Legend: [i] = a sudden thought between the dialogue, or Ail/NegaAil talking to the one in control of Ail's body.

{i} = Mima speaking to Ail/NegaAil in his mind.

Jan 9 2013 - This chapter had to be almost fully re-edited, and quite a few parts re-written. Thankfully, I feel the story is flowing a little smoother. And I feel it's pointless to ask, but can someone feed me a review or something on any inconsistencies or odd errors? I feel I've ironed out MOST, but not all. Maybe it's just my head.

Ail sits against a tree with his hands resting on his lap while enjoying the fresh shade on that eternal autumn morning.

He takes a long and deep breath and exhales it all as a very long sigh, then asks "so, no matter what I say, you two will stay here with me? Do you realize who I am? Do you understand how dangerous it is to be seen with me?"

"I don't care," replies a girl. "We are seeing you through this Ail, and we won't leave until the job is done."

The dense one chuckles softly, raises his right knee and holds his leg tightly against his chest, then says "you are definitely Reimu Hakurei. I am sure the one outside this world would say the same thing."

Reimu sits on the other side of the tree and is holding her left leg against her chest as she giggles softly, then says "she better or I'll go there and kick her on the butt."

Rika, who sits on the southern side of the tree, chuckles along her mistress, then asks "so, Mister Anilan, do you have a specific goal, or perhaps you're just sending random girls to spread rumors about yourself and lost goddesses for your amusement?"

The black haired girl reprimands her servant, though the dense one merely chuckles and replies "yes, I do have a goal in mind."

There is a short pause as he thinks carefully on his choice on words, and then he continues "I want to meet with the one that supposedly started this whole mess with you, Reimu. Maybe she holds the answer I seek."

Reimu turns over and crawls to the boy's side, and with genuine worry she says "please, don't go there! She swore she would never forgive you and she's stubborn enough to keep her word; even if you can prove to her you are another Ail."

He tries to answer, but then he turns his head to Rika, who has crawled to him on the other side and adds "you are being reckless! They will tear you apart in seconds! You'll just end up making Miss Reimu cry again!"

"RIKA!" reprimands Reimu, causing the maid to look down to the ground and back off.

Ail sighs, looks at the sulking maid, then says "I'm afraid I am short on options, and although the kappa may be easier to convince, my heart tells me Remilia may be the key to all of this."

He stands up, dusts his pans, looks toward the direction of the Misty Lake, and says "I'm sorry Rika-sis, but I have to do this; for my sake, and the sake of this world you live in. Heh, that charisma vampire is my one hope of getting out of here, and this world's hope for one less villainous scum like NegaAil, so I'm not turning back."

"Don't call him scum!" demands Reimu, looking just about ready to strike with her gohei.

Ail stands up and moves to the road, looks back at the ex-shrine maiden, then just bows his head and moves on down the road, leaving the two girls behind.

A cool breeze starts blowing from the east and Reimu sighs while letting her hair dance along with it while asking "Rika, how do you feel about all of this?"

The maid quickly stands up with her wings stretched out with stress and anxiously says "My Lady, please, let's go back! Just being around him gives me a bad feeling. I worry for your safety!"

"But Rika, we have talked about this," coldly says the ex-shrine maiden. "So, we follow him and help him as best as we can, and if things go as I think they will, you will go there and stay there. Isn't that what we agreed on before heading out?"

The winged girl sighs anxiously, rubs her left temple, then says "alright, I understand. But understand my feelings as well, Miss Reimu. You are like a sister to me."

The black haired girl smiles, grabs the maid's hand, giggles when looking at her face, then pulls her by the arm as she goes after Ail while saying "come on! One more adventure should create plenty of new memories for you!"

Meanwhile, ahead of the girls, Ail has stopped right in front of the semi-invisible barrier that separates that eternal autumn morning from whatever may wait for him at the Misty Lake.

He inspects that barrier carefully and puts all his concentration on it, {So, are you really letting them follow you?} and then he loses that concentration to reply to the spirit in thought.

"I have no choice. Reimu clearly said she would follow me anywhere, even if I said no."

He lifts his hand and waves it around the land's invisible separation, and continues thinking "she's dead-set on protecting me... and him, even though I told her everything that's going on. She took it like it was nothing new to her."

{Sanae would do that same for you. I'm sure you know that, right?}

The boy nods, and then softly says "yes, I do know; and it makes me feel a little bit guilty. She shouldn't be doing this-"

"Come! Come Mama Alice! This way, hurry!"

They boy cuts his sentence short and bends low to the ground to hide behind some bushes. {Hey, what's going on now? Why are you hiding?}

He observes as Shanghai, Alice and Hourai rush toward the mountains, and how the little blonde in blue keep flying ahead and edging the others to follow.

"Come on, hurry up! I don't know if these sparkly things he gave me will last."

The puppeteer catches up and quickly whispers "but Shanghai, you know we aren't supposed to go there."

The little girl groans and says "I told you, I have permission for myself and three guests; now no more lagging behind; come on!"

Ail watches them move away, then happily whispers "this is great, Mima. She's doing what I asked her to do! I wonder if she succeeded with- ...Um, Mima?"

"Why are you calling that evil spirit now?" whispers Reimu from his left; startling him to jump back while waving his arms around.

He face palms when he realizes the chuckling girls planned on surprising him, then sighs and says "remember when I told you how your Ail talks to my mind? Well, guess who else is inside my head?"

Reimu and Rika stare at the boy with confusion, then at each other, then back at the boy, then the black haired girl pulls out a silver gohei from behind her back and asks "are you sure an exorcism won't work on you?"

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika mops the floors on the veranda on that winter morning, but sighs at the futility of her efforts when more snow begins to melt from the roof and falls on her dry, clean floors.

She places the mop inside the almost-empty bucket to her right, wipes her forehead, then looks inside to Reimu and Suika, both which are enjoying a hearty breakfast of soup, rice, and tofu.

The shrine maiden smiles at her maid and chuckles "I told you it would be impossible."

Rika smiles back as she activates her Soraogan blood limit, says "I'll be back in a moment," then four white ethereal wings grow out of her back, she disappears for four seconds, and then reappears on the veranda without the extra set of wings.

She squeezes the excess water out of the mop into the now-full bucket while Reimu chuckles again and says "I see. So you got the roof too. Well, since you're done, come on over and join us."

Suika merely nods with a full mouth, swallows in a most unlady-like manner, drinks from the tea mug on her left, then belches contently before rubbing her belly.

