NOTES: Sorry for the extreme delay. Been dealing with some stuff. Anyway, enjoy the chapter, and don't be fooled by NegaAil. Also, after this chapter, things should get a little more hectic for Ail, plus, if I do this right, things should get enjoyably confusing.

WARNING! Strong language ahead!

Legend: [i] = a sudden thought between the dialogue, or Ail/NegaAil talking to the one in control of Ail's body.

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It is midday now, and at the snowing Ancient City at the underground caves, Ail is facing off against one very angry oni, and a glaring green-eyed youkai of jealousy.

"It's almost lunchtime, I'm famished, but I'll gladly make some time to beat your disgusting face inwards, Ail!"

Yuugi's threatens Anilan as she punches her hand, making sure to send a most unwelcoming vibe by adding a strained hateful glare, while speaking in a terrifying low tone. "Or you could turn tail and get the heck out on your own. Not that I'll let you leave this place alive this time."

"Yuugi," whispers the boy in a begging tone. "I [Save your breath. She HATES you, kid. Now you either fight, or run] don't want any trouble. Please, just let me pass."

BOOM! Yuugi punches downward, and with the mere air pressure generated, she creates a large crater right in front of her feet while her fist remains just below her waist.

The dense one is frightened out of his wits; evidence on his paled face; and when she's sure she has him shaken, the oni declares "spell cards or not, you are now dead, Inmodo!"

The mentioning of spell cards quickly snaps the boy out of his fright, and he shouts "if I touch your horn, you'll let me pass!"

The woman's eyes stress for a few seconds as she stares with surprise at the boy, then slowly relaxes as she begins to chuckle, progressing quickly to laughing and slapping her thighs.

She takes a deep breath, looks at Ail, and says "that's rich. Just like the first time you came here. Well, I guess I can play a bit with you."

Red bolts of energy start crackling around her arms and legs, a fierce wind blows around her, and with a very vicious smile on her face she exclaims "just remember that last time I was merely playing! This time, I'm aiming for your life!"

"Why do YOU get to have all the fun, Hoshiguma? I want to have some fun too," darkly hisses the jealousy youkai, whose eyes glow bright green as she flies above Yuugi with a spell card ready on her hand.

Ail's yelp becomes a huge choking croak when he hears those two are double-teaming him, and what little hope he may have had fades away when they both declare their spell cards at the same time.

"Feat of Strength, Storm on Mt. Ooe!"

"Malice Sign, Day 7 of the Midnight Anathema Ritual!"

The boy's eyes spread open wider at the beautifully terrifying sight of the many green and blue bullets, and magical rocks dancing around each other as they head toward him, creating what looks like a massive web with a dark ring around it, and an angry oni with a jealousy youkai at the center.

While Parsee's red shards fly in eight directions, Yuugi's large bullets and rocks fly in a diagonal circle around herself and her blonde ally, as if being moved by a powerful storm that appears to be spreading straight at him.


NegaAil's outburst snaps the boy out of his terrified state, helping him see huge gaps between the many bright bullets and dangerous rocks after he kicks off the ground and remains five feet off the ground.

Yuugi's massive bullets crash against Parsee's red shards, causing those bullets to burst and spread back as blue bubbles to them, giving Ail the edge he needs to win, however, the oni is taking on the jealousy girl's bullets like mosquito bites, and the short blonde is using that oni as a shield.

Not only that, but the bullets from behind them crash and burst against the ceiling and magical rocks, and are slowly moving to the front, which means Anilan is about to run out of space very soon.

"That's it, Ail! You won't get out of here alive," declares Yuugi, to which Parsee reacts to by kicking her ally on the back, and complaining "how can you be so damned confident? It's MY bullets that are going to hit him, so it is ME who should be gloating!"

The blonde woman grabs the girl by the scarf, pulls her close to her face, and angrily says "not now, Parsee! We beat him first, AND THEN you can be jealous all you want!"

While Ail struggles with his body movements to keep up with the crazy number of rocks and bullets, his frightened mind keeps running bad end scenarios; where both rocks and bullets tear holes on his skin; and such thoughts makes his movements more stiff as his nervousness rises.

"This is unlike the first time we battled! The first time I met Yuugi, the amount of rocks and bullets was less than half of these. [YOU STUPID IDIOT, SHOOOOOT!] Now it's like they are raining on me! What can I do now? However am I going to get close enough to her horn!?"

His right foot gets grazed by one of the rocks just as Parsee's bullets reach him, and feeling desperate in the situation, he follows the commands from that questionable entity inside his mind, and shoots his attackers with exploding focused bullets.

The jealous green-eyed girl yelps and moves, but her spell continues, while the oni woman winces after those bullets explode on her, yet she casually says "you'll have to do much better than that, Ail!"

The dense boy is having a hard time moving around with Parsee's bubbles in such a tight formation, mixing in with the angry oni's rocks and bullets, which are great in numbers, and it is now just a matter of time before he's hit, and hard.

"Yuugi," He calls out in desperation. "I swear, I don't know what I did to make you so mad! Please, PLEASE! You have to believe me!"


Yuugi's outburst causes the air to tremble and all the bullets in the air to stop and shake in place, and before everything settles again she shouts "you LIED to me about your intentions last time, you lied to me about Satori, you lied to me about the little raven, the kasha, the hell raven! Everything you said was a lie! I trusted you, and you betrayed me! I'll never believe a word from you again!"

The rocks and the bullets start moving again, catching the hurt and shocked Ail off guard, but feeling more hurt by Yuugi's words than the burns from the danmaku, he's going to let the rocks hit him.

He feels a soft hand grip his from behind; it pulls him back, away from the bullets and rocks, and now that his face is pressed against Mugetsu's, she smiles and loudly asks "hey Ail, glad I could find you! Could you tell me if this dress makes my butt look big?"

The boy, Parsee and even Yuugi herself can't help but stare in complete disappointment and shock at the newcomer, and the surprise goes as far as to causing the two spell cards to cancel out on their own.

The blonde in maid's dress glances from the brown haired boy, to the tall blonde, then to the short blonde, then looks back at Ail, raises a shaking fist while clenching her teeth, and says "so it looks that big? Dammit, that Kana bitch was right!"

Ail grabs Mugetsu by the shoulders and pulls her oblivious self away from a barrage of bullets, then exclaims "I need your help!"

The blonde in a maid's getup looks away with a frown and mutters "I don't wanna. You said I have a big butt."

"WOULD YOU FORGET ABOUT THAT NOW!" desperately shouts the boy while shaking the dream demon. "I need to touch that oni's horn, or else she is going to kill me!"

He lets the girl go, notices her reluctance to help, then sighs and says "your butt looks FINE in that dress, so stop thinking about that, and help me!"

She gives him a hug while cooing and dancing with him in the air; coincidentally dodging bullets as she twirls around with him, then stops and says "I knew it! Thank you Ail! ...So what can I do to help, huh?"

He stares with annoyance at the blonde dream demon, points at the furious Yuugi's horn with his thumb, and says "that horn. I need to touch it, or I'll die."

She smiles, giggles while smirking naughtily, and then says "ooh, so you need to get horny."

Anilan raises an eyebrow as his imagination runs wild, and now he sees himself with eight white and red horns growing on all sides of his head.

The girl grabs the stunned boy and pulls him up with herself, saving him from a massive boulder that destroys some of the stone spikes under Parsee's bridge behind them, and then she looks into his eyes.

She holds her nose as blood starts spilling out like a jet-stream and says "oh my DREAMS! You are so CUTE when you're being stupid! I think I'll fight that woman of yours for your company!"

The boy snaps out of his imaginary world, gasps at the sight of the bleeding dream demon, and exclaims "oh no! You got hit! [Another cutie is after me? That's it; I'm taking this body... Dammit, I can't yet!] I'm so sorry!"

More blood jets out of the girl's nose as she squeals, then shouts "STOP BEING SO CUTE! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL ME!"

"HEY!" Yuugi's thunderous voice turns Ail's and the blood-stained Mugetsu's attention back to the fight just in time for them to avoid a ridiculously large boulder from crushing them, then the oni finishes "we're in the middle of a fight here! Be more serious, and stop it with the flirting, you lecher!"

"I am NOT flirting!" shouts the boy.

"I am~," naughtily coos the girl while wiping the blood from under her nose with a napkin.

Parsee and Yuugi look at each other; the jealousy youkai slightly higher in the air than the oni; then both nod and pull out a spell card each.

The jealousy youkai grins with mischievous malice as she sinisterly declares "Grandfather Cherry Blossom, Shiro's Ashes!"

Parsee's body glows pink for a moment as ten large green orbs spread out in all directions, leaving behind pink flowers that rapidly wilt, and as their leaves fall, they cover a great deal of space in a short amount of time.

