NOTE: There are quite a few flashbacks in this chapter. Also keep in mind there's strong language ahead.

Legend: [i] = a sudden thought between the dialogue, or Ail/NegaAil talking to the one in control of Ail's body.

{i} = Touhou character speaking to Ail/NegaAil in his mind.

Jan 06 2013 - This one took some effort! There were some Huge errors when I mentioned Mima's time being unconscious, but that's fixed, as well as some things during Aya's flashback with Tenma, AND made some modifications to the flashback with Reimu and Tenshi.

Three days have passed when Mima returns to the Hakurei Shrine, and it appears that along with her return, the snowstorms that were punishing the land of Gensokyo with layers of snow leave surprisingly quietly.

The spirit, whom is high in the sky, observes as how Rika is shoveling the snow off the roof of the shrine, while Suika and Tenshi are working on clearing the stone paths of any snow. Whether the latter two girls are doing so willingly remains a mystery.

On the small, snow-covered stairs to the donation box sits Lykamei with Suzaku to her side, and the little ghost girl keeps moaning as though she's having the worst stomach ache ever.

Interested in the little spirit, Mima decides to land near the girl.

The evil spirit stares at the dark ghost and watches with interest as her head flops around a bit while she moans.

Suzaku looks at the green haired woman as though asking for help, and says "she's been like this since dawn. Do you know what's wrong with her?"

Mima nods once, and says "she's been on this side of the world for too long. She needs to go back home."

She looks away and holds her forehead with her fingers, then says "frankly I'm surprised this young entity lasted so long on these holy grounds."

Lykamei looks up at Mima with distant eyes, moans softly, then sadly and softly says "I want Yuyuko-sama."

"Well, it's a good thing I came along after all, isn't it Youmu?"

The black ghost gasps out loud as a large smile rapidly covers her face, then she launches herself straight toward the shrine's gates, excitedly exclaiming "YUYU-MAMAAAA!"

The girl latches on to Yuyuko's hips, and rubs her face on the princess' belly while moaning contently with her eyes closed.

The pink-haired woman giggles while rubbing the girl's head, then says "oh my, how affectionate," turns her face to her right to look at Youmu and sweetly adds "we should have come a little sooner. She's at her limit; the poor thing."

She starts scratching the happy girl's head while the gardener grumbles "that's what I was trying to tell you these past three days."

To everyone's surprise, Reimu stands right where Lykamei was sitting just a few seconds before, and before Mima can ask "where did you come from?" the Hakurei Maiden says "I was starting to worry. This little one wasn't going to last another day. Seriously, you need to be more responsible."

Yuyuko picks the little dark skinned ghost up, giggles and says "I am here now, aren't I? Don't worry though, we won't linger. She needs to get back home immediately."

Rika jumps off the roof and lands on the ground in front of her mistress, stands up with a sad face, and says "aww. And I wanted to spend a little more time with her."

"Don't worry," begins Youmu with a straight look on her face. "You may come visit her whenever you may want. Just make sure to announce yourself before you come to Hakugyokurou."

The shrine's maid bows to the swordswoman and thanks her for the invitation, then walks over to the ghostly princess and the little girl and scratches Lykamei's head while cooing her goodbyes; and then it hits her.

She looks at Reimu with surprise, walks to her until she's just reaching the steps, then asks "My Lady, you knew about this? Wh-why didn't you tell me about it? I would have gladly taken her home myself."

The shrine maiden scratches her head while looking back at her maid with a bit of surprise, then says "so you hadn't noticed? Rika, she was absorbing my illness all this time. Why do you think I got healthy so suddenly? And didn't you notice she stopped being mischievous since I got sick?"

Reimu's face displays the error of her choice of words with shock, while Rika's own face shows her self-disappointment as tears roll down her cheeks.

"Oh my Hakurei god, how could I have been so blind? I'm such a terrible host and friend! I should have noticed this immediately, and yet I didn't!"

She turns around to face the little ghost and cries out "Lykamei, I'm so sorry! Can you forgive-?", but her words end up being unneeded.

While Rika panicked, Yuyuko had walked closer with the little girl on hand, and said girl grabs Rika's face after she quiets down, kisses her on the cheek, and with a dreamy look as she goes back to rest her head on the princess' shoulder she softly says "thank you for everything Rika-chan. Please come visit me soon."

With those words the little ghost girl falls asleep, then Yuyuko chuckles lightly and says "it's time to go. Thank you for taking care of this little soul, and for teaching her that which I cannot understand."

She bows her head slightly, then takes flight on her own, while Youmu walks in front of the maid, whispers "thank you. And let's have a quick round next time," then takes off flying after her princess.

Meanwhile, Rika remains standing still on the same spot on the ground while looking distant, blinks twice as she slowly recovers from that surprise, smiles dearly as she turns to her mistress, then says "I already miss her."

Mima is about to comment on the events when she suddenly sighs and drops face-down on the snow.

The shrine maid and shrine maiden stare at the knocked-out evil spirit, and then the angelic maid exclaims "what just happened to her? Miss Mima, can you hear me!?"

She quickly kneels besides the knocked out woman to see if she can assist in any way, when Reimu merely face palms and says "just bring her inside!"

She notices Tenshi standing to her left and softly commenting "what the heck is going on here?"

Reimu stares at the celestial for a while, paying very close attention to her forehead, then asks "you're not exploding and turning into a peach or something random like that, right?"

Hinanai stares silently at the red and white before her; unable to come up with a snarky comeback, comment, answer, or any kind of way of communicating the confusion in her mind at the moment; and merely shakes her head and walks away.

As she makes her way to the right side of the shrine, the celestial loosens up and lets unknown sadness take over her face, and unknown to her, Reimu notices the heavy feelings on the blue haired girl, yet remains quiet about it.

The single-winged Shameimaru flies over the skies of the now-erratic replica of Gensokyo, and after passing through a snowy night, she reaches a fresh autumn morning when her mind starts to drift, and her eyes turn bloodthirsty.

She growls softly to herself when she starts remembering her last encounter with NegaAil:


She flies high above the Youkai Forest in search of a scoop, frustrated over the lack of such, thanks to Maribel's and Renko's quick interventions on every incident.

She's about to head on home when she hears Hatate squawking in pain nearby, and grins victoriously when she thinks she just found herself a good scoop, but even her victory grin rubs off her face the moment she arrives to the scene.

Ail is holding Hatate by her neck while viciously kicking her stomach and trying to pull her camera from her hand, demanding she erases the photos inside.

"Alright, that's IT! If you won't let it go..." He shouts these words out loud before the tengu starts screaming loud enough to be heard over at the Tengu village, but her voice quickly dies out, and Aya knows what he is doing.

She takes a dive and aims herself straight at the boy's back, but the vile boy sees her in time to move and get hit on the shoulder instead, giving the seasoned reporter harder recoil damage; but the girl succeeds in stopping the boy from sucking Hatate's life force dry.

Shameimaru rubs her sore shoulder as she gets off the ground, and opens her eyes just as the injured boy crushes Hatate's cell phone with his right hand, right after standing up.

She can see he's going to attack her comrade again, so she launches herself at him, only this time her aim is not the boy but the space between him and Hatate, making him jump away from them before he can continue absorbing the last of Hatate's life force.

"Ail, what the fuck is that?" grunts the black haired tengu through her teeth. "What the hell is the matter with you? Why are you trying to kill her?"

Anilan turns his red eyes on the lively tengu before him, and with deep hatred behind his dark voice, he says "she had pictures of my Reimu crying her pain out! She didn't have the right to have them, so I told her to ERASE those pictures!"

He moves his eyes to the semi-conscious crow girl on the floor behind Aya and says "she didn't comply, so I had to force some sense into her; and now I plan to make sure none of you tengu bother Reimu ever again!"

Aya raises an eyebrow after listening to the boy, discretely places her right hand on her maple fan behind herself, and says "so, you disregard Reimu's own spell card rules just to make a point? And you even dare attempt unjust murder in her name? I am seriously disgusted by you right now, Anilan."

The boy responds with a grunt as he summons a tainted blade of light, which is surrounded by a dark orange glow, and then he launches himself at Aya, who only has enough time to swing her fan and blow the boy away from herself and Hatate.

She quickly follows after him and swings her fan on his back, forcing him farther away from Hatate and closer to the trees.

Ail uses the tree he's supposed to crash on to, to kick himself out of the strong gales and toward the tengu, with his magical weapon raised as he grunts between his teeth "you'll pay for getting in my way."

She ducks under his squiggly sword then flashes his face with her camera, and when he's on the floor and spitting out grass, with genuine worry she exclaims "Ail, what's the matter? Are you possessed, o-or maybe you just need to talk. C-come on, I don't want to fight with you!"

The boy stands up with Reimu's tainted charms on his left hand, and with a murderous and hateful look on his face he shouts "you claimed to be Reimu's friend and yet you haven't gone visit her ONCE now that she needs you! I'll make you and your kin suffer for that!"


Aya's shriek is so loud, Ail has to cover his ears to stand the voice, but before he can recover and attack, the tengu continues shouting "Ail, you are the one that told me to get away from her! You are the one that kept me and the others from getting close to her! Now you are holding it against us that we don't visit in her time of need, AND demand we leave her alone at the same time? Shut the fuck up and think, Anilan! It's not us that are the problem, it's YOU!"

The thick-headed fiend roars as he lunches to her with all his fury and swings his sword at her neck.

