Stone, dirt, dust and blood fly everywhere on that warm afternoon at the Moriya Shrine grounds.

Reisen blasts a stone frog right on top of Minoriko, who jumps away from a stone fist from the golem that just cut her sister's calf with the sharp edges on its legs.

Momiji cuts the golem in half with a vertical slash before moving toward two stone frogs cornering Cirno and Nue, but her assistance becomes unneeded when the nue youkai starts to cackle while unleashing thick lasers out of UFOs that surrounds them.

Hatate zips by in front of the white wolf and snaps her out of her shock by taking a quick picture, then shoots bullets at a king-sized frog that's going straight after Aya and Ail.

Marisa keeps shooting smaller versions of her Master Spark to deal with the rock monsters while keeping away from the battle by flying on her broom, and joining her are Alice, Shanghai and Hourai, and all three use small lasers to deal with the creatures as if they were nothing.

"Satori, don't let them corner you! Use spell cards if you have to!" commands the black and white while spraying more lasers around, saving Orin and Satori from four of those golems that had surrounded them.

The mind reader gasps and shoots a single orb forward, but Suwako already has her by the neck and is threatening to break it in half while smiling disturbingly.

The kasha tries saving her master, but is blasted in the face with an exploding frog before she can even move.

The blonde looks to the mind reader and threateningly hisses "you shouldn't have brought him here. Now you will all die-AAAAAAARGH!"

Satori falls and is taken by Aya after Ail shoots a blue shard at Suwako that severs her wrist. A minor injury for a god, yet it apparently hurts like hell either way; the wincing and doubling over repeatedly being a good indication of that.

Suwako snarls while shaking the pain off her arm, adjusts her hat with her newly-born hand so as to look more menacing, then asks "oiii~ what gives? You are saving her instead of laughing while I gut her? You're screwin' with me."

The boy and the goddess stare at each other menacingly and are ready to attack each other, but to his luck a stone frog falls in front her, a stone golem stomps its massive foot in front of him, then Alice and Shanghai swoop down to knock him away from another stone frog and blast both the frog and the golem to rubble.

"You idiot, keep focused!" shouts the little doll, showing actual concern for his well being.

He nods to acknowledge her, and then gasps when Alice screams bloodily. She has been crushed by one of the stomping golems and has been damaged greatly.

"ALICE" calls Anilan while activating his Yozoragan blood limit. He tackles the monster away with ease, shoots focused orange bullets that blast it to pebbles, then quickly places his ethereal wings on the puppeteer while Shanghai and Hourai desperately cry for her.

As soon as the blonde girl is healed, she punches the boy on the face and says "what the hell do you think you're doing!? GO! Let us handle these things!"

At that very moment, Cirno screams out loud and Nue is heard desperately calling for the ice fairy afterward. "Alice, I can't," complains the boy. "I can't leave you here on your own! What if you need me here for more healing?"

The blonde witch stands up, slaps his face, gives him a hug, then says "how I've missed you, Ail."

While he's stunned, she turns him around, grabs and lifts him by his belt and the back of his shirt, then throws him with all her might down the road to the shrine.

After he lands, and before he can complain, Aya flies by and shouts "don't disrespect us! We are all strong yokai and can handle this little scramble! You keep going and find your way back home! Now go!"

He hesitantly turns to face the road to the shrine, sighs, then moves down that road just as the tengu shouts "GOOOO!"

When he's out of earshot, she smiles and says "how I'll miss that idiot." Blood starts flowing down her hair, stains her face as she lets herself fall on her knee on the ground, and then she turns to face Suwako on a large stone frog.

The girls smile at each other, then the reporter swings her fan and turns the frog into sand, while Suwako is pushed back into the battlefield.

After being forced out of the battle, Ail makes his way toward the Moriya Shrine by running as fast as Orin, but he is disturbed by a blur that moves behind the rocks, bushes and trees to his right.

The blur moves ahead of him and stops when he stops to investigate. "Maybe Suwako broke free of the battle... but I don't feel any kind of godly energy. Could she be using a camouflage?"

The blur moves again, this time getting behind the boy's position, but still won't attack.

He is grateful there hasn't been an attack, but that can only mean Suwako is preparing something nasty, so he must be ready of absolutely anything. Not that he can be ready for the unknown anyway.

He closes his eyes and activates his energy sonar, but the shadow moves too fast for him to make out what's really following him.

"This must be Suwako. Only a god and move like this. Ah, wait, youkai too. Reimu told me so once. But who-?"

The blur moves again as he thinks, this time straight at him, but suddenly moves away after he flinches. "She is going to kill me at this rate!" he thinks in desperation.

He suddenly stiffens up with fright, then looks back at Reisen, who stands with one leg crossed in front of the other, staring coldly at him without saying a word.

Ail gulps and calms down, calls off the energy sonar, hesitantly smiles and asks "h-hey, Reisen, what's wrong? Is the fight ov-?"