At the same time, the green-eyed blonde herself shoots light-green orbs that spread in eight directions.

A second after Parsee finishes showing off, Yuugi lifts her spell card and darkly declares "Light Oni, Adamant Helix!"

Ail and Mugetsu shudder when the heat emanating from Yuugi's hand reaches them twelve feet away, then both yelp and start to fly when they see that light on the oni's hand extends a massive arm that starts to move around clockwise.

They find themselves trapped between the two active spells, and out of despair, Ail shouts at Mugetsu "use your spell cards!", then lifts his own and declares "Blast Sign, Expansion that Soothes."

Just before the twelve orange orbs fly around the boy's body, the blonde demon clings on him, giggles playfully, then says "I'll use mine in a bit. Just don't crash~"

By some unknown miracle, Ail's bullets break through the oni's insanely powerful attack, though it costs him six of those protective bullets, which drain the energy from the attack and gives it to him and the clinging girl.

What's more, now that Yuugi's attack has finished its first revolution, Parsee's flower petals catch fire, and rain down on the duo as hot fireballs.

The boy gasps, looks around for a way out, and then shouts "hey Parsee, Yuugi's attack is better than yours. She's making fun of how much you suck!"


The jealous girl launches herself at the oni, grips her stone-like, yet soft cheeks, and tries to stretch them while furiously saying "how DARE YOU! My danmaku is twice the cheap crap you're shooting!"

"Darn it Parsee, what the hell do you think you are doing!?" shouts Yuugi as she tries to pull the girl away with just one hand, while continuing to maintain her attack active.

This distraction saves Ail's remaining rotating orbs from being destroyed as the oni's attack stream flickers momentarily while the blonde woman struggles with her questionable partner.

"You dare mock me by using more power than me!? SUFFER!"

"For the last time, Parsee, get off, or I'm breaking your arms off!"

As the girls argue and struggle, Ail and Mugetsu manage to get through the flaming petals and get behind the struggling girls.

[Do it! Run away! She won't chase you. She's too, eheheh, busy.]

Ignoring the voice of NegaAil, Anilan really does think of running away, but then thinks Yuugi might chase after him, and is considering whether to or not to go and just touch her horn while she's still distracted.

Before he can make his choice, Mugetsu grips his butt, lift him up, shivers while groping his chest above herself, and ignoring the complaints from the fiercely blushing boy, she says "here's my spell card! Grapple Sign, Throwing the Cute Idiot!"

Ail's body is filled with a strange pastel-yellow light, and just as he screams "h-hey! Stop touching me theeeeeeeerrreee~", the perverted dream demon throws him, giggles, and says "enjoy your horn, cutie~."

Yuugi looks back toward the screaming boy, giving him the chance to grab on to her horn, and just like that, she cancels her spell card, Parsee cancels hers after an obscene curse, and the oni just stares.

The blonde oni closes her eyes as she clenches her teeth, and then begrudgingly grumbles "go. You touched my horn again. You won. But rest assured, Anilan Inmodo Leuch, that if you harm those girls again, no damned spell card rule is going to save you. This is my promise to you."

Ail is still stunned, and hasn't fully realized what has happened, however, to his luck, Mugetsu grabs his arms from behind again, and takes him away from the increasingly angering oni, and then she softly says "you won, cutie, now let's go."

"She said 'harm the girls again'." He speaks softly, though loud enough for the blonde to hear him, then he looks up at her and asks "Mugetsu, do... you know anything about this?"

The girl smiles with a sigh, then says "it'll probably be more fun for me to watch you find out on your own, so I won't say," then winks at him while giggling playfully.

Meanwhile, at Chireiden; also known as The Palace of the Earth Spirits; Rin Kaenbyou, also known as Orin, makes her eager way to the mansion's last back rooms.

She is in her youkai form, with long red hair she makes into braids on the sides and ties with black ribbons, a pair of black cat ears above human ears, dark red eyes, and wears a black and green dress.

She reaches a white door with a gold knob, opens it up with a bang, and cheerfully shouts "LUNCH TIME, SATORI-SAMA~!"

Inside the room, at a wooden round desk at the back of the room filled with many bookshelves is Satori Komeiji, who yelps in surprise and scratches her book with the pen she was using, staining the blank page in the process.

The girl has short violet hair she adorns with a red headband, violet eyes, wears a light-blue shirt with yellow heart-shaped buttons, a light rose skirt with pink rose patterns on the bottom, and has a red third eye floating in front of her chest by means of red and yellow strings that hold it and attach to her body.

After recovering from the initial scare, the mind-reader places her hand on her chest, and after a sigh she softly says "Orin. I have asked you time and time again; please don't disturb me while I'm in this room."

The kasha lowers her cat ears and puts on a very sad expression as she says "I'm sorry, Satori-sama," but quickly perks up and starts to drool, then says "but it's lunch time! We're hungry, nya~"

Satori sighs in defeat after wiping the excess ink from the blank page she was writing on with a thick blue towel, slips her red slippers on, and gets up while saying "it can't be helped then. Come on, let's go."

As they reach the white door to exit the room, the mind-reader asks "what would you like to eat?" while a stalking figure slithers its way through the bookshelves on its way to the girls.

"Fish meat Yakisobaaaaa~" exclaims the cat girl with excitement, while the lurking figure runs up to the violet haired girl and flips her skirt, making her choke on her yelp while her white panties are exposed.

"YES! Today's pair are white! Almost transparent!" exclaims Koishi Komeiji with a bit of drool dribbling down the corner of her mouth.

She has wavy greenish-grey hair that reaches her shoulders blades, dark-green eyes, and wears a round black hat with a yellow ribbon, a yellow shirt with light-blue diamond-shaped buttons, a dark- green skirt with light-green roses on the bottom, and has her closed, blue third eye floating in front of her chest, held by indigo and dark blue strings that connect to her body.

The blushing girl holds her skirt down while angrily shouting "stop doing that, Koishi! What will others think?"

The little sister sticks out her tongue while looking upward and stretching her arms above her head, and says "oh, I don't know. I love you!"

The flushed mind-reader sighs, painfully aware that her cat girl is having daydreams with her, and then says "Koishi, if you keep this up, I'll leave you without lunch. And Orin, I know what you're thinking."

"I know~" purrs the kasha, her eyes turning more feral as her steaming face turns redder.

"Ok, so let's have lunch right away," cheerfully exclaims Satori, turning Orin's mind away from any more lewd fantasies, and getting Koishi to hug her from behind while pushing her out the door.

The walk to the kitchen is an uneventful one, and so they make it there quickly, laughing at one of Rin's jokes at Utsuho's expense as they walk through the north-side door.

They all become quiet when they hear noises coming from the courtyard just two doors away, and quickly recognize the voices of one cheering Petal, and one enthusiastic Okuu.

"Alright Petal-chan, now it's my turn to shoot!"

"Momkuu cool! Flashy-flashy boom~! Ehehehe!"

Even Koishi shares in the worried stares Orin and Satori are giving, and then all three run outside, shouting for Okuu to stop.

Outside, at the snow-covered courtyard, Petal is standing by the mansion's porch to the left of the hell raven, waving and cheering enthusiastically.

Utsuho Reiuji, also known as Okuu, has a messy long dark-brown hair, black wings that are covered with a white cape that looks like it has space on its underside, dark-red eyes, and wears a short-sleeved white shirt with the red eye of Yatagarasu on the center, a green skirt that reaches her knees, her right foot is encased in grey congealed material, her left foot is surrounded by atoms, and she has a large brown canon on her right arm.

She points the canon at a dummy Reimu target that's set close to the mansion, smiles at the little girl on the porch, and says "alright, get ready for some bright lights!"

The tip of the canon ignites with an orange orb of light, the canon itself starts to buzz, and now the hell raven holds the upper side of her canon with her left hand.

Petal cheers and giggles, the door to her right bursts open with a loud bang, and she looks at it with confusion as Satori, Orin and Koishi run outside and desperately shout "DON'T SHOOT, YOU IDIOT!"

"Explosions Sign, Giga Flare!"


The explosion caused by Okuu's careless demonstration rocks the snow right off the entire palace's roof, and the shockwave alone trails onward to the Ancient City, blowing and melting the snow everywhere in the underground world.

Ail and Mugetsu reach the snow-covered Chireiden; the boy now flying on his own by the dream demon's side; and after a silent moment of staring, the blonde in maid's clothing looks at the boy, and she asks "ok, seriously, I have to know. How the hell is it snowing underground? UN! DER! GROUND!?"

The boy shrugs while smiling, as he is unable to produce an answer, then he says "it is best not to question these things. Sometimes the answer can be more confusing than it's worth."

