He turns around again to look toward the road leading to the shrine and continues "so please spare them! I just need to speak to you and Lady Yasak-"

"NO, DON'T!" By the time Aya covers his mouth, the name of 'Yasaka' slips through his lips, and soon after the earth begins to shake, and giant, animated frogs made of hardened dirt and humanoid monsters made out of rock rise from beneath the ground.

The world around them all feels as though it's shaking hard and violently as Suwako's dark, childlike voice echoes inside their very bodies. "How dare you speak her name! How DARE you even THINK of her after what you did! You vile, loathsome, lecherous waste! You will pay dearly for that!"

A stone slab rises right in front of the boy, and there is Suwako, glaring down to him with glowing, poisonous grey eyes.

Ail is suddenly on his knees, grasping his head and groaning loudly as though in great pain while new dream memories fill his mind.

He can see himself seducing Kanako, then torturing and pleasing her repeatedly while siphoning her essence until she vanishes before his very eyes. He can see himself laughing after she's gone, and now the good Ail feels as though he's going to return his meal.

"Get him up!" commands Momiji as she fights off a stone golem. Aya manages to take him and jump away from an earth frog that was just about to eat him, and then shouts "AIL, WHAT'S THE MATTER! SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Though he can hear the tengu speaking to him, he can also hear NegaAil laughing in his mind, torturing him further, even after death.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail and Agava were created by Willie G.R.

Ail and NegaAil's spell cards: "Torrential Waves" (an updated version of "Mad Waves, Raging Waves"); and "Blast Sign, Healing Kaboom" (an updated version of "Blast Sign, Expansion that Soothes") were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

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Written by

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