That Other Makai: the one with the purple skies, poisonous black trees, burning red dirt, and home of many extremely dangerous beings; this place has changed so much that it looks like it could be habitable by humans, but this may be merely an illusion.

The trees look green and healthy, the skies look blue and beautiful, and the dirt is covered by green grass that looks cool and comfortable to the touch.

This place has changed a great deal ever since its old master was defeated by Damien; Damien who has just failed an assassination attempt on Ail and struck Sanae instead.

He is now the target of Anilan, who flies in the sky in chase of the hooded boy, whom is yet to notice the presence of his hated enemy.

In Ail's mind all he wants to do it take revenge for Sanae's death; rip the heart of the cursed boy, cut it to pieces and hope he feels every slash.

The dense boy's eyes have taken a hint of red and his weapon of light looks more like a bloody extension that has the shape of a wavy sword, and the closer he gets to his unwary target, the hotter and more intense his hatred becomes.

Damien lands at the entrance of the village that's closest to his home (a dark mockery of the Hakurei Shrine at Gensokyo), and there he is greeted by a creature with a lion's mane for hair and a goat's face, whom has black eyes with red pupils, green dragon-like feet, and wears a princely blue shirt and tattered black pants that fit his bulky muscular body almost perfectly.

The dark boy grins and removes his black robe to reveal his black shirt with white skulls and a lowered hoodie, his black pants and black sneakers with blood-red laces, fingerless black gloves with red skulls, and his dark staff that conceals red blades with blood-colored cracks is tugged on his waistband.

He grins at the bulky creature and exclaims "ah, Akaizo. How uncommon of you to come and greet me personally. You'll be disappointed to know that I missed my target and hit his woman instead. But don't worry, I shall try ag-"

Akaizo covers the boy's mouth and says "welcome back Master; and although I am sorry to hear of your failure, I want to know something." He raises his voice as he angrily shouts "have you realized Ail came in after you, and that he should be here in just a few minutes!?"

Damien stares at the princely beast with confusion, blinks twice, but after focusing for a moment his confusion vanishes, giving way to a victorious look, though at the same time he seems unsure.

He looks at the beastly man and the lesser creatures behind him with confusion again present in his eyes, and asks "wait, are you sure that's him?

Akaizo snorts, then says "I must admit there is something different about him, but I am certain that that is Ail; and if you don't prepare soon he will defeat you... again!"

Damien smiles smugly as he confidently says "let him come. After all the training we've done I'm sure I'll kick his butt in no time."

The bulky beast suddenly roars and looks feral toward the sky to the direction Ail is and begins to shiver as the brown fur on his body stands on its ends. "Master, something is very wrong! I feel bloodlust from him! Please, allow me to assist you!"

The Dark Makaian Lord scoffs, and then sounding firm he says "Akaizo, his life is mine. Nobody is to interfere unless I am no longer able to move a muscle. THAT... is an order."

Akaizo sighs. A command has been given, and so he must obey regardless of how he feels. He bows to his master to acknowledge the order, takes several steps back, and then keeps staring to the sky and growling softly at the figure getting closer to them.

Damien turns around when he realizes Ail is close, and then a flash of light and a powerful explosion leaves everyone blind for a few moments.

When the light dims and the smoke from the explosion clears, the dark boy stands firmly on the ground with his staff crossed in front of himself and already bearing all four red blades, and to his right is the destruction left behind by the intruder's sneak attack.

The dark boy glowers at his attacker and furiously asks "hey, what the hell's your problem? You just destroyed all those houses!"

Ail speaks in a soft, yet dark voice as his weapon of light takes a darker red tone. "You shouldn't have done that. Now I'll have to make you pay. I will not stop until she's been avenged, and I have had the satisfaction of draining your blood right out of your face."

The Makaian Lord gulps after the unexpectedly dark threat, and then finds himself swinging his weapon against Ail's, who is already standing on the ground in front of him and is swinging down hard with his own dangerous-looking weapon.

Anilan chuckles as he looks at Damien's frightened face and smiles as he softly says "what's the matter, can't take the heat? Well that's too bad because I won't back off any time soon. BURN!"

Damien pushes Ail away, chases after him and swings his staff sideways with all his might, but the angry airborne boy easily deflects it with his own weapon and shoots the Makaian Lord in the face with lethal spear bullets.

The dark boy is forced to flip backwards while Akaizo shouts "BACK, PARRY, THRUST!"

Immediately after his enemy lands in front of him Damien parries Ail's thrust and then thrusts the blunt part of his staff on the boy's ribs, and then he hops backward until he feels he's made enough distance.

The angry dense boy is kneeling on the ground as he holds his sore ribs, but he slowly stands while saying "good, good, you got some backup; you'll need all the help you can get; but that won't stop me."

He looks at Damien with such intensity that the air between them unsettles as he shouts "I will only stop attacking when you're dead!"

Ail rushes toward Damien once more and tries to stab his weapon on the Makaian Lord's face. The dark boy ducks and throws an uppercut with enough force to break a hole on a wall, but his attacker is merely pushed back a few inches, and then is once again on him.

Damien and Ail swing their weapons left, right, upward, right again; they match their blindingly fast attacks with ease even though it looks like the dense one has the upper hand.

The Makaian Lord manages to swing his staff like a golf club and easily pushes Anilan to the air, where said boy roars with rage and starts shooting the houses in the village, destroying them with ease.

The villagers start screaming as they scramble out of their homes with what little precious possessions they can carry, or with younglings at hand.

"ARE YOU MAD?" Damien cannot believe what he is seeing. Ail, the goodie-two-shoes he calls his nemesis is attacking civilians and their shelters without any kind of remorse. "Those are civilians! This battle is between us; keep it that way-!"

"You shot my Sanae and you dare lecture me about sparing innocents?" The twisted boy stops his attack to mock a worried look as he clicks his tongue, then says "let me tell you something; to you, my Sanae was an obstacle. To me, your... civilians are just monsters in need of purging."

The dark boy turns his terrified face to Akaizo and commands "shields up! Make sure everyone's safe!" The second he finishes his command he spears to the air and tackles Ail on the stomach, and pushes him as far away as he possibly can, while the dense boy's shots bounce off an invisible barrier.

After a while, the twisted dense boy punches Damien on the back of the neck to stop him, but doing so sends both boys crashing down the valley that once was a dead and dry hole.

As they slowly get up; even though he's in such a twisted state of mind; Ail slowly realizes that the valley they are in is the very same one where he and Sanae found Budou after Reimu had sealed her away in that horrible place. Even worst, he landed right on the spot where her fortified crystal was stuck.