The crow girl manages to bend backward in time to dodge the attack, but the dirty boy kicks her groin and throws a charm at her while she's bouncing off the dirt.

Aya flips backward on to her feet, launches herself after the boy, then fakes an uppercut to kick him under the chin while he's dodging the punch, and sends him flying to the sky, seemingly unaware of her wings revealing themselves and slowly stretching to full size.

Ail shakes his head as he flies upward and recovers himself from the blow, and now fakes still being dazed so that Aya gets close, and as soon as that tengu is near he stabs her on the left of her chest with his weapon of light.

To his surprise she merely grunts softly, grabs his wrist, and grips it until it cracks, then punches him with her fan hand, sending him flying far away from herself.

She barely has time to nurse her open wound before the vile boy is already on her with a spell card ready and with his Yozoragan blood limit activated while he shouts "Darkness, Dance of the Black Lights!"

His ethereal dragon wings become solid and turn black, his eyes change to look like a red moon's night, his skin darkens to the point of looking almost black, and his hair becomes pitch black.

A black flame appears on his chest, and from it grows several rings that turn to sharp and pointy legs that wrap themselves around the brave tengu reporter.

Aya only has the chance to move slightly to the left before she realizes she's trapped, and just as she's about to try and break free, she screams when rapid beams from those legs pierce her flesh and expand when under her skin, making her feel as though her very bones are being sawed into bits.

The dirty fighter goes as far as attacking the most sensitive spots on her body, and makes sure there are at least two beams stabbing those points while he grips her face with his nails.

Her screams muffle when black bullets in the shape of arrows blow up all over her face and thighs, and yet the seasoned tengu manages to fight the pain enough to move her fan hand slightly, and propel herself away from the murderous boy with tornado winds.

Once free, she takes her camera out of her pocket and throws it into a nest on one of the trees while glaring with hatred toward the boy, then launches herself at full speed with a spell card on hand and shouting "Peerless Wind God!"

Before she reaches the darkened NegaAil, the wind around her body turns bright red, her speed increases to the point of making herself invisible to the naked eye, and in just a couple of seconds she manages to tackle Ail at least five times.

Though it appears she has the upper hand, merely touching the boy hurts her while his spell card remains active, yet she continues attacking relentlessly as they slowly descend, and when just a few feet from the ground, the black claw-like legs around the boy gather before him and crash against the tengu's energy.

Both Ail and Aya grunt as they fight to see whose willpower will win this current struggle, and then everything turns white and all sound around them mutes.

After a few minutes of this maddening and deafening blinding light, one silhouette can be seen towering over another while grabbing hold of something long and wide from the fallen shadow's back.

NegaAil is standing on the weakened Aya's back and is holding on to her left wing, smiling viciously with a look of expectancy.

He stomps her butt and spine repeatedly while saying "now! I'm! making you! pay back! WITH HUMBLING HUMILIATION!"

His last dirty kick causes Aya to scream like a hurt child, and shortly after a jolting pain on her upper back traps her screams just below her throat.

Her skin turns paler than ever and her eyes unhinge as she drools over the failed screaming attempt, while the evil boy laughs manically after throwing away her twitching wing.

He takes another one of Reimu's tainted charms and brutally stuffs it in the bloody hole left by the missing wing, laughing triumphantly; however his laughter is short lived.

In her despair, Aya pushes herself off the ground and uses her own body to strike that vile fiend between his legs, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

While he rolls in pain on the ground, she stands and walks over to him as she slowly recovers from her mind-breaking pain, kicks him on the ribs, then proceeds to search for her fan to deliver a killing blow.

The rest of the memory becomes a blur, and all she can remember is having the boy squeezing her chest while pushing her back to the ground before a wolf tengu scares him off with a deadly sword-swing.


Ail wakes up with a gasp on the orange grass next to the same tree he saw in the vivid dream he just had about the fight with Aya.

He rubs his eyes as he sniffles, then says to himself "he didn't have a single reason to do that. She even tried to talk some sense into him, [That bitch got what she deserved! Damned wolf tengu got to us just as the getting got good too!] and he just-"

The dense boy slowly realizes what he just heard, and cold fear quickly takes his heart.

[Did you really think I was gone? Please; even Yuka warned you about me. But whatever, it's none of my concern. My concern now is you, and destroying everything you are, Ail. This world is mine, and a pissy goodie-two-shoe like you isn't taking this away from me!]

Anilan smiles as he stands up, chuckles as he makes his way to the river, kneels on the edge, looks into the water until he is able to see a bit of his reflection, and says "no NegaAil. You are just a created figment of this world, and once I get out of here I am making sure Shikieiki has her way with you; and I am sure she'll love erasing you from this world's existence."

The boy stays there, waiting for a reply that never comes, so he splashes his face with the cool water, gets on his feet, then starts walking upstream, wondering where he should be headed next.

{Ail? What in the world? Ail, is that you, or am I dreaming? And what was that dark thing I felt just now?}

"Mima?" he exclaims excitedly, only to stop, frown and think, then add "w-wait, are you the real Mima, or this world's Mima?"

{Ail, that IS you! As dense as ever I see! Hmm, this is odd. It appears our minds are connected directly. Good! How are things on your side?}

The boy stops as a vein pulsates on his forehead, then he clenches his shaking right fist as he says "dammit all, Mima! I've been going through hell; first with the deaths of friends, then the insane resets, a sickeningly disgusting part of myself I rather set fire on, I'm on the verge of stabbing myself with a sharp rock to see if I wake up, and now I'm talking to you and I can't be certain if you are the real Mima or not! THAT'S HOW THINGS ARE ON MY SIDE!"

He kneels again, looks up to the sky as if looking at the evil spirit and continues "and if you really are the real Mima, tell me how in Eiki's name you got past this world's magical barriers in the first place!"

{Eeehhh... so you remember everything? This is not good. Oh man, I need to wake up and contact that Yama! You aren't supposed to remember these things! Wait, you're right! I'm not supposed to be able to contact you either! What's going on in there!?}

"Mima, it IS YOU! Wait, you're sleeping?"

{Unconscious. Apparently, your distressed little mind pulled me in here by force... and I can't get out.}

Ail's eyes become two little black marbles as he smiles disturbingly and weakly says "so you're stuck in my mind along with that damned perverted psychopath that's actually the me from this world?"

{That seems to be the case, dear.}

"And she says that so casually! Aren't you [Who are you calling a psychopath, you wuss!] the least bit concerned? {Don't call him names! He's you after all.}

Anilan's eyes hide under a shadow as the two entities in his head start arguing about name-calling, and leave the boy unable to think or say anything that could shut them up.

[Well, it's not MY fault the three spirits messed things up after HE succeeded!]

And that did the trick. Both Mima and NegaAil remain silent long enough for the dense boy to pick up on the nearby tengu and kappa energies.

{Wait a minute. Ail, if you succeeded in convincing someone, regardless of any intrusion, the gap youkai and the Yama should have let you out! That was the principal agreement!}

"Well I don't know what happened then..." begins the boy with a low and sad tone, "but I do understand now the true severity of my actions before. I really did a number back there... and I deserve this."

{Don't start talking like that, Ail! We'll get you out of there, I promise! I'm here with you now, and as soon as I figure out how to get out, I'll go and get those bitches to get you out of here!}

"Shit; the Kappa!"

{What's going o-oh crap! RUN!}

The boy quickly gets on his feet and starts running away from the river as it rises in the form of large tendrils with sharp edges and tips; a sign that the kappa know of the boy's presence, and aren't very happy about it.

Shortly after he starts running a pair of black eggs bounce once on the ground before him and explode the very next second, pushing the boy straight back toward the threatening waters.

One of the many tendrils catches his left ankle, lifts him up high, then he can hear a meek and high pitched-voice cheer "yay! We got 'im Nitori!"

Shortly after, out of all the blue, black, blonde and green-haired kappa that reveal themselves, Ail pays more attention to Nitori Kawashiro, who seems to be the currently leader of the pack of kappa before him.

Like most of the other kappa she has blue eyes, wears a green cap with a white squiggle on the front, a long-sleeved light-blue vest over a white shirt, a light-blue skirt with many pockets on the bottom borders, and light-blue wellington boots.

Unlike the other kappa, her hair is a darker, but shinier shade of blue, she ties it into twin-tails with red bobbles, and she carries a larger dark-green backpack with black straps that are tired around a golden key on her chest.

"Good work," begins the little kappa leader. Let's chuck him back to the village before he breaks free again."

As she says this, the other kappa whimper in fear as they point behind Nitori.

Ail is free and is squatting behind the girl, and stares curiously while saying "come on Nitori, that was a little too much. I mean, I guess NegaAil almost destroyed your village so I kinda..."

By now, the kappa is shivering with fear after realizing the boy is right behind her, while said boy muses over his thoughts and continues "on second thought, let me try that again. Ahem! Hi there Nitori. I'm the good Ail. I'm not here to cause any trouble; I'm just looking for someone to help me get back home."

A pair of mechanical arms rise from Nitori's backpack and grab Ail by the shoulders, and in less than a second the boy is flipped in the air and smashed on the hard ground on his back.

He quickly recovers from his daze while the kappa argue over how to tie him up properly, but then he shouts "LOOK OUT" and the girls all run away, thinking he's attacking them.

The boy rapidly summons a blue barrier over himself and the running Nitori's head that blocks several vicious danmaku shots meant to cause severe damage.