As he says this, he remembers the first time he had been turned into a miniature dog with golden-brown hair, tiny arms and legs, and black, large beady eyes.

He was taken to Eientei by Reimu herself, and he not only caused Eirin to nosebleed twice, but he also bit Kaguya on the ankle, though that almost cost him to become one of Eirin's test subjects.

His nostalgia trip is cut short by the annoying poking and pestering from Mugetsu, who smiles after getting his attention, then says "I'm sorry, you adorable little half-human, but I have something to tend to in here. Please take care, and take pictures of yourself if you start acting stupidly cute again."

"Eh?" The dense one raises his left eyebrow as he imagines himself in chibi-form tripping on a rock, or a twig, and somehow throwing a camera in the air and taking the picture of that moment, just so that a chibi-Mugetsu can be happy when she sees the pictures later on.

The real Mugetsu yelps and shrieks "KYAAAAHHHH! SO CUTE," while holding her bleeding nose and shivering in mid-air.

This gets Ail out of his thought bubble, but all he sees is the blonde flying away as fast as she can, while shouting "what a CUTE IDIOT! Darn it; DARN IT ALL! It's just not FAIR!"

As she flies farther into the darkness of the underground, he feels a cold chill slowly creeping into his heart.

[Ahahahaha. It is now time to face the music, kid.]

That vile voice makes the chill even stronger, and for a moment, the dense boy feels like he lost control of his shaking limbs.

Still, he descends as he heads closer to the palace, and after landing right in front of the large entrance door he immediately notices their disrepair, the dust accumulating on the windows, and the sad and cold ambience surrounding the entire building.

Regardless, he moves forward, feeling a very strong push on the back of his head that's forcing him to do just what he's fearing; and his fears are there for good reasons, though he doesn't know.

The doors easily open, almost on their own, shrieking out loud as they do, and the moment he peeks his head in and opens his mouth to call [Don't do that, you id-], he gasps out loud, almost screams, and runs inside.

He drops on his knees in front of a purplish-red and violet set of vines, and almost out of breath, he softly, but desperately calls "Satori! What's the matter! Satori-san! Please say something! Don't be dead!"

His voice cracks and he despairs to the verge of tears as he says that last word.

Satori Komeiji lies on her back with her hands resting on her belly, her skin slightly bluish, and it looks as though she hasn't eaten any substantial food for a very long time.

The vines surrounding her are actually the strings that should hold her third eye, if she would still have it.

Ail breathes fast through his mouth as he looks left and right at Satori's body, and though some relief fills him when he sees her breathe once, he still wants to find her third eye.

[Save your efforts, kid. I destroyed that thing!]

A feral burst of rage suddenly takes the boy's head, yet he respects his youkai friend enough to walk away from her in order to whisper furiously without disturbing her. "You son of a bitch, what the fuck did you do to her!? [Don't blow a gasket, kid.] HOW... could you do this to her; to your friend; MY FRIEND!?"

[The bitch wouldn't listen to me! She kept telling me my way would destroy Reimu! What the hell did she know!? Just because she could read my mind, she thought she knew everything about me! ...So I destroyed that third eye of hers. Heheh. Who's the smart one now, huh!?]

Anilan grips his own chest so tight, the fabric on his shirt tears a bit, and in a murderous undertone, he says "whatever the hell you are, I am going to get you out of my body. And when I do, I am going to destroy everything that you are! THERE WON'T BE A SPIRIT LEFT FOR EIKI TO JUDGE!"

The boy turns around to look at Satori after hearing a little girl coo, and when he does, his eyes expand as he gazes upon Petal, who is cooing gently while helping the bluish-skinned satori girl up to her knees at a slow pace.

Ail's eyes turn red, and with that smooth, yet cold tone of voice, NegaAil softly calls "Petal. Petal, it's you..."

The evil boy rushes over to the little hell raven youkai, knocks the barely conscious Satori to the ground and off the little girl's arms, then gives her a tight hug while whispering "Petal, you sweet child!"

The little girl easily pushes the boy off herself, scowls innocently, points at the blue-skinned satori youkai, and with some effort, she says "you knock Satori-sama-love! M-meanie brute man!"

NegaAil desperately rushes to the little girl while on his knees, holds her by her shoulders, and in a desperate whisper he says "please, Petal, listen to me! Leave this dead place behind! [You son of a- LEAVE HER ALONE!] Come with me and Reimu! She will be the best mother you could ever dream of having, I swear! I'll be the best damned father I can be! Just, please, come with me!"

He can feel Ail trying to force himself to regain control of his body, but easily keeps him back, mostly out of the strength of his will because he's currently dealing with Petal.

Said girl slaps both hands off her shoulders, returns to pick Satori up, cooing with her as the purple haired girl stands up, and then silently makes her way into the mansion's inner rooms.

Before she's out of his reach, she turns her head to look into those red eyes, sighs while shaking her head, then grabs Satori's hand in order to guide her to the kitchen.

The vile boy starts to whimper, rapidly crawls toward the girls, reaches for the ex-mind-reader's hand, and lightly touches the back of it.

Satori reacts by opening her eyes wide as she looks at the offending fingers, traces her dull eyes up the violet sleeves of the boy's shirt until she sees his face, then she tries to run backwards, only to fall on the back of her head while kicking her legs, as if trying to run away.

She seems to be calling for someone, but her voice comes as a mere wail, a pant, or a whimper, and though she seems to be trying to form words, nothing makes any sense at all.

The red-eyed boy watches this with disgust, and stands to look down on the horrified youkai girl, but that's when tears start flowing out of his eyes. They return to the gold color they should be, and upon this, Satori slowly calms down and allows Petal to get close to her.

"You calm down, Sha-S-Satori-sama-love? Petal is happy." The little girl kneels next to the satori youkai, and gets her face closer to hers.

Ail watches with a broken heart as the little raven girl kisses Satori on the forehead as a mother would, coos sweetly as she picks the girl's hand, and after the pink haired girl is on her feet, both girls stare at Ail.

He lifts his right hand only slightly, and whispers "Satori. I have to heal you," while the girls turn around and quickly make their way to the kitchen.

The dense boy turns his gaze to the artificial vines where the ex-mind-reader was sleeping before, and above from where her head was resting is a beautiful white flower with three petals, each with a drawing. One is a blue triangle, another is green hexagon, and the third one is a red clover.

Satori's third eye hovers just above the flower as it is being healed, surrounded by sparkling mint-green and blue lights and sparks.

Ail's rage increases greatly when he sees that third eye had been broken in half by means of brute force, yet a smile breaks out of the corner of his mouth when he sees the energy patterns coming from the flower are helping that eye restore itself.

[No you don't! Don't you dare, kid! DON'T YOU DARE!]

NegaAil's threats fall on deaf ears, and Ail places his hand near the flower, and gives it a powerful boost of energy that returns the eye to a single-form state, though it's still going to take time for it to be functional again.

Satisfied with what he has done, Anilan sighs, lets his tears roll free, and with a cracked voice he says "in three more days she'll be back... not that it matters to you, you disgusting piece of shit. [Whatever you do, you will fail. This world is mine, and mere setbacks like these can be undone in an instant.]"

The boy jumps left and avoids a wheel of fire, made out of evil spirits as its frame, then pushes himself backwards with his hands when they touch the ground so as to avoid a triple-clawed slash from the darkness.

He sweeps his left leg around, then hops away like a rabbit from a shower of evil spirits in the form of zombie fairies, opens a large blue barrier that surrounds him all the way over his head, and exclaims "Orin, stop it! I'm trying to help!"

The kasha jumps out of the shadows with her claws spread and her teeth bare on a feral face, but in her berserk state she merely crashes against the boy's barrier, yelps in pain when her fangs break as she is bounced off, then she runs away back into the darkness, but not before the boy notices her left tail has been cut in half, and cursed.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ORIN!?" shouts Ail at his dark self, who simply chuckles mockingly.

He suddenly grabs his head and drops on his knees while holding his hair [What the-? You're not supposed to remember that stuff!]

Ail doubles over and stops himself from crashing his forehead on the ground because of his elbows, trembles as he holds his head tight, then furiously roars "Al-ALICE! What am I doing to Alice!?"

At the deepest level of the underground, where the heat should be intense enough to melt a youkai in an instant, Mugetsu, her older sister Gengetsu, and Kana the dream poltergeist, stand on the lava there as though it were solid ground, and seem to be as fresh as if the temperature was comfortable.

In front of them is a rotating fuchsia crystal the size of a house in height, and they keep staring at it with great interest.

"This is it," begins the blonde, wingless dream demon. "This is the catalyst that's controlling this world. We should be able to free him if we destroy it."