The dark memories of how he and Sanae almost died at the hands of the frightening monsters of that world fuel his rage. He stands up, points at Damien, and shouts "you disgusting bastard! How dare you bring me back here!? No matter! Your attempt at psyching me out won't work!"

He unleashes his darkened blade in the form of a broad Viking's sword and shouts "this only helps my focus on killing you FASTER!"

He rushes to the dark boy and tries to cut his head off of his neck, but Damien sweeps his legs in time to knock the crazed boy to the ground, then stands up and jumps away to draw his first spell card.

He smiles at Ail when he sees the confusion in his eyes and says "what can I say? I liked that spell card crap and applied it here too. Chaos Sign, Demonic Magicanon!"

Anilan clicks his tongue in annoyance, takes a spell card form his pockets, then declares "fine, I'll just beat you up before I kill you! Earth Sign, Earth Spirit Heartbeat!"

Just as hundreds of green and white shard bullets form around Ail and shape a giant heart that beats at the rhythm of his own, vines grow right out of the ground and trap Damien on the spot; though he doesn't look troubled by this and continues shooting his Dark Master Spark Knockoff.

The disgruntled dense boy grins triumphantly when the dark beam fails to break through his bullets, and shoots blue orbs the size of his fists that home in on his opponent, but then his smug grin vanishes when dark orbs begin to fly right out of the beam and start pummeling the shield-like curtain of green and white bullets.

Before the dark attack breaks through, Ail takes off to the air, causing the vines that held the dark boy to wither away, but then he adds two large white lasers that split like a net and limit the Makaian Lord's movements.

The heat of the beams cause the dark lord to sweat, but he pushes on with his beam. In his mind he feels that if he fails to stop Ail, all his subjects will die by the twisted one's hand.

To his luck, his dark beam keeps absorbing the dense one's smaller bullets, which gives his own dark orbs a little kick, adding tiny spears that rush to the boy.

Ail grunts as he finds himself unable to move fast enough to avoid the piercing dark spears, and keeps getting grazed and punctured on the legs and abdomen.

He feels disgusted at his own spell for being such a weak shield and weapon; and intensifying it only makes the bullets faster, but not stronger.

The boy roars with frustration when one of the spears strikes him on the forehead and cancels out his spell card. "Damn you DAMIEEEENNNN!"

As he screams his hated enemy's name, the Makaian Dark Lord grins and chuckles as he angles his massive beam toward Anilan, and laughs when his opponent screams an echoing death scream as his dark beams surrounds and consumes him.

The screaming stops, so Damien feels it's time to end the spell, and dusts his hands while smiling victoriously after a job well done. He gasps when he looks up to the sky and shouts "what the hell? You're supposed to be dead!"

Ail has activated his Yozoragan blood limit, however instead of the colorful ethereal dragon wings, they are already black and seem physical, and his eyes have a black sky with few stars in it, contrary to having a peaceful looking starry night sky.

He smiles at Damien and makes sure to show as much disrespect as he can, and then, with that newly-adopted suave tone of voice he says "well, it appears you got me. Fine then, Round 2 starts now."

Damien only has a second to understand the trouble he is in before Ail dives and tackles his ribs so hard he is sent flying backward.

The dark dense one opens a gap behind the hated boy and closes it the second he is through it, counts to one, then opens another gap to his right, where Damien comes flying out of, screaming as hot flames threaten to consume his body, though fail to do any visible damage.

Before he falls however, Anilan uppercuts his back and sends him straight into another gap, where he crashes face-first against something incredibly solid, and then falls back down with his arms and legs feeling like rubber to him.

He feels his body falling on the soft and cool, grassy soil of his land; however a chill creeps into his being when he hears Ail speak to his immediate right. "And now, you'll die in the most painful way possible. Darkness, Dance of the Black Lights!"

Ail's black wings turn even darker, the dim stars in his magical eyes are replaced by a red moon, his hair turns pitch black, and his skin turns as dark as a New Moon's night sky.

The Dark Makaian Lord opens his eyes just in time to see a black flame ignite in front of his attacker's chest. Said flame expands until five inches away from the body, then turns to several rings that seem to dance around Ail.

"Damien, you have to move. You have to move NOW or he will kill you then massacre your people! Come on MOOOOOVE!"

Using this though for support Damien finds the strength to push himself back on to his feet, and then takes flight.

Ail's dark rings rapidly release a set of beams that move straight toward the Makaian Lord. Damien knows this and moves, but quickly learns the zigzagging black beams are homing, and so he forces himself to move faster.

"Yeah, that's it! Run! Run back home, murderer! I will kill you in front of your subjects, and then erase them all from existence!"

Ail's dark threat makes the Dark Lord angry, and so he pulls a spell card from his pocket and turns around as he declares "Chaos Sign, Fetus of God!"

The intensity of this spell unleashing itself is enough to force the homing beams elsewhere and vanish.

Damien places both his hands in front of himself and summons all of his power in front of them, then in an instant he summons a massive black sun with dark purple flames that literally absorbs Ail's own dark spell.

The Dark Makaian Lord releases his spell, and is sent flying backward back to the village from the force of it, leaving Ail to deal with the shower of meteor-sized balls of black and purple fire, fireballs shaping full-sized dragons, and though some of those meteors explode long before they reach the vile dense one, they released a small shower of smaller fireballs into the already deadly mix.

Anilan roars when he sees his target darting away from him at such high speeds and quickly gives chase, though as soon as the first dark fireball touches his dark shield, he screams as the blast does double the damage he expected.

He nurses his calf and blows on it, then draws his darkened weapon and starts slashing away at the nearest meteors; a very unwise decision.

Each meteor he hits explodes and becomes a rain of smaller fireballs, and he has hit enough to make a curtain of dark fireballs surround and rain down on him at the moment the large dark-fire dragons reach him.

In his rage and despair he fails to see a small gap he could use to escape the overwhelming attack, but instead he slashes away at everything then gets near and gets hit all over his limbs and at the back

Ail takes a deep breath, his body tenses up, and just as the first dragon reaches him, he screams "CURSE YOU, DAMIEEEEEEEEN!" The scream and explosions are heard all over that Dark Makai soon after.

Damien continues his backwards 'flight of faith' until he reaches the village he had left behind.

Akaizo sighs and rubs his forehead as he watches his master drop to the center of the village, and groans after the inevitable crash. He then murmurs to himself "of all the inconsiderate, foolhardy..."

He rushes to his master and finds him resting on the town's new fountain, which he has just destroyed with his body. It had taken them three days to build it, and now, in a second, it's broken.

