Jan 4, 2013 - This chapter didn't need that much attention, and yet I still managed to fix some errors, and rewrote some things; particularly during the fight with Ail and Kurumi. Other than that, it was a quick edit.

Everything is white; there is no earth, no sky, no sea, no clouds; only white nothingness as far as the eye can see.

A thin green laser beam appears on what should be the ground; in the matter of perspectives; and cuts the whiteness in half with ease, but instead of continuing upward, it seems as though it thrusts itself into the white scene, giving a three-dimensional feel to the endless nothingness.

The beam suddenly spreads itself into countless more beams, and each one takes a different shape and size as they cover the land of nothing, creating the shapes of trees, flowers, rock, bushes, and houses; lots of houses.

After a loud bleep and a deep whoosh, the sky flickers itself on, clouds slowly fade back into existence, and the beams that now create polygons and shapes made of little squares fill themselves up with colors.

In a flash, what was once a white nothingness is now a clone image of Gensokyo, with fairies, youkai and small birds roaming through the land, flickering into green beam squares for a second before filling up as the image of the creatures being mimicked again.

It's a beautiful mid-spring morning at the Human Village, and already most of the residents there are busying themselves with their daily tasks.

They move about in a hurry; not one of them paying attention to the brown-haired boy lying on his back next to the Dragon God statue, which has lost the colors on its jeweled eyes.

Ail springs up with a loud gasp, as though breathing for the first time again, and pants as he holds his chest and doubles over.

He smacks his lips as he attempts to moisten his dry mouth and moves to a kneeling position so as to get on his feet afterward, but he suddenly holds his head and screams.

He bends further until his face is a few inches away from the grass, then groans and closes his eyes.

He can see himself attacking Remilia with his sword of light, attempting to thrust that weapon right on her chest, while the vampire does all she can to try and stab his heart with her spear.

The images rush forward; like some videotape being fast-forwarded; and now he sees himself fighting with Aya and using many dirty tactics on her until she's finally out.

The images fast forward again, and now he's attacking Byakuren, breaking Kogasa's umbrella with his knee, and placing a charm on Nue's neck shortly after sucker-punching her.

Again his memories fast forward to the time he tortured Reisen's body and mind until he convinced her he loved her, only to leave her broken in Eirin's strict care.

The memories move forward to a time he's beating Alice, then to attacking Akyuu's home in search of information that turned out to be fake, and quickly going to Keine's school and humiliating her in front of her students, then to attacks to the Misty Lake, then to attacking the Tengu Village; as suicidal as that may seem to him...

The memories of the events NegaAil caused in that alternate Gensokyo rush inside Ail's mind as if they were his own, causing him to shed tears as he sees his own hands stained with the blood of those he calls his friends.

Finally, the memories of his past four failures and the mess at Chireiden reach him, and now he sobs and cries out loud as he blames himself for everything that has happened.

Keine's suicide after he entered her school, Reisen's termination at the hands of her own master, his own death at the hands of Nue just before he succeeds in convincing her he's not evil, the horrible things his evil self did to Alice, Hourai and Shanghai, and how it all ended with Marisa and himself killing each other, and finally, how his success at Chireiden was turned into a failure thanks to a twist of fate.

He's beyond himself with grief and is reaching the point where his mental strain makes him believe he should repay all the misdeeds with his own blood, but he finally remembers what Shikieiki and Yukari had told him before.

His memories from just before entering the dream world reach him, allowing him to fully understand everything and calming him down enough for him to stop crying like a hurt child and stop those self-destructive thoughts.

Though he's stopped the loud sobbing and crying, his tears continue to roll down his cheeks and fall down to the grass between his hands and knees.

He lifts his right arm and explores the full-powered bracelet on his wrist, glances around as if looking for something, then gulps and reaches inside his left pocket.

He quickly pulls the small crystal that contains Shanghai's soul within it, and then holds it close to his mouth while cradling it with both hands.

His lips start moving fast, sobs escape him as he whispers requests to the spirit within that crystal, speaking softly yet hurriedly, as if wanting to be secretive during a desperate moment.

After he's done whispering, the tip of the fingers on his right hand each glow as bright as a star, then he gently presses his fingers against the crystal, making the little spirit within it glow bright yellow.

Shortly after, he flicks his thumb on the top of that crystal, opening it up and letting the spirit free while softly speaking and still sniffling "please. Please do this for them."

Shanghai's soul rises slowly out of the crystal, hovers in front of the boy, as if studying him carefully, then suddenly bullets toward the direction of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Ail smiles for a brief second before bending down again, this time to catch the breath his rapid-beating and anxious heart keeps stealing from him, and as he does he remembers all that he saw in his mind moments before.

"AIL? Ail, honey, what's the matter!"

Like a well set computer program, Reimu arrives at the expected time, but Anilan doesn't care for the fact that he knows this so well.

The girl in peasant's clothes reaches him and drops on her knees next to him, rapidly holds him by his shoulders to show support, rests her cheek on his back, and asks "my love, what's the matter? Why are you crying? Please say something to me."

She starts to cry along with him, snapping the dense boy out of the pathetic self-pity he's feeling in order to turn around quickly and hold the girl in a soft embrace, and then softly says "it's alright. I'm ok Reimu."

He sniffles one more time, then the girl does the same as him and says "don't scare me like that, you idiot! I was *hic* so scared," while striking him softly on the shoulder with her fist.

Rika hides her sword back beneath her brown peasant's kimono as she gets closer to the couple, sighs with relief, then casually says "if you can stand, please do so."

While she says this, she grabs Reimu's hand and helps her up, while studying the boy carefully, apparently very interested in his eyes.

It appears like she will get hostile toward him, but sighs, smiles sweetly, and says "please, let's go home. I feel like we shouldn't linger here any longer."

Ail stands and looks at both girls with a casual, yet tried face, then nods and says "you are right Rika. Let's go home. I need to talk to the both of you."

Both girls look confused toward the boy, then at each other, and then back at the boy, noticing some urgency behind his golden eyes.

Reimu rushes over to him, grabs hold of his arm and wraps her own around it and as they walk toward their home she softly says "I'm here for you, my sweet."

They swiftly reach the single-room hut, and Ail erects a yellow barrier as a door as soon as they walk through the pink curtains.

He sits by the side of the table closest to the doorway, and he's facing inside the house at the two girls on the other side of said table.

He keeps looking at them with a serious expression, making the awkward silence among them even more awkward than it needs to be, and raising the tension that's evident on the girl's faces.

Ail closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as he wonders what words would be the best choice to explain what needs to be explained, and after carefully arranging his thoughts and words, he opens his eyes and looks straight at Reimu while speaking calmly.

"Reimu, Rika; I know this will sound crazy to you, but I am not the Ail that you know."

The girls; especially Reimu, open their eyes wide and gasp, but before the black haired girl can voice herself, Ail continues "I know, it sounds weird, but it's the truth. Reimu, look at me in the eyes and you'll know I'm not lying. The Ail you married and I are two different people."

The loving wife lets a soft whimper and a sob escape her before finally gaining the courage to speak, though with a cracking voice. "Ail, ho-honey, what kind of sick joke *hic* are you playing? S-stop it this instant!"

A drop of sweat rolls down the boy's temple as he forces himself to look at the crying girl. Deep inside he wishes he could keep his mouth shut, but he has a mission, and he wants to return to his real home, so there's really no other way.

