NOTES: Again, keep a sharp eye out. There are some silly, AND interesting revelations here, but some are subtle, while others are just plain as day. Good luck spotting them.

Legend: [i] = a sudden thought between the dialogue, or Ail talking to his other self.

Dec 24 2012 - Glad to have finished this re-edit for this chapter in just one day. Sorta. You'll notice I added "NegaAil" to the villain Ail here. It looks better that way. I have fixed many mistakes and rewrote a few tiny things. Aside from that, there aren't that many changes.

Ail wakes up to a cool and quiet autumn morning next to the Dragon God statue at the Human Village.

He sits on the red grass, swipes a few orange and red leaves from his person, then looks at the tree next to himself, stares for a moment, then *SSHING*!

He now stands on the road behind that tree with a reddish-black blade of energy that sways around at a slow pace, like that of the tail of a cat on the hunt.

The upper half of the tree behind him slowly slides off its base and falls on top of the statue; making very little sound, surprisingly enough.

The boy wills his blade off, turns around to admire his despicable work, and with a smooth yet cold tone on his voice, he says "that's for covering me with leaves. Pheh; never liked that damned tree anyways."

He dusts his hands while smiling with satisfaction, then asks himself "wonder what should I do [H-hey! What gives? Why did I just cut that tree?] today...?"

The boy's red eyes glow as a malicious smile creeps onto his face, and after a quick snicker he says "so, you're awake. Good! Now you can see how a real man lives his life!"

[Wait a minute! What the hell? I'm you? You're me? Wait, you're not me! GET OUT OF MY BODY THIS INSTANT!]

"No way kid," begins the dark boy as he starts his walk toward his house. "You've been messing around here for too long. Got Keine to suicide, got my favorite bunny girl killed, and even went and got yourself killed after that. I'm not [What the hell are you talking ab-*GASP*! It's you! That damned spirit! But you're supposed to be dead! What's going on here?] going to let you wander around in my body any longer!"

Confusion becomes evident in Ail's face as he holds his chin; though never stopping his walk; then says "so, you really don't remember how badly you messed before. Well, don't you worry. I am here now, and I intend to make things right for me, starting with Reimu."

[YOU DISGUSTING SON OF A-! Don't you DARE harm Miss Reimu!]

The boy stops, snarls at a staring old lady near a house, making her yelp and painfully limp her way into her home, then says "hurt her? You fucking idiot! I love her! [HEY~! You made that poor woman hurt her back!] I would never hurt her!"

The red-eyed boy sighs, and then says "forget that hag. Anyways, it's time to teach you how to be a man, so we are going to love Reimu-chan, not hurt her. Heheh, you're in for a wild ride, kid."

He starts moving toward his house again while thinking about what he plans to do, chuckles, his cheeks turn a bit red, and now he quickens his pace.

[W-w-wait a minute! L-love Reimu? As in... DON'T YOU DARE DEFILE MISS REIMU YOU VILE FIEND! I swear, if you touch her I am going to cut your hands off-! Ah, but wait, I'd be cutting my own hands. Never mind that! Don't you DARE touch Reimu-sis!]

"Hey, Reimu is my wife! I can do whatever the hell I damn well want with her," barks the red-eyed Ail, getting many odd looks from the early risers around him, and then softly adds "besides, I've been neglecting her for some time. She wants and needs this, kid, and what Reimu-chan wants, Reimu-chan gets."

Ail arrives to the house with the curtain for a door, walks right through, and places a red barrier in front of that bare opening.

Inside the small house, Reimu and Rika sleep at a tiny room to the right of the tiny home's living room, where they both barely fit, but the boy doesn't care and makes his way to them.

His wife is sound asleep, wearing a thin white dress, snoring softly under her covers and letting her cute voice fill his ears while doing so, unaware of her husband's presence.

He kneels in front of her feet, slowly crawls on top of the girl, making sure to not disturb Rika [NO! Don't you DARE! I'm not letting you! LA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAAAA~! Ha, my voice is so annoying! You can't do anything while I'm screaming, right!? WELL TAKE THAT! HEAR MY ANNOYING VOICE FILLING YOUR-] and after the kind Ail's voice is willed shut, he smiles with a soft chuckle and starts caressing the girl's face.

As she moans in her sleep, the red-eyed boy smiles dearly, bends over to kiss the girl on her lips while thinking "your loss kid. I guess I get to enjoy this all by myself," and then Reimu finally awakes.

She stares at her husband with fright, but slowly relaxes after she fully wakes up, smiles and suddenly sits up to kiss her man on the lips, then whispers "my love, what a surprise."

Ail smiles back and whispers "hey honey. Why don't we just cut to the chase now that you're awake, hmm?"

She chuckles mischievously, wraps her arms around the boy, giggles happily, and whispers "you bad boy. I've been waiting for this for a while."

They both stop their advancing faces, halting the intended kiss to turn to face Rika, who is whimpering to the right with a terrified red face and with her wings fluttering very rapidly.

She wears a thin white shirt similar to the black haired girl's, only hers fails to cover her belly button, whilst Reimu's reaches just above the panties.

Husband and wife stare at the girl, then the mistress casually asks "so, you want in, or what?"

That snowy morning, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion; glass breaking, wood shattering, and light explosions unsettle the surrounding area, though the uproar only lasts for a short while.

In front of the gate to the mansion stands Meiling Hong, the gate guardian, who has long scarlet hair with long strands tied to the side of her face into braids with black ribbons, beautiful and lively aquamarine eyes, and wears a green vest over a white shirt with long sleeves, a green beret with a star that has the Chinese symbol for "Dragon", and a pair of long white pants that are covered by a green skirt with a long slit.

The Chinese-looking girl sniffles and rubs her nose with her index finger, sighs as a few fairies fly by the area, then softly says "wonder what's going on in the mansion this time? It's so noisy."

After some time of peace and quiet, the gate guard's eyes start to get heavy, her head tilts several times, and then she finally relaxes enough to drift into her subconscious mind.


And now Meiling jumps ten feet in the air after the bloody scream and nerve-wrecking crash that came from within the mansion; that also disturbs everything up to the outer shores of the lake.

Inside the mansion halls, Patchouli Knowledge pants hard as she slowly runs toward a sturdy table, lets her upper body drop on it, and even though she's out of breath, she manages to shout "Ko-Koakuma! Use ice! ICE, DAMMIT!"

She has long purple hair adorned with fuchsia and light-blue ribbons tied to both sides of her hair and a lilac mop hat that's also adored with equally colored ribbons that make two cute buns on it and a golden crescent moon. She has purple eyes, and wears a lilac robe over a purple and light-purple sleeping dress.

Koakuma, whom has long red hair, red eyes, tiny black bat wings on her head, larger black bat wings on her back, and wears a black vest over a white shirt and a black skirt, jumps backward while shooting small icicles from her right hand.

She sighs anxiously, looks at Patchouli, notices her large chest being squeezed against that lucky table, blushes, and then says "Lady Patchouli, it just won't stop! I shoot, but I can't hit it!"

"What are you looking at," angrily replies the magician before getting up, then more calmly says "it's like trying to shoot smoke! What's worse, the little sister can't blow it up like she normally does."

"WAAAAAHHHHHHH! Get it off, GET IT OOOOOOOFFFF!", screams Flandre as she stumbles around the corridor while trying to wrestle the black three-tailed cat off her hands, chest, legs, or head; wherever the little critter may be scratching and biting for more than one second.

She slams her left arm; where it currently is; against the wall, breaking a hole on it in hopes of ridding herself of the monstrous beast, but now it's scratching her stomach, causing her to cry "why! won't! it! DIEEEEEEE! OOF!"

The blond vampire is tackled from behind by a boy and a girl with light-blue hair, ice-blue eyes and ghostly-pale skin, whom wear light-lilac jackets over white shirts, and red pants and skirt.

The girl, of course, has longer hair, and happens to be the one wearing the skirt, and she also happens to be the one using a basic icicle spell to scare the nekomata away.