Akaizo sighs, walks closer, and begs "please tell me you didn't use your last resort on him."

Damien chuckles weakly, and speaking out of breath he says "damn... right I did. Had to... stop him... any way I could."

The beastly servant sighs one more time and just joins in the chuckles, but his face soon turns sour and he turns to face toward the direction from which his master came from.

"You... have got to be kidding me," softly groans the dark Makaian Lord after guessing what has his subject so upset.

Akaizo growls towards the sky then says "stay put. I'll deal with him mys-" but his words fall short when a dark red orb explodes in front of his feet and sends him flying twelve feet away from Damien.

Before he can recover, more of those orbs explode near him until he is almost out of view.

Damien now finds himself looking up at the furious-looking Ail glaring back down at him. Though his clothes are torn and he has bad burn marks and small gashes, the furious dense boy seems has lost no energy or strength.

"Finally;" begins Anilan with a smooth, yet dark undertone. "I am going to make you suffer before I rip your neck in half with my bare hands!"

He grips the Dark Lord's neck and begins to squeeze. Damien has no strength to defend himself, and so he just smiles before he begins to gag.

Ail feels an insane pressure on his stomach that forces him to release the hated boy, and finds himself unable to avoid crashing on his back on a solid wall of the large house behind him.

He isn't sure if he's been out for long, but when he opens his eyes again he feels a little more relaxed though he still wants to kill Damien, so he gets out of the rubble and on his feet in an instant.

To his surprise, Akaizo is standing between him and his hated enemy, and behind and around them are the villagers, all which look about ready to pounce on Anilan.

The angry dense boy glances around until his eyes meet with the beast man's, then defiantly says "out of my way! I have to kill that bastard with my bare hands!"

He rushes toward Damien, but finds himself pushing Akaizo back with his sword of tainted light. The beast man's own weapon looks like a dark blue scimitar with aquamarine runes carved between the elaborate designs on that blade. Its hilt is gold, as is the hand guard, and magical jewels adorn it.

He pushes Ail back with ease and snarls furiously with every word he speaks. "you will NOT touch him, do you understand! You defeated him. Go! NOW! Go back home!"

"He killed my Sanae" insists the boy. "It's only fair I take his life; now move!"

Once more he tries rushing toward Damien, but is easily pushed back by Akaizo's true might. The beastly man proves to Ail that his own power truly surpasses his new master's by sending him flying ten feet in the air with a shove. The dense one wonder why is he not the master instead?

Right after landing safely Ail shouts "I thought you were my friend! Why are you siding with HIM, after all that he's done!?"

The furious beast roars with pure rage, then shouts "YOU FOOL! Damien has been and IS the best lord our world has had for ages! He has cleaned our waters, our air, he has made our lands fertile again; he even made the sap in the trees touchable again! If you kill him now you will be forced to take his place, and I doubt you'll be half the man Lord Damien is! My point is that I will kill you personally if you even so much as touch him! This will be the final warning Anilan! Leave now, or face death!"

The darkened dense boy is about to attack while voicing his opinion, but then one of the houses he destroyed catches his eyes.

Within the heaps of rubble are two small creatures; one with blue fur, two eyes, and with a body that look like a droplet, and the other looks like a human girl with red dragon scales and claws for arms and purple feathered wings.

Anilan gasps when he sees the girl and thinks "wait, what is this? She looks like... like one of our own youkai." As he thinks this, he looks at the damage he caused while attacking Damien.

He realizes he's destroyed the homes of innocents like some villainous scum, and all for the sake of revenge over the life of someone so dear to him. "What would she think if she saw me like this?" He gasps lightly after thinking this.

Akaizo tightens the grip on his weapon and asks "so? Will you stand down, or tarnish our friendship for your own selfish desires?"

Ail finally realizes something terrible, especially after taking a good look at his darkened weapon. It's not only dark red; it has a physically sharpened edge. He has become the despicable Nega-Ail.

That disgusts him greatly; even though he's been acting like that vile monster for only a few hours, he feels like he has failed himself; not only that, but has disgraced the help given to him by Mima, Eiki, and Yukari.

He doesn't show this however. He keeps showing a straight face as he addresses to Akaizo.

He first shuts his now-again-weapon of light, scowls when looking at Damien behind the beastly man, then says "no my friend, I wouldn't dream of tarnishing our relationship. He's not worth such a thing. But do me a favor."

The beastly man lowers his weapon and nods. "You are in no position to ask for favors, but I'll do anything for you to get out of here as quickly as possible."

Anilan knows he is Hated Enemy Number One at the moment; however his anger with Damien surpasses his shame, and so he voices his request in a challenging tone after raising his hand and pointing at the knocked Dark Makaian Lord. "You tell that... Lord of yours that if he still has a problem with me, it's with ME and not my friends or loved ones! He ever touches even one hair of someone I care for, and his life is mine."

Akaizo sighs, nods, then says "your message will reach my master, you can be certain of that. Now go! Leave us in peace!"

Ail stares at the beastly man, nods, and then takes off back from where he came.

After they are all sure the hated Anilan is long gone, the little winged girl approaches the beastly man and her Dark Lord, and asks "Mister Akaizo sir, what about our houses and our toys? Where are we going to sleep?"

Damien laughs weakly and sits back up, looking a bit dizzy and tired, pats the girl on the head and says "don't worry little one, you'll have your house and your toys back in a jiffy. Just give me a moment to rest, hmm?

Akaizo sighs in the form of a growl, then says "just take it easy, the magic in this world still isn't as abundant as in Gensokyo."

The Dark Makaian Lord merely chuckles with a confident grin on his face.

Back at the Moriya Shrine, the now-familiar gap with two seals holding the edges opens up right in front of the living room's doors.

Seeing this, Suwako hurries over to greet Ail and give him the good news about Sanae's well being, however the very second she lays her eyes on him she realizes what has happened.

She can see tainted energies still coursing around his life force and frowns, to which he lowers his head as his gap closes up, then speaks with shame present. "I'm... I'm back."

Suwako frowns at him in a frightening manner, but before she can make herself be heard, Yukari's gap opens up right in front of the boy and the gap youkai walks out with her fan covering her lips, and her hat covering her eyes.

Her white dress and elaborate purple panel sift as she moves her left arm with blinding speeds and strikes the boy in the face with great force; enough to send him flying almost ten feet away until a tree stops his unscheduled flight.

Though hurt, ashamed of himself, and in pain for Sanae's predicament, he stands up as soon as his body stops skidding and walks straight back in front of Yukari, who just glares at him from behind her fan and hat.