The blonde poltergeist in maid's outfit looks around her surroundings, and says "well, the dream is quite real, but the lack of heat here? This is kind of sloppy."

Gengetsu barks a command, getting Kana's attention back to the crystal, then Mugetsu strictly says "focus! This thing is what's keeping Ail trapped in here. Let's break it, and free him from the Yama's prison!"

The winged blonde looks at her little sister, and asks "imouto-chan, are you certain he was forced in here? He doesn't seem to have been forced you know."

The gloveless blonde maid scoffs, then says "pshaw sister! The Yama is evil. Of course she forced him. Now take your places ladies. He freed us, we free him! We'll be even now!"

The girls form a triangle around the large crystal, all three girls aim an arm above their heads, and point the other one toward their target, and all start summoning energy to themselves, and then they immediately send it forward as a yellowish-white beam straight at the crystal's center.

Meanwhile, inside Chireiden's foyer, Ail holds his head as the memories of the attack of NegaAil at Alice's house return to him full-blast.

"Alice!" he calls as his tears drip down his cheeks and on to the floor, all while he holds his head, feeling as though it could fall off if he lets it go.

[Well, you remember that. Congratulations! You still have to finish your mission here! And don't think of going back, or I WILL take over your body again; and do THAT to Alice and her little girl again!]

Everything suddenly stops. Ail stands up with his tears dried, his limbs steeled as with his resolve, and in a quick gesture, he extends his right hand away from himself, then uses all his strength to sink his claw-shaped fingers into the skin of his chest after a strong sweep.


Blood spills through his fingers as he pulls on his own skin, but then it stops flowing when a dark red shadow begins to rise out of the boy's chest.

He grunts out loud and shuts his eyes as he uses his strength to yank that shadow off, and after a breath of relief, he opens his eyes to meet with a translucent image of NegaAil.

Unlike himself, NegaAil combs his hair a little, and has this vile expression ever-present on his face, even when looking around confused.

Before that vile boy realizes what happened, Ail shakes his right arm a bit, his bracelet grows in a flash and recovers the lost symbols for Hakurei, Pandemonium, Bishamonten, Kanako, and Suwako, and in another instant he summons a buster blade made of light and swings it with all his might.

The evil boy finally realizes what has happened by the time the dense one has struck with his blade of light, and simply stares with a casual expression at his other self.

Ail glares back with a look of hatred and dread as he asks "what the hell?"

He swings that sword again with a mighty roar "NOOOOOOO! YOU MUST DIEEEEEEEEE!" The memories of Kisume being beaten with his very fists until she cried like a child, then cursing her with one of Reimu's tainted charms burns in his mind.

He feels heavy guilt for what happened to her, even though he didn't really do it, but the memory is too fresh and real.

His sword of light keeps going through NegaAil as if flowing through air, and with every swing he keeps getting tired, but also angrier.

He now sees himself beating Yamame on the face and head with a large sanctified rock, and this causes him to cry out in frustration, and his anger becomes worst when he sees himself gripping her chest with more than enough strength to break her bones while placing a tainted charm on the large wound on her head he, himself, just gave her.

He swings that sword one last time, using all his anger and hatred toward that monster before him, but like before, the blade merely goes through his translucent body as if cutting wind, and then Ail falls on the floor out of exhaustion.

While Ail breathes rapidly on the ground, exhausted after his rage outburst, NegaAil stands beside him with a smile, bends his knees, and tries to grab the boy by the neck, but his hand just goes through, like air.

He chuckles, then sinisterly whispers "I am impressed of the way you pulled me out of there kid, but while I'm out here, you can't harm me, and I can't harm you. So, no matter how badly you may want revenge, you just. can't. have it!"

The dense boy takes a deep breath, manages to speak between breaths "I will. find. a way," then, without warning, he shoots an odd electrical spark that looks like a bolt made out of glass, and after doing this he conceals NegaAil inside a large, thorny crystal ball.

Inside it, the vile boy's true form takes shape, and is now moving around the inside of the crystal prison in the form of a red spirit.

A satisfied smile crosses Ail's face as he slowly gets up to a sitting position, and while looking into the crystal, he says "just like you did to Shanghai, you damned bastard!"

He immediately takes his hand into his left pocket, takes the tiny crystal with Shanghai's soul in it, and breaks the tip off so that she may escape.

After the little soul is gone, the dense boy looks at the thorny crystal on the floor, then asks himself "how the hell did I even manage to do this?"

Meanwhile, atop the Youkai Mountain, at the Moriya Shrine, Suwako stands on the roof of the shrine with a serene expression as she looks around the thick mist.

She sighs, says "he went in deeper. Good. I won't have to do it," then waves her hands around her waist and her hips, and the ground start to rumble out loud.

The thickness of the mist covers whatever the cause of the rumbles may be, yet some silhouettes of large humanoid creatures can be seen melting rapidly into the ground.

*CRASH* "Take THAT, you youkai!"

Reimu's slurry, yet loud voice rumbles all the way to Suika and Aya at the front of the shrine, halting their little squabbling battle over whether or not pictures will be taken.

Inside the shrine maiden's room, Rika and Tenshi struggle with the girl as they try to keep her from getting off the futon again and go on a fever-induced-hallucination youkai hunt yet again.

Next to the celestial are shards of a large pot that used to contain some tea, and next to that is Reimu's old wooden gohei stabbed on the ground as if it were a sword.

"Guh! My lady, please stop! You are ill and need your rest!" pleas the angelic shrine maid as she flaps her wings to keep herself balanced while pushing the struggling maiden back into her futon.

"I knew getting soft on her was a bad idea! ARGH! Just stay still you stupid human," argues the blue haired girl, annoyed at the fact that she chose a very bad moment to get all soft for Reimu's sake.

Reimu starts to sob and sniffle out loud, looks at her maid with teary and tired eyes, and says "but he's swinging, but nothing happens. *Sniffle* He's really trying!"

Rika raises her eyebrow in concern, and asks "who is swinging what, My Lady? What's happening?"

The shrine maiden stops her struggle, and Tenshi quickly places her hand on the sick girl's forehead.

Reimu's tears dry up as she starts to smile, then softly whispers "oh... pretty crystal. He. made... it."

As she falls asleep, the shrine maid looks with surprise at her celestial friend, sighs with relief, and asks "how did you do it? I tried Patchouli's sleeping spell from the start, and it didn't work."

Tenshi sighs, looks to the room's sliding doors, and then says "that's probably why mine worked so quickly. We just needed her to calm down a bit. Hmm... Maybe I overdid it, then."

"Alright Tenshi, that's enough," begins the maid in a steeled tone. "I know you and Miss Reimu don't get along, so tell me, why are you being so nice to her now!?"

The celestial girl starts to blush fiercely, hides her face from her angelic friend by looking to the floor, and softly says "be-because she's important to you, and..."

Her face normalizes as she slowly raises her head, and says "well, people keep saying I'm such a selfish brat. I guess I just want to prove them wrong."

The angel-winged maid is now embracing the celestial girl from behind in her Soraogan mode, and after a sweet coo that turns the blue haired girl's cheeks pink, she says "that's very sweet of you, Tenshi. But aren't you still being selfish, if that is your reason for caring for Miss Reimu~?"

The blissful celestial's lips become jagged when her wrong logic is spread out in front of her so bluntly, but then she feels those heavenly-soft feathers rubbing her cheeks and that soft and round chest pressing against her back, and then her lips stretch into a wide and blissful smile as she drops back on Rika's lap.

The angelic girl giggles and smiles dearly at her while still rubbing her cheeks with those soft feathers, then sweetly and softly says "it's alright Momoko-chan. You don't need to lie to me. I know you like her too."

Tenshi sighs as all the tension she had leaves her celestial body, then softly says "I saw her acting so weird; I got worried and followed her for a bit. She asked me to take care of you, and then we sat down, talked a little... I can't help but like her a little more."

Rika giggles as she gently scratches Tenshi's head, and softly says "you are a sweet and kind spirit, Momoko."

Meanwhile, at the Kitchen, Lykamei and Suzaku watch quietly as Mima finishes preparing and serving the meal she just finished cooking.

Her ghostly skin appears to be full of goose bumps, and every move she makes seems is taking great effort on her part.

At the same time, at the fake depths of Dream Hell, the dream demons and poltergeist continue their assault on the pink crystal, when Mugetsu declares "we've almost got it, girls! Just a bit more!"

The crystal cracks, it stops spinning, and starts to make a sound similar to that of a ship's foghorn, then Gengetsu shouts out loud "sis! I think we should stop now!"

The dream demon in the maid outfit's grin turns insane, and with that crazed expression on her face, she shouts "no, it's good! We only stopped the cycle! Now we take out the dream!"

