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Chapter 2: Starting a Family

"Good morning, Shizune, breakfast is almost ready." Tsunade was trying to wake Shizune up, for she has a long and hopefully exciting day today.

"What time is it?" Shizune was mumbling, and she was still tired.

"About 6:30, why?"

"Why do I have to get up so early!?" Shizune couldn't believe it! She thought she was going to get a chance to relax and was on vacation!

"Your new team meets in a half hour. Don't want to give a bad impression by being late, do you?"

"WHAT! I have a team? Since when? And who are they?" Shizune was nervous, yet excited at the same time. Would these new team members like her? Well, even if they didn't, at least she would meet some new people.

"Their class was one person short, so their eager to finally have a partner after almost two years. I won't tell you their names yet, because when you meet them at seven you will do a brief meet and greet. Both of your teammates are Genin like you, but they were hoping to take part in the Chunin Exams in a few months.

"What about my new sensei? And are you still going to be teaching me?"

"He will be at your meet and greet too. And yes, of course I will still train you! But I would hurry up if you want to be on time."

"Okay I'll be down in 10 minutes!" Shizune then jumped out of bed and ran into her personal bathroom, which is connected to her bedroom.


True to her word, Shizune was all dressed and ready for today in 10 minutes. She practically leapt down the whole flight of stairs; she was in such a hurry to meet her team. She sat down at the table to eat breakfast right as her father finished making a second batch of blueberry pancakes (Yummy!) Shizune's mouth was watering just from the smell!

"It smells really good, Dad!" Shizune felt happy saying that, for she had never known her biological father.

"Well thank you and you better eat a lot, because this recipe makes a ton. Plus, I won't taste as good next time if I use left-over batter that has been frozen." Jiraiya was happy too. It was hard for him to describe the feeling when a younger child looks up to you, or calls you dad.

Tsunade came down the staircase as Jiraiya dished out two more plates of pancakes. She looked on the table; Jiraiya had made a good meal once again. In the center of the table was a bowl of grapes, next to it there was a heaping plate of bacon, and then there was a bottle of orange juice with three cups next to it.

"If you cook like this for us morning, noon, and night, you are going to make us fat, Jiraiya!" Tsunade chuckled as she started on her breakfast.

"You? Fat? Yeah right! With that metabolism of yours, the only time you would ever get 'fat' is when you're pregnant!" Jiraiya laughed as he said this, but then blushed a little when he thought of knocking Tsunade up. Tsunade also blushed a little when she heard his statement. The family ate and had comfortable conversations for the duration of their meal.

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" Shizune said as she started to bolt out the door.

"Wait!" Tsunade yelled as she ran after Shizune.

"What?" Shizune wondered what her mom wanted now.

"I need to come with you. I need to talk to your sensei, plus I need to show you where you are going since you don't know your way around this place yet!" Tsunade chuckled as Shizune realized she was right.

"Eh...hehehe," Shizune sheepishly rubbed her head as she waited for her new mom to show her the way.


As Tsunade and Shizune approached one of the many training grounds on the border of the village, a few figures started to appear. More specifically, a man and two younger boys were sitting on a rock talking quietly amongst each other. As Tsunade and Shizune got closer to the guys, they could start to hear some of their conversation.

"…we are meeting Lady Tsunade, our Kinokage (Kē·nō·ka·gā; means Tree Shadow) and our new teammate…" The man was heard as he explained the current situation to his students.

"…boy or girl?!" One of the boys was excited; they were finally going to get a third team member! Their graduating class from the academy was one short so his team was only placed with a Jounin sensei and two Genin.

"She is Tsunade-sama's daughter, and her name is Shizune, now be quiet, here they come."

"Hai, Taro-sensei!" the two boys chirped quietly. Tsunade approached the guys until they were only a few feet from the rock. The closer the two women got to the rock, the more nervous Shizune got. She hoped her new teammates would like her; she didn't know anybody yet and was looking forward to meeting new friends.

"Good morning Taro, Atsuo, Eiichi." Tsunade greeted warmly. Taro just nodded in response while the two boys smiled and wished their Kinokage a good morning also.