She finally reveals her eyes; glowing with purple intensity as her face wrinkles from her scowling. She pokes him between the eyes with her fan and speaks furiously.

"You crossed that line again, Anilan! You went and acted without assessing the situation around you! You went on and attacked without remorse; you almost unleashed your dark side completely! You almost DESTROYED the hard work and sacrifice we put into helping you regain yourself; and all because of what!? Because you did not think! Sanae was fine and she still is! Your little raging revenge almost cost you many heavy losses, and all for NOTHING!"

That last word causes the boy to flinch, but he remains standing there and reopens his eyes to look at the furious Youkai Sage before him.

She removes her fan from their sight and says "one more, Anilan. One more step out of line, and I will kill you where you stand do you understand what I am saying!?"

He nods several times and for a moment even seems as though he's about to cry, but he remains as he is.

Yukari grips his chin to make sure they are making eye contact and says "just one more! I will not hesitate to strip you of your powers and take your life; and I will do so slowly and painfully so that the lesson can sink in before The Yama has you!"

A small whimper escapes the boy as he nods as best as he can; after all, Yukari's grip has his head completely immobile. He finally takes a bit of a breath and softly says "I understand."

She narrows her left eye as though analyzing his very soul, then finally releases his face and walks back into her gap. She disappears almost immediately without saying another word or making another sound other than that of her gap's buzz as it closes up.

After a while passes by and he feels the cold chill of fear leave his limbs, he glances over to Suwako who stares at him coldly while crossing her arms over her chest as she says "no, I won't. She already said everything you needed to hear."

He trembles as he nods, and then the tiny blonde goddess gestures him to enter and says "come on. Sanae needs you."

Again he nods, though with a little more enthusiasm, and then follows after the goddess into the wind priestess' room.

Inside Sanae's room Ail and Budou hug; his welcome home from his adoptive youkai daughter; but seeing Sanae moaning in pain while shifting slightly on her bed, not smiling or bossing them around, that hurts them both deeply, and so the little bat youkai leaves the room.

Kanako cleans Sanae's forehead with cold water before turning a glowering face to the boy, then says "she could have been better already if you had not gone chasing after that scoundrel! I have a good mind to-"

She stops her scolding when Suwako, who stands behind Ail, slowly moves her head left and right with a stern face. The goddess sighs, pats the boy on the head, then says "take care of her. She's your responsibility now."

He takes the damp cloth and flinches, suppressing his tears of shame and sadness, then Kanako simply stands up and walks outside; probably to look after Budou.

The boy crawls slowly next to his girlfriend and immediately gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead before applying the cool cloth on her. That's when he notices the patchwork on the back of her neck and chuckles. "Rika is so nice. She did a wonderful job."

Suwako nods, even though he can't see her leaning against the corner behind him, then says "yeah, she's one in a million; but so are you... or so you would be if you were yourself again."

"Aren't I myself again?" He refreshes the cloth and places it back on the girl, then traces a finger down her cheek.

The blonde goddess shrugs and says "you tell me. You were just about to achieve enlightment again, but you just went and threw it away while chasing a mischievous imp."

Down at Damien's Makai, the world's lord sneezes just as he finishes sweeping some rubble, then Akaizo and his wife stare at him before the woman says "ah~ seems like someone knows your true nature."

"Silence;" growls Damien in a warning tone.

Back at the shrine Ail is chuckling softly while tears roll down his cheeks and dampen Sanae's covers. He takes her hand from beneath said covers and gasps and says "cold. Sh-she needs... a m-miracle."

Suwako is about to tell him she will be just fine; that it is probably the effects of her resting and herbal medicines applied to her, but the boy breaks down.

"I'm sorry" he says twice before placing his forehead on Sanae's chest. "I'm so sorry" he cries thrice as he lets all his woes and frights out of his self as tears. "Please forgive me" he sobs as he gives the sleeping girl a light embrace around her shoulders.

The blonde goddess' concern increases, and she eventually tries to calm him down. "Ail, it's alright, we forgive you, but crying like a child won't help her! She needs yo-"

The dense one starts praying with a cracking voice "Lady Moriya, goddess divine, please bless your descendant in her time of need! Please make her well again! Please let her open her eyes! Please, let her forgive this foolish man!"

Before she can protest for the prayer; which lets her know he obviously wasn't listening to her; her body suddenly glows like a bright sun, increases in size, takes a divine womanly figure, and after the light dims, the blonde woman finds herself so full of faith she feels she could explode.

Once more she opens her mouth to speak, but is interrupted by a familiar energy speaking to her through her mind.

"Well well, Goddess Moriya, it's been a while since I've seen you at full power."

"Shikieiki, it's Ail. I think he's finally broken. He's not listening to me and now he's crying all over Sanae."

"I am well aware of the situation Suwako. That is why I am contacting you."

"Alright then, what should I do, Miss Yama?"


A few uncomfortable minutes pass before Suwako finally sighs and asks away. "Nothing? Right now I have enough power to go as far as to remake Japan twice, and you just want me to do nothing? How come?"

"As disappointed as I am of him, Ail has not only learned the lesson he needed to learn, he is applying it to his life the correct way. Things will start working out as they did when he first came, and it will start as soon as that girl wakes up."

Suwako looks to the couple and watches. Ail is still sobbing on Sanae, though he has calmed down a great deal. Without his notice, his girlfriend begins to regain consciousness, and lets him know by lifting her right arm with some effort and placing it on his shoulder.

Anilan gasps, lifts his face to gaze upon Sanae's weakly smiling face, then his tears dry up and his sobs become excited gasps, and without showing any kind of restrain he pulls her closer and gives her a kiss.

Sanae giggles, then weakly says "good morning Mister Ail."

Ail smiles back, chuckles, and then softly replies "good morning Miss Sanae."

Suwako smiles as the boy sets his girlfriend back down as gently as though he was handling an infant, then she says to Shikieiki "well, I see what you mean."

"Praise Goddess Suwako; she really did it" excitedly exclaims Ail, to which Sanae giggles and says "she performed a miracle. Tee-hee, I'm sorry I missed it. Oh, she's looking hot."

Two seconds after she says that, Suwako's breasts increase a whole size, as do her hips, and she has to hold herself and yelp from the surprise. "Too much faith" she complains.

Shikieiki, Sanae and Ail speak at the same time the very same suggestion. "Do what you always do and give it to Kanako!"

"Oh, heheh, that's right." The blonde goddess chuckles sheepishly, closes here eyes to concentrate, then her body glows and shrinks slowly, then she's back to her child-like looking self after her divine glowing fades.

She chuckles, sits like a frog on the floor, then says "auu~ much better, kero."