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Mima holds her right temple with the tip of her fingers and looks as though she's suffering from a headache.

She looks at the dark little girl and the vermilion bird, and in a soft tone of voice, as if struggling to speak, she says "Chick-err, I mean, Suzaku and Lykamei, please be a couple of dears and take this to Reimu's room."

"What's the matter?" asks the little ghost girl.

The red bird nods, then, so that all in the room can hear, she asks "is it Ail again?"

The green haired spirit nods twice, then says "listen to me, if you see me flying around outside, don't talk to me. Repeat these instructions to everyone..."

Before she can finish, she snarls and punches the counter in front of herself, making one loud bang, then finishes "until I can figure out what's happening to me, I'll be a little dangerous! Defense... mechanism. G-gotta go."

She speeds away from the shrine, holding her head with both hands as she flies to the storage house, then Lykamei sighs and says "that was weird. Like the time Yuyuko-sama got a stomach ache."

The vermilion bird stares silently at the little ghostly girl, then sighs and says "come, let's take this to Rika-sama so we can tell them about Miss Mima."

Lykamei nods, easily grabs two of the heavy trays with one hand each, then floats toward Reimu's room with ease, followed by the slightly surprised Suzaku, who can only take one tray with her.

At the underground palace, Ail runs for his life as a shower of red homing bullets keep exploding just behind his heels, leaving small craters on the floor.

He reaches a doorway leading to the rooms corridors, hides on the other side of it, and after the destructive bullets almost blast a hole to the other side of the wall, right where he is hiding, he shouts "Koishi, I swear, it's a mistake! I'm the good Ail! I want to help your sister, not harm her!"

A large green laser that buzzes through the doorway burns a hole on the ground to his left, then the girl shouts "I'm subconscious, not stupid, you whiny bitch! You're not getting near onee-chan again!"

There is a moment of silence; which isn't helping Ail's tension at all; and thinking foolishly, he believes the time to get out of hiding and attack is now.

"Say, why don't I have a little fun, and break this thorny crystal I took from your hand on your face." The hatred in her voice as she threatens the boy sends chills down his back, which cut all foolish thoughts of attack off, but then he remembers something and opens his eyes wide in shock.

After a quick gasp, he pokes the side of his head through the doorway and shouts "no, don't! There's an evil spirit in there! He'll possess me again if you free it!"

He finally gets a good look at Koishi, and now a new sense of fear sinks right into the depths of his heart.

The girl's third eye is open, but it's red and black inside, and seems to be secreting a golden substance that appears to bubble up with her rage, and she keeps throwing and catching the dangerous-looking crystal with her left hand.

Her smile becomes a vicious grin when she sees his eyes, and in a low, sinister, yet playful undertone, she says "I see you~"

Anilan isn't sure how, or when, but now he's being lifted above the youkai girl's black hat, and before he can realize what happened, Koishi throws him against the wall.

The boy recovers his bearing before crashing, flips and twists until he's facing down the floor and his feet are against the wall, bounces off it, then launches straight at the youkai girl.

He creates a silly, yet bright piko-hammer of light that's surrounded with magical water, and winds it up in mid flight, intending to knock the girl out quickly, but a large black and red blur jumps from the ground and strikes him under the chin, sending him on a backwards spin.

Orin lands in her youkai form on all fours next to Koishi, gets a pat on the head from the young satori, then snarls and hisses at Ail while Koishi says "good job, Orin. Now let's kill this son of a bitch before he hurts onee-chan again."

Ail chuckles as he gets back on his feet, and with tears dangling under his eyes, he says "well done, Orin-sis. I almost didn't see you running towards me."

"SHUT IT!" screams the kasha, bearing her large set of restored fangs as her feral face turns redder with rage.

Tears start to roll down her cheeks, she lets her sobs escape her, and she raises her clawed arms and waves them in front of herself as she screams "you betrayed me! You tried TO KILL ME!" She sobs "you tried to kill Satori! You made her scream so much! I HATE YOU!"

Those words sting the boy's very heart, making it feel as though it's being wrapped in barbed wire, but what comes next turns that wire into ice-cold thorns that burn him without mercy.

Both girls pull out a spell card each, and with hatred present in their faces, both fill them up with red energy before declaring them loudly and clearly.

"Rose Hell!"

"Apology, The Needles of Yore, and the Vengeful Spirits in Pain!"

The spell cards make a disturbingly loud sound when they activate as one, and now there are red and blue orbs in several circular patterns spreading towards Ail at a ridiculously fast pace, and these orbs erupt into red and blue roses that emanate enough heat to cook a limb on contact.

This attack mixes with Orin's thin red pin and blue orb bullets as if it were part of the original spell, and the boy quickly realizes there is just no way to dodge that, so he does the next best thing.

He creates a blue barrier that covers his sides and his front, and desperately shouts "You guys, just stop! I swear I'm not that evil thing that harmed you! I'm trying to help you! Please, let me prove myself!"

"Shut up," demands Koishi. Her eyes become unfocused, her grin becomes wicked and dangerous, and sinisterly says "a liar will die today, and after he dies, Satori-chan will feast on his flesh! She'll become good as new!"

Even though Koishi seems to have lost her mind, it's Orin's spell that intensifies greatly, and Ail's barrier starts to crack.

"SATORI'S EYE! Look at Satori's eye!" screams the boy with great despair behind his voice.

His barrier explodes and the deadly barrage of bullets pummel him until he's face-up on the ground, but then everything stops just before he loses his consciousness.

Koishi has her right arm in front of Rin's chest, pulls the thorny crystal out of her pocket, and whispers "wait. I want to break this on his face before we kill him."

She winds herself up as if she was a professional baseball player and says "this one's for you, Orin-chan!"

Just before the satori youkai throws that crystal, the kasha shivers with a strange and frightful sensation that comes from the item, then shouts "no, wait," and reaches for Koishi and the ball a second too late.

The young satori youkai swings that arm with the full force of her body; as if her muscles all suddenly exploded with energy; and squeals with a smile on her face as the thorny crystal ball leaves her arm, which, of course, crashes against the wall next to Ail, instead of his face as she intended.

The moment that prison shatters, NegaAil appears surrounded by a red cloud with his back turned to the two girls.

He twists his body around, smiles sinisterly at the two girls, and then dives straight into Ail's body.

Koishi's face returns to a more natural state, and even her third eye appears to normalize and close up a bit, while Orin stares at the boy with her mouth wide open, and her eyes bulging from the shock.

The satori looks at the kasha, giggles sweetly, points at the dense boy, and says "ah... So he was telling the truth."

The kasha gulps and nods at the same time, nervously says "yup. He was," then slaps her own cheeks when placing her hands on then, and exclaims "Oh crap, what have we done!?"

Ail stands up in a most unnatural manner, almost as if he slithers his way on to his feet, grins vilely at the two girls in front of him, summons a massive red orb that grows larger above his hand, then happily says "and now, I am going to make you regret your mistake."

He roars as he rushes toward the girls, who shriek and shoot, slowing him down and buying themselves some time to run away.

Meanwhile, in a dark corner, Shikieiki's round reset device is glowing purple, warning of the dream spirits messing within, but it suddenly pings, and its light turns pure white.

A light shines above the item as the drawer it's resting in opens; Shikieiki's face can be seen looking elsewhere; then stacks of paper fall on top of the round device, and the drawer where said device is in immediately closes up again.

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, snow falls outside the comfort and warmth of the shrine's living room, yet only hurt faces can be seen there.

Tenshi, Lykamei, Suzaku and Aya all look sadly at the floor and the table in front of them, while the wailing cries of Reimu echo all through the living quarters, as if the building itself has been cursed.

"My lady! Miss Reimu, wake up!"

Inside the shrine maiden's room, Rika is desperate, and holds the Hakurei Maiden by the shoulders while shaking her in her attempts to wake her mistress up, but Reimu continues crying and moaning sadly, completely unaware of her maid's despair.

The angelic girl's despair has reached to point where her tears and sobs escape her without control as she asks "why is this happening? My lady! Why can't I help her!?"

Her sword takes its colorful form, a powerful roar that only Rika can hear causes a strong, yet soothing vibration that envelops the entirety of the shrine, which all inside its walls can feel, regardless of not hearing that roar.

When the maid comes back to, she realizes her Soraogan blood limit has been activated, and with a gasp of realization she moves her hands to Reimu's head, and begins an intense healing process.

The mint-green light is intense, and the angelic girl's forehead gets covered in sweat as her face turn red, as though she's overheating.

The sword roars again, a little softer than before, Rika stops her intense healing, and Reimu hics and moans as her eyes flicker open.