Meanwhile, high above, Aya flies in a counterclockwise circle above the boy while holding a knife on her left hand, and leaving the right one free for other optional attacks.

Aya looks down at Ail from high up in the sky, giving him her most hateful of stares while she remembers the humiliation he put her through long after their fight:


She remembers being carried to the village by the wolf tengu that saved her, enduring as said character constantly reminded her of how much she reeked of human over specific points on her body, and how the wolf girl chuckled softly at the crow's expense every time she could.

She remembers a few days later how one of the few Yamabushi Tengu that knew the old methods of healing constantly made her cry out like a hatchling every time he attempted to remove the charms preventing her wing from growing back.

What pains her most about that specific memory is when that very healer manages to take the charms out from under her muscles and tells her "I've done all I can. Only the one that put these in you can remove them safely. Now tell me again how in the world a kid got behind you, the so-called fastest in Gensokyo?"

She remembers how her hatred grew each day, and how it reached the point of madness the day she had to report to Lord Tenma.

How she wished she could kill the others, who whispered rumors of her weakness while she made her way to their leader's house.

She felt sickened when she discovered the others Karasu Tengu started printing false rumors of her being Anilan's lover in their papers, all due to that white wolf's so-called discovery, and that the boy was trying to force his way on her when he accidentally broke her wing off.

She now remembers how dark Tenma's house seemed to her that day, when in fact it was as bright as it has always been.

"Shameimaru, don't hang your head so low. Be proud; you fought bravely for your comrade against a most despicable enemy, who fought dirty and dishonorably to the very end. Your battle was admirable, and you remained honorable, despite his repeated dishonorable assaults."

"Admirable!?" barks Aya back at their bearded leader, doing all she can, and more, to keep herself from shouting obscenities and curses out of frustration.

"They are all laughing behind my back, spreading sick rumors, making fun of my fallen wing, and worst of all, they are saying that... half-youkai thing is my lover!"

"All these idiots deserve to be punished, but oh-ho-ho, I'll do something better! I'll show them all how strong I really... really..."

Despite her best efforts to remain calm, she keeps losing her temper and loses her current train of thought when she fights to keep herself leveled.

A tear rolls down her darkened eye as she shouts "the shame is unbearable! Please, let me outside again! M-Maybe if I get some news; perhaps a repo-"

"ENOUGH!" commands her leader. He takes a deep breath to recover from the outburst, and then calmly says "I don't recall hearing about that, but let me deal with those rumors Aya. You have enough to deal with already, concerning your healing. Focus on restoring your wings and forget. about. revenge!"

The girl flinches at the mentioning of revenge; making her secret desires clear to Tenma; then her leader continues "I can see it all over your face as plain as the sun's light. You want revenge on the boy, but that will lead you to death, and quite possibly lead US to war with the humans."

She turns her head away to the door of the house, wondering whether she should just rush off and take her revenge either way, but that's when she remembers her lost wing has cost her a most precious asset; her speed.

"No Shameimaru, don't do it. Even at your full speed, the second you're out that door, I will personally catch you and lock you up in the dungeons."

She turns her face back to her lord to show him she's not afraid of trying anyways, even though her eyes appear to suggest terror at the time.

Tenma places his hand on his forehead as he sighs, and then he sadly says "I understand. It's a matter of pride. Please listen to me Aya. You are hurt; weakened in your current state. I want you to rest, heal that wound so that it stops ailing you, and train hard so that your current handicap doesn't hinder you when the time comes."

She squints her eyes in order to get a better look at his own silver ones while thinking on what to say, but before she can speak, Tenma continues "I will make a contract with you now, you will sign it, and when the time comes and you are ready, you can go and take your revenge; however, Aya, I want you to think this through, please."

The crow tengu remains silent; her eyes showing steeled determination; so with another sigh the tengu lord continues "fine then. I will leave this contract up for change in case you decide to listen to reason-"

"Where do I sign?"

Tenma is surprised by the cold and dark tone of voice used to interrupt his speech by the girl before him, and after another sigh in defeat, he offers her his hand and says "this will do for now. Wait until I have written the official contract before you start your training."

Aya quickly accepts his hand and is surprised it's far gentler than she thought it was, and right after the shake, the lord says "you may leave to your house now. Rest well, Shameimaru, and don't you dare leave the village without my consent."

Aya's red eyes become filled with murderous intent while she stares at the fallen boy below her, feeling a sting in her heart after remembering such humiliation to her person.

She dives straight at Ail with her knife held sideways as she opens her other hand in the form of a claw that is quickly surrounded by a dangerous looking wind aura.

Ail rolls away at the last possible moment and avoids getting mauled by the now-orangey claws, and saves his neck from the almost invisible swipe from that knife.

He stands up and takes a defensive position; ready to summon a barrier at any moment; and softly whispers "Aya? W-wait, you got the wrong Ail!"

{You do realize that you are merely adding fuel to the fire here, right?}

[You see what I've had to deal with all this time, Mima? This kid's dumb.]

"You two shut up! Aya, listen to me, I'm telling you the truth!"

He raises a blue barrier in a split second to stop three black spider-like devices that latch on to said barrier and start beeping as their heads start flashing red.

They explode with enough force to weaken the barrier, then the tengu herself comes after the boy with that knife surrounded with orange gales that easily slice that weakened barrier in half.


Ail tries to follow orders, but the crow tengu has him by the neck and throws him to the air before he can react, then follows by throwing three more knives at him afterward.

The boy manages to place a barrier fast enough to block two of the knives, and groans out loud when the middle one thrusts itself into his stomach.

{AIL, FOCUS!}[HEY! Take better care of my body, you twit!]

{Stop calling him names young man, [I'll call the idiot whatever I want!] or I'll have to spank you with my RIGHT hand!}

The dense one falls on the ground on his side and quickly scrambles on to his feet, ignoring the pain of the knife on his stomach so as to avoid yet another one of those egg-like grenades that blows up just after he runs away.

{And another thing; he's having to fight HER because of what YOU did, therefore [Put a lid on it, lady! That crow bitch had it coming; and if it weren't for the wolves...] you should show your support to him and aid him!}[...she would be MINE! She would have made a strong child for me and Reimu!]

Ail manages to run away far enough to avoid the blast from the next grenades, pulls the knife out of his stomach, but then the raging tengu swoops down from the side and cuts his right calf, forcing him to limp behind a tree while she showers it with orange bullets.

He grips his head and shouts "would you two shut the hell up already! [Oh sure! Like I didn't try asking that vampire bitch to change our fates!] {All I'm saying is you should have held that head of yours in place and asked around nicely.} I'm trying to keep myself alive here!"

{Oops. Sorry.}[Yeah, yeah... just fight.]

"So you lost your mind, huh Ail? Hearing voices inside your dark little head?" mocks the ex-reporter from atop the tree. "It's still not enough. I'll take your life and go back to the village with my honor and my pride restored!"

Ail pulls a spell card out of his pocket, but has to roll away from a spiked net and green shard-bullets that fall from the tree, shoots his own focused exploding bullet at the top branch, and watches as Aya flies off it right after the branch explodes.

He only has enough time to move left to avoid getting crushed by that large branch before the tengu swoops down again, picks him up by the neck, and takes him up to the sky with her.

She tightens her grip enough to cut the air from reaching his lungs, presses the blunt side of her knife on his chest, pokes his skin with the tip until she draws blood, and sinisterly whispers "I will make sure to make you scream loud enough for all to hear; I'll make you scream like a GIRL! Honor and pride will be mine again!"

{Wow, you really pissed her off. I swear, if I had my hands with me, I'd strangle you until you croaked like a fairy, NegaAil!}

[Oh man, I missed your threats. It's a shame you went to live with Maribel and Renko, instead of staying with me and Reimu. We could have had FUN!]

{Oh! What kind of fun?} [Oh, you know, since Rika never really wanted to, my dear Reimu and I were never able to experiment much.] {Sounds like FUN~}

Aya cuts the boy's chest slightly, making him bleed just a bit, while the boy manages to grunt "B-Blast Sign, Expansion that Soothes."

The tengu yelps when the large orange bullets materialize in front and behind her and explode all over her back, which siphon a bit of energy from her and transfers it to him with every explosion, restoring the cuts on Ail's stomach, leg and chest just as she lets him go.

She ends up flinching and covering her face when one of the larger bullets gets close to her face, yet it pops like a bubble when it touches her skin, making her growl as she uncovers her face again after realizing she was tricked.

She looks around for the boy, knowing he can't be too far away, but as hard as she tries to see or pick up a scent or a trail, she can't locate him.

Her face turns red, her eyes glow bright, she clenches her knife so hard she breaks the handle and bends the metal beneath, and after throwing the now-useless blade to the ground she looks up to the sky and shouts an obscene curse that echoes through all the shattered pieces of the alternate Gensokyo.

The echo of the tengu's voice reaches the Human Village, where Mugetsu and Gengetsu are currently flying over.

They both look toward the source of the voice, then the angel-winged demon exclaims "come on sis! He's over there!"

The blondes quickly fly away toward the Youkai Forest in hopes of getting to Ail, for whatever reason they may have this time.

That night, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, as the freezing wintery winds blow gently outside the red walls, inside the basement, a semi-naked little blonde vampire roams the shadows of the halls in search of one particular prey.

As her punishment dictated, she's wearing a pair of thick pink bloomers and a pink sports bra while she lurks the basement corridor, making sure nobody spots her in such an embarrassing situation.