"Whoa! Gramma is stacked today!"

Hearing Budou's not-so-childish remarks makes Sanae feel uncomfortable and mutter "damn you Ayalina, stop teaching her things like that."

Ail facepalms and sighs, then asks "what has mom been teaching that girl?"

From the living room Kanako moans as though in pain then says "No Budou, don't. They're already heavy enough!"

The little bat complains and replies "but they're so soft and squishy and comfortable." She yawns afterward then Kanako sighs and says "fine, but I'll wake you after an hour."

Suwako decides to walk out of the room to see what is happening with her own eyes, and blushes at the sight of her goddess friend resting on the couch with a set of double-sized breasts, curvier hips, and a little bat youkai curled up like a cat on top of those mountains of faith.

The blue haired goddess glares at the blonde, then says "I know this is all your fault, I just know it!"

The little blonde remains standing like a statue in place, staring at her friend's gorgeous body and drooling a bit from her gaping mouth.

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion; specifically in Flandre's room, the little blonde vampire enters her peaceful sanctuary (which was once her prison), and finds an elegant plate with delicious looking cupcakes dripping with red sauce on her bed.

Her eyes expand and sparkle with delight as she drools for her treats. She squeals with glee and says "those look so yummy," and immediately rushes over to them and eats one in just two bites. Remilia would be upset, but she isn't there to scold her.

The cute little blonde coos with delight as she devours her second cupcake, and that's when she notices there is a note next to the plate.

She eats what's left of the treat on her hand, picks up the note, and reads "To Flandre, My Love. Please enjoy this token of my love for you, for it is as sweet as the icing on delicious cake. Yours truly, Azzhara."

Flandre's mouth drops and remains open, the icing she was licking off her fingers drips to the floor, and then she turns her stiff neck to the right and says "you drugged me didn't you, you disgusting pervert."

Azzhara jumps off her dresser and takes human form before touching the ground, and says "I would never do that my love. I am merely expressing my feelings toward you; and also, they are a token of peace. Please eat without fear."

Though she remains staring suspiciously at him, her hand goes for the next cupcake and she's already eating it before she realizes what she's doing. She licks her fingers, then asks "so does this mean that you will stop attacking me? No more tearing my clothes of or trying to kill me; or making me scream or trying to get a peek at me while I'm bathing?"

The three-tailed boy raises an eyebrow at her, then nods and says "yes, I'll stop trying to kill you for good."

After a moment of pause the blonde still isn't cheering. "Umm... and... the other things?"

Azzhara grins, chuckles, then says "my love, it's just too much fun messing around with you. And besides, what's a little tough love on the side, or getting peeked at by your true love?"

Flandre has her Lavatein activated and lifted above her head as she says "you disgusting little pervert crap of poop cat, I will kill you!"

She swings her weapon and hits the boy, and with a smile on her face she declares "and that's how disgusting perverts are dealt with!" Her smile soon vanishes when she sees a pair of yellow eyes over a crescent grin in the darkness. A nameless fear takes her.

Her screams of horror and pain startles the fairy maids in the area as that demonic three-tailed cat growls and works his claws like a buzz saw; although regardless of all his attempts, all of Flandre's clothes have been reinforced.

There is a loud and long ripping sound and then Azzhara bursts out of the room with the vampire's clothes in his mouth.

Flandre peeks her head from the door and shouts "you sick, sick pervert; how did you even do that!?"

Meanwhile, at the library, Patchouli sighs after finishing yet another book. She needs to send it floating up with magic so as to place it on the impressively massive collection of books she has read.

She rubs her forehead and says to herself "come next spring they'll be gone. I have to admit this parting will be very painful."

A small tear rolls down her cheek while she forces herself to smile and mutters to herself with her cracking voice "everything I may try will end in some form of failure." She sobs and cries "Knowledge is useless!"

She suddenly feels a pressure on her chest as she's knocked to the floor. The pressure becomes slightly pleasurable, though she hides this well with a glare as she asks "what the hell is wrong with you?"

Leon hugs her tightly, sneaking a good feel of her chest on his face and with his hands as he says "stop crying silly, it's not even summer just yet! Besides, you gave us so much, and now, even if we're gone, you can summon us for a bit so we can see each other and we can help you out."

"But I failed" insists the depressed magician. The little boy lifts his face to look at hers and smile. "Stop being so proud; you can't succeed at everything. If you did, you would never learn anything."

He holds her left hand, and soon she finds Lina holding her right hand, and all her emotional pain melts away, she cab feel her head clearing up and allowing her a fresh breath of air.

The young girl smiles soothingly at the purple themed girl and says "now stop feeling bad for us. Both you and my cute little pet Koakuma. You both did your best. Now please, drop those books and let's have some fun together, hmm?"

Patchouli now realizes they have Koakuma there with them too, making a semicircle as they all hold hands, and said little devil seems to be in the same state of bliss as the magician.

The purple haired girl smiles, nods, and finds herself back on her feet, and on the mansion's roof balcony, with a small swimming pool to their right where Leon and Lina play, while the girls rest on their beach chairs, wearing their bikinis, and shading themselves from the sun with a large beach umbrella set between them.

Patchouli looks to her assistant, sighs contently, and then says "for once, I don't feel uncomfortable in this outfit."

Koakuma giggles and replies "you see? No need to be ashamed with your body... although you do need some more exercise." She sticks out her tongue playfully after getting a death glare from her Mistress.

The purple haired girl screeches, the little devil yelps, and all because each has a pair of tiny hands holding their breasts.

Leon laughs and says "my love is always so soft and warm." Lina sighs and says "so is my cute little pet Koakuma."

The blushing girls try hard as they can to remove the surprisingly strong hands holding them, but eventually give up on that and resort to blasting them off the roof. Both of them laugh as they are shot away, and both Patchouli and Koakuma seem to be enjoying themselves as well.

Finally, the day of Kyo's wedding has come. Sanae has made a miraculous full recovery, and she and Budou are getting ready while Ail is training with Yukari.

The gap youkai seems to be angry at him still, but regardless she is keeping her word and helping him understand the power over barriers a little more.

Ran walks out of the house and approaches the boy with a cup of tea and some cakes on a tray. They dense one does not take his eyes off Yukari's, and so cannot accept the offering.

The sage looks to her shikigami and coldly says "he is not to have any kindness from any of us until my anger against him has been satisfied."

Ran gives the boy a look of understanding before bowing to her master and quietly returning to the house.

Anilan wants to say that he's sorry, that he just lost control, but that's always the case with him lately, and so he just bows his head to her and meditates.

