That early morning begins like every other so far. Ail, Budou and Phredia visit the Human Village and work there for some money, then they visit Kyo, Luna and Medicine, and then Keine before heading to the Hakurei Shrine.

That morning is different since Kyo and Luna are enjoying a special honeymoon stay at the Kappa-Pa resort, so they only get to greet Medicine before she scares them off. She is quite annoyed that she has to house sit while those two are out having fun; although she's glad she has been able to sleep well for the past nights.

After Ail, Budou and Phredia's visit to the Hakurei Shrine, they find themselves at the living room of Yukari's house, where the little bat girl enjoys drawing with Chen and the tiny fairy while her papa is tortured by complex mathematical problems he has to solve.

The dense boy groans and scribbles away, then rubs the paper with an eraser and then scribbles away some more. Finally he smiles, puts the pencil down, then looks behind himself and says "I think I finally got it!"

Yukari's arm appears through a gap behind the boy; who he gladly hands the paper to that hand; then it closes up as soon as she retracts her arm back.

Only a minute later, a larger gap opens up in front of him, and there is Yukari in her cleavage-cut pajamas analyzing the paper. She glances over at him with disinterest and lazily says "the answer is correct, but the procedure is too long. You need to work on shortening it."

Ail sighs and slumps, drops his head on the small table before him and punches it while groaning, then complains "I hate math so much. It's so boring!"

Ran smacks the back of his head and says "stop thinking like that and focus on your task at hand!"

From her gap the Youkai Sage says "thank you Ran. Ail, if you are truly wanting to master borders, you have to cut those childish thoughts and focus." She sighs and flaps her hand at him. "Ah, whatever; you're done for today."

The boy cheers enthusiastically after reviving miraculously, then he goes over to Budou and Phredia, and asks "alright girls, ready to go?"

The cute bat youkai looks back at him and shows him a cute drawing of him and Sanae holding hands, and says "this! We have to make this happen Papa! She's been angry long enough!"

The boy chuckles, kneels, and says "Budou, we can't"

A large gap opens up beneath them and they fall straight back to the Hakurei Shrine, where the dense boy is forced to morph into his dog form once more, and the cute bat and her fairy are made to fall in front of a tray with treats and sweets just for them inside Reimu's room.

He, however, sees he's about to crash on the dirt, and so he closes his eyes and waits for the impact, and then falls on something soft, warm and somewhat bouncy.

When he opens his eyes he finds himself on Mima's lap. The evil spirit giggles and says "welcome Ail. Oh, do I have a surprise for you today."

He lowers his ears and whines with fear, then flinches when his fears are realized, and the sweet and angry voice of his girlfriend reaches his sensitive ears. "So, a spirit's lap, huh? To think I was about to forgive you too! Shame on you, you pervert."

He tries to jump off be finds out he can't even budge due to Mima's hand on his back, so he desperately yells with that high-pitched voice "but Sanae, I just fell here, I swear!"

The girl is about to unleash her gohei on him when Mima lifts and finger, shushes her, and whispers "watch..."

She rubs the doggy's head until he's relaxed, and then says "well then, it's time to give you your punishment." She waits until he is looking at her with fright, and then says "look to your left."

Doggy-Ail turns his head left, but there's nothing there. A second later, a puff of white smoke startles the little dog, but what comes after it makes him yelp out in horror as he tries to escape to safety, but Mima's mighty grip has him pinned on her lap, and all he can do is yelp and screech while trying to squirm away.

Next to him is a human-sized centipede, and it is roaring at him while wiggling around and threatening to sting him with its tail or bite him with its many fangs.

The little dog boy yelps and screams as he attempts to jump away from the evil spirit, while said woman speaks louder than he yelps. "Well then, I do hope you'll remember to keep your head from now on, or I might let this little fellow here have its way with you."

Sanae watches everything and does all that she can to avoid getting involved, but by the looks of it she's about to give in to pity.

Mima finally releases the little dog so that he can run away from the illusion that disappears in a puff of smoke as soon as he's gone. The green haired spirit is obviously having the time of her life; laughing her ghostly tail off while pointing at the shivering pup that's hiding under a bush.

He whimpers as he shivers and cries while looking up at Sanae. He wishes she would just forgive him already and comfort him, for he really needs it at the time.

The girl's heart obviously melts at that very moment, and so she picks him up while awing, places him on her chest, and says to Mima "you fiend, how could you do that to him!? You know how much he hates those!"

She then turns away from the spirit and coos and purrs while rubbing her doggy boyfriend's head and softly saying "there, there, it won't hurt you anymore. Sanae-chan is here to protect her Ail-kun."

She adjusts him so that he's now resting his head on her comfortable shoulder, and as he looks to Mima, the evil spirit winks at him and mouths "you're welcome," and then grins.