"He's all yours, my cute little pet," declares Lina, getting a thumbs-up from Koakuma before said little devil runs after the fleeing feline.

Leon walks over to Patchouli, stares at the girl's chest, making her very nervous, and when she opens her mouth to speak, the boy jumps on her, hugs her tight, making sure her breasts are squeezed against his face, then he happily says "I love getting my reward from my love."

The flushed girl smashes the boy on the head with a book and shouts "NOT NOW YOU LITTLE IMP!"

Flandre lifts her head off the ground, looks around and moans in confusion, then twitches, her left eye shrinks while her right one expands, and watches with horror while that evil black cat carries the unconscious Koakuma by the belt of her skirt and tosses her in front of the understandably terrified library-dwellers.

It meows casually, makes his way to Flandre, hisses a chuckle, and then lifts its right paw, popping one sharp claw after the other in rapid succession.

The cute little girl shuts her eyes tight and whimpers while she waits for those stinging claws, but soon notices the lack of burning pain, so she opens them again to notice the evil black cat staring frozen behind her.

Kimi Hong, Meiling's shadow, stands behind the vampire, showing off her new looks by standing with her ample chest pushed up, her belly tucked, and her arms on her hips.

Her light-orange hair is now made into a ponytail that reaches down to her butt, and adorns it with a golden star on a pin on the left side of her head.

Her right eye is red with a black lizard-like pupil, her left eye is black with a round red pupil that seems to be surrounded by white flames, and she wears an open, sleeveless black jacket over a red t-shirt, white short shorts, and a pair of white calf-high boots that help accent the beauty of her legs.

She grins vilely at the cat, then asks "oi, kitty-cat. What's your beef with that vampire? Don't you know she's my future victim?"

The black nekomata screeches loudly as its eyes become pink hearts, its hair frizzles up and stands on its ends, and floats in mid-air.

It suddenly runs around in front of Flandre, swinging its claws at her but missing miserably, then suddenly jumps up to the ceiling, clings on to it, then runs away as if it were running on the ground.

Kimi's grin vanishes in an instant, looks at Sakuya, and then asks "was it something I said?"

The maid's cheeks turn pink, chuckles nervously, then hesitantly says "uhh, I think you just earned yourself an admirer."

The shadow girl smiles triumphantly and says "hell yeah. Day one with my new looks and I'm already knockin'em dead!"

She grabs the maid in a hug and says "I owe you one, sexy time-human."

Sakuya can only chuckle nervously while trying to escape the shadow dragon, Patchouli stares at everyone in disgust, Koakuma moans and rubs her head while getting up and asking "is it over?", and the Kori twins are about to speak.

The purple bean sprout covers their mouths, lifts them off the ground, and makes her way to the library while saying "we'll study pheromones later."

"Wait, take Miss Kimi with you. It's time for her studies as well," exclaims Sakuya.

"Studies? What are those? Are they tasty?" asks the clueless shadow girl.

Koakuma merely chuckles, bows slightly, and then says "come on Miss Kimi. Follow us to the library."

The shadow dragon groans after quickly understanding the predicament she's in, but follows after the little devil as if not having any other choice in the matter.

Flandre gets off the ground, looks around at the now-empty corridor, shouts "and what about ME!?" then looks to the left, where the black nekomata is peeking its head from the corner while flipping its middle claw at her.

A vein pulsates on the blonde's forehead; she gets on her feet, and chases after the evil cat while screaming "get back here! GET BACK HERE AND DO THAT TO MY FACE SO I CAN BREAK YOURS!"

At the Human Village, NegaAil sits next to a round table in a small restaurant, holding a small sake plate oh his hand, merely staring at the plate's contents, not caring that what few people are in there are giving him very dirty looks.

He shakes his hand lightly enough to make the liquid wave around a tiny bit, then softly mutters "Reimu, my love. I-[Wh-where am I? What happened? Umm, wait a minute. *GASP* Reimu! What did you do to Miss Reimu!?]"

The red-eyed NegaAil chuckles, then says "ah, you're finally back. Don't [What did you do to her? ANSWER ME!] worry, she's fine. She should be having some trouble walking for a few hours, but rest assured, I would never hurt my own wife, even with Rika pissing me off."

[WHAT!? RIKA!? W-what did you...? YOU EVIL FIEND! You defiled my little sister? THAT IS IT! I am going to KILL YOU!]

"I wonder how that's gonna work for you, kid?" asks the red-eyed boy as he gets the sake closer to his lips.

The boy drinks the sake from his little plate, puts the money he owes on the table, then gets up from his chair and asks "besides, do I look like the type of guy who kiss-and-tells?"

He ignores the snarls from the nearby humans as he makes his way outside the little restaurant, [Well YEAH! You're pretty much scum!], grins with malice, then says "yeah, you're right. I am. But I'm not telling you. [And did you just drink sake? Do you know what that does to... Wait, you're not telling me? *GASP* You DEFILED THEM BOTH, didn't you!? You disgusting, son-of-a-!"]

The boy stomps his foot on the ground so hard, the shockwave caused by it rattles the restaurant and several houses, though does no actual damage, and then NegaAil shouts "REIMU IS MY WIFE, you WIMP! And whether Rika joined us or not is none of your damned business."

He resumes his walk while continuing "besides, you wanted out. Take responsibility for your choices. What happened between us three is for me to know, and you to never find out. OH, and I got used to the sake for you now, you wimp."

The walk through the village is a quiet one. Not a comment comes when a strange wind pushes the red-eyed Ail away from Keine's school, though the good Ail feels he knows why, yet is confused about it.

Once they reach the exit leading to the Forest of Magic, the boy quickens his pace and mutters about flying, [Wait, the forest? Are we going to my house? Your house? Um... our... house? ...JUST SAY SOMETHING!] "ARGH! Stop screaming in my brain, you idiot! I was about to fly too! Geez!"

He takes off to the air and angrily says "no, we're not going to that old place. It belongs to Budou now. [Budou? Shouldn't we go check on her?] And no, we're NOT going to go check on her, EVER. We have to go visit Alice."

His gaze becomes dark and cold as he speaks in a dangerous undertone, "she has yet to give me results, [Whoa there, why do you sound extra angry all of a sudden? H-hey, you're not going to harm her, right?] so it's high time I pay her a visit."

"HI AIL~!" cheerfully calls a familiar girl from above.

The boy turns around to face the newcomer, and immediately his eyes fill with lustful desire.

Gengetsu approaches the red-eyed boy [Oh look, it's Miss Gengetsu! Hmm, how odd. I wonder where Miss Mugetsu is?], smiling and waving as casually as ever.

The red-eyed boy explores the girl's body repeatedly, confusing her a bit, then says "well, well, what a gorgeous demon! [HEY~! Stop using my body for perversion! That's Miss Gengetsu, so you better treat her with respect!] Tell me sexy lady, where have you been HIDING all this time? Such curves you have!"


The blonde places a playful finger to the right of her lips, and in a seductive tone she says "oh, you're this world's Ail, I see. Mmm; not bad. Want to go one round with THIS dream demon?"

[WAIT-WAIT-WAIT JUST A MOMENT! What's going on here? Am I surrounded by perverts? Whoa, wait, did she just say 'this world's Ail?]

"Pipe down in there, you wuss," angrily says the red-eyed boy, whom quickly wraps an arm around Gengetsu's hips, pulls her closer, and playfully says "I'd love to try a demon of your level of beauty out."

He sighs, gives the girl's shoulder a tug, and says "sadly, my time here is tight. It's only a matter of time before that infernal machine resets everything, [What are you talk... ing about? Wait; why does that sound familiar?], and I need to check on Alice now."

The girl expresses her disappointment, then says "fine. But I'm coming with you. If you finish with that pup soon, you'll have time for me, right? Heheheh."

[I am SO keeping my distance from that girl.]