The blonde lifts his head with her fan and is sure to make eye contact while speaking. "I understand there are moments of weakness. They have happened to me often, even as I am now; but that does not excuse you from almost tarnishing our work and sacrifice, and I will have you re-learn the value of treasuring acts of kindness."

The boy merely nods, but remains silent while looking back at her. Yukari loses her patience and strictly asks "well? Don't you have something to say to me, or do I have to beat it out of you?"

Ail shivers a bit before standing up, bowing to her, and saying "I'm sorry for my actions, Miss Yukari. I acted like a foolish human driven by weak emotions, and for that I accept whatever punishment you, Eiki and Mima decide to give me. It is... the best I can do to show my repentance."

The blonde sage finally smiles at him. She is quite satisfied with this and although happy, she speaks sternly "excellent. I will make sure to remember this, and so will they... Oh yes, they have been listening, and they are both as upset as I am."

She grabs him by his cheeks and pulls him towards her smiling face, then says "but we are not monsters, and we accept your heartfelt apology. However, that doesn't mean we won't punish you~"

As soon as she's done speaking she pulls him closer to her face and gives him a surprise kiss, while a gap with a camera records the whole thing.

She pushes him away, giggles mischievously as he falls on his butt, then says "Sanae and all our friends will have a nice view of that scrumptious kiss. Ufufu, you're pretty good at it. I'm a little jealous of that shrine maiden now."

The horror evident on the boy's face gives the sadistic youkai so much satisfaction, she can't help but giggle before sweetly saying "and that is my punishment to you. I'll let the rest take care of itself, and if you're lucky, your shame will be enough for the Yama and the spirit to be satisfied."

This does not comfort the boy at all, who now finds himself falling through Yukari's gaps while her voice echoes around him. "Today's lessons are over. Give my regards to your girlfriend~"

Anilan drops right in front of the door to the Moriya Shrine's temple, right where Sanae should be performing a quick ritual or meditation. He turns pale as a ghost when he sees his beautiful girlfriend wearing a silky white dress with elbow gloves and no sleeves.

Her dark smile and chilling coos send so many chilling sensations all over his arms, legs and spine he feels he's turning to nothing as he trembles before her mighty presence. She takes two steps closer to him and smiles sweetly.

She lifts her right arm, winds it as far as her body will allow it, then swings it with godly might, turning her hand into a fist the second before impacting her boyfriend's face, and sends him flying to the sky screaming "SORYYYYYYYY~"

After he becomes a glinting star in the distance, Sanae sighs while adjusting her wrist, and happily says to the cowering goddesses and little bat in a white dress "I'm not angry. I'm not angry at all."

"W-w-w-we believe you," stammers Suwako after holding on to the trembling Budou and Kanako for extra support.

Later that day, at the Hakurei Shrine's temple, everyone who was invited; and even those that weren't invited (Tojiko, Michiko and Seiga specifically), are waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.

Kyo stands nervously at the end of the red carpet, wearing an elegant brown kimono with golden vines on the wrists. Next to him is Reimu, who is wearing a very elegant red sash over a white robe, and covers her head with a hood provided by said robe. She is suffocating.

Ail stands next to his friend, wearing an elegant suit he is not really fond of, and happens to have a really large bandage on his swollen cheek; and by the looks of Sanae's face on the bench, she's still pretty mad at him.

Budou, who sits next to Sanae, is still trying to keep away from her angry mama, but doesn't want to upset her so she's only slightly leaned away.

Behind them are Byakuren and the girls from the temple, and all wear elegant ceremonial robes. Kyouko appears to want to do something to Kyo as payback for all his pranks; however Ichirin and Minamitsu have her and Nue chained at the ankles.

Behind them, to Byakuren's nuisance, are Miko, Futo and Tojiko in cute dresses and talking happily amongst themselves. The Youkrist would like nothing more than to turn around and tell them to shut up, but she knows that's only going to start a fight, so she recites sutras in her mind to keep calm and distracted instead.

The few humans that have come to the wedding are being seated at the back and are being protected by the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and although nobody knows if Flandre is really suited for such a task, having Azzhara on her shoulder seems to be the perfect way to keep her from 'playing' with the humans.

Reimu fans herself with her talismans, then growls at Kyo and says "I should charge you extra for this heat."

The boy grinds his teeth and speaks softly through them. "You already charged us extra for the robe and the food. Back off!"

Finally, the girls from Eientei enter through the door in their most elegant attires (except for Tewi who wears her usual dress), bow elegantly to Kyo and Reimu before taking their seats, and then Hatate and Momiji enter in their ceremonial clothes, and the muscled boy gulps and mutters "this is it..."

Luna enters the temple wearing an elegant ivory white kimono with a hood over her head. Behind her are Aya and Medicine, both of which are wearing cute silky white dresses.

From the bumps, scratches and bruises all over the Tengu's face, it is painfully obvious she tried to take pictures before the wedding ceremony started. She still looks happy, even with her swollen cheek throbbing and beating like a heart.

Reimu sighs and rubs her forehead, then whispers "I know you both have good relations with them, but why trust those tengu this much?"

Though nervous, Kyo whispers back "they're a pain in the ass, but they really helped us a lot, and still help us."

Luna knows what they are talking about and giggles as she approaches them. This sets the boy's heart on fire and now he wants nothing more than to hold her.

As soon as she's close he eagerly holds her hand, both give each long looks, then turn to face Reimu as she begins the ceremony.

The moment the ceremony ends, cheers and applauses can be heard from inside the temple, while outside everything seems far too quiet. Proceeding with their wedding; regardless of strangeness; Kyo and Luna reach the door outside, stop abruptly, and gasp at the sight before them.

Instead of confetti and cheer, they find piles of bodies in dresses stained with blood, and many unconscious and happy faces.

Both Kyo and Luna; and those behind them; try, but can't manage to find the words to say at a time like this, and then they find the source of the mess.

Petal's white dress shoes tap loudly with every step she takes. Her little pink bell-like dress sways left and right whenever she moves, her wings wobble as she approaches the newlyweds while cutely holding on to a silky white pillow, and when she's in front of them, she lets her left leg stretch out as she stands on her right foot's tip to offer the rings on said pillow.

The tengu and the elegant maid of the devil fall backward from the pressure exerted from the blood coming from their noses, while Ail, Sanae, Reimu and the vampires merely blush and feel as though they're about to faint. They keep their ground though.

The blushing couple picks up their rings, then Petal coos and says "ringies fingers for husband wife wedding! Yay!"

Thuds can be heard coming from inside, Marisa Kirisame included in the bunch. Her white shoulder-less dress is now stained with blood from her nose as well. Medicine is just picking her nose and looking at everyone with disgust.