She hides behind a portrait of the mansion's outer landscape as two fairy maids; one blonde, the other blue-haired; pass by the corridor, giggling amongst themselves, and as they slowly make their way through, the little sister begins to mutter curses, cusses, and all manner of words that express her current emotional state.

Once the coast is clear, she jumps back on to the ground and grumbles "shitty poo-poo-head cat! Attacks me until I get punished... disappears when I'm hunting for him... I'll get him and show that stupid-head Remi!"

As she turns the corner, she lets out a quick gasp when she spots a boy in a pair of camouflage pants and a black muscle shirt crawling on the carpeted floor.

She moves toward the bastard without making a single sound, bends her body and her knees when in range of a good pounce, hisses as her claws and fangs grow, then she jumps on the boy.

"WAAAAAHHH! Patchouli, my love, I'm sorry~!" laments the boy as he shields his face with his forearms just as Flandre raises her claws to attack.

She stops immediately after noticing she's on top of Leon, moans in disappointment, and exclaims "argh! You're not the cat; why are you wearing the cat boy's clothes!?"

The Kori boy slowly lowers his arms and inspects what he can of himself, then shrugs while looking at the blonde vampire and nervously says "I-I don't know. I was just looking for a way to get back to the library when I was suddenly surrounded in black stuff, and the next thing I know, you're on top of me."

"Okay, that sounded wrong for some reason," muses Flandre with a goofy smile and a pair of pink cheeks.

She suddenly feels a tug on both shoulders, and by the time she's placed on the floor on her feet again, she realizes Patchouli just removed her off Leon's person with ease; a big surprise for her and the present boy.

Afterward, the purple themed magician grabs Leon and squishes his face between her breasts; something he's enjoying far too much; then turns a glare at the vampire and hisses "he's mine!"

The girl takes the blissful boy along with her, leaving the exposed vampire alone in the corridor again.

Flandre sighs, rests her cheek on her right hand, and says to herself "I need to be more careful. It appears that stupid Azzhara knows I'm looking for him."

"Ah, that was love right there. To think we'll be sharing that soon, my lovely Flandre."

The vampire chokes when she tries to yelp, and twitches, turns her shaking head to the right, then quickly hisses and opens her arms as she launches herself toward the three-tailed nekomata.

He winds his body back, and in an instant she feels his head collide with hers with such force, her sight becomes blurry and her entire upper body seems to lose every ounce of strength.

Just as the weakness reaches her knees and she begins to fall, Azzhara turns into a cat and screeches as she zips all around the vampire, working his claws on her bloomers, then roars as he runs away from the girl.

Flandre is left on the floor with a red face and in a daze; her eyes spinning around fast while all she can do is moan in her attempt to speak, making it look as though she's smiling.

Sakuya walks over to the little vampire, sighs while shaking her head, her cheeks turn a bit pink when she notices the bloomers have been torn to shreds to look like common panties, and yet she elegantly picks the little sister up like a princess and walks her to the room while saying "if you don't capture that little pervert soon, Rika's going to get tired of fulfilling our requests."

The next winter morning, at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika coos with delight after handing Sakuya three more sets of clothes for Flandre, then bows her head to the mansion's chief maid.

"Sorry for all the trouble, Miss Rika. Are you sure you're alright about this? Really, we can pay you for all your hard work," says the silver haired girl with a look of embarrassment and gratitude.

The shrine's maid stands up, bows again, and with a bright and angelic smile on her face she says "it's alright, really! I don't mind at all. I love helping out; though I did make the fabric a bit stronger so it can last longer. Can't have the young lady running around in nothing now, can we?"

Sakuya chuckles "no, I guess not."

"Still," begins the angelic-winged girl, "so many outfits in such a short time. Miss Sakuya, is there a problem at the mansion? Maybe I can he-"

The elegant mansion maid raises a hand to stop the shrine maid from saying more, places the new set of clothes inside a paper bag, and with a subtle smile on her face she coldly says "thank you, but it's nothing we can't handle, Miss Rika. I assure you, should we need yours or Reimu's assistance, we will call for you."

With those words, Sakuya excuses herself, she and Rika bow their heads to each other, and then the former takes off to the sky with haste, betraying her calm-looking demeanor with an aura of anxiety.

Meanwhile, at the shrine's living room, Tenshi and Reimu share uncomfortable looks, and it appears as though the celestial is just about ready to break down.

She gulps in order to get ready to speak, then says "I've been thinking about our chat, Hakurei. I think you're right. But I don't know... it's been some time. What if they forgot who I am?"

"I told you what I thought about that, you annoying celestial," serenely answers Reimu. "They won't forget you just like that, so just go and talk to them if you feel you're ready."

The blue haired girl sighs, then there is a short pause between the two before the shrine maiden asks "tell me one thing though; why did you change your mind so suddenly? I thought you didn't even want to know about them."

Tenshi drops on the ground with a sigh and crosses her legs under her skirt, looks directly at the floor with a sad smile on her face while placing her hands on her knees, and softly says "that spirit girl. The way she looked at that ghost princess, and how she called her 'mama' like that. I dunno... it made me think of myself when I was little."

Reimu watches silently while the celestial sniffles and continues "I hadn't thought about that for so long, and all of a sudden my brain is flooded with those memories. But it's been so long; so long since I've spoken to my mother, or any of my family. I'm scared!"

Rika jumps out from hiding behind the sliding door, rushes toward her friend, and gives her a hug from behind, pressing her breasts against the celestial's back, just how she likes it.

Before the blushing Tenshi can ask what's going on, Rika breathes in loudly and says "Why didn't you tell me this was bothering you so much? You are my friend; I would have gladly helped you with the matter. After all, you helped me so much in the past."

The celestial places her hand on the angelic girl's forearm and whimpers the girl's name, but Rika quickly continues "you are a wonderful person Momoko, and your family loves you greatly, I just know it. Don't be afraid and go to them. I bet they are anxiously waiting for your return right now, wondering how you are, and where you have been all this time."

Tenshi shivers for a moment, but stops and sighs, lifts her head to show a bright and determined face to Reimu, turns around to hug the maid and happily exclaim "thank you, thank you, thank you! Rika-Hime, you're the wonderful one! You're always so nice and kind, and so good to me! And you always know what I like to hear."

The angelic maid flaps her wings while giggling along with her celestial friend, and then they both turn their heads to Reimu, who smiles weakly as she says "I said it before, and I'll say it again. You are one very lucky, annoying celestial, Hinanai."

The blue haired girl bows as her way of silently thanking the red and white, gives Rika a kiss on the cheek, and says "please forgive me if I'm away for too long, Rika-chan."

The brown-haired maid giggles, composes herself, helps herself and her friend back on to their feet, and says "take all the time you need. Miss Reimu and I will be here when you come back."

Tenshi nods to that statement, quickly makes her way to the door, slides them open and stares at the sky over the bald, snow-covered trees, and says to herself "alright, I can do this. Wait for me mom, I'm coming back home at last."

She turns her torso around and waves at the shrine girls, turns around before the girls wave back at her, then she jumps off the ground using more than the needed strength to take flight.

After she's gone, Rika turns to Reimu and asks "so, My Lady, are you ever going to tell me what you two talked about?"

Reimu opens her mouth to speak, but then she notices Marisa kneeling in front of the open doors, sobbing and crying twin waterfalls with a pair of glassy eyes, red cheeks, and an adorably wide frown; and then the maiden sighs.

The black and white sniffles loud and long, then cries "I'm not crying because that was all so sweet! I-I just got something in my eyes! Honestly!"

Before Reimu can speak, another interruption comes, this time in the form of Mima floating out of the room corridors while mumbling stuff about not being able to remember her dream, and a promise to Ail.

"Miss Mima!" exclaims the angelic maid. "You have finally woken up! How are you feeling?

The green haired woman moves her drowsy eyes all around until she finally spots Rika, then asks "awake? You mean I fell asleep? Me? ...For how long? I feel so dizzy! Did Ail come by?"

Reimu and Rika share a confused stare, both turn their heads to the spirit again, then the shrine maiden says "yes you. You just collapsed after Lykamei left, and you've been asleep for three days now. And what was that about promises to Ail?"

The evil spirit rubs her forehead while looking at the red and white girl and says "I'm not sure. I feel as though I have something important to do, but it's strange; I don't remember what."

The Hakurei Maiden suppresses her desire to comment about the spirit's age, and that's when Mima notices Marisa crying on the veranda and explodes in rage.

"Marisa! Who made you cry like this? Was it that good-for-nothing boyfriend of yours? Alright, that's it! I'm giving that brat the spanking of a lifetime! Don't wait for me! This conversation will be long and useless!"

She takes off before Rika or Reimu can tell her to calm down, and when she's out of earshot the shrine maid looks at the sobbing witch and asks "why didn't you stop her? Aren't you worried about your boyfriend?"

The blonde sniffles out loud, chokes as she clenches her teeth when she tries to speak, then suddenly cries "but I don't have a boyfriend! Waaaahhhhhh!"

Reimu and Rika share another confused look, then the shrine maiden says "I'll tell you about my chat with Tenshi after dinner, ok."

The maid nods once, then walks over to Marisa, set on wanting to help the crying witch inside.

Meanwhile, just outside the view from the open door, Suzaku has Aya tied upside down from a tall branch; displaying the tengu's cute white panties with the little red bow on the front and her gorgeous round bottom freely exposed; and says "and if you try something like that again, I am delivering you to Lord Tenma personally, did I make myself clear?"