He gulps down hard to settle his heart, and then softly says "just look into my eyes, Reimu-sis. Be strong."

The girl sobs out loud and sinks her face into Rika's stomach in search of comfort, then turns her head slightly so that she can look at the boy with her right eye.

Rika herself remains silent and doesn't appear to be surprised or shocked at all, but regardless of anything she comfort her mistress with a rub on the head while staring straight into the boy's eyes.

Looking at Reimu acting like that causes Ail to blush slightly, yet he remains as he is, sighs with exasperation, then says "look, I came from another Gensokyo to learn from a terrible mistake I made; one that could have destroyed your future."

"Reimu-sis, because of my meddling in time, I tricked you into falling in love with me. I... I'm so sorry."

He knows he is lying about tricking her part, and the gasp that the ex-shrine maiden makes and the way she slowly turns her head to look at him with hurt and disgust causes him to shed a painful tear he notices a moment too late.

"How could you even say that?" Reimu's cracking voice cuts through Ail's heart like a hot knife through butter, but he knows this is for the best, so he fakes indifference, though his swelling eyes betray him as the girl whimpers "after so many years living with me; claiming you loved me so much."

He wants to tell her how much the other Ail loves her, but he thinks that doing so could only backfire, so instead he chooses to softly say "I'm sorry Reimu, I really am."

He stands up and undoes his barrier while saying "I must be going now. I have a lot of things I need to take care of if I am ever to return home."

He turns around to face the door and immediately feels as though he's been crushed by a cabinet, but in his daze he understands what has tackled him to the ground is Reimu, who cries "NO! Ail, your home is here, with me! Please don't leave me!"

The ex-shrine maiden is crying on the boy's back while crushing his stomach with her crossed arms.

The dense one groans as he tries to pull himself free from the girl's mighty grip while thinking "holy crap, it's like she's lost no strength at all! For the love of Suwako, I'm going to spit my guts out!"

He can feel that pressure slowly leaving him and allowing him to move again, and when he looks back, wondering why the girl released him, he notices Rika pulling Reimu gently away from him, gestures him to wait with a hand signal, and after he turns around and sits while hugging his knees, she speaks gently to her mistress.

"My Lady Reimu, I understand this is very hard for you, but please listen to me. Please look into that boy's eyes. Once you do, you will understand he is telling the truth."

She lifts her sights to stare dangerously at the boy, and more firmly says "however, you are hurting Miss Reimu, and the only reason you are still in one piece is because you mean something to her. Don't give me any more reasons to get aggressive."

While the maid says this, the black haired girl looks into the boy's golden eyes and stares for a while.

She wants to prove to them and to herself that all of this is just a really bad joke being played on her, and so she gazes deeply into his golden eyes. Shortly after, her tears start to roll down her cheeks when the realization slowly reaches her.

Her sobs breaks both Ail's and Rika's hearts, and both wince when the girl cries "not-not my Ail. He's not..."

She sobs louder as she runs to the little spot where the bed is, pulls the curtain so that the others don't see her, then she cries "leave! Just... do whatever you want, whoever you the hell are!"

Hearing her cry hurts Anilan greatly, and all he wants to do now is cheer her up again, but that's when Rika steps in and grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

She easily carries him out the door and throws him out in front of the house, then unsheathes her sword and coldly says "I don't know what was your goal in telling all of that to my lady, exactly. You could have just made some excuse to get away without having to hurt her that much."

She walks closer, making Ail crawl backward out of fright, while saying "whatever. The damage is done. Now get out of here before I lose control of my sword. Go on. GET GOING!"

That shout snaps the boy out of his confusion and helps him realize he has to get out of there, so he kicks right off the ground and takes flight.

He struggles to balance himself as he takes higher altitudes, and after he's settled, he starts to think about what he's done, and after some thought he sighs and says to himself "this is it. This is the world I almost managed to create out there. Shikieiki was right. Me enlightened? What a laugh."

He continues his aimless flying, thinking about where to go next, and then it appears as though the sky gobbles him up, and now it is as if he was never there in the first place.

That winter afternoon, at the Garden of the Sun, the cold wind blows gently, making the snow-covered summer flowers sway left and right and shaking the snow off their petals.

A woman with short green hair and red eyes, whom wears a red plaid vest over a long-sleeved white shirt, a long plaid skirt and a long yellow scarf, walks by the flowers in a manner that seems like she's dancing along with the flowers' swaying.

She moves her hips left and right as she hums contently, leaving subtle footprints of her brown boots on the snow while making her way towards a pink and white house that's set next to a blue and white flower the same size of the house.

The house itself is a sick color of pink with white windows, a white door, and a red roof; however, to make the mistake of believing this reflects the inhabitant's persona would be lethal, especially for fools; and this proof is well presented at the back of said house.

The walls of the house's back are stained with dried blood spots, the bloodstained snow has a few clawed limbs half buried on it, and there is a weak wolf youkai limping its way away from the house; all covered in bruises and blood; as the back door closes up.

The green haired woman, Yuka Kazami, approaches the front door and casually knocks on it with a pink parasol she's holding on to with both hands in front of her chest, and sweetly calls "Ayalina~ you want to play today?"

From within the house, an energetic, sweet and motherly voice calls back "Yuka dear, I was beginning to worry. I thought you didn't want to play with me today."

The door opens up to reveal Ayalina Leuch Higani, Ail's young-looking mother, whom has long, slightly wavy brown hair, lively maroons eyes, and is wearing a legless white leotard with a diamond cut on the bellybutton, a 'v' cleavage cut, arm gloves with cotton fluffs on the end borders, and matching calf high boots with cotton fluffs on the top edges.

"Hello sweetie, ready to play?"

The woman's sweet voice fails to match the vicious looks the girls are giving each other, and after a quick glint from the eyes and a sudden malicious grin splits their lips, both girls are punching each other on the cheeks.

Those fists ignite with yellow energy, and both women blast each other at point blank with powerful bullets, but other than a few burns on their faces and necks, they are just fine, and quickly take flight over the semi-frozen, out of season sunflowers.

Once they reach a central spot, Yuka turns around and shoots massive yellow orbs and sharp looking petals at Ayalina, who replies the attack with buzz-saw lilies and pink bullets the size of her fists.

Both get bombarded by each other's bullets, but as soon as the explosions stop, they fly out of the dust clouds and punch each other on the face mid-way through.

Yuka quickly connects a punch in Ayalina's gut, said woman counters with a kick to the groin, the green haired woman replies with a nasty punch to the breast, which the brown haired woman replies with a merciless headbutt.

Kazami falls down to the merciless snow-covered ground, but just before she crashes she turns her body around and falls on her feet, a thick cloud of snow and dust lifts to the air, and while blinded, she aims her parasol at Ayalina and shouts "Master Spark!"

A spell card appears just above the parasol, glowing yellow before sinking into the pink weapon that unleashes a devastating yellow beam of light that envelops the leotard-clad woman entirely.

Even when her skin is threatened to be cooked by the massive beam, Ail's mother merely grunts a few times before lifting her hand to summon a sunflower shield, then sighs and says to herself "gonna have to smack the bitch a little harder today."

Just as the beam begins to die down, Ayalina takes a spell card from her cleavage, and with a vicious grin on her face, she loudly and playfully declares "Flowery Bitch-Slap for the Fair Maiden!"