Both Reimu and Rika glower at the disgusting little oni, and the angelic maid is about to scold that horned little girl when another girl calls from the trees "I finally found ya angel girl. At last, I get to test myself against cha for reals!"

The girls from the shrine stare at the foxy figure leaning against one of the farthest trees in front of the shrine's entrance.

The girl knows the first demand will be "show yourself," so she jumps over the sleeping trees and lands on the snow in front of the veranda, smiling at the maid and saying "hi-ya toots."

Rika gasps with surprise and says "it's you; the youkai girl from the resort!"

The vixen youkai has shoulder-length wavy orangey-red hair, orange eyes, long black fox ears, an orange fox tail with a white tip, and a gorgeously athletic body.

She wears a black coat, a black skirt that reaches to her knees, dark brown boots, a warm and dirty brown scarf around her neck, and a cute red ribbon adorns her right ear.

The vixen youkai points at Rika, grins viciously, then says "that's right big-boobs, an' I'm 'ere to challenge ya to a fight. Danmaku, and spell cards, an' all that noise!"

From inside the shrine, Reimu sigh impatiently, then angrily says "hey, girl, leave Rika alone, alright. Go back to the forest and eat rabbits, or whatever it is that you eat."

The youkai girl snarls at the shrine maiden, yet she speaks calmly. "My respects to the assassin maiden, but this here challenge's fer yer maid, so butt out, and keep yer trap shut."

There's a wide, wriggled smile on Rika's face when she turns her head to look at her mistress when she happily says "please allow me to accept this challenge, My Lady!" hiding her ignited fury from everyone.

She turns her head to look at the youkai with a rather cold grin and continues "that way I'll get to teach her some manners after I've trounced her."

The vixen youkai guffaws while holding on to her stomach, but then she quickly recovers and returns a challenging stare to the shrine maid, then says "don' go and make me laugh into submission bouncy girl! I would consider that cheatin'!"

Reimu sighs in defeat, says "alright, okay, go ahead and accept your challenge;" and then the happy maid cheers and rushes over the youkai.

She extends her hand to the visitor and says "we never introduced ourselves last time so... my name is Rika Onkamikami. Pleased to meet you, Miss..."

The vixen stares at the offered hand for a while, scoffs, accepts the hand-shake, and says "I'm just-a nameless youkai, Girly Rika. Pleased to meet-cha. An' now don't go thinkin' we're all buddy-buddies now. You gimmie all ya've got in the fight, cuz I sure ain't holdin' back."

The angelic maid smiles confidently and says "agreed. But now then, since you don't have a name, how about I give you one if I win this challenge; deal?"

The vixen youkai raises an eyebrow, then ponders for a moment; thinking of her chances of winning, the possibilities, curses and blessing of having a name; and then smiles and says "fine, it's a deal, but if I win, you will give me yer family's name to keep as mah own!"

The proposal stumps the shrine maid for a moment and is tempted to say no almost immediately, but after looking at those orange eyes for a while, she nods and says "I accept your terms."

The two girls smile at each other, then the eager vixen jumps back and says "alrighty then, comin' at cha!" and then she rushes toward Rika with a speared hand lifted up to her face."

The shrine's maid easily holds her back with one hand on the forehead, causing said youkai girl to flail her arms wildly while demanding "hey, what's the big idea! C'mon, put up yer dukes bouncy boobs."

The shrine's maid flaps her wings while chuckling her annoyance out of her system, then says "hold on now, we don't want to make a mess of things here. Let's go to the back. I got an arena ready for just such challenges."

The vixen girl snorts as she nods, then says "alrighty then, Missy! But don't cha dare stop me like that again! If I wasn't holdin' back I would-a flattened you under my boots!"

Rika merely chuckles again and makes her way to the back, while the youkai girl panics in her mind and thinks "shit, crap, fuck, dammit all straight t' hell! This girl is tougher than she looks!"

Reimu and Suika each grab one of the youkai girl's arm, getting quick complaints from the girl while the shrine maiden says "oh no, we're not going to hurt you."

"We're just making sure you don't turn tail and run," finishes the oni with a child-like smile on her face, all while the vixen kicks and complains "just lemme go! I can walk on my own, stupid creeps! Let go I say!"

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Kimi is in her room, paying great attention to the reflection on her tall mirror, and ignoring the boring melting snow sliding down her window.

She tilts her hips left and stretches out her chest, takes a deep breath as she turns her hips right and tucks her stomach in, then turns around and looks back to check out her tight butt in those white shorts.

She smirks while narrowing her left eye and says "oh yeah, I definitely got it."

She suddenly notices a dark legless girl behind her being reflected on the mirror and gasps, turns around with an anxious and expectant look in her eyes, and stares at the empty spot next to her bed.

Memories of her carefree days with Kali suddenly flood her mind and tears well up under her eyes.

"No! I don't miss her. I'm not that weak." says the girl to herself while trying to suppress her sorrow.

She looks out the window and scowls, snarls softly before grinning, and then she says "I wonder if that stupid ice fairy will even recognize me now?" all to distract her mind.

The door to her room bursts open with a loud bang, and quickly enters the black cat with three tails, growling while hopping on the bed and running on the walls afterward.

Kimi points at the cat and is about to tell it to leave when Flandre rushes into the room, wearing a cute, long-sleeved lilac pajama and screaming her head off while shooting red bullets at the evil cat.

The shadow girl isn't certain when exactly was she tackled out of the room through the window, but she is certain she's going to punch that girl on the head when she gets back inside.

She flips once and lands on her feet on the snow outside, then a second later, Flandre drops head-first on the dragon's head, making said woman grumble and grind her teeth while balling her hands into tight fists.

"How in the hell did he do a triple German Suplex in just one second!?" shouts the furious blonde.

The orange haired woman grabs the little unamused vampire by the neck and quickly pulls her off her head, and then places her right in front of her face to threateningly whisper "you never mess with my alone-time, you little bitch!"

She winds up her left fist, but Flandre bites the woman's nose and forces her to let go so she can nurse that wound, then the little destructive force of unnatural nature rushes back inside with her fists in the air while screaming "I'm skinning that blasted monster TONIGHT! You hear me Azzhara!? YOU'RE DEAD"

Kimi finishes rubbing her throbbing nose and glares at the little girl, but scoffs and stomps away while muttering "not worth my freakin' time!"

She reaches the gate and easily jumps over it, and after landing on the other side she looks to her left at the sleeping Meiling and grins mischievously.

"She's sleeping. She must have felt my qi, though. I have to do this with the outmost care."

While the devilish girl thinks this, she suppresses her qi and tip-toes very slowly toward the resting gate guard.

