[i] = Mima talking to Ail's mind.

Ail closes his eyes and smiles as he glides just over the waters of the Misty Lake as he, Sanae, Budou and Agava make their way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

The ample-chested shadow youkai keeps herself behind the group so that nobody can see her playing with the water and enjoying the glide through the lake as well; and is very glad Rumia isn't near to see her.

The bat and the shrine maiden rise a little higher while the dense one and the shadow girl get closer to the water and cause it to split as they fly over just inches above it.

The boy places his fingers on the water and enjoys the moment of peaceful fun, ignoring the fact that his pants are getting wet.

Meanwhile, Agava gasps and rises with a red face when she realizes Sanae and Budou noticed her enjoying the water as well.

The girls land near the shore where Ail is headed to. Said boy flies in a circle at the very edge of the water as he rises up, then lands with a light thud right in front of Budou.

He smiles at the bat and the human goddess, grins at the shadow youkai, then says "that felt better than I thought it would."

He earns a little giggle from the small bat youkai, who says "I can see you are more Papa and less scared now."

The dense one nods with a smile and says "yes, I feel a whole lot better. I feel a little bit more like myself."

Agava is obviously disgusted by the cheesy dialogue, but everyone seems to ignore her.

Sanae grabs Ail's hand, pulls him toward the mansion, and says "come on, let's hurry. ...I promise to make it worth the hasting."

She flutters her eyelashes at him and this makes him smile so hard, he feels as though his cheeks will split apart.

When he tries to respond to that, he feels the air leave his lungs after something strong and cold smashes against him while cheering "human boy Ail is back!"

The shrine maiden sighs irritably after her moment with her man gets ruined yet again, while the teal haired bat palms her face, and the mean shadow youkai chuckles while pointing at the boy on the ground.

Cirno rubs her face against Ail's back, then happily says "you have no idea how much I thunk about you, even though I don't know why I did that!"

She stops for a moment to look at Budou and says "actually, I don't know why I'm so happy to see him." She resumes her face-rubbing immediately afterward.

Ail manages to rub her head without looking while weakly saying "Cirno, so good to see you." At the same time, Sanae grunts and grumbles "get off him fairy." At the same time, Budou tries to pull Cirno by the wings while grunting "come on Cirno, get off him!"

Agava watches and laughs from the sidelines, unaware of a pair of red eyes watching her from behind some bushes.

Finally, the cute ice fairy is pulled off of the boy's back after Phredia herself used a spark to blast the girl off without harming her or her hugging-pillow.

Sanae helps Ail roll on his back, kneels on the ground and places him against her body and asks "Ail-kun, are you alright? You're shivering so much."

The dense one stammers a bit until the cold sensation leaves him, then smiles and says "I-I-I'm alright; j-j-just c-cold!"

As the shrine maiden warms the boy up with some rubs and cuddles, Budou gets Cirno on her feet and asks "what's the deal Cirno!? Why are you hugging papa so much?"

The ice fairy looks at the bat youkai, raises a confused eyebrow, and then says "I really don't know. The other day I felt very sad because he wasn't here, but then I felt okay about it, but then I saw him right now and felt REALLY, REALLY happy to see him, and I just had to hug him. It felt good."

"Well please control yourself," angrily says Sanae before Budou can speak. "Look we don't have time to play with fairies right now, so please go away."

Anilan taps Sanae's shoulder once and stands while saying "Sanae-chan, that was a little rude," then, after helping his girlfriend up, he extends his hand to Cirno and smiles while saying "I am very glad to see you too Cirno, but we really have to go. Remilia is waiting for me and you know she gets angry when she waits too long."

The ice fairy gladly gives her hand for a quick shake, stares at the boy quizzically as he talks to her, then thinks for a moment while still holding on to his hand.

After a while she smiles and nods to him, lets his hand go as she takes flight, then says "alright, I understand." She flies toward the water, turns before she's too far, then says "but you and Budou-chan better come visit me more. I am lonely and nobody wants to play with me."

Ail smiles as he watches her leave, a tear of joy escapes him after realizing she truly is alive, then he looks to Sanae and Agava, and then Flandre's roar from the mansion absorbs all the attention from the party.


After staring for a while the boy chuckles, then says "well, looks like things are as normal as ever in the mansion."

Agava laughs out loud, then stops and eagerly says "come on, come on! Let's get over there! I want to see what's tormenting that potty mouth this time!"

Sanae, Budou, Phredia and Ail share a quick glance, all shrug at each other, then follow after the eager shadow youkai to the mansion's front gates.

When they reach the gates, they are greeted by the sight of two redhead guards; one in traditional clothes, while the other is in a more alluring outfit.

When Meiling spots the group, she gasps with excitement and waves while calling "it's Ail! Ail, you're finally here! Welcome!"

When Kimi sees the gate guard get so happy and excited, she feels like she's going to gag, and says "tone it down, Bubbles. You sound like some horny school girl seeing her boyfriend for the ninth time at the school yard."

When the sweet girl is unable to answer; mostly because of confusion; the dense boy answers for her. "Hello Meiling. Kimi, as annoyingly charming as ever I see. How are you girls?"

She shadow dragon merely glares at him from her side of the gate, while the dragon youkai approaches him to hug him and say "we are quite well. Now please, go inside. The Mistress is waiting for all of you at the main hall's gathering room."

As she lets him go, she can see him looking at her with longing, as if seeing her for the first time in ages, and so she asks "what's the matter? Did I hug you too hard?"

He shakes his head, chuckles, then says "Sakuya made you memorize all that stuff you just said, didn't she?"

"That's mean," she says as she puts him back down. She looks back at her shadow clone behind her and says "besides, it's was Kimi who helped me remember just now."

The boy looks back at the shadow girl as she looks away to hide her red cheeks, then mutters "is that so..." and then says to her "sorry if I was being rude earlier; and that new look really suits you. I bet there's a certain dragon that would like to see you in those."

His accidental teasing causes the shadow girl's face to turn tomato red and her eyes to lose focus, but instead of the expected retaliation, she turns all the way around and says "just go inside before I p-p-pound ya! That brat's been talking about you all day, and she wouldn't want to see you with a fresh black eye I bet!"

From the bushes, the pair of red eyes targeting Agava suddenly turn their full interest towards the dense boy, who shivers and looks around in wonder.