The boy slaps the winged demon on the butt, making her yelp and giggle afterward, and with that lusty grin on his face he says "that sounds like a wonderful idea, sweetheart. [Seriously, Sanae is going to be so mad if she ever finds out about this. Wait, what the hell am I saying!? I have to stop you!] Come, that girl's house is only a few minutes ahead."

Gengetsu blushes as she giggles happily, then says "ooh, you are more interesting than the other Ail. Too bad you're married, or I'd make you mine right now."

They take off toward their destination as the red-eyed Ail smiles and says "I definitely like you quite a lot already. [Grrr! STOP IGNORING ME!] Say, what can you do with those wings?"

The girl giggles sweetly, blows a kiss to the boy, then sweetly teases "that's a. se. cret. U-fu-fu."

Meanwhile, at Kyo's house, Su-San is using her tiny shovel to take out the piled snow off the roof, and keeps throwing the snow toward a specific spot.

From that spot, a girl exclaims "come ooooon! Just answer 'yes' or 'no'! I can't publish this without proof, or Tenma's going to punish me again!"

The girl is Aya Shameimaru, the crow tengu reporter with shoulder-length black hair she adorns with a red tokin (hat), red eyes, and wears a white button shirt with yellow and brown maple leaf motif strip to the left, a black skirt with a matching strip to the right, and red geta sandals with a thick single platform.

She moves left and right blindingly fast to avoid more snow, then peeks through the window she's hogging and exclaims "come on! Are you and Luna Medicine's parents, yes or no? It's a simple questi-ACK!"

After a horrible crunch, another voice takes over Aya's, asking "come on Kyo, between, like, friends and all that. Are you and Luna her parents?"

Hatate Himekaidou, another crow tengu reporter that has long brown hair adorned with a purple tokin and tied to twin tails with purple ribbons, brown eyes, and wears a pinkish button shirt, a purple and black checkered skirt, and long black socks and wooden purple geta sandals, stands on the bloody pile that's supposed to be Aya.

She taps the window lightly, then cries "come on, at least let me have something warm! It's freezing out there!"

"Go home you two," commands Kyo from the living room.

He, Medicine and Luna sit on the living room's couch, the doll youkai sitting between the couple as they rest against each other's shoulders.

All three sigh at the same time, then the boy gruffly says "these birds are really stupid."

"You're telling me," replies the girl. "But this is all your fault for picking on that yamabiko youkai. You should go out there and deal with this."

The doll youkai sighs, then says "guys... we're out of snow. Either we dump a bomb on them, or start making up a story that will make them leave us alone."

The couple stiffen, slowly turn their faces toward each other, evil smiles grace their lips, then they get off the couch and rush to their room on the second floor.

Outside, Aya and Hatate hold each other by the cheeks and pull hard on them.

"Jusht go home, you perverted shut-in! This shtory is mine," speaks the senior reporter through stretched cheeks.

"Nuh uh! Thish shtory ish mine! Go make up shtories in your nesht like you alwaysh do," replies the brown haired junior under the same conditions.

The girls hear the door to the house open, then some footsteps heading their way, and quickly straighten up side by side and smile.

"Please just answer my question and I promise I'll be out of your hairs before you know it," says the perky Aya.

"I'll give you three free copies of my newspaper if you, like, make the interview exclusive to me," sweetly adds Hatate.

Kyo and Luna stand by the corner of the house with mischievously triumphant smiles, and sounding calm, the girl says "Aya, dear, I know we're friends and all, but you really pushed me."

"Eh?", questions the tengu, then the boy says "and Hatate, why did you make that mess of blood on the wall? Now we'll have extra cleaning duties."

While he says that, the nervous brown-haired shut-in glances over to the mess of blood splattered on the wall when she crushed Aya.

Both reporters gulp, each takes one step back from the smiling couple, whom mysteriously appear right in front of them, then the couple pull something from behind them.


Both girls scream a bloody scream as though being cut to pieces and served live for dinner as they fly away from the village at neck breaking speeds, and crying twin waterfalls as they rush away.

Kyo and Luna wrap an arm over each others' shoulders while laughing uncontrollably hard, and pat the large round disk they have in front of them, which has a red center that's surrounded by a white circle, which is surrounded by orange-yellow and black.

The couple stop laughing, suddenly to turn their necks and stare curiously at three particularly interesting girls.

Mokou, whom is being trailed by several love-struck males, happily points forward and says "come on girls, get the led out! The resort is still hours away. And boys, I'm only wearing it when I'm actually swimming, so stop asking."


Tewi and Reisen carry an elegant red and black litter, better described as a norimono, and struggle greatly to keep it up, but after the immortal's edging, the Moon Rabbit furiously groans "then help us CARRY this thing! It's heavy!"

Kaguya pokes her head from inside and furiously shouts "hey, she could burn me alive! You carry it until we reach the destination."

"You heard the pampered shut-in! Hop-to-it girls!" loudly says Mokou with a chuckle.

The princess looks forward, a massive red vein pops on her forehead, then she jumps right out of the litter while shouting "why the hell are we following her for!? Let's kill her and be on our way!"

"Because she knows the way," groans the Moon Rabbit just before their princess jumps out of the litter.

The rabbits sigh with a bit of relief after their load becomes slightly less heavy, yet still grunt while moving forward, and Tewi complains "we can barely walk!"

"HAHAHAH! Too slow, Kaguya!" taunts the fiery immortal after taking flight to avoid a single yellow laser from the Lunarian Princess.

"I'll show you who's the prettiest, you sexy thi-AAAARGH! I did it again~" cries the black haired girl in frustration, adding an unnecessary noise to all the blasts, male cheers, and tomboyish chuckles.

Reisen and Tewi notice Kyo and Luna staring at them, both rabbits sigh sadly, then the light-lilac haired girl whispers "story of our lives."

Kyo and Luna remain where they are and stare at the disappointed Mokou fans as they slump their way back home, the rabbits carrying that heavy-looking litter, and the quarreling immortals shooting danmaku in the air.

"Yup. Just another day in Gensokyo," casually says the boy.

"Mm-hmm," replies the girl with repeated nods.

Meanwhile, at the Forest of Magic, specifically at a large clearing with a western-looking white house with a blue door, a blue roof, and a tower to its left, three blonde girls oversee the process of the removal of the snow that's piled on said roof.

Alice Margatroid, whom holds a large black book, and has short blonde hair she adorns with a pink band, blue eyes, and wears a blue dress with a white capelet and a pink ribbon around her neck and waist, points toward the roof of the tower and commands "don't forget that one!"

The dolls cleaning the roof, most with long blonde hair, dark-blue dresses and black eyes; the rest are of varied appearances; all salute the puppeteer before making their way to the top of that tower with their little shovels on hand.

On the girl's left shoulder, wearing a red dress with a white apron, a red bow on her long blonde hair, and with innocent-looking blue eyes, is Hourai, and after a sigh she comments "I miss the taste of pineapple."

Joining the puppeteer from the right shoulder, wearing a violet dress with a black apron, a red bow over her long blonde hair, and also having blue eyes, Shanghai stares in absolute confusion at her sister, and then she and Alice share their confused gazes, though none dares speak a word.

"Heeeyyy! Alice, Shanghai, Hourai! Came over to play with you, zei~!"

The magician girl sighs and places her hand on her forehead, both happy and annoyed that the awkward moment was brought to a halt, and sounding monotone, she says "right, Marisa. I guess this means you did get something from the Netherworld."

"Hey mama Alice," cautiously says the purple-dressed miniature girl. "We should bring that thief to justice ourselves."

"Pipe down pipsqueak," angrily retorts the ordinary witch. "The thingy I borrowed is a strange one, so I brought over some help."

The three blondes stare curiously at the witch as she pulls a large brown sack over her shoulder with ease, sets it gently on the ground, and unwraps the opening.

"Darn it all Marisa, you could have just asked me to come along! This is really unethical!"

"Aww, pipe down Kourin. I treated you gently, just like I promised."