The card glows bright blue as flowers pluck themselves from the ground to join their master in the air, then all begin to shatter into separate pieces.

The petals become hard and sharp, yet flutter seemingly harmlessly to the ground, while the stems become spear beams that shower endlessly on Yuka, and the pistils, round or otherwise, begin to spin like disks in the air before homing in formation toward their target.

Yuka scoffs with disgust and takes flight in order to join Ayalina and beat her up for defiling the flowers, but as soon as she gets into the petals curtain, the stiff bullets begins to slap her on the cheek while leaving nasty burn marks on them.

They all go straight to the face to slap the flower youkai without mercy, the pistil disks strike her on the back while she's distracted, the spear beams adjust themselves so that they can punish the youkai further, then Ayalina herself dives toward the woman with a raised fist while happily cheering "It's my win, greenie!"

A blinding flash of light covers the garden's sky, and while it shines there are a couple of explosions that shake the entirety of that land, then the light dims, the sky settles, a mysterious dirt cloud dissipates, and then there's only silence.

Yuka and Ayalina crawl out of their adjacent craters; their clothes torn, burned and tattered; then rest their arms on the ground so they can rest their heads on them.

They groan in pain as they turn their heads to look at each other and glare hatefully, and then begin to laugh as if they just heard the most hilarious of jokes.

A sigh escapes Yuka before she says "fine, I concede. It's your win this time, you bitch," then blood starts to dribble down the corner of her mouth.

Ayalina coughs out some blood, grins widely, then weakly says "heh, I knew you'd be too distracted with my leotard to pay attention today. Oh, that's right..."

The young-looking mother turns around to expose the pink parasol stabbed to the left side of her stomach, pulls it out with a bit of effort, then speaks casually while returning it to its owner.

"Here you go. Next time, aim for my chest, or it'll be another win for me."

Yuka pukes out some more blood, lifts her right arm to accept her parasol, and weakly says "fine, fine. Stop rubbing it in. Now could you help me get back home? It'll take some time before I can move my legs again."

Ayalina smiles, stands up, wraps Yuka's right arm around her neck, then pulls her out of the crater, revealing the flower master's missing left leg and burnt right leg.

They both chuckle after exploring the damage, Yuka's left arm falls off, and after both stare at it for a few seconds, the green haired youkai casually asks "ah, could you get that?"

It's an eerily quiet late-spring afternoon at the Garden of the Sun, where a gentle breeze makes the flowers dance softly and quietly, adding a sense of mystery to this land of flowers.

Ail appears on the sky like a flash of lightning, and while he looks around in confusion, wondering why it isn't morning anymore, the sunflowers below slowly turn to face him, as if watching him with interest.

"I swear it was morning just now. Something weird is happening in this world," comments the boy as he lands on the small patch of dirt road between flowerbeds.

He looks around, wondering what to expect to find here, and then he holds his right temple as he kneels on the ground and images of him blasting a curly blonde on the right side of the face with a point-blank bullet makes him feel sick to his stomach.

The scene changes to seeing how he pushes his foot on a blonde vampire's back and ripping her wings off with his hands, only because she didn't want to call Yuka, and then finally, he sees himself shooting at a light-red house with a blue roof to the ground while shouting obscenities to the flower youkai; yet he doesn't see her anywhere in the memories.

The flashbacks end and the boy stands on his wobbly legs, then sniffles as he rubs his forearm under his nose, then says to himself "that godsdamned bastard. Elly. Kurumi. What reason did he have to do that to them?"

He takes a stumbling first step and almost falls on the flower bed to the right, yet manages to remain on his feet and save himself from crushing that bed of violets.

The boy sighs with relief, straightens up as he regains his balance, and then says to himself "still, I didn't see Yuka in the flashback, nor can I feel her presence now. Something's very wrong."

He walks down the many roads between the countless flowerbeds in hopes of finding out more about what has his evil self has done there, thinking that repairing whatever he damaged might earn him the trust he needs to get out of that world.

He stops after he feels he has walked for hours, then looks up at the sun and says "still not setting. It's like it's eternally noon, and yet I feel cool and refreshed. I should be sweating under this much sunlight."

He blinks twice and squints his eyes as the realization hits him, then he whispers to himself "it's not hurting my eyes either. Something strange happened to this dream world. I mean, I can remember everything now; I have access to most of my powers... I think; and it's like this place has become..."

Before he can muse further, a rustle from the right startles him into a defensive position, and then he gets low to the ground and tries to look between the flower stems.

Those stems appear to will themselves against him and band together to block his view, so Ail decides it's time to use his own natural abilities for once.

He closes his eyes as he places his hands on the ground, and to him, a circle of pure orange energy surrounds him and describes all that around him to his mind with energy images similar to a bat's echo, and in a short minute he finds out there is a woman hiding behind the taller sunflowers to his right.

He softly kicks off the ground and hovers two feet over it, and then he makes his way toward the hiding woman, expecting the worst, yet hoping for the best.

After leaving the ground, the image his scanning energy wave had created for him vanishes in an instant, however he has a good feeling his stalker hasn't moved at all, so he continues hovering to her hiding spot.

He stealthily reaches the tallest sunflowers, miraculously making no noise as he made his way to them, then he quietly places his hands between two stems.

Ail gulps as his tension rises, unsure of what he'll find, or how he'll be greeted by this woman, so as not to chicken out he pulls those stems apart and loudly calls "Elly, is that you?"

The blonde youkai woman appears to ignore the boy as she continues to water the flowers as silently as a ghost, but after a few moments she slowly turns her head toward the boy as he lands close, and then she stares quietly.

She's wearing her usual dark red dress with the pink capelet and her pink sunhat, her scythe appears to be missing, though it's usually not far behind, and her golden eyes match her hair, which curls up at the edges.

Her eyes seem a bit distant, as if she doesn't even know where she's standing, then all of a sudden they become frightful as she covers her mouth and gasps loudly, falls on her butt after summoning her weapon, which falls to her left, then start to sob and cry while pushing herself away from the boy.

Ail expected this and is prepared to do what he must to calm her down but that's when he sees himself in his mind, laughing at the poor girl as he lifts her dress and-

He doesn't want to see more and simply shakes his head to erase the image, but now that he knows what he's really dealing with, he stands five feet away and extends his hand to the girl.

"Elly," he calls softly and speaks slowly. "Listen to me. I am the good Ail. I didn't come here to demand a child, nor for revenge on Reimu's pain. I am here to make amends and earn yours and Yuka's trust again."

The blonde breathes through her mouth as she tries to kick herself backward, but she can't budge an inch due to her nervousness.

The dense one sighs and holds his face with his right hand, devastated at the sight before him, then says to himself "to have made youkai fear me like this is just... so painful."

He suddenly remembers something, smiles naturally, bends his knees until his face is almost level with hers, and softly and slowly asks "Elly, could you please tell me where Yuka is? I'm sure you'd want to-"

Ail stops speaking, glances up to the sky, then spring on his feet and spreads his arm above himself, creating a quick blue barrier that repels strong white orbs the size of children's heads.

They impact fiercely against the quick barriers that hold their place and leave a bit of smoke behind, and then a girl angrily calls "you stay away from Elly, you brute!"

He looks up at his attacker and shouts "no, Kurumi, you got it all wrong! I'm not that evil bastard! I'm good! I can prove it!"