"Yes, YES, crystal! Please let me cover up before Hatate comes!" cries the desperate curvy crow while Suika; who lounges on the branch next to them; takes swig from her ground and sighs contently.

There is a loud click, Aya cries out loud, then Suzaku bucks furiously and takes flight toward the source of the sound.

Back at the Youkai Forest in that endless autumn morning, Ail hides under a brown-leafed bush while Aya flies around the area.

He watches the crow girl with caution while thinking "dammit all, she won't leave! She's dead-set on finding me. Mima, do you have any ideas?"

The boy waits for a moment, but when there is no response he whispers "Mima, are you there? Hey [put a sock in it kid, she's gone! Didn't you notice how quiet it got after that Aya babe dropped you?] ...answer- oh... I see."

He hears taps and thuds behind himself, so Ail quickly dives and rolls, then points his finger toward the source of the sound and demands "move and I'll yell! Like a chicken!"

[I'm shaking on my knees.]

"Quiet you! And I KNOW you didn't touch Rika that time, [Tch! DAMMIT! I wanted to mess with 'ya a little longer about that! How did you find out?] stop thinking about that!"

The figure in front of him sways a little as she tries to stand still, and after a sniffle, with a very weak tone of voice, she pleas "Ail, please... find it in your heart. Take this off of me, please. I need... misfortunes; I can't stand being this weak all the time."

Hina Kagiyama; whose hair is as aquamarine as her eyes, wears a dark-red dress that's brighter on the skirt, has the aquamarine symbol of misfortune sewn to her skirt's border, and adorns herself with large frilly red ribbons on the head and around her left arm; stands in front on the boy, all wobbly and unstable.

The weak goddess would normally tie her hair under her chin in a sort-of ponytail, but she appears to lack any care of how she looks, and even has her cleavage on full display.

[Got to hell, Hina! You're the reason I was never able to achieve my goals in the first place!]

And that's when the memory of NegaAil sucking all the misfortune energy from Hina, and placing a restricting charm on her bare chest comes to the good-but-dense boy's mind, and with that memory comes a terrible knowledge concerning a pair of young blonde goddesses as well.

Ail gulps at the sight of the goddess of misfortune before him, and after managing to breathe in enough, he is finally able to speak.

"Hina! Th-this is terrible! That gods damned NegaAil! P-please; let me help you!"

The green haired woman gasps weakly, though her overexcitement is evident on her face, and without questioning him even once, she starts untying the top of her shirt while excitedly saying "yes, please, take it off; hurry!"

Ail's face turns tomato red and is about to tell her to stop, but then he realizes his evil self probably put that there for his own sick pleasure.

Regardless, the boy looks away and waits, then a girl suddenly shouts "not so fast!"

Minoriko Aki reveals herself from behind Hina, and with a hateful scowl on her face she exclaims "don't believe this bastard! He'll probably strengthen that thing if you let him touch it! Or maybe he just wants to feel you up again!"

The young goddess has short blonde hair and red eyes, and wears a long-sleeved yellow blouse under an orangey apron and a black dress that reaches halfway up to her chest, and a red mop hat she adorns with fresh grapes.

She points an accusing finger at the boy, walks over to him, and demands "you are trying to trick her the same way you did to Shizuha; making her think you're good and crap; but I'm not letting you, Mister!"

Hina moans sadly as she slumps; displaying more of her cleavage; and then she weakly and sadly says "aww, come on. He's not that bad. He was just so full of misfortune last time, but he's fine now. Please let him take this off."

"No," barks the blonde before she starts poking Ail's plexus hard while saying "e-even if he seems like he's all good now, he's probably just looking to have his way with you!"

Minoriko suddenly yelps when she feels something soft and warm covering her hand, and squeals with fright when she sees Ail holding said hand with both of his.

She calms down after looking deep into those golden eyes, then relaxes as the boy softly says "I am so sorry about Shizuha. Please understand my dark side, NegaAil, is NOT the same person you are looking at."


"Minoriko, I swear; I would do everything I could to bring Shizuha back to you, but he made the people forget about her, and undoing something like that is almost impossible, and right now I don't have the time to help. Please, understand what I am saying."

The blonde goddess stares at the boy in hopes of finding some darkness hidden in those eyes, but when she fails to find anything she can use, she sighs in defeat, pulls her hand away from the boy as she moves away, and softly says "fine, do whatever you want."

The green haired goddess quickly turns her frown into a smile again, she takes the top of her dress and pulls is apart, and reveals the charm stuck on her breasts.

The boy blushes, but he steels himself and relaxes when all she shows is just some skin, and is thankful his sick dark self didn't go too far with his perversion.

Ail reaches for the charm, carefully picks the edge of the charm on the left breast, looks at Hina in the eyes, then says "alright, I'm gonna yank this off you, so brace yourself."

The girl nods, closes her eyes tightly, then the dense one yanks the charm off as rapidly as he can, making a loud ripping noise and causing the poor goddess yelp out, curl up, and hold her chest in pain.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry," cries the boy as he watches Hina drop on her knees while wincing and holding her chest tight.

Ail yelps as a blur passes through him, and then he's gone in that instant, right before Minoriko's eyes; who still can't believe he actually freed the green haired girl without a threat, a condition, or making any lewd requests.

Hina Kagiyama sighs with relief after the stinging pain subsides, then lifts herself to her feet with her hands raised to the air, and begins to spin while cheering "YES! I'M FREE! I CAN RESUME MY LIFE! Thank you so much, Anilan! I knew you were-eh?"

The goddess looks everywhere for the boy, stops spinning to take better looks around, but when she fails to find him she looks at Minoriko and asks "did he melt?"

The young goddess shrugs while shaking her head, then the green haired goddess smiles and coos as loose misfortune starts gathering to her, and says "it's alright then. I'll thank him properly when he gets back."

Ail struggles with his captor as she carries him at breakneck speeds through the forest, and although the expected pain of being rammed against a tree hasn't come yet, he rather not wait for that to happen.

He breathes hard as he anxiously fights to free at least one arm, and brushes the body of his captor as he slowly pulls his right arm free from the mighty grip, but then he fails to feel the body belt Aya was wearing before, and takes a better look of his captor.

He gasps with surprise when he sees Hatate instead of Aya, holding him while flying through trees at such dangerous speeds, and with fright and anxiety still present in him he squeaks "Hatate?"

"Shut it you. Momiji, do it!"

Before he can question the tengu, she places her hand on his chest and smashes him to the ground, then flies away just as a white blur surrounded by strong gusts of winds ties his torso, arms and legs with rope that sinks into the very ground, using her skill and magic.

Once he's secure, the wolf tengu unsheathes her scimitar and points it at the boy's neck, making him flinch and shiver when that cold metal touches the underside of his chin, but then he groans out loud when he feels a solid kick to his ribs.

Hatate huffs as she takes her leg back and shouts "that's for the beating you gave me and for breaking my camera, you bastard!"

Ail would love nothing more than to rub the sore spot on his ribs, but all he can do is wince and wriggle around in his bindings.

He opens his mouth to protest, but the cold blade returns as Momiji threatens "shut it."

[What a nice little bind you got yourself into, kid.]{Huh? Wait, I'm here again? OH CRAP! I FORGOT TO GO SEE THE YAMA!}

Tears of joy form under the dense one's eyes as he excitedly whispers "Mima, you're back. Please help me."

The entities inside him keep quiet as the two tengu muse over what to do with him now, wondering whether they should kill him, weaken him so that Aya can finish him off, or free him once Aya gets there and help her gain the upper hand.

{Wait a minute! You've been wandering around this place for four long days? Ail; you have a job to do!}

The boy whimpers when Momiji's sword cuts a bit of his skin as she unconsciously pushes the blade harder against him, and in his desperation he loudly says "Mima, you've been gone for thirty minutes only! Now please, help me!"

Both Hatate and Momiji turn their attention to the boy; the wolf tengu removing her sword from his chin; and both stare at him curiously.

{Thirty minutes? But I woke up three days after I collapsed, then I went and taught Marisa's boyfriend a le-oh wait, Marisa doesn't have a boyfriend. Heheh; whoopsies!}

[HAHAHAHAHA! Man, Mima, you are the best! Say, what did you do to him?]

While the two beings in Ail's head speak joyfully of the wrongful punishment brought down on an innocent, Hatate stares at the teary-eyed boy's golden eyes and says "wait a minute. There's something different about you."

[Want to kill that bitch.]{Shut up and listen! So then, after stuffing the crumbs in his mouth, I...}

The two entities continue talking while Momiji kneels closer to Ail; stabbing her sword on the ground for support; closes her eyes and sniffs over his body, then opens her eye with surprise and says "you're right. It's like he's different person."

{Aww, look at that. They are already noticing the differences.}[Oh la-dee-da! This is just temporary shit! Once I recover my strength I'll take my body back and put these Tengu back in their place! And what did you do to the guy with that broomstick?]

Hatate and Momiji kneel by the boy's side while staring carefully at him, and then the crow girl says "like, even his eyes look different. There's none of that dark stuff that was there before."

{Oh, so you really think you're all that? You've got some serious problems, boy.}[Hey, hey, hey, hey; it's not me who has the problems, it's THEM! They're the ones that pretended to be Reimu's friends!]{It's not their faults you...}[And then they all just...]

The wolf tengu places her hand on his forehead and closes her eyes, then quickly opens them again and says "Hatate, I think we made a mistake. This isn't the same Ail. He even feels like a different being altogether!"