He manages a shaky smile back, but soon ignores this and melts in Sanae's warm and protective hug.

Later that morning, Ail is kneeling in front of a table of one of the training rooms in the Myouren Temple, and in front of him are Rika and Byakuren, whom are ready to begin is first mental therapy session.

To his right is Agava, whom seems quite content of being there; so content that she's just resting on her sides while Rumia flies around the large room exploring everything.

The boy looks at the shadow woman and asks "so tell me again, exactly, why are you here?"

The woman glances lazily at him, smiles, then responds very honestly. "Are you kidding me? Warm food and beds, sanctuary from your enemies, peace, quiet, and Byakuren's bosom! Sure I have to work a bit, but it's all pretty easy and damned worth it."

Anilan glances over at Byakuren wondering why she hasn't reacted to the shadow woman's honesty, and who instead claps her hand in front of her chest and happily says "alright then, let's begin. Ail, get closer please."

The boy does as requested while Rika keeps a studious eye on him, and after he's settled again the Youkrist happily says "alright then, today we will just work on recognizing and understanding why you are here."

"My newfound fear of losing m-my... friends and family." The boy speaks clearly, but merely speaking the word 'losing' next to the words "friends and family' lets all in the room see there is something wrong with him.

His eyes seem to wander elsewhere and his skin turns pale as his breath becomes more labored.

Both Byakuren and Rika are quick to place a hand on his shoulder to shake him while the magician monk says "Ail, it's alright, we're here! Nobody is hurt, nobody is dying; you are home and everything is calm and at peace."

The boy's eyes slowly return to normal, then he glances back and forth between Rika and Byakuren before letting out a sigh of relief, and then says "ri-right! I'm sorry. I'll try to remember th-"

The Youkrist places her finger on his lips to shut him and says "no need to apologize, this what we're here for."

The angelic maid giggles to get his attention and says "don't worry big brother, these things take time. However, your reaction lets us know we have a lot of work to do here."

The boy nods stiffly and shifts in place as he regains his composure, then says "I understand everything. I will put my best effort in working with this."

The magician monk raises an eyebrow, drums her fingers on the table, then asks "tell me Ail, do you recognize you have a problem?" She waits for the boy to nod and asks "do you truly understand the depth of this problem? Do you accept that you are AFRAID of something at this moment; something that, although noble in a sense, is hindering to your mind and spirit?"

Anilan nods once more, to which the angelic maid says "good. Then you are already ahead of steps 1 through 3, so that means we can move on to working on 'why this fear of losing loved ones to death'."

Agava chuckles softly and says "you know, I would have laughed at you real hard if I was still an evil bitch."

There is an echoing clung sound and a screech that comes followed by a hard thud. Rumia falls on the ground with a bronze washtub on the head (which just rolls away after she's flat on her face), and then she lifts her smiling face and wobbly asks "is that so~?"

As soon as she drops again, Tenshi calls from the ceiling "ah, so that's what happens when those things drop."

Ail is now desperately healing Rumia while in his Yozoragan mode, apparently a bit afraid of the sight. This causes both Rika and Byakuren to rub their foreheads while sighing.

The angelic girl looks up, scowls at the celestial, and coldly says "Momoko, dear, I'm going to have to ask you to stay outside."

The celestial blushes, chuckles sheepishly, then slowly makes her way outside, while Byakuren does her best to calm the boy down again.

Later that day, two beams in the sky zip toward the left side of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Two seconds later, the same beams zip toward the left.

Sakuya, who is currently hanging clothes at the beautiful backyard of the impressive mansion, looks up with complete disinterest, wipes the bit of sweat from her forehead with a handkerchief, sees the beams pass by, then sighs and says "they are too active in this heat."

She promptly picks up her empty basket and walks back inside.

One of the beams makes its way to a bushy tree. Ail sits on a branch of that tree and pants hard while fanning himself. "Phew! She just doesn't know when to quit. Jeez, is my blood really that tasty?"

The next thing he knows is that Remilia is clinging on to him, trapping his arms with her own and holding herself securely by wrapping her legs around his waist. "Tasty? That blood of yours is like a delicacy! Now hold still~"

The boy does what any sensible man would do in such a situation; he takes off flight in hopes of knocking the vampire off of his person, but she's holding on too tightly for him to achieve anything other than to amuse her.

"Weee~" she cheers while the boy desperately twirls around and dives and shoots back up to the sky, attempting everything to get her off, but in the end her persistence is too much, and he ends up sitting back on that branch to take some restoring breaths.

With her prey subdued Remilia giggles and says "alright then, don't move too much and this will be painless and over before you even know it."

The moment she sinks her teeth into his neck, the boy gasps and twitches. "I thought you said it was painless!"