"For the sake of my life and my peace of mind;" the Moon Rabbit speaks over Ail as the wind hits her hard, making her lilac hair flail about beautifully and menacingly. "Anilan Inmodo Leuch, I beg for your forgiveness, but I have no choice."

He tries to word his concerns, but Reisen blasts him with her lunacy inducing eyes, and now he finds himself inside a red tube that keeps swirling all around him and keeps forcing him towards a fire-bathed image of Eirin.

Her monstrous, scowling eyes glow as she draws a knife out of her pocket and lifts it above her head in anticipation for when the boy is near enough.

He can't feel himself moving at all, he can't feel anything pulling him or any kind of magical or energy force that might be moving him closer to that threat; which keeps growing in size the closer he gets; but he is moving toward that fiery dark Eirin, and there's nothing he can do about it.

The moment has come. Eirin is right on top of him; that giant knife is glistening with unnatural light from an unknown source, and now all seems lost to him, until the figure suddenly shrinks back to a more normal size.

Eirin holds her face with her free hand and places the knife to her right after she drops on her knees, and then Ail is back on the stone path at the Moriya Shine grounds, standing right where he was when he saw Reisen, while said Moon Rabbit is sobbing softly on the ground right in front of him.

"Miss Reisen, are you... alright?" hesitantly asks the boy with great concern over her well being.

She lifts a painful smile at him as tears roll down her cheeks and with that smile so strongly on her face she says "I just can't do it. It's impossible. Just look at that face you're making. It's so sweet."

The dense boy gives her a very confused look, but his concern remains, so she just pushes herself back on her feet to ease his heart and shakes her head after declining his offered hand.

Once she's done dusting her skirt and legs, she smiles brightly, giggles for good measure, then says "it feels like it's been ages since you gave me that look. Reminds me of the time you begged Master not to punish me; back when you first turned into that cute dog."

Ail sighs off his anxiety, though his concern remains when he asks "Miss Reisen, what's wrong? Please, tell me if you need help with anything. I-I can come here another time if-"

She holds his lips to shut him up and shakes her head while chuckling, then releases him and twirls once in place, gives him a very sweet look, then says "this will hurt a bit, but please bear with it for a moment."

After wowing him with her moves and looks, and without giving him the time to react, Reisen moves like a blur with that knife held on her right hand.

Ail winces, then groans in pain when he feels a stinging hot-cold sensation on the back of his neck, holds himself where cold and heat meet, and quickly realizes he is bleeding. "What the hell? What did you do to me!?"

The lilac haired girl takes a bloodstained chunk of hair from the back of his head and places it inside a plastic bag, seals the thing before pocketing it, then smiles while shedding tears when looking at him. "Now I have my proof."

"I... was ordered by Eirin to murder you and give her proof of your death in order to be reinstated as her apprentice; and I was thrilled with the idea... at first, that is."

She gives the shocked boy a sudden hug, making him feel all levels of fear and awkwardness until he stops feeling the murderous vibes from her, then feels soothed as she passes her hand on the wound on the back of his neck; and after releasing him she happily says "there, that cut should heal in a few minutes, and now that I am positive you are truly you, I just can't kill you anymore."

"That other Ail the gate guardian killed; that's the bastard I would have gladly murdered. You, on the other hand, are the one from before the marriage; so sweet and kind, a bit smart yet dense, but more importantly, humble and respectful."

Reisen holds him tight, then gives him a kiss that only Sanae would give him, and even though he really tries to break free, it is as if his strength is nothing against hers.

When the deed is done, they both gasp for air after she releases him, then he understandably shouts "are you mad!? Don't you ever do that again! I love you as a friend, nothing more!"

Udonge giggles out loud after enjoying his reaction, then playfully says "you're just afraid your girlfriend will kill you. But don't worry; we can keep all of this here in this world. Your shrine maiden will never have to know a thing."

"That's not the point," barks the blushing boy before stammering while looking for something to say; yet he never finds the right words at all.

She greatly enjoys his reaction until the very end, and that's when her smile becomes filled with concern and fright. She waves her left arm in the air and says "goodbye sweet Ail. Please, don't ever lose yourself again. Your real you is just so cute and nice. I hope the real me out there manages to tease you like I have. She will really like it."

"Now wait just a minute," exclaims the startled boy while pointing. He is now holding his finger in mid air while his mouth is left open because of the words that could never leave it, seeing as the intended target for them is no longer there.

Ail wonders if this is some sort of mechanism of the dream world, or if Reisen had hit him with her Lunatic Eyes again. He won't be able to know for sure, but he won't look for the answer.

He turns around to gaze toward his true goal; the Moriya Shrine, and begins his run to it, thinking about what may await him there, and what will happen when he finally escapes the dream world.

Anilan reaches the first of many large red gates that stand just before the main grounds of the shrine, but he stops his advance and stands in front of said gates while staring at them with great interest.

After studying them carefully he touches the right side of the first gate. Nothing happens and he sighs with relief, and so begins walking while saying to himself "maybe it was just my imagination."