The three girls keep staring at the black and white one and her 'package' in shock, then Hourai takes off flying and asks "how did you fit him in that bag? Did you shrink him?"

Rinnosuke Morichika, whom has short silver hair, glasses over his yellow eyes, and wears a blue and black kimono-like outfit with a large brown bag around the waist, stand up from the snow, points threateningly at Marisa and says "that's not what I meant. You're really getting on my nerves, so take this as warning number two!"

The blonde witch tries to keep a steady face, but it turns so pale, and her eyes become so filled with fright, even Hourai notices her current state and returns to Alice's safe shoulder.

The puppeteer sighs, but just before she shoos her unwanted guest away, and maybe rescue Rinnosuke, said guest presents her with a straw doll that blinks it painted-on eyes, waves its little straw hand in the air, and tweets.

Alice and her little daughters stare at the creepy doll with amazement, then the magician asks "wait, is this a mechanical doll, or something else?"

"That's why I brought Kourin over, ze," casually says the grinning witch while pointing behind herself with her thumb.

The man sighs irritably, but simply gives up, takes the waving doll, and adjusts his glasses while studying the item carefully.

The little straw doll is very simple in design; has an oblong head with hair made from straw, the body is made of brown cotton, it's been adorned with a red overall and a little white shirt, and its hands and legs are mere stubs with pieces of straw escaping the crudely-finished ends.

"Gimmie' that," mutters Alice as she takes the doll from the shopkeeper's hands, while said man simply holds his chin and says "I see. This doll isn't mechanical. It's using the energy that emanates from spirits to move, so it's my guess that it should stop working soon."

"Aww," complains Marisa. No wonder it stopped running and jumping when we got home. Oh well, I guess I'll have it back since Ali-hey, where's the ting?"

"Done," calls Shanghai from the front of the house, and both blonde and silver haired shopkeeper stare on with amazement.

Hourai holds the straw doll, which now has a more rounded head, a black smile and a pair of round black eyes; it's been given fingered gloves and tiny red shoes, and a cute black, wavy wig.

The proud puppeteer crosses her arms under her chest, and with a grin she says "much better," then blocks a sudden gust of wind with her left arm.

The girls and their guests look to the left, then Alice says "well, seems there's a storm coming. Come on, let's get inside before we're buried in snow."

"No thanks, I need to get back to my-ugh! Marisa!"

The mentioned witch pulls Rinnosuke by the arm and forces him toward the house, while saying "it's not common to be invited by Alice into her home. Don't be a discourteous guest now."

Shanghai waits for the dolls and guests to enter the house, then she, Hourai and Alice casually make their way through the door, shutting it tight behind themselves."

Brown and red leafs fly around the front of that blue door in succession as the strong winds blow ominously in front of Alice's gloomy-looking house that autumn noon.

Ail and Gengetsu stand ten feet away from said house, where the red-eyed boy snarls and says "that bitch! [Who the hell are you calling names, mister!? I have a good mind to slap you with a mackerel across that face!] She's still not doing what I told her to do!"

"Who are you talking about sexy-buns?" asks Gengetsu while keeping her eyes on the boy's lower body.

The vile boy grins, then says "Alice Margatroid. [Hey, leave Alice alone! And how DARE you call her... THAT! Grrr! I'm taking over this body NOW!] That damned bitch seems to have forgotten her place, so I just need t-HEY! Quit that, kid! I'm not giving you this body back any times soon!"

For a moment, the red-eyed Ail's arm twitches and trembles as it moves toward his own neck, but quickly drops down after the evil boy focuses.

Gengetsu grins at this, then says "well, you bad boy, it seems you are having trouble with little Ail there. I'm still 'eating' you, even if you turn back, you know."

[NOOOOO! Keep her AWAY!]

The boy grins, sighs, then says "thanks hot stuff. You scared him back in his place."

He ignores the girl's giggles and makes his way toward the door, and the closer he gets to it, the more twisted with hatred his face gets.

He lifts his fist to knock, chuckles softly, then kicks the door open, making a loud bang. and shouts "ALICE! Where the hell IS IT!? [Leave her alone! Alice, RUN!]"

He looks around the seemingly empty house, then walks inside while saying "no kid; she knows better than to run away. After all, I have her dear daughter. [What did you do? What the hell did you do!?]"

"I didn't do anything, kid..." says NegaAil as he gets closer to the white cupboard at the end of the living room that is filled with finished dolls, then he suddenly reaches for the top of the cupboard's door, grips something tightly in mid air, and adds "...yet."

He squeezes whatever it is he's gripping, then a black book falls from mid air, and Alice appears in the evil boy's grip, drooling and grunting while trying to pull his arm away from her neck.

Hourai cries and shoots the evil one's arm, but it's as if her bullets are merely being absorbed, then she desperately cries "LET MAMA GOOOOO! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!"


The boy suddenly lifts the blonde and swings her around, then smashes her back against the wall to the right of the cupboard as hard as he can, and shouts "YOU LITTLE TWERP! Stop trying to take over my body! And YOU..."

NegaAil winds Alice back and smashes her back against the wall again and again, repeats the process, making her progress from yelping to crying out in pain, and grins as he gets a sick sense of satisfaction from making that girl and her little daughter cry.

He stops after he feels the blonde is losing consciousness, then holds her tightly against the wall by her shirt's collar and says "I thought I told you I wanted results! WHERE ARE THE SOULS!?"

The girl coughs out loud and lets out a cry of pain, but steels herself so as not to give that sick bastard further satisfaction, and out of breath says "I tried, you god damned lecher! I really tried, but I don't have the proper skill to sort them out, nor do I posses a proper vessel for one to temporarily inhabit!"

The vile boy's eyes glow with rage, and without warning he sinks his left hand with his fingers separated and stiffened to look like claws against the girl's stomach and pushes it hard.

He slowly twists the hand around, making the girl whimper, and ignoring her pleas and tears, he continues to torture her while speaking though his teeth, "I don't want fucking excuses, I want RESULTS! [Dammit, dammit, dammit all! Let her GO! Alice, shoot him! KICK HIM ON THE JEWELS! Don't let him do this to you!] I don't care for your pathetic shortcomings!"

"Hey boy, that's no way to treat the ladies," comments Gengetsu in a disappointed undertone. "You better stop that."

"Shut your mouth!" barks the boy back. "This is business."

The red-eyed boy suddenly hops back, releasing the girl and allowing her to fall on the floor where she curls up into a shivering ball, then he smiles at Hourai, who holds a large shaving blade, and looks just about ready to slice the boy's neck in half.

"Hourai," hoarsely calls Alice from the floor before coughing twice, "don't! He'll hurt Shanghai!"

[Shanghai? Dammit all you sick bastard, what did you do to her?]

NegaAil rummages through his left pocket, and quickly pulls out a crystal with two pointy tips, where Shanghai's soul, blue in color, is trapped in its center, looking lost within.

When it spots Alice on the ground, it goes on a frenzy within its prison, as if trying to break free, but fails miserably.

The evil boy grips the crystal and starts squeezing it in his hand while saying "maybe I need to motivate you a little more," the crystal cracks, the soul within writhes, the blondes scream "STOP", and with a sadistic smile on him, the evil Ail continues "get me that soul and keep it in a bottle, for all I care. All I want is a child for REIMU; NOT EXCUSES!"

[What the hell? ARE YOU MAD!? Reimu would never forgive you if you did something like THAT!]

"STOP, STOP! DON'T HURT HER!" desperately cries Alice.

"Stop hurting my sister!" demands the tiny girl, and surprisingly enough, the vile boy complies.

Defeated, the puppeteer starts to cry after her pleas are heard and the monster boy stops torturing the little soul, then manages to say "I'll do it, just don't hurt her anymore!"

"Excellent," mutters the boy in a sickeningly dark undertone.

The winged dream demon walks closer to the boy, places her hands on her hips, and then says "you sure are persuasive."