She ignores his cries and continues with her meal. A few seconds later the boy begins to smile and coo, and with a dreamy look on his face he blissfully says "hey... it's not so bad."

He chuckles a bit and blushes, then the vampire making a mess of blood all over him and herself giggles and says "see? It's not that bad once my special venom gets into your system. It makes you feel pleasure instead of pain, as though you were with your lover."

Sanae walks out of the mansion's gates and sweetly calls "Aiiiil~ Ail-kun it's time to go~!" The moment his eyes are on her Remilia can't help but coo and giggle mischievously, and after she applies her natural coagulant to close the wound, she says "well then, I'll leave some of that venom behind. You can thank me later~"

She takes flight and waves as she says "byeee; have fun~," and then when he realizes he's free, he dives for the shrine maiden and scoops her off her feet.

She yelps with surprise, but soon calms down when she sees it's her man and says "Ail, you startled me! I thought we were taking a gap home."

Before he can make up some answer, she notices the blood on his shirt and the bite on his neck, and angrily says "Ail-kun! Grrr, that BRAT! Turn around; I'm going to have a word... with that...? Sweetie?"

When she notices how much he's blushing, she gasps when she realizes what is happening. She giggles afterward and turns her blushing face away while saying "but honey, we should wait until we're married!"

The boy manages to smile while saying "she left that venom in me." That's enough to make Sanae squeal and playfully say "kyaa~! Please, no; I'm such a pure young girl."

She squeals one more time and says "please be gentle~, and I'll try to be nice and gentle too~"

Those last words seem odd to the boy and make him have second thoughts, but with that venom coursing through his body, his logic and common sense take a jump towards adventure and he continues on with his present course.

That night, at Ail's house, the boy, Budou, Phredia, Sanae and Ayalina are getting things ready to prepare the evening's meal, and as they work away the two lovers can't help but blush and smile; and even chuckle or giggle; whenever they look at each other.

The young-looking mother glances between the two for a while until a pretty evil grin forms on her face, then she sweetly says "Budou, be a gem and go prepare the bath for us."

The little bat youkai happily salutes and giggles, then goes off to the bathroom cheering "woo~! I'll make sure it's extra hot!"

As soon as the little girl and the fairy are gone, the mother sits down, rests her elbow on the table, her head on her hand, and grins mischievously at the lovebirds.

Ail knows this move and keeps repeating "oh shit" in his mind. His fears become real when the woman slyly asks "so... how was it?"

Sanae gets stuck in an attempt to speak while her face turns redder with ever second. Anilan breaks free of his stupor and tries speaking casually, but his voice cracks under the pressure of his mother's sight. "What-whatever do you mean mom?"

Ayalina smiles knowingly, glances over to the shrine maiden, sighs, then says "a mother knows, my child. You two are making those faces; you want more. Ah, but one can only take so much on the first time!"

She grabs Sanae by the shoulders and asks "so? How was he, hmm? How many rounds did he endure?"

Ail grabs his mother's arm to pull her away from his girlfriend and says "mom, mom, just calm down, we didn't do anything... much. We just fooled around for a bit... For a while. ...A few hours."

The woman's face shows such disappointment that even Budou feels it all the way over to the bathroom. "What is it? Too hot? But it's just barely steaming!"

Sanae finally breaks from her stupor and sweetly says "it's alright dear~! You're doing fine." She then turns to Ail's mother to speak her mind, but the woman beats her to it.

"Well no wonder you're both still hungry." She speaks these words with such endearment and worry she lowers the couple's defenses and continues "it's not healthy for your relationship to be so... dry. Darlings, you'll eventually have to cross those waters; now I won't force you to do it, but you have to think about what you two want for the future of your lives together, hmm."

Both youngsters seem to be thinking about her words. Ayalina smiles at this and happily adds "and~ I'll gladly be of assistance. Sanae, you wear a leotard, Ail, you wear leather pants, and I'll wear my old mistress uniform with the whip and bring the wooden horse to-oomph!"

The lovers stuff the mother's mouth with an onion just as Budou and Phredia rejoin them at the table, and then the little bat asks "done~! It's steaming real nicely too... Umm, why is grandma eating raw veggies?"

Sanae giggles and says "she's just veeeery hungry today and couldn't wait for it to cook."

Ail chuckles and adds "and since she's a flower youkai, eating and CHEWING raw vegetables is a great way for her to think of her actions and words more carefully."

The young-looking mother merely chuckles, takes a vicious bite off of her onion (surprising the couple greatly), and after swallowing her unscheduled meal she speaks darkly. "Oh yes dear, I have really thought of what I did and have decided I will rectify this immediately after dinner."

Her voice brightens up as she says "Budou, my dear, you remember what I taught you while I was here?"

The little girl thinks for a moment, then gasps excitedly and says "yeah, I remember! When mama and papa go to sleep in his room, I should wear earmuffs while I sleep!"