Budou jumps on his back, taps his head twice, then whispers "papa, I think she likes you now," while looking at the blushing girl hiding her red face from sight.

Sanae quickly clings to his arm, rests her head on his shoulder, and scowls a bit as she glances up to him while saying "Ail-kun is all mine and nobody else's. And he better behave too, so no more compliments for other girls! Hmph!"

At first Ail feels cornered and scared, but he somehow manages to calm himself down before breaking down needlessly, and merely holds the shrine maiden in a soft embrace.

Meiling and Phredia stare at them and sigh simultaneously; the fairy's sigh being a bit mute; then the gate guard says "you three look so nice together. Just looking at you makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

Kimi punches the wall and makes a loud bang that gets everyone's attention, then shouts "yes, yes, beautiful! Now get inside before that bitchy brat comes out here looking for you! How many times do I have to tell you how much she wants to see you?"

The smiles become worried frowns as their attention go to the shadow girl bending over at the wall and looking down to the ground.

They all decide it's best to just move on, and after a nod of acknowledgement from Meiling, even the eager Agava walks slowly past the gate, keeping an eye out in case Kimi decides to go berserk.

When Ail passes by with Budou and Sanae, he stops for a moment and without looking at the shadow girl he says "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."

"Just go," whispers the girl, and so the group heads to the door, and promptly makes their way inside the mansion.

In that brief moment of solitude, Kimi sobs softly. Though she may seem like she's crying from afar, she's actually fighting off a smile that refuses to leave her sweaty flushed face.

After another chuckle that she makes sound like a sob, she whispers to herself "why did that make me so happy? I didn't even like that dragon, so why; WHY?"

At the mansion's halls at the basement, Flandre walks with Azzhara by her side, and even though she looks content, she tries to make herself look angry.

She pats the back of her skirt and whispers "so comfortable," then the nekomata coos and says "see? You like them! I knew laced panties were right for you; just like that blue-haired woman said!"

Her lips wriggle as her cheeks turn red, then she throws a claw to his face; which he happens to hold back by merely poking the palm of her hand; then sighs in defeat and says "if I could kill you... bah, whatever. Your annoying crap has been good to me for once. I look better than Onee-sama now."

"Oh, WAY better my love," admits the boy. "Your body is curvier and more developed than hers. You'll attain a regal look in no time."

The blonde stops, slowly turns around with her eyes glowing dangerously, raises both hands as she shakes with rage, then roars "you saw my sister naked!? I AM GOUGING YOUR EYES OUT, YOU PERVERTED FREAK!"

She throws herself on him but ends up crashing against a nearby vase after he transforms into a cat, and before she can recover, a small ornamental portrait falls on her head and stays on her like a collar, leaving her vulnerable to his attacks.

Flandre screams with a mixture of rage and despair, yet even with her deafening voice echoing everywhere; she can hear Ail's call of concern for her.

Azzhara jumps off her face and sits to her right, and two seconds later Ail arrives with a focused orange orb on his hand and asking "Flan! Flan, are you alright!? What happened!?"

He helps her up and she gives the boy a bone-crushing hug that forces him to absorb his energy orb to make a barrier for protection around his ribs, and then she says "onii-chan, you came back! Please kill that cat! It was torturing me just now! It changed all my underwear, and scratched my face, and broke my clothes, and stupid Remilia doesn't kill him for me!"

The dense boy stares at the cat, the cat meows back and starts licking itself on the legs, then the golden-eyed boy looks down at Flandre and asks "and... why haven't you killed it yet if it's such a nuisance?"

She lets him go to give him a cute angry look and says "because the little bastard from hell has trained all his life to kill me, so I can't make him go kyuu, I can't claw his guts out, I can't eat him, I can't break him, and now he says he wants to MARRY me!"

While Anilan stares back and forth between her and the cat, Agava reveals herself from behind the boy and points at the blonde while she laughs, then merrily says "how pathetic! Getting owned by a kitty cat! BWAHAAAA-HAHAHA! On my shadows, this is so RICH! Just wait until I tell Rumia-ACK!"

The angry, twitching vampire has her left fist clenched while glaring with teary eyes at the offending girl, and growls "why Agava, how nice to see you again. Please, stop being an insufferable bitch and come on in."

The shadow youkai's head rolls right below the blonde with a smile, and says "pfff. Hello Flandre! It's been a while. Ooh, very nice panties. Comfortable and sexy. I told you bloomers didn't suit you."

Flandre kicks the girl's head toward Budou; who catches it and places it back on the reconstructed body; then angrily says "yeah, yeah, whatever. Come; Onee-sama is waiting for us at the-"

"Library," finishes Sakuya after appearing out of thin air to Sanae's and Budou's left.

Unlike Sanae and Budou who stare cautiously at the chief maid, Ail smiles at her and exclaims "Sakuya, you look great! How are you? I-is Remilia alright? N-nobody's angry at me, right?"

Sakuya raises an eyebrow and stares at the now-shaky boy with confusion, then coldly says "why would anyone be angry at you? Did you do something wrong? ...In any case, please come with me to the library. The Mistress is expecting you."

Everyone quiets down upon the cold words and unfriendly tone of the maid, and merely follow after her in silence, though as soon as the bat and maiden are at earshot of the boy, the little girl whispers "papa, please; you said you felt better. What happened? Why are you asking scared stuff agian?"

Anilan shudders to Sanae's touch, then whispers "I'm sorry, it's just seeing her reminded me of..."

"The Mistress has a slight idea of what happened to you, Inmodo," interrupts Sakuya with that unfriendly tone. "She doesn't wish to know any details if you do not wish to share them, but I must ask you..."

She stops and turns to face the boy. Her eyes turn red as she holds a knife on her left hand, and rubs the tip of it with her right thumb as she coldly asks "did you... or did you not murder the mistresses on purpose?"

"Hey, that's not fair," barks Budou as she gets between Ail and Sakuya. Flandre, Azzhara and Agava all stare curiously, not knowing what the conversation is about.

The little bat spreads her wings to cover the boy and his girlfriend as she says "Papa Ail had a very hard time in that world! He had some accidents, but papa is a good person! Of course he didn't do it on purpose!"

"Accidents?" questions the maid as her gaze pierces through the small opening between the little youkai's wing and the crown of her head, where she can see the boy's hurt eyes looking back at her.