The angry vampire girl in the sky has long blonde hair she adorns with a white ribbon, matching yellow eyes, large purple and black bat wings, and wears a white long-sleeved blouse and a blood-red overall skirt.

She dives down straight at the boy while shouting "like I'll believe that, you fiend!"

Ail smiles as he looks with admiration at the charging girl, then loudly exclaims "my, your wings look beautiful, Kurumi! And have you been losing weight? You look simply stunning!"

The vampire girl stops her charge and holds her blushing cheeks with her hands while giggling, then says "aww, you noticed? Thank you! I've been exercising a bit more and waxing my win-HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!"

By the time she realizes what the boy did, he's already halfway through to making it into Yuka's house.

She snarls while her right eye twitches, then she growls to herself "curse you vanity! It was him who ripped my old wings off! Remember the pain, Kurumi."

She flies down to Elly, who hugs herself while sighing softly, and quickly inspects the blonde for any damage done while cooing "it's ok, he's gone. Kurumi is here now."

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, while Meiling and Sakuya argue with Kimi over the mountain of snow that's been shoveled over the main entrance doors, Flandre sits in a corner of her room, shivering and whimpering comforting words to herself.

She twists her neck around in alert whenever she thinks she has heard something moving close by, but this time; being the hundredth time she turns that neck; she sighs after curling up into a ball again, and says "stupid Remilia."

She shifts herself a bit to get more comfortable, and continues "she has no idea what I'm going through, doesn't give a damn about that evil cat, and then she just ate my strawberry cake like that! I hate her."

Something shifts on the ceiling without her notice and quietly watches her as she continues "oh sure, that cat isn't going after her, so of course she doesn't care. Ah, but if that thing was scratching HER every day, she would have the whole stupid mansion hunting for that little black crap."

The stalker moves above the blonde girl, making no sound for her to pick up on, while said girl gulps once, looks around herself a little more calmly, then comments "I feel cold wind. Tch! Great! Now there's a draft in my room?"

The stalker drops down, strikes the blonde on the face while she's gasping and knocks her on the floor, then proceeds to jumping on top of her and pinning her arms with his own, and then quickly chants a spell that traps the girl's neck, wrists and ankles with yellow energy bands that drain her of her unnatural strength.

By the time Flandre realizes what has happened, she has a boy with three black cat tails sitting her stomach, and more energy bands around her knees and elbows.

The boy has wavy black hair he makes into a small ponytail, black cat ears, fierce yellow eyes, and wears a black muscle shirt, camouflage pants, and geta sandals.

He smiles while scowling at her and brushes the side of her head with two of his clawed fingers, and when she tries to call for help the band around her neck chokes her and cuts her breath.

The boy looks down on her, smiles wider as he places the back of his hand on her cheek, and softly hisses "my love."

The girl's face turns red as her eyes widen with confusion and surprise, then the boy continues speaking softly "how I've longed to be on your arms, feel your cold and loving embrace in front of the fireplace at that wonderfully soft couch of yours."

The girl starts to whimper, so the boy retracts his arm and says "ah, that's right. You don't recognize me in this form, and I'm sure you're so nervous you can barely pick up on my scent."

The boy grins and hisses as his body shrinks rapidly, quickly revealing to the terrified vampire what she suspected in the back of her mind.

She now has that black cat from hell purring on her belly while looking down on her, and after a few short seconds the cat grows back into its human form before her eyes and says "oh yes. It's me."

"What's the meaning of this?" squeaks the terrified girl. She manages to calm herself down, and speaking more normally, she asks "how can you call me 'your love' after all you've done to me? You don't tear someone you love to pieces! Ail and Meiling said so!"

The boy's jagged grin terrifies the girl as he gets his face uncomfortably close to hers and softly says "I am so sorry my love, but revenge comes before pleasure. Although, my last gifts to you went unappreciated. Hmm; I guess making your clothes more alluring wasn't a good gifting choice. But I'm a cat; I don't know what else to give. There isn't any prey here for me to share with you either."

The girl tries to break free of her magical bonds, making the boy smile viciously before saying "I suppose you're confused. I mean, it's been so long since you killed my master, it's no surprise you don't even recognize me at all."

He stands up and places his straightened fingers on his chest as he says "my name is Azzhara; my lovely Flandre Scarlet; and I have come here to take my revenge on you for killing my master; one of the most powerful vampires in Gensokyo!"

His grin and eyes become vicious; he lifts his left foot, then spears it down to the girl's chest.

Flandre flinches and clenches her eyes shut while she wait for the pain she is sure will be unbearable, but instead of pain, she hears a sigh and feels a mere tap on her chest.

She slowly opens her eyes as she turns her terrified face to the nekomata, who is holding the side of his head while frowning, then whimpers in her attempt to call for help again.

Azzhara chuckles softly; he punches himself on the face, and after a groan of pain he says "I left this accursed mansion that day and swore I would have my revenge on you, Flandre Scarlet, but there was a problem."

He takes his foot back and walks over the girl's head, place his left hand on her temple, and continues "you have such destructive powers, and I knew the moment I were to attack you, I would be dead and unable to fulfill my revenge to the fullest."

He bends his body over until his forehead is touching Flandre's, and he continues "so I trained, meditated, trained, and trained, and meditated some more, finding ways to overcome your strength and that power, and then I finally found it; the solution to my dilemma!"

He jumps to her left, drops on his knees, and grabs her hand with both of his as he excitedly says "there, in that new Buddhist Temple! I found a book that mused over theories of the 'eyes' on everything. Most of those theories were crap, but the rest were good. Now, no matter how hard you may try, you cannot simply blow me up! It was a simple matter of covering my own eye with alternating magical wavelengths. So simple, and yet so complicated."

"But I saw it, and I touched it too! I broke it," demands the blonde while trying to pull her hand away from that vile cat boy.

He complies to her unspoken wishes and lets go of her hand, then walks around while speaking. "The book also spoke of how to make exact copies of the eyes. Of course, these were all theories I turned into facts. But I didn't care; not as long as these theories or facts helped me fulfill my revenge on you, and oh, it was all so wonderful, torturing you like I have so far."

Azzhara stops walking and starts to shake in place, turns his head slightly so that Flandre can see the right side of it, then glumly says "but the more I attacked, the more I liked you. All those years of training and plotting, all my hatred for you just crashed in one single night, and all because my heart would ache for you! Such a wonderful, but painful feeling love is."

He jumps on her again and places the tip of his nose on hers while whispering "I didn't want to believe it, but I fell in love with you! I am such a fool, and yet I care not for my foolishness anymore! However..."

He slowly pulls his face away, grabs her hands as she struggles to break free, and continues "it's not so bad after all. You killed my master, my father, so it's fitting that you should take his place, though in a more romantic way. Your sister is more like dad. She's pretty cool, but she's not him."

She wants to cuss at him, tell him to go and shove a nail up his bum, but she can't, and watches with a mixture of fury and surprise as the boy gets off her and walks to the door.

He stands there, smiling at her while holding the knob, then says "one thing though. It may be true that I love you, but I still have to make you pay for all those years of lonely suffering you caused me, so, as my love gift to you, I give you this warning..."

Azzhara grins viciously as his eyes glow with intensity, and after a chuckle, he says "I am going to torture you a little more; I just love your screams that much. Only after I feel my thirst for revenge is satisfied I will come to you in love, and only love. YOU are my new master now, Flandre my love. Please endure and wait for me, just as I had to endure all those years of cold loneliness."