She places her face close to Meiling's, pucks her lips, then lets her qi flow normally again so that the gate guard wakes up with a pervert kissing her right on the lips.

The realization slowly reaches the mansion's guardian, her face turns tomato red, and even though her screams are muffled, she tries to call for help while she's being forcefully pecked by her shadow self.

After the rough peck-kissing is done, Meiling catches her breath before screaming "are you out of your miiiiiiind!?"

Kimi smiles mischievously while shrugging right in front of the girl, and says "don't you tell me you didn't like waking up to a kiss from me, girlie?"


The Chinese-themed girl's mighty roar comes with a furious and unforgiving right hook that sends the smiling shadow dragon flying straight toward the lake. The girl doesn't seem bothered by it, and waves back at the gate guard while flying away.

This infuriates Meiling even more, but after throwing two jabs to the air in front of herself, she sighs and relaxes, then says "that girl is really pushing it."

"Tell me about it..." says Sakuya, who sits over the top of the gate wall while tossing and catching a silver knife and looking completely unamused.

She looks down with her eyes at the startled Chinese-clothed girl, but then sighs and returns her flat gaze toward the airspace the shadow girl was currently occupying.

Kimi lands on her feet and slides backward toward the lake's shore. She stops right on the edge of the water, and half-smiles when looking back at the shore.

When she turns around, her half smile turns into flat lips as she stares at an interesting situation.

Cirno the ice fairy, who has short light-blue hair, blue eyes, and wears a long blue dress with sharp white waves adorning the bottom, a pair of light-blue boots, and has six icicles for wings; the middle pair being the largest; is being held from the back of her dress by another woman.

This woman has lavender eyes, curly lavender hair, and wears a white hat, a blue vest over a white short-sleeved dress, a blue skirt, and has a silver pin representing the alchemic symbol for silver on the right of her chest.

Kimi looks at Letty Whiterock's annoyed smile, and asks "she's been pissin' you off again?"

The yuki-onna smiles while nodding, then asks "you've been teasing the Chinese girl again, haven't you?"

The shadow girl smiles happily while nodding.

Letty sighs, waves Cirno in front of herself, and asks "so, can you take care of this one for a bit?"

A deadly grin takes Kimi's face as she stares at Cirno with hungry eyes; making the poor little ice fairy whimper with fright; and nods while hissing "I'll take GOOOOOOD care of her!"

The women smile at each other, both start chuckling lightly, progress to laughing, then end up cackling like mad women, and then Cirno is tossed to Kimi's capable hands.

"Have fun with your fairy." casually says Letty while walking away.

"Hey, I'm nobody's fairy!" exclaims the little girl while dangling from her skirt.

Kimi shakes her up a bit and says "oh yes you are! You are mine now."

Flandre comes running straight to the girls while crying "help me! Get the little *****er away from me, PLEASE!"

Azzhara rushes after her, growling while jumping from three to tree, and before the blonde reaches the dragon and fairy, the black cat jumps on her back and clings on to her skin, then pushes her against a tree, making her scream for help.

Kimi and Cirno look at each other, and then the shadow girl asks "wanna get outta here?"

"And how!" exclaims the ice fairy. ...And so they leave; leaving pajama-Flandre and Azzhara wrestling all around on the cold snow.

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika and the nameless vixen face each other inside a large semi-transparent barrier that makes a wide rectangular arena for them to fight in without damaging the surroundings.

The maid has a golden gate floating on her side and looks confident and ready toward her opponent with her thunder sword ready in its scabbard under her family sword's own.

The vixen is putting up a very convincing brave front, and appears to be ready to strike that winged maid at any time, but sudden twitches around her knees, elbows, and ears, as well as the cold sweat on her forehead and the held-back fear in her eyes give her true feelings away.

Reimu, Suika, Marisa and Suzaku are at the veranda with some cookies on a tray between the shrine maiden and the witch; as per-usual whenever there's a challenge for Rika; and the vermilion bird is enjoying it the most this time, seeing as she's roosting on the shrine maiden's soft lap.

"Let's make this simple, okay sweetie," calls the maid from her side of the field, making the vixen gasp softly. "One spell card each, physical attacks and danmaku are allowed. The victory goes to the one that knocks out her opponent, forces her to quit, or, of course, makes the other fail her spell card. Is that alright?"

The vixen gulps and nods while thinking "holy shit gods, what ave I done!? This girl's strong. B-but wait, she said we could use danmaku 'n stuff! Maybe I can still kick bouncy-boobs' sweet butt!"

Some level of confidence returns to the vixen, and she appears more relaxed than before, making Rika smile when she notices.

She points at the maid and says "that's all great, sexy girl. Now get ready ta lose yer name to me!"

The shrine maid giggles, then sweetly says "alright then. Let's begin."

At that very moment, Rika runs over to the vixen and is already on top of her with that sweet smile on her angelic face, and her thunder sword raised above her head and crackling with electricity, ready for a power strike.

The poor vixen lower her ears until they are almost buried under her hair while she thinks "shit, fuck, shit, dammit all, RUN!" and as if having being pushed, she drops on her hands and knees and scurries away fast enough to avoid the sword strike.

"Aw chucks, I missed her," comments Rika in a somewhat disappointed tone. "I better try again~"

The vixen youkai stops and turns around, then shouts while raising her fists above her head "ya crazy bitch! Are ya tryin' t' kill me!?"

The angelic maid looks confused at the challenger, then looks at her sword, and then asks "are you really that weak? You should have told me one sword swing could kill you. I could have gone a little easier on you."

The youkai girl gasps when she realizes what she just did to herself, but being a fox she's already come up with an idea to save her reputation, and with a glowering face she lowers her arms and shouts "that's not what I meant!"

"Y-you just caught me off ma' guard, bouncy boobs! I... I wasn't ready! Yeah, that's right! You attacked me when I was preparin' myself!"

The angelic maid sighs while placing her hands on her hips, but then she takes a defensive stance and says "alright then, this time I'll wait for you to attack me when you're ready!"

The vixen grins mischievously, lifts her hands up to chest height, aims them at the angel-winged girl, and says "got cha, ya stupid girl! EAT FIREBALLS!"

Fireballs the size of Remilia burst right out of the vixen's hands and rush straight to the calm angel-winged maid.

Rika merely smiles, giggles sweetly, and then she jumps into the golden gate to her right, jumps out of it swinging her water sword with perfect speed and accuracy, and ends up turning all the fireballs near her to smoke in an instant.