She gets a rub on the head and a scratch on the chin while the young mother bubbly says "that is right~! My, what a smart child! Well, tonight..."

She looks at the terrified couple as she darkly says "you should wear them extra tight. I'll be having a word with these two, and it might get very-aaaiiiieeee!"

She falls through a gap straight to the middle of the Human Village's Market, where she looks around, grumbles as she gets off her butt, and says "that boy! How dare he do that to his own-aww, look at that cute doll! Oh, and it's edible!"

She walks toward a kiosk of cake decorations and completely forgets about her lustful vengeance... for the time being.

The next morning, Ail is following the instructions from Rika and Byakuren and is currently meditating behind his house while reciting some Sutras as best as he can. Since he didn't memorize them, he's being very quiet about it.

A yellow bolt of lightning falls from the sky and rushes to his head, but the meditating boy merely opens a gap above himself to trap it, then opens another and aims it behind some trees, where Tojiko yelps after her own bolt sparks her ghostly butt.

As she rubs her posterior she looks at the boy, raises an eyebrow, then raises her fist as a vein pulsates on it and on her forehead. "Are you really mocking me, you piece of shit?"

The boy is now on a cushion and drinking some tea as casually as if nothing was happening. He lifts his cup towards the unwelcome guest and asks "care for some tea? Or perhaps you want me to kick you out of here the hard way?" He takes another sip.

Somehow his ignorance infuriates the ghostly girl a great deal, but she's not about to show it; or at least she wishes she wouldn't show it so plainly.

She shoots a zigzagging bolt from her finger and aims it at his stomach while he drinks, but he lowers the cup at that precise moment when it's about to hit him and deflects it.

He casually turns his teacup to see the burn mark on it and sets it down on its plate and then on the ground, then he lifts an intense gaze toward the green-haired girl and says "you know, that wasn't very nice!"

He rolls right to avoid a series of yellow bolts that fall from the sky, opens four small gaps above himself, then shoots a focused orange orb at the girl and multiplies it with the open gaps.

Tojiko yelps when she sees the attack and flies away from the five explosive orbs headed toward her. Even with all her fast flying, she is still caught in the third orb's blast and is sent flying forward against her will, then falls on her face on the grassy ground.

She pushes herself off the ground, spits some blades of grass, turns around with her fist raised and crackling with electricity, and says "you're going to be sorry for that, whelp!"

Ail covers his right fist with a barrier and rushes toward her with a calm glare, and then Budou calls "papaaaa~! Are you out here?"

The boy and shocking spirit are holding each other by the shoulders like good buddies while the boy calls "back here sweetie. I'm just having a nice chat with Miss Soga."

"Keep your hand on my shoulder, pervert," she mutters, to which he mutters back "dream on. Just keep your tails in check, sicko."

They straighten up when Budou arrives, and the girl happily walks over and says "Tojiko-chan, welcome! My, you and papa must really get along! Normally you don't like hanging out with anyone but Lady Futo or Miss Miko."

"Oh yes, this is quite rare." A nameless fear crawls from the depths of Tojiko's heart after she hears that familiar voice, and she is unable to hide this.

Miko makes her way to the dense one and her friend, places her arm around the ghost girl's waist, and pulls her off the grateful boy's reach. She smiles at the little bat youkai and says "it appears she's grown quite fond of him."

Futo appears to the boy's right and bows apologetically to him while the pointy-haired girl says "please, Mister Ail, excuse any trouble Tojiko may have caused you." She then leans closer to the girl's ear and whispers "I saw the whole thing young lady."

The ghostly girl is sweating bullets while trying to maintain her composure in front of Budou.

Anilan bows his head to Futo, and then to Miko while saying "oh, no trouble at all. She made Budou happy with her visit."

The shikaisen giggles then says "thou art such a noble soul. It makes my heart glad our prior misunderstanding did not escalate disproportionately."

The boy chuckles softly and nods, then pats his adoptive daughter on the head and says "alright ladies, we shall take our leave. Come on Budou, let's wake Sanae and take her back home."

After they wave at the girls and leave to get Sanae, Miko tightens her grip around Tojiko and sighs with disappointment. "Really now, attacking him in his own home. I can't let this one slip."

"Bu-bu-b... be gentle with me~" cries the girl as though fearing what's to come.

Futo chuckles and says "this time we won't. That girl who admires you; what if she gazed upon your attack of her father figure? No, no, I'm sorry but this cannot go unpunished."

Tojiko moans while Miko and Futo pull her by her hands toward the forest, and their saint says "no matter how much you cry, we can't just forgive you. Come, the sooner we deal with this, the better it will be for all of us."

Later that day, at the Ancient City, Parsee yawns as she walks around the streets in her search to do away with her boredom, when a pair of speedy clouds run over her and continue on their merry way.