He turns the knob and turns back into a cat as the door opens, then rushes outside the very second the magical binds on the vampire fizzle out.

Flandre breathes in hard and exhales loudly, slowly lifts her upper body until she's sitting upright, stares at the slightly open door for almost a minute, then takes in a deep breath, holds it in until her face turns red, then screams "YOOUUU MOTHERF********RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Her voice travels all over the mansion, the island, the lake, and high above the mansion a little black blob flies erratically while saying "is that so~? What a dirty potty mouth. Hehehe!"

Koakuma rushes over and smashes a washtub on the blob's top, and while it falls like a dying fly to the ground, the little devil smiles and says "that is so~"

Back at the Garden of the Sun, Ail reaches Yuka's house and quickly takes notice it's been recently rebuilt. No surprise there, seeing as NegaAil did destroy it when he was there before.

He approaches the wooden door, which looks as plain as though it's been recently installed, then looks around the sky for any signs of Kurumi.

He looks back at the path he took and notices that where once were no flowers at all, there are now countless varieties covering the road, and not only that, all the flowers around him are looking at him.

This frightens Ail a bit, but he merely sighs it off and opens the door.

The house inside is like he remembers it in his Gensokyo, save for the missing white table between the kitchen and the living room.

As he walks inside he starts looking all around, missing the vines and flowers that used to cover that home's windows and ceiling within, while saying to himself "this feels so... wrong. I feel nostalgic, yet sad. Why is the feeling so strong?"

The boy suddenly drops on his knees, holds his head tight as the groans out loud, as though in great pain, and then more memories of that world drill themselves into his head.

He sees himself inside Yuka's room, looking at a large oval mirror with thin golden borders to the right and smiling vilely at himself, as if NegaAil knows Ail is looking at him, and is making his good self angrier on purpose.

"Why are you looking at that mirror? Pay attention over here or I'll kill you where you stand, you understand?"

The boy turns his gaze to Yuka, who sits on her bed in her pink pajamas, and holds a white cup filled with red tea she sips softly while maintaining a serene face.

NegaAil scoffs, then says "so, is that it? No fighting, no struggling... no tearing me limb from limb?"

The flower master glances at the boy, sips the last of the cup's content, then says "there's no use. You are abusing Reimu's talismans, you learned to control those dark powers, and worst of all, you closed up that brain of yours."

She shifts her legs on her bed under herself, looks out the window, and continues "I will tell this to you now: That which you seek cannot be attained so simply. My powers are amazing, there's no questioning that, but to create a child; it takes more than just magic and raw power, little man."

"I've had enough of you," barks the boy while swinging his arms around with fury. "You're just trying to confuse me!"

Yuka shrugs; a sly grin escapes her lips, then casually says "I rest my case. Just do what you came here to do and disappoint yourself with your own wasted efforts."

Before Ail realizes what happened, he sees himself gripping Yuka's neck tight and squeezing it with all his might; and shortly after the youkai's energy begins to rush into the boy's body.

Even when out of breath and dying, Yuka Kazami smiles while croaking "you will be sorry little man. You'll pay for what you did to Elly and Kurumi in a most delectable manner of tortu-"

Her words cut off after the last bit of her powers get absorbed into NegaAil's body and her own body disappears, becoming green sparkles the fly off to the air while her clothes fall onto the bed.

The vile boy laughs victoriously, opens his eyes while smiling viciously, claps his hands together, cups them, and a green ball of energy materializes between his slightly cupped hands.

His smile becomes wider as he laughs almost manically, and then he suddenly frowns as the energy shrivels up until it pops and disappears.

The boy's eyes unhinge as he laughs as though he were a madman, and he flies out of the house through the window while still laughing, grunts between his teeth "she knew! She knew and she tricked me! That's why she said it. She knew I wouldn't believe her! HAHAHA! YOU BITCH! YOU SICK, MANURE EATING BITCH!"

He starts shooting the house with his strongest danmaku formations while screaming curse, cusses, laughing and shedding tears, however all his shots are aimed at the base of the house instead of the second floor.

Ail stops the memory from showing any more and gasps as though having breathed in after being suffocated, then he starts to pat himself all over and pinching wherever he can reach.

Nothing happens by the time he stops pinching himself. He holds the right side of his face, starts to cry, and at the same time he thinks "Ail, settle down! This is a fake world; Yuka is still alive out there! Now there's no time for this! I have to find Elly and Kurumi and see if I can make them understand."

The boy breathes in a fast rhythm, calming himself down at a slow pace, and as he sniffles and rubs his nose with the back of his sleeved forearm, he moves his unwilling legs toward the stairs at the back of the living room.

"Ail, focus! Yuka is not there, so let's not go up there! But then again, maybe she is! Y-yes! Let's go see!"

The boy acts as though he's not thinking at all and continues moving toward Yuka's room after climbing the stairs.

He opens the door to it and quickly looks around while panting with extreme anxiety, wondering what he will find in there.

He looks to the right and spots the destroyed mirror tumbled over on its side, but ignores this and quickly scans the rest of the room, though stops and stares at the bed quickly after starting.

On the bed is a strange sunflower with long red and green petals and a pinkish green stem that's rooted to the mattress.

He walks over to the bed, lifts his hand so that his finger brushes lightly against the petals, closes his eyes, and then says "that which was stolen from you I will return, for it never belonged to anyone else in the first place!"

Green waves of energy start to manifest on Ail's hand and slowly make their way to the flower.


Kurumi breaks through the window, grabs Ail by the shoulders, and pulls him outside of the house, all in just a few seconds.

Ail's voice can be heard getting fainter as he calls "noooooo! Yuka! Please, let me save Yukaaaaaa!"

Kurumi throws Ail to the ground after she feels they are far enough from the house.

Before he touches the ground, the bed of flowers under him become an actual bed that softens his fall, then they spring him back to the air as he shouts a "thank you!"

Once he's at the same height as the vampire, he desperately says "please, you have let me go back! I can bring Yuka back, I swear!"

He feels three blades cut his right cheek, and is now falling backward, head first to the ground where there are no flowers to save him.

After sliding on his back on the unforgiving hard ground, Kurumi licks the blood from her claws and says "you're not tricking me again, Ail. I am making you pay for all the things you have done to us, with your blood."

The boy slowly lifts his head and rubs his clawed cheek, then looks up as the vampire bares her fangs for him to see clearly before hissing "now hold still!"

He rolls to the left just before Kurumi's blur crashes on the ground and lifts a thick cloud of dirt, then opens a barrier to his left to bounce her back into the dirt cloud while he scrambles to get on his feet.

The little vampire roars after reappearing in the sky with a spell card in her hand, and shouts "revenge for Yuka! Blood-Thirst, 100 Years of Starvation!"

Kurumi's fangs grow twice their size, her claws glow blood red, and as soon as she is ready, she dives down toward the boy at blinding speeds with her claws spread and her mouth wide open.

Ail can easily read her trajectory, and merely steps aside and pushes her to the ground.

Once she's grounded, he hops back and shouts "listen to me, please! I am trying to help you!"

Kurumi stands up and seems to wobble as she stands, and when she's on her feet she turns her neck around with great effort, revealing a pair of crazed and starving eyes looking for the nearest prey.