The kitsune girl roars while stomping hard on the melting snow, then points at the maid and shouts "you cheatin' little bitch! I'm gonna-!", but gasps when she sees the girl moving toward her and jumps away from a slash of that water sword.

She scowls while airborne and shoots a curtain of swaying fireballs at the maid out of spite, but Rika flies after her and cuts through those bullets while smiling and humming to herself.

"Argh! This is a fight, not a fucking ballet!" roars the vixen in anger.

The angelic maid appears behind her, says "I've had enough of your foul mouth in this shrine young lady," and then she strikes the back of the nameless girl's head with her sword's hilt and sends her flying face-first to the ground. "Now stay your tongue if you can't control it!"

The vixen slowly pushes herself up while spitting out dirt and snow, and when she finally gets on her knees, her cheeks turn red with rage, and she begins to growl inward.

She hears the flutter of Rika's clothes against the wind, and then turns around and shoots a fireball the size of her head, successfully hitting the maid on the chest and pushing her away.

From the veranda, Reimu munches on a cookie while casually saying "she got mad."

Suika and Marisa nod, while Suzaku merely coos and forces her head near the shrine maiden's hand so that said girl scratches her some more.

At the arena, the young kitsune youkai shakes the lingering fire off her hands, stands up, picks a spell card from under the tanktop under her coat, then lifts it and declares "no more playin' around with you, silk wings! Fire Sign, Blazin' Snake-Fox!"

Rika readies her water sword at the mention of 'Fire Sign', and waits as fire magically appears around the kitsune and waves all around her.

The fire takes the shape of a tree-tall fox with a snake's body, and it coils around its master as it waits for a command.

The nameless vixen points at the angelic maid and says "bite her," then the fire creature rushes to the maid; its flames crackling and roaring with intensity.

From the veranda, Reimu face palms while shaking her head, and says "and it's already over."

Suika giggles, takes a gulp from her gourd, and then says "that young girl didn't even know how to fight properly to begin with."

Inside the arena, Rika is scratching the fire fox's head and cooing with delight when her fingers are met with a warm and fuzzy delight of a very safe fire spell.

On the other side of the arena, the vixen mimics the delighted faces and moves the fire fox makes as the maid scratches it, and then blushes when the maid scratches the magical fox under the chin, making the youkai act as though she's the one being scratched.

The spell times out, and the nameless girl falls down to the ground on her face, though she feels as though is floating in mid-air after being treated by that angel's hands.

Reimu stands up, lifts her right hand, and loudly declares "and Rika is the victor!"

"WHAT!?" shrieks the fox girl as she pushes herself up.

Moments later, inside the living quarters of the shrine, Suika, Marisa, Reimu, and Rika surround the vixen, who repeatedly demands a rematch, but remains ignored.

She eventually gives up on the screaming and demanding, and waits for her name to be decided.

"How about Tama, or Tamamo?" asks the shrine maiden, to which the oni replies "no, no, she should call her Myu! Pfff HAHAHAHA! Myu-Fox!"

Marisa laughs for a bit, and then says "nah, she should name her Kuro. Ooh, ooh; how about Mii!?"

The angelic girl remains silent to all of this, and simply holds her chin while looking at the vixen, as if studying her thoroughly and with outmost care.

"Chiaki..." mutters the maid, making the rest of the girls quiet as they stare at her with curiosity.

Reimu moves closer to the winged girl and asks "Chiaki, huh? Well, she does have an autumn feeling; what with her fur colors."

Rika smiles sweetly and softly claps her hands together, turns her attention to the vixen youkai and happily says "it is decided then. From today onward, your name shall be Chiaki Onkamikami!"


Everyone, even Reimu, is surprised when the maid declares this, then the shrine maiden asks "Rika, you do understand what you are doing, right? Just giving her a name makes her your familiar, but adding your family name, just like that?"

The maid nods firmly while Chiaki furiously says "no! This is way too much! I demand a rematch immediately! I won't give up my freedom so easily-eh!?"

Rika's face is now right in front of the kitsune's, and though smiling, she emanates a dangerously stern aura while saying "you lost the battle fairly, regardless of the methods I used, so uphold your honor with dignity. And Miss Reimu..."

She turns to face her mistress and softly says "yes, I am sure. She's young and a little headstrong, and quite rude too, but she's got plenty of spirit, and even though she's trying to hide it, she's a good girl. Just look at her face; she loved the name!"

Chiaki scowls while looking down the floor with a wriggled smile and pink cheeks, failing to hide the fact that she's actually happy about the name.

When she realizes all eyes are on her, she manages to fake glowering at the maid; even though her cheeks are still pink; points at the girl, and says "this ain't over! I want my freedom back, ye hear! I'll find a way t' get it back, and then you'll be sorry!"

She runs off after the girls spread out to open a path out, and when she's out the door, Rika sweetly calls "take care~! I'll be calling you over for dinner, so don't wander off too far."

"Okaaayyyy~" sweetly calls the vixen back. A few seconds pass, then she suddenly shouts back "NO! Th-that's not what I meant! Argh! I'll get cha for this, Miss Rika!"

As Chiaki's voice gets fainter, the girls giggle amongst themselves until Reimu says "well, you gave her a name, so now you have a second familiar; and she's tsundere to boot."

She looks up and down at Marisa and continues "kinda makes me want to have a familiar of my own. That would be so cool."

The witch frowns and angrily says "heeeeyyyy, don't get funny ideas like that!" but then she places her finger on her lower lips and looks to the ceiling, and after giving it enough thought, she says "although getting married to Reimu doesn't sound too bad."

A yin-yang orb falls solidly on the perverted blonde's head while the shrine maiden looks around as though having seen a ghost, then says "hmm, I thought I saw a spirit just now."

She shrugs and says "oh well, must have been my imagination."

Marisa crouches low to the floor while holding her head, and mutters "so violent."

Meanwhile, Rika, and Suzaku, who perches on her master's shoulder, walk to the veranda, look toward the direction where they feel Chiaki is, then the vermilion bird says "I think you shouldn't have done that, Master. There's something off about her."

The angelic maid scratches the red bird's head, making her coo with delight, and says "don't worry Suzu-chan. She acts tough and rude just to make herself look strong, but I can see how vulnerable she really is; she's hurt and needs a lot warmth and love. Chiaki seems dull now, but I'll be certain to make her shine. You'll see."

Meanwhile, at a fogy road, where trees seem to make a wall that forces wanderers down a dirt road, Mima floats in slow zigzags while moaning loudly.

