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Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Theodore Gables, formerly Seville, had lost track of how long he'd been sitting in front of his computer, searching for answers.

The clock on his wall told him that it was now 1 AM, but it felt much later. His tired eyes scanned the search results, hoping for something, anything, that would lead him to the two people he was so desperately searching for: his brothers.

They were only ten years old when their adoptive father was killed and they were ripped away from one another. He hadn't heard from either of his brothers since.

Theodore was always the naive, innocent one. That experience had left him with his first glimpse of how unfair the world really was outside of the little shelter that he had spent his childhood in.

It was five years later, now, and he knew he was one of the lucky ones. He had quickly found a family that loved and cared for him, although he'd trade them for his older brother's in a heart-beat.

Theodore had been adopted by a middle-aged couple that, for over a decade, had tried and tried to have a child of their own.

They treated the chipmunk as if he were heaven-sent, and he adored them. He was so very thankful that he wasn't adopted by cruel, abusive parents like he had heard about on the news.

He called them "mom" and "dad". The concept was quite foreign and strange for him; Dave had raised him since he was very young, and he had not once called him "dad'.

The names made him feel almost as if he was betraying the man who had raised him throughout childhood. But his new parents would be sad if he called them by any other name. They would most likely understand his reasoning behind it, but, being the sweetheart he was, he still didn't want to upset them.

Theodore groaned as he looked up at the monitor on his desk. Nothing. That's what he usually found. Occasionally something of interest would pop up.

He continued his searching, despite the morning hours creeping up on him and his subconscious telling him the search was in vain.

This time he found something. It was a video titled "The Chipmunks Last Concert".

Theodore pressed play, absentmindedly reaching his hand down into his bag of Ruffles potato chips and munching on the tasty snack.

His eyes began to tear up at what he saw. It was indeed he and his brothers' last concert before their father's life was taken so abruptly. They were on stage in the video, singing their little hearts out.

The lights, the cheering, the atmosphere…it brought it all back and made Theodore miss his older brothers even more than ever.

The chubby little chipmunk bit his lip and sniffled as he felt tears roll down his cheeks. He lay his head down on his desk and let out a small sob. He had to find them, he just had to. He needed them now more than he ever had when they were younger.

When the video was over Theodore climbed onto his bed and grabbed his teddy bear. Teddy was pretty much all he had taken with him when he was adopted, so he was all that was left of his childhood. He treasured the tattered old bear even more than he did when he was 8 years old.

Theodore's head hit the pillow, he clutched his Teddy tightly, and drifted off into a deep sleep.

He awoke 5 hours later to the sound of the answering machine beeping. He decided that whoever it was could leave a message.

Beep. "Hey, Theo, it's Eleanor. I guess I should have waited until I knew you'd be up. Anyway, a new family just moved into town, and they have a teenage son. I heard a rumor that his name was Alvin, and-"

Theodore had the phone to his ear in a heartbeat. "Ellie?"

"Oh! Good, you answered." He could hear the smile in the Chipette's voice.

"W-what were you saying?" He gripped the phone.

"Someone who might be named Alvin just moved here."

Theodore's face lit up. "D-do you think it's really him?"

"It might be!" Eleanor's voice suddenly became serious. "But don't get your hopes up, okay?"


"I'll try to see if it's him as soon as I can, okay? Right now I have to baby-sit."

"Okay! Bye, Ellie!"


Eleanor hung up and smiled to herself. She was so glad that Theodore had finally gotten in contact with her. She just wished that he could find Alvin and Simon. She'd give up contact with him completely if it would give him the chance to, even just once, see his brothers again.

It was a miracle that he'd found her, really. He had started searching for any sign of any of his childhood friends or bothers as soon as he hit thirteen.

Theodore was never really the kind of person to thrust himself so hard into something, to dedicate so much time to one thing. He was the type who would normally just hope that someone else would do it instead. The one who stood on the sidelines while everyone else played the game.

Maybe Simon and Alvin had been looking for him too. Maybe they just were unsuccessful, just like Theodore had been.

Eleanor bit her lip as she remembered the traumatic even that had taken her childhood friends' father away from them forever.

Theodore didn't like talking about it. He had put the reason for his father's passing entirely out of his mind. Eleanor wasn't even sure he remembered exactly what had happened.

But she remembered it very well. She and hers sisters were having dinner with the boys. Dave had gotten himself a glass of water while all the kids drank soda.

Somehow, and she didn't know exactly how or what it was, one of the chemicals from Simon's laboratory had gotten mixed in with the water supply.

Dave didn't last long. For months, when she closed her eyes, she would see his body writhing on the floor, while she heard the other children's screams as they watched the only father figure they ever had die a painful death.

She couldn't imagine how much it had affected the boys.

They were taken into the custody of the state soon after Dave's death. No one could get in contact with Vinny, and their grandparents on Dave's side had since passed.

The Chipettes didn't even get the chance to say goodbye.

Eleanor and her sisters had hoped and prayed that they would be able to stay together, but they knew how unlikely it was that someone would want three children at once.

After all, they had been in a similar situation before Alvin had introduced them to Miss Miller. They knew how the system worked, and it was corrupt.

Blood didn't matter, if was all a matter of luck. You stayed together if you got lucky, but they wouldn't even give a second thought to tearing you apart.

The girls were very sad when they finally found out that their closest friends no longer had one another, especially at the times they needed each other the most.

But maybe, hopefully, they would help them to be reunited once more.

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