She struggles as she stands back up, rubs the footprint off her pained face, then shakes her fists while shouting "how dare you run all over my beautiful face!? I'm going to get you for thiiiiiis!"

Ail and Orin continue their race uninterrupted as they run up the wall with the sheer momentum of their speed, and reach the top before they have to slow down.

As soon as they touch the ground again they set off at ridiculous speeds and head toward the exit of the cave, but both are soon stopped, yelling and rolling when they get tangled in one of Yamame's webs, and due to their momentum they roll all the way outside, taking Kisume and the blonde culprit along with them.

They are all now stuck in a ball of webs and rocks that comes to a stop at the edge of the cave's entrance.

Orin pops her head out of the mess and says "oh great, we did it again!"

Ail pops his head at the other side of the ball, then says "give me a second and I'll cut us free in a few."

Yamame easily jumps out of her ball of web and angrily exclaims "hold it home wreckers! Nobody is cutting ANYTHING! I'll get you out myself!"

She jumps back inside the ball of web and stone and plucks Kisume out. The little tsurube otoshi mutters angrily as she hops away from the mess.

Ail feels something at his feet, then a second later he's popped out of the web ball as Yamame angrily says "honestly, you two and your races are a nuisance sometimes! I can't even adorn my own home the way I like it anymore."

Both the boy and kasha apologize while the spider girl pushes the cat out of the ball, and then she jumps out of that mess with ease and sighs irritably. "Fine, it's fine... Just try to keep your eyes open next time."

The boy and kasha seem to be ignoring the spider (to her irritation), and just as they dash off back into the cave she shouts "DON'T RUIN ANY MORE OF MY WEEEEBS!"

Parsee is now back at her bridge with a bandage on her left arm and her right cheek. She sighs with boredom as she looks at the water and spikes under her bridge, and then says to herself "I hate it when Yuugi's having fun and I'm not."

She feels something strange and looks up to see; to her horror; that Ail and Orin are coming back for another pass. She panics and shoots while shouting "get the hell away from me!"

The racers split up to avoid the bullets, and the bridge princess braces for impact. Instead of getting run over by feet, the two racers run on the water and create large waves from both sides that splash and soak her from head to toe.

She slowly lowers her arms, spits the water out of her mouth, stomps furiously three times, then shouts "stupid, idiots, dumb, morons, retards, AAAARGH!"

The runners pass the Ancient City once more and arrive at the front yard of Chireiden, where they have to stop before they accidentally step on Petal's garden; which happens to be quite expansive.

"Well that was too close," comments Orin, to which Ail nods and says "let's not repeat yesterday's incident with angry Momkuu."

They arrive at the open gates holding each other by the shoulders and laughing hard, but then stop and gulp nervously when the figure before them clears her throat.

Satori shakes her head as she sighs, then says "honestly, you're going to get me into trouble if you don't watch out where you're going! ...Oh yes, I can see it all in your hearts and you know it. Neither Parsee nor Yamame deserved that. Now as punishment the both of you are to clean mine and Koishi's bathrooms and dig a new hole in my backyard."

Both Ail and Orin groan out loud as they slump, but then they look at each other, grin and chuckle, then the boy declares "last one to the bathrooms starts the hole!"

He and the kasha run past the satori, leaving her a bit dazed, and disappear after turning a corner.

The girl lets herself drop on the floor and remains there as she giggles.

Petal rushes to her, worriedly calling "Shatori-shama-love is floor! No getting up Shatori-shama-love! Petal helping!"

Satori smiles and pats the girl on the head, sits her on her lap to give her a hug, and says "it's alright Petal, I am just fine. It's just that seeing him back to being himself and seeing my Orin so happy gives me great joy... and this spot on the floor happens to be quite comfortable."

The little bird girl giggles happily as her hair gets rubbed by the mind reader, who remains blissfully unaware of her subconscious sister and her sinisterly mischievous grin as she prepares to pounce her older sister and the little bird.

Her plans are quickly thwarted by a heavy control rod to the head from the smiling motherly Okuu protecting her little Petal. "No Koishi-sama, you don't try that on Petal again."

Koishi can only groan while lying flattened on the floor like some cockroach.

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, at Flandre's room, the blonde vampire is lying on her bed with a thoughtful expression on her face while looking up at the ceiling and scratching Azzhara's head to her right. He keeps purring quite contently.

"Hey... pervy cat, what makes one be attracted to another?" At the sudden question, the cat swings his three tails right and stares.

He takes human form, sits on the edge of the bed and looks up at the ceiling and says "I really don't know. Sometimes the attractions are caused by physicality, other times by personality, sometimes a mixture of both, and on very rare occasions, because of spirit."