The boy merely scoffs as he places Shanghai's soul into his pocket, then says "you don't know the half of it. [Kehh! I swear, when I get control over my body again, I'll exorcize you with a FLYSWATTER!] Say, why don't we mess around with these girls for a bit? Let's have some fun while we're here. ...I got plenty of free time now."

Even Gengetsu feels a bit hesitant when she looks into the boy's eyes, then nervously says "n-no way. I think you've done enough to her as it is. Why not just leave the child alone?"

She finds herself pushed back and bound to the living room's sofa thanks to a charm on the neck that threatens to cut her air, then the vile boy sighs and casually says "suit yourself. I'll just have some fun with them on my own, and then I'll come by and play with you. So in the meantime, stay put."

[I gotta get this body under my control! I have to STOP YOU, you disgusting pervert!]

The red-eyed boy looks toward the fallen girls and says "no Ail, you can't get this body back. You know, I can easily shut you off again, but I won't. I want you to watch this."

He grabs both girls by the collars of their shirts, then rips the fabric.

A full hour later, both Alice and Hourai lie on their sides at a corner of the living room, both breathing hard and labored, and both appear to have their legs and wrists tied together.

Their clothes lie in ruins on the floor near the corridor, and staring at the girls with disgust, NegaAil says "struggle a bit more next time. It will amuse and please me greatly."

The girls let out a sob, then the puppeteer softly cries "I'll get you for this someday, Ail; hic! I promise."

He ignores her as he makes his way toward Gengetsu, the lust in his face explicitly evident and getting worst the closer he gets to her.

She can only scowl at him and watch as he gets closer, looks at that hungry boy's face and feels both fear and excitement from all that's happening to her now.

NegaAil's eyes are suddenly filled with dread, and before he can voice his confusion, his right hand reaches for the seal on Gengetsu's neck and pulls it off.

"HEY! Dammit Ail, stop that right now," growls the evil boy, whom is unable to control his limbs, and is being forced against the very same wall he smashed Alice against.

[I am going to make you pay for what you did to them. I'll make sure to make you suffer before sending you to meet with the Yama, with a damned letter of recommendation for the deepest pit in hell!]

The boy's left hand rummages through that pocket and starts shaking as Shanghai's prison is brought out, then the evil Ail angrily shouts "no! What do you think you're doing!? If you let her go, I'll never get that child for Reimu!"

[Too bad, you sick and depraved pervert! TASTE MORE FAILURE!]

"NOOOO[Besides, I'm doing you a favor.]OOOOOOOO!"

The evil boy's scream causes the entire house to rattle and Alice and Hourai to weakly lift their heads, while Gengetsu merely watches next to the door, not really caring for anything happening with the characters in that house.

The boy's thumb presses itself against the top of the crystal, flips the pointy top open, and Shanghai's soul escapes her prison in the form of a light-blue mist.

The mist rushes to the rooms at the corridor, while NegaAil gets control of his right arm and grips his left arm, threatening to break it off, and roars "you son of a bitch! I'll make you pay for-"

The front door breaks open and the red-eyed boy sighs sadly, then says "oh no. Not you."

Rinnosuke stands under the doorway, holding a two-handed Japanese sword in a defensive stance, and looking fiercely enraged, he says "I'll apologize to Reimu at your funeral, Ail. Now STAY STILL AND I'LL MAKE THIS QUICK!"

The boy waits for the silver haired man to come, moves left at the very last second to avoid getting cut in half, then runs toward Alice's room.

He reaches halfway through the corridor when he is met with a lance that sinks in deep into his right shoulder.

He groans out loud in great pain, [You're not escaping this.] and looks with horror at the figure of Shanghai in her dusty blue clothes, the very same way he had left her when he stole her soul.

She twists the lance in the boy, humbling him with pain, and darkly says "you'll regret making mama Alice cry so much, you scum."

The red-eyed Ail weakly grips the tiny girl's shoulder and tries to pull her down, but rolls forward instead, taking the stabbed lanced with him, and enters Alice's room to the left.

At the corridor, Rinnosuke pulls his sword off the floor, then sternly says "Alice is being taken care of. Help me take him down before he escapes."

Shanghai nods, summons a blade to her right hand, says "let's make this as quick and painful as possible," then she and the man rush into the room.

They quickly move to the sides of the doorway to avoid a shower of lances, blades and red bullets from within, then rapidly move into the room with their weapons ready.

Alice's room is empty, save for the few dolls lying on the ground to the left of the bed, and the bloody lance that was stuck in the villain's shoulder now staining the floor.

Rinnosuke glances around, never lowering his guard when he says "keep your eyes peeled. He's a master of deceit, and can strike at any time."

NegaAil drops from the ceiling; appearing seemingly out of nowhere and holding a pair of golden washtubs, and striking his pursuers on their heads as he lands, effectively knocking both down.

[Wow, I can't believe how WEAK you are. You're only winning this because Rinnosuke can't use magic or danmaku and Shanghai is still weak, but if he could and she was well...]

"Shut up, Ail!" barks the red-eyed villain as he runs out of the room. "The only reason I'm not hitting them hard is because I need this house in one piece for Reimu, nothing more!"

He runs through the corridor, aiming to reach the exit door, but stops abruptly and places a thin barrier on his very skin when he feels as if an invisible knife is trying to slice him in several places at once.

The boy growls as he struggles to recompose himself, looks to the right towards the living room, sees Alice and Hourai barely covering themselves with the rags of their old clothes while the puppeteer willes her threads to cover the doorway, then roars "you BITCH! When I get my damned hands on you-"

His own right hand grips his neck to the point of making him gag and drool [You watch your damned mouth! As soon as I get full control of this body, I'm making sure to make you pay for everything in spades!], but the red-eyed boy merely grins and grunts "f-fuck. you. all."

He jumps to the right and smashes his back against the wall to avoid Rinnosuke's sword, letting it cut Alice's threads instead, then quickly regains control of his arm and runs outside.

His left leg is caught by another one of Alice's strings; he falls on his face and rolls the rest of the way out of and away from the house, and after the fifth roll, he lands on his feet, takes an attack position, summons a black energy sword with blood-red energy flowing within, then says "and now I'll remind you all why you should fear me!"

A large silver washtub falls on his head, making a strong clang, and knocks him down to the ground, where he whimpers while holding on to the bleeding bump on his head.

Meanwhile, on that cold snowy noon, at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika walks to the living quarters with a basket full of vegetables from the storage house.

She places the heavy basket with the food on the counter in the kitchen, looks over to the living room, and watches as Lykamei observes Tenshi, as the blue haired girl lies on her stomach on the floor and keeps drumming her fingers on it while sighing and moaning in frustration.

The shrine maid manages a weak smile after seeing this and walks over to them, being quieter than a mouse as she does, and places her index finger on her lips to ask the ghost girl to remain silent.

Lykamei complies and smiles to let the maid know she can make her move, and then her eyes sparkle when she realizes that angel girl is going to cause some mischief.

Rika walks to the sulking celestial's side, activates her Soraogan mode, then quickly, but gently, drops her body on top of Tenshi's making the girl twitch and gasp softly after she feels those soft and round mounds hit her back.

Blushing fiercely, and after hearing a mischievous giggle from the ghost, the celestial looks down at her hand as she starts drawing circles with her recently-drumming fingers, and monotonously asks "wh-what's the matter Rika-hime? Do you want me to move, or something? Please say no. Please say no!"

The angelic maid rests the side of her head on top of Tenshi's upper back, moves her feathers so that they are touching the blue haired girl's cheeks, and sadly says "Momoko looks sad. I want to make her happy again."

The celestial's face turns redder; yet her face becomes more peaceful; and sounding relaxed, she says "then why won't you wash my back, or maybe give me a massage, l-like with the ghost princess and the Hakurei."

There are two odd clicks from the right, but the girls ignore this.