Her arms hang limp and her eyes are completely blank, yet she continues onward, down the foggy path to who-knows-where.

Ail, Reimu and Rika are now at the Misty Lake's shores, where snow and ice rule the cold and silent night.

The snow crunches under their feet with each step they take, and it seems to be making double the noise due to the fact that nobody is talking.

This silence; both physical and mental; is making Ail anxious and paranoid, so he decides to break it up.

"Hey, is it just me, or does this place seems gloomier and darker than before?"

Reimu gasps softly after stopping for a moment, but then she continues her walk at a quicker pace.

Rika stops and holds the boy's shoulder, allowing the black haired girl to pass them both, then whispers "it's because you, or rather the Ail we know, used many fairies as a power source when you last battled Remilia."

He looks around the water and at the dark gaps between trees, while horrible memories of himself sucking energy from the many fairies in the area, including Cirno, flood his mind while the peasant maid continues.

"You turned many of them into dark fae, and all of them decided to live here around the lake. It's been a miracle that they have kept to themselves all this time, but when they come out to attack, they end up killing someone or destroying something, and they give Miss Renko and Miss Maribel a really hard time every time."

When she's done speaking Ail is left in a depressive state, which the winged girl takes notice of immediately, and sounding surprised at what she sees, she says "you really are so different. You are the man Miss Reimu speaks of whenever she's reminiscing."

The dense boy lifts his face, smiles weakly, and then says "I am so sorry for everything. I promise to think things more carefully from now on, and turn this existence around; back into what it should be."

Rika stares blankly at the boy, seriously confused about what he just said, while Reimu remains sulking within earshot; hurt greatly by the fact that the man she fell in love with is right there, but unlike how she remembers, his heart doesn't belong to her, and so she cannot even hold him the way she would like to without turning the moment awkward.

At that very moment, Ail jumps to her right with a sword of light on his hand, then he swings it several times to cut a large sliding iceberg into cubes before it crushed her.

"Stay sharp, Reimu," he commands while looking around for Cirno, the obvious attacker, while said cubes drop on the snow.

The darkness of then night mixed with the mist coming from the frozen lake is making it harder for anyone to see farther than four feet.

Another iceberg slides straight to the boy, but this time it's Rika who gets in its way, and with a swing from her family's sword, she pushes the large ice cube back as it shatters into eight sharp pieces.

"HEY, that's not fair!" cries Cirno from the darkness. "You're not supposed to use my attacks against me!"

The ice fairy's voice sounds strange to the dense one, as if it's hiding sadness behind bravery, and thinking hard and fast while Rika deflects random icicles from the darkness, he loudly calls "Cirno, what's wrong? Come and greet us properly!"

The ice attacks stop and everything becomes eerily silent again, then the air is filled with the terrified shriek of the ice fairy, who apparently starts running around and slipping on the ice.

The little fairy runs straight at Ail; looking scared beyond though; crashes against him, and falls on her butt in front of him.

"Here, let me help you," softly says the boy while offering his hand to her, but the moment she hears him, she starts kicking and screaming.

He and Reimu try to calm her down, but then the scared ice fairy jumps forward in her attempt to fly away, and gets caught by Ail.

Her pale skin bleaches when she sees his hands on her arms, and then she screams as though she's being brutally murdered. "HELP! HEEEELP! AIL IS TRYING TO TAKE MY POWERS AGAIN!"

She starts to sob and cry while desperately trying to kick herself away, while the boy, knowing it's too late, loudly says "Cirno, I would never do that to you! Just look at me in the eyes! You're smart! I know you'll see I'm the good Ail!"

Rika tackles Reimu and Ail to the ground just before several clumps of chilling bullets blast a freezing crater where the two were standing with the ice fairy.

Cirno is in the center of the attack, but she merely absorbed the icy bullets, and is quickly airborne and taking refuge behind Letty Whiterock, and shaking some frost bites off her cheeks and hair.

The yuki-onna's eyes glow white as she looks down at the trio, then smiles and chuckles naughtily when spotting Ail, and in a seductively playful tone she says "well, if it isn't dear Anilan. I thought we had an agreement, dear. But then, perhaps you miss little 'ol me, and my... abilities?"

The dense boy groans and hugs himself as though freezing where he stands, while dreadful memories fill his head.

He can see himself being frozen by sub-zero winds and feeling weak and tired, even though the ice itself stings his entire skin painfully enough to keep him wide awake.

His skin turns bluish as he falls on his knees, and when he looks up, he sees Letty above him, chuckling softly while admiring his semi-frozen body.

Free from the memory, the dense boy looks up at the cold youkai with fear, and softly says "I didn't know I was... [Letty. She possesses one of my most deadly of weaknesses. Run away from her.] ...so weak against the cold."

The yuki-onna grins vilely and says "that's the same thing you said the first time I punished you. Regardless, I didn't kill you last time upon the agreement that you would never come back here, and yet here you are again. Guess it's time to fulfill my end of the deal."

When Ail starts to shiver, Reimu and Rika stand in front of him, then the black-haired girl exclaims "back off youkai! We're just passing through!"

The angelic girl raises her family sword to chest height and adds "so please don't get in our way, Miss Letty, or we will have to use force."


Both girls turn around to face Ail, and the ex-shrine maiden gaps when she sees her husband's red eyes looking dearly back at her.

She rushes into his arms and sobs while holding him tight, trying to say how much she's missing him, but choking on her tears.

He combs her hair with his hand when trying to be as comforting as he can, while softly saying "Reimu, my love, be strong. I'm still not strong enough to maintain control over this body, but I'll soon get it back, and I'll return to you, but for now you must go back home and wait for me!"

"What!?" shrieks the girl. "No, I won't leave you! Ail, come home with me!"

"No Reimu, it's too dangerous! Letty, she's..."

The boy becomes quiet and stiff, Reimu starts to cry out his name, then Letty starts to laugh and declares "time to cut this disgusting, heart-warming scene short! Cold Sign, Cold Snap!"

After the spell card activates, a thick fog covers the entire area, leaving everyone blind. There are sounds struggle, and then both Rika and Reimu can be heard calling for Ail.

The boy knows he's been caught by the winter spirit, but NegaAil's sudden intrusion has left his body temporarily paralyzed, so all he can do is wait while he's being carried away.

After what feels like an hour later, Ail wakes up on the snow-covered ground between two tall bald trees and some bushes, while a most welcoming voice keeps pestering him to wake up.

{Come on Ail, wake the hell UP! Dammit, it's like trying to wake Marisa up in the early morning!}

"Mmm, M-Mima?" whispers the boy as he slowly opens his eyes and tests his body out. He is quickly filled with relief when he finds out he's no longer paralyzed.