The girl expresses her confusion, so he continues "like I said, I really don't know. Take me for example. I came here to kill you for killing my master, but the more I observed you the more I liked you."

Flandre seems a bit annoyed and embarrassed about being told that, but instead of attacking; as per-usual; she curiously asks "really? Just like that? ...What attracted you about me at first?"

He smiles and looks at her, getting her full attention as he says "those cute innocent eyes were the first thing I noticed. There is something about those eyes of yours that just makes me feel butterflies all over my body. After that, of course, I really liked how much you are developing."

She smacks his face with a pillow and angrily growls "pervert!"

Azzhara doesn't seem to care and continues "the more I shredded your clothes to tiny bits, the more I liked you, to the point that I just HAD to purposely take those cute clothes off of you."

Flandre sits on her bed with her fist raised and a pair of veins popping on said fist a she asks "you wanna start something again?"

The boy smiles, reaches behind her ear, and the blonde suddenly smiles, blushes, and drops on his lap with a content sigh. While he continues to appease her, he says "as I was saying, attraction to another can be caused by many things, so I'm not sure how to answer that question of yours. And on the note of your body, you are quite attractive too."

Flandre moans contently and speaking in bliss she asks "too? You wouldn't happen to like my sister too, would you?"

Azzhara sighs as he looks toward the door and says "ahh, I would be lying if I said she didn't attract me either. Even more so, now that she's suddenly developed those hips. It happened that night after she feasted on that Ail boy."

The blonde vampire moans contently and speaks in a steady tone as she says "aah, if this didn't feel so good I would be ripping your eyes out you filthy little pervert oooh."

He chuckles and continues to rub that weak point of hers, and says "don't worry my love, you are still more developed than her, and you do have those innocent eyes I like so much."

The girl seems to settle down and succumbs to the rubbing, and for several minutes they both remain quiet.

Flandre opens one eye, and looks up at the wavy hair on the ponytail of the three-tailed boy, then asks "say, I want to know something. However did you take my clothes off so easily the other day?"

Azzhara shrugs causally, stops rubbing behind her ear and places his hand on her waistline, and then casually says "like this."

Outside the room Remilia listens to the ripping sound coming from Flandre's room. Her little sister shrieks and shouts "KYYYAAAAHHHH! YOU PERVERT, MY UNDERWEAR TOO! WAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Booms, cracks and crashes vibrate through the doors of that room as the girl screams "come back here! COME BACK HERE and let me rip your head off, you perveeeert!"

The three-tailed cat happily runs out of the room through a small crack on the door with the little vampire's clothes on his teeth, and then Flandre shouts "just you wait! I'll get clothed again and hunt you down, you hear me!? I'm going to KILL YOU! ROAR!"

Remilia sighs and shrugs while saying to herself "ah, my little sister; one day you'll understand what is love... eh?"

She looks to her right hand when she feels something warm on it, and to her horror she discovers she is holding her sister's stolen clothes.

At that very moment the door to the blonde's room bursts open, and before Remilia has a chance, Flandre points at her and shouts "ah-HA~! I knew it! You're in cahoots with that PERVERT!"

The elder Scarlet waves her hands in front of herself while frightfully pleading "w-w-wait Flandre, this is not what it looks like!"

Flandre activates her Lavatein while saying "oh really? Then what is it, because it looks pretty convincing to me!"

To the blue-haired vampire's disgrace she has Azzhara rubbing his cheeks all over her legs. She kicks the cat away and shouts "Flandre, use you head! I'm being FRAMED! Why would I want your used clothes?"

The blonde vampire's aura rises and she trembles in anger, then she looks up at her sister and says "you dare kick my Azzhara like some beach ball... That's IT! I'm going to deck your lights out, sister! ROOOOAAAAARRRR!"

Remilia yelps and screams for help while wrestling her sister on the floor, all while Kimi and Sakuya watch them with disappointed and disgusted faces, then the dragon woman says "I'm not touching this one."

Sakuya sighs while rubbing her forehead. She watches as the vampires grab hold of each others' cheeks and start stretching each others' face, and then says "such deplorable behavior."

Kimi nods, and now they both wait until the right time comes when they can separate the two overpowered girls.

Later that night, at Mystia's Lamprey Stand, Ail and Kimi have come across each other, and for an inexplicable reason they are now sharing a table.

"So what are you doing here? Not causing any trouble, right?" The boy asks this after Mystia takes their orders and walks away with the small menu.

The shadow girl glances around nervously while saying "I was... um, l-looking for you."

The boy raises an eyebrow. At this moment, Mystia comes by with Kimi's hot sake and Ail's chilled juice, while the boy casually asks "me huh? I haven't done anything to incite your wrath upon me or anything like that, right?"