The dense once smiles after hearing the girls' conclusion, and then softly says "Momiji, Hatate, you angels! I'm so glad you noticed. Now please cut my head off. Mima and NegaAil just won't shut up."

{[Mind your own business, Ail!]}

The white wolf quickly cuts away the ropes; causing them to disappear once severed; then the crow tengu easily lifts the boy up and dusts his back while saying "I'm sorry Ail, but I still find this a little hard to believe! You've been this major perverted, abusive, bastard of a monster for so long; and now it's like you've reset yourself or something!"

The boy smiles, though the distress in his eyes betray his calmness, then he softly says "not exactly. You see, NegaAil, that vile bastard you know, is still inside of me. Right now he's so weak, he can only talk to me for short periods of time, but he's still a threat, and he wants to kill you all."

Momiji quickly aims her sword at the boy's head and growls "then let's be rid of him once and for all. Sorry Ail, I know you're the nice one, but if that monster's still there, then you must sacrifice your-"

The boy remains standing in place with his eyes clenched shut, trembling while he waits for that inevitable death, but when the honorable tengu sees this, she sighs and lowers her weapon while saying "I can't do it, no matter how badly I want to. It's too pitiable"

Ail gasps and places a wide barrier above himself and the girls, blocking very sharp-looking black feathers from harming them, but fails to notices the grenade that rolls under their feet.

All three are blown away from each other, then Aya angrily declares "you two stay away from him, unless you want me to kill you too! He's MY target and anyone getting in my way..."

She takes the three knives from her body belt with one hand, crosses them in front of her face, and with a cold and dark tone of voice she finishes "will get the same treatment as him."

That night, at the Hakurei Shrine, while Suzaku pecks the jiggly butts of the upside-down Aya and Hatate; the latter wearing white teddy bears panties; Reimu and Rika clean the table while Marisa sleeps contently inside the guest's futon.

Since everyone else is either busy or unavailable, the girl in red and white thinks it's the best time to tell Rika about the chat with Tenshi, so she begins "so then, now that the celestial spilled the secret herself, I should feel no remorse in telling you of our chat."

The maid stops gathering dishes and looks straight at her mistress with interest, then nods firmly after she kneels behind the table.

Reimu smiles after sitting at the other side of the table, softly breathes in, then looks straight at her maid as she remembers that morning:


Right after their little group hug with Rika and her super-soft wings, Reimu and Tenshi enter the shrine's living room while everyone else spread to do chores, hunt for news, or whatever else they may want to do.

The celestial feels annoyed when she notices the shrine maiden staring at her with those stiff and serene eyes, but before she has the chance to bark angrily, the black haired girl says "Tenshi, I wish to have a talk with you."

"I told you, I'm not leaving yet. Besides, I've been helping Rik-"

Reimu lifts a hand to quiet the celestial down, shakes her head, and calmly says "please listen; this is very important. It's about Rika and you."

The shrine maiden pauses for a moment, her eyes seem to drift along with her mind as she looks toward the blue haired girl, who barks "so? What about Rika and me?" and helps bring the shrine maiden back from her mind.

After a quick apology, the black haired girl continues "well, the thing is, Tenshi, like you've said before, you and Rika have been friends since a very long time, long before I was even born, and will probably be together for an ever longer time; longer than I'll be able to witness."

The celestial raises an eyebrow with suspicion, but before she can speak up, Reimu continues "I am a human, and before long I'll become a burden to Rika, so I ask you to please help her as much as you can, keep her by your side in her time of need, help her stay strong after I am gone. Please, take good care of Rika."

Tenshi is left in shock; though she won't show it. She places her hand on her chest and breathes in deep, and after calming down she says "you got some nerve telling me all of this so suddenly, Haku-Reimu. Seeing as you are correct, I'll do as you have requested, but I must admit you surprised me there. I was expecting a threat, or another request to leave."

Reimu giggles and ends up coughing lightly, then quickly replies "oh, Rika is mine for as long as I live, Hinanai; but..."

Her face falls to the floor as her lips straighten out, and then continues "in all seriousness Tenshi, I am being honest. Rika is half youkai, while I am just a human. She's very attached to me, so the day I am gone, I want you to step in; to be there for her at all times."

There is another long pause between the two girls where all they do is stare at each other, as if studying one another carefully, then out of the blue, both begin to smile at each other, albeit weakly.

Reimu suddenly doubles over and giggles as though being tickled, causing Tenshi to scowl and ask "what's so funny? A-are you making fun of me, human? You better quit it!"

The shrine maiden quickly shakes her head as she giggles a few no's, then says "it's just that, despite my better judgment, I feel a little envy towards you, Tenshi. You are one very lucky and annoying celestial, Hinanai."

"And why is that?" angrily asks the blue haired girl with a turn of the head and a cute pout while crossing her arms under her chest.

Reimu's face completely changes to that of a wounded spirit begging for relief, and yet she manages to smile while saying "you have Rika, you mother, father, and if I'm not mistaken, you have sisters too, am I right? I am alone; although I am glad to have Rika with me. But, I don't have a family like you do. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I do."

Tenshi's face turns so red, it's making Remilia's red tea look pink in comparison.

She mumbles and moans what should be words of embarrassment, then sighs in defeat and sadly says "you shouldn't feel even the slightest bit of envy towards me, Reimu. I haven't spoken to any of them in ages; and I don't even want to know about them either. Besides, I highly doubt they even know I'm still alive."

"Ah, so she DOES have sisters," thinks the shrine maiden while looking serenely at the girl before her.

She then stands up, walks over to the blue haired girl, slaps her across the face once; though not as hard as the celestial expected; and sternly says "count your blessings, Tenshi Hinanai! Family is bound by ties stronger than anything! They may be mad at you, they may spit hurtful things at you, but they would never forget you or stop loving you!"

Tenshi rubs her cheek; even though there's really no reason for that; scowls at the shrine maiden, and angrily says "you didn't have to hit me! And why do you hate me so much? You just said something nice, and then suddenly slap me! If you want me gone, think a- ...Hey, what's wrong?"

Tenshi's face turns to worry when she notices Reimu's face looks a little paler, and her eyes look glassy and tired.

The shrine maiden shakes her head and waves her hand at the girl, then says "forget about me and listen. I can't and won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. Unlike what you think, I don't hate you; you just annoy me a lot. And about your family, please think about it a little more."

The red and white stares into the celestial's eyes a little longer, rubs her head under her hat as a mother would, then takes off to the shrine's temple, wobbling as she makes her way to the sacred room.

Before she's gone, the confused celestial says "wait, please, don't tell Rika about this conversation; e-especially the part about my family."

Reimu turns her neck to show the girl the wondering in her eye, and then the blue haired girl adds "it's not that I don't trust her, it's just that I don't want her to worry about me. She's been through so much shit, Reimu. I don't want her going through more; especially because of me."

The shrine maiden nods once, then softly says "be at ease. My lips are sealed; you lucky celestial."

With those words, the black haired girl finally leaves the room, leaving the celestial girl alone with her thoughts.

Tenshi stays in the room with her hat tilted just slightly back, a confused face, and tears welling up under her eyes.

She closes her eyes and shakes her head, whispers to herself "you don't know anything, Reimu. Those celestials are more stubborn than I am," and then she stands up and walks over to the room corridor, muttering "stupid human girl will need some rest soon."


Back at the present, Rika stares at her mistress with pained eyes, then quickly says "My Lady, your lifespan won't be that short, I just know it! You and I will spend many years together, along with Miss Marisa and Tenshi, and all our friends!"

Reimu closes her eyes as she sighs, opens them halfway, and with a serene smile on her face she says "perhaps you're right. No, I hope you're right. Before, I was secretly eager for this life of mine to end, but now..."

The shrine maiden feels Rika's warm embrace, so she lets out another sigh, this one of relief, then the angelic maid gently says "thank you for thinking so much about me and my well being, Miss Reimu. You don't know how much that means to me. And my lady, please remember that you are like family to me. You are so very special to me, so please consider yourself as lucky as me and Tenshi."

The Hakurei Maiden returns the embrace with her free arm, and like all good things in this world, the eventually embrace ends.

The angelic maid flaps her wings as she giggles happily, then looks confused at her mistress, and asks "um, say, since when did you know that I am a half youkai?"

A very disturbing smile creeps on Reimu's face as she stares so deceivingly happily at her maid, making Rika nervous and uncomfortable.

Just as the adorable maid is going to ask what's the matter, the shrine maiden jumps on her maid, wrestles her for a moment, and is now rubbing her wings while sitting on her back.

As she does this, she playfully says "why Rika Onkamikami, you incorrigible maid, how dare you question your mistress' intelligence?"

The flushed maid moans and sighs because of the attention her wings are getting, and through those moans she manages to say "p-please... forgive me... my lady. Uwoooo~ that feels so nice~"

Reimu sighs happily as she rubs those silky-soft wings, then shakes her head and playfully says "nope. I think you deserve a little more punishment young lady. Now you let your lucky big sister play with these wings."

Back at the eternal-morning Youkai Mountain, the autumn leaves fly everywhere as Aya shoots all manner of bullets, throws grenades, and casts powerful wind spells in hopes of catching Ail, Hatate and Momiji off their guards.

"Leave! She's after me and is only getting madder with you two here!" shouts Ail at the top of his lungs, worried for the wolf tengu and the crow tengu running alongside him.

