AN– Alrighty. So... this is my place for Invader Zim one-shots! I'm having a little IZ streak so expect quite a bit from me! There will most likely be some ZaDr, since that's what I ship. Also some GaGr and maybe some RaPr. I'm completely open to suggestions, though! Anyways, on with the story!

Title- Fireworks

Genre- Humor

Summary- Dib tries to explain fireworks to Zim. Chaos ensues.

Words- 173

Inspiration- A picture of fireworks in Sydney.

Notes- This was a prompt for my writer's group. When I read it out loud, everyone was laughing so hard.

"Ahh!" Zim shrieked suddenly. "The stars are exploding!"

Dib sighed, half in exasperation and half in amusement. "Those aren't stars. They're fireworks."

"Fire. . . Works?" Zim said slowly, attempting to comprehend what he had just heard.

Dib looked up at the sky, struggling to come up with an explanation that his green-faced enemy– wait, no. . . friend– would understand. "They're explosions made from gunpowder. . . they're used for celebrations."

Zim stared at the most recent burst of pink and purple in horror.

". . . They're supposed to be pretty."

"Ah, yes!" Zim cried out. "And Zim find them very pretty, yes!" Zim raisedhis voice, addressing the normal, never-seen-an-undisguised-alien-before humans. "You hear that, worm-babies? Zim is normal, I tell you– oh so very normal!"

Dib took Zim by his gloved hand, dragging him away from the scene as the Irken continued to face turning red from embarrassment, he muttered a simple lie. "I hate you."

Meanwhile, GIR gets arrested for use of illegal fireworks.