{Don't move too much. Those two are still out there looking for you!}

He looks around himself, getting some snow stuck on his sideburns while he does, then he can hear Cirno crying "no, let's leave him! He'll kill us!"

"Shush you little nuisance!" commands Letty. "We'll keep looking until we find him and kill him, and that is final; unless, of course, you want me to abandon you here while he's lurking about."

The ice fairy blubbers for a while before finally saying "n-no please! Don't leave me!"

{That NegaAil did one hell of a number on them; especially that icy nuisance!}

[I... t-that was a terrible mistake from my part.]

Both Ail and Mima express their confusion when the vile boy speaks with true regret, and then the memory hits Anilan in a manner that even Mima is wowing at what they see.


Ail and Cirno are blown away from the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gates, and after landing on their backs they both watch with horror as a massive scarlet sword waves around in the air while Flandre cries "why do you want to hurt onee-chan, huh!? Ail lied to me! You don't like me, you are being mean!"

The boy and the fairy look at each other, then the ice fairy asks "what were you doing in there? They are twice as mad than ever!"

The boy grabs the little fae by the arm and pulls her farther away from the mansion while saying "I tried to kill Remilia. Now run before they kill us instead!"

[I hadn't noticed then, but I had lost control of my powers after my fight with Flandre. Safe to say what happened next is something I enjoyed greatly, but regret deeply.]

Cirno starts to scratch Ail's fingers while screaming "wait! You're hurting me! LET ME GO! IT HUUUURTS!"

By the time he realizes what he's done, his hand is glowing with nature's energy, and soon after, that energy starts coursing though his body.

He drops Cirno to the ground on her face, where she breathes hard as though having run a marathon, then she slowly pushes herself up to look at those maddened red eyes on the boy.

Anilan trembles and smiles viciously while Cirno's energy courses through and corrupts him, and even though she has a bad feeling about this, the ice fairy stays in place and anxiously asks "Ail? A-are you alright? Wh-why are you... smiling like...?"

He locks his maddened gaze on the little fairy, frightening her a great deal, and hisses "this power. I never knew. It feels so good! Give it to me Cirno-chan! Give it all to me!"

The weakened fairy doesn't even have the chance to crawl away by the time Ail grips her arms and holds her in the air once more.

She screams when he starts sucking her energy; the boy cackling madly when the purity of nature's power fills his being; but then he drops her after a boom, just as she's about to black out.

Daiyousei, a fairy with green hair tied to a side-ponytail, blue eyes and golden and glass wings, who wears a blue dress with a white trim, is shooting Ail's back relentlessly.

The moment she stops her attack, the boy turns slowly and frightens her with an unhinged look on his face.

"GATHER!" she shouts to the air, and suddenly there is a group of at least fifty or more fairies ready to attack.

Daiyousei backs away to the lake before turning around and shouting "a thief of nature's force stands before us! Purge the world of this fiend!"

Flashback Over

Ail now sits against a tree while looking at the snow between and around his feet in both disgust and shock, and softly whispers "I'm impressed. You seem to truly regret doing that."

[I had no quarrel against the fairies, and Cirno was a good ally and friend; ironic as that may be. I'll admit I loved the rush of that energy coursing through my body, but the price paid for it...]

An image of a snarling Daiyousei with purplish skin and bloody jagged teeth invades Ail's mind, though only for a second. [...Was far too steep; and by the time I kicked the habit, it was too late.]

{There's more to that story than what you are telling us, isn't there?}

[As sharp as ever; yes, there's more. I used that energy to fight Remilia and Flandre, and almost had them beat. I just needed another recharge and it was a done deal, but that's when I realized what I had done. It's now too late for all of those faeries I turned, so don't go thinking you can save them, kid.]

{Wait, Ail, what are you doing?}

Anilan stands up, preparing himself to confront this harsh reality, and with steeled determination he says "and so, Letty actually stepped in to keep me... I mean you, from turning any more, and reaching the fairies of the lake. In fact... [seeing as she and Cirno are my weaknesses I had to ask her to keep me away, and as part of the agreement, she gets to govern over this part of Gensokyo until I die, or she tires of the dark fairies.]"

"That's not all," begins the dense boy. "She is to kill me if I ever get too close to this area. I better get Reimu and Rika and get the hell out of here!"

[Good idea! Oh, and speaking of my darling; you better keep her safe kid, or I swear to the Hakurei god, Suwako, and to Kanako, I will destroy your mind. Just a scratch on her and you can kiss your sanity goodbye!]

That bright morning, at the Hakurei Shrine, Kyo, who carries around a tied-up and gagged Medicine in a neat black and red backpack that's strapped to his back, walks over to the donation box and says "and now, half of your allowance will be donated to the Hakurei Shrine. You should be happy, young lady."

The blonde tries hard to protest and curse, but her gag is too tight for her to do anything other than moan and squirm.

The muscled boy chuckles vilely, as he places the money into the box, then says "sticks and stones, you little monster. Maybe next time you'll think twice before cutting a girl's hair off."

"Thank yas," says the donation box after receiving her donations, then the boy waves his hand, and with a smile he casually says "you're welcome."

He starts walking away from the box, but stops at the fifth step, rewinds back to the donation box, then looks inside and sees Chiaki stacking the coins in order of size and type on top of her belly.

Kyo summons his fire sword and says "alright youkai, get out of there and leave those coins inside, or I'll cut you in half and throw you into the Sanzu River!"

The girl pops her head out of the box; this earns her a wooden grill as a hat; and glowers at the boy while saying "listen thick-head, I work 'ere, an' I would 'preciate it if you would lower your thingie there. You're scarin' worshippers, and all that noise."

The boy and doll youkai look around themselves, and while the little blonde girl sighs, the boy exclaims "what worshippers?"

The vixen points a gun-shaped hand at the muscled boy and winks while clicking her tongue, then says "that's exactly what I asked Miss Bouncy Boobs boss-ma'am."

Kyo chokes and gags with fear while looking at the vixen, who stares back with a raise eyebrow for a moment, then her entire body stiffens as she squeaks "she's right behind me," then her grill-hat slips right off her head.

Rika stands with her arms crossed over her ample chest and smiles sweetly like always, but to the trained eyes it is painfully obvious that there's a very ominous aura around that girl.

After a glint from her eye, the shrine maid coldly says "I thought I heard disgusting mouths expressing foul words. Tell me Chiaki, will there be need for punishment today as well?"