Kimi downs a small cup of her sake so as to wait to answer after Mystia is gone and says "no, nothing like that." Even though the night sparrow is away, she signals Ail to get closer and whispers "it's about your offer. You know; to take me there."

Ail rests his back on the chair's backrest as he drinks his juice, then replies with a soft tone "I see. You're not ready yet, am I right?"

When she nods, he chuckles and asks "what's wrong? Did you get attached to them, or perhaps... did someone threaten you?"

The shadow girl shakes her head with her eyes close, then opens them and says "no, nothing like that... Well, kinda. I have... grown a bit accustomed to them; please don't tell; but that's not the reason I'm declining the offer."

As she says this, the grabs her ponytail and begins to fiddle around with it while trying to keep eye contact, but she's too nervous to keep still.

The dense one frowns. Mystia comes with their order and sets it on their table, and after being thanked properly, she bows and returns to the cart.

After she's gone the boy sighs and asks "if that's not the reason, then what is?"

The girl takes another gulp of sake, looks at the boy in the eyes, and says "it's a feeling... that I am still needed here. I don't know how to explain it, and honestly I don't know why I'm listening to my crappy heart, but it feels like I'll regret leaving now without finding out what has my heart acting like a whiny bitch."

The boy sighs in an attempt to hide a half-smile, and says "you know, the Guardian will be a bit disappointed. He was really looking forward to seeing you."

Kimi blushes tomato red as she whispers "I know, and I was too, but this is too strong a tug, boy! I can't ignore it no matter how hard I try."

Ail chuckles lightly, then says "alright then. You know he made same face when I questioned him? ...Oh yes, he knows too. He was the first to tell me that you would have to stay a little longer."

Before she can shower him with questions, the boy says "he promised he would wait for you, and that he himself will welcome you with open arms when you get there."

There is a sign of relief in Kimi's face. She takes another gulp of sake before beginning her meal, and with the food in her mouth she says "you're a lifesaver kid."

She swallows and continues "I was so nervous of knowing his answer. I can't believe I fell for him like I did. But as it is, I won't deny this to you, since you are both our friend now. I... am your friend, right?"

Ail smiles as he nods while swallowing his own meal, then Kimi lets a giggle escape as she says "it feels strange calling someone other than the Hakurei a friend."

She suddenly stabs her knife on the table while looking at the boy with embarrassment and threatening eyes, and says "but friend or not, if you tell another soul about me and the Guardian Dragon, I am going to rip your head off and eat your spine!"

The boy laughs nervously and quickly says "I really don't know what you're talking about! We're just talking about how Meiling should show more of her legs!"

The girl smiles, laughs, then says "those gorgeous legs of hers are wasted under that skirt and those pants!"

At the gates of the SDM, poor Meiling looks around and hugs herself as if cold. "I feel strange. Like if my body was being targeted from afar! Brrr! I hope it's not some disgusting pervert having his way with me in his filthy mind!"

And so, life in Gensokyo goes on as usual. For Ail his therapies sometimes feel like torture sessions, as sometimes Byakuren will fight the unwelcome Miko, even with him and Rika trying to calm things down.

At Remilia's Mansion, things seem to be getting a little too lively with Kimi and Azzhara there, and the occasional visits from the Rabid Karate Night sparrow, but she's getting used to it all, and now even the devil-bird's visit are becoming more acceptable to her and her sister.

Flandre continues to struggle with Azzhara, however as time keeps passing, she's becoming more and more used to having a pet/lover, although she still refuses to admit it.

Patchouli and Koakuma have come to terms with the fact that they cannot stop the inevitable disappearance of Leon and Lina. They do possess those summoning cards, but for them it won't be the same; however those around them are sure that after some time passes (after those children are gone), that things will eventually normalize, and life will go on as usual.

At the lake, Cirno has mastered her attack with the ice orbs and now has her head in the clouds once more as she boasts of being the most powerful fairy ever. The dumb little fairy may have the right to boast however, as within her little orbs of ice lie a large magical world of its own; though she doesn't really know about that.

Kyo and Luna return from their honeymoon, and receive and unexpectedly warm tear-filled welcome from Medicine. The doll youkai's fears of abandonment seem to have been put to rest by merely seeing them come back from their honeymoon, and so their lives together continue like that of a close family... that occasionally get into epic danmaku fights over sweets.

The Kappa-Pa Resort continues to have invasions from a certain Captain Murasa, who still would like to see more of Nitori and her swimsuits, but with the little smartass kappa's luck, not even Julia can get a chance at that sweet girl.

Ayalina and Yuka's odd relationship appears to be quite strong, and getting stronger with time, however whenever there is a man (or a male flower) involved, they become fierce competitors, and Kurumi, Elly and Nitori's Grandpa occasionally find themselves looking for sanctuary at the flower master's old mansion.