Anilan places his hands on the little girl's shoulder and gently pulls her back, effectively relaxing her enough to lower her wings.

He looks back at the silver haired maid with hurt, but determined eyes and says "regardless of my past with the Scarlet Sisters, I would never even dream of harming either on purpose; but if you cannot believe my words..."

He raises his hand and pulls back on the long sleeve of his new purple shirt, makes a small knife of light appear at the tip of his fingers as he places them near his forearm, then says "then allow me to make a small sacrifice to prove myself."

Sakuya stops time and holds his hand before letting it flow again, surprising everyone; save for Ail himself; and speaking in a more relaxed and friendly tone she says "I'm sorry Ail, I didn't mean to push you this way. It's just; Mistress Remilia saw the fate of that world you were in mix with our own. The moment she said you killed her and her little sister, I-"


The elegant maid is pushed a few feet away after Sanae's fist connects with her left cheek, though she stands her ground and holds her face while glaring at the green haired girl as though she's a hated enemy. "What! the HELL! was that for, you insufferable wretch!?"

Everyone stares at the girls with surprise, and not even the dense boy can manage to register what happened until it's too late.

The shrine maiden lowers her fist to let her hateful gaze meet with the maid's and darkly says "for messing with my Ail's head. He may be sweet and too forgiving, but I! am! not! Remember that, chief maid!"

Anilan and Flandre chuckle nervously as each gets in front of their respective girl, then the boy says "c-come on, that was too much Sanae. Please apologize."

The vampire glares cutely at the maid and says "and Sakuya was being too mean! You better apologize too, or I'm telling Onee-sama!"

Both girls snort, look at each other for a brief moment, turn away from each other, and then Sanae says "fine! I'm sorry I punched your face, even though you deserved it!"

Sakuya clicks her tongue, then says "I apologize for raising an alarm in my endeavor to protect those special to me."

Budou and Phredia sigh simultaneously, but then Agava beats her to saying "alright, this is as good as it gets, so let's just move forward, alright?"

The doors to the library swing open by the push from the maid's hands, and the first thing Ail notices is how uncommonly bright it is (for a vampire's standard).

Flandre instinctively shields her eyes with her arms and yelps with fear, but a purr and cheek-rub from the three-tailed nekomata helps her relax and she opens her eyes.

Floating over the center of the room, a bright crystal illuminates everything without harming the present vampires, or causing any kind of blinding discomfort.

The last to enter the room; after gawking at the crystal for long enough; is Ail, and the moment the light touches his face, Remilia courteously says "welcome by to my mansion, Anilan Inmodo Leuch. Please excuse Sakuya. She's been pretty edgy lately. I suspect it's that time of the month for her."

The out-of-place comment turns Sakuya's face so red, it could easily compete with the light emanating from the bright crystal; given the chance that is.

She bows her head low and quietly says "m-my apologies My Lady. I-I... um."

Ail bows to Remilia, who sits at her throne at the spot usually occupied by Patchouli's main desk with Leon and Lina standing to either side of said high chair.

He looks at her and says "it's alright. It's understandable for her to feel as she does. Things were too intense in that world, and I do feel I would do the same for my loved ones."

The heads turn to Sanae as she tries to grumble something, but ends up mumbling incoherently out loud because of Phredia easily holding her lips shut, and Budou holding her hands behind her back. Ail thinks that Sanae in that situation looks very alluring, but keeps quiet about it.

Remilia raises an eyebrow for a moment as she wonders why the boy is so calm after his experience, but decides against pressing the matter and smiles warmly as she says "well, in any case, welcome back my valued ally. I was planning on having your welcome get-together at the main hall, but a certain blonde and her cat decided to have a war over underwear."

Flandre storms toward her sister, pokes her in the chest, and says "well that wouldn't have happened if you would have just helped me kill that f***ing cat in the first place!"

The elder vampire narrows her eyes and speaks in a dangerous tone. "Flandre, we will discuss this later. Now is not the time. ...Now back! off!"

At the same time, Koakuma is looking anxious as she flies in circles around the impressive crystal, while Patchouli slowly says "uhh, Remi, something's reacting negatively to the crystal's energy."

Speaking over Patchouli, the blonde vampire says "no! I am tired of listening to you because you don't listen to me! You're not being fair at all; you never have, and I'm TIRED of that!"

The elder Scarlet raises her wings threateningly, her eyes glow with intensity as she looks down at her younger sister, and sounding more dangerous she says "this is your last warning, Flandre Scarlet. Back down now and save it for later, or-AUGH!"

Flandre clenches her teeth and throws a single red bullet at her sister's face, then turns her hands into fists and waits for Remilia's move.

On the sidelines, Ail is beyond himself with worry, while Agava cheers them on, and the rest are just casual about it.

Meanwhile, Patchouli, Leon, Koakuma and Lina are all doing what they can to stabilize the crystal when the magician exclaims "hey, quit that! This thing is highly unstable and is absorbing any source of energy it finds!"

Remilia sweeps the smoke from her eyes, looks directly into her sister's challenging eyes, then roars and shoots her with three tiny spears, catching her off guard with one that hits her on the chest.

Flandre yelps and holds her chest with both her hands, looks up at her sister as said vampire takes flight, then she suddenly tackles the light-blue haired vampire, and an unexpectedly silly fight of slaps and hair pulls begin.

Sakuya sighs and face palms while Ail worriedly exclaims "no, no, no, girls, don't fight! Stop fighting!"

"PAPA!" calls Budou after failing to hold him back when he sprints toward the fighting sisters.

"Wait, girls, please, fighting is dangerous! You have to stop now!"

The dense boy manages to split them apart long enough for the nonchalant chief maid to come and take Remilia while he takes Flandre, then the elder Scarlet shouts "LET ME GO! I have to teach that girl a lesson in RESPECT!"

The blonde remains behind Ail while he pushes her by the shoulders, stick her tongue out at her sister, and then says "we both know I can kick your butt any time I WANT! If you want my respect, then you must earn it!"

"Oh, I'm going to earn it alright," mutters Remilia under her breath as she winds her arm back.

Sakuya is forced to jump back when her mistress activates a large red spear, and then the vampire throws it with all her might at both her sister and the meddling boy.

"Look out Ail-nii," calls the blonde vampire. Ail looks back at that spear; the same size and color of the spear that went right through Reimu's chest; and because of the mind-numbing chock that memory gives him, all he is able to do is erect a thin blue barrier over his back.