He isn't even sure when, but he's now being gripped by a giant hand made of stone, and it's tightening its grip so much he can feel his bones cracking under the pressure.

He grunts when trying to escape and almost manages to loosen an arm when Suwako grabs his chin and forces him to look at her darkly smiling face. "So, you really thought I was just gonna let you walk into my home, didn't you? You're pretty stupid, boy."

"No Suwako-sama," pleas the boy with great effort; "I'm not the Ail you know! I'm different! I'm GOOD!"

She clenches her hand around his chin, threatening to break it and causing him to cry in pain, and with a satisfied smile she says "good, huh? Were you 'good' when you took Kanako away from us? Your marrying Reimu almost drove my Sanae mad, but taking Kanako was too dirty, Anilan."

She grabs his neck and squeezes tight, cutting off his air, and yet he manages to grunt "I. would never. do... That was. NegaAil!"

The blonde's grip loosens up and allows him to breathe, yet her face remains cold and dark as she looks into his eyes; and that's when her own fill with curiosity.

She narrows her eyes while inspecting him thoroughly, then suddenly says "do you remember what you did to that Fairy of Spring that liked you so much? That cute blonde creature that would look for you ever spring?"

Fear fills the boy's eyes. He knows this will all lead to a new unwanted memory, and Suwako can see it as clear as day, yet remains cold to him.

"No, please, I don't want to see that!" Right on cue, the memories start rushing into his mind, and all he can do is watch with his inner eye as the terrible dream memory becomes his own.

He can see himself flying after the distressed fairy as she tries to lose him in the Youkai Forest.

He shoots her with a laser that hits her inner left thigh and forces her to crash head-first against a thick tree, then he sees himself on top of her in a matter of seconds.

Before long, he's ripping her shirt off and cooing in surprise at the sight of her pink undershirt that fails to hide the fact that this fairy's body seems a little more mature than the rest.

He reaches for her chest as she begs for him to stop through her sobs. He grips her undergarment regardless of her begging-

"STOOOOOOP! Please stop; I don't want to see anymore!" He screams desperately before his tears begin to roll down his cheeks.

The boy raises a pitiable face stained with tears at the surprised goddess, whose chest feels incredibly light at the sight she sees, and in a soothingly warm tone she shushes the boy and says "so you were telling the truth."

Before Ail can ask, she continues "don't worry, I saved Lily before you were able to do anything her."

The stone hand releases the boy before burying itself back under the ground, Suwako soothes his body and throat just by focusing her powers on him, then sighs and says "so the vile Ail is dead. It was about time, if you ask me."

The boys face gets filled with confusion, yet, after one last sniffle, he asks the right question. "So, you know; about me, this dream, and my goals here?"

The goddess nods once, and instead of the fury he saw in her eyes, he is now greeted by painful knowledge behind a fake smile.

"What's wrong? What else did he do? ...You can tell me; I think I can take it!"

The blonde girl shakes her head and scoffs once, then says "I know why you're here, and I have to tell you now, even my other me doesn't know how else you can get out; other than with help from the outside."

Ail lets his arms drop and flop in front of himself before sighing hopelessly and saying "so it's pointless. Breaking my promise to Yukari won't help. I should turn back now and just..."

Suwako slaps him across the face and angrily scolds "just what; give up and resign to your fate, is that what you were going to say!?"

She is now the same size as he, even though she still looks like a child, and holds him by his shirt. "Ail, because of you and this trial of sorts that you're going through, I was able to be with a sane Sanae, an innocent Budou, and a lively Kanako once more! This experience has given me hope that, somehow, I can get them back in this world too!"

"Anilan, do not give up on yourself! Do not give up; for those girls! They are waiting for you out there."

There is a long pause between them, and the little goddess regains her child-like stature, and speaking more calmly continues "now I cannot guarantee that you'll find any way to wake up up there, but... perhaps the shock..."

Her voice trails off as she continues speaking to herself, then the curious boy asks "what are you talking about?"

Suwako sighs as she looks at him with pity, places her hand on his shoulder, then says "I'm not supposed to interfere, but... Ail; remember at all times that this is a dream. What you will find over there are not the real thing; but remember that the other Ail hurt us all greatly. Be! prepared! for the worst!"

The dense boy closes his eyes and shakes his head, and then opens them to find that Suwako is gone. He is now left facing the many gates leading toward the shrine.

It takes him a while to recover his senses, bearing, and more importantly, his purpose and courage, and as he restarts his run to the Moriya Shrine, he can't help but wonder what he will find there that even Yukari warned him about so strongly.

Meanwhile, at the Moriya Shrine, in front of the open doors to the living quarters, little Budou stands right where the sun shines brightest on that early morning.

It appears that the snow is all gone, yet it's not spring just yet, so the little bat youkai is just warming herself up, however, her face appears serene, yet her eyes appear to be full of rage.

Sanae, who wears a pink shirt with short sleeves and knee-long jeans, walks out of the living room, walks to the little bat, smiles and rubs her head, then silently sits next to her to soak up on some sun rays as well.