Momiji clicks her tongue and angrily says "don't underestimate me! It will take more than what she's got to take me out!"

Hatate scoffs and says "I'm a lot stronger than you think, you little brat. Your other self just, like, caught me off my guard last time!"

All three scream when three grenades suddenly explode close enough to send them al flying forward by force.

Momiji grabs the ground and pushes herself upright, sliding just a bit when she lands on her feet; Hatate flips like an acrobat and sticks her landing, though with a bit of trouble; Ail falls flat on his stomach on the ground, but takes advantage of the rebound and pushes himself with his hands, flipping in the air once and landing on his feet.

Aya swoops down after Ail with two knives on her right hand and the third on the left, and then tries to cross-cut him just as the boy places a thin blue barrier that blocks the blades; he then pushes her back up to the sky with an energetic violet barrier that rises from the ground.

Once safe, the white wolf unsheathes her sword and declares "she's completely out of control! We need to take her out the hard way!"

"No!" shouts the concerned boy. "Please, let me handle her! It's me she's aiming to kill after all. You two, please do me a favor. Tell everyone at the village what you have learned! Tell them of NegaAil, of me, and make sure to tell them not to lower their guard when I'm around."

Afterward, he gestures them to get closer and whispers some more, getting a quick nod from both.

The twin tailed crow tengu takes a photo of him, even though she has her hands ready to shoot danmaku, and says "sure thing. It's not like we trust you completely, but, like, you've proven worthy of some trust so far."

"Then why did you free me so easily?" quietly mumbles the boy to himself in his disbelief. {Don't question stupidity, dear.}

Momiji points her scimitar at him and adds "we'll tell them everything you asked, but keep in mind you are still a threat as you are, and if you can't control that evil self of yours, we will take you both down, you understand?"

Ail nods with steeled determination present in his eyes, when all of a sudden Aya shouts "HE'S MY KILL!" and tackles the boy so fast, even Hatate loses sight of them in an instant.

Ail is not certain how, but Aya drags him all the way to the outskirts of the Human Village, where a raging thunderstorm drowns the land while in the darkness of night.

Although it's so dark, they both can see well enough to continue the fight, even though the dense boy obviously doesn't want to.

He grabs hold of her right wing and reaches for the tainted charms on the left side of her back, but the girl; thinking he's trying to rip the other wing off; panics and shrieks, and then she begins to spin around as fast as she can.

The boy is flicked right off her and falls on the mud, and although he feels wet, his clothes and skin are dry, unlike Aya.

He scrambles to get on his feet and rushes away just in time to escape a flurry of feathers sharp enough to stick on the mud like knives, then he shoots a yellow orb of light that illuminates the area as though it was a dim sun.

{Nice move Ail! Now how can you use this to your advantage?}

The boy hops right and rolls to avoid more feathers and dark-green shard bullets, and then says "I don't know, but at least I can see her movements! Mima, do you think there is any way I could stop her without harming her too badly? I want to remove that restrain on her back while she's conscious."

"Yeah, keep talking to yourself, Anilan! Make sure you PRAY as well!" shouts the furious tengu as she takes her knives and prepares two between her fingers again.

{You'll need something exceptionally strong to stop her movements. Other than that small tip, I really don't know what else to suggest. Well... you could shoot back, but then you could hit her too hard, and then this whole plan will backfire.}

Ail growls inward, then suddenly realizes something while dodging a rather slow tackle from the tengu, and asks "hey, where's that bastard?"

{I tired him out, but he'll be back eventually, so don't you worry.}

The boy hums in surprise, then says "oh, hey... where did Aya go?"

When he looks up to the thundering sky, he sees Mugetsu and Gengetsu fighting with Aya in the sky, and it is painfully obvious that despite the two being so powerful, they weren't ready to fight such a relentless enemy.

Right after hitting Gengetsu on the head with a solid kick, Aya quickly shoots her danmaku from the palm of her hand straight onto Mugetsu's face to the right.

While the younger dream demon begins to fall, the raging tengu grabs the elder sister by the wings and swings her like a club against the pretend-maid, sending them both down at the same time as lightning strikes behind them.

She follows her attack with a relentless danmaku barrage after declaring "Wind God, Storm Day!" and the two dream demons only have the chance to scream while the bullets blast them into a freshly made crater.

"What the-!" The boy can't believe his eyes, but ignores his own shock in order to rush to the aid of the blondes while exclaiming "she's fighting like some possessed demon! Mima, how the hell am I still in one piece!?"

Ail jumps into the large crater, picks up the two girls by the waists before the raging rain water fills the hole, and places barriers above himself and the girls while rushing to get somewhere safe.

{You've been using your head; that's why. Keep using it and restrain her quickly, or she'll really take that cute thinking head of yours back home with her.}

After making sure the dream demons are safely hidden under the nearby bushes, Ail snorts angrily and rushes to the sky, getting the insane tengu's full attention after he exposes himself.

"They didn't deserve that, Aya! You are after me, so keep your sights and attacks on your real target!"

The girl's eyes glow as the artificial sun slowly dims, then says "anyone who gets between me and you will be treated like you! And don't start acting like you suddenly care about others, because I won't fall for that act!"

She swings her fan and sends a gust that turns the raindrops into stinging needles, but those are no match for Ail's barriers.

The boy scowls furiously at the girl; mostly angry at himself because someone got hurt while trying to help him; summons a staff of light, twirls it once, then points it at the raging tengu after taking a fighting stance.

Aya wastes no time and rushes to him with a knife on her left hand, and her fan on her right.

Ail lifts his left hand and places another barrier in front of himself, then flies away as Aya breaks through it with sheer brute force while roaring "I'll destroy you Ail! I'll make you my trophy!"

"You shouldn't have hurt those girls," replies the boy as he swings his staff upward and forces the girl to twirl left, then both shoot danmaku bullets at each other at point-blank range, causing serious burns to each other's hands and clothes before they zip away from one another.

The dense boy quickly takes a spell card from his pocket and declares "Earth Sign, Earth Spirit Heartbeat!" and soon after he is surrounded by green and white shard bullets that shape a giant heart that beats at the pace of his own anxious heart, while Aya gets trapped between two sets of laser beams that keep her from moving at her leisure.

Regardless of being trapped, she takes a spell card on her fan hand and declares "tch! I'm not a simple weakling! Crow Sign, Dark Daymare!"

The blue orbs Ail was shooting to home in at Aya are now aimed at the insane flock of crows covering the already dark sky.

The birds move like blurs when they swoop in to attack the boy, but by keeping his shard bullets from showering on the tengu, and using the homing blue orbs against those birds, Anilan is able to stop and repel them.

Both spell cards time out at the same time, the boy and the girl glare at each other, ignoring the rainwater getting into their eyes, and as another bolt of lightning strikes they both rush at each other again.

Ail swings his weapon of light when Aya swings her knife and her fan. He cuts her whirlwind and she cuts his arm, making him flinch and shoot a focused orb at her torso out of reflex, surprising her with the blast and shouting "dammit Aya, I wanted to help you, but it looks like I need to make you listen!"

Before she fully recovers from the surprise, he strikes her on the side with his energy staff, then shoots light blue danmaku arrowheads at her relentlessly, trying to force her back to the ground.

When they are halfway down, the tengu roars out loud and pushes herself toward the boy with all her might while shouting "you lecherous LIAR! You just want to humiliate me some more!"

She spins in the air and strikes him on the ribs with her head, making him feel as though she's drilling right through him, and causes him to lose all focus and his weapon of light, and when she stops her attack, all she has to do is punch him lightly across the face and watch him fall to the mud on his back.

{Ail! Come on, she didn't hit you that hard! Wake up!}

Aya lands just a few steps away from the boy and darkly says "well, this was actually easier than I thought."

She walks over to him {Ail! Ail, wake up! Dammit, she's going to kill you, you idiot!} taps her foot on his ribs and watches as his head flops left, then smiles and says "no matter. I got what I wanted. Now, time to end this for good."

She kneels next to him, grabs him by his hair and places her knife on his neck, and with a dark smile on her face she sinisterly says "now those idiots won't have any more reason to continue those disgusting, humiliating rumors in their papers."

Lightning strikes again, blinding the girl for a fraction of a second, and now Ail is holding her wrist and pushes the knife away from himself while thick roots snake their way around the girl's legs, torso and forearms.

"Wait, wha-? What the hell?" exclaims the black-haired girl while flapping her wing hard in her attempt to escape, but she can't even budge an inch.

"No! NOOOOOO! This is not fair! I had you! Your life was mine!"

She starts to cry in her anxious despair and roars like a savage while attempting to break free of her binds, all while the boy slowly gets on his knees and watches her with pity.

{Ail, dammit, don't scare me like that! Answer me with a thought next time, you idiot!}

He sighs with relief and relaxes himself, then softly says "I'm sorry Miss Mima, but I wasn't sure what I was doing. I'll let you in on my plan next time."

Aya continues to grunt as she struggles to break free while looking at Ail with a thirst for his blood, and as if holding back her desire to cry, she says "I had you. I had you right there and you cheated! I hate you! I hate you so much!"

This causes him to sigh again and sadly says "oh Miss Aya. What has that monster side of me done to you?"

Later, after a long walk, Ail, Mugetsu and Gengetsu arrive to the tall tree where Ail woke up next to earlier that day, and Aya is promptly dragged along by the same roots and vines that the boy used to trap her with, which are crawling through the ground with ease.