Patchouli and the others are pushed back when that crystal turns red when absorbing the energy from Remilia's spear, then the angry magician shouts "REMI YOU IDIOT, LOOK WHAT YOU DID!"

"HIT THE FLOOR!" shouts Koakuma at the same time as she jumps on top of the Kori twins; both whom seem very happy of having her soft chest on their backs.

The spear hits Ail's barrier and sends both him and Flandre spinning in the air to the crystal.

They bounce against it, land right on top of the bookshelf nearest to the second-floor balcony, and then get swallowed up by a round shadow that opens itself up just after the crash.

The crystal stabilizes, the shadow gap disappears, and everything seems to return to normal.

Everyone slowly stand up and look around, wondering what had happened, then Sanae calls "AIL," at the same time as Budou flies with Azzhara on her back toward the spot Anilan and Flandre disappeared and cries "Papa! Papa was here, I saw them crash here!"

"FLAN!" cries Remilia as she quickly reaches the bookshelf and scans the area with her eyes. "Where is she? Where did he take her to? FLANDREEE!"

The nekomata run in circles in the exact spot where the shadow gap appeared and meows desperately while stopping occasionally to try and dig on the spot with his claws.

Sanae and Sakuya arrive a second before Agava, who's aspect is that of seriousness as she says "they're inside the shadow realm."

Patchouli and her assistants fly just above the bookshelf and then she says "I tried to warn you Remi, the crystal destabilized. It was resonating with something around here. We had it under control, but your spear-"

"I don't care! Patchy, just get them back," loudly says the girl as she tries to hold back the feeling of guilt creeping up her throat.

The magician holds her temples for a moment and says "I'll try to open that portal again, but please, just listen to me when I'm-"

Remilia scream with despair and agony as Azzhara screeches and roars while clawing her head, face, limbs, and just about everywhere he can reach.

Budou and Sanae are now crying for the boy, Agava keeps looking at the shadow gap's spot with great interest, Sakuya is trying to get the raging Azzhara from ripping what's left of her mistress' underwear, and now a headache is trying to claim the magician.

Leon; with help from his sister; flies behind her and rubs her shoulders to soothe her and says "we'll help you out, my love. Don't despair."

Patchouli sighs, looks back with a fake look of annoyance, then says "please bring me some coffee. I'll need to think fast and hard for this one."

It is dark; so dark that they can barely make out where they are.

Ail and Flandre sit in what they believe is a corner, frightened out of their wits of what little they have managed to see.

In this world of darkness, they find themselves in a familiar, yet frightening place, where the walls are covered in what look like purple veins of small and colossal sizes, the floor is perfectly flat, and just a few feet in front of them is the true terror of the dark world.

A deep chasm makes the home of countless creatures, whose skins look like exposed rotten yellowish muscles that smell of excessive decay. Some look humanoid, others look like dragons, others like winged demons, and very few have black skins, though seem to smell just as bad.

Even though their sight is so diminished in that darkness, they were still able to see enough of the creatures to want to stay as far away from the edge of that chasm as they can; yet they can't get too far from it.

As they huddle up and press their back against what they hope is just a wall, Flandre sniffles once and says "big brother, what did you do this time? Where did you take us to? Take me home!"

"I swear," begins the boy with a frightened and desperate tone, "I didn't do anything. I was just trying to stop you and Remilia from fighting!"

The blonde vampire moves in front of the boy and holds his arms to let him know she's looking straight at him as she asks "oh yeah, that's right. Why did you get in the way, Ail? That was our fight. You had no reason to get in the way."

The boy twitches hard and his heart rate accelerates so much it makes the vampire wince in the dark as he says "b-because... because fights can lead to so much pain. Th-that spear. That spear she used on us; it was the same one that k-"

His heartbeats become so strong, Flandre is considering covering her ears, but she doesn't to hear the rest of what he's saying. "...Killed Reimu, and eventually led to yours and Remilia's deaths; deaths... caused by me. By my stupidity! I'm so STUPID! I should be the one that was killed instead!"

"Ail, get a hold of yourself," exclaims the vampire as she gives him what she feels is a light smack on the face. In truth it was as though he was slapped with an iron fist.

The slap does it work and the dense boy's heart settles, and then he looks toward where he believes Flandre's eyes are and says "I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Flan, I'm just so afraid of losing any of you. I saw you..."

He sniffles, gulps his heart back down to his chest, and continues "I saw many friends die in that dream. I'm... I'm scared! What if it all becomes real?"

He gets another slap from the girl who grips his shoulders and shakes him up while demanding "hey, you're the big brother here! You're not allowed to cry, or I'll..."

Her voice cracks a bit as she says "or I'll cry too, and then you'll be sorry you made me cry, and then Remilia will kick your butt hard!"

He nods fast enough to let her know he's doing just that, and then says "you're right, you're right, I'm sorry Flan! I have to be strong. Uhh... hey, what's that?"

The little girl quickly gets behind him, and now they both look upon a pair of stretched grey specks headed toward them.

Even in that darkness they can tell the specks belong to a humanoid body, and so they panic; the boy gets up, and shouts "s-stay back! We're not here to cause trouble, but if you think we'll let you hurt us, you're dead wrong!"

The creature keeps moving forward at a very slow and steady pace, so Ail, whose eyes have adjusted enough for him to barely see Flandre now, taps her shoulder and signals her to shoot danmaku, which merely fizzles into dust from the tip of their fingers the moment they try to fire it.

Both panic and scream, causing the creature to hiss and slide back, but they are so scared they think it will charge them, so Ail takes Flandre's hand and takes off running toward what looks like a way out, seeing as the darkness there seems less dark.

The dark creature's eyes narrow even more as it stares at the colorful duo escape, and then its raspy breath breaks the silence in the area.

Meanwhile, after having run a long enough distance, the boy and the vampire find themselves trapped in a corner where the only place left to go is the chasm itself.

"Flandre," begins the dense boy with fright in his voice. "I think we're trapped."

The blonde whimpers and holds him by the waist for comfort, then both bundle up on the floor and wait for their inevitable demise at the hand of that creature.

Two days have passed (or at least, that's how it feels to them), and now that their eyes have adjusted to the intense darkness, they can now see clear enough to realize they have been trapped from the start.