The wind priestess suddenly starts to sob and cry while holding her chest, and Budou quickly turns, wraps her arms and wings around the girl, and coos as she tries to comfort the human goddess. "It's alright Mama-Sanny, Budou-chan is here. She won't leave you."

Upon a closer look, Sanae's skin is as pale as Remilia's, her hair looks a bit dirty and unkempt, and there's something obviously wrong with the way she's looking around; as if expecting something to happen.

"Sanae? Budou? What's the matter? Are you girls alright?"

Ail's voice. It penetrates the girls' ears and all manner of emotions run rampart through their hearts; some more painful than the ones before; and without saying a word, the two girls quiet down and glare frighteningly towards the source of said voice.

The boy gulps and takes a step back when those disturbing faces lock on to him, and he repeats in his mind "you stupid idiot, why did you speak!?"

He's just about to take another step back when Budou growls "you're not going anywhere... disgusting and vile..." she shudders, "papa."

The little bat stretches her wings and stands, generates an orb of sound and green energy on the palm of her hand; strong enough to break a hole in Yukari's stomach; and in a dark and cold voice she says "you made a terrible mistake in coming here, you. No matter; that only means we can have our revenge now!"

She snarls when she jumps at the boy; her face looks like that of a ravenous youkai ready to mince its prey to bits; but then she yelps and falls to the ground, twitching as if her body is being electrified repeatedly.

Sanae has placed an amulet on the little bat's back to stop her in her tracks, and with a serene smile and tone of voice, she says "there there Budou; it's not polite to kill guests to the shrine with your claws."

Ail wants to help the little bat and remove that amulet, thinking that doing that could help score some good points for him, however, when looking at Sanae's face, he himself seems to freeze in place out of fear.

There is a sadistic smile cursing those lips as the ominous, glowing green eyes keep locked on him as if there was nothing else there. In just a few short seconds, Ail is sorry for breaking his promise to Yukari, understands there is no answer to his problem at this shrine, and realizes there's no turning back now.

The wind priestess chuckles sweet and darkly as she stands up, unsheathes a ceremonial knife from a small scabbard hidden on the waistband of her jeans, and still smiling she speaks softly and darkly.

"Anilan, my sweet, you came back, at last. Do you know how much you made me cry? Do you realize how much I've suffered since you married that... thing? You hurt me so much, but now you're back, and I can share my pain with you, my dear, sweet Ail-kun."

The dense boy want to run as fast and far as he can, but he also wants to help Sanae regain her senses. He doesn't want to see her like this either way, but it seems that his only real option is to try to tell her the truth; as farfetched as it may seem.

He lifts his hands defensively and exclaims "wait-wait, Sanae-ch- listen to me! I am not the Ail that married Reimu! I am another Ail; a good one! Please believe me! I am going through a trial and am looking for a way back home! Th-the Ail you know is dead, I swear!"

The girl stops moving and straightens up, raises her left brow, then starts to giggle.

The seemingly sweet giggle quickly becomes dark and terrifying, it slowly evolves into a bone-chilling cackle, and then she stops and darkly hisses "that's even better. Instead of killing the Ail I used to love, I can kill an Ail I don't love at all and feel EQUALLY satisfied without any pain!"

She raises her armed arm and her left arm to shoulder height and with a happy, frightening and unhinged tone she says "I win no matter what! Let's share my pain now."

The dense boy raises his defenses as fast as he can by activating his weapon of light, while the insane girl he calls his girlfriend outside the hellish dream world stomps her way to him, panting and cackling as if she's enjoying herself greatly.

Meanwhile, at Mayohiga, Mima strangles Yukari and shakes her violently while shouting "IT! IS! NOT! WORKING! We have to try something else!"

She releases the blonde woman and allows her to nurse her throat, and after the inevitable retaliation from the gap youkai; via danmaku from every possible angle and dimension known to her; Yukari says "then we're just going to have to go straight to him!"

Mima shakes off the burns and magically restores the shredded clothes with a few waves of her hand, then angrily replies "you should have said that from the start! Let's pack up and leave this place! That child needs us!"

"Child?!" Shikieiki's questioning and concerned tone comes with great surprise. She continues "Mima, just like Yuyuko, you HAVE to cut those attachments with that boy! That is very dangerous for you!"

"Attachments!? What attachments?" The supposedly-evil spirit tries to hide the fact that she's worried to the death for the boy by pouting while looking away.

She crosses her arms under her chest and continues "I just owe the kid a great deal! I thought of placing a failsafe in case something like this happened, yet I didn't! I just feel uncomfortable owing him! Now STOP LOOKING AT ME!"

Yukari's mouth floats inside one of her gaps around Mima's ears and whispers "detach, or disappear. Those are your choices."

The green haired woman remains silent while looking at the floor, while the blonde gap woman speaks. "Now ladies remember, what we are about to do is the last resort, and as such, it has many dangers which could harm him greatly."