Rika is having some trouble with Chiaki's training, however she remains confident she will get through her, although with Tenshi there the little vixen seems distracted, and so her training has become harder and, for what the shrine maid can see, it might take even longer.

Also, Lykamei sometimes escapes The Netherworld to go and visit that angelic woman, and no matter how many times she gets caught and/or taken back home by Youmu, Yuyuko, or Rika herself, she will still try to be with the sweet maid. Thankfully Suzaku always makes Rika's busy life easier so she can deal with the little ghost and her new familiar.

Speaking of Rika, even though things seem calm, the keeps having black and white dreams where her Mistress Reimu gets engulfed by some form of destruction. She's doing all she can in order to figure these dreams out without worrying her Mistress about it.

Mima now feels a weight has lifted off her shoulders. She feels Ail is once more whom he should be, but she refuses to cut their links, mostly because Ayalina has promised to pay her if she keeps helping her son through hardships; if they come. The evil spirit has never been happier... and more mischievous. She has learned how to separate her ghostly bones from her semi-human skin in order to make a horrifying show at the Human Village. She feels twice as satisfied because she almost killed a woman of a heart attack.

Michiko keeps visiting the shrine from time to time, especially if it'll annoy Reimu. She makes parties whenever she can, and eventually freaks everyone out with her disappearances and enjoys every second of it. For some reason, her interest in Reimu keeps growing every time, or is it something else?

Finally, for Ail, it feels as though he's finally back home where he belongs after a long and strenuous journey. He is back home, he gets visits from his mother, Kogasa, Lily, Sanae (of course), and a new girl he just met who can only show emotions through her masks. Sanae's visits are more frequent than the rest, of course, and for Anilan that is a great reason to always feel happy.

He goes about his mornings with Budou as peacefully as when he first came into Gensokyo, he has re-earned all the money he lost during his many forced adventures, and to make things better, his relation with Sanae has strengthened a great deal.

Yukari gets tired of watching over the people in Gensokyo, closes all her gaps up, covers herself up with her sheets as she lies on her bed, then says "it appears everything's been balanced out nicely Ran."

The shikigami nods elegantly while keeping her hands hidden under the sleeves she keeps leveled with her chest. "As always, things return to normal Lady Yukari. Although I must admit, Chen and I felt everything came a little too close to chaos."

The sage's face wrinkles a bit when she frowns and says "I know. For a moment I thought I would have had to kill him. I am honestly happy I did not have to do that. I really do like him as much as I like Reimu."

Ran whimpers a bit until Yukari places her attention on her. She has lowered her ears and is giving her master a pitiful look, to which the youkai sage coos for and opens her arms, welcoming her.

The nine-tailed vixen happily accepts the invitation, and rests her head on her master's lap while getting her head rubbed.

Yukari giggles and says "dear me, I'm sorry Ran, I didn't mean to make you jealous, I was merely sharing my feelings with you."

The happy kitsune rubs her cheek on the woman's lap and happily says "it's ok Lady Yukari. I forgive you."

They share a few giggles and then Ran lifts her ears in attention, looks at the solitary gap to Yukari's right, observes as a lone girl looks toward the ocean, and then asks "that girl again? That's the 6th time she's summoned you in just a week. Are you thinking about inviting her in?"

The blonde sage looks distant as she gazes upon that gap, closes it up, then says "with all that she's going through, it's a possibility. She will make a nice meal for some lucky youkai... or she'll make an interesting inhabitant if she makes it to the village."

Ran coos and chuckles as she gets some loving attention around her ear, and then says "something tells me you are already fond of her."

"Interested, my dear Ran," corrects the youkai sage. "Her abilities are quite unique, and I am certain many would benefit from them... I mean, of course, as long as they are magic folk. Humans can't enjoy the gifts she possesses."

The kitsune sighs and says "humans and their ignorance. They don't know what they're missing. All the freedom they could have if they would just wake up."

Yukari taps her shikigami's head hard enough for her to feel it, then says "patience my dear; it all in due time. And besides, more and more are waking up each day. The world already reset itself, and thus a new beginning slowly takes place. Magic will be restored."

Reset Sukima - The End!

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Budou, Phredia, Kyo, Luna Rivers, Agava, Ayalina, the Rabid Karate Night Sparrow (RKNS), Azzhara, Petal, Michiko, Chiaki, Julia, Leon, Lina, Kimi and Lykamei were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku the Vermilion Bird were created by Snapshot 2010

SEP 27 2013

Written by

Willie G.R.


And so, I finished this story. I WAS planning on adding more things, but they were really not needed, and it doesn't seem like anyone was interested in more, so it's done now. Let's hope my next Sukima feels better for me and the readers too. I did just leave a huge hint about what it will bring; though the hint may be huge, but I wasn't too clear on it... or was I?

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this story. Hope you enjoyed what you could.

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