Anilan understands what that spell has done, so he pulls a spell card out from under his left sleeve, carefully studies the blood-red bullets of different sizes materializing around him, and sadly says "I am sorry, Miss Kurumi, but I have to stop you, for your own good. Brightness, Overwhelming Heart."

The boy's chest begins to glow pure white, and shortly after, rings with large orbs dancing around them start to grow out of that light, consuming the blood-red bullets that were homing themselves toward him.

In her berserk rage, the blonde vampire screeches with rage and quickly jumps to the air and dives for the boy again; even though he's begging her to stop.

She breaks through the first ring almost immediately and cries out in terrible pain, but pushes through the second ring without pausing for a moment, grunts out loud as the orbs and the third ring burn her entire being, yet she continues.

When the fourth ring hits, her claws are a mere inch away from latching on the boy's hip, but the pure white light burns her up and flicks her away from her target, pushing her through the first three rings a second time.

Once again airborne, Kurumi shakes her head, recovering a bit of sense, and after noticing this, the boy shouts "Kurumi, cancel your spell! Cancel it before it's too late!"

The vampire grips her growling stomach, her wings flop weakly, making her lose altitude, and almost crying she replies "I-I can't! S-so... hungry!"

Her face becomes insane again, then she dives toward the boy, and this time she's using the magic in her claws to weaken the rings of light before going through them.

Ail has no choice and cancels his spell to move away, summons a small sword of light to his right hand, then swats away the speeding homing bullets while looking around for Kurumi.

He fails to see her anywhere so he tries scanning around with energy waves, but can't make anything out, other than the various flowers around him.

He feels a disturbance in the air above him and opens his eyes a moment too late, as Kurumi is a mere second away from impact.


Elly looks like a blur when she jumps between the boy and the vampire as she calls for her fallen mistress, creating an unneeded confusion as all three roll around the ground after contact is made with the blonde vampire.

Kurumi squeals with glee as she sucks out every inch of blood she can from the soft neck she's pressing her lips against, and then slows down when the realization slowly reaches her mind, yet can't stop herself from desperately feasting.

Ail slowly stands up behind the girls with a dark and depressed face while calling off his weapon; tears rolling down his cheek as he lets his body slump forward.

He drags his feet over to the girls, gulps down his desire to sob as he places his hands on the crying Kurumi's and Elly's heads, and with a cracking voice he cries "I told you to cancel it."

The blonde scythe wielder smiles as the last bit of life is being sucked out of her by her own friend, looks at Ail and begins to cry, then softly says "keep... Yu-Yukarin-sa-sama... safe. Please."

Kurumi starts to sob, and yet is still unable to stop herself from draining her friend from her life force, and after one loud sob she manages to cry a muffled "I'M SORRY!"

Elly's body fades, what little life force remained in her becomes sparks that float to the sky, and all the boy and vampire can do at the time afterward is stare at the spot where the blonde's body was a few moments before.

Meanwhile, somewhere over at the summery Youkai Mountain, inside a large courtroom, Tenma, lord of the tengu, stares unblinking toward one spot in the room.

Other than a long black beard, and the silhouette of his hat and the puffs hanging under it, the rest of him is hidden in shadow.

He takes a deep breath, making himself look a little larger than normal, and with a dark tone of voice that seems to be holding back concern, he says "Momiji's report is in. The boy is at the Garden of the Sun. Shameimaru, the time has come."

Aya appears to materialize out of the wall itself. Her usually happy face is now plagued by hatred of life, her left wing is missing while he right one remains ever visible, and instead of cameras and film, her pockets are filled with weapons, explosives, and she now has a body belt with three combat knives sheathed on it.

She turns her hateful glare to the right toward Hatate, who quickly rushes over while whimpering with fright, and hands her comrade a thin silver spear.

Armed to the teeth, the ex-reporter turns her murderous gaze to Tenma and coldly says "victory or death; just as specified by the contract."

The tengu lord shifts uncomfortably, and with a doubtful tone he asks "are you sure about this Aya? I told you death was not a necessity. He is too powerful, you fought bravely, worthy of recognition in the Tengu Records!"

Aya turns around and walks toward the nearest window, jumps on the frame, then coldly says "if the unlikely event of my cowardly return were to occur, the guards are to terminate me on the spot. I am only allowed in with proof of his death."

She takes off without waiting for a reply and flies off with elegance and grace with a single wing, yet her speed is only half of what it used to be.

Momiji Inubashiri, a white wolf tengu with short white hair and ears, red eyes, a furry white tail, who wears a white detached-sleeves shirt and a black skirt with red fire adorning the bottom, looks up to the sky and moans sadly.

She knows she's at fault for giving the report, but she had no choice in that matter as it is her job.

She takes her red hat off, impatiently taps the long platform of her geta sandals on the rocks, and then asks herself "what's taking so long?"

Hatate flies to her right, nods as soon as she's acknowledged by the white wolf, then as soon as the wolf's sandal is replaced, they both fly off after Aya.

"So, like, why are you suddenly interested in helping her out, Momiji?"

The white wolf thinks carefully for an answer, then says "she's a comrade, whether I like it or not. It wouldn't feel right to just abandon her in her this time of need."

She glances over to the crow tengu and says "same question."

Hatate lets a half-smile escape her lips and says "she saved me from him. I can't just ignore that. I won't feel at ease until I've evened the score with her."

Momiji looks forward and breaks a smile with a scoff, then mutters "we're such proud fools."

Back at Yuka's house, Ail remains seated on an old white metal chair, while Kurumi paces around the living room, thinking the day's events over and over.

"Please Kurumi, listen to me," begs the boy. "Please let me go to Yuka. I can revive her!"

The blonde vampire stops pacing and glances over to the boy for a second, and then she sobs softly before saying "Elly is gone. I'm all alone. And it's entirely your fault. *Hic* I'm scared! Please stay with me forever!"

The boy stares back at her with piercing eyes and loudly says "you're not listening to me! I can bring Yuka back! All you have to do is let me go to her room!"

"You'll be my most prized pet! I'll feed you, bathe you, play with you, and all you have to do is stay by my side like a good pet. It's easy, right?" Kurumi stares right through Ail as she speaks, as though speaking to someone else entirely.

Anilan has had enough, yet doesn't know how to get through to her, until something comes to mind that causes him to smile victoriously.

"Kurumi, I am hearing Yuka in my head right now. She wants to say something to you, so I'm going to let her through, ok?"

The vampire's yellow eyes quickly focus on the boy as a tiny gasp escapes her, then Ail shakes his head around for a bit, stops when facing away from the girl, then slowly turns his face, which has a mischievous set of eyes over a cynical and sadistic smile.

He bends his back just slightly, and with a sweet and soft, yet cold and dark tone of voice he says "well hello there Kurumi-chan, it's been a while."

The vampire's face turns blue and she gulps, yet remains silent.

"I saw what happened today, sweetie. I am so disappointed in you. You not only stopped this young man; whom I'd love to kill; from resurrecting me, you sucked dear Elly dry. I am... quite upset."

Kurumi starts to whimper, tears form under her eyes as she begins to shake in place, her lips wriggle as her mouth dries up, and then she stretches her wings as if preparing to run away.

The boy's smile becomes slightly sweeter, and continues "oh, no need to get so bent out of shape. Just let this boy up to my room so he can revive me, and we can be together again. I might even forgive you if you do this for me~."