The Yama nods once and serenely says "we have been brought to a dead-end. I see no other option. Still, it will take us a few days to get there, even with your help, Yukari."

Mima sighs to let the other two women know she's calmed down, then says "it's a shame Yuka refused to get involved, or this would have been a whole lot easier with her help."

"What's done is done," comments Yukari. She takes her parasol from Ran's hands, walks to the door exiting her living room, looks back at the two guests, and says "now come on ladies, our dear, sweet knight in shining armor awaits for us princesses to rescue him."

Shikieiki can't help but giggle after that, while Mima rolls her eyes and just floats as quickly as she can.

The door closes after Shikieiki, and Ran remains on her knees while she hears the evil spirit saying "okay, cut the act, you're both as worried as I am; admit it!"

The girls groan and moan uncomfortably for a moment, then the evil spirit claps her hands and exclaims "HA! I knew it! You two owe me an ice cream!"

The nine-tailed fox's ear twitches when she hears a loud smack from Eiki's Rod of Remorse, then sighs while the Yama says "what manner of disgusting things are you craving? You should be ashamed of asking for something as-"

Yukari interrupts the speech by saying "it's a frozen treat from the outside world."

After a long pause, the gap youkai continues "honestly, as Yama, you should knows these things."

"I'm sorry," cries Eiki; apparently aiming her apologies at Mima. "I've just been so busy lately; I just can't keep up with everything!"

Ail ducks to avoid Sanae's knife, shuts his weapon of light off, then jumps away from the giggling girl and shouts "that's enough Sanae! I don't want to hurt you!"

The girl drools a bit when she giggles, then says "what a coincidence! I don't want to hurt my Ail-kun either! I just want him dead! DEAD! AHAHAHA~"

She drops on her hands and feet like a beast, and then quickly pounces toward the boy, aiming the knife at his chest. The dense one manages to jump away just in time, and takes flight to avoid that knife again, but still won't shoot.

He looks at his feet after realizing the flight restrain has lifted, but disregards this and looks at the green haired girl. "Sanae, please, I just need to find my way home!"

Sanae raises her knife as if it were her old gohei and cackles manically, then shouts "BUT YOU ARE HOME! You belong here with MEEEE~"

She swings her knife in front of herself and draws what looks like several crosses in mid air, then her Esoterica - Nine Syllable Stab spell activates, and being free of the spell card rules the spell has become lethal.

Its net-like beams are glowing intense red, the large chain-like bullets around it appear to be twice their normal size, and Ail swears he can see actual knives spinning inside of where the beams join.

Sanae giggles as if she's being tickled by her Ail-kun's hands, then says "don't resist sweetie, or it will only hurt much, MUCH! Let my love tear you to pieces, like your betrayal did to my own little heart!"

Before he can react, he finds himself pressing his arms and legs against his body as tightly as he can so he can spear through the thin holes on the net of beams that fly at high speeds toward him.

Now, more than ever, he wants to turn around and run away as far as he can, but now that the human goddess has gone and ignored the spell card rules so blatantly, he's not sure if running is even an option anymore.

The next nets are coming, and they have those chain-like bullets swarming all over. He won't have another choice but to attack.

"Sanae, please forgive me!" He focuses as much power as he can on his hands, puts his wrists together and stretches both hands as far as he can, then shoots three focused orbs of pure orange energy at the girl's feet.

She's successfully blown away, and now Anilan can focus on spearing through the rest of the spell without having to worry about more nets forming up.

He flies through the first one, veers up to avoid some bullets, passes through the next and shoots the concentration of bullets in front of him, and then he moves toward the next net.

Just when his shoulders are adjacent to the next set of beams, one of the missed chain bullets does a sudden turn and wraps itself around his legs, then pulls him down, forcing him to go through seven of those searing hot beams and to get stabbed by one of those knives hidden where the beams join.

"What the-? C-can't... move. Can't. breathe." He grunts and gasps quickly when he tries to move, and even with the knife that was stuck on his left knee is gone, the paralyzing effects are still there.

Ail tries to move again, struggles to breathe, then groans immediately after he hears metal breaking through flesh and bone. Sanae has rushed to his side and has stabbed him on the shoulder.

She picks him up and coos as she places his back against her chest, pulls the knife out of his shoulder, then coos and hums while touching his wound and poking it hard.

"You know;" she sniffles, "I was so hurt when you married that bitch Reimu. I thought you loved me more than anything, but I guess I was wrong. I was too ugly for you to love."

She combs his hair and caresses his face with her bloodstained hand while humming a dark, yet sweet tune, claws the wound on his shoulder to make more blood flow out of it, then darkly hisses "it hurt! It hurt so much, Ail-kun!"

She starts to cry as she rubs his face, and sweetly shushes him while smearing his cheeks with his own blood after he starts to breathe through his mouth and grunt to fight the pain.

He manages to grab her hand, breathes hard through his mouth, then grunts "Sanae, please stop this. I... I don't want to fight with you!"