The poor vixen cries out pathetically, jumps behind the donation box, and cries "no Rika-sama, no punishment today! I just slipped; I SLIPPED I TELL YA!"

Kyo looks back at the trapped Medicine and shares a confused glance with her, and then he returns his gaze to the angelic maid who holds the terrified kitsune in her tender hands, and asks "alright, who's that girl?"

The maid chuckles softly, then says "her name is Chiaki Onkamikami. She's my new friend and familiar. She's currently in training, but I assure you, she means well; don't you Chiaki?"

The youkai girl nods while tears well up under her eyes, and with a sigh of defeat, the angelic maid says "fine, I won't punish you this time, seeing as you are sorry for what you did, but no more 'slipping up', or I'll have to get serious on you."

Chiaki remains by Rika's side when released, and then comes the obvious question from the muscled boy. "So, how did you get another familiar?"

The maid points her finger to the ceiling while happily saying "two days ago she challenged me to a fight with our names in stake, and she lost..."

"She tricked me," cries out the angry vixen. Meanwhile, Rika continues "so I gave her a fresh new name along with my family name and, somewhat accidentally, made her my familiar."

"You must be a pretty stupid kitsune if you were tricked by this sweet girl," says Medicine, who now stands to Kyo's right, and said boy merely high-fives the girl while muttering "don't escape without telling me again."

Chiaki snarls silently, but simply crosses her arms over her chest and looks away, while Rika's ominous aura returns along with that sweet and unforgiving smile of hers.

The blonde doll youkai quickly lifts her arms defensively and says "whoa there angel girl, I'm just an innocent commenter."

"That reminds me," begins the maid while still holding that smile on her face; "why are you two here to begin with?"

Kyo looks down at the blonde girl, scowls, then says "well, little miss hair-cutter here tried to 'liberate' the doll of an eight-year old by means of example, and cut said girl's hair off. It took Luna and me a whole day to calm the little tike's mother down."

While Rika gives Medicine the stink eye, the muscled boy continues "thought I'd teach her a lesson and donate half of her allowance to the shrine."

A yin-yang orb falls on the boy's head, then, from behind him, Reimu grabs his ear and angrily exclaims "donating to the shrine is NOT a punishment, Kaizo Yumeda!"

Kyo pushes her hand off of his ears, then presses his face against the girl's and shouts "it is for her, so suck it up armpits!"

Reimu grips him in a head-lock and grunts "you're pushing your luck, little fatty man!"

He reverses the hold and traps her in an abdominal stretch while angrily grunting "don't tell me what I can and what I can't do, little shrine lady!"

They continue reversing holds and grunting threats and insults at each other while Medicine enjoys the show along with a nice mug of warm tea; on a special waxed mug that repels poison.

Chiaki chuckles mischievously at the sight of those two humans fighting it out, then suddenly shouts "oooh~ he jus' groped you girlie! Uuu~ you disgustin' girl, you kicked 'im there!"

Rika chops the back of the vixen's head, knocking her out immediately, and then picks her up from the ground while sighing "this one lacks discipline as well."

Medicine stares wide-eyed at the maid and the vixen, but shrugs it off, takes a sip of her tea, and continues enjoying Kyo versus Reimu.

Back at the wintery night above the Misty Lake, Ail flies fast and silently near the trees around the shore while looking for Reimu and Rika, but the mist around the lake is getting thicker, and the night darker.

It's been some time since Mima has said anything, so the dense one thinks "hey, Mima, do you think I should use some spell to light my way around?"

After a few seconds of silence the boy calls her again in his mind, [Save it, kid. She's been gone for a while. Just focus on finding my sweetheart, and don't do anything stupid,] but the answer he receives makes him frown and lose some of that determination he had.

He yelps when he feels a tug on his leg the moment he decides to land, so he remains airborne while looking behind and anxiously asking "what the hell was that!?"

[Oh shit, it's the tainted fairies! Get outta here, you fool!]

The tainted Daiyousei drops on Ail's back, grips his shoulder with her clawed hands, and immediately bites the exposed side of his neck viciously.

He screams out loud and drops like lead in water as his blood spills, falling hard on the snow-covered ground with a vicious dark fairy biting and clawing him on the back.

[Dammit boy, I told you to get outta here! Get up and move before Letty finds me; I mean, you!]

Ail grunts with every breath he takes as he fight with the pain of having his neck and back cut to shreds by a lunatic dark fairy, and then he suddenly screams, and a spark of pure energy explodes right out of his very body, sending the dark fae on a forceful flight back to the lake.

[YOU FOOL! Letty is going to be here any second now thanks to that scream!]

The bloodied boy groans and whispers "I didn't know I could do that," while the tainted fairy repeatedly punches the iced lake water in a tantrum.

She snarls when she sees Ail getting up, then looks up to the dark sky and shrieks out loud.

A few seconds later, the dark gaps between the trees grow countless pairs of red eyes, and all are aimed at the anxious dense boy that foolishly takes off to the sky.

The second he's above the trees he is showered from above and below with enough danmaku to trap his Gensokyo's Reimu.


"Right!" answers the dense one to his dark self, and quickly moves toward the widest gap between bright arrowhead bullets, noticing that the bullets coming from above are uncommonly cold; and then it hits him.

He flies through bullets like a bat out of hell, ignoring the burns from those bullets that graze or explode on his arms or legs, then that woman casually says "I found you, Ail. It's time I uphold my part of the deal. There's nothing you can say that will change my mind either. We made the contract, so that's that."

"YOU MADE A CONTRACT WITH HER!?" screams Ail at the top of his lungs, filling himself up with so much rage, he's nullifying the cold sensation of Letty's bullets.

[Yes, I did, or perhaps you need me to run that by you again? I. AM. ADDICTED. TO. FAIRY. ENERGY! I had to make sure I wouldn't be tempted-] "you idiot! Gensokyo is FULL OF FAIRIES! You could have just gone to the Forest of Magic!" [...To come and pick on-oh shit. Now I feel like I'm as stupid as you.]

Once he's clear of the danmaku, he turns around as he rises higher up to meet with Letty herself.

The yuki-onna smiles and chuckles seductively, then says "I see; you went around absorbing other fairies' energies, and now the madness split your personality in two. This is very amusing to me."

Ail takes a spell card out of his pocket and coldly says "no Letty, you don't understand what's happening to me, yet I understand where you're coming from, but I can't let you kill me. I have things to do so that I may return home."

The smile on the snow youkai's face vanishes as she materializes an ice-blue spell card on her hand, and darkly says "you dare resist me, even when you yourself wrote the contract. I am disappointed in you, Anilan!"