She turns those brown eyes to her maid, all red and swollen from all the crying, then whimpers "why did you tell me that story? It's so sad. Poor Satori; not even a youkai deserves that *sob*."

Rika stares at her mistress with confusion, but before she can ask "what are you talking about?" the shrine maiden sighs and calmly says "good thing Ail was there. He'll make it better. He's like you, Rika. You guys are too good. Maybe I should be a little more like you."

"My lady?" The maid's voice trails off as her confusion rises, but even so, she allows the black haired girl to crawl over and use her lap as a pillow.

Reimu sighs contently when she feels her cold head resting on that soft and warm lap, then she softly says "Rika, you are too, mmm, nice. We need to... *mumble mumble*"

Rika sighs with relief when her mistress falls asleep looking so happy, then starts combing her soft hair with her fingers while thinking "this is strange. It's like she's been possessed, but my lady is too strong, and I don't feel anything in her. Perhaps... Hmm?"

Her thoughts are brought to an abrupt halt when she notices Tenshi standing by the door with a concerned look, then the maid smiles and says "it's alright. She's alright now. She was just having a bad dream. A really... really bad dream that needed some healing."

Behind the celestial, Aya cheers a soft "thank goodness," while Suzaku and Lykamei both let out a sigh, the bird's sounding like a long squawk.

Meanwhile, at the storage house's underground bedroom, Mima paces back and forth, using her magical pair of legs to stomp hard with each step, while Suika looks at her seriously, as though ready to unleash a vicious attack.

The evil spirit stops in front of the left wall, suddenly roars and grips her hair on the sides, then releases it and starts punching the wall while shouting "why! am! I! so! ANGRY!"

After the last punch cracks the wall, the oni coldly says "that boy is becoming a burden to you, and those around you. You should cut that link before you do something you'll regret."

"No!" barks the evil spirit, generating a magical gust by accident. "I don't know the meaning of all this, but my intuition tells me breaking that link is a mistake, and I know my intuition has a 93.2 percent accuracy rate."

The little oni takes a swig of her gourd, but her eyes remain cold and intense, and keeping them on the spirit, she speaks in a dangerous tone.

"Alright then, keep your link. But if you go on a rampage, I won't think twice before attacking you."

A smile creeps over the oni's face as she chuckles, and says "though, it all sounds kind'a fun. I might call Yuugi over so she can watch."

Mima turns to face Suika so abruptly, her hat falls off as her robes dance around her a bit, then angrily says "this is no laughing matter! Something's going on with Ail, and whatever it is, it's all falling on me as well! Grr! If something happens to that kid-"

"He'll be alright," reassures the little oni, sounding more confident and more relaxed.

She takes another gulp from her gourd, sighs more contently, then cheerfully says "he survived your pissed-off attacks, that fool-or-a-godling kid, that time of those mysteriously deadly attacks we can't remember much of, and he'll survive this. Have more faith in him."

Even though she's feeling enraged; enough to rip through that oni's skin with her bare hands; hearing that makes the evil spirit smile.

"Oh, and there was that crazy shadow... Agava is her name," suddenly begins Suika, lost in memory lane. "In fact, that was one of the first things. Then there was that time he and that cute girl that looks like Yukari got stuck inside the sealed Makai. Then there was that other Makai, where he and the green maiden went for the little bat, then there was that gap with teeth that was eating everybody, then that time he was in the world of dragons-"

"ALRIGHT ALREADY, I GET IT!" screams the furious spirit, shutting the oni up, though she merely giggles herself shut, as if taunting that evil spirit.

At first it seems as though Mima is going to throttle the girl, but instead just sigh as if depressed, places her left hand over the left side of her face, and says "I hope this all ends soon."

Back at Chireiden, Koishi and Orin dash right out of the mansion to the backyard, whimpering as they fly for dear life.

Both are full of cuts and bruises all over their arms and torsos, and both have blood streaming down their faces; Koishi's looking like it has being smeared red.

They both look back as they fly toward the hole to old hell, and shoot massive bullets toward the mansion.

NegaAil bursts through the door and pushes the bullets away with a pair of red barrier placed on his hands, and after quickly getting within 10 feet of the girls he unleashes a hellish barrage of dark needles and red orbs that explode before making contact with their targets.

The girls are blown off course and lose control, crashing on the few flowers alive in the area, then stand up with spell cards already on hand.

Orin's face shows her despair, and feeling hesitant about activating her spell card, she shouts "Ail! Good Ail! Come on, bro! Snap out of it!"

Koishi's spell card is already glowing greenish-grey, and after getting the kasha's attention, and sounding like her natural self, she says "we really goofed up, but we can fix this. Just hit him hard!"

The kasha looks at the satori, who continues "the real Ail is in there, I can feel it. Too bad I can't read minds yet, but that's alright. I still can feel a little of what's going on in that bastard's subconscious!"

"Embryo's Dream," she declares before looking at Orin again, and saying "we'll tire him out, and get the GOOD Ail back again. And if he was lying about onee-chan, and about helping us, we'll kick him in the balls until they break"

The kasha chuckles and laughs, while NegaAil himself grimaces from the thought of that actually happening.

"Corpse Shopping District," declares the redhead as she looks at the red-eyed boy, then says "the other one had golden eyes, and actually looked peaceful. This one has red ones, and they are full of lies and hate! I want the other one back. Maybe he can fix my tail too."

"DREAM ON!" shouts the evil boy as he lifts a red spell card, but stops when the world around him and the two girls becomes a twisted and old dream version of some ancient lands.

Green bullet specs start spreading all around the field and now corpses with bodies of zombie fairies infest the rest of the battle field, and all start shooting at the boy while more, and more green bullets spread around.

At the other end of the backyard, Petal walks out the kitchen's door, and when she sees the battle unfolding so close, she gasps and opens her eyes wide, then with some effort she calls "m-MOMKUU! SHA-SATORI-SAMA; BOY IS AFTER AND BACK!"

NegaAil is shooting both Orin and Koishi relentlessly while holding on to a spell card with his left hand, but he is yet to activate it, which has both girls feeling a bit wary.

Koishi's spell switches the green bullets for yellow lasers that spread around like rocketing thorns being shot out of a rose stem, while Orin's corpses pick up on the satori youkai's spell, and shoot tiny blue lasers of their own.

NegaAil just smiles viciously, lifts his spell card while easily navigating through lasers, corpses and bullets, then suddenly gasps with fright and dives left, not caring that a few yellow lasers burned his left arm and knee.

The girls look estranged at each other before looking back and gasping with fright, then quickly cancel their spells in order to fly away from a massive orb of pure energy meant to burn through bodies and consume spirit energies.

The orb explodes before it touches the palace's walls, all thanks to a black and red bullet from the dark boy, but even so, it leaves a nasty burn mark on it and a crater on the ground just before the porch.

Okuu takes Orin's and Koishi's place, aims her controller rod at the boy, and furiously says "you're back! At last! Last time I couldn't get here in time. Last time you killed our Satori! Today is different! Today I protect my family, and kill you, evil ex-friend!"

Though he smiles, the evil, red eyed boy can't hide the fear on his face as he thinks "shit, it's Okuu! Last time I managed to do all I wanted to without her noticing! [Finally, I'm back! HA! It's Okuu! You are done for!] Shit, shit, shit! I messed up!"

"So are you, if we don't escape her right now, kid!"

NegaAil's shouting confuses the hell raven greatly, though she keeps that rod aimed at the boy's head.

Koishi and Orin gasp, knowing why the evil boy shouted so randomly, then the kasha shouts "Okuu, the good Ail is inside that one with the red eyes! Don't destroy his body!"

The raven girl charges up another spirit-destroying shot while saying "he is evil, Orin-chan! Look what he did to your tail! I can't forgive that! He must pay!"

Before Koishi can raise her voice to try and talk some sense into the birdbrain, said girl unleashes her held energy.

NegaAil freezes in place, then all of a sudden the boy's eyes become golden, and in a quick second, the dense one creates a large blue barrier that cracks upon being impacted by the vicious attack.

"You coward! [Have fun with the bird.] All evil bastards are all cowards!" curses Ail as he struggles to maintain his barrier up, while waiting for the vicious attack to end.

As soon as it stops, Anilan groans loudly and drops on his knees, while Okuu prepares yet another attack.

He quickly stands up, raises his hands defensively, and exclaims "Okuu, wait! It's me! It's Ail! The good Ail! I'm not here to cause trouble! Please, believe me!"

"Listen to him, Okuu! The bad Ail is hiding inside him now!" exclaims Koishi from behind, hoping to get through that thick skull.

The girl shakes her head and says "he lied! Orin told me how he lied last time. That's when he cut her tail! He must not be left alive!"