"As you all know, a fourth member will be added to Team Taro. This is my daughter Shizune." Shizune nervously waved and said hello, and the men in front of her did the same.

"I will let you four get acquainted with each other, you know how to find me if you need me. Have a good day you four." Tsunade smiled as she turned and walked back in the direction she came from.


"Hello Hime!" Jiraiya's voice caused Tsunade's head to snap up from her desk. She smiled and nodded in acknowledgement when she saw it was her lover Jiraiya. Jiraiya sighed when he saw the amount of paperwork on his wife's desk.

"I guess that answers my question…" Jiraiya was a little sad; he had been hoping Tsunade could take off early for lunch. Tsunade just looked at him with a confused gaze….

"What question Jiraiya-kun?"

"Well, I was gonna ask if you could leave for lunch an hour early, but I'm guessing that the answer to that will be no." Jiraiya explained to her.

"Sorry baka-kun, I have had a lot of work to do this morning. More than usual since a new academy class will be starting soon, and I am making a few changes to the structure and material that will be applied to the standard curriculum." Tsunade and a few of the Chunin who taught at the academy had redesigned the make-up of academy classes.

"Aren't Jounin Trials coming up soon too Tsunade-chan?" Jiraiya really hoped not, because they were the cause of mountains of paperwork, and that meant there would be less time he would get to spend with Tsunade.

"Ugh, don't remind me…but I didn't think many of the Chunin were looking to get promoted. I only know of enough to make maybe two teams; none of them have really been asking about it. Of course, they may all be waiting for their friends to take the test with them…okay I am just going to stop talking about that because that isn't for a few months yet…" Tsunade sometimes had the tendency to ramble on about things, but she has gotten much better. "Tell you what Jiraiya-kun, I will stay here and work for another hour, check in with the hospital, and then we can go get some lunch."

"Sounds good Hime, I think I will go get lunch figured out so it will be ready when you're done. If there's still time left, I will probably come back and bother you a little" Jiraiya chuckled as he winked at Tsunade.

"Alright, see you in a little while Rai-kun." Tsunade just smiled, she is used to his teasing. They were on the same team after all. Tsunade watched her husband leave, than quickly got back to work, hoping to at least get half of the papers in front of her don't before Jiraiya came back to get her for lunch.


After Tsunade left Shizune with her new team, Shizune sat down on the soft grass of the training field in front of the boys.

"Welcome to Team Taro, Shizune" Taro said as she sat down.

"Thank you; what would you like to know about me?" Shizune asked. She had never been on a team before so she didn't know what exactly to share with them.

"Well, since you don't know us that well yet, we will introduce ourselves fist as an example, then you can go." Shizune just nodded in response. "My name is Taro Senju, the Jounin commander for Team Taro. I like the color blue, dislike traitors and dango, and my dream is to serve my village and Kinokage the best I can. Takeshi, you're next."

"Alright! You can call me Eiichi Senju! I like the color green, specifically emerald green, and dango (Eiichi glares at Taro while Taro and the rest just laugh), I don't really have any dislikes right now, and my dream is to become a master swordsman and collect a bunch of cool swords!" Shizune quietly giggled at Eiichi's antics, he was an energetic one alright!

"I'm Atsuo Senju, I like cats and sushi but not cleaning, and someday I want to be a tough Shinobi with good Taijutsu skills."

"Well, my name is Shizune Senju; I love my new village and blueberry pancakes, I don't like when things are don't messily because I am a perfectionist, and I dream to be as great of a Kunoichi as my mother is."

"So are you really Tsunade-sama's daughter? That's so cool!" Eiichi exclaimed!

"Well, not biologically. Kaa-san has been like a surrogate mother to me since I could remember, and when we moved here yesterday she finally adopted me. I started crying when I heard that; I have always dreamed of having a family, and now I have one!" Taro smiled as he heard this; thinking Shizune must really look up to Tsunade-sama.

"Well, now that we at least know each other a little bit, how about we have lunch and then a little sparring match to get a preview of your skills Shizune." Taro was looking forward to seeing what Shizune could do.