Instead, Rika just coos, gently scratches the back of her friend's neck under the scarf that's now blue, and sweetly says "aww, I'm sorry Tenshi. You just wanted some attention and I didn't give you any."

The girls fail to notice Lykamei holding Hatate's yellow and orange checkered camera and holding her left arm with her other hand to take yet another photo, closing her right eye and sticking out her tongue, as if making great efforts for the perfect shot.

The blue haired girl nods quietly, then sadly says "I wouldn't mind if it's just combing my hair. You know; something simple. I-I do know how to take care of myself, and stuff."

The angelic maid giggles softly, kisses her dear friend at the back of the head, then says "why don't I give you the whole thing too? Te-he-he! I don't mind sharing a bath with you."

She starts scratching Tenshi's head while smiling happily and removing her wings so as to see her friend blushing fiercely again, but that enjoyment is short lived when instead she is met with another enjoyment.

The celestial's face becomes completely relaxed, though her cheeks remain red, and appears to be falling asleep while Rika rubs her back and scratches the back of her neck.

A mischievous grin escapes that sexy maid, and she enhances her efforts and effectively makes her friend moan contently as she relaxes further and starts to fall asleep.

"Hmm, does Tenshi-chan like this?", asks the teasing maid while the relaxed girl weakly nods and drifts to a blissful sleep.

They both stop and turn their eyes to the right, and stare at Lykamei as she fools around with Hatate's camera.

Curious, Rika gets off Tenshi, cancels her Soraogan, sits next to her friend, and asks "Lyka-chan, what are you doing?"

"Trying to send some pictures through to the internet," casually replies the ghost girl while she keeps fiddling with the device. "Hmm... I guess I can't."

Tenshi looks greatly confused as she asks "what's an internet?", and Rika looks greatly relieved, then says "I'll explain the internet to you later, Tenshi."

She turns her attention back to Lykamei, and asks "sweetie, where did you get that camera? Doesn't that belong to Hatate?"

The cute ghost turns her cute, dark yellow eyes to the maid, smiles, says "I don't know what a hatate is, but..." then she pulls a loose board under the tatami, pulls a rope that has Aya and Hatate tied tightly back-to-back at the end of it, then sweetly says "I found this neat toy in the pocket of tonight's dinner!"

The brown haired tengu girl with twin-waterfalls splashing down her cheeks looks up pathetically at the maid and cries "please, help me Rika-sis. *Sniffle* I've, like, had such a bad day."

"Ayayaya~. Hey Rika," begins Aya with a weak, forced, wriggled smile. "This is kind of embarrassing, but I fell for her shiny necklace trap too. Can you get me out of this?"

The angelic girl stands up with her hands on her hips while saying "Lykamei, you bad girl! These are Aya and Hatate, our friends! We do not eat friends!"

She looks up at the maid with those innocent eyes, then says "b-but Yuyuko says birds are the tastiest of foods, and should be eaten whenever one can."

Rika sighs as she places her hand on her forehead and rubs it, mutters "Lady Yuyuko, what were you teaching this child," then composes herself, and in a soft, but serious tone, she says "it's true that birds do make delicious meals, but there are souls already here for that purpose. You can't just go around and kill any bird you may see. Life must be valued, and even animals meant to become food should be respected and treated as equals, no matter what."

The girl thinks for a moment, smiles, says "oh, I see. Like those dead birds at that store you took me to this morning! THOSE are for eating, but must be respected", then she pulls on the end of the rope, and both tengu spin like a giant top, then fall dizzy on their backs, free from their bindings.

Tenshi snorts, returns to lying on her stomach and drawing with her fingers on the floor, then is pulled back up and embraced by Rika, who says "I haven't forgotten about you. After dinner, I'll take care of my dear Chik-err, Tenshi-chan!"

The celestial presses her cheek against her friends while returning the embrace with a giggle, then the two tengu scream as their bodies fly straight out of the living room, going through the open door to the left.

Reimu's pink-socked kicking leg holds stiff in mid-air as she stares angrily toward the exit, points at the kicked tengu girls, then shouts "don't let those things in here!"

NegaAil swings his sword upward, but is intercepted by Rinnosuke's own, then he shoots red arrows to the right and jumps away from five red lasers, twirls in the air as Reimu would, and as he does, he shoots several red and orange orbs that mimic the look of Reimu's yin-yang orbs.

The orbs fly fast toward Alice, Shanghai and Hourai, and while the two semi-naked girls in pink underwear and the doll-sized blonde take cover behind some nearby trees, the vile boy rushes the silver haired man.

The red-eyed boy thrusts his dark energy sword toward the shopkeeper's neck, but he man parries the attack and kicks his attacker on the stomach, forcing him to roll to the side.

[Heh, so much for the 'fearful monster' that's supposed to be you!]

"Shut it kid! I'm merely playing a bit with them," says the vile boy as he rolls back on his feet and shoots lasers and charms at the puppeteer, then adds "besides, I want another round of fun with Alice. Have to teach her to behave. [YOU WON'T TOUCH HER AGAIN!]"

NegaAil chuckles as he blocks Rinnosuke's attack, then suddenly grabs the man's hand, cuts him sideways with his dark sword, making the silver haired man scream when the searing pain takes him, then kicks him back toward the white house.

Rinnosuke rolls several times, revealing the burns left behind by the dark blade all around his exposed skin, then stops when tree feet from the door, where he loses consciousness while the threads of his cut shirt keep getting consumed by fire.

Even unconscious, his skin feels as though it's being bitten by tiny bits of lava with teeth that inject him with more magma as they eat him away.

Hourai's eyes fill with terror when she watches that man convulse and twitch, but it's when he starts foaming at the mouth that she loses all her nerve and screams "MARISA, HEEEEELP!"

"MARISA!?" screams the boy in surprise, whose eyes start to glow scarlet when they become bloodshot, and even his lips seem to turn dark.

Alice and Shanghai both scream angrily at the tiny semi-naked blonde, then that familiar cool voice of Marisa settles them down as she says "oi, this sneak attack was bound to fail. Don't take it out on her, ze."

The black and white witch is currently wearing her brown apron with the "M" on it and her usual black and white attire, which fits her now-adult and curvy body almost perfectly.

Her eyes glow orange and turn reddish after the glow dims, there is the shape of a star scarred on her right eye, and now the youkai girl takes flight while holding her broom on her hand, and darkly says "Ail, you disgusting bastard. I really hoped I never had to see you again, and yet here we are."

Her long, smooth flowing hair waves around as she summons her magic to herself, while staring at that hated boy with a face that suggest she's looking at the most disgusting thing in the world.


The furious boy grows a frightening black aura that shoots red sparks all around the area near his body, his eyes turn black with red pupils, yet Marisa seems as disgusted as before.

The darkened NegaAil points a finger at the girl and furiously shouts "she called for you! She called and you never came! [Whoa! Calm down dude! HOLY SHIT YOU'RE INSANE! That's too much power!] She needed you the most! She wouldn't cheer up, even for ME! Why didn't you come for her! YOU WERE FRIENDS!"

The youkai witch's face twists with hatred, yet she calmly replies "you're the asshole that took her away from me, pushed us apart, threatened me to keep away, and now you daregrow the balls to tell ME such a thing!"

Without her Hakkero on hand, she prepares a colorful beam on her palm that buzzes just like her Master Spark, and shouts "the only reason I didn't go was so I didn't have to melt your goddamned face in front of her! Unlike you, I'd never deliberately hurt her friends, you disgusting excuse of a man!"

"Those bitches all deserve what they got! Not one of them came to console her in her time of need! [That's not the way to deal with things, you monster!]", shouts the boy to the point of tears. "Out of all her friends, she called you the most, but you never came!"

He takes flight and hovers at the same height as the blonde witch, then sinisterly says "but that's in the past. Today I'll take revenge on you, the one that called herself 'Reimu's best friend.'"



Right after the boy's shouting, they both declare their spells simultaneously, and just as Marisa's massive beam is about to hit the boy, a red barrier appears around him that seems to absorb the beam and crack a bit.