The only path they have only goes so far in the direction they are now and back from where they came. The chasm itself is the only other choice left should they want to move forward, but with the rotting creatures down there that option becomes void.

It is clear that what's stopping them is a collapsed portion of the walls, which seem to have also destroyed most of the other path on the other side of that large stinky hole.

Ail and Flandre keep bundled up, but then the vampire suddenly whimpers and pushes the boy away, then says "this is too much. Your stupid gaps don't work, my powers don't work..."

She starts to breathe hard through her mouth and her eyes begin to glow slightly as she continues "and it is all your fault! I should break you, you idiot! Heheheh... Yeah, why not? After I break you, I'll break myself, and we'll be free, and-"

Ail holds the girl by her shoulders and speaks as though frightened. "Flan! Flandre, please don't do this! Don't leave me alone! Hang in there; I just know we'll get out of this!"

The girl easily pushes his hands away and crosses her own arms over her chest while glaring at him with her left eye narrowed. "Hmph! You're just as selfish as Onee-chan! 'Don't leave me alone, Flandre.' 'Please Flandre, I need you with me.'"

She scoffs with disgust as she turns her back to the boy and angrily says "what about me? When I needed Remilia she couldn't handle me and told me to lock myself up in my room. I did. I love her so I didn't have reasons to question her, but did she ever come back for me? NO, SHE DIDN'T! Now you're asking me to help you, and you'll just shrug me away once it's all nice and good again! You're all just selfish brats!"

She turns her head back to stick her tongue out at him, then looks away and taps her foot.

Ail is left in deep thought. It's true what Flandre says; he's been too wrapped up in his mind and accepting everything that comes from it and not really fighting back.

All he does is take those memories of the dream as though they are real and is using them to feed his own fear for who-knows-what reason.

He's been selfish to Sanae and Budou who have tried so hard to help, but he keeps worrying them to the death, and now that he's scared, he is asking the young blonde vampire, a tortured mind, to help him get over his own cowardice.

Realizing how wrong that all seems he sighs sadly then looks at the girl and speaks with sincerity. "I am so sorry Flandre. You are right, I'm being selfish. I'm just so scared of everything right now that I keep trying to find comfort anywhere I can; but I'm not even trying to help myself!"

He drops on his butt and crosses his legs as he slumps, then says "please forgive me Flan, but please, try to keep yourself here with me so that I can stay with you. Let's support each other while we figure out how we can get out of here and back home."

She giggles and moves. Before he knows it, she's hugging him from behind, cooing in a manner that makes him feel a bit uncomfortable, and with a soft and alluring tone of voice she says "well, that's more like it. You know, you could be a really GOOD big brother... or something even better."

Before he can speak up, she jumps on his lap, facing him while holding his sides, and says "you know~, you're a boy; I'm a girl. We're alone here in the dark~"

He chuckles playfully and sighs afterward, lightly pushes her back while smiling at her; noticing her more feminine features have somehow developed a lot more than Remilia's; and asks "young lady, where did you learn that kind of talk from? Do you even know what you're saying to me?"

She glowers at him and replies "hey, don't treat me like some kid! I'm 506 years old! I could easily teach you a thing or five if I wanted to! I-it's just that..."

She looks away while blushing a bit and continues "it's just that I p-prefer to act like a little girl. It's just fun and makes Remilia mad; that's it."

He places his hand on her head and rubs her, making her smile and coo contently while literally melting to his touch, and with the blonde subdued he says "I'm sorry, I do forget our age differences; but you have to understand Flandre, the only one for me is Sanae. That was clear to me the day I chose her to stand by my side."

The little blonde tries to get angry and curse, but his rubbing keeps her feeling blissfully happy, yet she manages to giggle and say "that's a shame. Heh, you would have made a wonderful vampire. Ah, but don't stop, don't stop. That feels nice~"

After some minutes, the boy gasps, easily lifts himself and the vampire up, places her behind him, and raises his hand as a shield for her while glowering forward.

"Listen you, we don't want any trouble; we just want to get back home!"

The dark creature stands mere feet in front of them, and narrows its eyes after listening to the boy speak.

It lifts its hand to the front of its face, and says "that light. It's blinding. It's driving us insane!"

The creature's feminine voice sounds a bit raspy and tired. She speaks slowly and sounds as though she's annoyed and in pain, yet there doesn't seem to be any signs of aggression of any kind.

She walks a bit closer, revealing to them her curvy feminine figure and waving hair that rises as though its in a tank of water and is being pushed upward by currents. Other than those features, her clawed hands and lack of feet gives both Ail and Flandre a bit of a reason to feel scared.

She lowers her hand and moans sadly, and then says "please... we don't want any trouble with you of the light any more. We just want to live in our darkness in peace. We just want you to leave."

The boy gasps softly, and then asks "Kali? Is that you?"

The creature looks at her clawed hands, looks back at him and shakes her head, then says "I do not know that name or my own. I woke up in here some time ago while I was in terrible pain. The cool of the darkness soothed my pain away, these creatures made me their queen of sorts, yet I cannot remember anything beyond that."

"I do... see small bits of a time in the light. Why was I there? Why was that man with the sword so keen on destroying me?"

The boy and vampire stare at the dark woman with fright, yet Flandre manages to ask "wh-what do you want from us?"

The woman hisses a complaint as she covers her eyes again and says "your light; it's too bright. Please, we can't handle the stress your light brings. Please go away. Go away now. Leave this place in peace."

Ail gulps, holds Flandre behind himself and says "but we can't. We really wish to go home, but we don't know how to get out of this place."

The dark woman sighs, shakes her head while looking down, then says "then, I'm afraid I will have to ki-"

She stops and looks up, her eyes widen up a bit, then says "a shadow in the light calls for you. Go to her."

"But how?" asks the boy. The dark woman lifts her hands above her head, and what looks like a dress begins to flutter around her as her energy acts like wind.

Flandre and Ail are lifted off the ground to their surprise, and after the dark woman says "take care light dwellers, and please, never come back;" they are shot to the ceiling.

At the Scarlet Mansion's library, Patchouli and Koakuma muse over some books that Leon and Lina bring over to them, Sanae and Budou are hanging around Agava as she keeps tapping over the area where the shadow gap appeared, and Sakuya has Azzhara in a cage while Remilia cowers on her throne while covering her naked self up with a towel.