"Hai Sensei!" The three students got up and followed Taro to the center of the training field.


"Hey Tsu, ready to get some lunch?" Jiraiya was walking in the door to Tsunade's office as was pleasantly surprised to see most of the work on her desk in a small tray, meaning it was done. There was just a small stack of papers in the center of her desk next to her pen and official Kinokage stamp.

"Yes, I have actually been looking forward to it, what are we having? All this work has made me hungry!" Tsunade giggled as Jiraiya held his hand out for her to take."

"Well, I thought we could go to the new sushi and dango restaurant that was built, if that's okay with you…"

"Sounds great Jiraiya, let's go!" Jiraiya just laughed and opened the door for his wife. Tsunade stopped at one of her attendants' offices and said she would be back after her lunch break and that some of her paperwork is done so it could be filed away. After quickly checking at the hospital, Jiraiya and Tsunade finally made it to the restaurant.

"Table for two please" Jiraiya said as a waiter appeared.

"Of course sir, right this way please." The waiter said as he led the two to their table, which had a nice view from the window and was in a nice secluded spot in the restaurant so it wouldn't be too loud. "Enjoy your meal, Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama." The two just nodded and smiled as they picked up their menus.

"Good afternoon, may I take your order?" a waiter appeared soon enough, being Kinokage did have its perks after all!

"Good afternoon as well, Daisuke. I will have the special and some green tea…" Tsunade started.

"And I'll have Makizushi with some green tea as well. We will also split a plate of Chichi dango." Jiraiya finished as he handed Daisuke their menus.

"Of course, right away sir." Daisuke said as he recorded their order and took the menus Jiraiya offered him. As the two Sannin were waiting for their food, Tsunade saw a mother walk by with a baby in her arms and a toddler at her side. Jiraiya noticed she was looking outside and saw her smile at the family. She looked like her thoughts were far away from their table. Jiraiya put one of his large hands over both of her smaller ones. Startled out of her thinking process, she snapped her head in Jiraiya's direction.

"Soon Tsunade-hime, I promise you will have a child you will be able to call your own." Jiraiya was sincere as he looked into Tsunade' eyes. Tsunade smiled softly and looked at their hands on the table as she linked fingers with her husband. They saw their waiter coming with their food, so they removed their hands from the table and smelt the heavenly food that was about to arrive.

After lunch the two finished Tsunade's lunch break in their bed, Jiraiya working hard to fulfill his promise to Tsunade. As her lunch break came to an end, she jumped in for a quick shower and went back to work. Little did Tsunade know, Jiraiya went out to get some books about pregnancy and babies so he could prepare for what he hoped would come.


"Good work you three! You guy have shown great teamwork, especially you Shizune, considering this is your first time having a team. You all deserve a break. Tomorrow morning meet me here at eight and we will see if Lady Kinokage will give us a mission."

"Hai sensei! See ya later!" Eiichi shouted as he ran off. Atsuo simply nodded and walked off.

"Have a good night sensei!" Shizune said politely to Taro and then walked in the same direction that Eiichi and Atsuo went.


"Hello Shizune, how was your first day with your team?" Jiraiya was just opening the door for Shizune as she came in.

"Really fun Tou-san, I will tell you and Kaa-san all about it during supper!" Shizune then ran up to her room so she could change into some pajamas. It was almost 7 after all! As she came back down she saw her parents waiting for her to join them. During their meal Shizune told them about her long day with her team.

"Then we had a spar, but nobody actually won because it was just to test our skills against each other and then hit Taro-sensei with teamwork. We never did get him though, he's really good!" Shizune talked all the way to the end of the meal. Tsunade and Jiraiya figured she loved her new team, and couldn't wait to see them tomorrow. After supper, the three got ready for bed.

"Goodnight Shizune, sweet dreams." Tsunade said quietly as she gave a Shizune a kiss on her forehead. Shizune hugged her parents and then snuggled into her sheets. The Sannin went back to their bedroom and put up a strong sound seal so they didn't disturb Shizune during their bed-time fun.

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