She lets her head hang while her tears of despair and hatred continue to flow down her cheek, again causing the boy to sigh sadly when he looks at her with pity.

He looks at the dream demons to distract himself from the pain of that sight, and asks "again, why are you two looking for me?"

Mugetsu steps up with an apologetic face, bows quickly, and with a sad tone she says "in our attempt to help you, we ended up screwing things up for you a great deal more, so we wanted to apologize."

Gengetsu smacks the back of her sister's head with her wing while sighing loudly, then says "what little sister wants to say is, we wanted to help you get out of here, but we screwed up when we damaged this world's heart, so we are here to offer our assistance as a way of repaying this second debt we owe you now."

"Second debt?" asks the boy while raising an eyebrow. "And where is Kana? I thought she was with you."

The maid girl blushes and gulps, then mutters "my goodness he's so cute when he's stupid."

The winged demon sighs anxiously while rubbing her forehead, and says "we already told you we owe you for helping us out of the dream world. Now we owe you again for trapping you in this dream world. See the connection now?"

With his eyebrow still raised, he asks "and Kana?"

"We don't know where she is!" cries the little sister in maid's uniform.

She jumps on the boy and rubs her cheek against his while holding him tight and crying "she just took off on her own after we woke up, saying stuff about idiots and pudding!"

"I think it was midgets and exits," muses the elder sister while holding her chin.

Ail pushes Mugetsu away and exclaims "alright, alright, jeez, calm down!" then he adjusts his shirt, which appears the girl tried to pull off, and more calmly says "if you really want to help me, do me a huge favor."

The two blondes stand in attention in front of the weeping tengu, then the boy smiles and says "please, go around this Gensokyo and tell everyone about me. Make sure you tell them I am good, and that I am holding my evil self back by suppressing him inside of myself. Maybe that way someone is bound to join my side. If you succeed, you will have helped me escape this world, understand?"

He places his hands on the girls' shoulder, and adds "and there's one more thing."

He whispers into their ears, making the older sister blush, and the younger flush and giggle, and when he's done, he pulls his head away and says "succeed and you will have paid your debt to me in full. And if you see Kana, tell her to help too, even though it's unlikely she will."

The blonde sisters grin and salute the boy, say "you can count on us!" then take off to the sky and disappear after a few seconds as though it has swallowed them whole.

Afterwards, Ail approaches the trapped tengu, considers if placing a supporting hand on her could help the situation, but after wisely discarding the though he asks "you calm down yet?"

Aya responds by raising her head and showing him a most despicable and hateful glare, and a snarl packed with enough negative energy to create a legion of evil spirits.

Regardless of this, Ail bends his knees close to her, and says "Aya, I know what my dark self did to you is unforgivable, but you are lowering yourself to his level by attacking me with hatred and disregarding the health and life of others just to reach our goal."

He stands up and walks around her while saying "in short, [Talk all you want, kid; she's not coming back. Kill her now while you have the chance.]{Shut up!} ...your thirst for revenge has turned YOU into NegaAil himself."

"You're just trying to confuse me!" barks the raging girl, drooling as she roars and snarls while trying to break free. "You're just trying to get me to lower my guard, but that won't work, Anilan!"

"I tried talking to you before, and you answer by defiling me! Eat shit and die Inmodo! I'll never fall for your tricks or that silver tongue of yours; not again! I will kill you, and all those rumors about me and you will die as your severed heard ROTS in my porch!"

{Wow, this girl is awesome! She has some pretty neat ideas there. Let me write them dow-oh that's right, I don't have hands right now...}

Ignoring the evil spirit's comments, Ail bends his knees again and commands the vines to force Aya to face him so that she can look straight into his eyes.

As she does, her snarling breaths subside as she slowly calms down. Noticing this, the boy looks back with sadness in his golden eyes as he says "you should listen to yourself. You are saying the exact same words that monster inside me would say. He would use his pain to block out reason, and thus, justify the means; despicable as they may be; for the end."

Her eyes suddenly lose that murderous glow while the boy risks placing his hand on her head, and as he expected by him, she appears to be lost in her thoughts.

Regardless, he chuckles and says "where's that carefree reporter that loved peace above everything else? You should drop the weapons and take your camera again. You were so cool and collected before, and no matter what, you never raised your hand in hatred."

The girl's eyes turn a bit dull as she slowly begins to remember her old self, and while she does that, Ail stands up and walks behind her.

When Aya feels his hand near her right wing, she starts to whimper and shiver, but relaxes when the boy himself softly says "relax. I'm just returning what was taken from you."

Two seconds after he says that, the tengu feels when the boy pulls what feels like dead skin from her back, and then he places his warming hands on that sore spot, rubs it once, and a small black wing sprouts once more.

The feathers feel a bit rough and seem weak, but she doesn't care about that fact; she's just overjoyed to feel and see that wing growing again.

While she's gasping with excitement over her restored wing, Ail walks over to the tree, spins in place and kicks it hard, causing the brown and golden leaves to fall, and along with them falls the tengu's weathered camera.

He easily catches the device, promptly walks over to the girl, and places it in front of her, then backs away while saying "Shizuha... she would have loved doing that. I hope she'll get to enjoy it again."

He smiles at the tengu girl when she glances up, and says "I am leaving now. Please think carefully about what I just said to you, Aya. Also, please don't follow me again. I don't want to fight you. I don't want to fight anyone. It's not my nature, regardless of how it seems."

He turns around and walks away, and right after he's out of sight, the roots and vines around Aya slowly uncoil and return under the earth.

The girl remains where she is, kneeling and supporting herself with her hands while staring at her camera, paying no attention to the small group of wolf tengu walking to her from the left side of the forest.

Meanwhile, Ail rests his head on his linked hands behind himself while looking at the sky, wondering where to go next.

{Tell me something Ail. I know you have the power of energy manipulation, but you controlled those vines as though you were Yuka Kazami herself. How did you do that?}

The dense boy closes his eyes and smiles, and then says "it was a gift from this world's Yuka. She knew I would need them, even though I wanted to return them so badly. I guess she was right; though I still would like for her to be alive again."

Satisfied with his answer, the boy smiles and sighs with relief, then he suddenly stops and turns around with his eyes wide open, and looks around as though terrified of something.

{Ail, what's wrong?}

"Aaaaaaiiilllll~" calls a very familiar voice from the distance.

The boy gasps as a pair of silhouettes appear on the road and walk closer to him, and as though seemingly angry, he asks "wh-what the heck are you two doing here!?"

That late winter afternoon, at the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, rabbits, foxes, bugs, fairies and humans scramble to put out the remaining fires that threaten to level the entire forest.

In the center of the whole commotion are Kaguya and Mokou, kneeling on the ground and restrained by sealing arrows on the head, while Kyo and Keine; all four full of soot and burn marks; scowl at the girls while looking down at them.

"So let me get this straight..." begins the history teacher after a disappointed sigh towards Kaguya. "You thought it would be cool to set the forest on fire... because one of Mokou's fans told you she and fire were cool? And you wanted to prove it wasn't?"

Kyo places his face closer to Mokou's, and in a dangerously low tone asks "and you went and kicked the princess into the fire she stared, THEN made it more intense, just because one of Kaguya's fans told you she was hot?"

Both immortals point at each other and each speaks as though it was all the other's fault.

"QUIET!" barks Eirin, who stands with her bow and arrow aimed at both immortals, which immediately quiet down like good little girls.

Keine paces around the immortals with her hands behind her back, and making that official stern look only a teacher of great experience knows how to use effectively, she stops between the two girls and stands up straight.

She waits for them to raise their heads, and then she says "no more fan clubs for either of you until you clean up this mess and restore the forest! Did I make myself clear!?"

The girls nod sadly, then Kyo quickly adds "hey, I have a better idea. Why not disband their stupid little fan clubs until they BOTH mature a bit more, eh?"

Youkai, fairies and humans with deadly looks, torches, pitch forks, chains, knives, swords and hammers gather around the small meeting.

Kyo, Keine and Eirin sweat and shiver lightly, their eyes hide under the shade of their hairs, and out of all the people there, the tiniest fairy, which wears a green dress and has brown coiled hair and green eyes threateningly asks "what was that, big man?"

She taps her large hammer on her hand in a steady rhythm while she waits for the answer.

Kyo chuckles lightly, and then hesitantly says "uhh... it was a joke!"

"Yeah, just a joke people," quickly adds Keine.

Eirin smiles, chuckles softly, then says "that's right; so why don't you all just take a break, let these two cool down and clean this mess, and come back in a few days, hmm?"

The little fairy stares at the Lunarian, studies her carefully, then shrugs casually and says "okay, we can do that."

The multitude mumbles amongst themselves as they disperse and go their separate ways, while the trio sigh with relief as they wipe the sweat off their foreheads.

Kaguya shifts her legs, opens her right eye to look scornfully at her rival, and whispers "this stupidity is all your fault."

A red pulsating vein appears on Mokou's forehead, yet all she does is sigh before saying "at least I'm not the one wearing see-through panties, your perverted highness."

Kaguya gasps, places her hands over her skirt, and growls while her face turns as red as a tomato.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Teams Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Lykamei, Azzhara, Leon and Kyo were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell cards - "Darkness, Dance of the Black Lights" (Yami, Odoru no Hikari Koro); "Blast Sign, Expansion that Soothes"; and "Earth Sign, Earth Spirit Heartbeat", were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

SEP 16 2012

Written by

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