Ail takes flight. Okuu mimics his move and stops when above the mansion's roof, and when they face each other he lifts a spell card, points it at the hell raven, then says "forgive me, Miss Okuu, but I cannot let you do that. I HAVE to help Satori get her third eye back!"

"I must not fail against the liar," says the brown-haired girl as a spell card appears floating above her control rod.

Now the boy and the hell raven lock eyes as they prepare for the inevitable fight, while Orin and Koishi stay behind the overpowered girl, wondering how they can reason with that girl.

Petal remains at the porch, watching the situation from a safe distance, and looking distressed for both her mom and the supposedly evil boy.

The boy and the winged girl stare at each other intensely, then, with a smile on his face, Ail says "hey, Okuu. If I win, you'll help me make Satori and Orin get all better again, deal?"

Utsuho smiles innocently and nods, then frowns sadly and says "but if I win, that means you are lying again, so I will have to kill you!"

The boy chuckles, then calmly says "then I'll have to make sure to win. Light Sign, Holy Dance!"

Ail's body is surrounded by a barrier of light, and from it, eight white laser beams spread out, trapping the hell raven between two of them, and as the boy starts moving around a bit, groups of three orbs of light that form a triangle amongst themselves start raining down, exploding on the sides and spreading out as light-blue petal-shaped bullets that fly straight at the intended target.

While this happens, Okuu cheerfully declares "Explosion Sign, GIGA FLARE!", while she is still using that power capable of destroying the spirit of the target.

The dense one looks at the shot being charged from behind the barrier of light, and says to himself "that idiot. She's still using lethal force. [I told you to fucking RUN! Are you suicidal or something!? GET! US! OUT! OF! HERE! She can't be reasoned with!] Don't be such a coward... you baby."

The hell raven smiles and cheers as she moves around to avoid getting hit by Ail's bullets, and when her attack is fully charged, an alarm sounds off, a warning sign appears around her control rod, then she cheers "FIRE AWAY~!"

The boy gasps when he sees that intense, giant ball of light heading his way, but he steels himself and moves slightly to the right, grazing Okuu with one of his lasers.

He gazes intensely at that ball of light flying slowly toward him, [DAMMIT KID, RUN AWAY! I... I DON'T WAN TO DIEEEEEE~!] then softly gasps and says "watch and learn, you cowardly crybaby!"

The lasers and bullets all stop and disappear, the round orb around the boy matches the color of Okuu's bright-orange Giga Flare, and when that massive bullet touches the shield, it goes flying to his left.

"OH-NO! DAMMIT!" he shouts out of frustration.

He cancels his spell and flies straight after that large orb while calling "PETAL, RUN! RUUUUUN," while at the same time thinking "darn it all! What have I done? I bounced it to the wrong side!"

The little hell raven youkai is frozen in shock as the massive ball of death heads her way, and not even Koishi's, Orin's, or Okuu's voices seem to help her react.

The anxious Koishi tries to fly toward the girl as fast as she can, but her desperation prevents her from moving as fast as she needs, and thinks "no, no! If she dies, Satori dies! MOVE, BODY; MOVE!"

Ail is the closest, but even so he knows he'll reach the little girl at the same time as the bullet.

A red aura surrounds him, then he suddenly yelps after being pushed back, while the red aura with the shape of his body bullets forward and lands between the girl and the Flare.

NegaAil's body quickly solidifies, he erects a thin red shield, and the ball of death hits.

His bloody scream snaps Petal from her shocked trance, and then she starts to cry and scream as she runs in circles.

Koishi and Orin reach the girl and take her away just as the light consumes the human image inside of it, and after flying mere feet away, the screaming stops, and the overpowered light fades.

At the hellish depths of the dream world, Kana, Mugetsu and Gengetsu groan as they struggle to maintain their powers balanced while dealing with the giant crystal.

A powerful pulse from within the crystal pushes the girl's beams away from itself, makes all three girls scream as though in pain, then the cracks on its surface start pulsating red while the blondes get off the fake lava as though they are lying on solid ground.

Kana shakes her head while rubbing her crown under her hat, then asks "did we do it?"

Mugetsu chuckles nervously with a smile that shows the world she is well aware of the deep shit they are in, and sweetly says "oh, I wouldn't say that."

Gengetsu grabs her little sister by the back of the neck, adopting a furious look with clenched, jagged teeth, and demands "what the hell happened!? Did we win, or did we screw up!?"

The winged blonde squeezes her hands twice in mid-air to realize she's holding an after image of her sister, who shouts form the distance "onee-san, what are you waiting for? RUN!"

Gengetsu looks back at the crystal, chokes from her attempt to gasp, her face turns blue, and then she flies away as fast as she inhumanly can, racing against a very nasty-looking pulse that's emanating so much energy, it's crackling with blue bolts.


"Just fly, you fool! FLY!"

"Oh no, I broke my nails!"

Kana's tearful cries earns her a very cold look from the blonde sisters, then all three girls scream and fly faster when that pulse wave crackles mere feet away from them.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion's backyard, Ail lands on the ground next to a charred lump on the ground, and stares at it with disdain.

The lump increases in size as it inhales some air, then a gurgling chuckle escapes it.

The dense one bends his knees to get a closer look at the lump, then softly asks "why have you done all of this? Why did you hurt my-OUR friends the way you have?"

The lump moves a bit, shaking off some black clumps from itself, and at the far right, at the spot Ail is looking at, is the face of NegaAil, bloodied up from the severe wound on his forehead.

His hair is gone, burned away by the blast, his left eye appears to be sealed tight, and yet he smile vilely at the boy before him, and softly asks "how is Petal? Is she alright?"

Anilan nods and says "she's fine. Just a little shaken," then he looks farther to the right at the little girl being held by Koishi and Okuu while crying out loud, calling for her Momkuu and Satori repeatedly.

The dense one returns his gaze to the weak 'clone' of himself and stares at him with wonder, causing the dark being to gurgle a few chuckles before speaking again. "She's so pure, and so sweet. She's the perfect daughter for Reimu and me. Urgh! Too bad she chose Satori. Still, I just can't hate her for it. Not unlike the rest."

By now, Koishi, Orin, Petal and Okuu approach the boys, and both kasha and satori prepare deadly spells on their hands while staring with hatred at that evil being dying on the ground.

Ail raises his hand, silently asking them to wait a little longer, then looks back at NegaAil, who grins vilely, and says "you only know a mere fraction of the things I've done... Ail. After the reset, you will learn what hell is. You will learn why these bitches all deserve what they got from me!"

The vile boy lifts himself up, getting stabbed on both shoulders with the energy from the hateful girls, and shouts "they didn't come for Reimu when she needed them; when she found out she couldn't have that child! Even Yukari, that old hag, never even glanced over to check on her!"

He falls to the ground again, coughing out a bit of blood and laughing softly, and then says "I don't regret a thing. I love *cough* Reimu... with all my... he-heart."

As he expels his last breath, Koishi stabs his chest with a pike of pure orange energy, and sternly says "to love someone with 'all you heart,' as you claim, you first need a heart, you piece of crap."

NegaAil expels his last breath, and his body becomes a blood-red mist that spreads around the rocks before dissipating.

Ail stands up and stays still, and as if expecting it, the energy pike on Koishi's hand is now pointed at his neck, while Orin walks closer, and sinisterly says "now then, there's the matter of this Ail here."

Okuu, who cradles the now-sleeping Petal in her arms, glares at the boy and says "yeah. He made my Giga Flare go after Petal-chan. I wonder if he really is good."

Koishi looks into the boy's golden eyes and stares without blinking even once, while said boy merely stays with his hands slightly raised while looking back at her with compassion.

She raises an eyebrow, and says "let's give him a chance. Restore Orin's tail and you'll have convinced me completely."

Anilan nods, raises his right hand and ignites a minty-yellow spark on the tip of each finger, then softly says "the curse is a mixture of holy and demon energies. Orin-sis, this will sting a lot. Are you ready?"

The three girls suddenly gasp and Koishi removes her offending hand away from the dense one, who looks at the girls in confusion, then gasps when he looks to his immediate left, and sees Satori standing next to him, staring at him with those lifeless eyes.

She grips him on the chest of his shirt, pulls him down and gives him a kiss on the lips, then pulls him lower until his chin is on her shoulder, and then she softly says "run. Good luck. And thank you for trying so hard."

Before anybody can react, she throws Ail up with ease, and then the screaming boy crashes against Gengetsu, who carries him as she continues following the other two blondes while repeating "run away, run away; keep running away!"

He looks around in despair, manages to somehow recover his bearings, asks "what are you running away fr-" and then he sees the magical aura flying toward them at the same speed as the dream demon flies.