A black barrier appears after that and the beam appears behind the boy, seemingly headed toward him, then another red barrier appears and traps the youkai witch inside it.

She yelps and moves right at the last second to avoid hew own massive beam, then finds herself dodging small talisman-like bullets of black and red, and quickly formulates a plan.

Before the dark Ail shoots the next volley, she rushes to him and hits him on the head with her broom, effectively knocking him to the ground and canceling his spell.

Before he is up, she raises a spell card and declares "Love-Magic Sign, Milky Way!", spreads her arms and legs as her spell card floats over her chest and glows yellow, then a dangerously ridiculous amount of stars and tiny multi colored beams fly out of her person in a spiral that moves clockwise.

The dark boy flips on to his feet with a spell card glowing red already on hand, and declares "Tainted Spirit, Nightmare Seal!"

Five red orbs and five black ones appear around the boy, and shortly after, he kicks off the ground and spears toward the witch, using the orbs to block the unfriendly barrage, then is blasted on the face by a single beam just as he gets near her.

Marisa scoffs as she watches him fall and says "you love her enough to mimic all her spells, yet you taint them and they lose their power! It's pointless Ail. You can't hope to defeat me."

The dark boy roars as he falls, sends the last eight orbs at the youkai woman, watches as those are consumed by the blonde's spell, then clicks his tongue and flies away.

"Oh no you don't!" shouts the witch as she takes off after him with her spell card active around her.

"This is not possible," thinks the boy as he makes his way toward the village. "Her love spells are canceling my own! I can't win!"

[Wo-ho-hoa, I see. You have become so wicked and tainted that real love has become a burden to you.]

"Shut it, kid!"

As Nega Ail flies low enough to brush the top of the trees in the forest, he looks around and mutters "need to find somewhere to hide. [The coward's tactics?] I gotta strike that sexy bitch from below... [You know, if you hadn't been so vile, I would have helped you, but you are just disgustingly evil.] then she's mine, and I'll take my revenge for Reimu's pain."

He dives down and hides behind a tree, forcing Marisa to chase after him while taunting "where are you going, Ail!? You're man enough to taint her spells and fight with them, yet lack the balls to face me, ze? I am extremely disappointed!"

The boy with the black aura hides behind a thick tree, but is soon blasted away by Marisa's exploding bouncing blue bullets, which are a mimicry of her old exploding bottles, and soon finds himself rolling on the ground to avoid stars, lasers, beams, and her still-active Milky Way spell.

He shoots black beams at her [You are NOT getting away from this! I don't care if my body is destroyed any more, you are not escaping], rolls to the side, but when he tries to get up, his arms and left leg refuse to move.

"D-dammit Ail, are you crazy!? She's going to kill you too!" grunts the evil boy as he struggles to move around with just his right leg. [I just told you. I'm not letting you get away.]

"What's this?" begins the youkai witch as her spell times out and she walks closer, as casually as if nothing was happening. "So, your good side is surfacing, isn't it? Well it's too late, Ail! What you did, to everyone, to Byakuren, Alice, Keine, to that satori girl and her sister, the vampire. I don't give a shit if you are all good now, I am making you pay for everything."

"You claim you have done all those evil deeds because of your love for Reimu, but what will you do when she finds out about all that you have done and hates you for it!? Ail, that was not the way to deal with your pain! And now it's time I taught you exactly why."

Her hand starts buzzing again as she prepares another Master Spark, and says "and don't think that barrier will save you again. It's too tainted to contain THIS particular Spark. I still find it amusing that you love Reimu so much, that you'd be able to copy her powers. *Sigh* Explaining this to her won't be easy, but it must be done."

The evil boy grins, his black aura disappears and his skin turns back to normal and in a sinister tone of voice, he says "that's right, I forgot. My darling Reimu did teach me how to use her spells... And you know something...?"

Marisa gasps when that familiar holy aura starts surrounding the boy, "MASTER SPARK," and shoots her massive laser at him with despair behind her voice, then "Divine Spirit, FANTASY SEAL!" watches as the beam goes around the boy's magical field.

"I managed to master a few of her spells AND augmenttheir power," finishes Ail as thirty orbs of red, blue, while, green and yellow rise and start moving clockwise around him.

The blonde witch takes off to the air the moment those orbs move, and turns around at times to shoot the closest orb away from herself.

On the ground, Ail's face twists and deforms as the evil boy struggles to keep the body under his control, and the flickering orbs are a good signs that he is failing.

[Give it up, you damned bastard. This body is MINE, and there's not a damned thing you can do to stop me from taking it back.]

"That's what you think," grunts the struggling boy, and soon after, he summons that black blade back to his right hand, struggles greatly as he stands, and smiles as he watches Marisa flying toward him with a hateful look.

"Watch me take this girl down and use your body to please myself with her. After that, she can kill you as many times as she wants."


Gengetsu flies out of hiding from one of the treetops that's between the diving witch and the boy, looks at the evil one, then shouts "I found you, you disgusting bastard! I'm gonna make you pay for scaring me like that!"

In his normal tone of voice, Ail struggles as he shouts "G-Gengetsu! W-watch out... MARISA!"

The blonde turns around, looks toward the youkai witch, whom shouts "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" yelps like an idiot when she realizes they are too close to each other, and instinctively shoots a ridiculous shower of white orbs while running away into hiding.

One of the orbs hits Marisa in the eyes, causing her to scream and cover her face, making her blind, and then she crashes on the boy, lifting a thick cloud of smoke after impact.

Inside the cloud, the good Ail grunts "M-Maris-ACK! Hurts... .s-sa. Are you. there?"

The woman coughs, something splashes near the boy, and then she grunts "th-that was good... ze. You got me good, but, URK, I won't go alone, it seems."

The cloud of dust dissipates, and in the center of it, Marisa hangs limp with the dark sword going through her chest and with blood staining her mouth and the ground below her, while her left hand holds a dagger made of love light that's going through the boy's heart.

Ail stands on his shaking legs with his left hand holding his straightened right, and after a grunt, he and the girl fall on their sides facing each other, then the boy with golden eyes cries and softly asks "why?" Marisa, why are you dying too?"

[Stupid kid; I made this sword to harm and kill gods. Of course she's going to die. It is better this way, though. If I can't have Reimu, then nobody else can! Now then, enjoy your last moments alive. Happy death~]

Marisa looks back at the boy, then smiles and softly says "hey, it's you; the real Ail. How have you... been, z... ehhhh?"

She expires after speaking, leaving a very sad scene behind, and even though he wants to cry too, the dense boy can only sigh as he feel the world around him disappear in a white light.

Before the entire world is consumed, he can see Gengetsu looking at him with pity, then shrugging and waving casually with her fingers, as if merely saying a quick "see you later."

Ail wakes up in the familiar misty room on the bed of red flowers, sighs as he gets up, sits on the side of said bed, and places both hands on his face while groaning.

"What a way to wake up, huh? Right after a quick death filled with love, ze," comments the witch in the room.

Ail looks to his right and lets a halfhearted smile grace his face as he says "that hurt, you know."

Marisa, whom is back to her normal human state, chuckles contently as she walks toward the boy, and says "well, it hurt less than losing your entire left arm. I'm sure you'll agree."

The dense boy lifts his face with a terrified expression and asks "he did that to you?"

She nods and says "after you and Reimu got married, I tried visiting like I used to, but first off, I don't like the village that much. Second, you started attacking me all the time, until one day you just broke my arm and cut it off."

Ail winces and is about to apologize like an idiot, but she stops him and quickly adds "but that happened just before you and Reimu learned about the child thing, so you did take me to Eirin's, and I had my arm reattached. But after that..."

"You stopped visiting for good," finishes the boy with a sad smile on him. "What kind of a messed up person I become?"

"Keep in mind, Ail, that this is the world you almost created," begins the witch with a more serious expression. "And although you DO become a villain, and quite a despicable one, you are not entirely evil like you think you are."