"Wait, stop!"

Cirno flies between the two with her arms spread open while looking at the woman, and frightfully says "Letty-sama, m-maybe we should ignore him this time! Please, I don't like him anymore, but I don't want him gone forever neither."

Letty's eyes glow intensely as she glares at the little ice fairy in her way, and darkly hisses "move, or I'm going to let the darkened take your wings again."

Cirno yelps and twitches at the thought of having the dark fairies repeatedly take her wings again, but as frightened as she is, she remains in place, though shivering and doubtful.

Ail sighs, sends a small-sized barrier in front of the fairy to get her attention, and when she's looking at him, he smiles warmly while saying "it's alright Cirno-chan, you can get out of the way now."

"But-!" Before she can protest, he continues "I promise, next time I see you, I'll be the same Ail you froze as a little dog. Remember that, Cirno-chan?"

When he realizes what he just said, he stammers until he manages to say "I mean, I won't be a dog; j-just in personality. Argh, I don't even know what I am saying anymore!" [Idiot.]

The blue haired fairy turns around and stares at the boy with great confusion, but suddenly gasps softly and says "it's you. You're the nice Ail; the one that treated I like a friend!"

The boy nods as his response, and then softly says "Cirno, I will be all right. Go and hide while I settle this misunderstanding with Letty."

His eyes widens as he gasps upon seeing the yuki-onna chopping the ice fairy on the back of the neck and letting her fall straight down into the arms of the tainted great fairy.

He sighs with relief when Daiyousei merely holds the ice fairy on her lap and gently combs her hair, then Letty coldly says "don't worry; they won't harm her unless I tell them to. But that is no longer your concern."

Her eyes glow white as her spell card hovers over her hands, and says "now your concern is the fulfillment of the contract, and your constant resistance to doing so, Ail."

A powerful snowstorm starts forming out of nowhere as the ice witch becomes more threatening, and now with the cold wind weakening him, and the flying snow blinding him, he wonders how long he'll survive this attack.

Ail's limbs start to shake due to the cold, which makes Letty smile and say "I haven't even used my spell card, and you're shaking already? I should make this quick then."

{Ail, what's going on? ...Oh shit! Ail, what are you doing!? Use a spell card before she does, or RUN!}

[C-can't... focus. M-Mima... it's so cold.]

Anilan manages to raise his right hand while thinking "it's so cold; b-but I must snap out of this! Ugh, so sleepy... I want to sleep," looks at the smiling winter spirit, and weakly says "Bl... Blas... Blast Sign, E-Expansion tha-."


[Mima... this weakness... to the cold... makes me very sleepy. My mind is... shutting down.]

Letty's grin widens as she watches the boy fall into a cold-induced sleep, and with that very grin on her face she loudly declares "Cold Sign, Lingering Cold!"

The snowstorm becomes intense, and snowflakes begin to stick together and form large clumps of ice that take the shape of large birds that head straight toward the weakened boy.

Ail moans as he tries to fly left and avoid the attack, but even in flight, his body feels like a lump of lead, and the ice birds start crashing onto him one by one before he is able to move an inch.

However, instead of blasting him out of the sky, each bird that touches him covers him up in frost bites, forcing him to descend straight to the concentration of dark fairies below, while the yuki-onna sighs and says "and so the contract has been fulfilled. Don't regret this, Ail. Be proud of your bravery of having come to face me in the end, and so forget the shame of running."

The boy's consciousness fades has he lands on his stomach on the snow {Ail, no, wake up! FLY! FLY, DAMN IT ALL!"}, even with Mima screaming her mind off inside his own.

The dark-skinned, jagged-toothed fairies surround the frozen boy, approach him slowly, and when Letty nods, they all kneel around him and rush their drooling mouths to his body.

Mima wakes up in the middle of a busy dirt road surrounded by food and game stands attended by people dressed in black and white striped prison kimonos.

She blinks a few times and wonders what is everyone looking at, and that's when she realizes her hands are full of dumplings, cotton candy, stuffed animals, bags, and goldfishes she won off the stands.

Her mind slowly returns to her as she keeps staring at her prizes and treats, then she groggily asks "wha? Where am I?"

"The Road of Liminality, lady;" replies a rather unfriendly thin man with glasses that attends the shooting stand.

The evil spirit finally wakes up completely and starts looking around herself, then anxiously says "wait, what the hell am I doing here!? I'm supposed to be looking for Ail!"

She anxiously looks around herself, hands her entire load to a family of three, and then rushes away at full speed down the road while shouting "to the Sanzu River! AWAY~!"


The stand owner rubs his forehead and sighs, then says to the surprised family "that idiot. She's going the wrong way."

Meanwhile, in a mansion at Mayohiga, Ran Yakumo, a nine-tailed fox youkai with short blonde hair, yellow eyes, who wears a blue panel over a white dress, and a pink two-tailed hat with several charms on it, opens a sliding door and quietly enters her master's room.

She looks around the master bedroom, and then sighs with disappointment when she sees Yukari sleeping on Ail's old bed with her arms and legs spread wide open.

The kitsune holds her hands together under her long sleeves as she approaches her master, then looks down on the sprawled woman and whispers to herself "Yukari-sama, what would others think if they ever saw you like this?"

The nine-tailed blonde starts to perform her duty of rearranging her master's limbs so that said woman can, at least, appear more dignified in her sleep.

After she arranges the left leg and moves it under the covers, a white triangular object falls off the sleeping youkai's belly.

Ran picks the pyramid up and wows while looking at its beautiful, pure white light shining from within, which is making the item itself look like a pyramid of light instead of an actual material item.

She can feel the item emanating a bit of warmth, then looks at Yukari with the corner of her eyes and says "such a beautiful thing is just for keeping her warm?"

The short-haired blonde picks the rest of her master up, and after Yukari is back into a more lady-like sleeping position, Ran gently places the pyramid back on top of her belly under the sheets and whispers "I'll ask her about it when she wakes up; It's almost Spring anyway, so it won't be that long."

And so the nine-tailed fox quietly makes her way outside the room, oblivious as to what that pyramid actually does, and thus, the chance for Ail to be free again slides the door close, and makes her way back to the living room.

To be Continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Kimi, Azzhara, Chiaki, and Luna Rivers were created by Willie G.R.

Ail's spell card: "Blast Sign, Expansion that Soothes"; and

Chiaki's spell card: "Fire Sign, Blazing Snake-Fox", were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

OCT 8 2012

Written by

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