He watches as the energy covers, and literally eats away Chireiden and its proprietors, then cries out loud "Satori, Orin... What's going on; what happened to Chireiden, and the girls!?"

He understands the situation quickly and gets off Gengetsu's arms, grabs her by the waist, then uses a burst of energy so strong, he cannonballs himself with a screaming spirit demon straight to the Ancient City.

On the way they crash against Kana Anaberal, who gasps when the winged blonde accidently gropes her butt before gripping the bow on her back.

They turn upward after passing over Parsee's bridge and Ail catches Mugetsu by the back of her shirt after catching up to her, and then shouts "I'LL GET US OUT FASTER," over the blonde's protests.

They reach the top, which looks like it's fading slowly, leaving behind green wires that create the polygons which create the shapes of the rocks and the walls of the cave, but none of them are paying attention to that.

Without realizing it, the girl's on Ail's arm begin to fade as fast as he reaches the exit, and yet it appears as if to him, they were never there to begin with.

Just as he flies above a translucent Yamame and Kisume, he gasps when he sees Reimu walking out of the thick mist from outside and into the cave, looking around with fright while crying "AAAAIIIILLLL! Answer me, please!"

He calls back to her and dives down into her arms, not fully understanding why he is so eager to accept her embrace, while Reimu says between kisses "muah; Ail, my love; muah-muah; I'm so relieved! I thought I would never see you again! Muah; please be more careful, my love!"

He grabs the girl's face and holds her so that they are looking eye to eye, then says "Reimu, we have to get out of here, no-"

The energy pulse from the crystal reaches the boy and the girl, both begin to glow faintly, slowly fade away as if the wind was blowing them away like dust, then everything turns white.


At that very moment, inside Yukari's room, her triangle, which rests on her stomach as she contently hibernates on Ail's old bed, turns from pure white, to blinking red, meaning the world inside in critical need of assistance.


At the Hakurei Shrine, Rika, Suika and Tenshi fight the snowstorm that's assaulting the grounds in order to deal with the piling snow on the roof.

Though the roof is strong enough to take on the pressure, the guest inside it is growing more nervous about the creaking sounds, and the insides are getting too cold for the sick Reimu to bear.

Half of the roof is clear of the snow already, so Rika, who is having some trouble keeping her wings stable because of the strong gusts, signals the two girls to stand behind her, and then she unsheathes a short sword and crosses the blade diagonally in front of her torso.

The unsharpened side of the sword glows green, and the girl draws a perfect green triangle in front of herself, then draws a line just above the base of the triangle, and swings that sword one more time with all her might.

A powerful blast of wind concentrates in front of the triangle and blows away the rest of the snow in an instant, and after staring impressed at the work done, Tenshi pats Rika on the back and exclaims "that was awesome!"

"You should have done it sooner," casually says Suika, who is still in the tiny Hakurei Maiden clothes.

The shrine maid sheathes her sword and grins at the oni, then casually says "but if I had, it wouldn't have been as effective."

After saying this, she pulls a card from her pocket and mutters "Oath Keeper," throws the small sword inside a golden gate that opens to her right, then dusts her hands while said gate closes up.

The little girl chuckles, takes a swig from her gourd, then says "come on. Let's head inside. It's starting to get cold out here!"

After they fly down from the roof, they see Mima floating by the tees nearby, unaffected by the harsh climate and seemingly unaware of her surroundings.

After staring at the stiff spirit floating around for a while, Rika frowns and says "that's it I'm going to talk to her!"

Suika grabs her arm and pulls her back, giving the maid a very stern look, and coldly says "you have Reimu to take care of. Let me handle the spirit. That goes double for you, celestial."

Tenshi stops herself from moving from that spot when she notices the unnerving look on the oni, grabs the winged maid by the other arm, then takes her inside, softly saying "come on, Hime-chan. The Hakurei needs us."

The shrine's maid tries to struggle against the oni and her old friend, but she is quick to realize there's more to that spirit right now, and so she stops her struggling and nods once, allowing the blue haired girl to take her inside.

Inside the living room, Marisa holds the shivering Lykamei in a tight embrace, looking very content while saying "mmmm you're like my blankets. So cool, yet so warm and soft."

The little dark-skinned spirit spots the girls entering the back door, then immediately reaches for the angelic maid and whimpers "uuu. Rika," while trying to break free from the blissful witch's grasp.

Rika giggles playfully, then sweetly says "Miss Marisa, please let little Miss Lykamei go. I need her help."

The witch lets the little girl go after a soft complain, then says "oh well, it was nice while it lasted."

The shivering girl dashes to Rika's thigh and clings tightly to it, rubs her eyes on the red skirt, and after a sniffle, she asks "why are things out here so scary? That creaking roof and that girl! Rika-chan, make it all go away *sob*!"

The winged maid picks the girl off the floor and carries her while heading to Reimu's room, saying "I'll go check on Reimu. Tenshi, please prepare the stove, so that I may prepare dinner."

The celestial grumbles softly while glaring at the cute sobbing ghost girl crying on Rika's shoulder, and thinks "that lucky-! Tch! I'll prepare that stove so good, I'll get all of Rika's hugs!"

Suzaku flies from her perch and lands next to the stove while saying "don't be so selfish. Master's been all over you these past days. Let the little girl have some time with her."

Tenshi places both hands on the stove, sighs as though with relief, and says "I know. I just can't help it."

Marisa places her hand on the blue haired girl's shoulder, and while smirking mischievously, she playfully says "so~ you want all of Rika for yourself. How selfish. You should share some more."

A vein pulsates on the celestial's fist as she grumbles behind her teeth.

Meanwhile, at Reimu's room, the shrine maiden is sitting upright under her sheets as she greets Rika and Lykamei. "Well, what's this? Not Tenshi, but the little ghost? What an interesting switch, if I do say so myself.

The angelic maid merely giggles, and asks "My Lady, you're awake. Is the temperature comfortable for you now?"

The black haired girl nods twice, and says "much better. Thank you for taking such good care of me, Rika-chan."

The shrine maid giggles with glee, but suddenly frowns and asks "and... Miss Reimu, what about the dreams? Have there been any more?"

Reimu shakes her head twice, looks away, and says "ever since the last one that night, I haven't had any dreams about Ail again. Maybe things settled down for him."

Rika smiles, though it's a pained smile that earns her a cheer-up kiss on the cheek from Lykamei; which seems to annoy Reimu; and after thanking the ghost girl and chuckling, she says "well, the important thing is that you are getting healthy again, My Lady, and that you are calm again."

The black haired girl in sleep robes nods, then the shrine maid bows her head slightly and says "well, I'll go prepare dinner now. Please rest while I return with your meal."

Reimu nods and mouths "thank you" before slowly settling herself in her futon and resting her head on her pillow.

She waits for her maid to exit the room, and after hearing her sliding door clack shut, she lets a tear roll down her left eye as she whispers to herself "that's odd. I can't remember his face. I didn't feel a thing when I spoke of him either."

Her tear dries up as she sighs and turns over so that she's lying on her back, and then says "maybe it's a sign that I should just... let him go for good."

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, inside the Master's Bedroom, on top of the silk-sheeted bed in pink, lies Remilia with a dreadfully annoyed look on her face, while a large lump under her sheets to her left snores softly and shifts a bit.

Sakuya stands to the left of the bed with an elegantly blank look on her face, and asks "and are you sure doing this would be prudent? That cat is still at large, My Lady. She won't comply."

The light-blue haired vampire bares her fangs as her face turns red, pulls the sheets away, reveals Flandre in pink pajamas clinging on her, curled into a ball, stabbing her knees on her older sister's hip and stomach while nibbling on her knuckles and clawing her left wing.

Remilia hisses at the chief maid, and angrily shouts "I don't give one shit! Sakuya, I want her OUT OF HERE! I need to SLEEP!"

A silver washtub filled with dirty water and Patchouli's clothes falls on top of Remilia's face, then slowly slides down without spilling a drop while the distressed maid calls for her unconscious mistress' name over and over; all while Flandre continues sleeping contently.

Over at the mansion's laundry room, Koakuma and Leon scratch their heads while looking at a particular spot on the ground, then the little devil exclaims "but it was right here! It couldn't have just moved on its own!"

The boy sniffles, and sadly says "there goes my chance to enjoy my love's suit for two-piece swimming."

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Agava, Petal, and Lykamei were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell cards - "Blast Sign, Expansion that Soothes"; "Light Sign, Holy Dance", and

Mugetsu's spell card - "Grapple Sign, Throwing the Cute Idiot" were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku the Vermilion Bird were created by Snapshot 2010.

AUG 13 2012

Written by

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