As if not even listening to him, she takes the knife again, traces it around his other arm, and sweetly says "I wonder what you would taste like if I cooked you and ate you like youkai do. You would be inside of me forever and ever, you know. If... I did that." She giggles.

The boy starts to cry "please, Sanae, stop this! I beg of you, stop, or... I will have to defend myself."

She lifts the knife as high as her arm will allow her, her face becomes dark and ominous as a vicious toothy grin breaks through her lips, then she hisses "please scream as loud as you can before you die, my dear sweet Ail-kun."

Anilan clenches his eyes shut, lifts his left arm, and shoots Sanae at point-blank range.

As soon as she yelps and backs away, he rolls as far away from her as he can, gets on his left knee, nurses his wounded shoulder, and with tears in his eyes he says "I didn't want to do this, but you pushed me to this! Please forgive me Sanae-chan!"

The girl stands up, grunts angrily while dusting her pants and shirt, then furiously says "you caused me more pain? You DARE cause me more pain after tearing my heart! You are going to pay for that, Ail-kun! Just for that, I will cut you to pieces WITHOUT LOVE; YOU DISGUSTING YOUKAI!"

Ail jumps and rolls left to avoid a flurry of deadly sealing charms, then responds with white laser beams that miss Sanae by mere inches.

She cackles after the lasers vanish, then happily declares "my Ail-kun can't harm me! My sweet, you do know what you did. Ah, but it's just too late for you to repent..."

She shoots red spinning stars at him and cuts a bit of his arm, drawing a tiny bit of blood before cheering "you already hurt me enough! You have to pay for my pain, even if you are another Ail-kun. ...You know, you also hurt Budou a lot."

She moves her hips right to avoid an orange orb, twirls further right to avoid more blue and white orbs, then giggles, shoots large blue stars that cut trees in half as if they were butter, then happily says "I'll only half-kill you so she can kill the rest. What do you think, sweetheart? Isn't that a wonderful idea?"

The boy roars as he takes flight, swings his arm while activating a staff of light that sends a yellow energy wave at the girl, then says "no Sanae, nobody will die here today! I'll just tire you out and get out of here, pronto!"

The girl takes the slicing energy right to the face with a smile, giggles innocently and darkly while keeping her unhinged eyes fixed on the boy, then says "oh Ail-kun, when will you learn? When it comes to hunting wicked youkai like you, I can go on for days and daysbefore I need a change and some food."

She lifts her bloodied knife like she would her gohei, then hourglass-shaped fruit start popping out of the ground in large numbers, and exploding with ridiculous force.

Hidden in the already sharp bits of the fruit are tiny red searing bullets that leave burn marks on the boy's skin, even though he's not even close to getting hit by them.

He yelps and holds the burnt skin after deactivating his weapon again, and now finds himself being cooked alive by bullets that aren't even aimed at him, but keep surrounding him.

"I have no choice. I'll have to use a spell..." He closes his eyes to focus, and then all of a sudden water appears out of the sky and rages toward the exploding fruit and their owner, soothing the boy's skin as its gentle and cooling waves rub his burnt skin.

The waves with concealed bullets under its raging watery body quickly make their way to Sanae, who laughs out loud like some maniac while taking the attack with open arms and in complete disregard for her own safety.

The water and bullets get inside her mouth just before she's swept off her feet by the force of the crushing waves, and that's when the dense boy desperately calls for her. What he gets in return sends a debilitating and powerful chill to his spine and knees.

"Ail? HELP!" Her gurgled screams for help sends endless jolts of guilt, anxiety and fear to the boy, and now all he wants to do is stop his spell and tend to her, but he is met with a terrible realization; his spell is out of control.

"SANAE!" he calls with dread and despair behind his voice. He tries to run to her, but the endless rushing waters prevent him from budging an inch while it soothes and heals him from the knives and burn wounds, while it does the complete opposite for the girl.

Ail screams Sanae's name in his despair to end the spell the moment he sees her blood staining those furious waves, but despite all his efforts, his kicking, screaming and punching of the water, the spell doesn't end until his body is fully healed.

The moment the spell releases him, he braves the remaining raging rapids and goes straight to where he last saw Sanae's blood, and quickly finds her holding on to a small sacred log lodged on a rock.

She lifts her head, opens her eyes just slightly enough to see, then weakly says "A-Ail-kun? I'm so sorry."

Anilan painfully drops on his knees and picks her up by her shoulders, rests her back against his chest and desperately whispers "no-no-no-no, it's alright. Shh, don't talk now! I'll heal you! I will; just hold on!"

Her head flops back and her hands drop like lead right there and then, and Ail remains as he was, frozen while looking at the dead girl on his hands.

A cold and dark sensation takes his heart as he gives the girl a loving embrace, hoping she will react. He cannot feel his tears, he cannot hear himself sobbing and screaming, all his consciousness is allowing him to accept and retain is the fact that Sanae has died because of an out-of-control spell he himself casted.