The elder Scarlet shivers hard, her hair is a mess, the skin on her shoulders looks cut and bruised, and she even yelps weakly whenever the car roars at her and tries to break free of the cage for another round of beating.

The vampire looks adorable as she glances up at her maid; with those teary eyes glistening with the light in the room; and sadly says "Sakuya, please get Flandre back, or he will never forgive me!"

The maid's nose starts to bleed, yet acts and speaks elegantly as she holds Azzhara's cage away from herself and her mistress. "We are doing everything we can, My Lady. But; wait a minute. How do you know he's like this because of Flandre's disappearance, and not because he's just an evil cat from hell?"

Remilia twitches, looks away and covers her nervous face with her wings, and says "w-well it's obvious, isn't it? He only attacked me after Flandre disappeared. He obviously needs her here to beat her up and not me."

The car growls and hisses at the light-blue haired girl, meows sweetly when he looks at the maid, then he suddenly roars as he tries to launch himself at the vampire again.

Sakuya pouts as she stares suspiciously at her mistress, then merely sighs it off and says "I see what you mean, My Lady. Don't worry; we'll get Flandre and Ail back bef-"

Before her sentence finishes, Agava and Sanae shriek with surprise and Budou yells with delight as Ail and Flandre pop right out of the dark gap, then fall back down on to the solid bookshelf.

The boy grunts as he tries to push himself back up; which he easily does even though he has the cute vampire clinging on to his back like a cat near water.

As soon as he's up, he is tackled back on his butt when Budou and Phredia jump and hug-tackle him while the little girl exclaims "PAPA, YOU'RE SAFE!"

"Budou? Wh-?" Before the dense one can register what's going on, Sanae holds his head, kisses his cheek, and as the anxiety slowly leaves her she says "thank Kanako! I thought it would take days to get you out!"

"But I..." Again he is interrupted when Remilia and Sakuya push the trio away to take Flandre and give her a tight hug. In Remilia's case, it's 'a comforting embrace'.

"Flan, I was so worried. What happened? How did you get back; and in just a few moments?"

"Oh young mistress," begins the elegant maid; "we were all so worried about you; even this vile cat."

Flandre looks at the maid, then at her almost-naked older sister, and just as she's about to speak, Azzhara jumps on her shoulder and purrs loudly while rubbing his face against her cheek.

She giggles as those whiskers and that soft fur tickle her face, then takes the three-tailed cat on her arms and asks "onee-sama, what are you talking about? We were in there for two whole days! That wasn't very fast, dummy. And why are you naked?"

An anger vein pops on the elder sister's forehead as she speaks with a forced smile and a darkly sweet tone "why Flandre, dear sister, you were only in there for an hour. Now stop calling me dummy or I'll smack your head again~"

The second her threat ends, the nekomata launches itself at the Mistress and quickly spins around her head while shredding what's left of her hat to pieces.

As if nothing was happening at all, Ail casually asks "what? An hour? But for us it felt like days in that shadow world."

"Yeah," declares the blonde vampire. "If it wasn't for the shadow queen lady who heard something from some shadow over here, we would still be stuck in there!"

Budou and Phredia tighten their hugs, then the bat youkai says "poor Papa and Flan! You look so pale and scared! I should have been there to save you!"

Sakuya covers Flandre's mouth while Ail and Sanae look at each other with a bit of wonder, then the dense boy rubs the girl on the head and says "thank you sweetie, but it's alright, we're back and that's all that matters."

The dense boy's stomach growls, earning himself many estranged looks from all over the library. He chuckles nervously, then says "uhh... we couldn't find anything to eat down there."

Remilia (whom happens to be lacking her hat for clawed reasons) coos happily and says "well~ I am feeling the need for some sustenance too, so let's go eat while we talk about tomorrows activities. Sakuya."

The summoned maid appears before her mistress in a flash with a fresh set of clothes and says "the meal will be ready in a few minutes. Please wait a moment." She then bows and disappears from the library, as per the norm, and now the mistress is fully dressed again.

The blue haired vampire smiles smugly, signals everyone to follow her, then as she walks toward the library's doors she says "you heard Sakuya, let's go wait at the table. Patchy, that means you and the icy munchkins as well."

The magician groans in annoyance, and looking angry she merely starts her floating toward the door. She's quickly followed by Leon who says "don't be mad, my love. I'll be with you."

Lina takes Koakuma in her arms and says "come my cute little Koa, let's go eat!" She takes flight toward the door after Patchouli and is out of the library before the magician. Said magician is not amused one bit.

Budou drags Ail by the hand while he holds the shrine maiden's hand, and says "come papa, you need your strength! But after we eat, we must go home. You need rest too!"

He chuckles softly and replies "yes, you're right. Some food and rest will do me a world of good."

The shrine maiden moans in tease-disappointment and says "and I was hoping to make you happy all night."

"Not tonight Mama Sanny; Papa Ail needs rest!" quickly says the little bat.

After everyone is gone, Flandre; who holds the seeping and purring Azzhara over her chest; and Agava, look at each other from the distance.

The shadow youkai jumps from the bookshelf and floats toward the blonde, then said vampire says "thanks Aggie."

Agava's face turns red with rage and she feels as though she grows ten times Flandre's size while furiously roaring "don't call me Aggie, you little-"

Flan merely places her hand on the shadow girl's shoulder and says "if it weren't for you telling that shadow queen where to take us we would be dead."

The shadow youkai feels like she shrinks back to her own size while she stares with surprise at the blonde girl, then she blushes and say "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

The little sister merely giggles, kisses her friend on the cheek; making her freeze and blush; then skips out of the library with the cat still on her arms.

Agava remains standing in place as she slowly reaches for and rubs her cheek where Flandre kissed her, sighs, then says to herself "and to think I tried to kill her once."

She suddenly hears Azzhara screech, then Flandre shriek then scream "sneak attack failed! Abort mission; ABORT MISSION!"

She's heard screaming repeated apologies at the top of her voice while she runs away from a roaring cat. The ample-chested shadow youkai can only face palm and sigh to what she's currently hearing. She cackles heartily afterwards.

One hour later, Kimi stands in front of the gate with a very annoyed look on her face while inside the mansion the sound of bullets, explosions, chuckles, giggles and screams keep raising her stress levels.