Ail starts to shake his head around again as if trying to stretch then suddenly stops, looks at Kurumi with those pleading eyes, then says "come on Kurumi. Let me help."

The vampire's wings relax along with their owner, and the blonde girl makes her way to the boy, nods once, then says "you can go. But know that I don't trust you one bit! Make one wrong move, and your head comes off, GOT IT?"

The dense one smiles, nods, then looks down at his lap and says "so of course, that means you'll untie me, right? I can't really walk while tied to this chair.

True enough, Ail's hands are tied behind himself, while his legs are tied with chains on the chair's front legs.

Kurumi grins mischievously, then gets uncomfortably close to the unsettled boy, wraps her arms around his hips, then begins to undo the ropes around his arms.

The boy sighs with relief while thinking "PHEW! Lucky she fell for that Yuka-possession bit. Ehehe, I think I'm going to try that on Elly when I get back home."

That winter afternoon, at the Hakurei Shrine, the smiling Marisa enters the living room through the left door, and is quickly greeted by some lively disturbance.

"You are a man, so just fix the door and stop complaining!"

"I won't lift a finger unless I see compensation, Hakurei!"

The witch stares, her smile becomes a wide and annoyingly cheerful grin, and after a quick chuckle she says to herself "just like the old days, ze."

Reimu and Kyo stand next to the kotatsu; where Rika, Tenshi, Lykamei and Suzaku are staring at the two; arguing about fixing a door, and whether or not the shrine maiden is just trying to get free maintenance services from the boy out of spite.

Regardless of the shouting, Marisa lifts her hands and wiggles her fingers while greeting the staring girls, then asks "so, how long have they been at it? And has Reimu used her orbs yet?"

Kyo turns a fierce face at the witch and shouts "butt out black and white! This is between me and the red one!"

Reimu turns an annoyed face at her friend and angrily says "hey, he's the one that earned the balls on the face last time," then turns to face the boy and shouts "and don't call me 'the red one'!"

The muscled boy turns his attention to the shrine maiden and shouts "speak properly! Those were yin-yang orbs! And for your information, you are a lazy and violent girl, and a cheapskate! Always been one!"

Marisa holds her belly as she laughs hard and makes her way to the staring girls and bird.

Without been asked, Tenshi says "it all started when they were talking about the money for the wedding."

As if in a trance, Rika continues staring at her mistress as she says "then Lykamei floated through the door and they just picked up on that."

"But I don't live here anymore! I don't have to do any chores, lazy-butt," exclaims Kyo with rage.

"Well, we're holding your wedding here, so you're technically mooching off me again," replies the black haired girl before starting a fit of coughs.

Kyo himself holds Reimu by the shoulders and helps her down a glass of water, pats her on the back and asks if she's alright, and when all is good again, he resumes his position and shouts "we're not mooching off! We're paying you!"

Suzaku bangs her head against the wooden table and telepathically speaks so the girls can hear her. "This is hilariously painful to watch. I'm not even sure if it's ok to laugh, or if we should stop them before mom's health gets worst."

Rika stands up while saying "I'll go stop them," when the back doors suddenly burst open, and Mima cheers a loud greeting while entering and closing the sliding doors again.

Everyone stares at the evil spirit as she floats her merry way toward Reimu, places her bright and smiling face next to the girl, then happily asks "hey Reimu, how ya' feeling? Isn't today great?"

The shrine maiden is understandably shocked with the surprise and tries to stammer questions about Suika, but before she can make actual words, the spirit grabs Kyo's right arm, squeezes it tight, and says "mmmmm, hunk, you're harder than last time."

After the inappropriate set of words, she quickly flies over to Marisa and presses her face against her former pupil while cooing "and there's my girl! Are you eating your vegetables? Did you find a rare mushroom? Oh, we have SO much to talk about, don't we!?"

Before the Ordinary Black and White can begin to talk, Mima is already flying to the left door and exclaiming "well, it's been fun, but I gotta run now! Bye~"


Reimu's outburst turns all the attention to her, and without pause she asks "where's Suika!?"

The evil spirit snickers while covering her mouth with her hand, and with that usual naughty look on her face she says "she's taking a nap under a white blanket. Naughty thing craved a nice spanking before bed."

With those words out in the open, she waves her fingers at them all, and then dashes off toward the Human Village.

"Rika," commands Reimu, to which the shrine's maid obediently bows, and quickly goes off to find Suika outside.

The little oni in question is currently in front of one of Rika's training dummies in the back courtyard under a thick pile of snow, and next to her is Genji, the oversized, flying bearded turtle.

He studies the burn marks and bruises on the little oni's face and exposed arm, places his face closer to hers, then asks "so you had fun I presume?"

The girl lifts her shaky head and smiles at the turtle, then happily says "oh, you betcha!"

Back at the ghostly-quiet Garden of the Sun, Ail and Kurumi are in Yuka's room, and the boy stands in front of the bedridden sunflower he feels is Yuka herself, while the vampire stands close enough to attack him if he thinks of escaping.

He summons that wavy green energy to his right hand again, studies it for a moment, and then says "alright, this is it. It's time I gave you Yuka back."

"After what Elly did, you better do just that, or I swear to hunt you down until you become worm food!"

The vampire girl is angry, and Ail understands her reasons for being that way, though he wishes she would understand it's not him but his alternate self that caused her and Elly so much pain.

"Maybe after Yuka's revived she'll understand," thinks the hopeful boy as he gets his hand closer to the flower's petal.

He suddenly feels as if he's frozen in place, an invisible wave threatens to twist his stomach, and seeing as he's unable to move his lips, he screams in his mind "no! Don't reset, please! I'm so close! Don't do this to me!"

The world around him spins like a huge maelstrom making him sick to his stomach, and then the scenery slowly thins down until there is nothing but darkness.

The world reappears again, still being in the afternoon, and Elly and Kurumi are walking out of the house, while the bedridden sunflower watches them from the window.

Meanwhile, Ail finds himself spinning in limbo, unsure of whether he's still a whole being or just a floating spirit.

He tries to look around, but it feels to him as though he's not even moving his head to scout his dark surroundings.

Everything is black, nothing is different, and in this maddening world, the dense boy can feel his own mind rapidly unhinging itself, so he foolishly does what he knows won't help.

"I need HEEEELP!"

As expected, his call remains unanswered and despair quickly claims him.

A ball of light appears before him just as his mind is about to break, then it stretches and takes the shape of Yuka almost instantly, yet remains as a shining specter of light.

He tries to speak, but she grips his mouth with her hand and says "yes, that bit of the world reset itself, both because of your damned failure, and my will."

She lets his its mouth go and continues "now listen, keep that energy in you while you are in here, or you'll break like a dry cracker in my vice grip; and now you shut up and listen."

She moves her ghostly eyes to meet with his golden ones and says "those three girls damaged this world a great deal. Ail, while you are stuck here, as this world is right now, you are in grave danger."

"I don't mean your life. Your body is safe. It's your heart, your mind, and your spirit that are in peril. You must protect yourself, and be ready for whatever may come: Death, deceit, and enemies that were once friends. BE READY!"

The boy feels himself blinking once, then manages to ask "wait, what do you mean? I thought I was sa-"

"You were right," interrupts Yuka. "This world is now shattered into pieces that, although joined, have their one timeline, season, etc., and it was all done to keep you safe and away from those places you already failed at. Well, except for the underground. You didn't really fail there."