The dense one can't help but look at her quizzically, and even has three yellow question marks appear over his head, and then she chuckles mischievously and says "as stupid as ever, I see. I like this you better, da-ze."

She turns around and holds her hands behind herself while saying "no Ail, that other you is severely misguided, but not purely evil. I'm a bit disappointed you didn't learn that already, even after I blurted out such obvious clues."

There is a short pause to allow the boy to think, then the girl continues "look, we want you to understand the reason you do all these terrible deeds is because of love. You love too much, and often take the wrong paths because of it."

"Tch, don't waste your time on that stupid kid! Let's just give him the message and be done with it!"

That smooth yet vile voice causes Ail to stand up with his fists raised in defense and shouts "what the hell are you doing here, you disgusting bastard!?"

Marisa sighs while NegaAil rolls his eyes and throws his arms in the air with an annoyed "OYYYY! So STUPID!"

"Listen you dense idiot," begins the angry boy, "I have decided to join these guys in helping you out, but don't you DARE even dream we are allied in any way! I just don't want you hurting my Reimu again!"

In the blink of Ail's eyes, Marisa and his supposedly-evil counterpart sit on a drawer in front of each other; both with a matching leg raised; then the witch strictly says "Ail, listen! This is important!"

The red-eyed fiend scoffs, then says "next time you wake up, you will be taken to the Dark Blowhole, and from there you will make your way to the Earth Spirit's Palace! There you will learn something that SHOULD open that damned brain of yours! It SHOULD help you expedite this process so you can go home!"

Ail watches the two from a distance with suspicion, and asks "and why should I trust you? How do I know you aren't just trying to get me killed off for good?"

The room starts turning white at a very rapid pace, but before everything disappears, the evil boy grins vilely and says "you don't!"

At that moment, at Mayohiga, Chen, a two-tailed nekomata with short brown hair she adorns with a green mop cap, a pair of black cat ears with an earring on the left ear, dark brown eyes, who wears a red dress with long pink sleeves, takes her finger away from the funny button on Yukari's glowing pyramid, and admires as the red light becomes blue, then shortly after, turns green.

"Cheeeeen~! I need your help here," calls Ran from outside startling the cat girl.

The girl whimpers while trying to catch the pyramid again, sighs with relief after holding it secure against her chest, then quickly takes it back to the sleeping Yukari, placing it under her sheets.

The gap youkai has somehow moved herself to the bed she stole from Ail, and hibernates contently, unaware of her shikigami's shikigami playing with such an important item.

Chen pats the blonde on the head twice, chuckles mischievously, quietly makes her way out of the sage's room, and after closing the door she softly calls "coming Ran-sama~!"

Yukari moans and smiles, her cheeks turn slightly pink, she starts rummaging under her sheets until she places the pyramid in a questionable position on her lower body; with its tip upward; and after a content moan she mumbles "mmm, so warm. Must... Chen and Ran... and the beach cats."

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Flandre throws her claws to the air to deflect the vile three-tailed cat that tries to claw her face again.

She, the cat, and many mummies are in one of the many living rooms in the mansion, which is currently in shambles thanks to their current battle.

"HA! I got you now, you mongrel! Taboo, Lavatein!"

She swings her giant red sword; which the cat merely hops over; throws it overhead; which the cat simply avoids by hopping left; then swings the blade left; which the cat just hops over again, though this time screams after a surprise.


The little vampire left a trail of danmaku behind her blade, which caught the confident black cat off guard, and before he can recover from the blasts, she rushes to him and grips it by the flop of skin on its shoulders.

Holding the evil feline in the air, she laughs triumphantly, raises her arms in the air, and declares "I HAVE WOOOONNNN! WAHAHAHAHAHAA!" stares at the annoyed cat's yellow eyes, then asks "now what?"

Sakuya, one of the mummies who is covered to the neck in bandages, smiles elegantly as she happily says "let's take it outside, chuck it in the frozen lake, and forget it was ever here."

Patchouli, whose face and hands are covered with bandages, muffles "let's shave its hair off and use its skin on one of my most deadly experiments."

Meiling, whom, for some odd reason, has bandages around her right leg, a cast on her left leg and arm, and has two black eyes and a neck brace holding her head still, sighs, spits out a tooth, and says "if you can help me cook, I could teach you a very tasty recipe that uses cat meat as the main ingredient."

Koakuma, whose back wings are being held by a slightly bandaged Lina, while Leon, whom is bandaged around the head and hands, helps her keep steady on her bandaged and scratched body, grins vilely and sinisterly says "let's offer its soul to the demons of Makai and serve his flesh to the hell hound of the underworld!"

"*Sigh* My cute little pet is really angry, isn't she," comments the Kori girl and getting a nod from her brother.

"HE SCRATCHED MY GORGEOUS BODY! I WANT HIM TO SUFFER FOR IT!" quickly barks the little demon, causing her left head wing to fall off after the strained outburst.

Flandre hums as she scratches her chin while in deep thought, looks at the cat on her hand, then gasps and exclaims "wai-wai-wait, what the ***** is the meaning of this! ?"

Instead of the cat, she holds its soft black hair, then looks to her left and stares at the nekomata as it grins at her with jagged teeth.

In the fraction of a second, the evil creature is making her cry and scream at the top of her lungs after it creates a bouncing fight cloud, where it scratches and bites the cute blonde vampire into submission.

"There you are, you naughty cat you. I've been looking all over for you."

All heads turn right after the cat leaves Flandre alone and casually makes its way toward one very happy-looking Remilia, who catches it in mid-jump and scratches his head while cooing and speaking playfully at it.

"There's a good kitty cat. Oh, I see you were playing with Flandre. That's good. She needs the extra attention."

The crying blonde sniffles as she sits back up, revealing her face, exposed belly, arms, and back full of scratches. Her clothes are ripped at the belly, back, her skirt turned to mere shreds; revealing a pair of red panties under her shredded bloomers; and somehow, the cat put a pair of black cat ears on her head, replacing her mop cap.

"Onee-sama," she sniffles, "how could you!? That evil cat has been torturing me, and you're treating him like a pet! I HATE YOU!"

Remilia stares back at her sister with curiosity, and then says "you look really cute, Flan, but you should wear clothes. That's so unbecoming and unlady like."


After Flandre's outburst, Kimi enters the room, stares at the mess, then gasps when the nekomata jumps on her chest and clings to her breasts.

She pulls the thing off of her, stares at it, then asks "did you beat Meiling up like that?"

The gate guard sighs, then says "no, this was that sparrow again. He came over to play at the worst possible moment."

Kimi's lips wriggles as a chortle escapes her, her face becomes red, her eyes start to water, then she busts out to laugh at Meiling. "WAHAHAHAHA! Beaten by a bird! Oh my goodness, this is rich! Someone stop me! I'll die laughing!"

Remilia snaps her finger; the cat stands in attention in front of her, the shadow dragon stops laughing and stands casually, then says "enough playing around. Please clean up this mess. And kitty, it's time for your dinner, so come with me."

Flandre lifts her arm and wants to call her sister, but just slumps and sighs after giving up, then sadly says "I am going to kill that damned cat. I swear, I'll kill him next time."

"If you kill him, I'll lock you in the toilet stand for a week," casually says the Mistress from the distance.

The blonde girl starts to cry, while the rest of the mummified girls merely sigh and groan in frustration, then let themselves drop on the floor out of exhaustion.

Kimi merely stares at all of them for a while, then suddenly starts to laugh "A BIRD! WAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Luna, Kimi, Lykamei, Budou, Leon, Lina, the Rabid Karate Night Sparrow, and the black nekomata were created by Willie G.R.

"Nightmare Sign, Duplex Barrier" is a mimic of "Dream Sign, Duplex Barrier"

"Tainted Spirit, Nightmare Seal" is a mimic of "Divine Spirit, Fantasy Seal"

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

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Written by

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