He isn't sure when exactly he placed her cold cheeks against his own, but his tears have both their cheeks soaked by now, and somehow, for some reason, his heart is settling, although it is doing so as painfully as it can; or at least that's how he thinks it.

Guilt eats away at his heart and mind, while at the same time he tries to think "this is a dream; this is a dream; this is a dream..."

He now sees a pair of clawed feet in front of himself, and then raises his sight to meet with Budou's glowing aquamarine eyes as she whispers "mama? Mama Sanny?"; and watches as she winds her left arm to the right.

The strike to his face is too quick for him to register he's been struck until he's seven feet away on the ground.

"YOU KILLED MY MAMA SANNYYYYYY! YOU KILLED HEEEEEER!" He watches as the little bat holds the shrine maiden's body in a tight embrace and cries her little soul out, but then he is met with a cold and deathly glare from the little youkai's now-red eyes.

Budou places Sanae's body on the ground, kisses the girl's forehead, then stands straight while glaring at the boy and says "you hurt her heart, you hurt MY heart too; you took gramma Kanako away, you pained me and mama Sanny many more times; and now you take her from me."

A frightening dark aura swirls around the little girl as her body begins to grow at a slow, but steady pace, and her voice seems to mature as she continues "I tried not to, papa Ail, but I hate you. I hate you so much. It hurts! MY CHEST HURTS THE MORE I HATE YOU!"

He watches in horror as her wings grow, her body matures, her skin takes a dark tone as two little horns grow on her forehead, and the claws on her hands and feet extend so that her reach is twice as long.

Her old little brown dress breaks as her body increases in size, and now said dress is merely a pair of torn cloths covering her now womanly parts.

Her body matches Sanae's in shape and beauty, but the ominously dark tone her skin has taken, her new red eyes, her elongated deformed fingers, and her oversized claws and teeth, destroy the image if what should be one of the most beautiful creatures in Gensokyo.

Ail gulps to try and manage his heart, which seems to want to break free of him out of fear; whether by his mouth or through his ribs; then he says "Budou. Budou, I'm so sorry. I never... ever wanted to hurt y-"

"SILENCE" she roars, then she dashes forward and swings her new claws straight at his face.

A few days later, Mima, Yukari and Shikieiki arrive to the deepest and most secretive segments of Mugenkan, and the Yama and gap youkai produce their resetting machines in order to light the long room.

"Stop showing off," complains the evil spirit as she looks at the wall to her left, then flips three common light switches, lighting up the seemingly endless corridor of white doors and white floors.

The girls pocket their respective devices, then with a stern face Eiki says "now search for his door, and make SURE to make no noise! He must be properly shielded when we wake him."

The girls nod, and then all three start moving to the left of the corridor while Yukari says "I kind of wonder what's going on inside that world. These stupid little machines simply refuse to show anything anymore."

"We can ask him when we wake him," nonchalantly replies Shikieiki after discretely edging the blonde to move forward, and then they hear a light thud and turn their sights to Mima's collapsed form on the clean white floor.

They both call for the green haired woman, but she can't hear a single syllable from them.

Instead she finds herself in a blurry world, where all the color is grey, and even the sun seems to have lost all its shine.

Before she can even question what has happened, she witnesses Ail running for his life.

The left half of his shirt has been torn, keeping the terrible gashes on his torso open to plain view, and what's left of his pants lets her see the many thin cuts on his legs and feet.

She tries speaking to him, but her mute voice only causes small ripples to form for a second before disappearing as quickly as they appear.

She tries reaching for him, but realizes she has no body. Instead, she's just a little invisible orb of light flickering against the glimmering shine of the grey sun.

He can hear Ail yelp with fright before running off and screaming "stop! Please, stop! No! I won't fight you!"

The beautiful, yet terrifying figure of Budou appears out of the shadows and claws a new set of gashes on the boy's back, then roars after pouncing after him.

"AIL!" Mima reaches for him again, holds him tight, but quickly realizes she's holding Shikieiki, and that said Yama is trying to push her away and calm her down.

"That's it, just listen to my voice." When the evil spirit has stopped trying to crush Eiki with a hug, the judge asks "alright, Mima, if you can, tell us what did you see?"

The evil spirit turns her blue eyes left and right, trying to understand what happened, then she looks at Yukari, gasps, then says "he went there!"

"What the HELL did he go there for?-" Before Yukari can curse and argue with the wind, Mima continues "it's much worse than we imagined it could be. He's lost his senses! I... I think we lost him."

The three women remain silent, looking at each other uncomfortably while wondering what they should do next.

Mima breaks free from Shikieiki's hold, stands up, then walks forward with a determined look on her face.

The remaining two girls look at each other, nod, then walk after the evil spirit.

Meanwhile, inside the dream world's Moriya Shrine, a bloody spring ruins what should be a peaceful sight of green and small colors of spring.

Ail is alive, however at first glance it would appear that he is dying. His skin is as pale as a ghost's and there's dried up gashes all over him, the only thing left of his shirt is the band around his neck, blood stains his face and torso, and on his lap, which happens to be covered by tattered pieces of what used to be his black pants, he has the heads of Sanae and Budou resting on him.