Kyo and Luna aren't sure what to do, but then Rika, who wears a beautiful light-blue kimono with white flowers prints, appears before them with all her six wings bare, and Chiaki and Lykamei at her side and ready for cleaning action.

The shrine's maid moves around like a flash of light, and in merely a few seconds later everyone is back on their feet, cheering and throwing confetti toward the couple. Their dresses are all clean, as are the floors, and Rika bows her head, signaling them to go on with their ceremony.

With their rings on hand, they look at each other, smile, and each slides the ring on the other's finger. Both say a heartfelt "I love you" and then kiss as Suzaku and a small group of sparrows fly by them and throw confetti from the skies, making it look like a rain of colors.

At the shrine's living quarters, right at the entrance of the living room, Chiaki and Lykamei pant hard in their desperate recovery from their prior exertion.

Rika approaches them and kneels next to them, gently rubs both their heads, then says "well done, both of you. You two get two servings from Reimu's peach pie today as a reward.

Both girls recover their breaths with an excited gasp, then Lykamei asks "wait, what about you? Doesn't that mean you get none?"

Chiaki wants to say something similar, but merely glances down. Rika coos, scratches both on the head, then says "don't you worry about me now. I'll be just fine. Besides, My Lady Reimu will always bake more... eventually."

There is a sudden loud sound from behind the angelic maid, followed by a strong tremor and an annoyingly loud voice that calls "I'm baaaaaaaack~"

Rika gasps, turns around, then exclaims "Momoko!?"

Tenshi is resting on her sides with her knee lifted and looking casual while on her large keystone. She smiles at her long-time friend and says "yo. How have you been-GUH?"

She soon finds herself in a most welcome, soft, warm and soothing embrace from Rika, pats her head twice while blushing, and says "I'm ok. I'm alright. Turns out that shrine maiden was right after all. Ah, but I'll tell my story later."

She looks around and notices the commotion out in front, and asks "so what's going on here?"

The angelic maid in kimono giggles and explains it's Kyo's wedding, but that doesn't seem to impress the celestial too much, however she looks at Rika's face and knows her friend expects her to do something for the newlyweds.

Tenshi lowers the front of her hat while grinning, waves her finger around, and two keystones appear above the shrine, crash with extra force above the gates, and give everyone a display of scarlet fireworks that dissipate long before hitting the ground.

She lifts her hat so she and Rika can see eye to eye, while out in front Suika angrily exclaims "what's the big idea! Fireworks are my specialty!"

Soon after, everyone is cheering at the multi-colored fireworks coloring the already bright sky, and even Yukari is ooh-ing at the sight.

Chiaki approaches Tenshi and blushes, then asks "hey, sexy boobs. Who's the cute chick on tha rocks?"

The celestial gets angry and says "how dare you speak to my Rika like that!? I'll kill you for th-"

Rika gets between Tenshi and Chiaki and says "Momoko, this is Chiaki Onkamikami; she's my new familiar." She speaks more sternly while shooting an angry glare from the corner of her eyes. "And she seems to be in need of more speech training."

The vixen has her tail between her legs and is shivering with fear. The celestial girl sighs her anger off then says "I see; so you got yourself a new-ONKAMIKAMI!?"

Tears form under the celestial's eyes as she whimpers "you gave her your name? What about me? How will I ever marry you now?"

The angelic girl giggles uncomfortably, and says "r-right. It's a long story, so please let's go inside while I tell it to you."

Day gives way to the night, and the wedding party is still going. The fairy maids, Rika, Sakuya and Suzaku are doing their part and serving anyone when needed, and so far everything is going smoothly.

Sanae and Budou are on the table with Ail, but by the looks of things the shrine maiden is still not talking to her boyfriend, while Yukari keeps cooing at him and waving with her fingers from her table. She's not helping at all.

Lykamei and Chiaki are with Yuyuko and Youmu, and are enjoying their promised reward for helping Rika clean up the front of the shrine in such short time.

Everyone is having fun while Seiga keeps stalking Alice, and even Shinki is having her fun also stalking her daughter. The party is obviously a great success.

Kyo and Luna are at their own table enjoying a few drinks with their cake, and all seems well until they notice Medicine. The little blonde doll and Su-San are way too quiet, and their eyes show some form of hidden sadness.

The silver-haired woman walks to the blonde and places her hand on her shoulder. "Medi, what's the matter? Why do you look so miserable?"

The little girl turns around to look at them both, and then speaks with a low tone. "Now that you are married, you are going to keep your promise, right? Y-you won't abandon me or throw me away, right?"

Kyo rubs her head and messes her hair a bit, then says "we've been together for a pretty long time now, Medi. You're part of the family. We're not going to throw you away or nothing like that."

Medicine holds Su-San close to her chest as though for support, then says "but... this feels familiar. I feel like I once was with a family too, and I trusted them, but... they abandoned me. They left me all alone. I'm scared that it will happen again."

Luna picks the blonde under her arms and lifts her up so that she's looking at both her and her husband. "Listen you, don't do this now. Today is a happy day. Rest easy in knowing we will never abandon you or betray you. We will stick together like a family."

Kyo sighs and adds "right, you little brat, so stop worrying about nothing and enjoy the party, then we'll all go home and get some sleep..." He chuckles as he looks at Luna and adds "well, at least you can sleep if you want."

Medicine glowers at them, then says "way to ruin the mood, you disgusting humans! Now put me down now or I'll bite you!"

"That's the Medicine we love" say the newlyweds at the same time, then force the protesting doll youkai into a group hug; one that Su-San seems to be enjoying a lot, and appears to be savoring every second of.

Meanwhile, Ail watches them from the table and looks to Sanae and Budou. He wants a hug, but he knows he won't get anything from the furious shrine maiden.

He suddenly gasps and looks around himself as though paranoid, then sighs with relief.

Budou walks next to him and asks "what is it papa? Are you still scared about something?"

Ail picks her up and sits her on his lap. Somehow she makes him feel safe. He pats her head and smiles at her while saying "no sweetie, it's not that. I just thought something very silly just now."

Unknown to him, Shikieiki and Mima are hiding on the shrine's roof, and are looking at him through a magical crystal ball.

The yama and spirit giggle together, then said spirit asks "so, what's gonna be your punishment for him."

Eiki glances at the spirit, smiles, then says "I'm already punishing him... by simply doing nothing."

Mima blinks once, lets it all sink in, then grins mischievously and asks "nothing; you sure about that?"