"I don't care that I look like a kid; just marry me Ail-nii!" Flandre's lustful sounding declaration is followed by Remilia's teasing voice. "Ail, if you marry me~ I'll let you have Sakuya on the weekends~."

There is a loud crash and the sound of glass shattering, then Sakuya angrily says "I refuse to accept those terms!"

Ail quickly shouts back "what she said! She's not a piece of meat, Remilia!"

The Scarlet sisters giggle, then the older sister says "I know. I just wanted to see that cute reaction."

The entrance door bursts open, and after Budou, Phredia and Agava run outside, Sanae holds said door and calls "Ail, hurry up! ...Hurry-hurry-HURRY!"

Meiling screams just before the sound of a wall breaking takes over the annoying loud sounds, then Flandre cries "where are you going onii-chan! Flandre's better looking than Remilia and Sanae put together!"

Sanae shoots some talismans into the mansion, then Ail flies by with his Yozoragan mode activated, picks her up, then joins Budou and the others above the gate outside.

Kimi lays her eyes on the boy and those ethereal dragon wings of his and her face flushes almost immediately.

She is quick to realize what's happening to her, so she quickly looks away and uses her ponytail to wrap around her eyes and prevent herself from seeing those incredibly attractive wings.

Ail looks toward the mansion and shouts "get a hold of yourselves already! Jeez, why do you two insist so much!?"

Azzhara glares at the boy from the entrance an hisses, then Meiling is pulled outside as she's barely holding Flandre back, while Sakuya has her arms locked under Remilia's and says "just go, go! We can't hold them off forever!"

The boy nods and he and his group begin to fly away, but Remilia calmly calls the dense boy, and smiles friendly-like when he looks at her.

She giggles playfully, waves, then says "don't forget~ you come pick us up in the afternoon tomorrow. And don't worry; Sakuya will have all of our swimsuits ready by then."

The maid sighs. She knows well her mistress just wants to tease her about how she looks in her swimsuit (a very rare sight), but merely says a sad "as you wish, My Lady;" then scowls at the flying boy.

The boy nods, then takes off on his way after his girlfriend. As soon as he's away, Remilia and Flandre look at each other, grin mischievously, then run back inside; the older sister shouting "race you to Sakuya's undies~" and the little sister replying "I'll go get Meiling's first!"

The gate guard yelps after being kicked away by the little sister, then runs after the little girl while calling "please don't go there! It's a mess!

The chief maid groans after being pinched by the mistress, and as soon as she recovers she chases after the vampire while crying "My Lady, please, not my room! That's indecent!"

After they are safely away from the mansion, Sanae flies closer to her boyfriend, smacks him on the back of the head, and exclaims "why did you have to go and take those wings out!? If you wanted that kind of attention you could have just told me! I'm your girlfriend!"

The boy barely reacts to her smack and words, and replies "I'm sorry Sanae, I couldn't help it when I saw that knife cut you like that. I just lost it. I wanted to heal you."

The girl pouts and looks away, then sees Budou's worried face telling her 'please don't scold him', and so she settles down.

"So, you healed her arm but couldn't calm yourself down and all hell broke loose." Agava's calm words shock everyone; especially since they would expect some form of insult coming from her.

She flies backward to look at him as his ethereal dragon wings disappear, and says "your own fear is turning your nightmarish experience into reality kid. If you really want things to go back to the way they were; which are almost getting there; you have to deal with that new fear in you."

Her eyes show no signs of lies, contempt, hate, or anything that could be expected from her. Instead there is great wisdom and true concern to be seen.

Ail nods once, apologizes, then says "you're right Miss Agava, and I'm doing my best-"

"Well it's not good enough!" Her sudden burst forces Sanae to her boyfriend's side for support just as the shadow youkai turns around and says "you should go talk to the monk again, or perhaps the shrine's maid. I bet you my ass they will help you more than you think."

The rest of the flight back to Ail's home is quiet and fairy-free, so Sanae takes the chance to keep the boy close to her at all times, making sure to check for any more signs of upsets he might go through. She thinks that maybe that way she can figure out what's triggering such reactions.

Later, after they reach Ail's home, Agava waves at them and says "well, it was fun hangin' around you guys today. Got to see Flandre suffering and all that; but it's time I go find Rumia before she comes and gets me."

Ail chuckles at the thought of an angry Rumia-wife holding a ladle while lovingly scolding Agava, then asks "is that so~?"

A dark blur lands on the dense boy's back and smashes his head with a washtub, making a very disturbing bending-metal-bell sound.

The boy falls flat on the ground in front of the house and holds his head in pain, while the smiling Rumia hops off him, throws the washtub at the charging shrine maiden, dusts her hand, then angrily shouts "stop stealing my lines, you jerk!"

"You're the jerk, you jerk," shouts Budou back at her while helping her papa and mama back on to their feet.

Agava is tiptoeing away from the house; being as quick and silent as a shadow; but the tiny cute hand of the darkness youkai grabs her shoulder, and its owner says "so sneaking around without me, trying to hide and talk about me while you think I'm not watching. You may be a shadow youkai, but I am the darkness, you know."

The shadow youkai raises her hands to the air and shakes with fright, and even though she's taller, curvier, faster and bustier than the little darkness youkai, fear takes the best of her.

"Ru-R-Rumia! What a surprise... Please spare me; I was just having a bit of fun on my own! Is it a crime to one some me time every now and then?"

The little blonde sighs and lowers her head, lifts it back up with her usual carefree smile, then says "fine, fine, you got a point there, but remember~, if you ever get too naughty, I'll have to clip your wings~!"

Ail stands up with the still-worried Budou on his arms nursing the bump on his head, and says "that sounded far more frightening than it should have."

Later that night, after having prepared the bathtub for Budou and Phredia, Ail heads to the kitchen for a little snack, sighing off the sense of paranoia that seems to want to creep itself back into his system.

He stops when, at the middle of his living room, he sees a girl with short green hair and green eyes who wears a dark green dress adorned with charms around the bottom, and who wears a hat somewhat similar to Futo's, only this one has a charm on it and a strand that might pass as a bow or something. The boy believes it's like a kanmuri styled hat.

He notices she has two ghostly tails that gives the impression of her having legs, before speaking. "Excuse me Miss, but how did you get inside my house?"

The girl that seems curious and disgusted about her surroundings immediately turns to face her host. She floats over to him, hovers around him once, then mutters "so this is the guy Miko-sama and Futo-chan keep talking about? Doesn't look like much."