Both girls lay stiff on him while he brushes their cold hairs with his shivering fingers, and hums "Shanghai Teahouse" while he does.

His golden, bloodshot eyes appear to be lost as he looks forward without blinking once, sobs when a bit of blood dribbles out of the beautifully monstrous bat youkai's mouth, and then his song ends.

He chuckles softly, and then whispers "this... was a dream... but now it's real... I killed you, that's why you won't wake. Heh-heh; I killed you both, and I am so, so sorry for it."

He sighs and thinks "it's all just a dream; a very bad dream," then begins to hum "Septet For Dead Princess" while he continues combing the girls' heads.

From the distance, Suwako watches in pain, unable to do anything for him, while at the same time wanting to destroy him for taking away everything from her.

She sighs long and hard, closes her eyes, and slowly her body turns transparent.

She giggles to herself, looks at her hand as she slowly vanishes, then whispers to herself "he's not bad, just plain stupid."

Unknown to her, he's been looking at her the whole time, and now he cries as he watches her vanish, but in his desperate attempt to retain his sanity, and for her sake as well, he does something surprising.

"Lady Moriya, your grace, may your divinity get me home. Bless these spirits as they make their way through the river-" He whispers this prayer, mumbles a bit more, and in a mere second, Suwako's body becomes solid, grows to that of a gorgeous adult woman, and her aura glows so brightly, it becomes physical.

With sudden knowledge of what she must do, she flies to Ail, embraces him, and lifts him off the ground, letting the bodies of the dead girls make a quick thud on the grass.

Meanwhile, at the endless white corridors, Mima speedily walks forward without pause, followed quickly by Shikieiki and Yukari.

The spirit is keeping her face as straight as she can, but the girls behind her can see her anxiety is killing her from within.

The evil spirit suddenly speaks. "I can see it; every time I blink I see him! He's sitting on the grass with his back against a rock, and on each leg he has the bodies of those girls he loves so much."

She speeds up before the girls can ask while continuing "he keeps humming songs and combing their hairs. His mind is at the point of completely breaking. We have to get him out any way we can!"

Just then, the path before them flashes, and all three girls find themselves in the large ball room with the misty soft, white floors, the ivory columns, the pure white ceiling, and the endless white doors with light colorings.

They are now standing between dimensions. Not really caring for the many doors around them Mima makes her way to the white door with the hint of sky blue tone, then places her hand on it.

She looks back at the girls and demands "hurry, get those damned machines out and use them!"

Shikieiki is the first to draw out her own circular device and presses the button, followed promptly by Yukari, who does the same with her triangular device.

The two devices jump out of the girls' hands, join together in mid air, then smash themselves against the door. Nothing else happens after that.

"Wha-?" Mima's eyes widen with surprise and shock when she sees their very last resort has failed.

She repeatedly punches the door with all her strength while shouting "why! the! fuck! did! I! make! this! sealing! spell! so! SECURE!?"

The whiteness of the room slowly turns reddish, and the soft mist on the floor turns hot and uncomfortable.

Shikieiki grabs the evil spirit by the shoulder and pulls her away from the door using great force, and with said spirit somewhat subdued on her feet, she scolds "stop your rampage you idiot, or we'll get kicked out of here forever! Is that what you want?"

The green haired spirit clenches her teeth and snarls, then holds her head and grips her hair to keep herself from going after that door again, and then speaks with a cracking angry tone. "But he's in there! We have to get him out! Ugh; this is all my fault!"

Yukari opens her fan and chuckles as the room slowly returns to its peaceful state, then, after everything is calm and the spirit is a little more relaxed, she points to the door, giggles, and says "well, well, it appears someone forgot to pick up her own little device."

The green haired girls look to the blonde with confused stares, then turn their faces toward the door.

Where the two other devices had stuck themselves in, right on front of them is a small yellow spark that grows to the size of a baseball.

The spark explodes, sending little sparks of its own to snow their way to the floor, and now a star-shaped device with a tiny button underneath is floating there, waiting for Mima to pick it up.

She stands up, hesitates for a moment, then suddenly rushes toward the little yellow star.

The moment she picks it up, her face brightens up and says "the world's shut down! He's not there anymore!"

Both Yukari and Eiki give her very worried looks, yet it takes her a few seconds to realize what she just said, then yelps and says "wait, does that mean he's gone with it!?"

Without waiting for an answer, she presses the tiny button on the back of her device, then it immediately starts spinning in the air.

Mima throws a little green spark at it while muttering "hurry up", and the star makes its way to the other two devices, literally stabbing itself on top of them and making one deafening bang in the process.

With the star surrounding the other two devices, it now seems as though the girls in the room are now being watched by the All-Seeing Eye, which happens to be sealed inside the star.

The door suddenly bangs open and smoke flows from within, hiding a person behind it.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail and Budou were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell cards were created by Willie G.R.

MAR 29, 2013

Written by

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