The Yama giggles again, takes a sip from her sake cup, then says "yes. It's quite simple when you think about it. Right now he's expecting some form of calamity or pain to befall on him, and that alone has him on edge. THAT I believe should be enough punishment for him."

Mima keeps grinning at her quietly, suddenly chuckles, then lifts her own sake cup and says "now that's something I hadn't thought of doing. How devious of a Yama."

The girls stare at each other for a while, and for a moment it seems they are gong to start attacking each other, but instead they start to laugh out loud, while Ail is still looking around for any signs of Eiki's, or Mima's punishment.


Ail walks out of his house that morning with a smile on his face, and takes a deep breath before calling "alright Budou, let's go."

"Alright papa~" she calls back, and then a few seconds later she is out of the house, and Ail closes the door behind them.

They take flight and head straight to the Human Village, where they both help around to earn some money, greet Keine, Kyo, Luna and Medicine, have a bit of breakfast, and then head to the Hakurei Shrine with some extra money to donate.

They are greeted by the exceedingly bubbly Reimu who cheerfully says "welcome, welcome! Please, don't let me stop you."

Ail and Budou can't help but giggle at the girl's peculiar mood, but, like every day, they stop the giggling at the surprising sight of Chiaki offering a snack next to the wooden box, and the sight of Rika sighing, shaking her head lightly and smiling while welcoming them to the donation box.

As soon as they drop half of their money into the box and make their prayers, the boy and bat youkai wave at the girls, then take off to the air. The beaming Hakurei Shrine Maiden could not be happier; at least until the next morning comes and those two donate again.

Tenshi and Suzaku watch this from the roof and the celestial giggles and says "three days in a row. You think that girl's heart will survive?"

The Vermilion bird whistles as though laughing, then says "it will. She seems to live for these mornings now days. She has mentioned something that it was just like before."

Ail and Budou arrive at Ayalina's house at the Garden of the Sun and knock a few times on the door. Nobody ever answers them.

When they decide to go to Yuka's house they are pulled from the side of the house by Kurumi, who whispers "no, don't. They are playing hide and seek. They already roasted Elly three times because she wouldn't stay hidden."

The dense boy groans and facepalms, then says "great. Those two never seem to get tired of blasting their body parts to hell."

The shivering Budou whimpers with fright, then says "papa please, let us go. I won't want to see the blood again!"

Again the boy groans, then says "yeah, that headshot was just too much. I'll use a gap. Uhh... you girls don't want to come with?"

The burnt heap of a naked mass that is Elly moans "noooo. Yuka might need meeeee." Kurumi sighs then says "tempting, but then they'll come looking for me when they realize I am gone."

Ail shrugs and opens a gap, then says "alright. Give my regards to mother and Yuka," then he and Budou jump inside the very moment the explosions begin.

"HA-HA! You thought you could hide that sexy ass from me! THINK AGAIN," crudely declares Ayalina.

"Oh please, I could see those jugs bouncing from a mile away," replies Yuka. And so more explosions and cackles ensue, while Kurumi sighs sadly and says to herself "I want out."

Ail's gap opens in front of the Moriya Shrine's donation box, and he and Budou jump right out of it and immediately feel more relaxed.

The little bat youkai takes a breath of relief, then says "much better, right papa Ail?"

The boy nods to her, then they both proceed to donate another half of their money and pray, then they are greeted by Sanae's figure.

Anilan looks at the girl with a pained smile and asks "are you still mad at me, even after Yukari explained what happened?"

The girl bends her knees and opens her arms as she warmly welcomes the little bat. "Budou-chan, welcome~"

The little bat girl hesitantly walks over to Sanae and gives her the hug while asking "mama, how long are you going to be angry at papa?"

The shrine maiden easily rises with the girl on her hands and smiles coldly toward the boy while saying "I'm not angry. I'm not angry at all."

Anilan sighs, nods twice, then takes his now-familiar path to the back of the shrine, where Suwako and Kanako are waiting for him.

With his head low and his eyes closed while thinking, he opens a gap in front of himself and takes an entire sacred log that was aimed at his face into it, then opens another gap to shoot it upward and allow it to land upright in the lake.

After the loud sounds, the blonde goddess chuckles and says "don't worry so much. She'll eventually come around."

The blue haired goddess giggles, then says "I think she's more ashamed because she was tricked into punishing you... even though you did deserve it. I bet she's just looking for an excuse to forgive you, but hasn't found any yet."

Ail smiles, chuckles lightly, then says "it's alright guys, I'm fine, thanks. I'll wait for her to calm down. I've got plenty of time on my hands now."

The three of them share some silent smiles, then the boy stretches out and groans contently. "I think I'll take a dip in the lake today." After saying that he opens a gap above his head and consumes himself with it, only that when this gap passes by him, instead of taking him, it takes his clothes until he's left with only a pair of purple swimming trunks.

He jumps in the water and dives, then rises up with his back to the waters and his hands behind his head, as though resting on the ground, and asks "want to join in?"

Suwako and Kanako both chuckle, then the blonde says "make us look good again and we'll consider it.

Both get swallowed up by a gap just like with Ail, and after it's done with them, they are both wearing swimsuits that accent their bodies, just as asked.

Suwako's is a cute purple bikini with dancing green frogs on each breast, and a praying frog on the groin, while Kanako's is a simple-looking wine one-piece with a rose daisy on the chest, with its thorny vines going down the back and the abdomen to merge with a sea of pink clouds that adorn the bottom part.

Both goddesses' eyes glint as they look at each other, then the goddess of war declares "last one after three laps buys the booze!"

"You're on, grandma," bravely declares her blonde friend, and they jump from their tall logs and begin their race around the lake as soon as they splash in.

Budou jumps on Ail, already in her white swimsuit, and giggles while rubbing her cheek against his. "She's still mad papa, but don't worry, I think she's warming up to you again. She mentioned your full name without breaking the broom this time."

Though he chuckles, Ail feels that nameless fear in the pit of his heart again. He rubs his little daughter's head, then says "come on, let's have fun with Kanako and Suwako now. We'll let Sanae join us when she's ready, ok?"

The little girl nods enthusiastically, then as soon as the goddesses swim by, they both swim after them, laughing as they enjoy getting splashed by the cool sweet water.

The End...?

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Tame Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Budou, Luna Rivers, Lykamei, Chiaki, Akaizo, Ayalina, Azzhara, Michiko and their spell cards were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami, Suzaku the Vermilion bird and their spell cards were created by Snapshot 2010

Damien and his spell card "Fetus of God" was created by Hydroviper. "Chaos Sign, Demonic Magicanon" was created by Willie G.R.

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Written by

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