Anilan snorts, crosses his arms over his chest, then says "well aren't you a rude one, whomever-you-are. Could you at least tell me your name?"

The girl glowers at him and replies "shouldn't you offer your own name before asking someone else's?"

The boy returns the look with a nonchalant gaze of his own and says "I'm not the one breaking into someone else's home, Miss."

The girl's glower becomes an uncaring look, then she lightly embraces herself while saying "pheh; you got me there. Name's Tojiko Soga, Mister Ail. Oh yes, I know who you are. Miko and Futo described you perfectly; though they did fail to mention how pathetic you look. I almost pity whatever's around you."

Ail forces a smile as he furrows his brows and says "my, how rude you are, Miss Tojiko. Any particular reason as to why you hate me so much?"

The green haired girl rubs her chin while thinking, and then says "I don't really hate you yet, but I'm getting there. Those two also failed to mention you're just another male butt-head."

The dense one feels incredibly annoyed, but hides it behind a calm look as he says "I see. Well, that's the second time someone's called me that today. Maybe I need a haircut."

"That won't save you from your stupidity," casually says the girl while rubbing her nails together and looking elsewhere.

Ail has had enough of her, and yet can't feel as upset as he would have before, and calmly says "well, it appears you really hate me that much. Please Miss Tojiko, don't let my face hold you back; get out of my house and don't ever come-"

"Tojiko-chaaaannn!" That sweet excited call Budou makes as she rush-hugs the rude girl while in her pajamas has just made Anilan's unspoken request null and void.

The girls giggle as they finish their hug, then the little cute bat asks "what are you doing here? I thought you didn't like entering other people's houses."

Tojiko rubs the little bat's head and says "well, your house is wonderful, so I don't mind entering it at all."

She giggles along with the little girl, while Ail smiles at them and thinks "great, this annoying woman and my little Budou are friends. I can't kick her out now."

[Well, you can always just do so subtly.]

"Huh, good idea Mima! Thanks."

Before he knows it, the cute little bat and her adorably cute fairy are pulling Tojiko toward him, then said bat says "and this is my Papa Ail. He's really nice you know. You two would probably get along, since everyone like my papa."

Both boy and spirit girl chuckle uncomfortably while facing each other, then said rude guest says though her teeth "you don't say? My, how nice."

She continues to force a smile while thinking "great; HE had to be her so-called papa. Gah, now I'll have to fake liking him. Well, since it's for Budou, I don't have a choice."

They keep chuckling uncomfortably while forcing smiles at each other, then Ail says "my, look at the time. It's time for bed, Budou. I'm sure Miss Tojiko has somewhere important to be as well, am I right?"

Tojiko fakes a laugh and says "oh my, you are so right! I had to do this thing for Miko, so I should be going now."

Budou glances at both, paying close attention to their energies, hums suspiciously, then happily says "alright then, I'm going to bed! Nice to see you Tojiko! Good night! And good night to you too, Papa Ail!"

Right after the little girl is gone, the fake smiles turn into a glower from the girl, and a flat gaze from the boy.

She sighs to calm herself down, then says "well then, I guess we'll have to fake playing nice to each other, you creep."

The boy sighs his urge to kill her off, then says "please, don't be so rude. It's making my fake-liking you twice as hard."

They stare at each other as though challenging one another, then the girl pulls open the floor under the welcome mat next to the door, and says "hmph! Just be thankful Budou likes you so much, or I would fry you with my lightning."

He chuckles, places his hands on his hips, and says "no, you're the one that's lucky, or else I would probably teach you about torturous pain. It's easy to achieve on a spirit, you know."

She merely scoffs at him, jumps into her little shining hole, then disappears as soon as the rug falls back in place.

Ail sighs again. He walks over to the sofa and lets himself drop on it, then sighs loudly and says to himself "really, what a rude... woman! How does Budou even like her?"

[That's because your cute little bat girl made Miko very happy just by being herself, and so the Tojiko girl you just met likes her by default. They've been buddies for a bit now.]

The boy raises an eyebrow, chuckles afterward, then thinks "oh great, now I see why Byakuren warned me about them. Oh well, I'll just have to take things slowly with them."

[Right, right, look Ail, just go to sleep. I want to see you nice and refreshed for tomorrow. ...Yup, you got it. I'll be going to your get-together too to keep an eye on you, so look sharp~. I'll be wearing my bikini~.]

Anilan is not sure what to think, reply, or what he should feel, so he just shrugs and says "well, sleep is always good."

Meanwhile, at Flandre's room, Azzhara is in his human form and is rubbing Flandre's head as she sleeps soundly on her bed.

The vampire wakes up with a yawn, smacks her lips, glances around, then starts rummaging under her covers.

She gasps, uncovers herself, sees she's wearing lewd grown-up pajamas, and after her yelp she shouts "hey, what the hell? These aren't my pajamas!"

The boy smiles with delight at the sight he sees, and then says "I know my love. These are the pajamas that woman with blue hair sold me. She was right; you do make them look lovelier."

Flandre snarls as she rushes him with her claws set on turning him to mincemeat, however a simple claw poking her between the eyes drains her of strength and will, and the boy simply pushes her back on to her bed.

The little blonde sighs with frustration; giving up on trying to kill him (for now); and asks "were you really that upset when I got trapped in that dark place with Ail-nii?"

Azzhara nods, then says "I don't want to lose another master; ESPECIALLY you, my love. I will do what I must to end this silly little revenge on you, so that I may wrap you in my love forever."

The girl groans as she turns away from her stalking lover, then grumbles "whatever. You just want to kill me anyways."

He chuckles, then says "if that were true, I would have left you half-dead already. My plans of revenge were... never mind. Just sleep. I'll keep watch over you, my dear sweet love."

As he exits the room in his cat form he fails to see the little vampire's face turning red and her lips wriggling up as his words hit that strand that makes her feel both uncomfortable, and happy.

She wants it to stop and thinks of killing that cat, but thinking farther ahead she feels she might miss him if he does go away. "Ugh! That stupid cat. I think I'm starting to like him!"

She whines and yelps as she covers her blushing embarrassed face after realizing what she just said, and eventually falls asleep under her covers with a cute smile.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Budou, Phredia, Agava, Kimi and Kali were created by Willie G.R.

May 16 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.

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