Ail can feel himself widening his eyes in the surprise, then says "I knew it! I did succeed with Koishi and Orin, even with that dark me ruining everything! But then, why am I still here?"

Yuka grabs the boy by the hips, stares at him, then says "he's still in there; weak but alive. He'll be coming back soon. When he does, your workload will increase."

She releases the boy and floats away while continuing "I do not know why you are still here even though you succeeded, but you are here. Those three are still in here somewhere as well, and they can help you. We will try and make sure they do. Oh, and don't forget Yukari's warnings, but as things are, you might have to brave those waters."

The dense one gulps as fear takes him, then asks "you mean to say, that I may have to-"

The ghostly woman is already covering his mouth again, and whispers "you have to get more allies. You will need help! The three dream demons can help, but they aren't enough, and could even become a liability. You need someone from outside too, as well as having at least one ally in here, not counting Reimu, or Rika."

She slowly backs away while facing the boy, playfully places her hands behind her back, and says "she's hunting you. You're going to have to defend yourself. Try not to kill them though, and try to keep NegaAil in check. And one more thing that you must remember; time here is now flowing differently from that of the outside."

The world around Ail turns white as he feels tired and about ready to go to sleep, and as he complies with his desires of rest, he says to himself "NegaAil? That's a fitting name for that bastard. Reminds me of a character, from a cartoon I used to watch. Still, wonder what did she mean about that 'time' bit?"

That night, another snowstorm makes Letty Whiterock; a yuki-onna with lavender curly hair and eyes, whom wears a white hat and a white and blue outfit; cackle like a maniac in the middle of the Misty Lake.

Meanwhile, at one of the SDM's living rooms, Flandre and Remilia stare at each other from their large red seats that are set in front of each other, while Sakuya, Kimi and Meiling enjoy the fire they started for their own comfort at the fireplace at the back.

The blonde vampire narrows her left eye a bit, and the light-blue haired vampire responds with a soft scoff and a smug smile.

Flandre's face begins to sink as she shyly backs away, while Remilia remains as she was, not blinking even once.

"OKAY, ALRIGHT! You win," cries the little sister, throwing her arms in the air out of frustration.

The mistress of the mansion chuckles again, then says "now remember, it's two days down there in nothing but your underwear, and you must eat the natto every night, without spitting a single bean, potty mouth."

The little sister sobs and cries "it's not fair." She gets off the chair, grips her sister's arm as she look up with teary eyes, and exclaims "I told you the truth! That Azzhara cat is evil! He says he loves me, but he tortures me out of revenge! Remi, please! You have to believe me!"

Remilia looks down at her little sister's pleading eyes for a moment without saying a word, gently combs that blonde hair; secretly blocking out her sister's charms; closes her eyes with a sigh, then opens them again, looking gentle yet stern.

"Flan, your claims are a bit outrageous and really hard to believe, but more importantly you seem to forget that you are Flandre Scarlet! If you want us to believe such claims, you are going to have to capture that cat in the act, and show us all the truth."

Flandre's face drops as she complains with a loud moan, to which Remilia taps the back of her sister's head and says "op! No childish complaints. Now carry out your punishment like a true Scarlet!"

The little sister sighs sadly and mutters "yeah, yeah. I'm going," then makes her way back to the basement.

The servants look to the blonde vampire with sad faces, but they all know it is not their place to say anything, so they look away just as a dark grey washtub falls on her head and knocks her out, and then Azzhara scrambles to her in cat form, bites her shirt's collar, and pulls her away into the darkness.

Regardless of anything, Kimi is just about to open her mouth when Sakuya herself covers her up and whispers "no, don't! You have no place in there! You are a serv-er, guest!"

At that very moment, Remilia barks a command and her loyal chief maid is immediately in front of her, bowing elegantly while asking "how may I serve you, My Lady?"

Remilia's current smile becomes a wide grin, and with a bit of admiration she says "always so well prepared, my chief maid."

Sakuya bows her head and softly says "your praise is not needed, but it's gladly accepted My Lady."

The vampire chuckles softly, and with that proud smile on her face she says "right, it's time we separated the Kori twins from Patchouli and Koakuma, or we'll never hear the end of their whining come next year. Sakuya, get Leon and Lina working on some chores outside the library, and make sure those two don't go looking for them, understood?"

The silver haired maid bows and says "it will be done as you have asked," then disappears in a flash, while Remilia's smile vanishes, sighs, and then says to herself "this mansion's becoming too lively. It's not fitting for my image."

She looks at the gate guard and her somewhat-reformed shadow self, and then sighs again.

At the same time, at the snowy Bamboo Forest; where the snowstorm is weakened due to the thick concentrations of bamboo; Kaguya is stomping hard on the ground while roaring loudly, then looks up to the sky and shouts "you are cheating! That's the only way they could have stayed as your fans for so long!"

From the sky, Mokou flips her hair at her immortal rival, then says "you're just jealous that MY noble female charm has a better effect and your crummy Moon Royalty charm. Admit it; you've aged badly while I've aged perfectly well; like good wine!"

The light-lilac haired girl grunts as she suddenly moves to the right in order to avoid a multi-colored shower of bullets, then shouts "hey, quit it! You might hurt them!"

On the ground behind Mokou, her large fan club, which now consists of rabbits, human, youkai, and some fairies shivering in thick coats, all cheer for their beloved immortal, while said girl looks back and shouts "ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID!? Get goin' so we can fight!"

The ex Moon Princess has jumped over and grips the distracted immortal's shoulders, and then pushes her to the ground while shouting "no! Let them watch! We'll settle this the OLD-FASHIONED WAY, grandma!"

They crash-land on the ground and start struggling against each other, gripping each others' clothes and threatening to rip them off while rolling on the snow, where Mokou shouts "well look who's talking, great-great grandma of the moon!"

"That's it, you're DEAD, you pathetic human," screeches the black haired girl as she grips her opponent's butt."

The immortal human yelps and jumps away from her attacker, while Kaguya wiggles her fingers around, gasps, then screams "IT'S SO SOFT AND SQUISHY!"

"DON'T SCREAM THAT OUT LOUD, YOU PERVERT!" replies Mokou with intense rage.

The spectators start to cheer for their favorite girl, lowering Kaguya's morale only slightly, while Tewi snickers as she pockets a thick pack of paper money, and happily walks away while humming a nice tune as her ally and the bamboo immortal rip each others' clothes to shreds.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Ayalina, Azzhara (pronounced Atz-ara), Lykamei, Kyo, Kimi, Leon and Lina were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell card: "Brightness, Overwhelming Heart";

Ayalina's spell card: "Flowery Bitch-Slap for the Fair Maiden"; and

Kurumi's spell card: "Blood-Thirst, 100 Years of Starvation"; were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

AUG 31 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


This extreme delay can be blamed on many things: Real life, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and New Super Mario Bros. 2. Oh yes, the 3DS has been the best handheld for me so far (haven't tried PS Vita yet), and it keeps distracting me. That aside, I hope you are enjoying this story so far, and do hope you'll continue reading. And as for other works... well since I'm being so damned slow, I think I should cut back on them... for now.

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Remilia: You see Flandre? That boy is sick to the head!

Flandre: Ewwww~ to think I touched him!

Satori: You're not really listening to me, are you?

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